Virgo Man Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Incredibly organized and down to earth, the Virgo man is an intellect who makes solemn decisions, always passing down information to his peers and family. He takes immense pride in maintaining a lifestyle that’s meticulously sketched for his likings – peaceful, orderly, and clutter-free to direct his thought process appropriately. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Virgo man takes on responsibilities and loves to be of service to others. Here’s all you need to know about his personality, relationships, and career proclivities. 

Personality Traits of the Virgo Man


Functioning entirely upon constructive systems, the Virgo man is reserved by nature and will engage with people in a guarded manner. He has an intense desire to control the outcome of any given situation even if it means meticulously planning out vacation trips, and weekend getaways. He remains vigilant of his surroundings, exerting his abilities towards productive results. 

Practical & Resolved

The Virgo man will always tackle a problem with a level-headed approach because he believes in a ‘method & practice’ attitude. He is the most dependable candidate when it comes to helping family and friends often serving as a pillar of strength. There are very few things that can shake his resolve because he maintains a wave of patience during predicaments. 

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Testing & Analytical

The perfection-seeking Virgo man is a shrewd analyzer with a diligent mind when it comes to his professional and personal engagements. As a mutable sun sign, he makes for a resourceful and knowledgeable partner. A slow decision-maker, he will remain risk-averse and receptive to a situation only after evaluating the pros and cons, passing tests and trials, focusing primarily on personal convenience. 

Great Mentor

The Virgo man is an intelligent strategist and a great mentor since he likes breaking down concepts all the while sharing and exchanging knowledge. His ability to scrutinize a given situation comes with a tangible and problem-solving mindset. His conversations, brimming with factual awareness, offer hindsight into the world and is a good learning experience. 


With a dedicated heart, the Virgo man promises to take responsibility from an early age since he believes in self-regularity. He will show his affection in practical ways and is quite effective at communicating his opinions. This man has a conservative mindset that thrives on moralistic values, honesty, and self-reliance. 

Obsessive Compulsions 

Always ready to work on long-term goals, the Virgo man is career-oriented with conventional values and a secure financial portfolio. He can be quite neurotic with an assembly of thoughts, often obsessing over how neat his house needs to be, or finicky food habits. 

Dark sides of the Virgo Man 

Although analytical and patient, the Virgo man can be hypocritical sometimes, and a pessimist in certain situations. His attention to detail and perfectionism make him quite unsympathetic and hard-bearing. This man is positively old-fashioned and will remain reticent of his feelings, till a serious commitment has been made. While offering practical advice, he may have a cut-and-dry tone because he’s a skeptic who can be quite judgmental. His prudish attitude is often accompanied by nit-picking, disapproving look, and passive-aggressive comments. 

Emotionally he can be cold-shouldered and passive, with the habit of finding fault in every situation when he feels defensive or insecure. But he will poke his nose into his partner’s business which makes him quite intrusive and highly sarcastic. 

What Keeps the Virgo Man Interested

Despite being adaptable, the Virgo man doesn’t take hints nor does he understand subtle displays of affection. He is ideally attracted to a woman who’s free-spirited, intelligent, and prefers honest expressions with genuine respect for nature. This man is the epitome of sexual healing and comfort when he’s attracted but any form of prejudice can put him off immediately. He despises women who are thoughtless or remain blind to social issues because he prizes a sustainable mindset. 

The Virgo male is turned on by stimulating conversations and obsessed with detail but he doesn’t like interference of any kind in his personal space. Ignorance and stupidity are not appreciated by the Virgo man who looks for a woman with a dynamic and ambitious mindset and if she leads an independent lifestyle, it will certainly spark interest. This man can be notoriously flirtatious and will show his interest by everyday gestures however he isn’t keen on sharing his privacy so avoid public displays of affection.  

Since the Virgo man is distrustful, he hates to be contradicted so ensure you gently put your point across using logic because this will soothe his insecurities if you want him to listen to reason.  

Ideal woman for a Virgo Man

Being financially independent

Not one to splurge senselessly, a Virgo man looks for a financially independent woman who takes money matters seriously. Since he is process-oriented with a moderate appetite for materialistic acquisitions, he prefers a woman who is self-reliant and practical because this man dislikes emotional tantrums in the relationship. 

Dress elegantly & stay courteous

Quite the traditionalist, the Virgo man believes in refined sensibility so he adores elegance in a woman, quite often falling for her graceful flairs and intelligent humor. Since he’s a relentless critic, he will observe minute things in your day-to-day activities so if you keep a neat and simple look, he’ll be spellbound. 

Be practical & patient

A goal-oriented partner will suit the Virgo man’s ambitions because he craves a partner who will cherish and nurture his endeavors wholeheartedly. He respects solid work ethics, a rational mind, and a fearless attitude in a partner. Since he’s always adapting, he needs a guided partnership with a woman who is willing to tolerate and be patient around him. 

Indulge in intellectual talks

Give the Virgo man a spontaneous boost when it comes to your intellectual conversations even if it means talking about work at the dinner table. For this man, the process of healthy communication includes discussing worldly views, enjoying a heated debate, and witty humor; all of which are necessary to keep the spark alive in the relationship. 

7 Signs the Virgo Man is Interested

  • Despite being reclusive, the Virgo man will actually share his feelings and insecurities with you just to give you a better understanding of his self. 
  • The Virgo man will include you in his future plans by taking your opinions into consideration and will take out time just for you. 
  • The Virgo man will want you to meet his closest circle of friends, and won’t hesitate to introduce you to his family just to get their approval. 
  • The Virgo man will test you to see if you’re being honest with him, so be ready for a volley of questions and simple commitments. 
  • The Virgo man will give you worldly advice may it be personal or professional to ensure you work towards your goal efficiently. 
  • The Virgo man will call you regularly to check up on you and will indulge in texting for extended periods to shower you with attention. 
  • The Virgo man will be flirtatious only when he’s around you, and will display a witty humor in your presence just to make you laugh. 

Virgo Man – Family & Relationships

The Virgo man is particular about his social circle and will follow traditional gestures to keep his family relations in harmony. He will share a deep bond with his mother and will strive to be the ideal son with a problem-solving approach towards life. He makes for a stable partner who is time-oriented so if you’re stopping by his place, he will enjoy the opportunity to showcase a perfectly arranged living space. 

The Virgo male loves to collect antique treasures, is a selective religious practitioner. He will enjoy quiet retreats with a nutritious diet and fitness routine. As a husband, he is reliable and devoted. He takes fatherhood seriously and will usually adopt a teaching role because his primary goal is to instill basic values in his children’s lives. He will be warm and affectionate as a parent, a great advice giver, and will stress upon discipline and integrity, as the building blocks. 

Virgo Man – Money & Career

In his professional life, the Virgo man functions entirely on logic and will avoid unnecessary expenditure to maintain an organized workspace. He is an expert financial consultant with a condensed understanding of stocks and trading because he uses statistical values to grasp concepts. He has a discriminating mind that is cautious and far-sighted when it comes to financial stability and chooses to follow practical monetary rituals. To remain prepared for worst-case scenarios, he will reserve a hefty sum as savings, often being a nifty buyer. 

In terms of a career, Virgo men make amazing real estate agents and banking professionals but his ideal profession is one in medical practice. This man can fare well in disciplinary work like the military or be inclined towards a career in agricultural science. Because he can empathize, he can be a brilliant veterinarian or a civil engineer. He is also fascinated by structure and systems, so a corporate lifestyle in design, digital marketing, and electronics will suit him.

Virgo Man in Bed

A Virgo man is reserved, shy and picky about his partners since he treasures emotional maturity and intellectual attachments, in a relationship. He will appreciate bold gestures in the bedroom and react well to women who are forthright, and eloquent. Virgo men are neat freaks, and punctual, so don’t be surprised with his methodical proceedings, before and after sex. Virgo men are fastidious, and love foreplay since it marks the precise beginning of sexual intercourse.

To a Virgo man, practice makes perfect, so he will expend his mind, and form to perfect his sexual moves to pleasure you to the fullest. He will not experiment until he’s sure, so don’t expect spontaneity in the bedroom. Sexual fantasies don’t sit well with a Virgo man. To lure him into the bedroom, cultivate a Virgo man’s intellect by watching a science documentary, and let him end the conversation all the while caressing his most erogenous spots.  

A Virgo man is critical, thick-skinned, and incredibly judgemental especially when it comes to sexual experience. He likes physical intimacy to be fine-tuned, to suit his preferences and may analyze your bedroom charades a little too much. Virgo men loathe inconsistency and are brutally honest. If you’re a bag of emotional tantrums, steer clear from a Virgo man who will test you like a hawk, even while you’re giving him a b***job.  

Virgo men are excellent spectators because they observe the smallest details in bed. If you aren’t fulfilling his sexual needs, he may get addicted to pornography. The Virgo man constantly needs reassurance, especially with regards to his sexual expertise. If you don’t want him to be insecure or lose interest in the bedroom, let him watch you play with yourself in front of him, and pair this with a hypnotic lap dance.

How to Resolve Differences with the Virgo Man?

Boasting a systematic mindset, the Virgo man uses logical reasoning to counter a problem so he prefers a relationship that is routine-based. He will be critical at times so it is best to hear him out and accept his wisdom regarding certain matters. Even volunteering at an animal shelter with this man will keep your relationship in balance, and avoid sympathetic dialogues because he’s virtuous and proud.  

Virgo Man Compatibility Chart

Zodiac CombinationSnapshot Compatibility
Virgo man with Aquarius womanIntellectual harmony is high in this long-lasting union that thrives on humanitarian tasks and idealistic philosophies 
Virgo man with Capricorn womanA financially stable, and long-lasting union that is mutually dynamic, ambitious, and honest with quiet resilience
Virgo man with Aries womanAn ambitious union that preserves intellectual harmony in a restricted space but a struggle for dominance is often witnessed
Virgo man with Pisces womanDeeply intuitive, and long-lasting union since both signs nurture each other’s personal growth and values
Virgo man with Taurus womanAn incredibly productive union that fuses intellect, personal discipline, and comfort where financially stability persists 
Virgo man with Gemini womanHigh intellectual harmony and mutual independence exists in this union that allows personal development
Virgo man with Cancer womanAn emotionally stable relationship that thrives on financial stability, discipline, structure, and intellectual competence
Virgo man with  Leo womanAn active, and energetic union that can suffer from emotional ups and downs, especially matters like personal freedom
Virgo man with Virgo womanMutual respect for structure, traditional values, and financial stability that consists of high intellectual harmony
Virgo man with  Libra womanAn intellectually productive union that allows independent thinking and idealistic thoughts but financial discrepancies will persist
Virgo man with Scorpio womanA compassionate and lifelong union that thrives on personal discipline, physical harmony, and a deep sense of loyalty
Virgo man with Sagittarius womanA bold, and ambitious union that is intellectually challenging, but monotony and emotional insecurities will cause friction  


In a relationship, the Virgo man likes to divide his attention between his loved ones, often tailoring activities that inculcate a strong bond. Although he is the perfect executor, he is completely devoid of romanticism and doesn’t take well to surprises so keeping him informed will stabilize the relationship. His intellectual quotient is higher than most, and he craves a partner who can acknowledge a financially secure and structured lifestyle.

  1. Tushar Trivedi July 6th, 2021

    Well, I am a virgo but the conclusion seems a bit off. I am probably the most obsessed with romanticism. I write write poetry, watch romantic movies, and have had sporadic relationships before. I even have the most intense emotions probably because the moon in my birth chart is in 8th house and is quite strong and stable. Please correct the conclusion. Great work otherwise.

  2. will January 18th, 2021

    I like this article than others on this site, the only difference what people don’t see is we are very acommodating in a relationship. I have been insecure about things in bed, as many people are. Unless you have sex with a lot of honest people, most people are bad. I had to learn with my failures, but yes I like to perfect what I do in bed, so I ask for feedback. That is what throws people off, and unless women are honest with me about it, it’s a turnoff. When she is coming back over and over again then I know I did a good job. I take enjoyment in that, that makes me feel loved. Also, I understand that people can be bad in bed, I am not a narcissist to think that I am the greatest would be just that. I have also learned what works with one woman can be different with other women. I just take the time and effort and pride in doing a good job, also we are romantic, we are not overly fake emotional. I have many times do public displays of affection, actually I was told that I make the world around us disappear, I don’t know if that was true or not.

    • Olivia July 8th, 2021

      I’m in a beginner phase with a Virgo man I’m a Pisces women I saw him yesterday and we got intimate and today I wanna ask him do he wanna stay over my house tonight dinner wine is that to early will I seem pressed I don’t wanna scare him off

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