Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in 2023

The Scorpio woman is feeling worried about issues of reputation and standing. This may be a result of gossip and idle small talk in the office. Time spent together would reinforce both of your sense of self and stable reality. Maybe the Virgo man has overindulged in a vice and is feeling the need to get healthy and stone. Start a health program or join a gym together. Work on health, both emotional and physical and importantly do it together so neither of you feels left behind. Take a break from the draining pressures of your social circle. Enjoy quiet times at home.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

The match of Virgo and Scorpio is not typically a difficult one. They always have a friendly word for each other but trust does not come easily to them. Whenever they are together, they feel quite safe. Virgo is usually receptive to Scorpio’s wishes and needs, and this thing is always sensed and appreciated by Scorpio.

A Virgo man is a very concrete person with sturdy brain and thorough information of all the aspects of life. He can effortlessly explore a situation and can be pretty critical regarding it, if needed. He is usually success hungry, and takes short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination. When angry, he never becomes rash rather he keeps the feelings deep inside to hide them from people around him. He is very caring, highly critical and often painfully nagging. He is also sensational with details, a little fuzzy on the larger picture but true at heart.

Scorpio woman is free and imaginative and very protective towards her loved ones. She is powerful, intelligent, mysterious and totally magnetic. She always walks around keeping her head held high knowing she is all of these things. This woman is a very kind and passionate woman until she is crossed, however, she may also be a little jealous and selfish sometimes. A Scorpio female is very possessive of the man in her life and completely unwilling to share. She respects him, care for him but if does anything wrong to her then he should get ready to face a deadly revenge.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman are very much alike. They both crave knowledge and must have purpose in all of their endeavors. The two are both extremely intelligent and brutally honest. She always supports her Virgo man and gives her the best of her to flourish their relationship. She is extremely protective of her man and stands tall beside him in all good and bad times to give him emotional support and valuable advice. She has a substantial feminine character that spells bound him and keeps him intact in the relationship. At times, she may allow her emotions to rule the best of her. This can create problem in the relationship as he is very practical and does not like unnecessary display of emotions, good or bad. But some patience on his side and some more practical approach on Scorpio woman’s side can help them both to avoid such situations.

The Virgo man is one person who impresses Scorpio woman with sheer practicality rather than any emotional display. He can persuade her through conversations to not allow her emotions to rule reason as well. Neither one of them finds any reason to end their relationship even when his Scorpio woman’s volcano erupts fiercely. As long as their relationship is productive, such as accomplishing things or raising a family, they have a good foundation for their relationship. He does not set out to accomplish things, but when he is with the right woman such as Scorpio woman, he often becomes very successful. Though his blunt criticism and practical approach in love can hurt the romantic emotions of his Scorpio woman and force her to become cold and silent. But if he is ready to show his devotion and loyalty towards her, such situation may not arise at all. After all, together, Virgo man and Scorpio woman can accomplish a lot.

When such a fine and devoted pair falls for a stronger bond beyond love, which is actually total and absolutely gratifying love, their togetherness becomes warmer and smoother. He brings some richness of faith and stability to her life making her eyes brighter and she brings heartwarming passion which makes her Virgo man more lively and romantic. Their devotion towards each other lasts for a lifetime with the gift of some extra dimensions and colors of beautiful emotions and lighter and lively shades of romance. The flowers of their intense loyalty and empathy gives beautiful blossoms throughout their life and keep their promises burning high under their unwavering satisfaction of unison.

Sexually, the Virgo man and Scorpio woman require a lot of experimentation with each other in order for them to adjust with each other’s different styles. He may not be able to match the passionate side of Scorpio woman and begin to feel defeated in the bedroom. He begins to wonder what he is doing wrong, and start blaming himself. If he is willing to become vulnerable with his Scorpio lady, she is able to teach him many things leading him to sexual bliss. He knows that his Scorpio woman has one up on him in the bedroom. His emotional nature is more cool and controlled than hers. She believes in love making with all her heart and body and considers it as mutual joy and affection that is passionately intense to make both of them able to feel as one. Her mysterious ways only make him more intrigued to analyze this great secret she has about lovemaking. The curiosity of their lovemaking creates a greater bond and with time stimulates the cooler surface of Virgo man making him more expressive and passionate towards his Scorpio woman.

Both the Virgo man and Scorpio woman is committed to making up the relationship, but he values practical expressions of commitment, while she values emotional ones. Subtle control issues may be the source of problems over time. If she senses any emotional distance on her Virgo man’s part she may use various means to regain some sense of control. On the other hand, he may find her silence frustrating, as he is always willing to talk about their relationship and don’t always understand why she resorts to giving him the silent treatment. Virgo man and Scorpio woman have many lessons to teach one another if they are ready to share themselves. She is fascinated by his inquiring nature, and he is forever drawn to her mysterious ways. She always protects and rushes to her man when he is stuck and needs her support. He is able to show her all of his vulnerabilities, while still feeling safe and secure. Often it works out magically!

  1. Milak June 25th, 2022

    I can’t even explain what this duo means to me as a Scorpio woman. I am subject to a powerful and loving creature who is able to wrap around and be there for my Virgo man as much as possible, regardless of the zodiac. everyone wants someone to love and be loved, that’s all!

  2. Jasmine July 1st, 2020

    True in term of partnership. I had been working with a leo boss and yea, he is practical and everything. I respect and looking up to him. It was fun working with him but sometimes he was the bane of my existence 😥 whenever he stressed out. He liked to consult with me about his feeling (more like ridiculous ideas) and kind of entertaining. Eg, to take care of his wife and kids if he is dead or asking if he was going to die because of headaches. And me 😑. Whatever i said, he eventually listen and consider it and actually did it. We maybe best partner when working but i do not think we will work as anything more than that. As i said, when his temper flares, it was like everyone walking on eggshell. His outburst, you would not want to liaten any of that. However, i respect him alot for his intelligence and motivation.

  3. Dave February 18th, 2020

    any scorpio women dating men who are having issues with him understanding your emotions i strongly suggest you get him to listen to some utube videos from this site run by a guy named jim wolfe.( im not an affiliate or any connection at all ) its a dating advice channel but it is LOADED with so much useful info for men on understanding how women think. personally ive never had so many lightbulbs go off in my mind in one sitting in my life! i feel like i understand my womans emotions and why she feels that way so much clearer. i wish i heard this years ago, but im sure glad i found it. ladies, if your issue with your man has ANYTHING to do with him not understanding your feelings u need to get him to listen to it. its not just for virgo men , its for all men who struggle with understanding women. although it probably will help a virgo man more than any other sign. its a dating advice site but really its mostly about getting a better understanding to how women think ( most men are clueless about this really!) does your virgo man seem cold to your emotions? virgos are all about logic and scorpios are very passionate and relate to emotion more. he appears cold because he cant find any logic behind your emotions. he needs to open up his mind passed his logic. again as a virgo male this helped me better understand my scorpio woman and im genuinely excited to start implementing this in my relationship. let me know if any of this helped girls. im rooting for all of you ! lets make 2020 the year of love and happiness 😀

  4. June A Johnson February 1st, 2020

    I really love my virgo man because we are engaged. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else but this man has some real issues, not saying that i don’t. He is truly insecure and jealous and it’s over the little things. I’ve learned how to ignore him and with me doing that, it makes things a lot better.

    • Dave February 18th, 2020

      go out of your way to make little comments or do little things that show how much you value him. virgo men need to feel valued . u will slowly errode some of those insecurities with this. jealously is from insecurity, and unless your much more attractive then he is , you can boost his self confidence over time with those little gestures. everyone is different but im a virgo man and this would work on me . most insecurities of the virgo male stem from over self analzying. we are constantly searching for and observing our flaws, wethjer physical or mentally.self praise is rare in a virgo and often this leads to self doubt and insecurities. what we really need to balance that out can really only come from our partner . you dont have to praise him all the time but little comments with a smile go a really long way. make a virgo man feel valued and he will start to see more value in himself and he will start to feel less insecure in himself and his relationship.. i really hope that helped even just alittle. best of luck to you 🙂

  5. Sweet January 28th, 2020

    I am a Scorpio female and my husband for 19 years is a Virgo male. It hasn’t been a perfect marriage but no marriage is. I love my Virgo, we have our ups and downs but I would never change anything. I love our love…

  6. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Fellow Scorpio ladies, beware of Virgo men. They tend to be judgmental, controlling about every aspect of their lives, and yet somehow there is no true passion…they’re all about having things THEIR way. I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

    • Dave February 18th, 2020

      sorry to hear about your troubles with your man. but he definitely doesn’t represent all Virgos. people do have more to their personality then just their zodiac sign too 🙂

  7. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    I’m a Scorpio (with a Virgo) and this is definitely relatable.
    Try going here for a 100% free LOVE reading:
    Hope this helps! xoxo

  8. R September 8th, 2019

    I’m in a year long commitment with a Virgo, and so far it’s been pretty great. Not without issues, particularly when it comes to my emotions. Sometimes he can look at me but still not look at what I’m feeling, and completely disregard it even if I don’t completely fit the introverted, silent Scorpio stereotype at all. I’m talkative and confrontational, as opposed to what a Scorpio is usually portrayed as. I speak my feelings and thoughts, because I’ve grown tired of leaving them for guessing to people I care about. So I guess we slightly clash with that. But being 28 years old soon, I’m a lot more mellow in my temper and more able to see things clearly. He is 27, so we are both tired of meaningless people in our lives, and wish for a long journey together despite the differences we sometimes face. So far, like the text suggests, I may burst and get angry, but we have seen ourselves through it. He struggles to communicate with my emotional side a lot, but we are learning together. Other than that, we click together like no one else I’ve met before. For the sexual part, it’s true that I’m experienced and rowdy and he isn’t. But I think that depends on other things too, like upbringing etc. Though, he is willing to give in to my whims of trying things, I love that. I hope it gives him a lot in return too. He is something else, unlike anyone else. I can feel that. And I want to hold onto him, for as long as I can. I can feel that he is right. Since I’m not looking for a perfect relationship with no bumps, I reckon we’ll be fine. Maybe the bumps will smoothen along the coming years. For me, this Virgo is my 10/10. <3

  9. oof January 2nd, 2019

    im a female scorpio and my ex was a virgo male. The beginning of the relationship was pretty good but we started to argue over the smallest of things! Mainly because of his insecurity, he was really insecure. He was insecure in bed too, he never really wanted to try and satisfy me but all he did was lay back and make me do everything . when i confronted him he got all mad. he broke up with me and in the end he begged for a second chance but i wasnt gonna do all those things say the least we broke up but we’re friends now, i figured it’ll be better if we stay as friends.

  10. jen April 17th, 2018

    I was married to a Virgo man for 17 years and I found the following to be the main problem in the relationship: A Virgo man lacks confidence. He was always suspicious of me and any contact I would have with anyone. He lacked confidence in bed and in life. I would never date a Virgo man ever again!

    • nadiepa September 8th, 2018

      I am a Scorpio woman who has been in a committed relationship with a Virgo man for 22 years, I was 24, he was 26 we both never wanted to get married so it worked out well for us, we also connected on every level over the years, one thing he didn’t lack was confidence in bed, I was the shy and inexperienced one, although he was way more experienced than i were, he said before he met me he equated love making and sex as a purely physical need without emotional attachment, us Scorpio Women being the emotional being we are, was having none of that, so we both learned and experimented together, forming a natural connection that a lot of people till today 22 years later do not understand, don’t get me wrong a Virgo man is very stubborn and set in his ways, so are Scorpio women,he analyzes and at times over analyze everything and I mean everything, Highly Intelligent, great communicator,brutally honest, judgemental, critical to not only me but to his parents and family members and holds himself and everyone he cares about to high standards, excellent work ethic, nagging, planning everything, hated surprises, he hated that I was spontaneous and did not understand how I did not plan anything, it used to drive me crazy, until I grew to truly understand him and brought him out of his shell, so he’s able to express himself emotionally, they say Virgo men do not like PDA it’s true but when we are alone he’s a man on fire, the same way they say a scorpio woman is misunderstood it’s the same with a virgo man, another thing I learned over the years was both of us need our own personal space on a daily so we decided on that, our bond or connection is extremely vast and continue to evolve on multiple levels, love, care, compassion, spiritually, sexually, emotionally, psychologically, chemically. People ask us what is our secret, love, understanding, patience, respect and compatibility. Here’s to another 22 years of US.

  11. Kim Kim March 22nd, 2018

    I am a Scorpio woman dating a Virgo man and our relationship is amazing. We connect on every level. He is so great handling my intense emotions. He knows just what to say to make me feel better and sometimes it’s just a simple sentence in a text. Just a couple days ago this woman who did not know he was my man was all flirting with him at our work. She was all giggling and tossing her hair back and touching his arm. And my blood was boiling as I was watching this from across the room, even though I knew she did not we were dating, it didn’t matter I was still boiling. And my Virgo man did the sweetest thing. He left her and came over to me and started hugging and kissing me. It felt so good. It was amazing. A co-worker said the woman started sneering when she saw it. Her and I have never got along but she just comes in and subs now so I rarely see her anymore. Anyway, now she knows, and I better not ever see her fawning all over my man again or the stinger will come out! Anyway I am completely in love with my Virgo man and him with me. We have lots of really deep conversations. We can easily talk on the phone for hours and when we are together he is so romantic. We are fully committed to one another and are talking about marriage. I can’t believe I found a guy like this. He is everything I ever wanted and more then I could have even ever thought to want.

  12. Chynaa February 19th, 2018

    Im a Scorpio women currently talking to a Virgo man. When I say he’s amazing he’s AMAZING. I knew him since high school days. He’s very quite and he’s really to himself. I honestly feel if I didn’t give him the impression that I liked him he would’ve never noticed me because he said he wasn’t looking for a relationship when he came to my school he just wanted to do what he had to do and get out and that’s great. But long story short the first time I saw him I absolutely fell for him he’s just the cutest thing you can ever meet. One thing for sure is that I’m very shy around people I really like and it’s like when I see him I can’t control myself I be so jittery. I remember when we both was in the lunch room he would just stare at me from across the room and I can feel him staring every time I looked at him he was looking at me and nothing else. Tbh it was weird but I liked it, it made me feel I was that bitch lmao.. I’m really shy like when he looks at me I look down I never look at him idk why. We eventually stopped talking cus he graduated before me and we haven’t spoke to each other for like 2 or 3 years. I had a baby so I didn’t know if things would’ve still been the same… So I was on fb and I put pictures up on my story and I use to see him view it all the time so I’m like omg he viewing my stuff. So you know I had to inbox him and he wrote me back quickly that’s one thing abt a Scorpio we LOVE consistency it’s a MUST. Ever since I wrote him we been talking ever since and I really see myself being with him he don’t care that I have a baby that’s a big plus. He gets me upset cus he always feeling low abt himself saying he ugly and he’s really not. Idk to much abt a Virgo and Scorpio sex life but I feel it would be amazing cus the way he be talking to me bayyyybeeeee lol…

  13. Tai January 31st, 2018

    I am a Scorpio woman currently dating a Virgo man. We’ve known each other since the 8th grade, but he left my high school after our freshman year to another state. Now, we are both 22 & he contacted me through social media. When he first contacted me, I instantly had my guard up because of things that I’ve been through. He was still so persistent, & still I had my guard up. He told me to call him, & I opened his message. I waited 7 days to call him, & honesty idk why I did, but I’m glad I did. We hung out & talked about old times & laughed & watched a movie. Usually when I’m around guys, I have a weary feeling & am unsure if they’re for me, but for some reason when he held me in his arms & I felt safe. Like at the very moment it felt everything was okay. Then he gave me a kiss on the forehead. Lol I bet it might sound silly, but I’ve had other guys kiss me on my forehead & it was like “okay”, but when he did, it felt so passionate & meaningful. We had sex & it was amazing. He didn’t pressure me, he made me feel very comfortable. We haven’t been dating for that long but, I think I might be in love & I’m excited to see where things go.

  14. DeeDee January 22nd, 2018

    I am a Scorpio/Sag but definitely identify more with Scorpio.

    I had a high school bf who strung me along for a number or years until about 25 when I finally was able to cut him out of my life. He is a Leo (narcissistic, immature, insecure, possessive which is a result of the insecurity, a liar, cheater (with my best friend at the time), and a complete loser. But his charming words manipulated me in a such a way that every time we fought because of the way he was behaving hed make me feel guilty like it was my fault. He was definitely mentally f-ing me. He was definitely well endowed but there wasn’t really a physical connection.
    I had a close friend for a number of years whose a Leo and a sister whose a Leo. Both liars!!! They mostly do it so they never look bad. Also, very possessive and koo-koo in relationships. Both single as I’m writing this. Also both heavy religious fanatics but it seems disingenuine.
    My sister was married to a Leo who was born of the same day as my now seperated husband. Both men are extremely passive. Both men have issues conveying who they really are almost as if they only let us see what they think we want to see. This ended up in after 7 years of dating and getting married finding out my husband had a huge kinky secret that he didn’t care to share with me so I felt I couldn’t trust him. Also, both men had issues with responsibility and being Alpha to our Alpha personalities. Surprisingly my sister and I both seperated from our husbands in exactly the same year. My ex also couldn’t make plans with me. He didn’t know himself too well since he had a suppressed upbringing and had issues being comfortable and confident with being himself. He was loyal physically but mentally and emotionally he was withdrawn and seeking other forms of attention and intimacy elsewhere. We are still friends and have remained seperated. I just don’t know because although we love each other and there’s chemistry we fought a lot partly because I felt he was withholding his feelings and thoughts from me. Plus we are actually really different people in a lot of ways. He is very well endowed and I enjoyed our sexual relationship but I always felt it was not enough for him to feel satisfied. He was looking to push the envelope sexual.
    I’m in a relationship with a Virgo now… this is why I identify more with my Scorpio side. I’m not as compatible with Leo which is normally very compatible with Sag. I AM compatible with my current Virgo which is normally compatible with Scorpio and not Sag.
    My Virgo is amazing in a number of ways my Leo wasn’t and we are so much more similar in tastes but the lack of sex drive is a killer. I tell him it could be the thing to break the relationship. Also he’s very methodical which means kids (which is nit something he particularly wants) could take forever to work into our lives and he’s nearing 40! He’s a sweet guy though… honest, loyal, and intelligent.
    Both Leo and Virgo are soooo different but honestly I would neither date Virgo nor Leo ever again if I’m back on the dating circuit. The lack of sex drive due to stress for the Virgo is too common as I hear in other comments across the internet. The lack of trust and honesty with Leo drives me bonkers.

  15. Bluekyrie November 6th, 2017

    I really like this virgo man…I have no idea how to approach him. He approaches me a lot in talking to me and flirts a lot but I don’t know where this is headed. I’m confused with him. Although he did tell me he only wants one thing. So I don’t know what his deal is.he tries to show me that he dosent talk to anybody but it just confuses more. I do notice that he’s always trying to make me notice him and is always staring at me he has tried showing me that I’m the only one hes into we work together…I’m a Scorpio woman btw

    • PSoileau November 23rd, 2017

      There’s this Virgo man that I am in love with as well. And reading this answered a lot of questions

  16. QueenShon October 15th, 2017

    I am a Scorpio woman currently with a Virgo man. He calls me Queen and treats me a accordingly. I was married for 21 years to a Virgo. I see the same behaviors present. Both, I have to decode their conversation. The thoughts they are conveying don’t seem to come through completely. I am constantly trying to build the confidence level. The bedroom definitely lacks. My current relationship is coming into 3 yrs next week. I stay because the mental connection is greater than the physical. should this end, NO MORE VIRGOS!!!!

  17. A Scorpio beauty October 4th, 2017

    I must say, it’s so wonderful to read all the comments about Virgo man and Scorpio woman. I am a Scorpio woman and dated a Virgo man for 6 months. He broke up with me, I tried and tried to get him back, but he told me it’s never going to happen. Last night, he said to have a dinner with me and came clean: that he can’t help but to feel like “cheating” he cheated his ex wife, ex girlfriend , and me. Because he feels he needs to feel free…
    Can Any Virgo man give me some insight that I should be friend with this Virgo man? And help him to come to be confident self?
    I think deep down he is a good man.

    • rreedmach October 7th, 2017

      I’m a Virgo man.

      How long ago was it that you dated him? I see you say 6 months, but how long ago was that 6 months?

      How long was he with his ex-wife, and do you know what her sign was?

      How long was he with his ex-girlfriend, and do you know her sign?

      How old is he?

      That in itself will say something.

  18. Savvy Scorp June 29th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio female, coming up on a year and a half relationship with a Virgo male. From the second we met — we worked together first — we were hooked on each other. The passion was explosive and it still is. The first day I went to his house to hang out with him, I ended up falling asleep and staying the night afterwards. From that first night, I never spent a night without him and pretty much moved in with him naturally. Since then, the only thing that was ever a problem was that, yes, his practicality and my emotions do tend to clash at times. But it’s taught us to work together and for me to not get so worked up at every little thing while he opens up his emotions and feelings a little more for me. No matter the pair, everything must be give and take. Before each other, we’ve always understood that although it was never reciprocated by past lovers… everything we wanted in a partner, a lover, and a friend… we found in each other.

  19. Ariel May 24th, 2017

    I am a scorpio women and just got into a relationship with a virgo man. I constantly have to reassure him of his self worth and I am getting tired. I don’t mean to complain but it drains me when I have to reassure him about my feelings. I love that he trust me and tells me everything but at times I notice he contradicts himself. Our relationship is still very knew but i feel like i don’t know how to handle his emotional ruts well.

    • Jon August 19th, 2017

      Since I am virgo too, I can tell you he is just a little worried of not being worth of you, sometimes I do wonder what is doing my girlfriend (Scorpio too and a very though but fair and lovely woman) with a guy like me) I feel insecure sometimes, but trust me, if you tell him that, he will appreciate it, but make sure you speak to him and tell him how you feel, my girlfriend did it to me and I felt grateful and despite sometimes feeling the same I am not acting like if I am not worth anymore but I try to prove myself I am good enough, is like a daily fight worth fighting for your self love and the love of the one I am with

      • San July 4th, 2022

        I wanna know virgo man can easily lie or only depends on person? Does he lie due to his insecurity?

  20. Shyeed Scott May 9th, 2017

    I’m a Virgo and my girlfriend is a Scorpio. In the beggining I’d like to say that we did not get along at all. We argued just about every day about anything. She was a complete asshole (still kinda is) very mean and disrespectful, ignorant, smart mouthed and much more. She drove me insane (still does)..its been a year now, I’ve contemplated leaving her a lot. But I’ve taught her how to be a good person…she still drives me crazy. But I love her and she loves me and I’m glad I met her. Because she taught me how to be strong and stick it out. Relationships should be hard. If its easy it ain’t good.

    • Scorpio May 18th, 2017

      You should leave that relationship immediately. It should not be hard and as a scorpio woman, i can tell you your girlfriend is not a good representation of the sign. The passion can come without such a heavy pricetag.

  21. Brian OConnor April 21st, 2017

    I’m a Virgo man and I feel unconditional love for a Scorpio woman, but I do not know if she feels the same, I still feel like she’s hung up on her Scorpio ex boyfriend. she says she’s very comfortable with me and we’re very close but I’m still being very careful as to not scare her off. I don’t know if I can fulfil her needs but I sure can try, I know she can fulfil mine, I’ve never felt so strongly towards anyone, I’ve never felt this strongly ever. I’m also Scorpio rising and her moon is in Virgo, I think we could do some great things and we could learn a lot from each other but I’m at the stage where I don’t know whether to show her my true feelings or just continue to be there for her and not show everything,

    • Lib December 19th, 2021

      Hi Brian What’s your big three? Sun Virgo rising Scorpio but what is ur moon?

  22. Delma April 9th, 2017

    I been know this guy he’s a Virgo for 5 months I really love him but he tell me that he only see me like a sister only he wants to do a long term with me I don’t understand him what should I do help me out

  23. SexyScorpion February 22nd, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman but I like this guy who is a Virgo. But he has a girlfriend. My question is would he fall diply in love with a scorpion women or with his Taurus woman?

    • Ari March 29th, 2017

      As a Scorp you should not be worry about whom this Virgo with. It could messed with your reality n weakened you. You do know that he’s attracted to you otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about it. I can tell you this that Virgo men can only be controlled by a Scorp. No other women that he thinks is equivalent to him. So if you’re thinking about other whatever zodiac sign you’re already lowered yourself up n he’ll pick it up. Be yourself n let the mystery of Scorpion energy pulled him in. That alone already been more than enough for him

  24. Bert n Bill February 1st, 2017

    The relationship with my virgo man is anything but dull. When we disagree, let no man, bird, beast or child step between us! but the make up sex is off the chain jane!!!

  25. Sexyscorpio2017 December 28th, 2016

    My Virgo guy is the right fit for me! He also calms my fiery side down, as this is a must for me (not that I knew I even needed it!)! And the sex is a match made in heaven!

    Oh and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, with that said it’s still very much blissful for the most part!

  26. daniestberg June 20th, 2015

    Oh gosh, I can totally relate, my sex life with my virgo man is nothing to shout about. I gain no pleasure although he really tries his best to satisfy me. Other than that, he is definately a keeper, he thought me about stability and practical decision-making, or else I would be basing all decisions on emotional judgement. It was tough getting him to commit due to all his insecurities and he is a constant worrier. He has more confidence in himself now after I push him to be more persistent in his career options. I dont always read astrology or believe in it as it is usually a generalization but this website has some real spot-ons!

  27. SexyScorpio18 March 11th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Virgo man,  I need to know what is most attractive to a Virgo man. I am often worried about pushing him if I ask. 

  28. junglelilly208 February 11th, 2015

    My Virgo man is perfect for me, a Scorpio woman. He calms my fire which makes me feel safe and stable. The only thing I don’t like is that a Virgo will get mad, and the person that he’s mad at will never know, until he’s gone… and there is nothing you can do about it.

  29. ScorpioWoman1990 September 11th, 2014

    I have been dating a Virgo man for 4.5 years (we both graduated college together) he is 24 and I am 23. He is so wonderful to me and I love how simple, happy and stress free he is. He is definitely the one. But what I can say is… Not a lot going on in the sheets – and surprisingly I  am somewhat OK with this. All the benefits outweight that cost. That should mean a lot coming from a 100% scorpio! 
    I have only had 1 other partner, my first love (and I may argue only love of my life) who was a pisces. I fell in love then, almost 6 years ago. I definitely prefer the long term Virgo man I am with now – but I still can’t get over my first love and I’ve had to come to terms with that. The physical relationship waa incomparable… I don’t think the relationship with my Virgo will ever be that way. I was attracted to the Pisces like a magnet and still can’t figure out why I can’t get over it! But still… I prefer, long term, Virgo. 

  30. ScorpioWoman1990 September 11th, 2014

    I have been dating a Virgo man for 4.5 years (we both graduated college together) he is 24 and I am 23. He is so wonderful to me and I love how simple, happy and stress free he is. He is definitely the one. But what I can say is… Not a lot going on in the sheets – and surprisingly I  am somewhat OK with this. All the benefits outweight that cost. That should mean a lot coming from a 100% scorpio! 
    I have only had 1 other partner, my first love (and I may argue only love of my life) who was a pisces. I fell in love then, almost 6 years ago. I definitely prefer the long term Virgo man I am with now – but I still can’t get over my first love and I’ve had to come to terms with that. The physical relationship waa incomparable… I don’t think the relationship with my Virgo will ever be that way. I was attracted to the Pisces like a magnet and still can’t figure out why I can’t get over it! But still… I prefer, long term, Virgo. 

  31. olgi101 June 1st, 2014

    @Julia – are you still with your Virgo?

  32. rawrbvb01 May 20th, 2014

    hi im a regular middle school girl(scorpio btw) and i have a crush on a virgo ,but how do i tell if he likes me? what would he do if he likes me  ? we are close friends now but i get stares out of no where from him and he is very quite , we were talking and….. he held my hand but i think i made him nervous when i asked him what he was doing, as the days go by we get closer but i feel like he dosent feel the same way( for some apparent reason) i get scared that my shyness  might get in the way of not making a move ( asking him out) what shall i do!? :'(

  33. sydlizard7613 March 23rd, 2014

    I was with a Virgo man for 3 years. In the beginning it was great, like I finally met my intellectual equal! We could talk to each other for hours upon hours, really allow ourselves to open up and become vulnerable, which was so important seeing as we’re both very guarded people. When we had a goal in mind, we’d put our resources together and it seemed like we could accomplish anything we set our minds to! Two likeminded individuals, lots of laughter and strong sexual chemistry. When virgo man is at his best, he really does seem like the perfect man. He’d play guitar for me while I painted. Gentle and attentive, he’ll cook you dinner and do the dishes too! But, my virgo man was not at his best and it wasn’t until later down the road I discovered another side of him. Most virgos are secretly insecure in one way or another, my virgo had a very deep insecurity inside of him that I wasn’t aware of. He was so good at putting on a confident face! That insecurity manifested and he ended up cheating on me multiple times. He was also an extremely good liar. If there’s a sign capable of making scorpio second guess their strong intuition, it’s virgo. Be wary of virgo not ready to commit or not serious about relationships, they are not above cheating. If they want to commit, they will. I tried to hold on, I tried to make it work, but it’s nearly impossible for a scorpio to forgive the betrayal of infidelity. As things began to unravel, I realized he wasn’t the one. Constantly analyzing everything I say, always trying to read between the lines, I felt misunderstood. Virgos need alot of reassurance and as much as I tried, I think I was too proud to give him the attention he needed. I thought after 3 years he should just know how I feel about him. We just weren’t able to make each other happy. He was fickle in his actions and it annoyed me, I was cryptic in my speech and it annoyed him. I wouldn’t say I’d never go with a virgo again, I just know now what works with us and what doesn’t.  If I have any advice, I’d say virgo men, be patient with your scorpio woman and just know that if she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t be with you. Stop worrying!! Scorpio knows exactly what she wants in life and if it’s you, she’ll make sure you’re in it… one way or another! And scorpio women, try to take some extra time once in awhile to remind your virgo man how special he is to you. Cook him a surprise dinner, buy him tickets to his favorite band’s concert… show him (even though you may not always verbalize it) you are in fact paying attention. Good luck to you all.

  34. icenash December 8th, 2013

    I was totally relieved what I read about this , I had a huge crush about this girl who was Scorpio woman and I’m a Virgo Man and it turns out into friends, I made a lot of times got trouble with her but eventually turns good it’s like on/off friendship relationship. I really got strong feelings towards her and it’s pain for me to not see me and I kept an eye on her, I already seen lot of guys she’ve been through but she failed… she got a fight with her current bf, and i’ve been always there to console her sadness, she’s far from me but sometimes she goes to our friend and meet up there … she showed some signs of getting close together but I really got clouded by assumptions and let myself guard down and got a plan to tell her how much I love her but with her bf got back to soon and now I was pretty devastated but thanks to my friends I got back and got a good plan, to tell her than wait for another centuries (not really) and by the way she and her bf we’re afar like LDR … I need advice from you guys since you got really long relationship with your scorpio women … I don’t know if she’s into me or love me , but I really showed a lot of actions and efforts already other than telling her how much I love her … Do I have to tell her before her bf will got to see her or not? I really need advice right now … Sorry for my bad english… I’ll really look forward for the advice … Thanks 🙂

  35. topazcat July 30th, 2013

    Just met someone who is a virgo. On line right now. We have sent each other numerous pics, and talked endlessly and effortlessly to each other thus far. Needless to say I am intrigued, and he appears to be SMITTEN, haha! He keeps telling me I am beautiful, and from what I have seen of him, my heart jump starts…Has’nt done THAT for quite some time now. IMPRESSIVE…. Cannot wait to meet him in person to see what happens……..*peace********* Love this article by the way, and everyone’s comments. I….AM….EXCITED weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Haha!

  36. Mystery-Scorpio February 3rd, 2013

    Oh by the way, I loved this article. Very on point. 

  37. Mystery-Scorpio February 3rd, 2013

    I am a Scorpio woman. I have been with my Virgo man for 6 years. We have a son together. We have been through it. He’s had his ups and downs financially & I at times have been his backbone. It isn’t easy at all. But it takes a strong woman to be able to support her man. He is working now. Before he lost his job he worked for Brinks in Cash Logistics. I motivated him. It took some time. I prayed a lot for him. With steady prayer, he’s back working & plans to do even better for himself. He’s younger than I am and I definitely had to learn patience with him. Scorpio women are very fast paced & we require our men to keep up. But he slowed me down. I took the time to learn about him and in turn I am learning a lot about myself. My Virgo can be critical, nit-picky and down right harsh at times. He often hides his emotions because he’s afraid of being vulnerable. And this is after 6 years and a child together. He has lied and cheated and we have parted ways because of that. When he realized his mistakes, he came back full force. He was ready to be the man God destined for him to be. After reconciling, we had our son. He’s 2 years old. We still have moments where I’m ready to take his head off & he’s ready to wash his hands with me but we know each other. I’ve learned him and he has learned me. I know how to soothe his heart & vice versa. we both know how to spit words that can literally rip your soul out of you. But when the smoke clears we are a match made in heaven. We have gone through & through. Keyword: Through. We have overcome all obstacles that we faced. I am a very spiritual woman. I pray fervently and keep God before my relationship. As for him cheating, not anymore. Virgo men, some, not all, lets just say my Virgo had to go thru his experiences. No relationship is always blissful. scorpion women are amazingly strong & we know how to motivate. We have a loyalty like no other. When we love, WE LOVE. Do I trust him? Scorpions are very trusting until you give them a reason not to be. So my answer is yes. People make mistakes & I have made my share. But the trust did take time. But I’ve always emerged better. Sex: It was that at first. Now, we make LOVE! The kiss, touch, sounds & pleasure screams LOVE! But let me inform you about a Virgo when it comes to sex. If they are unhappy with any area in their life, and you may have nothing to do with it; Example: FINANCIALLY OR JOB, they shut down sexually. Virgo men must have everything in order down to every dollar. If he does not have the money to wine and dine you, sexually, he’s not there. Sex is rare for them when they are like this. Trust me. A Virgo man takes being a man and being able to please his woman very seriously. Making your Virgo man feel less than that will push him away. Always encourage him. But most importantly, PRAY for him. I have been there & back with my Virgo man and one thing for sure is that I absolutely adore him. We have grown together over the years & and I will love him until my last breath. Without telling me & in but so many words he has but I know he feels the same. How? I see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch, when he kisses me and when he stares at our son. Virgo men must provide for their woman & family. They take great pride in that. If you’re a Scorpion woman & you’re dealing with a Virgo man, learn him. This is how you’ll know whether he’s worth keeping. You will never learn him at the surface very similar to a scorpion woman. Scorpion women are as deep as the ocean. So unless you’re prepared for a ride, don’t get on the roller coaster with a Scorpio woman. Men love & adore us because we can’t be figured out. Our love is captivating. We are a mystery. Just when you think you have scratched the surface or figured us out, you haven’t. You haven’t been loved until you have been loved by a Scorpio woman. 

  38. [email protected] November 23rd, 2012

    Hi samantha, I am a virgo man, with a scorpion women, we are blessed by God a passionate love for each other, Just to guide you, virgo man are very faithful, honest and loving, it is difficult to win them at first shoot, he takes time and analyze each n every thing about the person with whom he think of going ahead for the rest of life, but this may take few months, but you need to keep holding his hand till his session of scrutiny is over, if you qualify as a trustworthy, honest, faithful and loving qualities, he will make u the queen of his heart, and will tell u everything right from his birth, I mean everything. Well he will care for you like a baby, and watch over like a bodyguard, he will help you, buy gift for you, even when you will say no, don’t waste money, still he will continue to buy, till it pleases you, In bed,initially you must remind him, that a scorpion women (ususally don’t speak their mind) is hot n passionate at sex, and never leave her half her half way in bed.(Here virgos are little selfish, once they are out, they run for wash) I realised, my mistake, but it was late, but now I have more creative methods to make her happy, and she loves me for that. You can trust virgo man blindly.

  39. megavickky November 7th, 2012

    @PassionScorpio Samantha let me just tell you this HE’S GAYno straight guy would be like don’t touch my hair….He’s most likely in the closet and is trying not to be gay

  40. PassionScorpio November 6th, 2012

    A couple months ago I met a guy at a camp and He is a virgo. It was a coincidence( i thought). He wrote me 3 paragraphs a day, very over the top, But I just thought he talked to everybody like that so I didnt think to much about it. Than a couple weeks ago he wanted to call me so we talked and we have a lot of things in common, We talked till 3 a.m. 2 weeks later we met up and he was very charming, cute, a gentlemen, but he started talking about his wedding one day in detail and he asked me how i wanted my wedding to be and I was like uhh in a church lol he is like too romantic. We went out and ate and I was wearing a very provocative dress, i Put my hands through his hair, Tried to get the passion going, but he was like aa your ruining my hairdo and any normal guy would have been like totally aroused. I am so confused, he is kinda feminine. Than he told me later that he saw a picture of me on facebook and saw that i was going to that camp, and that he went to the camp just to meet me. I don’t know what to do and now he’s been sending my the sweetest text messages on how he can’t live without me etc.. I need advice, I like him he seems perfect at times but there is no chemistry….

  41. scorpiosj October 27th, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio and I was going out with a Virgo man for 4 months. I had to break things off because it got to a point where I was becoming fustrated and annoyed. Things started off really well. We would hang out a lot and it was easy to talk about things. Then after 2 months, things started going down hill. I guess I started noticing things. For one thing he lied about his job. He said he was a contractor, but he’s a designer. He didn’t disclose everything about his family, which was weird. Like he didn’t tell me about all his siblings. I could never read him. It was hard for me to tell if he was enjoying things are just trying to please me. He could never speak up about anything. I never felt protected. The sex was awful. I would ask if he liked sex and he said yes, but it never seemed like he enjoyed it. He would just lay there like a dead fish. No passion, no emotion. I was making all the decisions. If I asked him what we should do, he said I don’t know. I couldn’t respect him as a man towards the end. The thing I did like about him was that he called me everyday. He always checked to see how I was doing. He listened and asked questions. He was always up to do what I wanted. The thing was I felt like he was waiting around for me. It got to a point where I didn’t like him calling me and I didn’t like spending time with him. I think Virgos make great friends, but I wouldn’t go out with another Virgo.

  42. zer0ed September 18th, 2012

    Something no one has really gone into here is just how BIG the fights can become. As much as you all think virgos are subdued and not passionate, these two bring out the best and the worst in each other by lighting a massive raging emotional fire. It can be absolutely amazing but both have trust issues and very set values that once broken may be impossible to heal. I absolutely love my Scorpio. I have never ever felt anything as intense and powerful as the lightning that strikes us when we are both in our happy zone. Unfortunately, we can’t be together because we’re so intense and commanding… me from the background, her directly. It’s hard to deal with that without someone accepting to split duties or take a step back. Still, I highly recommend any Virgo to take the leap into this. It will be an experience you should never regret because you likely never have lived fully or been with someone who wants to look into your hidden areas and open up who you are. This romance is not something that can be tamed, so as such, need to be pure and real and honest and with good intentions or else it will explode in a way you won’t know how to deal with. This is not a sign you you play around or one where lies are accepted. Your life will be long, powerful, and beautiful together if you can stay true to one another. I will miss mine with such a bleeding heart because of what we bring out of each other, that beauty was so ripe full of astonishing energy found nowhere else. Beware the criticism… Scorpios are headstrong (and never wrong), so they do not appreciate it. They want to be part of a supportive team and Virgos like to either be solo or lead in group dynamics which can be dangerous. You will never give up on each other either and that may be your strongest feature and your biggest source of failure later… it’s hard to let go of so much but sometimes all that intensity clouds everything else in the world when all of it should be appreciated and guide you through a beautiful life with or without a partner.

  43. dimitri123 July 19th, 2012

    took the day off today, not because i’m ill but because i’m falling in love with a scorpio. never felt better

  44. ScorpioJ24 July 7th, 2012

    Im a Scorpio and I have been seeing a Virgo man, there’s no denying that he is the sweetest guy I’ve met. I find it so hard to speak of how I feel however, he openly speaks of his devotion towards me, however as Scorpio are, I do not have trust or believe at what he tells me sometimes. When my emotions of not believing and afraid of being hurt flares up, I let him go, but he just lures me back by his sweetness and being brutally honest. Theres no doubt I’m falling for him, and although he speaks his mind, he has not declared his love for me. They say Virgo are slow and you got to be patient with them, they will need to test and analyse you to see if you’re the one, but the longer he takes, the more impatient I get and I think of just letting go. I was married to a gemini and I can honestly say we are better friends than being married. My ex boyfriend is an Aries, there was so much passion that when it runned out it was all over. As much as I want to pursue a relationship with this Virgo man because this feeling I have has developed and he has been the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the only thing I think of before I go to sleep. And everytime I think and analyse and tell him it’s not going to work he says the sweetest thing. No doubt he is my perfect match, he knows how to put out the fire in my emotional personality but I might just give up. 

  45. Erin-Renae May 8th, 2012

    Hi all, Ive recently been looking around at what the best match for a scorpio woman is … Im married to a Virgo man and have been for just over a year … we started out as best friends and although I wasnt totally in love with him, I thought marrying him made sense because I felt our relationship offered stability, trust, committment, loyalty and most of all friendship. Sometimes we have great chemistry … my head literally goes dizzy.. and then other times its just not there as I dont feel he is “feeling it”. I was previously married to a gemini which was just a disaster lol …
    My current problem is that since being married, Ive discovered that my virgo man is quite the liar. He lies through his teeth. And what Ive discovered over the last few months is that he has been like that since Ive known him. He definately has many good traits that I can appreciate, especially after experiencing marriage with a gemini, but Im caught in the decision making of whether we should remain friends, or, do I work on this marriage in the hopes that he will stop lying to me? He also has a tendancy to go with the flow, and theres been a few experiences where he hasnt stood up for me or protected me when any other guy would have. I feel as though im the one protecting the family, rather than him. I find him to be quite feminine in this way. But dont get me wrong, there are many qualities that I adore in him. But theres a few that are a huge problem.
    Advise would be great! Im in the decision making to stick it out and make this work, or believe that perhaps our friendship wasnt right for a marriage? Hes fantastic with my son, and my little capricorn looks at him as his father now.

    • Sidney September 7th, 2018

      I would say give it time and patience. Virgos need patience and to be met where they stand. You should communicate the problem. They are open to listening and finding a solution. They are great problem solvers. Let him work his mind to find something that works for both of you. Lying is a big deal to us Scorpios. And little or big, a lie is a lie. Tell him it’s not something we normally accept. I’m sure you stay after he lies because he makes up for it in other bigger ways. Hollistically it probably makes more sense to work it out. But still he also has to put in effort not to lie.

  46. tiffanygordon24 September 14th, 2011

    I just recently met a Virgo male who was lurking for me a Scorpion female. And reading this is so true it’s kinda frighten, even though we just starting off it’s been intense since day 1.

  47. Soundarya August 9th, 2011

    So nicely and rightly said about the Scorpio- Virgo Compatability.

  48. scorp April 10th, 2011

    i am a scorpio woman who had just met a virgo male!
    he is soo damn hot that i cant take my eyes off him 😉 the only problem is he is hot to the point were his cocky and makes me so irratated such a waste -.- he asked me out the first time meeting me i said no in hope that he could be more expressive and show more emotions whilst asking me out FAIL!
    the next day i told my friend about him she had told me to not even consider him that he is a sleeze cocky and dirty kinda guy 🙁 well thats a shame always the hot ones.. so thats about all and the end of him not even gonna give him a go he has a bad name (manwhore) so i just thought id put it out there dont be decieved with the looks of a virgo male~

    p.s stick with cute cancers 🙂

  49. ScorpioWolf25 March 29th, 2011

    Sorry typo I meant “I totally enjoy being on cloud 9 with him” =o]

  50. ScorpioWolf25 March 29th, 2011

    I’m very much tanalized by a Virgo man, he is cute, smart,built like a bison and I think is very much worth the wait. I’m totally enjoy being in cloud 9 with him **grinz**

  51. Greg March 27th, 2011

    You could not be more wrong about Virgo males. Also, this matches no other sight on insight. Virgo men are very romantic. daine needs help, cheater..I never did and I have hundreds of offers from extremely attractive women.

  52. ScorpioGirl March 16th, 2011

    I have been on and off with a virgo guy who’s been pursuing me (scorpio girl) for over three years now. It’s a bit complicated because he’s my best friend’s cousin and he is about nine years older than I am. There is an undeniable connection that we both have built from a foundation of friendship and obviously attraction. We have never in the past three years been able to see eye to eye when it came to actually being in a relationship. It’s been mind games on both of our ends and a constant struggle to see who has the upper hand. He has told me that he is in love with me and actually has asked me to be his girlfriend on one occasion two years into whatever thing we had going. He even went into talking about marriage with me which is completely uncharacteristic of his commitment-phoebe personality and terrible history with women. A day later I refused his offer because I just couldn’t let myself trust him and put my guard down due to the mind games that he’s put me through in the past. When I gave him the let down, he was surprisingly very content with it and was able to be “friends” with me. Long story short, it’s been a year since this has happened and so much has happened within that year that I feel like we’ve come full circle and repeated this cycle of being “friends”, playing games and just not being open and communicative about our feelings. No matter what has happened in the past, whether i’ve hurt him or vice-cersa, we’ve both always come back to each other. Although he can be selfish, I love him very much and we have amazing chemistry together. Even though he makes efforts to contact me and keep in touch with me recently, I am very skeptical about whether he’s really in love with me, keeping me on the side for future purposes, or just not into me as more than a friend. I would ask him, but I’m too afraid of being the one to bring it up because like to keep my cards close to my chest where they are safe.

  53. Babygirl March 12th, 2011

    I really like my virgo, but will my jealous rampages work with him or anyone? It just depends on the person in the end. For now, all we do is laugh and he is really romantic. Even crossed the ocean, and I didn’t ask him to. We fuck everywhere, and is really fun sexually but then again we just started dating.

  54. Andrew86 March 11th, 2011

    ladyscorp leave him, he is the loser virgo guy ! Dont waste your time

  55. ladyscorp March 9th, 2011

    In 16 months my virgo bf has only worked 3 weeks, he has a tremendous fear of failure and I’m scared that I dont motivate him or give him any confidence and I want him to feel good about himself.

  56. bella February 17th, 2011

    Is there anyone who can help me out ? please everyone says i have to move on but i love him so much . he said he wants to get married but im not what he needs.

  57. bella February 17th, 2011

    I met a virgo male a year ago , i loved him off but our dating started out as a sexual relationship and it was amazing but then we had fights we overcame them but then he said im not what he needs , i m so broken hearted im a scorpio a very attractive petite girl , and he’s the hottest virgo ive ever been with but he left me and i msged him so many times in a row asking why he left me what is the reason for him not wanting me ? he never responded and I am devastated… I dono what else to do anymore !!!! WE WERE SO PASSIONATE IVE NEVER IN MY LIFE LOVED A GUY SO MUCH BEFORE

  58. Chantel January 8th, 2011

    To Mel – I’m with you. I’ve been with my Virgo man for 6 1/2 years, and have been married for close to three years. He has not worked one single day during our marriage (he was at a job for 3 years before it and was fired a couple months before our wedding)! I work full time as well as go to school full time and in the 3+ years I’ve been at my current job, I have also worked at three other jobs temporarily and donated plasma to get extra money because he is so unmotivated to get out there! I still love him to death and am totally attracted to him, but he seems to have no emotions (which I didn’t notice at first) and seems to have no attraction to me! We have sex MAYBE once a week and as a Scorpio woman, that just isn’t cutting it!

  59. Saya Scorpio December 17th, 2010

    wait… what? mi virgo man is such a unkind man! He’s not smart at all! He does not even know that he’s a virgo. So… I could be looking for this information in any other sign website. We met at a party of a friend of ours and he introduced himself as one of the Jonas Brothers. I believed him! He looked like one of them… Last night I was talking to my mom, and she said something really interesting. Mercury is the closest planet to The Sun. Can you believe it? My mom knows everything. She told me as well that Hugh Grant was dating a Gemini for a long time and then they decided to break up because of his annoying accent. So… who is laughing now?

  60. Ayanna November 23rd, 2010

    @ Julia…you are hilarious!!! I love your story!!

  61. GetVirgoMan November 21st, 2010


    Virgos are very careful and want to make sure of everything before committing. Just show him you’re interested and he’ll respond after he’s done analyzing the situation. Good luck!

  62. WantVirgoMan November 16th, 2010

    I have met a Virgo man that I really want to develop a relationship with. This particular Scorpio woman (me) is impatient. I was starting to get discourage and just figured he wasn’t in a place to start a relationship, but that was before I found out that he is a Virgo. My instinct was telling me to be patient with him (it’s only been 3 weeks…as I said, I’m impatient and I want what I want, when I want it.) After reading up on Virgo men, I was relieved to find that a Virgo man requires patience before they will truly open up and let you in. So, to all my fellow Scorpio women, was it difficult in the beginning to get things moving with your Virgo man? I would appreciate any advice/suggestions to help me win this Virgo mans heart.

  63. MOYO November 11th, 2010


  64. marriedwithscorpio October 1st, 2010

    I´m married with a gorgeous scorpio woman – more than 23 years. She´s still able to cast a spell over me, when she smiles and looks at me with the beautiest eyes I`ve ever seen. So I, as a virgo, will be on her side for the rest of my life.

  65. Chill September 20th, 2010

    I have to agree . . I’m a scoprio woman and I’ve been married to a Virgo man for over 15 years.

  66. lovelyscorpioeagle! September 6th, 2010

    Damn girl. I am fantastically happy for you! I wish you the best in life with your wonderful man!

  67. Julia August 15th, 2010

    Loving this webpage! I read everyone’s entries and damn Bitches! I blow ALL your asses away!!! Ha Ha!!! I’m just kidding… No really… I have a damn good story to tell and I just found the perfect place to tell it to the world so I guess I will!! My name is Julia I live in San Diego. I am a beautiful Scorpio woman (inside & out) & I have a hella HOT & beautiful Virgo man! We are going on 4 yrs and we are madly n deeply in love! We have surpassed all of our obstacles & knockdown drag outs & are always sooo impressed with each others fighting skills for being able to dish it and take it on such a high level of intelligence skill and bad assness? We always dissect our fights and discuss each other’s points as well as each other’s needs. We look at every misunderstanding and error in communicating and we break it all down until we see through it & rise above it and we come out of everything more & more intensely in love. We can fight like two people who hate each other’s guts but we make up holding each other tightly and apologizing as we are overcome by the enormous love washing down over us. Soul mates for sure!! God is the ultimate force behind this union and we know when we met it was our destiny. We are best friends! We are f-ing hilarious together! We laugh constantly. We always grow and change and are intensely involved in each others existence. We can’t get enough of each other no matter what. Our bodies are always touching. The sex was slow in finding it’s way and guided us towards a mutually discovered “place” where we found ourselves completely in sync & prepared to go there together and it is out of this galaxy crazy good sex!! We totally make love and f-ck so intensely for hours I mean our tongues are so deep in each others mouth lapping away and sucking on lips it’s crazy. I am very vocal and loud & he is just a non stop pleasing machine & we both have HOT looking bodies so our eyes are always open even in the broad daylight and we get so nasty! No porn no toys just real intense very raw natural hot hot sex! We are so deeply in love and bring each other so much growth and enlightenment. What an amazing journey we are on… We have a beautiful house great animals including one crazy 15 lb cat Tabitha who insists on being on the bed when we are going at it! WHY GOD!!! He came with a daughter Kayla who I get to raise with him and I can’t get preg so what a blessing. I have never been so loved. We laugh. We cry. We fart. We talk in all these weird character voices. Like the Jerky Boys! He breaks for any movie anytime even Tommy Boy for the 90th time at any given moment! Yuck! But I just ride the wave cuz this man will watch every Housewives, Kardashians, Oprah, anything I am into, with me & when I ramble on & on about God only knows what? He listens to every word I say. Because Mark is a Virgo even tho he is 6′ 3″ and a total badass Irish Stud who has kicked a lot of ass, he is soooo gentle and innocent by nature and has that Virgo feminine quality meaning he can hang with you like one of the girls and will go shopping and try on clothes and do facials mani’s n pedi’s & sit n talk for hours! He cooks! He cleans! He has forgiven me after every Scorpio unleashing of insanity when I have really raged like a crazed banshee! I say the meanest cruelest things when I have snapped and he has ran for his life many times! He knows I am insane on some level but has the balls to never believe that I am anything other than an ultra soft n delicate flower. Is anybody even still reading this?? You are probably like, Oh SHUT UP ALREADY!!! I can’t help it! I think we need our own Scorpio/Virgo website where we can all post pics and advice and go on & on about all of the things we have in common. All Scorp’s n Virgo’s are 100% true to their sign’s character so I bet we all have a lot in common!!! OK dolls, I could go on n on but I will stop. My man Rocks. I am amazing and there you have it! Any man who has himself a Scorpio woman is one fortunate blessed and HAPPY man! Any Scorpio woman who has been led to the love of a Virgo man has found the one who can handle her, tame her, love her and match her level of greatness in every aspect of life. Virgo men are attentive, affectionate, insightful, loyal, understanding, extremely intelligent and being in a committed relationship with one woman is a natural state for them. They are very content with you and so in love with you and the one sign who is aware of, in tune with, amazed by & drawn to the beauty and magical mystery of the Scorpio woman. I hope all of you have it this good! You can’t just be compatible tho you have got to be deeply in love.
    Check out some of our pics n say hello!

  68. Nada August 14th, 2010

    Heh, my love’s a Virgo man and I’m a Scorpio woman. I think the ‘astrological stereotypes’ are reversed a bit tho. If it wasn’t for his fussy nervous nature and my emotional one, I’d think I was the Virgo, and he was the Scorpio. xD Amusing thought, but the combination is still technically there, and it’s a great combo to be sure.

  69. Diane August 10th, 2010

    I don’t this virgo man are right for scorpio woman. i used to date a virgo man it was a disaster. cheater, no romance, sex was …. well.. don’t even remember or it was. i did like him but deep down i knew we were not meant for each other. there was no passion. But we still are friends. turns out that we are better friends than lover.

  70. Mel August 5th, 2010

    I’m a Scorp women thru & thru. Was married to an Aries, nice guy, but no bal*s! Met my virgo, calm, reserved, nere-do-well. That enticed me! he didn’t play into my occasional drama, LOVED that! Sex was awkward at first, but now, his touch is so gentle, but his creativity in bed is amazing, the two combined are…..nothing short of fulfilling. TRUST also has EVERYTHING to do with that. The ONE thing I crave from him is passion now that it’s been 9 years. I’m still SUPER HOT for him (and I’m still pretty hot looking too)!~ I think he takes my “hotness” for granted, which is ticking me off (Scorpio woman). I found a guy that challenged me and now he’s stopped talking to me on a level that is respectful. Love him to death, but finding myself attracted to those more “manly” men at this point, who also see that I’m a very seductive and beautiful woman…I WOULD think he’s cheating, however, like a Virgo, he DOESNT work, takes care of our child and I go to work every day and bring home the bacon. Oh, what to do? I’m done being the “heavy” and the one that takes responsiblity ultimately. Anyone else have a Virgo that just flaunts society?

  71. Scorpio Woman August 2nd, 2010

    To Nauty-Henry I think knows his scorpio friend well because I can tell you I as a scorpio woman I love when a man pays full attention to,compliments,romance are a few and of course a very strong powerful man with a lil bit of cockiness thrown in…also someone who can make me laugh can win my heart over.Don’t pry to hard into a scorpio woman’s thoughts because we are as they say a mysteriously secretive lot and pry to hard and its all over but the shouting…also a more even temper is needed around a scorpio because otherwise she will shoot fire your way…otherwise as long as not very provoked I think scorps are very caring and loving when you show them that they will be sure to shower you in love in all the right ways…good luck 😉

  72. Nicola July 23rd, 2010

    My Virgo man completely blew my mind with his straight forward remarks to all my comments! It’s only been a few months, but I can honestly say that when he tells me I’m beautiful, I can feel that he genuinely means it! Scorpio’s are supposed to match best with Cancer, yeah right …..they’ll make you believe the sky’s purple when you know it’s blue!!!! I used to have a candle lit for a hot Cancer man! But Mr Virgo blew it out quick!!!! =:)

  73. St. Mary July 13th, 2010

    This Scorpio woman is crazy in love with her Virgo Man! True abt the passion thing in bed…getting better as time goes by but scorpio rules there! My Virgo man is the kindest, most considerate, aware man I have ever met. Honest as all get out and boy can he cook! NOT anal about things!!! Not a neat-nik TG!!!

  74. henry June 19th, 2010

    be very honest with them bro. spend lots of time with them. they love outings, music,candle light dinners, suprises,. they hate sarcasim so watch what u say. kisses, and tell them everday how beautiful they look.they also like a man who cooks for them even if u cant cook. they are sweet people so dont cross them or you”ll be sorry!

  75. Nauty May 1st, 2010

    Hey everyone, Im a Virgo male talking to this beautiful Scorpio woman and I’m looking for ways to win her heart…Any suggestions ladies?

  76. Mira April 30th, 2010

    I have a great Virgo man and we are getting married. Trust me when it syas vir men are calming solution to the storms of a scopio woman. He knows how tto bring me down when i fire around with a hotf fiery temper i am not very proud of. he is loveable but strong headed. He loves me, i love hime. but above all God reigns in our relationship and more than ever i commit him to the Divine hands of my Creator because He alone perfects all humans.Thanks for the article.

  77. Naomi April 18th, 2010

    I without a doubt love my virgo man! He is romantic compared to what they say! He used to buy me roses every month just to show he cared! I love him with all my heart and we’re engaged! :)I’m a scorpio woman and I doubt were more perfect for each other. Like the article said, he didnt really have motivation to set out to do things for himself to better his life, but now hes becoming mega- successfull! Our match is one made in heaven! If only I could show the world how he is! I would put so many articles to shame! Although they are occasionally right ! :)tehe

  78. Virgo Guy ^^ March 23rd, 2010

    Agreed to Stephanie – some of the Virgos may seem unromantic. I can’t really explain that – it must be that Virgos are frightened to fail. We are natural-born worriers, and are always stressed about perfection. ^^
    Well, you should make your virguy know that you won’t leave him, just because he may look funny trying to please you. (giggle) Just make him feel safe, as virgos ARE ALWAYS NERVOUS. Even when they don’t seem like that.

    Well, in case you wish to know – our kind loves Scorpios. <3
    I have a scorpio friend (male), and I liked him even before I realised he's a scorp! Not even talking about female – deffinately giving some knee shake…

    Just pull up your arm sleeves, and dig into the guy – even if you think he's cold as ice, remember to dig further in, and soon enough you'll have him crack in front of you.
    Shouldn't be hard for you, eh scorpios? ^^

  79. Stephanie March 7th, 2010

    I was with a virgo man for 10 years he had a lot of good qualities, extremely intelligent and always there when I needed him. But it is so true there was not a romantic bone in his body.He loved to argue was afraid of commitment and could not keep up with me sexually. I ended up having to dump him when I finally realized he just was not the one.

  80. Jenny January 20th, 2010

    How very true. My Virgo man is aware of all my traits and when my emotions do get out of control, neither of us feel the need to break it off.

  81. LINA November 19th, 2009


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