Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo are well compatible with each other. Both of them value security and loyalty and this is pretty much present in all the bonds they share with each other. Though Taurus may find Leo melodramatic and Leo may find Taurus stubborn but still they enjoy each others company with steady commitment and appreciation.

The hardworking Taurus people believe in reality, they are calm, the sensible and the even-tempered creatures. They can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. Stubborn like a bull they are, their plans and ambitions do not change for anyone. Taurus people are slow and cautious, disciplined and practical. They are also stolid, tenacious and determined. Taurus folks have this tremendous willpower and self-discipline keeping them true to the old traditional methods and self reward from personal efforts rather than relying on others to reach their goals. Taurus’ need for constant loyalty and affection is to assure them that they are loved and appreciated. Taurus feels comfortable with stability and with that comes modesty and reservation in everything they do.

Leos want to be on top, in power, in control. They take full credit on something they only even have a minor contribution in. These people crave all the best that life can afford for them, which applies to food and drink, lifestyle, as well as people around. The dedicated Leos uphold their traditional beliefs with determination and cling persistently and with extreme sincerity to these beliefs that would seem absurd and out of date to liberal minds. Leos are highly expressive in nature and they do so with a dramatic and natural flair that gives them a confidence and nobility that is apparent to all who are around them. Leos feel love and admiration through the constant need of praise and compliments.

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Taurus and Leo always start up with great enthusiasm in any relationship they share. They have a lot of desires in common so they well understand each other and are able to provide them to one another. Leos, being the possessor and leader tend to impose on Taurus’ loyalty and patience. However, they also take pleasure in protecting and showering Taurus with gifts of affection. Taurus, in turn, show their stubborn side denying the want or need of such affection, but very quietly, very secretly they are deeply pleased as it is a necessity to the Taurus’ loyal and dependable aching hearts. Since Leo and Taurus have quite similar loyalty this makes for warm friendliness and interest causing Taurus to feel content, secure and cared for. Deeper into any relationship, Taurus and Leo find themselves butting heads often, but what doesn’t kill them rather it only makes them stronger as a unity and gives them reason and time to understand each other even more.

Being too similar in certain areas does cause frustration between Taurus and Leo, since both feel the need to accept praise, affection and pats on the head to continuously feel treasured. Taurus needs love and affection, but the self-centered Leo is not about to devote themselves to such lunacy. Leo, in turn, craves the same thing but does Taurus people are much too stubborn and pig headed if they do not get the affection they want. Occasionally, Leo depends on the stable and calm Taurus to deal with a situation in their lives, but still Leos are too quick to snap up the credit. Taurus doesn’t care for such things as they are deeply modest. The last thing they want is personal glory. Their reward is in self satisfaction knowing they have reached their goals on their own. Together they can even more comforting if Leo is more sensitive towards the humble Taurus.

Taurus and Leo are good at making and keeping relation they have with each other. They both make wonderful siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives with Leo taking most of the spotlight of the relationship. Whatever they do together, Taurus feels satisfied with their work and support they give to Leo while Leo goes out to get appreciation. They both are warm and generous to each other with lots share and make together. Business venture goes well when these two are involved as it becomes a perfect blend of hard work and glamor but for that Leo needs to be careful with money to keep Taurus peaceful. Love affair can work well with these two if Leo becomes more affectionate and attentive towards Taurus and Taurus becomes more expressive and flexible with Leo. Parenthood is very fascinating for both these sun signs as they are very generous and love to care for the dependents. They make one of the best parents and similarly they cherish their childhood where they are attended well and pampered and praised for their deeds by their elders.

There are always equal clashes as are the cherishing moments in the relationship of Taurus and Leo. Leo is too self-absorbed and that makes the Taurus sometimes feels unloved and uncared while Leos find Taurus insensitive and inexpressive so they move out to get attention. The outer world interaction of Leo makes Taurus insecure especially when they are in a romantic relation. Also the extravagance of Leo is intolerable for the Taurus. Taurus also rebels against the Leo’s authoritative attitude as they are themselves the one who enjoy an upper hand in any relationship. Leo’s arrogance against Taurus’ stubborn “don’t care attitude” can be a problem in all the relationships, but for some reason they still end up side by side on that porch swing. If each is patient and shows a bit of self-sacrifice, their reward turns out to be extremely wonderful and harmony is bestowed on their bond.

  1. Susie October 8th, 2021

    I am a typical Taurus women, I have had a few dates with a Leo man. When we are in each other’s company it is fine but I find that he isn’t sensitive to my need for reassurance and gets defensive if I point out any of his flaws. He is very dominant (which I don’t mind, as long as this is teamed with affection. He seems to only be able to focus on one thing at a time, so if he is busy with work does not understand my need for communication. I don’t know how best to handle him.

  2. fan March 19th, 2020

    this is kinda true between my sister and I as I am taurus and she is Leo:

    Taurus also rebels against the Leo’s authoritative attitude , Leo’s arrogance against Taurus’ stubborn “don’t care attitude” can be a problem,
    Taurus and Leo are good at making and keeping relation they have with each other. They both make wonderful siblings, taurus do not change for anyone, Leos want to be on top, in power, in control. They take full credit on something they only even have a minor contribution in. taurus is modest.

  3. Aurora February 20th, 2020

    The man I like is a Leo and I am a Taurus. I don not believe that someone one is based souley on their star sign I have lied before multiple times. It did not make me feel good at all. Just because our main trait is honesty didn’t mean all people tell the truth. You can meet a Taurus who is a pathological liar. The trait of a star sign are just the skeletal outline of a person but as they grow and experience life they pick up other traits as well.

  4. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Leos shine bright like gold. They just have to learn to soften and “let go” more.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for LEO: https://youtu.be/3S5PqjeTBVE


  5. Janell November 7th, 2017

    This is not the case, My boss and a leo and my other co-worker is a Taurus and these women both have strong personality and both want to be the boss and they but heads. The Taurus female is stubborn does what she wants, constantly lies and is not trustworthy. The Leo female wants to be in control over everybody has control issues, gets upset and has 2 different personalities, one personality is nice and the other is all about her wants and needs and doesn’t care about the ppl she may step on to get. This is the most inaccurate compatibility reading that I have found.

    • Laura Hughes March 26th, 2019

      Taurus main trait is being honest. Taurus’s do not lie. Leo’s are the liars and Exaggerators. Taurus woman thrive on being trusted. Simply because it makes them feel good. Not to get something out of it like most.so your belief is backwards.

  6. Rea June 29th, 2017

    I’m a Leo Woman & I’m dating a Taurus Man but it so freaking complicated…… I’m actually, somehow still in a relationship with a Libra Man, he knows nothing about my Taurus Man…. Taurus Man however knew me & Libra Man was on very rocky paths & he was such a gentleman and we started off just friends, we had so much similar experience & morals, values & are hard workers for what we want and have achieved…. we both have done good for ourselves.
    The Libra Man is totally opposite, don’t get me wrong we get along but differently, more emotionally, but his indecisiveness and his “spoil child” mentality is to much sometimes, he come across lazy, which I’ve never told him & speaks up a lot but does nothing… he has basically achieved nothing in life and depends on me for the majority of his living needs, transport, financial, etc…, and although we have decided to take a break for months now, we’ve never made it clear that the relationship is over….. although we know it is
    The Taurus Man he believes it is over and I may have somewhat made him feel that way…. I’m mentally over my relationship with Libra Man, we both know our relationship is over, but I fear being the one to end it and I fear him knowing that I’ve already found someone may crush him as he is very emotional & 85% of our relationship was so emotionally intense I’m afraid how he will perceive everything.

    Taurus Man is all I think about and he has been like a rock to me, supporting me in every way…. I want to be with him and him only… recently I fell into a big financial pit with my business and he help me greatly with a very big amount of money, he didn’t even want it back…. he spoils me so badly…. takes me on trips & just tries to make me feel so special….. he’s always encouraging me.

    We both have Government Jobs & Personal Businesses so we both are very structured & comfortable, he’s more so than me.
    He recently told me he loves me & posted a picture of us on his Instagram page. This just make me very nervous.
    Taurus Man’s family are beginning to want to meet me because his family is very close knit… I’m already tied to Libra Man family who still come to me for anything and still see me as part of their family…… I don’t know how to merge into Taurus Mans life with all this over my head

    I’ve spoken to my family members about it because they know about Taurus Man but have a relationship with Libra Man still and they don’t see it as an issue because they know my relationship ended with Libra Man but it just don’t feel right… because we’ve never really said the words “we are over”, and I just want to move on with Taurus Man who I see me life with….. anyone please help me!

  7. Human May 21st, 2015

    Ah, yes yes, men are dying at your feet, No astrologer or anyone knows the true heart of a Taurus man. I am a Taurus man. Leo’s might be lion or fake leaders of the zodiac but that isn’t the truth. All astrogoler’s know that but they dont say it. There is a 13 gate of zodiac known as the serpent sign and then comes the King of all 13 zodiac signs. Only 1 zodiac sign is powerful and qualified to be that. Yes, u think right. Its the taurus also known as the Taurian King or Spirit King. Leo’s arogance is so egotistical that no sign will be friend of it no more than being controlled by a leo and Taurus is a Team player. Taurus Doesnt care about his own feelings, he cares about the others and what ever it takes to make his fellow love or friend or relatives happy. To do the impossible. Our will is beyond understanding. We love the truth and are realistic, materialistic, rich, loving, caring, sacrificing our own needs for others to be happy. I have dated all 13 zodiac sign women, or been friends with them. Leo’s are the ones always jealous of Taurus’s leading nature. They ruin people lifes by stealing their girl friends or boyfriends and Yes, i too am in Love with a leo woman, She is my life. Everything to me there it is. What ever i earn i give it to her. What ever i buy i do it for her. I never copy her, I am a software engineer. I know what her nature is. She knows it too. She knows that she is an egotistical maniac but she also knows that she cannot understand the level of my decision making and she also knows that i never make a decision that went wrong the past 7 years. Leo’s might be the lion signs now but it was actually Taurus that was giving to be the King of all 13 zodiacs. 13th is never mentioned. So imagine i mentioned 13, how much knowledge and wisdom i would have. Even though i know my girlfriend is egotistical and self centered and a narsacist. But hey, i love her to the depths of my heart. Because that is my nature as a Taurus man. You speak of Taurus men like they are below you. Well in your friends eye’s you are nothing but a lonely self centered person and you will always be lonely and ignorant. Thats your nature and it will never change. You can’t even reach to the dirt of our nature. How would you deserve our love ? 

    • Alex May 9th, 2017

      Ahaha I couldn’t agree with you more

    • mopidevi.gourav December 25th, 2017

      I have registered just to like and comment. I don’t know much about zodiac signs 13 etc which you have said but leo are self absorbed, I center people. They don’t plan,think,calculate,understand nothing they just go from one person to another in an instant. their ego, attitude no one can bare them. they take you for granted and they think you will understand whatever they are doing. they flirt with other people and come back to you after 1week or so. In spite of all their self absorbed universe they think they are giving 100% in a relation, I think they don’t have stable, consistence words in their dictionary. they always get bored of people and want to meet new people, want to replace old with new people. anyways thank god i found it before its too late and said leo to enjoy whatever she is doing and leave me alone for good.

    • james August 22nd, 2018

      Wow, you’re insane. And you’re a Taurus? Never have I ever read such egotistical filth and arrogance. Were you in my batallion, I would have you beheaded immediately as a warning to the other fools who would contest the Leo’s leadership.

    • Whitney Goodman January 16th, 2020

      Yes u are rite Leo’s are liars and whores they not loyal well they loyal to fucking up biggest cheaters they also like to take pride in others come up they will leave u quick this is lies all lies

      • James January 21st, 2020

        No we’re not. I know a lot of leos and none of them are cheaters. You can’t spell. Please get off the internet and go back to school.

    • James January 21st, 2020

      I don’t know why anyone is saying Taurus and Leo get along. I’ve NEVER had good luck with a Taurus woman.

      • [email protected] January 24th, 2020

        I almost never get along with Leo.  They always bitching. And exaggerating 

  8. MEM2363 December 30th, 2013

    Taurus: I’m a Leo woman and my ex Joe is a Taurus, as is my mother! I run a mile from Taurus,  my ex and I fought like cat and dog and he may have been attracted to my flirtatious nature but thought I was going to cheat on him at the drop of a hat. He was so judgemental and at the end of the day I walked away for good, he drove me crazy. To this day whenever he sees me he always make a beeline for me and tries his luck.  The sex was OK, he thought it was mind blowing….it was not that good. The main problem was he was too earthy and lacked fineness; I could not have a real intelligent conversation with him without him feeling that I was over intellectualising the conversation and lording it over him.  He really was defined by his penis, one day we were walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea (London) and he had his arm draped around my neck when he decided to grab my breast. I was mortified and hit him a great big slap around the chops, well this ended up in a huge fight in the middle of the street and I fled in floods of tears.
    Gemini: Oh boy, what a sign. I have had two relationships with guys who were Gemini and both were fraught with insecurity – on my part and both were musicians. They are so interesting and cool but I was not confident enough to handle them. I did not know if I was coming or going but when we were together I was in blissful heaven…it was the bits in between I hated! Nigel was my favourite; one night we all ended up back at his house and he asked me what music would I like him to put on? Oh dear, big mistake I remember saying, “oh anything as long as it’s not JAZZ”! He just smiled at me and walked away.  I am sitting on the floor and he came over and hands me a glass of wine and smiles (he was not particularly handsome but he had great skin and was tanned, he was a swimmer and had a body to die for). I asked him, “oh this is good music, who is it? “John Coltraine” he said, his eyes lit up and he had this huge grin on his face, he leans over and whispers in my ear, “It’s JAZZ but you don’t like it do you”? Then he kissed me on my neck,  I could have strangled him. I never knew he even liked me. Nigel, always treated me like I was an annoyance to him but every now and then he would giggle at some joke I said, when, everyone else was staring blankly at me. He could be abrupt and moody and everyone would complain about him being rude and a smartarse who thought he was clever when really he was intellectually up his own bum. I loved him, he was very sexy in an aloof in a, “I don’t give a dam kind of way”! Nigel introduce me to Earl Grey with milk added (your suppose to have it with lemon) in the cup. I still drink it to this day! When I started seeing the othe Gemini, Nigel asked me if it was true and was I seeing Nathan? I told him yes! He just looked at me and said,”Jesus he is a D**khead you know”. I explained that when Nathan forund out that myself and Nigel were once an item he said exactly the same thing about Nigel. 
    Capricorn: Stephen was my longest relationship…15 years! I have read some comments about Capricorn being in and out of the relationship, kind of like a yo-yo. Well the key to keeping them is to run, run, run…they love the chase and it keeps them on their toes. They like their partners to be clever and independent and not too needy. So if you have issues they will eat you alive and be totally ruthless and use you whenever they feel like it…so if this is happening get out of the relationship because they are using you and the just want SEX, which they like a lot. Stephen and I had loads of arguments and he threatened to leave me on a few occasions. I just said, “go then because I don’t need you, I can survive on my own. I am not defined by the man I am in a relationship with so there’s the door and see you”. I am in bits inside, being a Leo but I learnt from Gemini how to head f**k someone and be cool about it..Gemini is a master of that.  My husband Stephen died 4 and half years ago and I miss him so much. He was a great one for conversation and I like to think I’m smart but he was very clever and could see everyone’s point of view and give arguments from all perspectives. I love that about him, live was never boring with him. 

  9. Mollycoddle March 16th, 2013

    I’m a Leo woman who has a huge crush on a Taurus man. I’m a bit of a loner Leo though, but I have all the other traits that females born under my signs possess! I think he knows that I have a crush on him, we see each other all the time at metal shows in our area (hahaha, go figure, what a place to meet up right) and a couple of times I’ve gone flying across the room and he’s grabbed me and held onto me (like holding me very tightly almost like protectively) during songs, and then after we go outside and have a cigarette we’ll just stand there looking at each other like idiots and smiling. Too damn shy to ever say/do anything else, both of us! The closest we’ve gotten to intimacy is the lucky night (Valentines night, nonetheless!) when we both were in the same house with friends drinking and we ended up cuddling and holding hands on the couch, but that was it.  I have a fascination with Earth signs, I like how steady and dependent they are, unlike my crazy, all over the place, rather insane sign. I often feel like a Roman Candle firework-all going off in a million different directions. For this reason I really like steady and dependable men who also are not afraid to be affectionate. And I don’t mind possessiveness. As a matter of fact, I welcome it. I like being shown that I’m adored and loved, even if it’s with a guy telling me “you’re mine.” I guess it comes from being used so many times by so many men, I just want to be loved deeply and truly. Anyways, I don’t know how things will go with this Taurus and I don’t want to say anything because when I do sh*! tends to fall apart. Either that or I drive guys away because I get too intense. Sick of that sh*! too, I live with my cancer mom and I know that her negative qualities have rubbed off on me-big time. I act like a Leo but I have the personality of a Cancer. Which is even more odd because I’m a Leo Sun, Leo Rising and a Saggitarius Moon. Just wish me luck! And here’s hoping that he likes me back and that eventually one of us gets the courage to actually take the 1st step-a kiss would be awesome! 😀 I’m not rushing anything though. 🙂

  10. Kynance January 19th, 2013

    I am a Taurus woman and have been married to my Leo man for 19 years. Through turbulance and family dramas (his folks detest me as they feel he married below his class) we are still solid – very solid.  
    I found that the key to keeping him happy is letting him be the centre of attention, letting him think all my good ideas are his . . being his trophy.  I am successful in my own right – moreso than he is – but I let him take credit for everything and he is happy.  
    Leo men make fabulous providers.  He would willingly give me the last penny in his pocket and go without to see that I am cared for.
    If you are happy to give your Leo man the limelight but still share half the load, you will find a very loyal and generous partner who may sometimes seem boneheaded but will provide and protect you forever.

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  12. ssam81 December 7th, 2011

    I have met this Taurus girl, and I have known her for a couple years now. It wasn’t until recently that we felt that we have always had this magnet effect on one another. I know it’s going to be different when we are dating and trying to get to know one another on that level. But I already feel that I love this girl. She is patient, mature, and super sweet. Although, she is going through some emotional problems from her past relationship of 8 years. I as a LEO am trying to be supportive and patient with her. I am having a hard time putting myself in her shoes, but I have been in a similar situation just like hers. So I can understand, and I know anyone would need some time to heal and become their normal self again. I have a hard time holding my expressions in and holding my affection in because I’m not getting the response I want or the attention I crave. I know she is kinda numb to whole idea of being done wrong by her ex lover. But I find it sometimes discouraging to love someone in that state. I feel this one can really be my soulmate, we get along, we understand one another. one thing I love is that she can really teach me some humbleness and teach me things I would look at differently. It’s all new for me and I feel most of the comments said above are pretty accurate. Hopefully someone can offer some insight and advice for me starting out.

  13. Katintransit August 25th, 2011

    I’m a leo female who has been dating a Taurus male for over a month. He’s everything listed above: stable, sweet, reliable. The only issue I have with our relationship is the changing moods. When I’m around him in person things are wonderful! We communicate well, affections are reciprocated, and we feel like kids. Once I don’t see him for a few days, the communication almost ceases. I may be lucky to get a text that closely resembles how he is in person. Its almost as if he’s “cloned” when we aren’t together. I like feeling connected to someone to the point of when we are not around each other I am never feeling uneasiness. Currently I’m uneasy because of the significant changes when we are not around one another. I really like him but I have to refrain from sending texts if I don’t hear from him saying “I miss you”, cause sometimes he takes long to write back and even then the responding text sometimes sounds vague. I really don’t understand. I don’t want to play hard to get or play games. I’m 39 and he’s 42. I’m totally beyond games. Anyone have any ideas on what I need to do? I’ve been sweet, caring, gentle, I’ve put my ego on the back burner as well. Sometimes I feel he’s not over something from his past. But he makes statements like “I want you to move in.” Or “I’m no longer looking, I’ve found you.” I’m confused, someone help. Too many conflicting things or maybe I’m just paranoid!

  14. Nia-H August 10th, 2011

    I’m a Taurus woman and fell in love with a Leo man 30 years ago in high school. We broke up and he found me again on FB two months ago. We have reconnected and we’re in love all over again. We talk for hours on messenger and it as if we have never been apart. He is so heady and loving and very sensitive. I am finding out how very jealous he really is as I’m being honest with him during the years apart. We have spent hours hashing and rehashing the relationship back then and he can’t seem to let go of things that happened 30 years ago. I realize that I will have to compromise and not let my bullheadedness take over to make this relationship work. That aside, he is the most loving, adoring, admiring, patient and fulfilling lover a woman can have. He knows just how to get me to do anything willingly and I do!!And he knows exactly how to push my buttons in all the right places. He makes me feel beautiful, sexy, wonderful and so adored. We can feel each other when we’re apart and can hardly wait to be with each other again. We seem to never run out of things to say to each other even when we’re fighting. Sometimes he does seem childish and very playful but it all adds to his charm and boy does he have charm!! To any woman who wants a relationship with her Leo,I say go for it and get ready to be treated like a Queen!!

  15. venuschild March 30th, 2011

    I am a Taurus woman, I used to date this Leo man back in high school, we lost touch for 25 years. Recently we found each other again, and it feels so right! like it is meant to be! I have never experienced this complete connected feeling in my entire 42 years of life! Seems like we are connected in thought, we think about each other at the same times,send each other messages at the same times, he keeps me laughing and is so generous! He offers me everything I have been lacking in past relationships and the sex is the best I have ever had! This is just the beginning of a long lasting beautiful relationship! I am so glad we found each other again!

  16. iLioness March 7th, 2011

    Haha, I have read some of your comments. Let me say, I am a Leo and I don’t give a crap about taurus woman. They are always coping everything I do. and constantly competing with me over men, which is their waste of time. I don’t really care, but I know men are dying to have me.

    Second, may be the relationships lasts for the opposite sex, between taurus and Leo. But friendships, last for about few months or years. I have decided to stop befriends a taurus woman, since they are always annoying asking stupid questions about winning men; seriously, I am tired of taurus treating their friends like possesion.
    Get a life seriously, I want a friend who we can share, not someone draining my energy for their selfish reason. Don’t get me wrong, taurus woman are fun as well, while copying a leo woman. hahaha

  17. May February 2nd, 2011

    Im also a Taurus woman starting to know a Leo Man..What Im picking up from him is that Leo’s are very sensitive, something that I love in a man.Im 7 yrs older than him and it makes me somewhat uncomfortable but I guess I wont know until i give this a chance…I believe its worth trying, If this turns out it will be my first relationship with a Leo
    and Im looking forward to it, I will tell you this, he has me laughing the whole time. He is a sweetheart. Hoping this works out the way we both want.

  18. Martha January 8th, 2011

    I’m a Taurus woman who has had a deep friendship with a Leo man for over 2 years. He is 10yrs younger which I thought was one of many obstacles in taking our relationship to the next stage. We recently confessed our true feelings to each other and it’s been amazing for both. Kind of scary it’s soooooo good to have each other, we don’t understand the intense and loyal connection we have.

  19. erin January 2nd, 2011

    I am a Taurus female.. I like a Leo male but I can hardly tell how he feels.

  20. toya December 5th, 2010

    Im a taurus woman dating a leo man we been together 13 years and we definately have great sex even 3 kids and one on the way later..we argue alot but ive learned we have to have make up sex to clear the air…a taurus will not like to be treated as good as a leo treats them and push them away because they are not used to it..but once a taurus understands and excepts that a leo loves them soooooo much they have no choice but to let the love of the leo take over completely in the relationship…I love him so much and i want to protect his vulnerable spirit we will definately be together forever…but in this relationship the taurus will hurt the leo and the leo will forgive over and over..

  21. alexandra October 31st, 2010

    hey I’m a Leo women dating a Taurus man i love him to death sometime is so difficult, but me and him fix it i haven’t talk to him for a like weeks now and I’m kinda getting scared but we been together for 6 month now butt we start it to love each other 3 years ago but in my heart we love each other i love him so much you will not know how much a Taurus man will be it like a god in heaven he my boyfriend he everything to me he the best so you girl that has a Taurus boyfriend go ahead he wont hurt he the best of your life that going to be

  22. Tatiann Bonnett October 31st, 2010

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2yrs & 4months.Its been rocky because we always down eachother throats but on top of everything I have learned he is my bestfriend, Soulmate, and the love of my life. He truly makes me happy and im thankful to have him in my life.

  23. Taurus Man September 22nd, 2010

    I’m a Taurus man and I have had so many Leo women attracted to me. They are DEFINITELY NOT SHY when it comes to letting you know this, either. They are persistent! They will flatter you and make you feel so good but so embarrassed and intimidated at the same time. Taurus men LOVE complements but don’t know how to handle them at the same time. I’m EXTREMELY sexual but very conservative and shy about it at the same time. I have only been with one Leo (lost my virginity to her) but they seem to love me (and I love them!). It can be a disaster or the greatest thing in the world, it depends on how understanding of the other person each person is. If you are a Taurus man and you like a Leo woman you need to show her a LOT of attention, make her feel pretty/special/attractive, etc and tease her in a way that isn’t mean. They will let you do almost anything sexually. I love Leo women, they are so feminine and sexual without being trampy or trashy.

  24. Dana July 14th, 2010

    Well I myself is a leo woman dating a taurus man, and everyone hit the nail right on the head. We are so on the same page always, bump heads sometimes…yet u will find us sitting on the porch swing @ the end of the day… strong & passionate…and more in LuV than the day before… ~B&D~

  25. Krystal June 21st, 2010

    This match is one made in heaven. It’s so passionate, affectionate, and loyal. Of course, every now and then the Leo might get in trouble for letting her ego get to her, but Taurus will forgive her and remember that he fell in love with a girl who loves attention. He doesn’t mind, because secretly he likes the attention too, the only thing is he likes it from his significant other and not from the public…We bump heads often but we both know were we stand, we both appreciate each other so much and will try our best to not do something that will hurt one another..

  26. Melisa December 20th, 2009

    im a leo woman who’s been with a taurus man for 2years now and i think our love is very passionate and strong, we do bump heads with one another but nomatter what it is we find a way to work it out. i never thought i’d be so deeply in love.

  27. Kyky October 1st, 2009

    im a leo woman dating a taurus man and i think were a match made in heaven. ive been waiting so long to find someone so passionate and sencere as i was.

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