Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo are different in almost all aspects of life. Their approaches to world and relations are way apart and have to take a lot of care if they have to be together. But they never have issues of authority and so with tolerance they can have a healthy relationship in all the ways.

Leo are wonderful people who have a sense of splendor, magnificence and dignity which is essential to their personality. This is what keeps their determination and devotion engulfed in anything they pursue. No matter what they set their minds to, the process in seeking out success is always on the grandest of scales whether it is for themselves, in front of their lover or friend or in front of a whole gathering of people. To live on such a scale of things is not easy for most, but for the Leo, this, coupled with the courage and resilience they have to reach such success is what it takes. Others may resent their arrogance, but the Leo more than deserve to have the respect and admiration they expect and demand.

Virgo are quite perceptive, patient, and very practical. They tend to lead a conservative and simple life. They are usually success hungry, and take short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination. They appear to be cold and superficial creatures but deep down they suppress their kindness and compassion and are very warm for their dear ones. Any relationships they create tends to stay weak linked and normally won’t get very strong even with time. With the occasional relationship that does grow strong, Virgo is affectionate and loving but still they don’t dive into the passion and desire that should couple with any loving relationship. Being sentimental is not the cup of tea for Virgo. They are emotionally strong person who can handle anything thrown their way.

When a strong relationship forms between Leo and Virgo, a harmony is created as they frolic and play together. Leo like to dominate and show their authority and who is better to do that with than the submissive and courteous Virgo. The Leo knows this and tends to push this a bit more than they would normally do. The Virgo normally go along with it without having any issues. The Virgo admires the Leo’s organization skills and ability to control. They just need to work on portraying their admiration to the Leo more. Leo also have a very good sense of loyalty, devotion and common sense when it comes to the needy. As such times they are not boasting their pride or showing too much arrogance but are more involved in generous acts.

Leo admire Virgo for being able to conservatively do the tasks that are at hand, but lack the ability to give them a pat on the back for doing so, much like the Virgo tend to do to the Leo. When Virgo are not appreciated for their hard work and obedience, they reverse their quiet and inverted nature and let the Leo know just how upset they are while bluntly pointing out Leo’s flaws and misadventures before walking away with their head held high. Leo do not tolerate such a tongue lashing nor do they allow for such aggression toward themselves. They grow cold and tend to turn away from them. If they can get through their differences or avoid them all together, the bond between Leo and Virgo becomes a strong and happy one. Leo shows Virgo someone worthy of their respect through loyalty, warmth and devotion while being able to protect them. The Virgo are able to fuss over the Leo and show them the attention and servitude they so desire from everyone.

Leo and Virgo make great relationships especially in the form of leader and follower. So they make great business partners with Leo on front and Virgo to take care of the other things. As siblings, relatives and friends too they make great pairs with generous love from Leo and sound advice from Virgo. As colleagues they are helpful but sometime competitors as well as both love to be appreciated and work hard for it in their own ways. Being lovers and spouse can be also wonderful but much tolerance and patience is needed from both the sides. Leo and Virgo both make excellent parents and this relationship plays more beautifully when Leo are parents to command and love and Virgo are children to respect and admire.

As there are many differences in the Leo and Virgo match, clashes are always a part of their relationship in all the terms. Virgo may sometimes find Leo boosting and self-praising which is never appreciated by them. While Leo may find Virgo cold and inexpressive which is very heart breaking to them as they are not able to get constant devotion. But once they have enough tolerance and are ready to accept each other well, they can make quite impressive companions. Virgo can have someone who is ready to take authority and work on the front and Leo, in turn, have found someone who looks up to them and show the devotion they crave for. With open communication and a subtle laid back tendency on the demanding qualities of Leo and the care and devotion put forth by Virgo without the feeling of being a slave to Leo, the bond becomes a strong one to live, love and grow. Magic is felt and compassion is radiated from all sides.

  1. Rose March 6th, 2023

    I’m a Virgo lady and the best relationships I’ve ever had is with a Leo man. They are strong and very protective and they know how to turn the furnace of love right on!! The relationship takes a bit of fussing and learning how each other works but when they’ve reached that sweet spot it’s like heaven on earth!

  2. fixslayrlini January 6th, 2022

    Pisces are sensitive souls, I think the fish need to remember not to get completely overthrown by the goat that is Capricorn. io games

  3. Leah Kortz January 30th, 2021

    I am a virgo woman that has never been with a leo man before, until now that is. But we are in the very beginning of our relationship. He seems to be everything I’ve ever desired from a man. He makes himself out to be my perfect man. My last 3 relationships have been with pieces men back to back. Obviously it failed miserably all 3 times. Thier laxidazical attitude towards life and if it’s not important to them it’s not important at all demeanor coupled with thier pouty fits made me push harder for them to show me I matter so much that it ruined us. I hope this is different. He is magical and sweet yet protective in a flattering way. He makes my heart melt. Hope this ends up a good match.

  4. leo2020 September 9th, 2020

    Leo man here in love with my Virgo woman, we have been dating for 5 years now, some ups and downs in the beginning because of personality clashes. But she is a great communicator and I had to become the man she needed. Now we are truly in Love and are planning our wedding! 🙂 I truly believe it is in fact a match made in heaven… just need to set boundaries, and expectations clearly and communicate. It is a wonderful relationship as we complement each other in every way and i cannot imagine life without my best friend, my love, my queen. Thank you for being in my life.

    Leo man and Virgo woman – Match made in heaven:

  5. Virgo53 December 23rd, 2019

    Im a virgo woman with a leo man been in and out of each others lifes for 1 year now, all about him no one else good company good to talk with but thats about it personally he should of been a diffrent sign

  6. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Virgo men are…too nitpicky and controlling. Never at peace. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  7. Kelly April 2nd, 2017

    Leo can’t do everything. Virgo needs to learn to wipe their own ass too.

  8. tothemoonandback January 23rd, 2016

    I am a Leo woman dating a Virgo man. He was with someone for 4 1/2 years and she left him for another man. He claims to be “too nice” and said that’s why he got hurt. He didn’t date anyone for 2 years, and now I’m the first girl he’s dated. He is very shy which is not my usual type, but he is the perfect gentleman, and his kisses are amazing. My thing is I’m worried that he will get too clingy too early on. I told him that I wanted to take my time getting to know him more, and wanted to take things slow. My ex and I broke up just last month because he cheated on me then left me for the other woman so my heart is still a bit shattered. This guy is really amazing, and I know we are capable of having an amazing relationship, but my only worry is the clingyness; getting too attached so soon when I don’t even fully know him. What also has me worried is our differences in life goals. I’m a big dreamer, and I like to think outside the box and go for the big stuff in life where as he has different goals than I do, but I know you shouldn’t allow that to come between the connection you feel with that other person. At the end of the day you need to support whomever you’re with in whatever goals they choose for their life Because it’s simply who they are. The connection is there, but I’m just scared of it going too quick, and me getting freaked out or bored.

  9. Rainthefallen August 30th, 2015

    As a virgo lady I find the “Leo and Virgos don’t work” thing as complete bullshit. I’m currently in a relationship with a leo female (you read that right, don’t get homophobic on me.) And we work out quite well we don’t bash heads against each other at all and we didn’t even before we started dating. Now if you tell me that we will you’d be wrong we would have hit that clash most likely over 8 years ago and we would have probably never even talked to each other if that’s how people see virgos and leos together.

    • Elizabeth September 3rd, 2017

      The compatibility between women Leo’s and women Virgos are different! Leo men are trash

  10. Supermanslady August 21st, 2015

    I am a type A, stubborn, perfectionist, virgo lady. Yes I am a LADY! I pride myself on acting and talking and being a true lady. I insist on being treated like a lady and it takes a strong dominate man to treat me and keep me a lady.
    I married a type A, stubborn, egotistical, Leo “Bad Boy”. He forced me to prove my loyalty to him and our early years were maddening. We have been married 16 years and I love him more everyday.
    I am his lady and have chosen to be his submissive. He is my Dominate, my Sir. I asked Him to lead our family of 7 and to my extreme pleasure he is! I am his lady to do with how he wishes. I am now beta to his Alpha and I love it.
    To Virgo women: it is possible to love a Leo man but you have to let him be a real man, leader. You can be stubborn and put your foot down to everyone else but with him, he must be your #1. If you do, he will cherish & adore you while showering you with love & affection. But if you can’t submit to him then best not try to date a leo. Your heart will be crushed!

  11. Jena001 March 7th, 2015

    As a Leo woman, I have never pursued a guy. Currently, I’m interested in a Virgo guy and I’m pursuing him, but not too vigorously because I don’t want to scare him away or come across as desperate. I am not the typical Leo. I’m uncomfortable at the centre of attention, I keep my friends’ circle very small and I am definitely satisfied with my own company. This pursuing thing is foreign territory, so how can I get his attention?  We’re both late 20s.

  12. Leo_T November 14th, 2012

    Hi there! I’m a Leo Woman, and i have a question. What is it about us Leo Woman that you Virgo men are attracted to in us? [Virgo Men ANSWERS only]

    • Winfred March 31st, 2018

      Hello, im a virgo man. My business partner is a leo woman and we shared the same vision and ethics. But sometimes we also have differences a lot. But everything is been resolved with proper and honest assessment from each of us. The things I find attractive from Leo is their constant vibrant positive attitude eventhough we find a lot of challenges in our everyday work or in life. Their aura are charming, they are no bullshit and will honestly tell you about things. They are true to theirselves. They tease alot too.

  13. loismae May 11th, 2012

    My girlfriend is a leo and I’m a virgo. I think this article describes how things are perfectly! She loves to argue and I argue back jokingly but I always back down and let her feel like she wins the argument. We have a ton of passion and devotion. I dote on her but have a hard time expressing that. She always has sweet things to say that brighten my day. I adore her sophistication and class and she likes that I’m more quiet and shy. We have our differences but we haven’t had any problems working through them so far. She’s probably the one person who I’ve been with who I feel really connected to.

  14. 1988 April 19th, 2011

    OK so I meet this virgo guy who is really strange but I really love his personality! I would had never known i’d be with a virgo!!! He has naturally sexy ways that I love about him (I guess that’s typical amongst virgo men!!!) Wow!!! I just love thinking about it!! So we started dating and it was like fireworks!!! And surprisingly, that’s what he said too!!! Our love for one another is very strong, weirdly. Though all the time it’s not perfect. Sometimes we get into bad arguments about each others ways and I even curse him out!!!! But after the arguments are over we don’t talk to each other for about a few days and then we apologize and makeup (I’m pretty sure you know what happens next!! We are proud of our weird relationship. I love this man and I couldn’t see myself without him…..I love him….

  15. scorpio guy March 24th, 2011

    seriously zodiacs seperate humanity into different people like i’ve seen this leo play guitar and sucked and gemini played and rocked the fucking mike. or this virgo dancer with so much more originality then then cancer dancer. or the smartest scorpio but libra sexex better or taurus people talking so romantically ohh k now put all the first letters of every zodiac sign vlsscapatcl whats that say

  16. rheynar March 24th, 2011

    I hate this, i’m a what you call, a real virgo guy and can’t change that. For some reason people look down on me as not someone to look up too but the only reason i’m shy to her is cause i hold my tongue trying not to be uptight and hurt her but then i’m holding back so then i get shy haha. Born 9/9/1990. Just don’t want to let go and be free like them leos haha. learnd the hard way and actually went through it. I beleive those leos are the sun of our universeeeee haha and thats a weirdly praiseing thought for all them haha cause their all thee same. but everyone i’ve met were how do you say words just can’t decribe oh wait read all about leos hahajp. i love them best as friends but anything more as a lover, i’d say no. we just love in such differnt ways. plus their are also gemini’s libra’s leo’s aries’s peole and also so black white red yellow green yes i said it green people haha. just wanted to tell da truth about tobacco and how harmful the suns ray’s get if you stand to close to a leo.. how many leo’s does it take to put up a light bulb none cause the virgo will do it for her if he loves her.

  17. Hated Soldier February 26th, 2011

    im a Virgo and I want a Leo.

    Im not uptight or anything. Some people say that Virgos are uptight neat freaks.

    But that’s not me. I’m real laid-back and easy going. But when I am doing something I really want to do, I strive for as much perfection as possible. Sometimes I feel like I got OCD or something

  18. Prabu December 30th, 2010

    liked the article. it is true that me as leo find it difficult to take my virgo girl’s words, yet can\t stand away from her..she means a world to me. love her like anything…

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