Aries and Virgo Compatibility

  1. Emmalee December 7th, 2019

    Aries are so strong-willed and fiery.

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  2. FilipinaAries November 17th, 2017

    I’m an Aries and the love of my life is a Virgo. Dating for 10 months now. We fight a lot when we’re together due to contrast of personality. Him being so sarcastic whenever I become short tempered and I being so insensitive and harsh sometimes. But apart from those conflicts and differences, if you get passed them and just always look for the good in each other, It can be very beautiful, loving and perfect. I never knew love til I finally agreed to be his girlfriend. We were special friends way back highschool. He courted me but I wasn’t ready yet during those years to be in a relationship. He kept courting me on college but still said no. He pursued a Pisces woman instead but they didn’t make it after 3 years. When we found each other again in facebook and agreed to meet one day, all was casual until I, the prideful woman, breaking those emotional barriers, let loose and embraced my special virgo man in my arms again.. Then the casual yet special friendship flourished into something more. After 12 years, I said YES. Best decision ever. I hope. 😉

  3. Nicola September 13th, 2017

    Aries girl here. My longest (and most recent) relationship was with a Virgo man. 4 long trifling yet full of love years.
    It took a very long time for him to want to commit to me (typical Virgo trait). Even throughout our time together, I had that gut instinct that he never fully did. Our sex life was our saving grace; as we are the only two signs that consider sex the Holy Trinity…mind, body, and soul connection.
    In the end, he still wouldn’t commit to a life with me so it ended. He comes back and forth on the subject, but as an Arien, once you’ve burned that bridge, we may forgive you but never forget.

  4. Ali May 14th, 2017

    I am a Virgo man & had a beautiful relationship with Aries woman in past 4 years. She was awesome in bed like no other in the world, which now make me sad since she is no more with me. Well, I noticed that her sexual desire had multiplied with time & we were used to have sex daily in past years. And each time we both enjoy a lot. In last 01 year I noticed that she wanted something different in sex … & I noticed she like & enjoy movies of threesome means two men having a sex with a single woman… Then she started dreaming of 02 men having sex with her with big dicks…. Her extreme desire made me do with fingers while she was sucking mine. She started feeling extreme pleasure assuming one in her mouth & the other in her vagina. This made me feel good too because I was able to satisfy her….. But then I noticed her such desire has became more & more… which was worrying for me. But she had a fear of losing me so she didn’t do anything because all the time we were together. But since last Sept, 2016 when I paid attention to another lady then my Aries g/f became annoyed & it took her only a week to hunt a new guy & she had sex with him. And since then she never came back to me & having fun with different guys. I strongly recommend to All men that whenever you start loving any woman specially Aries never leave them unattended.

  5. JD January 31st, 2017

    Virgo guy been in a relationship with Aries girl. We had awesome moments together and usually we get along very well on bed. However her desire to be free and friendly with guys doesn’t sit well with me.

    I read somewhere that Virgo man are very territorial. I asked her to break her ‘friendship’ with this one particular guy because she make up lies to meet him. However, she refuses to do so. After 3 months of hell, I decided to end it. Just after ending it, she came back begging to take her back(i read is a common trait of Aries) but she still is reluctant to break off any relationship with her friend. Sigh….

  6. MDJ October 6th, 2016

    hey there
    virgo girl here! just had a date with a guy I met online! he is an aries and we had a lot of fun since we “online met”. I went to his place to meet him and spend there the night (somehow I just trusted him) and it all went very well, except from the part that as a real virgo, I wasnt ready to jump up to have sex with him.
    although we had intimacy moments. The next day we spent the day visiting the city and just talking a lot. when I had to come home he was revealing his thoughts about his last relationship and what he is doing in love life and all…
    dont know still if he had fun with me although he said that: that he liked very much our time together, but he hadnt said a word since than. (it was yesterday ahaha)
    anyway, I liked him very much since he is so driven and passionate but I may appear too shy, despite the fact that I am always challenging and “making fun of him”. anyway, what do you think I should do? 

  7. deedee September 30th, 2016

    I’m a Virgo woman in love with a Aries man? I’m staying strong, even tho he gives me strength but don’t even know it. It’s been tough since things has changed for the both of us, but we are both staying positive and handling our business, so that we can be free. At the end of the day, if we end up married and happy together, I would still be happy if it all turned out happy for the both of us. But, he is my dream man come into manifestation, so I can’t let it go…especially when he is still on board. Love u Mr. ware

  8. josiespurlock April 18th, 2016

    I\’m a Aries girl , I am recently dating a Virgo man . We have been together for a little over a year . We have really , really tough times . When I\’m not in a good mood I get mad very easy . When I get mad he sits &\’ yells , punches and physically does things . ( not to me ) . Then I try to sit their and act like I don\’t care so I can let him get all his anger out but it\’s like he says stuff to me that hurt &\’ it hurts badly . I try my hardest not to let it get to me . It\’s hard tho , then after he calms down and sits here saying sorry and everything . At this point I\’m heated, depressed and emotional . I just need help handling things . I mean he\’s cheated on me over 22 times with in 11 months but I love him so much I let it roll over my shoulder but now I look at myself and I just know I should\’ve never let it happen . I think that\’s where my emotional part comes from .

    • FilipinaAries November 17th, 2017

      Hi. Are you still together?

      • AriesSunLeoMoon November 17th, 2017

        Same situation here. Are you guys still together?

  9. Virgo queen March 3rd, 2016

    I’m a virgo girl and i’m head over heals for this Aries guy since the day I first saw him and it’s almost two years since we’ve known each other. I admire him, his presence and smile alone lights me up , we’re close we speak whenever we see even when he gets me mad and i say i’m dun tlking to him i can’t, and i’ve never felt soo much inlove with one person. He has a gf and that brakes my heart into million of  pieces whenever i see them, i always think telling him how i really feel will just be a joke since he’ve always been saying i lie alot… Expecially to him, and tbh it hurts, I sometime thinks he is emotionless , never shows anything and I myself always hide my emotions.. I wish one day i become brave enough to express my feeling even though i sometime feel he’s not worth it. I wonder how he feels about me, whenever we see it’s like heaven how he holds my hand , how he smiles at me how he’s always bad for me… I hate when we curse or disagree on something, people always tease me about him cause they know how good we are i only wish we were more than good. #sigh

  10. marcnlinda March 26th, 2014

    im a virgo girl and my fiance is aries  and this has been the best  relationship ever, he is my best friend and lover, we known each other 2 years going on 3.i never knew true love until i met him. at first he was very persistent  really wanted me and never gave up but i was more reserved because it was hard for me to trust man but im so happy that i gave him a chance the second meeting i had with him i knew that would be the man i would spend my life with. its so strange because the first time i met him i did not feel anything even though we had many phone converstations…. but that second time idk what it was but i looked at his eyes and i fell head over heels for this wonderful man, every day that goes by i fall in love with him more n more  the sex is always amazing  everything is perfect!!, i am so in love with my aries man and when a virgo falls in love they really truly fall. i could go on n on about my love for him… i hope all of you find this kind of love…

    • Titi May 2nd, 2019

      Im a Virgo woman and im very much deeply n madly in love with my Aries man. Its been 18 months being together. However, 15 months have been chaotic n just really bad. We argued pretty much on the daily. He was always making or placing claims on Me. Like seeing another man or doing this or that. I became an emotional wreck. I had pleaded with him n always gave my truth yet to him i was a liar, a dirty bitch etc. Yet i still remained faithful n loyal to him. Reading your story amongst others surely has given Me more encouragement to hold onto my Faith n trust that it’ll get better in time. I believe it will. I see our love still there going strong despite the enormous arguments of one too many a day. He’s every bit an Aries vice versa with Myself as a Virgo. Thank You. I feel a bit more better for Ive been thinking the past 2/3 months on whether I shud stay or part ways. He’s doing a short time in a California Prison for assault(on Me). Well, he hit my drivers window n smashed it while i was inside my car. So thats why he got that charge. In the midst of it all i too had did some serious damage to his left foot from my fearing for my life i started up my car n from him clinging onto my drivers door n myself tryna drive off is how his foot got severely damaged.Love is no joke. He’s sooo krazee in love with Me n sadly the end result is US being apart. Its temporary n.i pray all goes well with US. I miss my Honey Peter but most of all I miss US…
      Thank You for I believe Love does conquer all.

      Sincerely, Titi

  11. marcnlinda March 26th, 2014

    @Grace are u still together?

  12. over90876 October 15th, 2013

    im an aries man and theres this virgo i like but i dont know what to do 

  13. rosew April 15th, 2013

    This Information is 100% correct!!!
    I have been dating an aries guy for nearly 4 years now and i orginally thought we were never going to last because aries and virgo arnt lets face it a good match.
    but like they say opposites attract and its true.
    I am thankfull for having him in my life because he has helped me become a better person and i know i have changed his life too.
    He has taught me to be more laid back and enjoy life without any worries and i have taught him to analyse situations before firing ahead.
    He is my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy we really do have our off days where we clash for the exact reasons listed above but you just have to reason with one another. 
    I think an aries man is a true man a go getter, hard worker and extremely good with people but they are not intouch with others emotions because they are too busy having a good time.

  14. Kykebearden September 9th, 2012

    All i can say is thank u for that really needed it 

  15. Bezoo August 21st, 2012

    Ended with my Virgo gal..can be a perfect match if Virgo’s stop baseless criticism and work towards the relationship…i got fed up with her nagging, indecisiveness towards commitment and arrogant attitude..loved her a lot..but a point comes where we Aries have to stand for our self-respect and what is right
    If both partners work together this can be a match made in heaven..wish she realized it..but i know her BIG ego will never let her see the picture !!

  16. SunniD July 4th, 2011

    Nicole, I couldn’t agree with you more! Your story sounds identical to mine. It’s all about the “idea”. I fell in love with the “idea” of us. I knew early on in our relationship that it wouldn’t last for long. But we both hung in there for as long as we could, me living in and enjoying the moment. I finally had to break it off, for the sake of sanity. I liked the way he stood up to me in an argument or debate, which for an Aries woman is a good thing because we can’t stand wimps. I, too, will miss the “idea” of us, but as you said balance is most definitely the key.

  17. ariesxpices June 14th, 2011

    I recently broke it off with my Virgo man. We were lyterally complete opposites at about everything.
    The only thing that ever matched with us was our competitiveness and our aggressiveness. Which I believe is what kept us alive for so long. I loved the way he was the only one who could have ever been able to bring out my more feminine side.

    But as time passed he learned that it was nearly impossible to win against me. That was my worse fault in the relationship. Aries girls remember –if you want to keep him, let him win from time to time. Keeping balance is the most important thing you could do. He lost motivation and assumbed I won before we playfully argued. I missed the agressivness in out relathionship because it was never anything serious. It kept it fun and spontaneous but when that died and he decided to let me contorl him it became very dull, and most things I said strightfoward ended up hurting him.

    Frankly I don’t miss him as much as I miss the idea of ‘us’. The way we childishly played around and mocked one another. Our diffrences made us complement each other wonderfully but —

    balance is key in this relathionship.

  18. plume1 May 15th, 2011

    my husban is an aries and I am a virgo and we have been together for twenty years but only been married three. And like all relationships have their ups and downs but we love each other very much. we have a daughter who he has spoiled rotten and I love every minute of it. just to see a man who love his child they my husband love his daughter is a moment for life I would not trade my life for nothing in this world.

  19. zuleigha March 21st, 2011

    I’m a aries and my husband is a virgo we dated for 5 years and are married for 5 years and we are still crazy about one another, I love that he’s a great listener and gives great advice,know’s how to calm me down and you so pateint with our son. I love Fakier

  20. Hopeless Romantic December 14th, 2010

    Just started a relationship with an aries man, couldn’t be more happy with another man! He surprises always at the perfect time and igs probably the sweetest man I’ve ever met! I feel like he is a blessing from god, just got out of the worst relationship ever with a cancer, god thank you for answering my prayers! We are taking it slow, even tho we both feel more and more deeply for each other everyone we spend time together! I see us being together a long while if not life partners, so so happy! :)~ <3!!!!

  21. Grace June 16th, 2010

    I’m a Virgo with an Aires, and we are simply perfect. We are opposites in some areas but we are totally accepting of the differences and the other person. I love him with all my heart, and I have no doubt that we are in this for a long time. Perfect match in my opinion.

  22. Claudette February 1st, 2010

    We just started a Relationship and it seems right!!! This seems very accurate I would continue reading

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