Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Two Aquarius together is just double fun and double excitement. They may have different styles but initially they share common interests and similar ideology. They both are always first a friend to each other and then they look at the inner side of their relationship.

Aquarius always dream about something very different and strive for the impossible. They look all around them except for down, therefore not realizing the possible ground they may be passing by without knowing it. Aquarius never lies and they hold their heads high with any statement or decision made. They often waver on the edge of genius and insanity. They have the ability to achieve anything and everything and their ways towards life are quite different from that of the general people. Often extremely outgoing, they love their independence and push past the limits to reach their goals, whether they are practical or not. Aquarius is just a synonym to happiness, invention and enthusiasm. Where ever they are they always have a lot of friends and a lot of fun. Their company is an ever exciting one with so much new to discover. Aquarius always values a partnership in which there is mental and social interaction.

A relationship that involves two Aquarius needs tolerance and cooperation. They do not have to worry about too much intensity as they seldom go beneath the surface of one another. Although Aquarius people often complain about pretty much anything and demand change, except for the way they perceive things or act toward anything, they do have a wide range of friends. They are both too frivolous in life and are very happy with quite the artificial type of connection. They, however, are mentally connected in a way that conversation between them is never dull. Intelligence is another virtue that runs strong with Aquarius. There is not a lot of passion in this relationship, but the comfort level is high as are the positive responsiveness and courtesy. The lack of jealousy and possessiveness is a plus also in any relationship that two Aquarius people share.

Chemistry runs high in this connection as they both possess a great ability of practicality and logic rather than basing decisions on emotion. They have the same goals and understand each other very well. Their independence keeps the relationship from becoming too controlling. On the down side, they share many of the same negative qualities as well, and this can cause controversy in their relationship. They both have to compromise to make this work. Aquarius tends to work hard toward whatever their goals may be, including keeping the bond between them strong. Respect and responsibility forms and this helps them work through the tough spots. Aquarius knows enough to give the other one the freedom they need to get back on the path they were driving down. With some more time for one another, they can flourish and grow strong with an overabundance of support for each other and a common ground they strive to conquer.

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Bond that the two Aquarians share in any way is fun. They can be friends, colleagues, business partner, lovers, spouse, sibling or relatives including the parents and children. They can always have fun in each other’s company and together they can always share a lot. Especially Aquarian parents are a great gift as they always have bright spirit and are always enthusiastic about their child’s any new development. Business partners and friends also work out well, more finely if they are working on same interests while colleagues are always very helpful and cheering. In a love relationship, the lovers and spouses can have some problem but with their cool nature they can always tackle things well.

Both the Aquarians are highly unpredictable and even though they may get along in the beginning, this trait causes of problems later in the relationship. Appearances of a compatible and pleasant relationship are only skin deep. Underneath all of this lay problems that want to surface due to their impulsive and fickle personalities. They could be too much the social butterfly. Each is able to converse and get along with the others friends and social circles but so much so that it may burn them out, leaving no time for each other. With some compromise on both parts, this relationship can work out to be one of the most fulfilling and comfortable bonds between two people. They have a difficult time in expressing themselves to each other about everything in their world causing things between them to remain superficial and prevent things from getting too deep emotionally. Practicality and logic have their places in the lives but they should also try to be more expressive for their near ones especially when they know that the latter also has the same problem of being inexpressive.

  1. Feryland June 23rd, 2021

    Currently been dating with the same horoscope; we both Aquarius! Whatever has been told was 90% true. I love the way we communicate. We can get along really well. Never get bored with each other. Everyday we just want to be close. The bonding that we have is unpredictable. We are not perfect but we complete each other. Both of us are putting our efforts together for this relationship. We even plan to have a future together. Soon when the time comes, we gonna get married.

  2. Semhando May 20th, 2018

    If Aquarius man ascendant Gemini and Libra woman ascendant Aquarius good to married

  3. Hedih July 30th, 2014

    I married an aquarious man a month ago we been together for six years no we’re not perfect ,we actually took plenty of years to realize were so alike, but I don’t mind it , we tried separating before we got married but we really cant live with eachother we just need to accept our same qualities , I think it’s cute but god it’s annoying lol at times
    at end of the day we love eachother deeply. 
    Hes romantic ,funny ,god he  makes me become a better a person and brings out the good out of me .
    if I ever need anything thru any situation he’s there what more do I need. 

  4. kinglee March 27th, 2014

    @aquagirl128 lol some time’s I can’t understand why aquarius we are stubborn, but the thing is I get stubborn when addressed with an issue or idea I don’t like but later take time to think about it before saying yes or no, may be the stubborness creates a room for us to think. 

  5. aquagirl128 July 25th, 2013

    I understand that connection completely. I met another Aquarius several years ago and we tried being lovers but ended up becoming friends. I’ve never been one to chase but I can’t get him out of my mind. His indifference maked me angry but I accept it because we’re so much alike. In fact we were born on the same day. I read somewhere that aqaurius can give another aqaurius everything they need in a relationship but they first have to realize how alike they are and use it to create their bond but good luck on getting Mr. Stubborn to relax and pay attention to this idea.

  6. MELT April 21st, 2011

    i’m completely infatuated with an aquarian at the moment it’s almost hypnotic and i can’t stop thinking about them, i don;t know what to do or if they feel the same way but when people are around us they feel the electricity we both have together and comment on it. I hope this electricity leads to a strong lasting bond, would love to hear about aquarian relationships!

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