Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

  1. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Aquarius are so dreamy compared to Taurus.
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    I hope it helps.

  2. Dreamer Daniels February 5th, 2018

    I am a Taurus woman and he is an Aquarius. He has a strange way of expressing his feelings. Which makes me so confuse. I crave affections, attention, time, Realness. I have been talking to him for a year and he just now wants to be an affection person. Wants my attention, my surroundings and me too welp out like i whoa time . SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. ame87 May 1st, 2015

    I have been with three aquarius man. They were always friendly and kind. they enjoyed leading the date, sometimes I found them a little boring because they are too sensitive and cautious to try new things. Sexually I have got along well with all of them. I am quite cheeky on the bed and It seems like aquarius man express their emotions through sex the most. I am not a big fan of phone or txt so sometimes when they nag me to meet again i used to hide a month or two from them hahaha it keeps the relationship interesting and fresh. It is always Great fun when I am with them. Aquarius men are gorgeous, very generous and have great minds. I do Not think that they intend to hurt people, but just too fixed in their own way. Do not be upset if they disappear from you, no need to stop your life for them. Just be ready to say HI when thy are back. Usually, 9/10 they acts like good old buddies of yours again. I have libra, gemini and pisces in my chart and I guess that’s how I become good friend with these peter pans. i care a lot about them and I love keeping them in my treasure box hahaha learn the generous mind of Aquarious men. It is good for you 🙂

  4. happinessinside March 22nd, 2015

    Me and my Taurus have been friends for a long time and because he waited for me to come around I love him that much more. I was in a relationship with a Scorpio for many years and it was bad. My Scorpio lover was controlling and manipulative. He was also too passionate for a free spirited Aquarius. His passion often scared me at times. I’m in love with the Taurus now. He’s such a gentleman, he’s understanding, and grounded. These men are strong people and even though they may seem like they take things lightly they can actually be pretty sensitive. They notice things that you may not realize they see in you. Aquarius have the ability to love very deeply and I think if you’re considering letting you gaurd down for any type of guy in the zodiac, you should maybe try Taurus.

  5. TTDAY May 17th, 2014

    I am a Taurus (may 5) he is a aquarium (Feb 17) all this sums it up completely but I love my baby And I’m in it to win it we have ups And Downs who don’t but he drives me crazy at times sexually It’s amazing! I’m always finding ways to make it better!  Because I know him.  But listen Taurus woman if you love him stay even if It’s emotionally drainage Why because he don’t know he is being like that. But I have read everyone message And they all different but connected to each other. But us Taurus we are strong you can win because this love right here is stronger then any other sign! Plus the roughest! But good luck! 

  6. Tara December 13th, 2010

    I am an aqua fem with my Bull. He fell in love with me first and wants me to walk down the path with him. i do tend to get track. i was confused between the great sex and his clingyness but it has all come together and i am head over heels in love with him..

  7. mely November 21st, 2010

    Alright.. Alright. I’m an aquarius and yes we are dteached for the simple fact that we believe in having a life:) we believe there’s a time for friends as a time for lovers we need our space afterall when it all comes down to it who do you turn to when a significant other let’s you down friends or family!!!! Exactly u can’t ditch em there their for you. We love very close friends that show love and comprehensiom everyy aquarius loves to have someone to catch em when they fall therefore we seek detachment through engaging with our closest friends to keep them in our lives. As far as eccentricity yes we are outgoing weirdos that love having our own way of handling different situations. My taurus is very clingy but in the end I love em and in the end ill always have my friends because I want to keep em close.

  8. conniee November 11th, 2010

    There is a lot of things that I have read which describes my baby taurus man. I am understanding him more by spending more time around him especially with some of his friends

  9. nekia November 5th, 2010

    about the aquarius man this is soo true. My boyfriend acts just as you say he would. This has helped alot it help me understand and accept his way of showing his feeling.

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