Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

When two Scorpios meet, they make intense lovers, wanting emotional involvement more than anything from a relationship. They certainly get it from each other, but Scorpio, perhaps more than most signs, needs a partner to complement, with enough differences to keep things interesting. If they take time to appreciate each other, there is considerable mutual respect and common goals in this relationship.

A Scorpio man is a passionate person with a very clever and inspective mind. This holds true in everything he does, especially in love. He can handle pretty much any situation on his own and is tolerable of most. A Scorpio man is a strong individual, full of mystery, who is constantly looking for power and is quite loyal to his loved ones. He is very good at hiding the true emotions he holds so deep. He is intense, suspicious and quite a jealous creature in any relationship. But at the same time he is the best man a woman can ever have with humble words, tender touch and burning passion.

A Scorpio woman is alluring, mysterious and magnetically beautiful. A subtle stare, fascinating smile or gesture tells a lot about her mystery. Her seduction precedes her and surfaces if one knows what to look for. She is proud and stands tall in what she believes in. Scorpio woman does not show an abundance of emotions, especially in public. What she portrays herself to be does not always hold true to what she actually feels deep down. Scorpio female allows dominance in her lover at least in the beginning of the relationship and knows how to manipulate things to go her way.

The association of Scorpio man and woman is one of the most sensational and intense relationship with all the emotions at their highest. They know what they want and do not veer off the path they have started down. They are creatures of permanence and stand solid in what they believe in. Once in a great while they may change something in their lives but it rarely happens. Once both the Scorpios are sure to be in a relationship and step into each other’s world, they find immense similarity in their approach and dreams giving them an easy time with each other. Trust is a huge asset to this couple along with complete honestly. Neither has to worry about infidelity as they both have loyalty as their finest virtue. Their loyalty and devotion is unprecedented and their protection is something both of them count on.

Both the Scorpios have a desire to love and to be loved passionately and this comes equally true once the Scorpio man and woman are together because no other zodiac sign can love with more sensuality and purity with which they love. They both have some true feelings shoved deep under the surface to never be shown to each other again, or so they say as they argue, and even worse case scenarios if one or the other does not learn to compromise and give way to brighter skies. Their sense of false pride and refusal to admit defeat is their worst enemies in this type of relationship. Since both like to believe keeping their true feelings a secret is key to winning, they have to learn that communication is the actual key to a loving and lasting relationship in this case.

The hours they spend together, look like a sort of perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. The Scorpio man and woman alone make each other feel alive with the intense passion and devotion they have for each other. The love between them is synonym to softness in the sky, moon shining bright, angels singing beautifully and breeze moving pleasantly. It is one of the best experience, they both can even have in life. They not only complete each other but also take good care of each one’s need and make their partner feel fulfilled in their presence. They both feel loved, cared and admired in each other’s arms with such eternal promises that are to be loved above all the worldly things. They worship one another and hold the promise to be there till eternity with all of their life, with all of their heart and all of their soul.

To be with a Scorpion is to feel a haunting harmony that is inexpressible with tones of mystery and magnetized characteristic that captures the heart, soul and very essence of who they become. The Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman find an extraordinary bond in their sexual nature as they both possess a sensitivity and desire for fulfillment with the strength of burning passion. This bond becomes a huge part of what this Scorpion duo has created. The reason these two become so close so quickly is because they don’t have to get through the initial introductions of one another and then learn what it is that makes up the person that each of them are attracted to. They are so similar in their qualities and attitudes and their needs in sexual intimacy that the initial steps can be overlooked. They already know what to expect. Their desires intensify and their emotions swell when they have each found another that is so much like themselves on so many more levels even imaginable; inhaling their partner’s breath in their bodies and taking their partner into their soul to experience the completeness like never before.

As long as each of the Scorpion duos stays positive and concentrates on the good qualities of their relationship, all flows almost too easily. It is when the negative aspects of their lives surface that everything wonderful comes to a full stop. A simple argument cannot just be swept aside and left to die on its own. With a Scorpio against a Scorpio, it is revenge topping revenge. But the bond formed between a male and female Scorpio is amazing on many levels. The one thing that can hinder such a beautiful relationship can, in fact, ruin it all if some serious compromise and forgiveness is not exercised on both sides of the spectrum. However, anything that causes argument between them has to be appeased quickly and sufficiently or severe damage could be done and this would really be a shame given the beauty that can be had with a relationship such as this.

  1. Max November 20th, 2022

    Hi everyone. . I am a Scorpio 28 th October. Had met another Scorpio woman and at first I was very cautious as she was in the process of legal separation ecc . with a young child of 2 yrs . I could feel there was a huge attraction from both ends both mentally and physically. Had explained to her that didn’t want to rush things. In due time ,all I can say is that the bond was so beautiful.We flowed so nicely and the sky was no limits for us . Sadly her flirting was to extremes that was too hard to cope with . Let alone her aggressive behaviour.

    All I can tell you is once two scorpions meet – many deep emotions are generated . The moment they end – severe damage is felt in once heart .

    • Biya November 27th, 2022

      Yes and it seems like we cant live without eachother, did u feel that?

  2. Carrom April 23rd, 2022

    Generally Scorpios are a good match for Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pieces

  3. Iman March 4th, 2022

    iam scorpio male and didnt got a good match with another scorpio i was too polite but everytime she took the advantage of my innocence and manipulated e sometimes i simply left her now 2 years and she is well settled with another scorp god know what this lady was made up of so i’m after a leo lets see what happens i cant take the risk of the same damage she did to me with any other scorp

    • Rae March 14th, 2022

      Oh my god please don’t go after a Leo…I literally JUST escaped a relationship with a Leo man and I’m a Scorpio woman…just please don’t

      • Irene March 29th, 2022

        Omg 100% lol kind of sad and funny you say that.. I divorced 7 years ago from a Leo – worse connection ever.. but kept “trying”…

    • Ebi March 15th, 2022

      You should rather go for a pieces and thank me later.

    • Ashley March 31st, 2022

      Please be loyal to leo girl in any situation & keep communication. And you will see the symphony of life.
      let leo girl guide you & balance you.
      Trust her. Don’t play with her heart!!
      Maybe you don’t know what im talking about, but trust me.. scorpio and leo will go together if you guys can be loyal and make good communication each other.
      im leo girl now with scorpio man already 10years.. we happy together 🙂

  4. Scorpio_girl December 10th, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio girl, my best relationship was with a Scorpio man, not until he did something which changed my mind about him (he said something I didn’t like and I was deeply hurt). He tried amending it immediately but my mind was already out of the relationship (I was 17, he was 27), I loved him but still left, he kept apologising for years but it didn’t work. I dated other signs, but Scorpio is the best option for me. (I regretted leaving my ex Scorpio, but refused going back because of revenge). Now I’ve evolved and got myself another Scorpio.

    I’m currently 26 years and about to get married to the love of my life (another Scorpio), in few weeks time.

    • Brynn Fahlstrom December 15th, 2021

      babe…you were groomed that man was almost double your age…

  5. Sophie Faulkner November 21st, 2021

    I am Scorpio my date of birth 30th October 1991 I getting married with Scorpio man name Ant McPartlin

    • Steph December 30th, 2021

      We have the same exact bday & im also with a Scorpio man

  6. wendy October 10th, 2021

    im a scorpio woman and me and ex my scopio man almost killed each other and i realised after we broke up that its because we are the same ,we loved each other like we have never loved any one before , we are too intense in our love approach , we are jealouse ,we say things out of spite ,however we still trusted each other most so we always found a way to make up . i think the most important thing to understand between a scorpio and another is that one is a reflection of the other ,and they should always be tender to one another because once they lose it there is no way of getting it back . there is nothing like a scorpio looking you straight in your eyes and thats what i was fighting for for 5 years ,i just wanted him to look at me like that again and he told me he was figthing for my tenderness.

  7. Jazz September 30th, 2021

    I just started something with another scorpio. Honestly I think it’s awesome, especially in bed. I have been with a Leo,Pisces, and a Taurus and none can hold up to another scorpio. It’s really fabulous and I’m loving every minute of it.

  8. Keylow August 24th, 2021

    Im a scorpio woman in love with a older scorpio man for 7 years. We never dated. I think about everyday.

  9. Jen July 24th, 2021

    Scorpio woman. With a Scorpio Man.
    This truly explained our relationship in so many ways. I feel like we connect on a whole nother Spiritual level. We have an amazing family and our live grows stronger and stronger. Almost 8yrs in October 21′.

  10. Precious June 5th, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio Male I’m shellshocked how much this signs works cos I just met a Scorpio female and I think we HV crazy similarities…it’s just amazing!!!

  11. Daniel March 19th, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio male in love with three girls, another Scorpio woman, a Pisces and an Aquarius. The problem is I can only have one. The Aquarius and I had a 8 yr long relationship but broke my heart with a POS. Needless-to-say, life goes on. That being said, enter both the Scorpio and Pisces. I’m still with my ex who will not let me go for no one. All three are in love with me and know of each other, yet are willing to tolerate each other just as long as I’m happy with them. There will be a day all this will blow up in my face for everyone has their limit. What to do? I don’t want to hurt anyone, but someone has to give me up or I will have no choice but to be the bad guy. You guys might think of this as a blessing, or at worse, the ladies reading this may think of me as a pig, but to be blunt, I was very transparent and honest to all three.

    • Aryan March 20th, 2021

      More info would be appreciated, moon signs of all 4 of you. Also, I think you can start by eliminating the aqua girl who cheated. There’s no reason to be confused in her case. Or Is the “confusion” because you can’t let her go??? If that’s the case, then be prepared, it won’t be the same & she might do similar stuff in future too. So remove her from the picture.

      About the other two ladies, further info would help, the context, gist of stories of all of you, your moon signs etc. Bruh, I replied because I can understand where you are coming from
      At least, your shit is still in practical tangible earth realm, unlike mine who’s story is on a whole another quantum level. I’m a Scorpio Sun Aqua moon, and overall my whole chart is also these two with a bit of sagg. Weird stuff happens with me, the soulmate sort of movie like stuff, I know about shit before it happens, I somehow know things about people before even meeting them or if I meet them, then all it takes is one look. It’s like a reflex, scorpio & aqua are already super high on observational deduction, the scorp psychic energy advantage only amplifies it further. The thin line of practical deduction through super fast mental processing & unexplained intuition has got BLURRED in my case. I guess people’s birth months & even their goddamn moon signs by interacting with them or just by looking at their pictures. Imagination & reality are two sides of the same coin. I probably sound crazy to whoever is reading this, but I still typed it that someone MIGHT care about helping. I’m experiencing crazy stuff with more than one person.

      Imagine you get/have a dream of having spent a lot of time being with & knowing a girl, it feels like she’s someone you knew, but since it was just a dream(and that you haven’t ever met her in real life), you don’t think much of it. Now consider if you meet this same girl from your dream 15 days later out-of-nowhere. And FAAK she’s ALSO looking at you like she knows you. Soulmate shit right?? Now imagine when you have similar sort of experiences with at least 4 women, each & every single one of them feels like “the one” not just by the in-person vibes& observation, but also because you had weird unexplained phenomenon for each one of them & you knew each of them before ever meeting anyone of them for the first time. This is just a summarized version of what keeps on happening with me & no, I don’t “only” get crazy dreams. This was just to make anyone reading this understand of the tangent my life is operating at. Weird stuff happens with me regularly, especially in the love department… The question is when you have a dream of being with them & knowing them WAY before ever meeting them in real life, then the credibility of all of them being “the one” gets equal. It would have been simple if one had experienced crazy stuff only for one particular person, because then it would have been easy to say that “oh alright, she’s my eternal lover, that’s why I got the dream,nothing more to think”…. But the problem is when all of them are in that potential eternal lover spot. Is it then because they’re special or is it that you have weird abilities/capabilities that help you go beyond the known. How do you then choose which one is really “the one.” Pffffff I wonder if I would ever be able to tell anyone all this stuff which keeps on happening with me. Anyway, about your case, please provide more info if you want advice. Also, eliminate that aqua girl. She cheated, end of convo bruh.

      • V April 23rd, 2021

        HAHAHAHAHA this response is gold one things scorpios all have in common is we go deep in conversation making us look insane to society

      • Rosewitch June 27th, 2021

        I would love to hear more

      • Jane July 6th, 2021

        I should pray for you, man

    • Lance May 16th, 2021

      You are a Scorpio and you walk away from things that are not positive. So if you were burned before, you deep down believe it will happen again. It is NOT worth it no matter how much you argue with your inner instinct. I would also pitch the other two because three women who know each other .. I call it the Bermuda Triangle effect. Walk away and don’t look back. You are a Scorpio and BLAM! someone always enters because you have a magnetism… Fine someone new and stop playing with recyclables.

    • Lisa R Phillips June 11th, 2021

      Well, at least you were honest with them all. I’m a Scorpio too. Just remember that the ball is always in the woman’s court.. When they want more,, they will make their demands,, and this train you’re riding will come to an end.

    • anonymous August 17th, 2021

      hey man ,i’m sorry for replying you this late but , anyway, you’re in a difficult situation I would say , this might sound cheesy, but you have to listen to your heart, there’s always this one person you might like more than others , you just need to realise it sooner!
      depends on what kinda relationship you’re looking for! long-term? short-term? fun-sensual? if you’re looking for a long-term relationship , see what kind of qualities you’d want in your gf or maybe your future wife , and there will be someone who’d be more similar to what you’re looking for than others. As for compatibility, I would say Scorpio – Scorpio is such-a spiritual combination , me also being a Scorpio, I didn’t have the best time with an Aquarius, but!, it’s different for everyone, so , in-short listen to your heart and see who makes you feel like home! hope I was helpful , have an amazing day! <3

    • Laura August 17th, 2021

      You say someone has to give you up but I think you’re going to have nip this in the butt and give up 2 of them. Make your decision carefully, it sounds like you’re not in love with the woman with the 9 year relationship only that you feel bad for her. And the other 2 woman, who do you feel the must love with? I know it sicks but do the right thing you’ll be happier in the end.

    • Jazz September 30th, 2021

      I just started something with another scorpio. Honestly I think it’s awesome, especially in bed. I have been with a Leo,Pisces, and a Taurus and none can hold up to another scorpio. It’s really fabulous and I’m loving every minute of it.

  12. intisar March 4th, 2021

    I am a Aries female.. i had a relationship with Scorpio male years ago .. I never desire a man like i desired him… no man makes me feel soo pretty and sexy like he did ….but he cost me a lot of pain and misery… he kept testing all the ways of torture on me emotionally ☹ …i don’t get it till now ..why he liked to sends me to heaven and berry me in dust at the same time

    • Lance May 16th, 2021

      Aries females have a tendency to be just a little bull headed, please understand why I say this as a Scorpio male. We play with those emotions to tear you down and rebuild you into what we want. If you let us win, you are no fun anymore and we leave, but if you put up a good fight, we respect and love you more.
      Not all Scorpios are like this, and not all Aries are like what I say, but this scenario is what happened. Forget the guy because he was a jerk and cannot appreciate you for the beautiful person you are. He tried to change and manipulate what he fell in love with. Once changed, the interest is lost a well.

  13. Jennifer February 7th, 2021

    Scorpio female here…my Scorpio male and I have the same birthday I have never felt so emotionally and spiritually fulfilled in my life but we went through a time where he lied, and cheated among other things and I left but here we are years later and he keeps professing his love for me and everything is so intense I don’t know what to do I love this man dearly but the lies he told and the hurt he caused I don’t think I can get pass 😥

    • Lance May 16th, 2021

      Scorpios are hard to forgive and the second time around becomes even more cloudy because the depths of your inner souls were not shared – which needs to happen for the connection to remain fruitful.
      Even if there is a chance, you and I both know those feeling will remain deep down and that creates the negativity WE despise in a relationship

  14. Natalie Phillip February 6th, 2021

    Am a scorpio woman who has just meet a scorpio man only a month ago and am totally in love already , I feel like I don’t have to pretend we even finish each other sentences I know it’s to early to tell but I am gonna marry this guy wish me luck guys

  15. Kk December 17th, 2020

    I’m a scorpio woman loving and being loved by my scorpio man. We have so many similarities and from our first conversation it was an immediate deep connection. I truly believe that he is indeed my soulmate, the one that God has created for me, my KING.
    I love my scorpio man and I know he loves me beyond words.
    I’m looking forward to spending eternity with this Amazing scorpio, our views in life and goals are exactly the same.
    I love you my Husband #puffypuff *not married yet* but I know we will be once the time is right.
    Your soul Queen

  16. Esaia Mystic September 4th, 2020

    Beautiful 💚

  17. K May 29th, 2020

    I’m a scorpio female and I have been very happy in my relationship with a scorpio male, most the time the love is truly breath taking you feel like there is a bubble of just love , and I know for a fact my man is loyal ASF he has made it clean multiple times that if this doesn’t work out he is not gonna get involved with women for a while, he treats me amazing and in return I do small things like plan pinics and make him food, yes we fight, every couple fight but you got to know when to just take the lose in the fight, you have to under your not always right, there has to be compromise in any relationship to work, your happiness is out there somewhere don’t give up 🥰

    • CurvyOne October 7th, 2020

      I am in a relationship with a Scorpio man, and I am also a Scorpio woman. Everything you state is what we are experiencing.

    • Lance May 16th, 2021

      Not to be a bummer, but a Scorpio man NEVER tells someone he is fully committed to them. He is a man of actions and not words. As a Scorpio woman you know this is true as would you do this to a man.
      I just had an amazing 9 year relationship end and during our break-up she had to tell me she was loyal the whole time…. Why would she need to tell me that? To me, this means the total opposite and now I can’t trust or ever be bothered to contact or even look at her. Of course I had already caught her in lies and schemes anyways so I turned out to be right anyways. Scorpios are very intelligent, we do not need to be tested with some fragile words,
      Commitment is made without words by a Scorpio and once done it is expected to be maintained.

  18. 11/08/1990 May 5th, 2020

    You ole sourgrape im a scorpio male my S/O is a scorpio female I’ve never used her for anything, Dont put all male scorpio in one bin.

  19. Bia February 16th, 2020

    Scorpio females should not go for scorpio males they just use you for sex and end up cheating on you with someone else, they are physically attracted to Scorpio female and after sex they will leave you.

    • 11/08/1990 May 5th, 2020

      You ole sourgrape im a scorpio male my S/O is a scorpio female I’ve never used OR CHEATED on her, Dont put all male scorpio in one bin.

  20. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Scorpio are water signs, but they have fiery eyes!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for SCORPIO:
    I hope it helps.

  21. Joseph June 16th, 2019

    Hi I,m a scorpio looking for any lady who is compatible with my love sign. I,m a male scorpio man seeking a talented strong lady for serious relationship. Joe

    • Irina July 11th, 2019

      Hey Joe,

      Where are you from?iri a

    • Monisha Varma August 16th, 2019

      Wow that’s awesome m Scorpio

      • Joseph August 17th, 2019

        Hi Monisha Varma I,m a scorpio man and I need a scorpio lady for serious relationship if you are interested you can contact me on my email address,

    • matri.n September 10th, 2019

      Hi.. I am moon in Scorpio.. my sun sign is taurus. I am from India. You?

    • Daniel January 27th, 2020

      Hi Joe , I admonish you to go for a cancer or pisces lady and you will be forever happy if only you will remain trusted to her . Welcome

      • Joseph January 27th, 2020

        Hi, My name name is Joseph. I,m a scorpion man in need of a Cancer or pisces woman for long term relationship that will lead for marriage.
        Cancer and Pisces ladies should apply .
        Thank you.

  22. Connie Amy June 15th, 2019

    I have known this fellow Scorpio. for about a month. He is with Law Enforcement, We have been texting But I haven’t heard from him in over a week. I have had serious issues with silence, when I was married when my spouse got quiet even though he would tell me things were Ok I would soon learn that things were not good at all, I know that was then and this is now silence is a tough egg to crack Is there reason for concern

  23. Lord_Orochimaru May 4th, 2019

    Hi, cud fellow scorps give me advice on dating a gemini woman as a Scorpio male. Her sun & moon is in gemini, while my moon in Aquarius. I’m a pure scorp.. sun, mercury, venus, rising in Scorpio. While she, except her sun & moon, has LITERALLY her whole chart filled with water & earth energy, making her different, but still, she has that frustrating gemini nature. Our charts are actually almost fully compatible, connection being so strong that when i met her, I thought she was a pisces & i made this unrelated cmnt here bcoz I wanted the right advice…advice from other fellow vampires : )

    • She_Wolf May 13th, 2019

      Ahh gemini isn’t a good match, scorpios deserve much better.. but if it’s so strong like u describe, then go for it, but then again gemini moon isn’t a good position even if yours is in Aquarius. And how would u handle the constant flipping nature.. that’s not even fascinating or a good game.. It’s just straight up cringey

    • Katica Thomas May 22nd, 2019

      Don’t do it lol Gemini have too much personality for us we usually don’t like the indecisiveness in a person and the extra drama that come along with Gemini is something we don’t accept too well

    • Lance May 16th, 2021

      Secretly, the turn on for a Scorpio man with a Gemini woman is that it is like getting two women in one package, She has a fiery side that we cannot get enough of, then she had this watery side that allows us our space to do what we do best as a Scorpio. We do enjoy our alone time as well… Will this last as a relationship, most likely not because a Scorpio will expect the Gemini to read his/her mind and not TELL them their feelings.

  24. Darryl December 20th, 2018

    I am a 56 year old scorpion male looking for a 56 year old female scorpion I hope are birthdays are the same I want a longterm realation ship marriage with my future mate I hope she is slim, blonde hair, blue eyes

  25. Amont January 20th, 2018

    If a scorpio lady turns a scorpio man down once, is it for good? 🙁 I’m hopelessly in love with one, I asked her out twice and admitted I liked her, but she said she didn’t feel the same. We’re ‘friends’ now, but see quite rarely, because I don’t go to the same school anymore, but when we do meet, it’s always such a warm, lovely conversation.. I still haven’t forgotten about her, but I just don’t know if there is hope for me, I never had the chance to get to know her more deeply..

    • avinash nahar October 27th, 2018

      Dude i’m a scorp myself. Honestly, i dont know how old this comment is… or how late my response is but here goes…

      When its true & real, you will know instantly. You will pick up her subtle signals but till then all you have to do i Grow in your own life, achieve goals & inherit experiences.

      You might have read somewhere that a scorp undergoes tremendous transformation. A mature scorp truly tops them all.

      To your current answer… If it does not work, let it be. Dont push. Its not the end of the world & believe me when i say Life is very very long. p.s. my first crush was in 2004 & i thought that was the end of me.

      Later in 2010 & that was the end of me.
      Later in 2012 when i decided enough of this crap.

      Took some time of myself for about 2 years. & trust me thats the best decision ever, As i had time to see all the events again, give a clear analysis of my actions vs ignorance vs love(friends) i could have had for life (which is also the best thing).

      So… its okay buddy. We all make mistakes, i’ve made some huge ones but remember to forgive yourself, make changes and plan to achieve something in your career.

      As a free mason myself, there are a few words carved in our ceiling. Astronomy, Astrology, Logic, Mathematics, Music, Sound, Freedom, Travel, Society, Family, Art, Politics, Culinary, Military, Brother-Hood, Bonds, Passion Secret!

      All of these thing should be touched once a month.

    • Bia February 16th, 2020

      Are you madly in love with her?

  26. Shane walters November 27th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio male and I find it difficult to forgive and let go of things sometimes but I have always been able to regardless of what it was demeaning on the person to let go and forgive for I know what that unforgivness and bitterness can do it destroys you from within and I promised my self I’d never let that happen again Cause when a Scorpio destroys them selfs it big deep and dark and never will I let suck things destroy me I compromise on anything sometimes it’s hard to swollow my pride but I have first hand seen the destruction it does and never do I want to let my pride and destruction of my self destroy another person I’m am very easily able to be the one to admit I was wrong even if I was not I’d rather punish my self than see someone I care about deeply become destroyed or damaged I take on all the blame and damage because I can easily let it go some things I hold deep in my heart but I have seen what revenge and the damage it does to both and to me it’s not worth I I will not take revenge upon anyone I know the amount of power I possess and I refuse to take advantage of that and let the darkness win I will take the hit and never abuse my power took me a long take to see this and become this way for I have been through a lot of dark deep shit in my life and my only desire now is to use that power to bring light and happiness into the lives of every one and those I love and care about I wil swollow m pride to keep the other safe

    • Kathryn December 14th, 2017

      I am so with you Shane revenge and bitterness get you nowhere in life holding onto shit will eat you to the very core of your soul…. forgiveness and letting go is the key for any relationship to work.
      Yes our pride is sometimes to dam hard for our own good…..

      Is all about finding balance with your scorpio friend and lover….an emotional and deep bond you share like with no other starsign….that is magical.

  27. Nomney November 16th, 2017

    Scorpio and Scorpio make perfect relationship

    • TIM TOLBERT November 1st, 2018


  28. Brokenscorpio October 11th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio female who dated a Scorpio man and the passion in the beginning was amazing we couldn’t keep our hands off eachother down to the end. We didn’t split due to infedelity but more financially we were constantly fighting because he wasn’t very ambitious I believe I loved him more than he loved me I just wanted to see him fight for our relationship and that’s where he didn’t see he needed to we split and not even a month later he found a new girl I was devastated and ain’t been right ever since . I feel like that passion that fire in me I’ve lost the fire was put out and now I’m in a new relationship I love my cancer man dearly because he’s good to me but often I shut down and miss my Scorpio man and really wish things hadn’t ended the way they did . Being in a Scorpio vs Scorpio relationship is easy but also tough if you and your partner want it it will work but if one has more fire and desire than the other then just call it quits while your ahead . Trust is very hard in a Scorpio vs Scorpio relationship

    • Jakee-Kee November 15th, 2017

      Wow, this is exactly my situation. I adored this man.. I saw such potential in him and with our relationship. But financially he didn’t want more. I am extremely ambitious and know that there’s more to life we could have. But he was fine with settling, being complacent and shut down whenever I would want to communicate. I do wish our communication was better and I do wish we were on the same page. It still makes me sad to realize he didn’t fight for me or for our family. He is also my son’s father. After I broke it off, he went to live with his sister and eventually had a fling with one of her friends. Who by far is soooo beneath his caliber and I was extremely hurt. I cannot look or talk to him but he is a good Dad and that’s all I can expect now. I see the way he looks at me. The dynamic is still there if we’re in close proximity but I honestly just want to stay away from him. I hate that he had my heart. It’s been 4 years and I still think; if only he would have fought for me and my love! 😔

      • Per November 21st, 2018

        This is the problem with me too, I’m a Scorpio woman.. his a Scorpio man, but he is just not fighting for us to work. It makes me so sad

    • lola December 4th, 2017

      see im dating a scorpio man and we are mad inlove but we stay arguing i dont want us to end i really love him

    • lola December 4th, 2017

      im going through the exact same thing

      • Joseph December 4th, 2017

        Lola i,m interested to be your friend. I,m a scorpion man and still single if you like us to be friend then you can reply to me . My name is Joseph.
        Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

  29. Tia October 1st, 2017

    I’m a female Scorpio looking for a male scorpio

    • Jashawn November 3rd, 2017

      I’m a Scorpio 😌

    • Joseph September 23rd, 2018

      Dear Zelalem, My name is Joseph. I,m so happy to find a scopio partner like you.I,m still single and i believe the chemistry will work for us. Here is my face book page Joseph Fru and here is my email address if you are interested and single , you can contact me we start as friend. However I,m single and looking or seeking someone who is friendly, kind intelligent and open mind to share the rest of my life with her.

    • Joseph September 23rd, 2018

      HI Tia.
      Hello , I,m a male scorpio. Nice to meet you on the net.
      I live in South Africa. I,m looking to connect with female scorpio for true friendship that will lead to marriage.
      I believe scorpio male and scorpio woman can make good connection. It is the most powerful sign when it cames to love and trust. We need to love and forgive one another if we want to live long and lasting in the relationship.
      I thank you for connecting with me.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

    • TIM TOLBERT November 1st, 2018


  30. Joseph September 26th, 2017

    I,m a scorpio single and I,m looking for a single scorpio, any race is welcome provided she is ready to settle down for marriage. I,m a male scorpio age 47 and will need a female scorpio age 18 to 50 years of age. Only those who are ready for a serious relationship and she must be single should contact me on my email ,

  31. (Whisper) September 19th, 2017

    I fell for a scorpio in 2015 & I have not loved anyone since. We were together for 6 months & to this day I don’t consider being with anyone else because emotionally, he fufilled all my desires. Being a scorpio, there’s allot of desires. I just don’t think any other sign can emotionally give a scorpio female the passion and emotional connection we need. I’ve since dated other signs & no one gets me in that deep sense the scorpio did.

    • Scorpion9041 October 10th, 2017

      Yep I feel you. I was in a 3 year relationship with a Scorpio man I’m a Scorpio woman. The love and the desire we had for each other never left either of us. We were both very different people with different views but as soon as we laid eyes on each other we could feel fireworks. We never left honeymoon period stage, the relationship when it was good which was most of the time was just amazing. When we argued, it was very hard… both typical scorpios fighting for the power. We game played and both knew we did it to get attention from one another….This article just sums it up… the sex is out of this world…. your soul in there’s exactly. When I found he had been texting other women my heart had been ripped to shreds and set alight. There was always jealousy and insecurity in our relationship which I put down to the intensity of it… I never thought he could have actually broken our special little bubble of love and passion we had. I had to end it, much to his distress, I knew for me I couldn’t find it in my heart to forgive what he had done. I’m too much of a Scorpio to not resent the situation and become vengeful. 18 months now and we still occasionally pass messages to say we will always love each other….. So far dated a few different signs and I’m really not confident I’ll get that intense love i had. Another Scorpio man hasnt crossed my path yet, but id like to meet one!!

      • James cunningham November 9th, 2018

        Scorpio male here…I think scorpios hate betrayal and disloyalty more than anything else. I believe scorpio is fundamentally honest and not “game player” type. Hard to believe your former mate was texting others at same time having that incredibly intense love relationship with you…..

  32. Michele September 4th, 2017

    Gypsy, I too have become involved with another Scorpio and I must say, we have this amazing connection between us that I’ve never experienced with anyone before him. I know how he thinks and I don’t have to question him about anything bc I already know the answer. It’s exhilarating finding another me but in a male form.

  33. E August 28th, 2017

    Scorpio woman who was in a relationship with a Scorpio man for 6 years. Lived together for years and had one son. All I can say is there is so much passion and a very deep commitment. Amazing sex and a spiritual connection really. Something that feels so natural and yet very difficult. Tragically we finally called it quits after infidelity on his part but there was always flirting on both ends and alot of back and forth so it might have just been the straw to break the camels back. If I could give any advice it is comprise, communication and try not to keep secrets. Something you think may cause more damage by revealing (ie secret dinners with opposite sex) appear much worse when kept in secret. And if you have nothing to hide then hide nothing at all. Good luck. I would love another Scorpio in a heartbeat.

  34. Gypsy1212 August 6th, 2017

    Scorpio male November 20th- ive rekindled a past friendship with a scorpio female October 25th . We have a lot in common, and Ive always thought she was a beautiful woman with a gorgeous personality. She was involved back then and we had a very mutually respectful friendship but I always felt there was a lot of understanding and passion between us beneath the surface. Now we are both single, older, and have been talking daily… I find myself mezmerized by her somehow and ahe seems to be on the same wavelength. Even though we use words to communicate, we both seeem to communicate more with whats in between the words, if that makes sense.

    • Michele September 4th, 2017

      Gypsy, I too have become involved with another Scorpio and I must say, we have this amazing connection between us that I’ve never experienced with anyone before him. I know how he thinks and I don’t have to question him about anything bc I already know the answer. It’s exhilarating finding another me but in a male form.

  35. Roshni thakur June 25th, 2017

    Which signs seems to be a better match Male & female Scorpio, or Gemini (male) and Scorpio (female)?

    • Kay June 26th, 2017

      Scorpio Scorpio. Gemini male and Scorpio female will be extremely hard and toxic

      • luz November 1st, 2018

        Toxic. ! same but different at the same time in a bad way.

      • Joseph November 2nd, 2018

        Hi luz, i am a scorpion man still single .I need a scorpio lady in my life for long term relationship. I believe in God . All scorpions must believe in love ,faith patience and forgiveness and learn to appreciate one another. Their love is always binding if they follow this principles.
        Kindness open to ideas, love tolerance. Hope to hear from you soon.
        Thanks Joseph

        ———- Forwarded message ———

    • Elle September 3rd, 2017

      Gemini and Scorpio is the WORST match- whether male or female. Air and water signs never go well together.

  36. Chelsea May 30th, 2017

    My son’s father and I are Scorpios❤
    We have been on and off since high school for almost 7 years…
    It’s rocky but never had no one like him.

  37. JAMAL MCCARTHY May 28th, 2017

    So which one seems like a better match male n female Scorpio or Taurus male n Scorpio female

    • Krystal April 7th, 2019

      I’ll answer. Scorpio/ Scorpio… Taurus’s throw rocks and hide their hands. I said what I said.

  38. Sally May 21st, 2017

    I known my Scorpio man since age 9 and in love then and now we have come together and he left his wife he been unhappy for years . our birthdays are 1 day apart we fell fast for each other and his wife will not give him his divorce for 1 year in half and we both gave up alot he my match but his wife has put a strain on our relationship . I hoping it will make us stronger.

  39. Misty May 18th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio women but I’m with a cancer right now but I’m falling for a Scorpio man hard me and the cancer I’m with been drifting apart for awhile and the Scorpio man I’m falling for just feels right the only thing is he’s 20 and I’m 29 but we both agree age is just a number and we both want to be together cause when we talk and stuff its like magic but idk what to do about the cancer I’m with cause I don’t want to hurt him so what to do?

  40. omer May 7th, 2017

    recently i start talking with scorpio women while i am Scorpio too.. she is just my mirror she hates what i dislike she like what i like .. so for Scorpio i suggest Scorpio is best

  41. Bella May 5th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio women . I m in a relationship with a cancer man for two years but recently he moved to another city. All is going well but act some time back I met a Scorpio nan who was the exact same day born as me. I can’t stop daydreaming about him it’s like he is stuck in my head. What to do. I love my cancer but …

  42. Rowena Carter April 15th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman and my best relationship I’ve ever had was with a Scorpio man. The relationship was very deep and we were in sync with one another. We had an open relationship which meant we could date other people but would still be with one another over weekends at some point. The problem with that arrangement was how deeply we fell Inlove with one another. Both wanted more with one another but our situations prohibits us from being together . The problem now is that 4 years ago we decided to just be friends. He got a girl pregnant and married her. I worked threw my feels as well as trying to understand his choices but everyday I still feel we could’ve tried harder to be together. We have the same friend circle so we see eachother so now and again. I’m also now married to someone else but there is always a “what if” that lies in the air. We don’t talk to eachother. I’m not sure why. I wish he would just talk to me so I will feel at peace. His also very shy just as I am so I will never know what his truely feeling. I do feel that we don’t need to talk due to loyalty and love for our spouses , in a company he always has to mention he has a wife and what a wonderful wife she is, which I get maybe he feels the need to tell us as friends about her and how much he loves her, but the tension between us is very hard to get rid of. It makes me very uncomfortable and I can feel he feels uncomfortable too, I also think maybe it’s because he knows we are both at a point if no return. My question is how do u forget someone that’s not suppose to be in your mind? How do u get rid of the feeling that u are suppose to actually be with that person but your situation made u end up in other paths. I’m not a fan of cheating and I love my spouse dearly but this man is making life very hard at the moment because his always there. Please keep in mind we never split over arguements or any Ill feelings towards one another. We just went our seperate ways because we both felt it was the best thing to do to avoid drama.

  43. Janine April 12th, 2017

    Listen to your power young Scorpio woman. 48 to score woman. It’ll be alright. X

  44. Shaquaina Martin February 20th, 2017

    I am a scorpio woman with a scorpio man. The feeling i get when i am around him is indescribable. His touch makes me shake, his words make me just fall deeper in love with him. I know he is the ☝ i will spend the rest of my life with. We are so similar and have passion for the samethings. He is beautifulin inside and out, from the top of his head to the soul of his feet. He shows me love, hope, passion, beautiful holds his heart deep. So deep that it flows river long. Laughter in the air because he is there..he shows me.

    • Ellouisa April 16th, 2017

      That was beautifully written. Does he ever withdraw/have alone time?

  45. woman February 14th, 2017

    i am dating a scorpion man , i myself are a scorpion woman were both same age (18). i live an hour away from him and we both promised each other that we weere gonna try and make long distance relationsip work, one week he comes to me and the other i go to his but the problem is that he plays football and i work so it will be very hard for us to see each other its all lovely know but i feel like this is going to ruin our relationship and i dont wan it to get to that point and i hope it dont. i dont know what is should do ? any advices?

    • Pang Yiap Kai Keith March 4th, 2017

      Real love can overcome distances and differences. trust your heart and listen to it about what u want, i am a scorpio too by the way

    • Gloria March 29th, 2017

      I am 15 and I am dating a 16 yr old and he lives more than an hour away we see each other every two weeks it’s worth it keep trying to make it happen if you like him

  46. Chelsie Bruce January 4th, 2017

    October 27th
    My Scorpio Man and I Scorpio Woman share the same Birthday. (He is the older one by four years;which is great that I can rub in that he,”is getting old.” But great for him because he,”is sharing his Birthday!” We checked each other’s Identifications in the beginning =inspection for nothing but a truth ,you know. Smiling face)

    Both of us have children from other past partners. Both of us have never been married . And I can tell anyone ,in this moment, in Real Time, I see permanency when I look at this Man. This is and will be the Man who Marrys Me.

    His physical features are strikingly Handsome , none other than a face I can never tire from looking at. His tattoos covering his shoulders are the sexiest tattoos I have ever seen. The way my Scorpio Man walks,stands,the way he looks when he drives a car. He stands out like no other has stood out to me.

    I am a physically fit, sexual Scorpio Woman. He breathes his breath into my mouth ,speaks words,( nasty things of coarse- lmao come on now – we are both Scorpios) breathes in a whisper his words I to my mouth and takes my breath away. His kiss leaves the sweetest taste I have ever known . His teasing – My Goodness I have Never been realed in like he can real me in , Grabbing a hold of my hair, giving me Pure Dominance, Masculantity seeping from his existence – locking eyes with me , breathing into my mouth and taking my breath away from the energy of his kiss. LOL than taking and pushing me away – say down onto the bed. HOLY Cow! Where is the check out line. I have found the man that keeps me wanting more m Dragging me all over a room so we can crescent everything. He is not full never boring and I sleep good at night when he is next to me passed out snoring.

    A Scorpio Woman can see through A SCORPIO Man. Tricks can be predicted or jokingly examined scenarios that could play out in the negative part of a thinkin stinkin Scorpio.

    My Scorpio Man has a Hard Shell to break into . Trials and Tests we both have for one another to prove that Loyalty is worthy and of value. His shell made be hard but the more Trust he has in me the affection and passion is becoming infinity greater. He is full of mystery and Damn it I am ready to meet his Mom . His two kids. And damn it , I hope he Marrys me one day. Our views and ideas aspirations are similar. And I will be honored to devote my loyalty and love to this Man.

    Scorpios are Investigators, Possessive and Jealous Individuals.
    And what most may see as unhealthy and controlling is something I meet see as possessive and I am OK with it.bWho better to become obsessed and consumes with than another Scorpio. It’s bliss.

    The dark side of me fits like a puzzle with the dark side of him. My laugh is real and he knows who I am . Damn I hope he will make me his wife. I pray to God that he be my one. Who takes my hand and Marrys me. My name is Chelsie Bruce and my Scorpio Man is Jason Lopez . He is holding his little girl on Facebook if you like what I have written message him and give word that he should make me the happiest woman in the world and seal the deal and forever be my Scorpio Man m

    • Junie February 6th, 2017

      im a scorpio man.. i envy you.. i have once a girlfriend scorpio woman.. our relationship was very much beautiful and heavenly..but the sad part..we have a long distance relationship.. we have never quarreled or any disagreements.. but destiny was not for us.. it was one of the sweetest, sensual relationship i have ever had.. but i think she already forgotten me… now im married with a Taurus woman…

    • Doina February 14th, 2017

      Wished so much to have met my Scorpio we have same birthday he’s older two years . We met on line and connected right away the best chemistry I every had we kept talking and meeting on skype for over two years but he lives very far away and I had to stop it , that was about 18 months ago and even today I can’t move on … very painful. Lucky the ones that share their love and can be together!

  47. Sophia January 4th, 2017

    I fell in lovw with a scorpio man11/14, im 11/3. I have never in my life experience anyone who totally awakwn everything living inside of me. His intensity is so amazing to me, his love making is like no other. His artogance and cockyness is so attractive and his vulnerability is even more attracting. I absolutely love him, we get each other, we are completely honest despite how it makes us feel. We argued but quickly rekindle. Unfortusntely, my scorpio man refuse to commit, he has trust issues and has been hurt and is scared to allow himself to be open again. I tried all that i can but therea no hope. Being with a scorpio is amazing as a scorpio i can atest, i hope that you all are able to make it farther than i was able to.

  48. girlscorp08or09 December 18th, 2016

    I’m a scorpio in a relationship for a year with a scorpio. I love him so much. It’s only been a year but he is the best. Lol when we aren’t fighting!!! But even then I love him… Iv tryd to move on and can’t!!! He got a hold on me!!!

  49. BeauteefulGyrl83 October 30th, 2016

    @SCORPIO111.  AWWWW! That is by far one of the sweetest things said on this forum thus far. I pray you all keep a loving a prosperous union. I hope to encounter a ❤️️Like you 2 have! 

  50. BeauteefulGyrl83 October 30th, 2016

    The most amazing, passionate, intense love I’ve ever made has come from a Scorpio man. As a Scorpio woman it is known that we link sex to emotion. My best relationship was with a Scorpio man. I’m currently engaged in conversation with a Scorpio man after 6 years of being single. This is definitely something I’m going to have to get use to again. He seems like a genuine guy and says he wants to talk about the potential to be exclusive. I feel my heart is ready and open to the possibility. We shall see….

  51. Leenshar April 24th, 2016

    I am a Scorpio women I recently fell in love with a Scorpio man everything was perfect communication trust loyal he was so attentive passionate he was always wanting to hold me kiss me everything was perfect bit then my ex came in the picture stood at my place the weekend I did not bring him his sister did n he was there with our five kids I asked my Scorpio man not to come back cause I was trying to avoid problems between them both so he thinks me n him had sex witch we did not now I live with him we have an OK relationship just all the missing holding me having sex is pretty much to once a week to once a month will this ever be back to the way it was will he ever get over it I love him so much he is a great man n a great farther figure to my children 

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  53. SCORPIO111 January 23rd, 2016

    I am a Scorpio man November 1st.  My girlfriend is a Scorpio woman November 10th.  I knew all of what is described here to be true before I read this particular scorpio man women generality, however…We are both, full blood Scorpio’s in every sense of the general tendencies.  We stared at each other and said absolutely nothing before we first kissed.  We had met, but did not know one and other and had barely talked.  Everything came together in one night.  We didn’t say a word.  We stared at each other for a moment.  And rushed in to absorb one and other after we knew. 
    All of my relationships have been intense.  As I am the intense loving, emersing Scorpio.  My partners of different signs.  Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn as you would assume.  She is everything ever and more than I imagined.  As described.  I see myself in her always.
    We have a daughter now.  She is beautiful.
    Nothing in this piece of compatibility writing is innaccurate in describing our relationship in the slightest. I love her.  I always will.  She is my favorite anything I have ever come across.  I will be with her forever.

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  61. Kombo October 30th, 2015

    I am a scorpio man looking for my compatibilty partner.Can someone advice me??

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  63. lahteve September 6th, 2015

    First to start with. You tried a lot in your grammar and I only noticed one error. ” An Scorpio ” which is meant to be a Scorpio. And about you and the guy, why don’t you give it a trial you never can tell if you match or not except you’ve tried. And if you don’t your feeling too won’t stop disturbing you @Moey123

  64. georgeanne July 31st, 2015

    BTW, I’m also a Scorpio.

  65. georgeanne July 31st, 2015

    I am in a serious relationship with this Cancer man for half a year now and everything is going well. But 2 months ago, I met this Scorpio man at work. I didn’t know he was Scorpio then. He’s been trying to be close to me since we met and of course I’m not paying attention to him because I already have a boyfriend. But this week, which is my last week at work, we had a chance to talk and he was very funny and our conversations are good. We were chatting when we have a chance and we always hang out together during break time. Nothing is going on though, just talking and eating together. But he’s very expressive that he likes me ever since the first time he saw me even though I keep on reminding him that I already have a boyfriend.
    On my last day at work, I was kinda looking forward to hang out with him for the last time but he didn’t show up and he’s not online so I started to be worried about him. Then, a few minutes after his shift started, he was there outside my office and called me to step out. So I immediately went to him and asked what happened. Then he explained that he had an emergency at home and he doesn’t have his phone with him yet and can’t go online. His arrival was timely because I’m about to go to lunch break, so we went out of the building to talk. He said he can’t talk about his problem yet but he just really want to see me and talk to me. He said it’s such a bad timing because he had planned my last day at work. And that he wanted to take me out on a date. So we were talking and he was making jokes. And suddenly, he was already holding my hands. At first I was trying to resist it and pulling out my hands from him, but it just felt so comfortable being held by him. His hands were warm and assuring. Then he said he really wants to meet me even after I’m no longer with the company. He said he will visit me in my house (I’m stillI with my parents). So I told him he can’t because my parents would kill me since they know that I already have a boyfriend. Then he said he’s willing to meet me in secret if that’s what it takes. Even if for just few minutes. Even just to say hi. He just really want to see me. All throughout the conversation, he was holding my hands. I still said no though. I can’t be cheating on my boyfriend because he’s done nothing but be kind to me. Especially since both our family is rooting that we will be marrying each other. And I can’t do that to him. To make him build his hopes on me while I’m still with another guy. After an hour, he has to leave and I have to go back to the office. I hugged him and told him that everything’s gonna be alright about his family. Then he accompanied me to the elevator. When I stepped in, he wouldn’t let go of me then he said, “please let me hug you again” then he did. After few seconds, we let go of each other.
    We haven’t talked again after that. And I must admit that I’ve been thinking about him since. I’m so confused. ?

  66. Moey_ July 18th, 2015

    I have recently met this guy we known each other like 5months now we are like best friends people think we are together but we are not.. We act like we are together but we are just really close friends… He is an scorpio and i am as well we think alike we connect allot he is really good at hiding his emotions i feel comfortable being myself around him but i dont feel protected at all because once we went to a river/lake and i jump off a rock n i landed in the deep part of the water and i began to panick and beat up in the water and i began calling for help n he was like only a few inches away from me a stretch of his hands and i would of reached him but he watched me dead in my eyes beating up asking drinking water n he didnt even move and inch to save me from drowning my girl friend stretched her hand and saved me… When that incident happened he left the water and i could of seen guilt n hurt written all over his face he never came back in the water but sat on a bench looking at me with guilt. He messaged me and we talked about what happened at the river n he said he thought i was joking about drowning and that he is realy sorry for leaving me there and not helping me and he feels like he is not able to protect me n he feels bad for it and is like he can’t get it off his mind it keeps haunting him but i dont know if i should go in a relationship with him or not because we have feelings for each other but we are just friends any advise??? 
    And sorry for the poor grammar i am not from and english speaking country :/ But i tried my best to speak proper 😀 

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  68. Crystine October 29th, 2014

    I am a scorpio women, 4 years ago I had a very intense, passonate fling with a scorpio male- for 10months. He was 5 years older than me, but we were both born on the 15th Nov. 
    While we were hot, we were very hot, and it seemed like there wasn’t another person in the world. When we were cold- it was icy!
    Sadly, he did have a girlfriend- neither of us wanted to go as far as we did with our relationship, as we both thought we were being unfair to our current partners, but once we were together it was difficult to keep away from one another.  I remember him saying that he felt so lost, because he felt torn two-ways. He loved his girlfriend but he loved me just as much, and I have to say I felt the same towards  my situation with my boyfriend and him. 
    We tried to cool things off, as we both felt we were being grossly unfair- not just to our partners but too ourselves as well. We managed to keep things at bay for 3 weeks (yes, not much in the will-power), after those 3weeks apart, we couldn’t fight it any longer, and we became even more explosive than 1st time around. 
    2nd time around, it was like heaven at first. We just explored each other inside and out on such a deep level- mind, body and soul! After 7months jealousy and possisiveness started to get in the way. We started to have what I can only explain as silent arguments- these mainly consisted of glares, flare nostrols, stiff posture and blanking one another.  (we used to work together at a workplace.) . We didn’t have to voice our words, because we already knew how we were feeling.
    I started to notice that he was treating one of the other girls we worked with (who was also a scorpio- 21st nov) the same way he had started with me. When she had her day off work, he’d be flirting outragiously and touching with the girl we worked with (A Gemini)- of which an other member of staff walked in on. Another girl started work, he flirted with her and lead her on. (Scorpio 22nd Nov.). He openly told me he was doing this to get his own back on me.
    He claimed that he did this because I still had a boyfriend, seeming to forget that he in fact still had a girlfriend (who was completely oblivious to everything- another Gemini.).
    He got very possisive over me, wanting to know my every move, and trying to accuse me of flirting with the boss- and some random man at the petrol station, who was behind the counter. (very untrue), even though he was the one who now cheating on me with these 3 other girl, and his girlfriend. It got all very complicated and confusing- as we were treating each other like we were the people in a relationship, and completely forgetting our poor partners, who we must have been put through hell- in a way it could have be seen as being very selfish, but as fellow Scorpions I know you will all understand the predicument.  
    It ended that we had a massive disagreement- in which he tried to get me the sack. I left my job, and in true scorpio manner left with a bang! Telling my male Scorpion lovers girlfriend, who I was, what we’d been up to and about her boyfriends 2nd, 3rd, 4th lover.  She then dropped the bombshell that they had split up, then got back together, and he’d asked her to marry him, and that she was 3 months pregnant. 
    We broke all communcation, but 6 weeks ago he came back into my life. Although he hurt me badly, and I hurt him too- we still have such a strong connection, that is undeniable. 
    I think if any song could describe us, it would be Careless whisper- by George michael.  Although we’re toxic for each other- we’re also drawn like magnets! 

  69. lisamae4444 July 18th, 2014

    My name is Lisa, I am a scorpio so is my boyfriend of 1yr. We met as teenagers when we were 15, dated for several months then never seen eachother again til we were 27. A lot had changed in our lives, I had 3 kids while he had none. He talked a lot about forever searching for me for years, missing me because I have always been his 1st love. I also thought of him while in relationship w/my children’s dad..wondering if he was still around and use to reminise on how good he use to treat me. Finally we’re united and have a scorpio girl 8 months old and both of us will be turning 30 on Nov 20th.
    Scorpio love is powerful.

  70. naomi28 June 12th, 2014

    Ive been with my boyfriend not very long, we’re both scorpios with birthdays only 2 days apart, he’s a halloween baby! We both know eachother inside and out. We say things and immediately say “i was just going to say that” because our thoughts are so alike I sometimes wonder if this shit is real. Haha But I love him with all my heart, passionately and carelessly. Knowing that I’ll do anything for him scares me, because I’m a strong willed person. My problem is I’m too in love haha i know sounds stupid right? But iam.. Im too pasionate and devoted to this relationship, well to him. Im fucking possesive, and I simply cant help it. Idk how he can just just talk to me every other day. I used to date a virgo and he texted and called me multiple times a day and spent hours with me a day. But my scorpio baby loves his time to himself. I do to, but not this much. Everything wasnt even that bad in our relationship, at one point we were so in love and did everything amd anything for eachother, we cared so much for eachother, we always wanted to be with eachother 24/7. He treated me so good. 🙁 then i fucked up. I started to take him for granted, i started being meaner and bitchier because i knew he would do anything for me, and then next thing you know i start saying even meaner things because i felt like i wasnt receiving the attention any other girlfriend should deserved. Then he broke it off with me and i lost it. I begged and cried for him to stay with me. Its then when i relaized its my fault i was such a heartless bitch for treating him like that, i just hurt him. I just hurt the person i loved and cared about the most. Now started to feel like everything is so unstable, like he could just dump me whenever he wanted. Until this day it’s all fucked, we barely talk, and when we do we have these weird bipolar converstations. We just argue so much it hurts me. Its not supposed to be like this, and i tried so hard to make things better. I tell him over and over we need to work on our communication. I just love my scorpio so much. I know things arent going to work out, im just going to let it fuck up and fuck up i dont have it in me to just let him go. :'(

  71. Scorpio29outofVegas May 28th, 2014

    I am a scorpio male who is in his mid 30’s. I’ve been in 2 relationships with scorpio women. The first was my oldest daughters mother. We were high school sweethearts. Things in the beginning were great. We eventually moved in together. After a while she started cheating on me. I being a scorpio male often times knew about it. I would confront her about it, and of course she would try to deny it or lie about it. She went as far as sleeping with one of my best friends. He and I fell out over it for 4 years. I would forgive her because I was madly in love with this woman. We eventually had a child together. I wanted to marry that woman so badly, but she did not feel the same. 4 months after my daughter’s birth I caught her cheating again. This time I gave her a choice it was him or me and she chose him. It broke my heart. I never cheated on her and wanted eternity with her. To make a long story short she saw the errors of her ways. Wanting me and even sending our daughter at me. But then I had moved on with my feelings. Vowing never to give her my heart again. To this day I do not like her at all. I hate I share a child with her. Being that she is an scorpian women she is very scornful. It affects my relationship with my daughter. She and I have no relationship with one another on any level. I’ve tried and given up. My second relationship with a scorpian woman is a headache.  Our birthdays are 1 day apart. We argue so much the possibility of happiness is out of the window. I myself am a true scorpian man. I have my faults. I try to recongnize them and address them. She on the other hand refuses to admit hers. Whenever there is an argument I’m the one to blame. 90% of them are caused by her. She is very insecure, which is something I can’t stand. She is very jealous. She has Facebook spies and gets angry if I merely compliment another women. I myself am not a jealous man. Like i said we fight often. We recently had another disagreement a few days ago. This time I’m done. I’m tired of arguing. Especailly considering I did that in my last relationship. She was a Cancer. My scorpio partner was jealous and concerned about her and my past relationship. Going as far as friend requesting her on Facebook. She even told me she had a dream about her. IKR? Like i said I’m not happy and I cannot take it anymore. So I plan on ending it this week. Doesn’t change the fact that I love her. I understand that we can’t be together.  I know that it’s going to be explosive.  I know i wil get blamed for all our problems in our relationship. But I’ve excepted it and I’m ready to move on. Little does she know it’s not just for myself, but for her as well. We never had a true foundation considering when she met me I had a woman. As a scorpian man I pay attention to whomever I deal with. Whether it’s one woman or multiple.  For her she insecure and upset over the fact she feels as though I don’t show enough feelings for her. The biggest problem I have is not only her 3 children from her previous marrage. That in it’s self is a whole other topic that deserves it’s own paragrapgh. I hate tht she changed. She was not my same little scorpio I met in the beginning. She was sexy and very secure or so i thought. Plus I hate the fact she tried to change me. Like I said I’m in my 30’s and pretty stuck on who I am. Anyone who is a Scorpio knows what I’m saying. So it’s time to move on. To all you scorpian women you all are intriguing and fascinating. But I honestly think this shall be my last time dating any women who shares the same zodiac sign as myself. We mirror one another entirely too much. The sex is explosive, but it’s not enough. I want true compatibility.  Oh and here is a warning to all woman whether she be a scorpian or not. Please do not try to play or be dishonest to a scorpian male. 9 out of 10 we know. Just as a woman has intuition we too have that.  I guess that’s what makes us so captivating. I know I do and I’m one of the types who won’t say a word. Even for a long period of time or at least until I’m tired of the game and feel it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. My libra daughters mother had to learn that the hard way. She will admit it too. Lol.  But to all my fellow scorpian men and women keep on blessing those other zodiac with our aura. We truly are something specail. Unlike any other sign. We love hard. When the other companion has truly captured our heart and loyalty. Watch out! We’ll die for them and remain loyal to the end of time.

  72. @butterfly May 26th, 2014

    Well i’m a scorpio female, and lets just say my life has been a complete mess lately, I just got out of a long relationship with my ex fiance who was a (capricorn) he was crazy about me but unfortunately our relationship fizzled after a while, and I eventually broke off the wedding nearly two months ago it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.
    Anywho, i’ve been crazy in-love with a scorpio male for just over 7 years now, i’ve none him since I was a teenager. Even though i’ve none him for such a long time we rarely speak, and only see each other once in a blue moon, infact his birthday is only a day before mine crazy huh :/ Even though I rarely see him, I still get butterflies in my stomach, it’s pretty ridiculous that after 7 years of really liking him I still get butterflies like i’ve just met him for the very first time again. We went from seeing each other nearly every day to only bumping into each other at the shops or in the streets every now and then. When we bump into each other we just awkwardly stare at each other.. that doesn’t make it any easier. Anywho a friend told me I should try to pursue him further seeing that my feelings have not changed even after all these years of knowing him (including when I was engaged). She also told me that if I don’t try to have a potential relationship with him I will spend the wrest of my life dwelling and wondering “what if”, I was actually kind of hoping he felt the same way about me and would initiate things (wishful thinking). Just when I finally decided to come out from hiding under my rock all these years, and proclaim my love for him, I sadly found out through a friend that he is happily in a relationship and planning to “pop” the question to her soon 🙁 bummer huh!
    Eh I guess if it was meant to be, he would have put a ring on it by now. However I am currently talking to this really cute cancerian guy, I hear that we are quite compatible 🙂 We will see how that goes, not like i’m going to put my whole life on hold hoping that the scorpio guy will dump his girl and come running to me, I have to move on. (reality check ladies, this isn’t a hollywood movie)

  73. Sting May 9th, 2014

    Nicely written; however, I’d refrain from suggestions of violence in your analogy, in that it’s going quite a bit, too far. Past that, what’s with the first response in the series; beware? Beware of who; her? Lol; I rather doubt if internet smut stands as a hallmark of the aforementioned story upon Scorpio men, lol. Perhaps she should find a nicely subdued capi and shaaadaaap, lol.
    Seriously though; I’m actually most interested in finding a Scorpio female. Having never taken Astrology very serious in the past, I’ve recently read more so upon our analogies than the daily horoscope hype and found it altogether fascinating; as if some of it was written entirely about me, which is simply, too hard to ignore. In fact, and having seen one, too many relationships end in disappointment, based on anything but Astrology, I’m seriously considering posting the best analogy thereof, on whatever site, and seeing if it doesn’t attract a better mate than otherwise. After all; and when it all boils down, it’s these very qualities that a Scorpio requires in a lasting relationship; therefore, it only makes perfect sense to do so.
    i mean really; how many have actually followed the same old pattern, never actually finding anything past, “I’d do that?” Ahhhh! Regardless of what the alleged, fairer sex here might want to say, I know what it is you think, lol. For we’re all the same back scratching, toe curling creatures down deep, who would appreciate some intellectuality after the fact. For when your partner is sitting there all quiet and plotting thereafter, a Scorpio’s mind will damn near read theirs; and the esp is never good. Seriously, haven’t any of you simply just known what it is they’re thinking? I couldn’t be the only living, breathing lie detector out there. And I tend to believe a Scorpio’s intuition to be far beyond the average.
    Seriously; you know bs when you hear it, but you’ll sit there and talk, smile, and continue like you’re oblivious; yet, your mind is slowly chewing on the information given you; and hours, maybe even days later, it surfaces again as fact, and you’re suddenly rather annoyed and thinking of an appropriate and dignified means to return the favor with lasting and profound affect, lol. For if there’s one thing a Scorpio absolutely can not tolerate, it’s being lied to; which rates right up there with a lack of mutual respect from others, especially when they’re, too mindless and narcissistic to listen to you, let alone value what you have to say…

  74. Sting May 9th, 2014

    Nicely written; however, I’d refrain from suggestions of violence in your analogy, in that it’s going quite a bit, too far. Past that, what’s with the first response in the series; beware? Beware of who; her? Lol; I rather doubt if internet smut stands as a hallmark of the aforementioned story upon Scorpio men, lol. Perhaps she should find a nicely subdued capi and shaaadaaap, lol.
    Seriously though; I’m actually most interested in finding a Scorpio female. Having never taken Astrology very serious in the past, I’ve recently read more so upon our anogies than the daily horoscope hype and found it altogether fascinating; as if some of it was written entirely about me, which is simply, too hard to ignore. In fact, and having seen one, too many relationships end in disappointment, based on anything but Astrology, I’m seriously considering posting the best analogy thereof on whatever site and seeing if it doesn’t attract a better mate than otherwise. After all; and when it all boils down, it’s these very qualities that a Scorpio requires in a lasting relationship; therefore, it only makes perfect sense to do so.
    i mean really; how many have actually followed the same old pattern, never actually finding anything past, “I’d do that?” Ahhhh! Regardless of what the alleged, fairer sex here might want to say, I know what it is you think, lol. For we’re all the same back scratching, toe curling creatures down deep, who would appreciate some intellectuality after the fact. For when your partner is sitting there all quiet and plotting thereafter, a Scorpio’s mind will damn near read theirs, and the esp is never good. Seriously, haven’t any of you simply just known what it is they’re thinking? I couldn’t be the only living, breathing lie detector out there. And I tend to believe a Scorpio’s intuition to be far beyond the average.
    I mean really; you know bs when you hear it, but you’ll sit there and talk, smile, and continue like you’re oblivious; yet your mind is slowly chewing on the information given you; and hours, maybe even days later, it surfaces again as fact; and you’re suddenly rather annoyed and thinking of an appropriate and dignified means to return the favor with lasting and profound affect, lol. For if there’s one thing a Scorpio absolutely can not tolerate, it’s being lied to; which rates right up there with a lack of mutual respect from others, especially when they’re, too mindless and natcissistic to listen to you, let alone value what you have to say…

  75. monadurfinova March 22nd, 2014

    First, let me address William (Shewasmysunshine)–I’m so sorry to hear of your loss;  I can tell how much you loved and adored her by your words—the love you two shared just POURED out in your writing.  In time, the pain of her absence in your life will become less and less and you will soon remember the great times–so hold tight to those memories & thoughts.  Peace be with you….and hang in there 🙂 Now, I met my scorpio man last year online & we’ve been together ever since (for the most part).  When we initially met, we were both shocked at how many things we had in common, at how well we got along, at our similar desires/dreams, etc..& more.  When we met for the first time, it was hard becuase our guards were up; on the fone we seemed to be more open, but in person we seemed more afraid.  After a month, I called things off because I just couldn’t believe he was real/100% & that broke his heart completely.  For 8 months he continued to reach out to me, hoping we could get back together, he kept chasing me & I kept trying so hard to push him away; all along, I was missing him like crazy.  About a month ago, I decided to stop fighting my emotions & I reached out to him and asked if we could work things out & we did.  He forgave me for hurting him & I forgave myself for hurting him & promised him I’d never hurt him like that again.  We’re like magnets which can’t be explained to others.  When I went to see him for the first time since we broke up, it was like icing on the cake-we just glued together & it was as if time had stood still for us.  Our relationship is 10x greater & stronger now than it was last year.  We understand each other better, we get along amazing (always did), the love we share for each other is indescribable, the passion & loyalty we have for each other is amazing, untouchable & so much more.  He’s like no one I’ve ever met & he tells me the same very often.  We’re both in our 30’s and we’ve both experienced many things in life (good & bad) & we know what we want & are making plans to make those things happen together.  We don’t have jealousy, vindictivness, or any of that other negative stuff in our relationship; we trust each other, we’re open & honest with each other & we believe that’s the ONLY way a relationship can work.  We aren’t perfect, however we know how to treat the other.  So for all those who have all these bad things to say about scorpio men/women, there are some exceptions & we’re one of them.  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life & I know he feels the same…actions show & say it all.  

  76. scorpioWoman2 February 6th, 2014

    Forgive but never forget
    –  scorpio woman

  77. Shewasmysunshine January 26th, 2014

    The love my life was a Scorpio woman and I’m a Scorpio man. I’ve never really taken this sort of thing seriously until reading this article just now. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of her…she passed about three years ago. I can honestly say that I feel I shall never love another as deeply as I loved her, and believe i’ve tried… She had this aura, this presence about her. She made everyone in her life want to be a better person, stronger person. I thought the part in the article about skipping the initial steps of meeting someone was funny because that’s pretty much what happened with us. We just instantly clicked one day and were never apart again until the week before her death. That last line of the second to last paragraph “…taking their partner into their soul and experience completeness like never before” was so true…and now that its gone there is nothing. I miss her deeply, life these last few years just feel empty in comparison to the brief moments of ecstasy that was being near “sunshine”. Cherish your loved ones and never let them go. 

  78. allScorpio December 8th, 2013

    Just wondering if anyone has been a female with a male Scorpio but the catch is my male has the same bday as my oldest child my son who are both Scorpio n then my Scorpios son (single daddy) is also a Scorpio so we have two October 27th bdays, mines 11/11, his 13 year old is 11/2…we got into our first fight or rather bickering match is what it became today and I’m worried cause we kept over exposing what were trying to say n then reading each other wrong….first person either of us hasn’t been able to read is each other n it’s driving me bonkers..any tips for me and any tips on how to resolve or bicker matches cause another day like today and I’m afraid we won’t make it…it’s like I couldn’t stop being a sarcastic bitch n he a dick ugh so confused never had this level with anyone not even my ten year Taurus….anyways any tips on any helpful ways to work threw any issues we could be looking forward to is helpful!!!

  79. sexymrs October 4th, 2013

    Since I have been single and dating again, I have had the pleasure of meeting a fellow scopion. We met at a party. I tell you he looked at me and I read his thoughts. I smiled and he smirked and it was on from there.  We had so much fun together, but jealousy and anguing is what drove us apart.  It is true, a scorpio male does not like to show how he really feels, and I do not either. So, when he became jealous over an innocent jester from another male towards me and told me later that he does not like being made to show his anger and jealousy, i knew it was over for us. He never got over it, never could fully trust me, and I could tell it without him speaking a word. So ladies be careful to not make a scorpio male jealous intentinal or unintentionally. For me it was unintentional and I still lost him. 

  80. Tira July 12th, 2013

    On November 4th I had met Peter, on lava life. A site I had made an account with just for fun. I waited 2 weeks before telling him my real name, and on the 28th of november we met, then around january he gave me a promise ring. Somehow, in someway i had been expecting him all my life, I had a dream about him before I met him online. We ended up hitting it off with fireworks. I moved in with him in july 2008 and from there we did sweet things for each other, we lived pretty much in a shoe box, but it didn’t matter cause we were at our happiest peak. Nothing mattered except for us. Then I got pregnant around June 2009 and we had our first Daughter in Jan 27 ( Our little Aquarius) then we had another one in 2011 ( our little Cancer) after the second things started to get more aggressive and we would argue almost everyday. He would come home, i would greet him and we would just separate to our separate rooms, sex was lacking a lot, i would get rejected a lot since he always put the tired excuse on me, he started to hurt me with his rejections. I would be with the 2 babies all day and he was the one person i could talk to, i had left my friends and family behind, since all to me what mattered was peter. He did not like going out, the mall would bother him, people would bother him since he worked at a retail store. Everytime we were out he would lose his patience easily or become aggressive when he was hungry. He would have sex with me when he wanted to, when he was in the mood, but for it would never work out since there was no romance in the relationship anymore, or communication for that matter. After a year we decided to get married, i had lost a lot weight and i had to get my wedding dress resized, I made the mistake of not telling him how much it would cost, it was $250 to resize it and he freaked out, exploding on the sales lady and made me cry all the way home. Like dominos all the hurt he had done to me, i couldn’t take it anymore. My devotion for him died that day, i no longer had patience, any desire to have sex, i found his smell disgusting and cooking for him was a bother. I didn’t want to pick up after him either. I ended up talking to someone online instead (capricorn) and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think i would have started to love myself again. Then my scorpian man found out, after that he couldn’t forget about it, he changed his attitude for the better, but I couldn’t forget the past and I was no longer willing to for him anymore, he didn’t arouse me, his kisses didn’t send me shivers down my spine anymore, I was no longer inlove. All i could think about was ending it but it was difficult each time i thought about my daughters, eventually he had a breakdown cause i asked him 5 times to break it off, then i started to talk someone else online. After that, we ended it. It hurts everytime I think about how happy we were, and how it all got ruined. It hurts and makes me cry because he was such a strong man, but my pride came first and I just couldn’t forgive all the nights I cried before going to bed.

  81. daisyv81 May 1st, 2013

    i forgot sense of righteousness holier than though attitude there so extremely by the book

  82. daisyv81 May 1st, 2013

    I found these to be true in all scorpio man….
    1. There jealous /posessive
    2. hotheads
    3. big time liars they do it for fun …also they tend exagerate            or minimalise facts to there convience
    4.Most people say scorpio are loyal and they are with there
     heart not with there penis …of course theres exception when the scorpio guy is head over hills in love with HER but fears her and knows she wont take his crap if she finds out! so there cheaters
    5.passionate they want quantity dont worry too much about quality
    7. most of them are into mistical stuff
    9.funny as heck

  83. daisyv81 May 1st, 2013

    Then there was Miles… husband we have been together for 5 years we dated a year moved in  six months from that  and we were married six months from that,,,I have been married for 3 years we are still going strong we are a “power couple” movers and shakes of our society so to speak….since the begining of our relationship it always felt like a competition who can out do the other with kindness he does something for me like wash my car and i would return the favor by washing his, he would buy me an outfit well next day i would go out and buy him some shoes ,he would put gas in my car or put money in my wallet ……i would go to his apartment clean it wash his clothes. he’s very reliable and sincerely conserned about my well being. ohh but when we fight its like the end of the world like total chaos and anarchy yelling screaming and a total drama an unleashed tornado …..more than once we have been close to calling it quits but then one of us humbles down and says lets not agree your right in your head and im right in mine …but is not worth losing it all! we get over it and move on …..

  84. daisyv81 May 1st, 2013

    then there was Edgar I met him at a party and we were in a relationship for a year and a halph there really was nothing solid there only mind blowing sex and fighting ohh did we fight i remember being miserble for a year and a half but very sexually satisfied ….he would pick me up and say “hey how about a dinner and a movie “i would be like sure well things never went as planned first we would F*** then went out to eat then had sex on the way back to my house in his car!! we couldnt help it …

  85. daisyv81 May 1st, 2013

    Well I have read most of the comments and they all share the same story of “the one that got away”…..Im a scorpio (11-02-81)woman and I have had 3 relationships with scopio  guys my best friend NELSON in college (a RED HOT CUBAN) he was the BIG man on campus ….he was that hot….I had a hugee crush on him and visa versa he read me like a book and so did I mean we were inseperable we respected each other a little bit too much !!!to this day….I cant figure out WHY we were not a couple….I remember when we met he asked me my age and i was 2 years older than him (i have always liked older  man and  he always liked younger ladies)and we both sighted really loud at the same time we giggled at that it was super funny … I remember him calling me SCORPIO,,we would call each other that…but he got super mad if anyone else called me or him that he would say “daisy, is the only one that can call me that” or “hey her name is daisy and unless your me you dont call her scorpio” people would always  say your boyfriend this or that I would correct them and if nelson was there he would be sooo super pissed for that so i graduated he droped out we lived 14 hours away from each other fist we would talk all day everiday but as time went by we went our seperate ways to this day i dont know anithing from him not his adress phone facebook nothing,,,,,

  86. ScorpioMan-SandyCarlsbad February 14th, 2013

    Voce acha que podemos ” Gordinha ” ?  How will the “magic” of forgiveness work for you ?  Since it took a year for you to respond, I shall check it back your answer in 1 year as well ?  L U 2, since the very first day, and even have hope we will have the magic to learn about being humble, otherwise, withouth the desire to become a beter human being, it will be impossible for you and me. 
    I never doubted your inteligence ScorpioWoman2…so move on !!!  Although, I may have to “sting” you a couple of times for you to “learn”.  But, if only for 1 second you could feel my touch again, you will remember our past, as you do till this day – as I do about you. 
    Let’s not be proud once again, let’s have unselfish and eternal love, or let just be with “someone” for the sake of it ! 

  87. scorpioWoman2 December 18th, 2012

    If we love enough and believe the magic of love, we can turn dream into reality. Love you –   scorpio woman. 

  88. […] but i read mine sometimes and can just see bits of me in it. i also remember reading what happened two scorpios get together. it was both inspiring and made me worry a […]

  89. Sandy-Scorpio-III January 17th, 2012

    “A LOVED letter from a Scorpio to another Scorpio” – My only and truly loved one.
    I would have to say, My Scorpio love will know who I am, and thus I won’t say more, but you may relate to this story.
    We met about 15 years ago. Under the most “crazy circunstances”.  The first time I saw her, I knew she noticed me, althoug she was very discrete. She also knew other women spoke about me to her, but I had to notice only her (can bet you the other females were not Scorps), as laser focus, probably the other gals did not have the intensity in their looks, but as usual they do!  
    I have no idea what she thought of me.  It was practically impossible to read her, as astute, and “king of mind games” as I thought I was.  But she could never read me either, and when we both tryed to figure and judge each other, some dark periods in our lives came in.  
    I am not sure why I was attracted to her if (I thought, really!) I could have anywoman I wanted -typical Scorpio Self-Confidence ( I loved Leo women, and Taurus women, always did for 25 years), but had to fall for her, the powerful Scorp female.  It was a power struggle between the two from the start! Cold one day, Fire the next !  Or better, cold one minute, fire the next.  No shades of grey.  It is very tiring sometimes.
    Despite the famous :Scorpio trying to mate for life “Thought” engraved in my mind to find the partner that is “worthy” since a kid (and I was commited at that time in this search) !
    We lost each other in a serious of bad mistakes many years ago, and and don’t know if we will ever be able to gain trust on each other.  Only if we become more evolved Scorps.  I try hard, besides my many downfalls.
    Long story short, I lost as much as 10 pounds, I used to “vomit” in grief and desperation to have my Scorpio woman back, cryed alone for months… (nothing I ever dreamed to be GREAT in any other women could even match her ).  For many years, I dreamed I was going to have her in my arms again.  She gave me strenght no other women gave me, she admire me, as I did admire her, and wish to believe I also gave her the same strenght.  We could reach and achieve anything together,  And I never felt such a warm “hug” from any other women.  And I dated over, well you won’t believe, so, I keep it to myself !
    Despite all our power struggles, fights, drama, passion, (LOVE, and part is only between me and her …not you  🙂  ) and something I was never able to prove to her:  my love, as she never did it to me, I dissapoinped her, as she did it to me 10 times worst.  
    Despite all the negative, the posite was 1000 times better.  My desire to have her body, soul and mind, as I had it before, is constantly with me.  And I did, even if for a short time.
    Despite knowing she was, and still is the love of my life, I will simply, and never let her “run the show” and she is not into being runned by  nobody (this creature, has a mind of its own), but still, somehow, she thinks she is at the same stature as men, and they are, trust ME! (Yes I know, we male Scorps are jerks, but also honest about the female qualities !  And I really don’t care of what you think of me, I am the representation of a Scorpio Man !  I am a symple mortal Trying to overcome my curses and focus on my “blessed gifts”, if any.
    I know I will be happy with any women, trust me!  Specially the tender pisces, as she will with any men, specially the, just Libra”, but I also know that in love, we simply do not settle for “second class” in anything related to shallow, superficial, people not able to hold an opinion, and what many judge as “loosers” – not me cause I am not anyone to judge -, since we want the best, and nothing shallow or superficial can become the centers of our attention forever.  So, as I know you are listening, and mentioned that one day we would meet and be together, I tell you, maybe we won’t !  Or to my surprise, we will, in a “distant” present be forever happy, “probably killing each other on the bad days, and being where few women have been before on the good days.  I will give you children.
    And this time with no masks, games, suspicions, manipulations, or speeding-up the end of long time relationships, forgetting all the bad sides if you wish the same, you will have to be honest, patient, never, ever betray me again, and not what we have proved to each other, not the half honesty we should have w/ each other.
    As I may suspect you may decide to move on with your life, as one day I said I would move with mine with passion, but remember: it is better to have loved once, as we both did each other, and no other, that never have loved at all.  I love the article beacause it exemplify our lives.
    I love you, forever.
    PS.: I could not agree more in this article

  90. pm23 September 16th, 2011

    Wow..@QB I am a scorpion woman, my daughters father is a scorpio as well..Their is something about this bond I cannot put into words..Our relationship is unfortunately broken,and we have hurt and lied to eachother to much to make it work..That is the sad thing.I feel like we feel eachothers emotions,and think of eachother even when we want or don’t want to.I truly feel in love,and that is the best thing aside from our baby girl he gave me..If their wasn’t such a broken pause in our past? Their might have been a chance.I think he is still locked to his ex-wife..She is a cancer ((Damnit))…They “supposively” bond the best with them–I don’t know..I’m still in love,and as mysterious as we are us two? I want him to know me, I want him to see “me”…

  91. jniowens September 13th, 2011

    I am a Scorpio very first and only love was with a Scorpio man in which he is my daughters father…I still love him to this day and I know he feels the same for me… We were high school sweethearts until drugs were more important..So I asked him to leave to raise my daughter…having a relationship with this man was the best relationship I have ever had…he knew what I was thinking before I spoke.. very considerate, never selfish..if he had we had..he was a provider…he cooked..cleaned..never missed a holiday..always brought something home surprising me gifts or gags from the joke shop..before going to work he would leave money on dresser with a note saying buy you something nice..when he came home i may have been taking a bath..he would come in sit on the floor and ask me how was my day..and wash my back so attentive..we could sit for hours talking and laughing about nothing ..or he would reach for my hand and ask me dance to slow jams…he loved me and my daughter very much …when he came home from work if i was cooking he would wash his hands and help..or give baby a bath..wash her hair..even tried to braid it and give her had a wonderful relationship..he knew me like i knew myself..we were one..i cannot say how he managed to get on drugs..i felt cheated … was a hurt that was so deep..this was my love..I tried to be supportive when he went through the 12 step process..he would do good for a while and fall back was very discouraging even thou we were not was a choice i had to make so my daughter would not have to see…he has managed to get his self together over the years..and is doing much better..i wish him nothing but love..because he is truly a good man..He has asked would i be open to marriage..however i believe too many years have gone by..however he will always and forever be my heart…Scorpio men are very passionate and caring..they feel what you feel..they hurt when you hurt..and will protect you with all their strength..the bond they create with you is truly amazing..I recently met a Scorpio man online..we have not met as of yet been talking via phone and texting..wish me luck!!!!

  92. ZSwartz May 12th, 2011

    I met a very loving man who was a Scorpio and so was I. The relationship took off like a rocket and every aspect of our lives just blossomed when we were together. We were inseparable from day one and most of friends were sooooo jealous of our relationship as we were friends, advisors, lovers, confidantes in one with each other. We just couldn’t get sick of each other at all.

    The relationship started fading after a fight we had and no one was backing down and it fizzled off eventually. I find myself thinking of him daily and its impossible for me to grovel as I have so much pride. Moving on is hell for me as I thought he and I were meant to make it. I have even isolated myself form going out as bumping into would kill me.

  93. Brittany March 12th, 2011

    I when with a scopic and im scopic to and he was nice at first until he told me he need a break and that really hurted me because I really trusted him so much I know he young doe but he make me so happy I dnt know

  94. Naomi September 23rd, 2010

    both men and women have to be shocked and appalled these days,,,it is what makes all the difference = dress like his slut…is a change of serious about it…create a scenario in which to meet him and let things fly…change your name, your accent…your dress and lip color…and a wig would help…a nice one in dark blue or black…red also works very well…over the thi stockings in white sheer and thin gold chain around her waist…give him the end of the chain…make certain it is long……… you need more suggestion?

  95. Naomi September 23rd, 2010

    Caroline~show him what you can do ~forget about him during the act~use different clothing…different moves…act casual…get up and make a blogney sandwich and leave…believe me ..he will call…but don’t hesitate…they have to be shook up….Naomi

  96. Caroline September 20th, 2010

    I’m a Scorpio female who went out with a Scorpio male for five years before finding out he had a massive internet addiction (a secret fantasy sex life online with other women, which had completely killed our own).
    We tried to make it work but I couldn’t trust him any more and it brought all our other issues to the surface. I am now eternally grateful we broke up as I can see his unadventurous, static ways – along with his addiction – were holding me back. Over time he’d completely sucked my confidence and personality out of me.

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