Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

With a few challenges and some different aspects of nature, the relationship of Virgo and Aquarius are somewhat annoying and enjoyable. They have a lot to learn from each other and give to each other. They can discover great communication and make things easy with some understanding and compassion for the other one.

Virgo are perfection oriented. They are very picky and judgmental of others and sometimes of themselves as well. They first point out flaws and then look for good qualities in all the things around them. Virgo are very logical creatures and have difficulty in expressing themselves. Also they cannot stand emotional drama and keeps away from such situations. Virgo does not like to make any mistake. If they make a mess of a situation they do all that needs to be done to rectify it. They like to live a life of simplicity and decency. Virgo are always up for a new challenge. They are well balanced with intellectual minds. They are typically cool headed and reserved. Without responsibility and challenges life is meaningless to them, and they can never reach their full potential.

Aquarius are oddballs by nature. They can easily become detached from the rest of the world. They can be viewed as insane and genius all in one conversation. They are one of the few people who rarely live in the past or moment. They are very comfortable living in their own world of ideals and dreams of the future. Aquarius have many shades of nature, they can be sensitive, gentle and patient, and they can also be eccentric, lively and extrovert depending on their mood and analysis of situation by them. Both the ways round, they never lack their strong intuition and the intellect.

While the Aquarius are somewhere in the future, the Virgo are analyzing the past and dissecting the present. These two find each other intriguing, but prefer to keep distance from one another. There is no magnetic attraction between the two. Any relationship between Aquarius and Virgo is typically forced by others and has an affect of other people around. While Virgo apologizes at ease, the Aquarius does not understand the meaning of an apology. Both are intellectual by nature, but their minds are usually in different arenas. The Aquarius employ their mind with new age ideas, while the Virgo enjoys using the scientific method to break down old theories of the past and present. Virgo cannot understand the Aquarius’ lightning fast intuition. To Virgo, the Aquarius’ intuition is a bunch of superstitious garbage. They both are careful and responsible when it comes to money.

The Virgo care too much about what others think, while the Aquarius care too little. The Aquarius have superior wisdom that has taught them that they can not change the way other people choose to think or feel but this is not in Virgo. Aquarius can teach the Virgo spontaneity, while the Virgo give the Aquarius a much needed education on discrimination. The two are both humanitarians by nature. The difference is that the Aquarius has the greater of good mentality meaning they would rather save a group of people opposed to one. If an Aquarius finds error in a relationship with another person they end the relationship altogether. They do not require perfection, what they truly want is loyalty and respect and when that is gone the connection is gone forever. An Aquarius can forgive, they just can’t forget.

Virgo and Aquarius sharing different relationships have different experiences with each other. If they are siblings or colleagues, they are both helpful and friendly. While as friends they make less companionship as they don’t really agree with each other’s view. Being relatives is just an obligation for both of them as they don’t try to interact much with each other. As business partners they can create miracles of success and fortune as they both are intellectually strong and give due importance to money in their life. As spouse and lovers they may have to face some tough times but with sincerity and devotion they can make things work for a longer period, but permanent ties are something difficult to get in this combination. As for parents and children, they definitely share a great bond in both the ways whether Virgo are parents or Aquarius are the parents.

Virgo and Aquarius have to face a lot of struggle in the relationships they share as they both have different approach for everything. Virgo are unable to understand the over friendly nature of Aquarius and Aquarius can’t understand the criticism Virgo hold for everything in life. They are both opposite poles and have nothing much in common in personal as well as professional life. But when working together the Aquarius and the Virgo can intellectually move mountains. The Aquarius rarely takes advice from others, so the Virgo becomes overjoyed when the Aquarius follows their good sound advice. Virgo cleverness and clear thinking, combined with Aquarius’ inventiveness and genius, could be just the magical alchemy anyone can ever need together with the innate kindness and concern for others.

  1. Toyea Dungee May 17th, 2022

    I am in love with an Aquairus Man, and I am a Virgo Woman. I love that man, from the moon and back. Very Attentive, passionate, loyal. It seems like he gives me Wings to Fly. Very encouraging and understands my critical side. Which i have to get better with. I am going to marry this man one day.

  2. Caroline Smith March 19th, 2022

    Hello everyone I’m an aquarius he’s a virgo the most difficult sign I ever met he’s fighting w me all the time blaming that I’m cheating liying while I’m the most sincere kind gentle soul how can someone be so insane and agreesive I can’t deal w this maniac he lies hide he’s face and neme what a con artist Virgo very nasty fighter mentally ill…

  3. Emmalee November 24th, 2019

    Virgo men can be challenging for Aqua ladies. Aquarians are free-spirited and like butterflies… while Virgo men tend to be extremely “particular”, jealous, and everything has to be a certain way at all times. It feels like pinning a butterfly’s wings down. Thus the wings are never the same. I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

    • Lauren November 24th, 2019

      Be yourself.. if you do not love it leave it.. what is there about yourself that you do not like and think you deserve to be stuck with someone you know you do not like.???.. Use your brain when selecting a mate… that way you can save a lot of horrible times.!And NO I am mot a Butterfly… I want the best.!

  4. Selena D. Favors April 14th, 2019

    I would hire a private investigator or spy on them myself. There may or not be anything to worry about. He may just enjoy the attention and she may be “friendly” whith other co- workers as well. Ask the other wives if they are familiar with this 43 year old woman.

  5. Annie November 27th, 2018

    I am married 40 years to a virgo …I am an aquarius…He is very critical of me…Puts me down…and never gives me respect which drives me up a wall. He is a hard worker and very organized…Recently he has had me worried he was working a few months with a black woman 43 and he is 60. She is single and she was calling herself his 2nd wife. Well he makes her laugh all day not me…He told me she told him she hasn’t had sex in 2 years…I asked her and she denied it. So now I am worrying if something is going on. Thoughts???Since i brought this up we are not speaking to one another. She is a Gemini…She said she wish there was a clone of him. She said he works like he is 30…and he respects her.

    • Lauren November 28th, 2018

      I’d like to help you but Microsoft is being a turd. Sorry !

      • Annie November 28th, 2018

        Please help me cause this Virgo is driving me crazy. Do you think its appropriate for him or her hugging him at work in the yard that is he is a truck driver. He told me she told him she hasn’t had sex in 2 years. The employees are saying they are having a affair. I spoke to her on the phone the other day and she told me nothing was going on and that we should go out to Applebees. Then I tried calling her several times and she would not respond. She is black and she had my husbands worker call me and he told me to let it go. She is the only 43 year old woman working in the place. She told me she would like to have a clone of my husband and that he acts like 30 when he is 60. I was told she was very attractive. What do you think. My name is Annie and thank you for replying.

      • Annie November 30th, 2018

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    • Chris Firestone February 2nd, 2019

      I’m at the end of my rope with my Virgo girl of 3 years. She constantly chops me up & puts me down. Nothing is ever right or good enough in her opinion. She makes me either want 2 die or kill everyday, & that’s not who I am as a person. I’m miserable because of her 24/7 negativity & her lies, & floozie ways. If her lips are moving, she’s lying. At least to me. I don’t understand how she can be so charming & compassionate to any idiot she meets on the street while she treats me like a doormat (at best) publically & privately, stays gone for HOURS ON errands that would take me, or anyone else, minutes. She says she loves me, but all her action scream are hatred & betrayal. This woman is my life’s live-action but I’ve gotta let go. Regardless of how much it may kill me inside- it’s gotta be better than having pieces of me killed everyday by her.

  6. Lauren April 6th, 2018

    They just wanted me for my looks. What did I want them for ?? Not much of anything. I get so bored so quickly. Seems the only impressive men I meet with good looks and intelligence is in transit, trains, boats and planes… I get lonely but I am always glad to have my own private space.. Virgo’s are so dammed whiney they deserve a Pisces. I usually get the Libras and Taurus.

  7. RATHORE April 20th, 2017


  8. blackgirl60 April 14th, 2017

    All l can say is Wow! I can relate.

  9. Tamra April 5th, 2017

    MY aquarius sister the manipulating trouble maker. Her whole life she portrayed herself as a “victim ” . Lol.

    • Lauren April 6th, 2018

      Maybe she was the victim.. No one likes Aquarius, until they need something.

  10. jlchavez0914 February 22nd, 2014

    I love my Aquarius man! I’m a Virgo woman, and we get along pretty well almost all of the time. Even when we disagree we always can resolve the problem in a reasonable way. I really don’t think personality traits have everything to do with a relationship. You need to put time and work into a relationship just like any other aspect of your life. I love that my man is an Aquarius it’s so sexy to me, and we were friends for such a long time before we had a physical connection. I love that about our relationship because we got to see eachother’s flaws before we were ever together and still accept eachother for who we are anyways. Loving him is easy as pie, and I feel happy with him everyday!

  11. Graciexxx February 18th, 2014

    im a virgo woman and well there’s this amazing virgo man in my life I love him to pieces ,he is my best friend , the connection we have and the amount of laughter also ,he is so perfect ,sadly he is only best friend sadly we are only best friends, I am to scared to open up to how I feel because I am scared that he wont feel the same , I do strongly recomend an aquarious as a friend/lover tho, but as said you could either be great for each other or bad ,good luck guys x x

  12. AirportAnthony October 8th, 2013

       I met another man sunday before last at a bar where I used to work as a bartender for years – I currently work at the airport and this bar is only a mile or so from our airport and on Sundays we have a free buffet for our patrons  and it opens early every Sunday and the bar fills up quickly since the food is always free  –  I’m an Aquariuin – i’m 44 and I’ve worked as either a server or as a bartender  in gay bars and comedy clubs for the last couple of decades – born and raised in the south and as such I tend to never meet  strangers – I’m calm cool collected charming and very funny and this young man who just turned 30 years old is from Guatemala -he is a very small statured man – I’m guessing shorter than 5’5″ and maybe weighs in at 125lb.s tops – probably less – I’m 6′ tall and 225lb.s so with him beside me I look like a giant – his english is very very good – in fact he flirted with me and said hello first – we started to introduce ourselves and eyeball one another as the attraction – thankfully – was immediate and mutual for both of us – we hadn’t met longer than 20 minutes and we were kissing and holding hands and getting to know one another – we exchanged numbers – he had to leave early and had rode with a friend so we kissed each other out the door – I called him after his work shift the next day we met for coffee and started explaining ourselves to one another – where we were – why we were there – what we wanted and where we were going  – I was 1 year out of a failed 9 year relationship . He was 4 years out of a failed 5 year partnership and as we talked everything we both seemed to want and not want for ourselves we were mirroring back and forth to one another – that’s when I found out how old he was  and made sure he realized that there is a 14 year difference in between our ages and I asked to make sure he didn’t think I was too old for him and  he assured and reassured me that he understood and he liked me. After this thorougrh conversation wherein we discussed everything from whether either of us had or wanted to have children maybe someday-  to our sexual preferences/ compatibility – aspirations / goals – hobbies /interests -family backgrounds – education – we covered all the major bases and we still were finding ourselves attracted and potentially compatible – we left the coffee house and went to another gay bar nearby – had 1 drink apiece and played pool for a couple of hours – kissing in-between shots – This aquarius has found a virgo he could fall for – I find he grounds me without trying and not in a negative way at all – as I’m a born romantic I find myself feeling as though I now have new wings and how I love to soar and dream – He’s pragmatic and yet adorable as he cools my engines in a reality check explaining he wants to take it slow and not rush madly into all of this as he wants to make sure this is what he wants and as to not repeat some of his past mistakes – It’s only just begun but I love it so far – I work weekends  and he works week days and is taking English classes at night to further himself – so far we’ve went out on dates just a few times but they’ve ended with us sharing the night each time –  we talk and teach and learn from one another something new every day so far and after all I’ve been through in my own life I applaud – respect and am learning to cherish my new found virgo connection – My Carlos – granted it’s puppy love at the moment but I’m hopeful and feeling very blessed that we met.

  13. Heartagrameyes October 7th, 2013

    I’m a virgo woman who knows and aqua guy and let me say, he’s freaking awesome!  We have deep, open, and honest convos and it’s great!  We have an awesome connection and always give each other a hard time lol.  Yes, we do annoy each other but, really, it’s all for the sake of laughs!  We give each other space when we need it and have great respect for each other.  You say virgos are serious, and though I can be, I’m pretty eccentric and silly mostly.  Yes, this aqua is very friendly but it doesn’t bother me in the slighest.  I love the friendly nature of aquas becauce it doesn’t make me feel defensive or threatened.  As a matter of fact I’m pretty friendly myself and like talking.
    TL;DR:  what this virgo woman is trying to say is, you aquas keep being awesome!!

  14. Wilson August 1st, 2013

    You know what’s amazing to me is that,it seems that many of these experts or astrologers seem to always tell things in a matter of fact way but often miss the uniqueness of reading between the lines . What I’m saying is that everyone is still an individual and thereis no doubt that these explanations can and often are overestimated . I see the abilty of these two sign to balance one another out in a way that could easily make them even better as a team or even lovers ! I’m a Virgo man and many of the negative stories I’ve read concerning the Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman do not describe me or how my woman is at all . So I would like to see more people with positive stories write about them ?

  15. Breannaa217 June 5th, 2013

    Only time will tell is what I meant at the end haha

  16. Breannaa217 June 5th, 2013

    Reading all these comments made me have a little hope. Lol. I’m an Aquarius and my ex boyfriend is a Virgo. We recently broke up because he needed a break which I respect because I know Ima big pain in the ass. But before the break up we were great, yea we’d fight but all that love we have for each other wasn’t even worth the fight. we do have our differences, but we equaled each othEr oout. But hearing how some of you guys broke up and realized you were right for each other gives me nothing but hope he realizes it too as cheesy as it sounds aha.. I honestly don’t picture myself with anyone else. But tIke will tell. 🙂

  17. aquariusluvnmyvirgo March 30th, 2012

    I’m an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Virgo. We met in high school and and were just friends even. After high school we met back up in life and attempted to have a relationship but argued all the time, we could never see eye to eye. We broke up and went our separate ways and after about a year he came and told me that he loved me and knew that I was the one. We started over and since it has been the best relationship ever. We no longer argue and he makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. He’s ready for marriage and a family but you know me the Aquarius and commitment don’t mix lol but only time will tell he may be the ONE!!

  18. thowed October 21st, 2011

    Hi im a virgo whos been with an aquarius woman for nine month,s weve been fighting since the beggining but in between the fights there was love and happyness hidden, she got tired of all this fighting and told me some hurtful things i used to tell her but then i realized the love she gave me and i tried showing her that love back but the tables turned. We had a real great love and intimate side within the relationship and now she wants her space but i want us to be good again. Allot of this article opened my eyes to some facts and i do believe we could be happy once more its just that she doesnt try anymore. I hope she someday realizes and appreciates me for not giving up. Shes all about working and making money but i wish she had time to pay attention to the relationship and my feelings only time will tell but i know we could be happy.

  19. mindboggling April 30th, 2011

    Oh, and one other thing Virgo men. Be prepared for her to randomly tell you she wants to take a break. As long as she doesn’t say it’s over, then know that she is just scared that her freedom is in jeopardy. Be understanding, and she will come back.

  20. mindboggling April 30th, 2011

    I am in love with my aquarius. She keeps me constantly on my toes and her mystery intrigues me beyond comprehension. I look forward to everyday i get to spend with her. She is a perfect median and very patient with me despite my flaws. We have known each other since we were 14 and 11 years later our flame is still burning. I only recently became acquainted with the zodiac signs and I understand so much more about her now, but she still never fails to surprise me. If you virgos can control your urge to make everything so damn logical all the time and encourage the so called illogical by having an open and accepting mind, then your differences that supposedly doom your relationship wouldnt be so great. As a virgo, you have great control of your mind. This should not be such a hard task for you. Understand that when she needs alone time, she doesnt want your help to fix anything. Go on stand by until she asks. Give her what she needs, her freedom. and she will equally give you what you need. She will motivate you towards accomplishments you never thought possible and offer some great advice along the way. As for the Aquarius women, if you know we have a logical mind, invite us to your mystery world once in a while and you will find we will be very intrigued with it. Have your freedom, but when your virgo needs you, stick by him through the rough patches and he will give back ten fold. I know I make remarks that I dont mean to with my aquarius, but i catch them just as quickly. A simple apology and a compliment to follow goes a long way. Don’t fight your nature, but understand that others don’t fully understand it. If you can be sympathetic with each other, you will find a great partnership. After all, a relationship is full of teamwork and both of these signs are great as a team. You each possess very similar and very different qualities. Logic doesnt have to be the only way. The mystery and uniqueness of the aquarius is everything you are missing. Embrace these qualities even if you don’t understand them. And let her have her thousands of friends. If she loves you and can be open with you, she can save the world during the day and elaborate new and genius ideas with you at night. And virgos, despite how secretive you may think you are, your aquarius is very intuitive so you may as well share with her. Save the world one person at a time, and she’ll help you with the big picture. Together, these signs can make the best team imaginable.

  21. TJ March 10th, 2011

    how dose alchemy come in contact with the aquarius

  22. Anthoney March 8th, 2011

    I’v been activley seeing an aquarius (im a virgo) and i might say that i have honestly NEVER had a stronger connection with someone when talking / texting them and then for the conversation to continue to be alive when we finally met. Honestly i could see my self with this person for the rest of my life, but one thing that concerns me is his commitment. i feel as if he is not stable enough (so to speak) to be and have a successful relationship. I dont know where we will end up but im so curious to see where it takes us, either being great friends or the most envied couple! – only time will tell .

    another hopless romantic <3

  23. Jasmond January 12th, 2011

    I’ve been dating my on again off again Virgo for almost a year. Our communication is low and I find myself thinking about being with only him for the rest of my life. I love everything about him. I just let him do his thing and stick by his side. maybe we will end up together and maybe we won’t.

  24. karing November 27th, 2010

    I agree to all thats been said about the virgo/aquarius relationship.I am an aquarius and i’ve been in a on and off relationship with my virgo man for 4 years because of my fear of commitment and I really havent heard too much good about our signs being together.We dont see eye to eye on everything but the more I know him the deeper our love grows while his loyalty and stableness keeps me secure.He wants to marry me and thanks to yall commits I know its a sign and now I know im ready to marry my prince thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yadie September 14th, 2010

    I been marry for 4yrs to my Aquarious husband and now we hava a 3 yr old daughter, when dating our communication was boaring but I learn that you need to open up to them and they are undestandable, we agree on most ideas after giving our opinion to any issue, but Hey! you can always take a risk on there ideas too. His honest and respectul but his serious acttitude can sometimes frighten other people and he can be judge for the appearance. To have a good relationship communication and honesty is the key. I love my marriage !!

  26. Hazel April 13th, 2010

    Hello I am dating a Virgo whom I was best friends with for two and a half years and a isay a lot of this is true, me and my boyfriend complete each other and he is truly the yin to my yang . Although first impressions didn’t seize for me to be attracted to him I have learned to love his intellecual nature and how he sticks to his morals and innocence . We have now been dating 3 months and must I say that we are anything but boring, we never have a boring conversation and try to keep communincation as open as possible for I know it is a very important factor in our relationship because I know we both lack communication skills . Thank you for your accurate information <3 much love from Fresno California


  27. Wendy April 1st, 2010

    I have never dated an Aquarius befor, But I recently Met one after my divorce, not looking for love and being a Virgo I find my self yes reserved and a dreamer, Him being a Aquarius we have this Instant connection, and open and honest talks,we started talking on the phone every night becomeing friends,then connecting in the bedroom I was married for 20 yrs, had never had this connection with comunication or in the bedroom, I feel like I have fallen so hard for a man I have only known for 1 month is this possable? thinking to much, wendy

  28. nikia December 30th, 2009

    hi i just wanted to say wow my boyfriend is a virgo and im an aquarius we get along really good im 18 he 21 we live together and have a son together and we happy

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