Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

The Virgo and Scorpio combination is not a very easy one but definitely an interesting one if they get along nicely. Trust doesn’t come to them easily but they always feel safe in each other’s company. Though Virgo believes more in practicality and Scorpio in emotions, but still they find a common bond to keep them intact.

Virgo are very practical people with strong intellect. They are usually ambitious, and take short, intended and accurate steps to reach the desired destination. Virgo are determined and once they set their mind on doing something they complete it with great achievement. They are very judgmental of people, but always willing to give a helping hand. They go above and beyond for anyone whom they find deserving. They may seem selfish at first, but they are always givers. They fear any type of commitment and are emotionally very unresponsive as well. Virgo do not have the self-confidence as for them it implies that one is perfect, or near-perfect, and Virgo are only too aware of all the imperfections.

Scorpio are intense in everything they do. They are stubborn and self controlled and dominate their life and cannot be lead anywhere they do not wish to go. They remain cool, calm and clever, so no one can see anything coming. Beneath this calm demeanor, the Scorpio are full of emotional energy. Scorpio can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. Their suspicions are a big part of them as are their expectations. They are strong individuals and give their trust and loyalty to everyone who shows they deserve it. They are very in tuned to the people around them. They can smell weakness in others and show sympathy and an uncanny patience.

Scorpio loves the practicality Virgo have to offer as this makes them think in a new direction. Virgo always believe there are more room to improve things in themselves and others to get as much close to perfection as possible. The Scorpio adores this trait of the Virgo. This trait can bring the Scorpio and Virgo extremely and unexpectedly close. Around the Scorpio, the Virgo finally seems to have some form of peace and tranquility. Virgo loves Scorpio’s ability to set goals and follow through with them. Both like to keep busy, while remaining productive. While Virgo are busy analyzing the daily schedule, it gives Scorpio the time they need to spend alone. Scorpio and Virgo are both intelligent and structured, which caused a positive relationship between the two in all the possible forms. When there is a connection between the Virgo and the Scorpio, Virgo enjoy the fierce dependability the Scorpio have to offer them while Scorpio enjoy their perfection in everyday life making world a better place to live in.

Scorpio are passionate and intense, perhaps even challenging. If they sense passion and commitment is missing or waning out in Virgo, they start finding their relationship and interaction boring. This is because Scorpio are somewhat addicted to emotional excitement. But Virgo are usually flexible and tend to bend according to the wishes and needs of Scorpio. This is something that is truly appreciated by Scorpio and returned with full devotion and respect. This pairing is hard to break in almost all relationships. As they understand each other’s different styles, the combination can be very graceful and smooth. Problems generally arise between the differences in focus. Both of you are committed to making your relationship last, but you value practical expressions of commitment, while your partner values emotional ones. Subtle control issues may be the source of problems over time. If your partner senses any emotional distance on your part, he/she may use various means to regain some sense of control. Generally, you only appear “distant” because you are busy tending to the cogs in the machine of your relationship.

There are the differences that cause minor to large problems between these two zodiac signs. Virgo believe they have the ability to solve any and everyone’s problems. However, Scorpio do not tolerate for a moment the analytical ways of Virgo. Scorpio are not fond of the pessimism that the Virgo bring to the table. Scorpio already knows that they are good people. They don’t need reassurance from Virgo. The pat on the head Virgo occasionally give only causes the Scorpio to become annoyed. The Scorpio often becomes suspicious of the little gestures given by the Virgo. And Virgo hates the suspicious nature of Scorpio as this makes them feel uneasy. But once these two zodiac-signs are bound by nature, and once together, they stay together forever.

  1. Jenny April 24th, 2023

    I’m a Scorpio female and my Virgo man and I met first 10 years ago the immediate connection and sparks were crazy…..we didn’t make it first time, but our common understanding ofeach other (which is weird) and connection never waivered. I think mostly the distance we were 4 hours apart busy working lives, yes I’m an emotional Scorp and he is a practical Virgo. We met up again 5.5 years ago with way too much happening in both of our lives and distance still ….so again we weren’t able to be what the other needed…..then here we are again….I’m not sure if much has changed, except I have realised that unlike every other man man in my life he never tried to cut this tall Poppy down, he has always been my greatest supporter and I his, we have always believed in each other…we both love our families the outdoors, being busy and active. He has never been threatened by my achievements and only ever wanted to provide me with a stable base to come home too.
    Finger’s crossed we can manage to work ot all the stuff in the muddle! He is most probably the love of my life

  2. Marie April 19th, 2023

    Im a Virgo woman and ive had a connection with a Scorpio man for many years. It’s always been on and off because of me and my inconsistency but we still today have that strong chemistry that I don’t ever see going away. We always find our way back to each other. As friends for now hopefully lovers in the future. We always check on each other and enjoy each others company but it’s hard when we both give each other a little too much distance. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Willow December 8th, 2021

    I am a cancer woman who’s been a mistress for 5 years to a Scorpio man married to a Virgo woman. Scorpio men are SNEAKY.

    • Luca November 11th, 2022

      So why are you with such a sneaky man? He is apparantly getting what he wants from two woman, that is extremely selfish behavior and it´s not okay to go behind someone elses back, not to mention living a double life!
      Being someones mistress for five years makes you equally sneaky, not to mention selfish! You are also hurting his wife – and no matter what he says he isn´t getting from her – that is also not ok. You know – he could do the same to you, he will be with you untill someone more interesting/younger comes along. Stop doing this to her and to yourself! Let him go and find some one whorthy of you. He is mistreating two women and that kind of behavior is a HUGE red flag! Not some one to build a life with. He is a HUGE red flag walking around and he should wear a warning sign so all women would stay the HELL away from him!

      I hope not all scorpio men are like this, it would definitely make me run the other way when I meet one. I´m not ever gonna subject my self to behavior like that!

  4. Demetria Hillman November 15th, 2020

    I am a Scorpio woman whose dating a Virgo man. He and I have been together for three years, and this is the best relationship I have ever had. Our connection is undeniable, spiritual, a twin flame, and I feel as if he is my soulmate. Yes, Virgo’s are very critical, judgmental, detailed-oriented, shy, reserved, a perfectionist, and they can come across as cold and rigid. However, that are just brutally honest, and their delivery is not intended to be mean. It is just the way they communicate. We met in 2017, and from day one we connected. We talk on the phone for hours at a time, and I swear we act like teenagers and we are in our forties.

    He is the most respectable, honest, caring, loyal, selfless lover I have ever known. I will admit that they are unemotional and it can sometimes drive me nuts, but I have learned that that’s is just the way he is. He is very practical and his love language in servitude. He shows me he loves me through his actions not words (he is not romantic). I believe that no two people are alike, so you must learn to find a balance. He is logical, I am emotional. He is more a listener, I am talkative, He is an introvert, I am an extrovert. I am outgoing and sociable, he is not a people person. I love music, he does not. He is movie buff, I am not a tv person. My point is that we know how to balance our differences and make it work.

    We are both loyal, honest, and trustworthy. I love this man so much it’s scary. As a Scorpion, we like to be in control and with my Virgo I feel as if I am losing control because he has my mind, body, and heart. I feel vulnerable but in a good way, because he matches my loyalty, and trust. It seems as if we were together in a past life, because when we first met, if felt as if we have been knowing each other forever. I am honored to be his girlfriend and I will marry him in a heartbeat. I have found “the one”!

    • Marcia December 26th, 2020

      Hi…I’m a Scorpio woman who was with a Virgo for 16 years. I had a similar connection with him as you described of your Virgo, but I lost him. As I read your post…you have mastered your Virgo, you recognize his expression of love is more practical. I learned that too late, I wanted more emotional/physical expression from him. I played games…even resorted to making him think I was cheating. Childish I know, because he dealt with it for years…then one day decided he had enough. I’m now like the walking dead, the love of my life, the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, is gone.
      I don’t know you but I recognize the love/connection you have with your Virgo and your post made me smile….that another Scorpio woman was wise and mature enough to learn her partner and balance your differences to make it work.
      I didn’t know what I had until he left me. Now I miss him so much and my sadness comes in waves but most of the time I’m drowning. This pandemic has cause the end of many relationships, only the strong ones will survive. Your foundation seems strong. I applaud you.

    • KeShuna Jones-Lee July 15th, 2021

      I feel the same way!!! I’m crying because you hit the nail on the head. I learned that I need balance not someone just like me . We talk for hours .. we both are busy but we both are committed to one another. He is what I need to grow and be stable and I thank God for him.

  5. Liani Sanchez February 5th, 2020

    my boy bestfriend is a virgo and we are so freaking close! like me and him are forever sticking together! I love this boy bro

  6. Zoila July 17th, 2019

    Run run run! My Scorpio ♏️ darlings I was married to a Virgo man for a very long time, not because I wanted to but because they’re so emotionally clingy, yet super abusive. He abused me emotionally, mentally, and if it wasn’t cuz he’s scared of going to jail he would’ve beat the shit out of me on a regular basis. But as a Scorpio, you guys know we value and love ourselves, I told him you ever lay a hand on me I’ll have you locked up. Virgos are very controlling, obsessive, and disrespectful. The worst match for a Scorpio ever, don’t ever give one a chance, they’re super evil. They use people, every move they make is pre calculated to their best interest only. They’re also serial cheaters, and they cheat with both genders while they’re with you, they disgusting people. I hate virgos, will never have anything to do with one ever again! Who ever said those two are a match was dead wrong! Consider yourselves warned! Scorpio for life…

    • Drew Goff September 15th, 2019

      I have been with my Virgo wife for seventeen years. I have zero doubt about our love, commitment and desire to stay together forever. A stable sane Virgo woman is perfect for a Scorpio man.

    • KeShuna Jones-Lee July 15th, 2021

      Sorry that happened to you everyone is different. I have 3 Virgo daughters and they are sweet as pie. Sounds like he was mentally disturbed and those things can happen with any sign.

  7. Lamont G Harris August 16th, 2017

    I’m a scorpio man and my wife is a Virgo. .I love her to deaf. . but some time her smart remark gets me heated.. But I won’t change her for the world… I hope we can last.

  8. SexyScorpio18 March 11th, 2015

    how compatible are Virgo and Scorpio? 

  9. simplyty April 5th, 2013

    I recently just ended my friendship of 3 years with a virgo girl. And now that I think about, I didn’t know why I was friends with her in the first place. Maybe because I saw the pain in her eyes and decided that maybe she need one true, good friend in her life or maybe how we thought in a very similiar way by being practical and logical about any situation. After I finally believed that I could trust her, I let her in my private bubble and into my home by making her my roommate, an honor I don’t take lightly (that is if I have a say in it) After a year and some change, I got bored of her cynicism and negative outlook on life and start to see her how manipulative and love to collect your secrets so whenever we had an agrument or disagreement, she’ll try to use it against me and tried to make herself look better than I am. I generally don’t hold grudges for I’ve seen the ugliness it brings but for her is holds a special place in my life. A place where no empathy can live. A place where if something is to ever happened to her, no hand of mine will be extended towards her and I will help anyone and I mean anyone who is truly in need. I had forgiven her for trying to destroy my relationship with my mother for it actually made us stronger but I will never forget her actions and betrayal that she has cause in just a matter of months. But I pray that God will help me to truly trust and love her as friend again for I need all the help I can get from not ruinning her life. 

    • Kathryn October 2nd, 2017

      Sorry to hear that. Women like her give the rest of us a bad name. FYI, not all Virgos are cynical and vindictive. Best wishes with the next one!

  10. maryheywood December 7th, 2012

    My boss is Virgo and I am Scorpio.  Seriously? She gets on my nerves and the woman is a wreck.

  11. via2myrene November 4th, 2012

    so true! i’m a scorpio and my man is virgo. i’m emotionally influenced when he is calm and collected. sometimes he goes cynical towards me–and it hurts me that i go cold and silent at him. he will let me being like that for moments. but if it goes too long, he will ask me what’s wrong.
    we won’t work out without trust, faith, and communication. we even need a very long time to get closer. but after we know each other better, we understand and accept more.
    yes, it’s true that this pair is not an easy one. but our tend to go out from crowds, being quiet and mysterious, and keeping each others’ privacy are making our relationship (unexpectedly) works. both of us are blunt, and sometimes we’ll go into an ice war. and though virgo isn’t a romantic man, he is willing to do what his scorpio wants as long as it’s considerable.
    scorpio just need to be a lot calmer and prevent from being emotionally influenced; and virgo just need to be more lively and a little bit romantic. she will bring the warmness, and he will give the faith and security. she is more a speaker and he is more a listener; but sometimes they’ll exchange places.
    for a little note, each relationship won’t go same though they have same zodiac-pair. some are successful, and some are not. we just need to accept everything about our lover (both his/her bad or good), and give the rest to God to make it works. :]

  12. jsweet March 16th, 2012

    Hate Scorpio Virgo compatibility. Ive been with a couple of Virgo men and im a scorpio woman. One was after me for ten years and I was after another one for eight. At the end both broke my heart so bad that even a year later I still feel like it happened yesterday. Im brought to tears easily when I remember all the things that have been said and im a strong person. Scorpios dont cry they make everyone else cry usually. Virgo men like to use women tell them sweet lies pretty much what a woman would want to hear and later on take all the words back and actually accuse you of being an idiot and believing everything they say. Besides that they always like to manupulate a situation in their favor but Scorpio women see thru them like thru clear glass. Only when we are severely in love thats when we are blind or strongly refuse to believe that our virgo men are liars. Scorpio women know that their man is lying or cheating but we dismiss it after looking in virgoes pretty eyes because we need that love no matter what we want it all back like the first time. Although I didnt take any of that bs he tried to pull on me and our fights were vicious (and believe me it was ugly) Ive always came back because the love I had for my Virgo was the strongest. Well at the end his mean words sounded very convincing. I dont really know if my love began to fade away or he really did a pretty good job convincing me that he never loved me after 8 years of ups and downs or maybe the fact that he got a new gf and disrespected me in front of her (for a Scorpio thats the end since we are jealous and possesive seeing a virgo in an arms of the other would be considered an automatic betrayal), anyway that was it. The heart was broken (shattered). Almost the same thing happened with another one. Ten years of being my sweet (baby) and after saying i love you dumped a load of hatered on me. Dont get me wrong we had great times but my scorpio ladies always remember that the moments you cherish with your virgo men will never be cherished by them. They just “having a good time”. We always take it to heart and be genuinly happy but they just looking how they can screw u next wheather its sex or money or they just bored. Trust me once u have a fight and say but remember that day on the beach when u held my hand and said… They will respond to it like so what? We just had a good time orrr.. I had 15 gfs after you i dont remember… Sad. Just watch out. They like games and they like to.keep extra gfs on a side in case you leave because they hate to be alone. If you think they sweating u after u had a fight u r wrong. They r on to the next one. Heartless, worthless, money hungry empty people.

    • Kathryn October 2nd, 2017

      What you just described, sounds like he was a narcissist. Check out the descriptions of narcissists on pinterest. Virgos aren’t perfect, no one is. If we are critical it’s usually with good intentions but may not come across that way. We may not even realize our approach hurts so mention it. Those who genuinely care will try to change their approach. Good luck!! I (Virgo) was with a Scorpio for a long time and was an exhausting emotional roller coaster, more so than it probably should’ve been.

  13. yaninav83 September 21st, 2011

    @sania_as try talking to other men but tell them that your not looking for a serious rellationship. that way when your around him and there blowing up yur phone it will spark his intrust. eventually when the to of you are alone he will ask you if you have male suiters. tell him how many but that your not intrusted in them. he will no that its the trueth cuz they can always tell and hill like that. scorpios are very old fashion. they admire strenght and let him see it in you with out bragging about it. they like to do the courting, they’re very old fashion like but still very modern and were a lot of blue, black, and red (red is the scorpio’s favorite color and if you wearing a red dress it will deffinetly drive him nuts) clothes it draws guys attention and heals guys can’t resist looking when they here the clankity clank of heals but don’t were anything baggy make sure that yur clothes show of yur cuves. oh and in the beging don’t serve him foods or wate on him hand and foot you’ll just remind him of his mother and thats how he’ll see you insted us a girlfriend or a wife. do that once and a wile like a treat not 24/7.good luke

  14. sania_as September 1st, 2011

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    em a virgo woman n hex a sorpionnnnn nnnnnn he jxtt dsnt evn care 2ew luk at meee or g8 a glimpsee 🙁
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  15. Scorpiolove1 August 9th, 2011

    I am a mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy … I left his father (Cancer guy) because he was very abusive. A couple years later I meet my current boyfriend who is a virgo. In the beginning he asked me out, and showed me all of the love and affection I could ever ask for. Then, a couple weeks later he starts to back off. And knowing that scorpio women are reading this I can appreciate the fact that you all know how frustrating this was for me. He was hurt by someone very badly before he had met me (2 years before by a Cancer woman!) I know a hurt virgo man can be very trying for scorpios. I felt like I was paying for someone else’s crimes (and we’ve fought over this numerous times), but after reading about our signs I know he’s being careful now. His mother even told me that he said he thinks I’m amazing, but he wants to make sure I’m not crazy haha … It’s been a year for us now, and I feel like things are getting better. I know that my emotional attempts to get love from him are in vain, but I can’t help but try. He says that he loves me very much and when we both are in good positions in life he would love to marry me and take care of me and my son. Being who I am, and the experiences I’ve had with bad relationships before … I can’t bring myself to believe him yet. I love how intelligent and hard working he is, and he would be a great father in the future, but my sign wants results now! I love this virgo-scorpio compatibility website because it helps me see how great we can be in the future. I just need to stop freaking out at him … I can’t force him to show emotion. This has definitely taught me to have some patience. I have read some of these posts and I can relate … I hope all of you are successful with your relationships. I know I will be … in time 🙂

  16. EllaS July 26th, 2011

    Im a virgo woman who has been dating a scorpio man for nearly 3 years. And all i can say its amazing , we’re extremely open about everything , hes trustworthy , loving , very intelligent and really makes me feel secure and safe. He is very much the person who calms me down if i ever get upset and helps me resolve problems in my life. When we first met he was very much shy and insecure about himself , and he always to this day says that what he feels for me he has never felt before as im the reason he feels so happy and secure with me. The thing you really do need to watch out for Scorpio men is that they really are keen on someone who puts alot of effort into listening to their feelings and problems as in my boyfriends case hes a little sensitive at times and most scorpio guys like any guys act to show this ” macho ” men side to them as its what women expect.We have such great connection , we can talk for hours joke about anything and just have the best time without no need to go out or anything.Hes seriously has to be the most thoughtful ive ever been with , he watches out for every single little detail and i tend to joke hes a little perfectionist ;D I can tell you , he worries about me a little too much just as much as i worry about him. Our sex life is incredible , i wouldnt change it for anything ever . Its extremely passionate and he makes me feel the safest ive ever been with someone.

  17. tablancarolina April 27th, 2011

    im a scorpio woman trying to stick with my virgo man i dont know why im falling in love with him? i didnt find him sexy and appealing but im madly falling on him.and i always running for him

  18. sarah April 8th, 2011

    I am a virgo woman dating a scorpio man and it s going amazing i know him 4 years ago and was not really interested about him..but when it came to sex, i decided to get married with him!! Virgo/scorpio is the best sexual combination,and even mentally its like with no other sign..i mean we could sit for days together in a small room just talking and laughing…and we forget about the whole world outside

  19. sana March 28th, 2011

    kate tell me abt you relationship. please. coz im a virgo woman and dating a scorpio man.:S pple r confusing me! can you tell me if u dont mind:)

  20. kate March 16th, 2011

    if i told you about my relationship it would give you all the chills .

  21. safia March 8th, 2011

    i am mad about a boy love u hes a scorpio

  22. Donise January 26th, 2011

    Im a scorpio women thats been dating a virgo for 4 months at first i thought it was love at first but once he got me he did a 360 virgo men bait u in then treat u like poop

  23. maj December 22nd, 2010

    I totally agree with Soli on this. Scorpio and Virgo will have a great connection at first but after the Scorpio woman gets to know more about the Virgo man, she discovers alot of things that will make her move away. And I also have dated a Pisces man, I can only say one thing: PERFECT!!

  24. Soli November 19th, 2010

    I’m a Scorpio woman who dated a Virgo man.. We hit it off at first and I loved that he was very intellectual and we would have these deep conversations about social justice..But as the relationship developed he started getting more controlling with me..wanted to move things way too fast.and then when I wouldn’t give in to him he became very abrupt, passive aggressive and so critical of me. He also was a very angry person and has held on to grudges that happened to him years ago..And here I thought Scorpios were notorious for that! I couldn’t stand it so I stung him..well not literally..I broke things off and he was furious..but I’m better off with out I found out he was abusive towards his ex-wife..Now I’m starting to see a Pisces man..and he is the complete opposite! So sweet and caring..

  25. p November 7th, 2010

    im a virgo woman and scorpios are the only sign that can handle me i knw them like da back of my hand..the good thing about them is only the sex if u a virgo u know scorpios bring out ur sexual side..they really take u there if u know wat i mean but the bad part is they lie cheat and manipulate they love to play mind games and somehow i always end up falln for them and end up gettn my heart broke like how im feeln right now over one…i currently broke it off wit da scorpio man i was just dating he play to many mind games and i still manage to fall in love wit him ugh i wish love came with a receipt or refund cus all he gave me was false advertise like all scorpio do on the surface is wat exactly wat they want u to see til u really start to see there true colors ..he wasnt anything like i thought he was so WORD ADVICE TO ALL VIRGO WOMEN STAY FAR AWAY FROM SCORPIO MAN!!!

  26. Koko October 27th, 2010

    I really like the info about virgo and scorpio. I am a scorpio woman who is madly in love with my virgo man. His nature gives me balance and keeps me calm. We are compatible on all levels. Best relationship I’ve ever had.

  27. Sonia July 29th, 2010


  28. Donna July 14th, 2010

    Amara, your man is having an affair. Trust me!

  29. Amara June 10th, 2010

    I love my scorpio man so much! I will do and do do any thing I can for him! I just love him so much, but right now things haven’t been going so well, and it hasn’t been for awhile. I am confused and lost and just want my friend/lover back and I fear that I will have to go. I’m not sure how much pain I can continue to endure, when I can’t figure out what I’ve done to him that makes him treat me the way he does. It happens out of random, like he has mood swings. I don’t want to loose him, but he’s not the man I once knew him to be, I love him and miss him. But he just doesn’t seem to care and hasn’t seemed to want to talk about anything (like we used to be able to do) there is no effort to make things better. Why? Why? Why? I feel like a part of me is dying….

  30. Henry March 25th, 2010

    I think Virgo and scorpio are the perfect match from the very begining. If they have the courage to be together they will be, forever.

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