Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Scorpio woman and Pisces man are highly compatible due to shared interests, emotional depth, and a desire for an exclusive bond.
  • Yes, they have a strong sexual connection based on unspoken understanding, mystery, and mutual satisfaction.
  • A Scorpio woman can attract a Pisces man with her intelligence, sweet nature, and supportive attitude.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 256 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Scorpio and Pisces find much in common in almost all aspects of life and interests. Pisces is more than likely to appreciate Scorpio’s intensity and depth of feeling, while, Scorpio admires, the submissive attitude of Pisces lover. Both of them are focused on an intimate and exclusive bonding.

A Pisces man is, overall, a gentle creature. He is pretty laid back and easy going. He loves being in a cozy and secured environment. His decision making capabilities are quite weak and he tends to rely on others to make them for him. As Pisces man lives his life one can sense a charm and charisma from him as well as a soothing attitude showing that nothing really bothers him. Most consistent way to insure loyalty from Pisces man is to have complete faith in his honesty and to let him know his love and support is desired and valued.

Scorpio woman has a glorious womanhood that comes off as sweet natured, perhaps a bit quiet, and very intelligent, but there is much more going on under the surface. She is a truly complicated woman, and one of the most difficult types to understand. A mastermind of understanding the emotions and motivations of others, a Scorpio woman is not readily willing to give up her own. It takes a special type of man to make her feel as though she can sincerely trust him. But during her courtship with the right person she is strongly loyal and fine woman with all qualities of head and heart.

The relationship that forms between Pisces man and Scorpio woman is very deep on many different levels. It is also quite exciting and evocative on both the sides. Once these two have fallen in love, they get to know the true meaning of connection. Their dreams are tremendous and their ideas are never ending. This is hard for either of them to come by. They both seem as though they are quite good at dreaming. Their love is not all glory, however. It holds some troubles and heartaches along the way. Although Scorpio woman thinks her Pisces man is not ambitious enough and doesn’t seem to want a lot out of life, he shows her different but in a different way. He has his own views on getting what he wants and achieving security for himself and his lover. But for the most part, they are born to love each other.

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Pisces man gathers the attention of his Scorpio woman through his tenderness and submissive attitude. She always finds him very supportive and undemanding with a lot to give in both love and life. Their deep emotions for each other run deep and they flow together so well mentally as well as intellectually. Scorpio woman and her immense control and her will power are a great quality in keeping their love alive, as is Pisces man and his colorful and vibrant thoughts and ideas. He always admires his Scorpio woman and gives her all she deserves with true feeling. Pisces man is calm, affectionate and has the ability to turn a bad situation around with his imagination and make it better. Between these two, this bond becomes strong and long lasting.

The graciously melodious relationship of the Scorpio woman and Pisces man is smooth sailing unison on sparkling water that is so flowery and exciting that it can puzzle the others and force them to admire the beauty of their oneness. They both know where to begin and how to keep on flowing gently with love. As the light of romance dances in their eyes and they look over each other’s flaws to melt in essence of passion, they create a magical world of their own where happiness is reflected through Scorpio woman’s eyes and Pisces man’s charming smile. They are way too generous to take care of each other and bring some lovely changes to make the life more worthwhile. As the music flows through the air with mild fragrance, the Pisces man and Scorpio woman blend all of them beautifully to bind for ever and make an eternal relationship with joy and peace hovering around!

The sexual bond between Scorpio woman and Pisces man is not necessarily an outspoken one. They both tend to keep secrets from others. It is in their nature to do so, however, intimately it is a different story. No words need to be said as Scorpio woman just knows how to satisfy her Pisces man. She knows just what he wants, just what he needs and how to keep him at peace. This excites her immensely. Scorpio woman is also quite good at pursuing him in such a way that he thinks he is doing the pursuing. They both get satisfaction from this which, in turn, increases their love for each other. Because they both seem to know what the other one wants, no words need to be said and this adds a bit more mystery to it all. The connection is simply other worldly and they become in awe of each other. They have this quiet passion about them that rests on a field of intensity that is just waiting to grow above and beyond anything they could ever dream.

Pisces man is better off learning, from the start, that to be honest with his Scorpio woman is the best way to go for everyone involved. If she even remotely senses that he is holding something back from her, she becomes agitated and that is not a good thing. Also, she can learn from her Pisces man on how easy it can be to actually forgive someone rather than holding a grudge for eternity. The connection between Pisces man and Scorpio woman is one of a deep enrichment that is actually indescribable. They connect on so many levels and just seem to flow together so nicely. Scorpio woman shows him the ways of honesty and the confidence in knowing they are able to weather any storm and Pisces man can show her that it is not so bad to forgive and forget. Together they are very happy and close couple.

Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Excellent
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. M November 3rd, 2022

    Stereotypical much? I don’t approve of this analysis on Pisces man on its own.. biased and negative.
    You left aside Pisceans’ emotional intelligence, their fear and tentativeness, and NOT their lack of motivation and slackness, their mind is an incredible fertile ground for creativity and innovation and this motivates them to implement it. The public and rookie astrologers have a tendency on focusing on underdeveloped and stereotypical aspects of Pisces.
    Pisceans often please others yes, but due to their reclusive and unpredictable nature, they are often not so submissive especially the females. Also they like to intuitively scan people, rhyme and finally select over being approached.. Xx

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  3. Word Finder July 11th, 2022

    When I was with a guy who had the sign of Pisces, he was quite powerful in both his demeanor and in bed. He was really masculine, perhaps even too masculine at times, but my goodness, was he nice and seductive at the same time!

    • M November 3rd, 2022

      simply because this analysis is stingily stereotyped. Don’t fall for it.

  4. Robert May 30th, 2022

    laszlo bagu Sounds like you’re not very secure with your sexuality and being submissive in no form means you’re a “wimp” or not a man. I’m both dominate and submissive. If my woman wants to be dominate I’m perfectly comfortable with my man hood and sexuality to let her be dominate. Plus that can be so fricking hot. I think you’re a very close minded individual and it not all about beating your chest to see how dominate you can be over a woman. Plus it sounds like you’re the type to make a point to a woman about being dominant because you’re fighting with your true feelings as being a submissive. Get to know yourself better and realize any real relationship is a two way street.

  5. laszlo bagu May 12th, 2022

    OK, this sounds like a potentially great pairing except for one teensy tiny little detail: ‘submissiveness’ on the part of the fish guy. Enough with the submissive BS already! We’re not DEAD fish packed on ice at the Tokyo market. We’re alive & kicking…OK…kinda squirming and slithering. Pisces dudes: WAKE UP ALREADY! Don’t let people keep assuming that we’re total wimps. As for everybody else, if your Pisces dude keeps pulling the ‘wimpy’ SMACK HIM UP BUT GOOD! Trust me, his spine will benefit, and maybe some other organs besides.

    • Maryann May 23rd, 2022

      I’ve been with a Pisces guy and he was quite dominant in both demeanor and in bed. He was very very masculine, a bit overly masculine but wow was he sexy and sweet also.

    • Maryann May 23rd, 2022

      I’ve been with a Pisces guy and he was quite dominant in both demeanor and in bed. He was very very masculine

    • Kisho Alexander August 24th, 2022

      I’m a Pisces man. I recommend all Pisces to get into Philosophy. It helps with the sensitivity. Understand that you will not be able to stay the nice guy forever. You as a man will long for power and control. Learn it and use it to kill your enemies with kindness but deadlinesses.

      I recently got myself a Scorpio. She’s controlling and demands attention but here’s the thing. She’s still a woman. Men are the dominators it is in our nature. There is a difference between dominance and aggressive. Set boundaries and follow them. Let her know and feel your presence and allow her to understand that even tho she has power, you are allowing it to be that way.

      Let her know that it’s ok for her to lead but the moment she can’t. You have it under control even greater then she could have ever.

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  7. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    In this case, Pisces needs to be mature. While Scorpio needs to be trusting.
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    Hope it helps! xoxo

  8. Moon Reader October 29th, 2019

    I think this can work, if Pisces is mature…and Scorpio is trusting.
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    Hope this helps! xoxo

    • Ari May 26th, 2021

      Yes I am a Scorpion Woman and still have not found one mature Pisces male. Yes sure good in bed but what else can he offer me I can’t get myself.

  9. Taneka October 15th, 2019

    I’ve been knowing my Pisces male for 24 year’s, and now talking about having a relationship with each other, but we been friends this whole time, he’s had kids and so did I. Seeing everyone else response gives me hope in knowing we will work out

  10. Vale September 11th, 2019

    I am finally dating my best friend who happens to be a Pisces. We have been friends two years prior before making anything official. At first he was really stand offish when we made things official, and he gets in his own head a lot until I was able to snap him out of it and ever since he is the biggest most absolute mush there is. Constant hugs and kisses, so much affection and it’s been great. The sex always is amazing and being intimate and having it be amazing is very important to me… and him as well. He is 38 and I am 26… he has said he has never met anyone like me before. He does have his tantrums, and I have always helped him and calmed him down and he appreciates it to no end… I always have his back like he does with mine. We are each other’s support system. We plan on staying with one another forever and start a family soon 🙂

    • Mae September 16th, 2019

      We weirdly share the same story, the only difference is he’s 31 and I’m 28. we met in college and he was my friend for two years before we started a relationship. it is like a fairy-tale relationship. we plan to start a family soon. I don’t ever want to lose him.He complements me in damn way.

  11. Carol August 31st, 2019

    My Pisces man is the best for me being a Scorpio woman. Been married 30 happy years. He’s the bread winner. He’s always there for me anytime. I fuss more then he does and we always work out issues. He’s funny, smart and loving. We melt mind body and soul. Sex is amazing.

  12. Gmu August 30th, 2019

    In my opinion, the scorpion woman is completely empty.

  13. Valerie June 10th, 2019

    He hit me on my face.

    • Marisol June 11th, 2019

      my pisces man is the kind of person to slap you in the face because he is soOOoOoooOo sensitive and your tone of voice was “off”

  14. Annis June 3rd, 2019

    Pisces man will ride on your back and enjoy his life with and without you in luxury…. while you work hard to secure your life. He will enjoy how scorpios hard work makes his life easier and better. Pisces men do not like to be responsible and they do not like hard work. They seek out women that can bring them to the top. Then they will leave the Scorpio woman for another when he finally has the life status and the women that inevitably come.

    I’m serious. While I worked and went to college. No time to work on my self. No time to do anything for my own enjoyment. He was doing the least effort while relying on me to mke ends meet. He spend his time laying around and going to bars, at the gym improving himself. And working on becoming “famous” in social media which was a flop but all these things introduced him to a looooot of women. All while I worked hard and didn’t have the time and energy to improve myself to make a better life for the both of us.

    Pisces are users.

  15. Annis June 2nd, 2019

    Actually the worst man for a Scorpio woman ever. Liar. Emotionally manipulative. Throws tantrums yet I am expected to be polite and hold my emotions when they are too much for him. He get to do whatever he wants while I am emotionally punished for doing anything that he doesn’t like. He is so controlling yet he throws a fit when I even glance at the back of his phone. I am serious. He looks at my eyes to see if I am looking at his phone that buzzed while it is face down on the table. And he throws a fit for it. Pisces men are not worth it. Oh and the sex is not good anyway. The first times were mind blowing. Then it quickly became lacking in passion and even…. hardness down there. The comments about pieces man and wandering eyes is truth. When I point it out he gets belligerent angry. Even threatens to break up with me. The most emotionally abusive man I have known. He was given everything in life and therefore got to a high position. Still somehow he barely makes money for his qualifications and doesn’t try. I come from a struggling background and I make less money than him. I work much harder than he does but he thinks he is the one that sweats more just because he makes more money. And he does not like to pay my way. We split the cost of every thing. I am almost in debt while he buys himself every new things he wants. He asks me blantantly for expensive Christmas and birthday gifts and to buy them for him despite being poor. He gets me a bargain stuffed animal or something random and cheap. He is so cheap and will not give up anything for anyone else. Even his heart or emotions. Always me that needs to compromise. I honestly hope the worst happens to him. But if he keeps being such an arse to people I’m sure it will.

    • Sadscorpio June 6th, 2019

      Did we date the same man? Sex was great in the beginning and now he literally just lays and waits for me to touch him from soft to hard until he is ready. And I hop on and I don’t even want to because he is so unenthusiastic until he gets aroused. But why is he not aroused and wanting me in the first place? And I just feel so crappy it feels like the r word. Then I just hate myself and him. Seething red hot hate. I met a guy. A Leo. That I have intense chemistry with. We almost had sex but I held back because I am still with Pisces man. But I know the sex would have been sooooo good with him. I hate my Pisces so much.

      • Maria June 6th, 2019

        If you hate him so much just break up with him. Why waste your time if you’re unhappy. I personally would not ever engage in sex with a man who showed no interest and didn’t do the work…

        Its such a turn off! Hope you find that happiness and soon

      • Sadscorpio June 7th, 2019

        Trust me Maria I am not turned on. We use lube. I don’t know. I think I am just trying to shut down the pain of this situation so I have become completely emotionally numb to this man. I just go through the motions. I know he will throw a tantrum if I don’t do this whole thing of touching his soft thing until it is hard enough to somehow work and have sex with him. He will blame me for not wanting to have sex and run out of the house to go to a bar and yell and me if I demand to know where he is. So he controls me in this way.

        I think I may have a chance with a new man so we will see. I will leave this Pisces man. Not even fight with him anymore. Just leave in the dead of night so he will wake up and I will already be gone and in another mans bed. Hopefully.

      • Maria June 7th, 2019

        It sounds like you live together. That can be tricky. Yeah hes going to be a baby that doesn’t get his way. But life is too short to live it on someone elses terms. And it is what it is. Even if you don’t leave him for someone else, leave for yourself. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

      • ScorpioQueen July 8th, 2021

        Wow it’s the opposite for me (Scorpio woman) I was miserable with Leo man (things got worse after we had a child) and fell in love with Pisces man. I left manipulative Leo, he became controlling & im a woman who can’t be controlled so there was constant problems, sex started off amazing, he began cheating with multiple women, and started denying me & became verbally and emotionally abusive. My Pisces is the opposite of all of that, and we built a friendship of 5 years before having sex. Our chemistry is out of this world, and the sex is sooo passionate …

    • Anonymous Scorp. December 4th, 2022

      Annis, after reading everything you mentioned about a Pisces man I believe is a biased perception. Just hear me out. First off, you generalized the Pisces man as a liar. No in depth explanations to what your Pisces man did wrong. You were very vague about it. Second, from your intake about him seems to me you have trust issues. I think you don’t make yourself vulnerable to tell him first. In which led you to go through his phone. Third, I don’t think you take accountability for what you caused into the relationship with your Pisces man who is considered to be your equal. I believe that’s what caused you to only see what things he did wrong only for us Scorpio women to jump to conclusions. Lastly, just try to work on being honestly with yourself before giving advice to others. The last thing anyone wants to hear about us Scorpio women is that we are complicated and we’re not.

  16. SEGARO BOZART April 6th, 2019

    The chicken or the egg? Trust him and he won’t wander. Don’t and he’ll be all over the place.

    Whatever you think, your right.

    • butterfly April 11th, 2019

      This is exactly the kind of shit pisces man will say when you’ve caught him in something. You think we are stupid? I know what you are trying to do. You just dont want to be blamed for cheating, making it out like the scorpio woman had it coming for her by not trusting. You shouldnt cheat anyway, and instead try to win her trust! If you cheat it just goes to show you dont care at all about the relationship, and this is what makes us sooooo untrusting of you pisces in the first place.

      • Annabella April 19th, 2019

        I absolutely agree !!!!8!! Lol. Tell it dawlin!!!

  17. Cyn November 27th, 2018

    Nope. When Pisces says he wants space he want it to daydream about the cute girl he saw earlier, he might even fantasize about her when he’s in bed with you. He wants space to do whatever he wants at any time without being questioned or feel guilty about t. If he ever rarely feels guilt like a normal human being, he will blame and eventually resent you for it. He will lie. Even if you confront him with evidence and tell him either way you will never talk to him again, he will still lie. These men feel no guilt for things they have done

    • Val March 14th, 2019

      Cyn, I can’t trust my Pisces man either! Though I am in deep love with him. He leaves a possibility for himself to see other women when he wants to. And he made it clear for me, at the same time saying that he loves me. I guess he has a different understanding what love is about..So, I am in a constant fear and anxiety . And I can’t just leave, because when we are together it feels soo magical like with no one else. What to do?…( Sigh)

      • Chysalis March 31st, 2019

        SAME!! I love him but his eyes wander too much. We will be having a romantic dinner and he is looking the waitress up and down SO obviously with real hunger in his eyes, the way he looks at me in bed. I remember exactly what all these girls looked like, the ones he stares at and it haunts me. My self esteem has gone down so much. He shows me a lot of love, but I just can’t overlook this problem of being attracted to so many other girls. Scorpios are overthinkers. I always wonder what would happen if one of these girls saw him staring and decided to pursue him? But when I read all these other comments… it’s mostly us girls gushing about the guys…. not the other way around lol. And when I read these, I can see that he only gives her the bare minimum and we just blow it up into something so big. My relationship was smooth when I used to ignore the way he is around other women, I started to confront him because the feeling is unbearable! Then things started going south. I think he hates me now, and he dangles commitment over me and threatens to take it away.

      • Leila April 17th, 2019

        This is so EXACTLY my Pisces ex it’s like you’re all writing about him! Totally wandering eyes, total disrespect for me, going out on dates with other women ‘friends’ and exes and even one one occasion, messaging and asking his friends ex out for dinner because things with me and him were so bad, even when we were living together, And when I had a problem with it all, it was all my fault for being a controlling ‘psycho’. Sigh. I was deeply, deeply in love with him and attached to him and it broke me when we split up, but I’m definitely better off now. Trust me ladies, he’s not worth it. Leave now or be broken if he’s that kind of pisces. I’m dating another one now, and he is a thousand times better and more honest than my ex.

  18. Sarah November 16th, 2018

    Ok question! I’ve recently started seeing a Pisces & I rly can’t read him? We’ve been friends for years but we lost touch for several years are just recently have been spending time together. We don’t see each other everyday, we live 2 hours apart but I’m fine with that, I prefer time away from my significant other, im super loyal but I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my time? He didn’t used to pay more attention to me than a normal friend would I guess. I was nervous to see him again bc he’s SO smart—I’m a sapiosexual, brains are sexy asf— so we spent a year-ish talking about getting together before we did see each other again and now that we’ve slept together we talk everyday so thats an improvement for sure but it’s noncomplimentary 90% of the time, I do say sweet things (not too much, I don’t want to seem pushy or excessive or needy or clingy—even tho I am a Scorpio & do want some reassurance) & most of the time I’m okay w the general responses I get from him but I’m confused to the point of not knowing if we are dating or if he’s j sleeping w me for the sake of sex? We’re both attractive people, he doesn’t seem to get jealous easily which I love. I’d never cheat on anyone, I’d leave way before that and Like everyone says, it’s not a Pisces thing to be malicious, so I’m wondering if I’m overthinking? One day I’ll think “ok maybe he’s not that into me, sucks but ok, it is what it is.” Then the next day he’ll show me he might be in it to win it after all? He’s a lawyer & I’m a nurse, we both are v busy, so I understand that he has a lot going on like me and doesn’t have to reach out at all but idk how to tell if he sees me as his gf? He opens the doors for me, he pays even when I try to, but we’re from the south so that’s like normal here.. he doesn’t check out other girls in public or talk about his ex’s thank GOD but I’m too nervous to try and hold his hand and he doesn’t reach for mine so I’m all kinds of confused. Does this part take awhile for them or will he like ask me or introduce me as his gf out of the blue or what? I’m not insecure so to speak but I do prefer to know where I stand esp when sex is involved. I’m too nervous about saying the wrong thing to come right out and ask him. The fear of rejection is too real. I hate this part! H e l p! 🙁

    • Maria November 16th, 2018

      Sarah, I was the same way. Afraid to ask out if fear of rejection… what if he says something like yeah I like you but I dont know what I want.
      Don’t be afraid to ask because YOU should know where your life us headed.
      If he isnt saying anything, ask. And tell him what you want/need. If he isnt on the same, fuck him. He shouldn’t get the goods without commitment!
      Trust me.

    • Maria November 16th, 2018

      Sorry for the typos. If he isnt on the same PAGE… tell him to buzz off.
      Wasting your time.

    • Jessica January 14th, 2019

      Oh sweetie breathe. I am a Scorpio dating a Pisces for the second time . It ended because of my bad attitude last time . They are very confusing but we also analyze the shit out of everything. I have learned this time he wouldn’t be with me if he didn’t want too. He is moody but he makes up for it with his sweet personality . Just go with the flow .

    • kristi March 13th, 2019

      Pisces are mysterious or so they say but the strange thing is I’m a Scorpio woman who was let down by every man my fairytale gone until I met my Pisces and words can’t describe the magic no words are even needed cause we read each other it’s crazy it’s a love girls dream of and spend life trying to find. We read each other’s mind it seems he taught me to trust again and with no effort if ones sick or has a pain etc the other does to the passion in bed is effortless fireworks just happen he’s my best friend my soulmate he’s now checked into rehab cause he wants to be a better man and I completely understand that although he is perfection in my eyes anyway he makes me want to be better and when my Scorpio rages fly he calms me in seconds from somewhere far away. Girls fall at his feet and scratch their head in wonder cause he never showed them any interest but since the day we met hes Mr romantic respectful Prince charming opening the car door on his mustang for me telling me to drive no one drives that car it’s undeniable I’m in love with everything about him and when the once untamable beast found his Scorpio soulmate he treats her (me)like a queen and while he’s away I feel I’m missing my air to breathe but I trust his love and our bond so strong there’s no question we will be fine. I truly believe if for some reason we ever chose to part though it would be catastrophic to us we are really that in tune in every aspect I wish everyone in life experienced a love so magical and rare

  19. bean November 7th, 2018

    A match made in hell. Pisces will USE scorpio woman for sex and money! There is an emotional connection… but this is just how they survive.. they form this connection to leech off women. They love strong determined women like scorpio because they know we can provide these needs and they can lay back and relax! The worst is that they will always desire other women! As someone else mentioned, they have a curiosity about women that no amount of love, care and support will get rid of. Hate them!

    My first pisces ex saw me as a paycheck I’m sure. I paid our rent, took over his car payments, and he never tried to help us get out of our financial situation. He just lived off me and food stamps… he acted like he was contributing SO much with the food stamps and would get angry when I tried to bring up that I was actually working hard to give us the life we had. He would just stay in the apartment I was paying for all day, telling me he was looking for jobs (he was unemployed for over a year) while on facebook chatting with girls he used to have a crush on, and I’m sure he still has crushes on… and watching porn. The disrespect! I eventually checked out emotionally and started emotionally cheating with a man at my REAL JOB. He caught me texting him in bed but at this point I didn’t even care. I kicked him out and good riddance.

    Pisces ex number two. He didn’t ask much of me in the beginning. Actually he RAN from commitment. He hurt me so much because he made it clear he didn’t want the “label” of boyfriend and later when he was generous enough to give me the label, he told me he is not going to be ready or marriage in the next ten years. I didn’t even hint at it for him to say this…. I should have seen what an insult this was! But I loved him and he showed me so much love I overlooked it. One day he asked a question about my family’s inheritance as he knew my parents lived in a really nice big house. Suddenly he started talking about marriage and MOVING IN WITH MY PARENTS. The worst part is that he had a wandering eye and would stare at females IN FRONT OF ME. It was so embarrassing. He did it so obviously I think even the women he stared at were feeling bad for me. He just wanted me for the security while he lusts after other women….

  20. Cc October 30th, 2018

    Hi Maria. You are right. It only matters who you love and what you feel. Eventually you will end up with the person for you. I am a Scorpio woman and my Pisces man was “madly in love” with an Aquarius while with me and they are getting married now…. If I would have known this I would have cheated with this Leo man at my job who was so delicious and yes I had an equally if not greater intense connection with him too. Now he transferred and since I was so loyal I never got his contact information! This is years later and this Leo is still on my mind tbh. I still have regrets for not at least trying to be friends with him even though my gut told me that I want him bad.

    There’s is a new man in my life. He is an Aries born in the cusp of Pisces so I am checking both! I can see both signs in him. But I really hope he is more Aries than Pisces! March 21. I am done with liar Pisces with weak love that always keeps you wanting more never satisfied.

    • Maria October 31st, 2018

      Sorry to hear that. If its any consolation Pisces and Aqua can work but not always. I have to ask what sign are you? I agree with what you said- follow your gut and your heart. At least that way you wont ever say “what if” maybe you can find the Leo on fb. 🙂

      • cc October 31st, 2018

        I don’t care anymore! Honestly it was the best thing that could have happened to me because there were so many things I wasn’t happy about in the relationship but I pushed it aside because I wanted to be with him. He never made me feel like I am the only woman that is right for him, or that I was the best woman he’s been with. And he had a wandering eye. And the LIES! This woman was the final straw, but I thank her for taking him away from me and allowing me to be free from loving him.

        I am scorpio. I have a man now! He is an aries born march 21, so on the aries-pisces cusp which frightens me lol. I had such a bad experience with pisces. I see both aries and pisces in him even though when I enter his birthday it says he is aries. I regret not pursuing the leo because my pisces had another woman anyways… but I am very happy with my aries now. He is everything I dreamed of as a little girl for what I wanted in a man, and he actually makes me feel a passionate love. With pisces you always feel hungry for love, which is how us scorpios get addicted, but with aries I can feel this hunger filling up and I feel really complete.

      • Maria October 31st, 2018

        That is good to hear! Hope everything works out for you. My dad is Aries, March 21st and he’s very much an Aries. My Pisces on the other hand is the last day of Pisces, the 20th. With Aries traits but definitely a pisces. I think its safe to say your bf is an Aries. Maybe he has some pisces in his chart somewhere.

      • cc November 2nd, 2018

        Thank you! I didn’t want to mention it before it was official, but I are now officially engaged with my march 21 aries as of yesterday 🙂 Maybe there is something with scorpio women and men born in the middle of march! My ex was a february pisces and an empty relationship. My fiance has mercury in pisces, but yes you are right, he is an aries through and through. I really love him so so much!

      • Ari May 26th, 2021

        Leo’s are not good fit for Scorpion Woman lol

  21. enoch October 29th, 2018

    It doesn’t matter what I believe but I will only fight for what is right!! And I will never blindly follow my heart wherever it takes me like you. I have to be able to see where I am going otherwise I will end up in a rubbish. Without purpose and destination no relationship is safe. It doesn’t matter which year you are living, civilization does not teach us to be traitor, its in our thinking.

    The greatest example of this troubled generation is DOLLY PARTON. She has no children of her own because she can’t have any. But she still living with her husband happily for 50 plus years. She could be unfaithful to her husband if she wanted to but stayed loyal to each other no matter what. These are the peoples who know the true value of marriage. Now this is truly inspiring. And you have nothing compare to that.

    I don’t care whether you are with Pisces or not, but I’m glad nobody is hurt. But you still didn’t answer my question and once you answer my question you will never hear from me on this page again, I give you my word. I don’t want to bother people in any ways.

    So, what is commitment means to you Maria?

    finally, I Wish you the best for both of you.

    • Maria October 29th, 2018

      Excuse me? Watch your tone. You don’t know me and I don’t know you.
      Whatever problem you have take that up with either the person who hurt you or your god. I do not blindly follow love. I was with someone before not a pisces who promised things and said they loved me. We lived together. But his heart was actually with someone else at the end, So dont think that Youre the only one that was left. Doesn’t matter the sign. i blindly followed love MAYBE when I was younger but I am in my 30s now and learned a lot. I moved on and on and on. We only have ourselves to work on! I only blame myself for not seeing the redflags so yes that was MY fault.
      Why do you think you have the right to spew your anger onto people?? You need to seek help if this hurt you. Don’t take it out on people who did nothing wrong to you. You haven’t acknowledged anything I said so why should I answer your question! Which I actually did answer! Your original question was why do pisces/scorpio women leave and if there are any that stayed to work on the marriage. You wanted to be proved wrong!! You think your way of thinking is right and everyone’s is wrong!! False!! YOUR ORIGINAL QUESTION WAS NOT WHAT DOES COMMITMENT MEAN TO ME. ASK THE PISCES AND SCORPIO WOMEN WHO LEFT THEIR MARRIAGE WHAT IT MEANS TO THEM!!
      Maybe Dolly Parton truly LOVES her partner!! With or without children!!!
      She is happy or she wouldn’t stay!! When you are UNHAPPY you LEAVE!!! Do you understand this? Do you know what FREE WILL is?
      Good lord… you’re impossible to deal with. You’re not perfect. No one is perfect. This conversation isnt pleasant in any way. We are not understanding each other. And you didnt tell me what sign you are. Are you even a water sign? Please don’t respond back. I hope someday your questions will be answered! Good luck to you X-men.

  22. enoch October 27th, 2018

    Dear Maria, why do you want to complicate things. My question is quite clear. I have told you this is a test every person face, to be faithful or not? If you pass your test your marriage will be stronger and the bond will deepen unless you don’t want it to be, and if you fail the damage will be unbearable. In one hand you have your life and in your other hand you have your partner life, so you cannot decide on your own dear.

    And oh! I understand every little detail. Because I am a water sign too and I can relate to some difficult emotional breakdown.

    We are grown up peoples, we have to be respectful for what we have for what we had achieved And be loyal to keep that from failure that is our biggest responsibility, being tested many times and unable to decide is the sign of not knowing our purpose.

    There should be nothing outside of marriage everything must be closed off and different situation should be discussed before decision that is called commitment.

    It’s not about feelings, forget about emotion, forget all about Pisces and Scorpio, let’s talk about the essence of marriage. Before commitment we should be able to find ourselves in all levels of relationships, why do we commit? What do we want from this marriage? Why do choose this person? As I said marriage the highest level of responsibility in human lives. We can no deviate from our course once we started our journey, because we can’t left our partner alone. We should make a decision early on before it’s too late. It doesn’t matter whether we married the right partner or not. The question should be what is right and what is wrong. And the peoples you mentioned in your comments are bad examples. They don’t understand a thing they are all moron, they can’t even finish what they have started. You shouldn’t mention them at all. All we want is more successful peoples who can teach us how to be brave and committed when tough times comes and how to move forward for the better of our family. Once you understand that you will become a woman of purpose, and everything will come to you at the right time.

    The one thing I totally agree with you here is that yes not all relationships are the same, but in my research I still cannot find a devoted Scorpio or Pisces who saved their marriage for better or for worse and what did they learn from this experience and what did they lose? We have to learn from this dear, that’s why I brought this discussion.

    I understand your frustration, you wanted that connection with your Pisces partner that all the peoples are talking about but it didn’t happen for you, instead he ended up hurting you, I am really sorry to hear that. Well I hope better success will come to you if you stay committed to yourself.

    • Maria October 28th, 2018

      I am not complicating anything. Marriage isn’t something that has to last forever with a person whom you do not love or no longer love. Marriage is a certificate on a piece of paper. Sometimes people do not meet their soul mates till later in life. We must have different cultural background and or religions. Culture and religion plays a big role in how we view marriage.
      Just because you marry someone it does not give you the right to fully control every aspect of their life No matter how much it hurts. I did not say you have to cheat, but if you feel that you are no longer happy that is what divorce is for. I don’t agree with being unfaithful at all!!! If you want to be with someone else you have to be honest. If you want to live life forgetting about feelings then your are a ROBOT. We are not robots!
      Highest level of responsibility in a persons life is having children and being responsible for those children. you are wrong in that regard 1000%.

      I am sorry I can’t answer your question because I was never married. But I can garantee you that I as a Scorpio would not be unfaithful. I take marriage seriously and when I marry it will be for life. Its part of life to be hurt and learn lessons. But you need to be happy in your marriage.
      And maybe Scorpio and Pisces NEED emotional fulfillment in the marriage, a deeper bond than just someone they marry. They might try and try and try to work on things BUT at the end of the day they slowly fade. That is not life. You think I am complicating things this but I am not. You are simplifying things! This is not a black and white situation and you want a black or white answer.

      While I believe in the sanctity of marriage I also believe in following your heart. And staying true to yourself, married or not!!

      I hope you find your answers someday and come to terms with what has happened to you. Sometimes it is not for us to even understand but to simply just forgive and move on .

      • enoch October 29th, 2018

        When I said, marriage is the highest responsibility in human lives; I considered everything in it, including children. I never want to separate children from healthy marriage, because they are part of that holy union. They are part of it. Whenever something happens in that relationship it will directly affect them. So how can someone feel responsible for the children if they don’t honor and respect that marriage?

        You said “I can guarantee you that I as a Scorpio would not be unfaithful. I take marriage seriously and when I marry it will be for life.” I believed it myself once a long time ago, but not anymore. I already showed that no Scorpio can be trusted, and you cannot take a pride in it anymore ever. How can you guarantee if you are not fully committed and have no full control of your own emotion, what if you meet someone who can sweep you off your feet like Pisces the one you feel strong emotional connection with? Do you fallow your heart after strong 20 years strong relationship just because you can? I mean I read on many website that most peoples who felt this weird thing wanted our idea, because they can’t not able to decide on their own.

        You proved me once again that my research is right after all, when you said “I believe in the sanctity of marriage I also believe in following my heart. And staying true to yourself, married or not!!” So do you simply trust your heart wherever it takes you? Seriously? What if it takes you the wrong place? I mean that’s why God gives you brain to judge things logically so we can see clearly in both ways, right?. If you only care about yourself and go everywhere your heart takes you then you are not trustworthy and reliable lover. The way I see it you don’t have the patient or the gut to solve any problem in relationship. You are a quitter. That is not inspiring at all.

        Divorce is not advisable unless the disagreement seriously affect both partner. You cannot divorce someone just because you can dear. And Marriage is not a piece of paper my friend; it’s an oath we make and show our commitment in the presence of God to protect and give anything our union requires for better or for worse. It has value. Those who know it’s worth will protect it with their life. I mean, why can’t you people be grateful and respectful for what you have and accomplished with your relationship?

        If you Want to meet your soulmate then all you have to do is wait and prey, you don’t have to Merry and divorce more often. You don’t have to mess with people’s life.

        You also side about honesty, same old Scorpio Motto. Of course, we have to be honest throughout our life not only because we want to be with someone, but because being truthful is very important in every aspect of our life. However the core and most important thing in relationship is trust.

        Dear Maria, I want to ask you one last question, what is commitment means to you?

      • Maria October 29th, 2018

        Lol, did you come here to fight? You ask people questions and then when you don’t like the answer you fight. First of all NOT everyone who is married has children!! And not everyone who has children is married!! We live in 2018 my dear, times have changed. Also your biggest problem is that you are clumping ALL scorpio and pisces women together! No you did not validate anything of which you said especially since I told you I am not married.
        You are being very specific. So now i know that you want to know why SOME (notice i wrote some not all) pisces and scorpio women who have been married FOR A ALONG TIME with CHILDREN become unfaithful and leave!!! Like I said I can’t answer you here. BUT IF I had children with who I married for a long time then NO I would definitely stay and work on the marriage.
        This means something is terribly wrong if I ever did this. This isn’t normal. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe you don’t understand women or perhaps more sensitive women like Scorpio and pisces. You seem to be arguementative and bitter. Are you? Because that may be a problem for us scorpio women.
        Maybe the women that you know did this thought the grass was greener on the other side. You are generalizing!! You don’t know all pisces and scorpio women. And everyone’s situation is different. How long has the woman you knew tried to work on the problem before leaving?? Was it working? Or did you only realize there were issues to be worked on after she left. Some men don’t notice the signs even after we make it obvious.
        You never told anyone your sign!! Are you a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio??

        FYI! I AM CURRENTLY WITH A PISCES MALE AGAIN! We both got together when we were single!! WE DID NOT HURT ANYONE IN THE PROCESS. And we make each other happy. If we have kids I intend to work on things no matter what. 🙂

  23. enoch October 27th, 2018

    Dear Maria, what you have said is completely understandable, loyalty is hard to achieve in any given circumstance. Peoples try hard to be loyal for their partner, for that we appreciate their effort .But no one is loyal unless seriously tested to gain their partners trust and earth signs are no different from other zodiac signs.

    Dear Maria, like you have said everyone is different. There are many traitors in all 12 zodiac signs. As you know human life is very difficult we all try our best to fix our problems and make amend of our failures. Most of the time problems can be fixed logically using reason. That is the easiest part about it. But emotional matters cannot be fixed using logic because it’s the matter of the heart and no one can convinces you about your feelings.

    The one example you mentioned about this Capricorn man is only a cheat. He may be done it unintentionally or by accident or he may have his own reason for doing it, but no matter what he did he has a good chance to get together with his lovely Virgo if and only if he regret what he has done and apologies for his mistakes and she accepts of course.

    But in the case of Pisces and Scorpio its entirely different story I mean how can you risk your valuable marriage for the sake of strong emotional connection or feeling, this is what they always said when this two water signs meet, the feeling they have never felt before right !!. Actually this is not cheating its a harsh betrayal. How can you betray your long time husband like that, just like they don’t even know that person at all. Wow! This is something else something we are not used to.

    Dear Maria, I want to ask you a question. What would you do if you long time wedded husband, the one who always tells you that you are the only one for him so that he cannot let you go no matter what happens, but suddenly acts to have this weird feelings that he finally find his soul mate in another girl the person who totally understands him inside out has finally arrived and he can no longer be with you. Like I said this not cheating, its cruel betrayal that every husbands face once in a life time who has Scorpio and Pisces wife unless his lucky enough to win heart heart completely.

    So, can you tell me your feelings for this disgraceful and shameless attitude. can you understand now the pain and sorrow of those victims ??????

    Marriage is the union of two beautiful souls as one, no one is capable of separating this holy unions and no one has the power to walk out of marriage like that because they have their partner’s life with them.

    All I wanted to hear and read from this page is that, is there any Pisces or Scorpio women who experience this madness and brave enough to protect their loved once from this insane emotional connection. Is there any one, someone who fought and won this great emotional battle and saved their happy marriage and protected their husbands from heart break. Because, this is a test every Scorpio and Pisces women fails and never wanted to talk about it.

  24. enoch October 27th, 2018

    This message is to the other 10 sign of the zodiac that are already in relationship or planning to be with Scorpio and Pisces women. Save your heart and your soul before it’s too late.
    Dear Readers, in all my life I have considered Pisces and Scorpio women are the best and wonderful people to be with. Like everyone else I have seen many qualities to consider them as such.
    Just in case you don’t know, most of them are Beautiful, Tender, Loving, loyal, trustworthy, Strong, Confident, Determined, straightforward, Intelligent, and their ability to speak and communicate is way too good than others. Sharp tongue, carefully Chosen words with powerful and seductive gaze and hard to resist sexuality. It seems these characteristics make them near perfect to consider them as worthy partner.
    But I was wrong, dead wrong; the good thing is I found out Sonner before it’s too late. Lucky me!. Beneath all those strong personalities there is venom, venom which does not have an antidote. No matter how hard you love Scorpio and Pisces, no matter how devoted and loyal partner you become you will always be a second guy until they find the right partner AKA: soulmate. That time of decision will come weather you like it or not. That’s why Scorpio keeps secrets for future use and Pisces use emotional manipulation tricks to look innocent. Until then they make you feel loved, protected and blessed to be with them, but you are far from safe. Most of These women get in to relationship knowing this. They won’t tell you a thing. Now it’s time for you to figure it out. You may not be the victim for now, but the plot is always there.
    If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, do yourself a favor run, run as long as you can and never look back don’t let their sexuality misled you.
    If you are in a relationship with a Pisces, breakaway as quickly as possible, and never look back. Don’t let their femininity seduce you.
    The male or female of this two signs believe in three things,
    1) Strong emotional connection
    2) Give and take &
    3) Love at first sight
    Based on the above traits they are literally made for each other not for the rest of us.
    As long as there are Pisces men, your marriage with Scorpio woman is not safe. As long as there are Scorpio men, your marriage with Pisces women is not safe. They are each other’s weakness. I wouldn’t believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eye. No matter what you do they will always choose each other over you. It doesn’t matter whether they were married for 20 or 30 years, they will leave their husband for nothing if they feel strong emotional connection for some stranger (that is Pisces). The question is can you live with such uncertainty?

    I have seen many Scorpio and Pisces women leave their long time husband in grief for this madness without any hesitation just to be together. It’s neither bad nor worse it’s something else, I mean who would do such thing. As of me I rather choose to die a terrible death a thousand times than leaving and disrespecting my relationship like this for the sake of emotional connection given any circumstance. Its oblivion. I strongly advise you that don’t become like these couples.

    If you have Scorpio friend tell her to find herself a Pisces boyfriend, and if you have Pisces friend tell her to find herself a Scorpio man. They should be together. That way we can avoid them so they can not hurt others.

    For this two, marriage and relationship is all about emotional connection, it has no any other purpose. Whether they are happily married or not to any other astrological signs they will not stop searching for each other or the one who can give them better emotional connection, the search is not over guys.

    I have seen and witnessed many Scorpio woman leave their 20 years of happy marriage just to be with Pisces men. And I have seen such a highly decorated and respected Pisces woman leave their strong and reliable 30 years of marriage to be with a Scorpio man for only that powerful connection. They have no regret or remorse for what they did, no holding back. What insanity? Sometimes I ask myself what kind of heart do this people have.

    After seeing this madness I will never consider Pisces or Scorpio for marriage or relationships. If you don’t believe me bring some men with Pisces sign and introduce to your Scorpio partner and see the reaction yourself. This is something she cannot hide and hold.

    That’s why God bind these couples with the kind of intense chemistry and inescapable bond to make them insanely possessive of one another. I also understand that God did this to protect the rest of us from their sting and venom. The purpose and meaning of true love and marriage is not revealed to them. As I said I have seen many of them destroy the lives and marriage of most good and honest men, I feel great sympathy for those men who suffer the heart break. Maybe you haven’t experienced this but time will come and you will face your worst fear.

    This is not perception it’s based on evidence and experience. I have seen what I have and I have seen enough to make May conclusion.

    PLEASE RUN..RUN….RUN SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS TWO EMOTIONAL FREAKES! If your priority in relationship is only love and want to keep that love forever or want stability and loyalty in your marriage stick with earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn). Because they are heavily grounded, they don’t have the time or the manner for bullshit. so, avoid Scorpio and Pisces as you possibly can with exception of cancer.

    “OH GOD please forgive these basterds, they don’t know what they are doing”

    • Maria October 27th, 2018

      Earth signs are loyal? I know a lot of earth people who cheated.
      Particularly Capricorn. I know a Capricorn man who has been married to a Virgo woman for almost 20 years and he cheats on her with a younger scorpio woman or at least tries too. She prefers the cancer man in her life.
      Everyone is different.

      • enoch October 27th, 2018

        Dear Maria, what you have said is completely understandable, loyalty is hard to archive in any given circumstance. Peoples try hard to be loyal for their partner, for that we appreciate their effort .But no one is loyal unless seriously tested to gain their partners trust and earth signs are no different from other zodiac signs.
        Dear Maria, like you have said everyone is different. There are many traitors in all 12 zodiac signs. As you know human life is very difficult we all try our best to fix our problems and make amend of our failures. Most of the time problems can be fixed logically using reason. That is the easiest part about it. But emotional matters cannot be fixed using logic because it’s the matter of the heart and no one convinces you about your feelings.
        The one example you mentioned above about this Capricorn man is only a cheat. He may be done it unintentionally or by accident or he may have his own reason for doing it, but no matter what he did he has a good chance to get together with his lovely Virgo if and only if he regret what he has done and apologies for his mistakes and she accepts of course. But in the case of Pisces and Scorpio it entirely different I mean how can you risk your valuable marriage for the sake of strong emotional connection or feeling, this is what they always said when this two water signs meet, the feeling they have never felt before. This is not cheating its harsh betrayal. How can you betray your long time husband like that, just like they don’t even know that person or you were never there at all. Wow! This is something else something we are not used to.
        Dear Maria, I want to ask you a question. What would you do if you long time wedded husband, the one who always tells you that you are the one and only one for him that and he cannot let you go no matter what happens, suddenly start to have this weird feelings that he finally find his soul mate, the person who totally understands him inside out has finally arrived and he can no longer be with. Like I said this not cheating, its cruel betrayal ever husbands face once in a life time who has Scorpio and Pisces wife unless his lucky enough to win his heart completely.
        So, can you tell me your feelings can you understand the pain and sorrow of those victims ??????
        Marriage is the union of two beautiful souls as one, no one is capable of separating this holy unions and no one has the power to walk out of marriage like that because they have their partner’s life with them.
        All I wanted to hear and read from this page is that, is there any Pisces or Scorpio women who experience this madness and brave enough to protect their loved once from this insane emotional connection. Is there any one, someone who fought and won this great emotional battle and saved their happy marriage and protected their husbands from heart break. Because, this is a test every Scorpio and Pisces women fails and never wanted to talk about it.

      • Maria October 27th, 2018

        The answers you seek are in your own statements.

        This married Capricorn has been cheating for a year now. This isn’t true love for either woman. He just cant get enough of that the younger prettier woman, the scorpio. He has more to lose and he keeps losing it. Its worse to cheat when the connection isn’t even there. Its just as worse to continue to enable this behavior. Some men are dogs.

        I have been with Pisces who hurt me and I know other scorpio/pisces couples who did not work out. Not all pisces/scorpio relationships are the same.
        Some are one sided even with this duo! I think people betray themselves when they marry someone that they are not sure themselves if they with “the one” or not. People marry quick and young and for the wrong reasons….And then life happens. Life can happen at any time with any sign. Leos often cheat and leave too if they feel they can do better. You shouldn’t feel any type of way about a pisces/scorpio connection because you never know who is out there for you. You can meet someone that will surpase the connection you thought you had with a water sign like scorpio and pisces and then you will understand. Its not right to cheat and to betray, but it not right to deny yourself a type of connection that you know tugs hard at your soul.
        Think Pisces Johnny Cash and June Carter. He did love his Virgo wife and he didn’t plan on meeting a Cancer woman like June but he did. And as much as his ex virgo blamed drugs and June’s influence on him doing what he did, we know that is false. You can’t make anyone, a man especially, do something that they don’t want to do. The guilt ate him alive but he would of been a terrible, unhappy person had he not followed his heart. It doesn’t always happen like this but when it does just think of it as being your Karmic denstiny and theirs. They have to suffer as well. There is a soul out there that will heal yours and make sense of why everthing happens the way it does, just a matter of time before you find it.

    • Zulumay December 24th, 2021

      You are 100% correct. 22 years into my marriage I crossed paths with a Pisces male and my life has been changed forever. We are 3 years into our “situation-ship ” and the spell seems unbreakable. I have walked away from this man countless times and he keeps coming back, unable to let me go either. Once I did not speak to him for 6 months. I mourned him as though he was dead, vowing that I would never let him back in to my life. Yet, he is still here. Nothing I say or do can push this Pisces man out of my life and our friendship is otherworldly. I have been divorced for 3 years and have tried going on coffee dates to see if I can feel anything for anyone other than this Pisces but I honestly can’t do it. I can’t imagine letting a man touch or kiss me that is not Pisces. He is my best friend and nemesis all at once. He is so gentle and forgiving with me even though in this small town that I now live in which he grew up in, he seems feared. He is a large 6’3 man that just seems like a big teddy bear to me. But the men in this town wouldn’t mess with him. In fact, the cops in this town seem to know him well and stay clear of him. But to me, gentle, romantic, sweet. He takes us(my two sons and his 3 children) on long treks through the woods. No matter how deep into the woods we go, he always seems to know exactly where we are and how to get home. I have been a city slicker my whole life but moved out to the country to be close to him. We do everything together but he refuses to be my He is deeply insecure about his lack of education, his financial status and his appearance. None of which matters to me. So I have my home and he has his. We live separately because he fears that all the men sniffing around can offer me a better life than he can but I laugh because I am self made. I don’t rely on a man to take care of me and truth be told this man fulfills me in ways that no other man can, emotionally!! I have been searching for this kind of connection my whole life. He doesn’t trust my beauty and thinks that I can and will take up any of the many options I have one of these days. Truth is, I can but so far I haven’t felt the need to. I really love this man and nothing that is being presented to me even scratches the surface of the depths this man has gone to with me. I am done for! So here we are, scorp female and Pisces male both terrified of one another and happily loving each other from a distance until death do us part. Haha. No titles, no pressure, he is watching me slowly take down every wall I have ever built and I am watching him slowly build his life and take control. I never pressure him because God knows he puts enough pressure on himself but I do always remind him that he has a fierce scorpio Queen in his corner that will always go to bat for him and that there is nothing to be afraid of because I am not going anywhere. He has a hard time communicating his feelings but we feel each other on a next level..insane. I am learning to take life easier and not be such a worry wart and workaholic. I am truly enjoying my life for the first time ever. Advice to any scorp loving a Pisces.. Leave him alone!! Show him that you accept him and respect him unconditionally! And mean it! This is not for the weak because your Pisces may chose other women, strange lifestyles that you don’t understand..whatever he can dream up, he will try. But if you stick around and show true friendship, the next level love and support and yes…LOYALTY that you will be showered with is absolutely astonishing! I have never had a friend like this in my life. I don’t care about the outcome, and scorps, I know that it is difficult to relinquish control, but you must to experience this mystical union. If you want to see the side of Pisces that is loyal, sensitive, gentle, romantic, generous and protective, then you must trust them and respect them and allow them a safe space to be themselves. I promise you that if you have the grit, it is worth all the dark places that you might visit with them. We argue sometimes and when he has pushed every last button I have I have literally thrown this man out of my home and he was here the very next day with a plate of food for me and more adventures and jokes to enjoy together. This is my life partner. No ring or title required.
      For those of you wondering how to have epic sex with Pisces. One, when they are in love…ladies, they will literally tear your panties off..haha. They are phenomenal lovers when they are in love but if they are not in love then they want a woman that is not easy to come by and they want adventure. If you are swimming in a river and no one is around..take advantage. If you are in the woods for a hike and no one is around..there is your moment. Watching the stars at night by a fire in the backyard..let him take you to the moon. Pisces love to be flirted with. Flirt with him all day long and he won’t be able to get you alone fast enough. If he is shy, take control in bed and show him what you like. Show him what he likes that he has never had or seen. The fun thing about a Pisces is that they don’t seem to have boundaries in bed so your imagination is his limit. So fun! Good luck ladies. Cast your fishing line and catch yourself a big fish…lord have mercy..did I mention how epic it all is?

  25. Melinda October 15th, 2018

    I am a Scorpio woman who was dating a Pisces man. It started off beautifully and I never felt so emotionally connected to another human being in my entire life. But I couldn’t bring myself to trust him because he always withheld information and he was always trying to get me to commit sooner than I was ready for. He tried using me in other ways and it was extremely hurtful because I genuinely loved him with every fiber of my being. I gave him multiple opportunities to be honest with me and admit his true intentions, but he continued denying it until the very last second. I even told him that I would forgive him if he just admitted his wrongdoings but he still kept insisting that he never lied to me. I know in my heart that I should let go of him and just be done with all the bullshit, but there’s something inside me that still wants to give him a second chance. I know it can’t be healthy and I’m strangely drawn to him in ways I can’t explain. But somehow the risk seems worth it. We had this telepathic connection where we’d literally complete each other’s sentences and he always sensed when I was having an off day or something was upsetting me. I could hide it from my entire family but he would always pick up on the little nuances of sadness inside me. I couldn’t ever hide my vulnerabilities from him. But the scary part about Pisces men is that because they are so good at reading people, they know exactly how to wound someone. Some Pisces men manipulate people because they understand them so completely. Others use it for good and try to heal people from their pain. It’s a bit of a coin toss and I can’t ever fully trust him because I believe he could try to exploit me again. I wish things were different but when you give someone your heart and they trample it, it’s hard to imagine handing it over to them again…I hope any Scorpios and Pisces out there find happiness together because this was truly a painful experience & I don’t wish it upon anyone

  26. Rose October 13th, 2018

    My boyfriend is pisces i am scorpio, we always argue. He has uncontrolable jealousy and he gets mad over small things. But he is very supportive and loving.
    He’s always concern about my health.
    For me doesn’t matter the signs as long as you both know how to forgive and understand each other..patience and communication is also important.
    At first i think our relationship won’t work but here we are now getting married..:)

  27. neverme October 11th, 2018

    Pisces men have no soul. They are empty inside like robots. They only live for the moment which makes it impossible to trust them, and they only do what feels good to them. How can a scorpio, the most distrusting emotional sign, deal with a man like this? It was so beautiful for a few years then I just had it with this man. Burn in hell. I know he will, how selfish and soulless he is.

  28. IfYouArePsycheIwillbeEros October 4th, 2018

    (sorry if my English is bad I speak Spanish but this site is cool)
    My experience with Scorpio girls were amazing when we wanted to understand each other, but when one of us tried to be over the other the relationship turned dark. At the end of the day we got along though, USUALLY. We can understand each other to fly or to try wreck the other, that’s why the relationship gets and addictive effect. But we are both water signs, so the most intelligent decision is being friends and not enemies. I’m just looking for a Scorpio girl who doesn’t obsess with me like the last one and be more open minded, to share our secrets and ideas and have conversations that only we can understand. I think Cancers can be more understanding about this but I will try leaving this comment here in this section.

    • Maria October 4th, 2018

      Is it ever possible that a pisces man can like when a girl is “obsessed” over him? I feel maybe an insecure pisces can like that? Yes no? In regards to scorpio women, I think maybe if the pisces male is obsessed with the scorpio then it could work. In general I think it works better when the pisces is over his head for the girl. If you find a scorpio that you like a little more than she likes you, trust me you wont feel cancer is better. If anything I think Cancer girls can be overbearing and possessive too. We are water signs and very similiar. But once our wall is down you can talk to scorpio girls about anything and not be judged. But I do think pisces would do well with either sign. Look at Johnny Cash (pisces) and June Carter(cancer) I loved them together!!

  29. cynthiascorp August 24th, 2018

    Sex really lackluster. I am a scorpio woman, and with other men I can make a great sexual connection where I feel his presence and he cares about pleasing me. With pisces man I feel like sex is something being DONE TO me and it makes me feel sad after. He also tend to get black out drunk and I can’t trust him when he gets that way… though I doubt he has it in him to really please a woman so that makes me feel a little good honestly.

  30. Shan July 27th, 2018

    This is accurate af! Met my soulmate and oh man the chemistry in bed is amazing. Just being with him gives me a sense of peace. Scorpio red-hed and her gentle yet firm never push-over Pisces man. I truly feel blessed. And I may or may have not “let” him pursue me…at least like the article states let him think he was in charge..hehe!

    • cynthiascorp August 24th, 2018

      Ya right. Pisces man is actually the worst for this scorpio woman. It is so amazing at first, when you don’t know much about them… but inside they are shallow and cold and dead… and they are this way in the bedroom. Sex makes me feel icky after.

  31. happyroomonline June 14th, 2018

    Do you have a sample of “When will you get married” report? I would like to have a look before deciding if to order this. Thanks. five nights at freddy’s

  32. berri June 2nd, 2018

    ??? but every pisces man I’ve ever dated was a f–kboy. Scorpios have a lot of experience and a lot of partners but we are looking for someone who will settle down. They werent the best in bed either. Pretty mediocre. Yall letting this stuff get to your heads. Pisces men make best friends for us scorpios, but not the best for a deep relationship.

    • Trevor June 5th, 2018

      Im a pisces guy and have a lot of picses friends and would agree being fboys but thats on them not you find you one that wants what u want then. i just started talking to a scorpio off a one night stand and we’ve been seeing each other since! im skeptical of her recently getting out of relationship but the sex is great and literally im not allowed to wear any cloths if im in bed with her so idk maybe im just a special one, but i am kinda about energies and can give and receive them which helps i think.

      • Amber blu July 11th, 2018

        Pieces are f@#! boys. They have perfected their craft. That is what makes it so great. They’re good at what they do. Then us Scorpios come around with our sensual bedroom personalities and voila you have a gourmet meal.

    • cynthiascorp August 24th, 2018

      True! I am a scorpio and pisces aren’t even good at sex. I’ve honestly never had worse sex in my life, and in the past men have said I was the best they ever had.

  33. ugh May 31st, 2018

    So I found out my pisces love interest’s ex is dead. The only reason they broke up was because she committed suicide. He hid this from me which obviously means he still is holding on to her. I don’t know what to do. I want to do their compatibility chart but all I know is that she was born in January. He still has photos of her on instagram and facebook. He seems open to being with me, but maybe he is just being polite now that I think about it. Should I pursue him or will he always put his dead girlfriend over me? I feel so good in his presence.

    • Maria May 31st, 2018

      Maybe he didnt know how to tell you? And how can he put his ex who is dead over a person who he can possibly have a future with? That makes no sense.
      Talk to him. Get him to open up. Be there for him. And you’ll get your answers

      • jeremy June 1st, 2018

        stop tryin g to make it work just cuz u want it to work with ur pisces not every couple is the same. she didnt say anything that makes me believe the pisces is into her we r nice and polite to everyone cuz we r sensitive and do the right thing! I am pisces and u scoprios r weird believing too much n going after pisces that dont have u as numer 1 trying to change it and make him love u! THIS WILL NEVER BEEE REAL LOVE u just made pisces love u cuz you guys r so harsh when goign after a thing u want!…

        he misses his ex dont do evil things by going after him… this reflects badly on your soul n puts too much pressure on pisces cuz we sometimes dont knwo what we really want. i was intersted in a scorpio but u guys sound pushy n delisional

    • Amber blu July 11th, 2018

      My opinion is that maybe he was not necessarily hiding it maybe it’s just not something he felt comfortable bringing up because it is a morbid subject. As far as her pictures on Facebook or Instagram it could just be a reminder I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  34. keepswimmingpisces April 28th, 2018

    Pls someone help me break the connection of scorpio woman. I have no feelings towards her anymore and I honestly forget her every time until she fights her way back into my life again. It is not romantic, it is scary. She sent me this article and I honestly hope she sees this message I am writing. I don’t even hate her I just want her to break these chains. I am so in love with this (not scorpio) woman I am with now, she is my life, my breath, my world….. I don’t want my scorpio ex to ruin it because she believes we are meant for eachc other due to astrology! It is true that pisces and scorpio stay bound together,,, only because scorpio will NOT let go!

    • jeremy June 1st, 2018

      pls what is the best match for a feb pisces? i talk to a lot of girls, two scorpios, a virgo a aquariaus, a libra but i am not feeling the spark with any…. maybe somethign wrong with me. i just want love like how u are describing it….

      what sign did you fall for and are marrying?

      • nice September 16th, 2018

        Best for Us fishes In my own exp. is Sagittarius second is Cap

  35. cll88 April 19th, 2018

    Dating a Pisces man right now, and I am a Scorpio woman. This article hits nail on the head. We took our courtship slow and steady, making it friendly and fun with lots of laughter, but always with intense passion and love backing us. With both of us being water signs we feel with our hearts immensely. As a Scorpio woman I move slow, and keep a watchful eye on people who are getting closer to me. It is my way of protecting my heart. As a Pisces man who is caring and laid back he never pressured a fast relationship, for he understood with out me having to explain my inner nature, and was probably cautious himself to protect his heart. Water signs are intuitive feeling types. My pisces man easily calms down the somewhat neurotic behavior. He has made it so easy for me to feel calm and secure in his presence, that those traits of myself are dissolving. He does what he can to always make me feel special. And lets face it Scorpio women… we love to feel adored and special. I think I help challenge him, not in a pushing him for power kind of way, but I present him with a passion and zest for life that is soul craves, and completely believe in him. I won’t lie we fight sometimes, but our fights aren’t heated debates that I have had with other men I have dated (Leos). As a fellow water sign he has no issues talking about his deep emotions, which allows me to lower my guard and share mine with him. I do believe all signs can work, but it does make it beautiful when you are with a sign that also flows with the dreamy, unconscious world of endless mysteries.

    • keepswimmingpisces April 28th, 2018

      Good to see the SCORPIO woman feels good about the relationship while the pisces man quietly suffers! We are not the type of man to stand up to things that seem off or negative, we will swim away. Be careful, the scorpio will always think things are so great while the pisces is trying to find a way out. Things were so great while the relationship was blossoming but once in full bloom, the problems were too much for me to bear. Now I have had enough, and I have moved onto another woman, while this scorpio keeps trying to ruin it with the woman that will be my wife. She insists that scorpio and pisces have a special connection but it is just her fixed mind that believes this! Pisces man does not believe like this! But I am looking at astrology to make her stop once and for all.

      This scorpio woman crushed my dreamy nature. I felt like a bird without it’s wings around this woman. I was a shell of a man when my current lover (I won’t name her star sign) healed me into someone new. Scorpio is so mistrustful and masculine that these traits inevitably transfer to whoever she is in contact with. I hated myself when I was with her, but to her, I was her perfect man.

      • Daniel May 4th, 2018

        Ok bro but that was your experience and that is the way you are but don’t try to generalise and tell every Pisces are kinda losers and fearful like you. You are still staining the image of my beautiful sign. Get out of here.

      • Maria May 5th, 2018

        Wow. Poor Scorpio girl. Lol

        Best way to break the connection is to be truthful and honest with her. We need sterness and to feel the chapter is closed because she seems infatuated with you. Is she young? Yeah its going to hurt and pisces dont like to hurt people but she needs to fall apart to build herself back again. And next time she will attract a man who loves her back. But she will have learned her lesson as well. Maybe she needs to be softer with your type of fish. If you dont mind me asking what sign is the woman that you are with now? Hope I helped. I am a Scorpio female btw 😊

    • Piscesmanbackagain June 1st, 2018

      Daniel I am fearful of losing the women I love but what greater feeling is there than this? I believe you are the one who is a coward because you have not experienced love fully like this. I am not one of those Pisces that are detached and just go with the easy road. I am looking for real advice to help protect my relationship from the scorpions famous revenge and in ability to let go.

      Maria you should not be feeling sorry for her she is the one trying to ruin my life with my fiancé! We broke up and she isn’t letting go! I M the one who is suffering and you scorpios are just pitying the other Scorpio! She is the one attacking me! She knows I have a new girl and I don’t reapond to any of her emails. I blocked her texts. we broke up officially. What more does Scorpio woman need? Should I write her back? I am the type to not talk about good things in my life because I don’t want negative energy from people to effect it. I never wanted to hurt her. We had our differences but I do not aim to hurt any human in this life. I blocked her but I remained polite. Was this the wrong thing to do? Do I need to be more form than this? If you are saying I need to be the one to make her fall apart I honestly can’t do that. I would feel so bad and I don’t like attracting negativity into my life. I don’t want to reveal the sign of my fiancé, who said yes by the way!, since again… I don’t want to attract negativity feelings towards our pairing. But she is a sign that is actually not traditionally compatible with Pisces. Astrology isn’t everything, fate will bring you the right man or woman for you and nothing can stand in the way of the right person for you. It would be beneficial to let go of these thoughts about astrology and let fate take control instead of trying to control your fate with astrology.

  36. Sietrix March 21st, 2018

    I am a Pisces and My bestiii is a Scorpio I NOW SHIP HER WITH A PISCES GUY I KNOW AT SCHOOL!!!! :p

  37. Kat March 9th, 2018

    I agree that most of this is exactly how me and my ex used to be. I’m the Scorpio. We only broke up due to his lack of ambition which is also mentioned here.

    • P June 1st, 2018

      Not lack of ambition. Pisces has a lot of ambition but it is easily crushed especially if someone is silently pressuring him to be more successful. If Scorpio woman is less harsh and cared less about money Pisces would have more ambition.

  38. Julie January 26th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio woman currently with a Pisces man n I simply can’t ask for more. This article is definitely true. He is really helping me out with forgiving n forgetting while I ignite him with the confidence he requires. I’m glad that I’m not the only one into zodiac signs…You guys are in too!

  39. Julie January 26th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio woman currently with a Pisces man n I simply can’t ask for more. This article is definitely true. He is really helping me out with forgiving n forgetting while I ignite him with the confidence he requires.

  40. Shila January 4th, 2018

    I’ve dated two pisces guys and it was great. They are sensual except my ex pisces was a whore but a good lover. Pisces love Scorpio women in most cases. My current pisces bf is caring and gentle. I wouldn’t ask for anything more. I love him.

  41. Some Pisces guy December 26th, 2017

    I am a pisces man, any scorpio woman interested to just talk with me? I want to learn about your nature. I have no idea how to approach you. You seem very picky and just don’t talk with anyone on first sight. I am not interested in a relationship over internet, I just want to learn in case of a real life situation. All my past relationships were with leos, libras and gemini, literally the worst in the zodiac for pisces and I wasn’t aware of this. I wanna try something that is supposed to be a match even if is just a casual talk. You can tell me anything you want, no judging, no bullshit, maybe I can heal your life if I can do that only by talking.

    • Erika Porter December 26th, 2017

      Hey there. I am a Scorpio lady who is curious about Pisces males. Only looking for insight. Feel free to respond

      • Angela December 26th, 2017

        Don’t even waste ur time with them sis lol he will drive you nuts cuz u going to feel like he keeping a lot of things from you and u won’t be able to tamed him and you know we Scorpios woman are way to controlling and possessive and they don’t like that cuz they want to keep hoeing around. Facts

      • Some Pisces guy December 26th, 2017

        Hello Erika,

        Well first of all my name is Eduard, if you want to talk something personal here is my email: [email protected]. If you just want to find things you have read about Pisces, ask me anything. There is so much to tell and I don’t know what you are looking to learn. From my experience I have to say that I have met one time in my university a Scorpio woman. She was amazing and she liked me but I didn’t figured out on spot and I am kinda shy. I used to help her on stuff we had for exams and she was helping me too and one day after the bachelor exam she actually approached me and I was kinda surprised and I think if I showed “more” interest I think I could have passed her “test”, didn’t knew I had two exams in same day, I figured later that day she is over me and I felt bad because I kinda liked her, she is an amazing person. Thats why I said Scorpio ladies are hard to approach in my opinion, because they seem to ignore you if they don’t like you and if they try seems like a series of tests to see what they find, but this is one time experience. As a Pisces, I guess I am influenced by other things too and I can’t tell for all Pisces but here goes my approaching. I do “swim” around some interesting person and I am looking first if they have any sort of problems and I can fix or help them, I am not really interested how pretty they are, I am looking for good people and also broken, I do no like people who give up or just don’t want to change things and I am just going away without telling anything. I do no look to change people, but I want to see they listen to me and want to be happy. When I was younger I used to make friends like this, but now I am kinda looking only to find love and settle, friends fade away over time and I don’t need them anymore, I am a good friend with future co worker or so, I still have my traits of helping but only if is needed. Since I have moon in Scorpio I am kinda crazy like majority of Scorpios when comes to love and I do tests, but not aggressive or actively . I do get jealous really fast, I can be like a summer storm and I do not shut up like a Scorpio will do and then take revenge later or just burst out of nowhere, I like to talk things out and if I get avoided or I feel something elusive I am out with no other words. If you find a Pisces in the future he will do anything for you if he is trusting you and you give him lots of attention, thats all they need in simple words. Problem with Pisces is that they mostly don’t listen, really depends on them. I do listen if is explained well but if is just orders I don’t really care also if I am talking something important and I am expecting to be done, it better get done, because I don’t say same thing twice. From there Pisces are misunderstood, talking is really not a strength but as you can see I am one of the talking ones. Give me some of your insights if you would like it 🙂

      • Some Pisces guy December 26th, 2017

        yea and Ashley is right in simple words, but really depends on the Pisces and Scorpio woman. You anyway are defensive and do your test either if a Pisces likes it or not so you will see if he is a healthy one or not. I do not like my life to be controlled by someone else and since we are same energy I will feel when you are not trusting me, and you know if I am an asshole I can play with your mind, or I can just be honest like a healthy person in general, and you will drop your tests. A Pisces dedicated and loyal to you will know everything about you even before you think, but if is a hoe, well like any other zodiac hoe they will just hurt you. I do like some sort of control that involves security and emotional protection but I do not like to be told what to do everyday, who I should talk, where I should go or work, this is too aggressive and you don’t get a partner but a dog. I do like tests tho because I am honest in general and it feels good getting caught being good, pretty ego busting.

    • Antonella December 27th, 2017

      Good morning Mr Pisces 🙂 I just read your message. Do you have some questions?

      • Some Pisces guy December 27th, 2017

        What do I need to know even before approaching a Scorpio female? Are you really looking to be dominant because thats pretty sexy :). Also if I am honest with a Scorpio female she will still test me? Does she get mad if I do question her loyalty? Because I do get jealous really quick but having moon and Pluto in Scorpio I do not just cheat them and I am trying to actually confront people not just finding someone else. How I should make a female Scorpio to talk openly and not keep things inside her until she bursts. How I should approach her if something bothers me, I can say directly or I need to talk indirectly like Libras like to avoid real talks. Thank you. You can read above more I wrote or you can just ask me stuff if interested 🙂

      • Kay2 December 27th, 2017

        Lol I think the website doesn’t give you notification if I respond so I will respond this way. Here is my message from website I just copy pasted.

        What do I need to know even before approaching a Scorpio female? Are you really looking to be dominant because thats pretty sexy :). Also if I am honest with a Scorpio female she will still test me? Does she get mad if I do question her loyalty? Because I do get jealous really quick but having moon and Pluto in Scorpio I do not just cheat them and I am trying to actually confront people not just finding someone else. How I should make a female Scorpio to talk openly and not keep things inside her until she bursts. How I should approach her if something bothers me, I can say directly or I need to talk indirectly like Libras like to avoid real talks.
        Thank you. You can read above more I wrote or you can just ask me stuff if interested [image: 🙂]

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      Hey Pisces fammm I am a Pisces Female with my Best friend a Scorpio and I know Scorpio from top to Bottom. First off they are awkward, They are shy, awkward, very chill, loyal, hilarious (like no joke they da best.) andd one more important thing….They like to stay single….But if they have a pisces friend trusttt meee We pisces girls can change the personality of the scorpio besti of ours to fall for anyone we want them too. They love to be flirted with, love being watched..(but once they smile and giggle awkwardly look away) they only like that to a certain extent. My scorpio friend is alwaysss talking about how someone stared her in the soul. But I could tell the way she was talking about it she liked it more than hated it. So yea do that. Also, ask them to go out over phone. (I know I know, but they are super shyyyy and hate being called out.) Hope I could help! :3

    • Maria May 5th, 2018

      Sure. Ask away! Believe it or not, approaching us is easier than you think. We just have that aura but once you break the ice we lighten up and everything just flows smooth from there. 🤗

  42. Kay December 12th, 2017

    Okay. So I’m a Scorpio female and I’m actually with a Libra male and its been complicated for a while now. I met this Pisces guy though and I really don’t know what exactly I’m feeling but I think I might have hella lot feelings for him. He’s really great. We’ve become best friends but I keep feeling like I want to be more than just that. I don’t know what to do though

    • Kay2 December 26th, 2017

      First move, or something like that. I am Pisces I am reading and learning now about scorpio womans, since I had to deal with a libra woman too, and they are not as intense as water signs, I see them superficial and materialistic right now. Also libras are the biggest players of the zodiac, at least males. I am interested in Scorpio woman because they have the guts to do the first move and they seem to be loyal and know what they want, and they go for it, a pisces usually only gives and doesn’t ask anything in return.

      • Kay January 4th, 2018

        That’s the thing. I’m shy to kinda make that first move. I’m always getting hurt. In fact the Libra guy and I broke up because there’s this strong feeling inside me that he’s being unfaithful and he doesn’t even seem to care that I feel that way. I know what I want but I don’t know who actually has those qualities. This Pisces guy though, I want him but I don’t wanna risk our friendship. At least not right now.

  43. Rebekah Louise Pyle November 26th, 2017

    This is a perfect discription… My fiance is Pisces and his main problem to me is he lies A lot but hates being called a liar even though I catch him every time… Plus he forgives waaaaayyyyy to easily and I hold major grudes

  44. Ray ray November 24th, 2017

    I am a Pisces man and I’ve been dating a scorpio woman for months, my feelings for her is so deep.. I swim deep often and she still manages to pull me up. She is a blessing. I’m on here to research on how I can please her the best way I can… because she deserves it. scorpio women are the best. I’ve dated Libra, Capricorn, and none match up. I feel some of the ladies on here dated a spoiled un-manly Pisces that probably was only blind eyed by beauty… need a shark not a goldfish.

    • iryasu December 16th, 2017

      Pisces people are really amazing at showing love and affection, as well as have a high emotional intelligence, making them very diserable to people who really are seeking a deep loving connection and not just lust. they also notice others efforts towards them and are really grateful. they are amazing people, keep rocking up

    • Tommy December 26th, 2017

      I’ve been with a Scorpio woman for 7 years and it’s a whirlwind of fun and love for the first few months maybe even year or so. But the possessiveness and all that generally pushes us Pisces away will fear it’s ugly head. So if there are any red flags little as they may seem now will be huge when looked at in hindsight. So best advice….. tread softly. Because they are hard to shake.

  45. NotCoolSharingNyName November 22nd, 2017

    I am going to start off with the statement that I am somewhat still young and am in no place to say that I am in love with these two boys. Well, I like 2 boys at once. But, one, it is fairly imagination and hope that keeps me hanging on a thread but with the Pisces, I can feel a great connection. We hung out with friends and we were laughing at a joke he told. I stared at him from the corner of my eye (simply because I felt his eyes on me) and I just…felt it! Maybe I am just insanely desperate. Maybe I read to many fanfictions that they have fried my brain but I kind of have this great pull to him that makes me require his company a lot. I don’t know. I just want to know if anyone has experienced this before as a fellow Scorpio woman…thank you.

  46. Angela November 2nd, 2017

    So I am a Scorpio and been going on and off with this pices guy. We meet 2012 and still in 2017 we talk we have an immense love for each other but live don’t want us to be toguether 😩He’s always texting me even thoe am with someone else for 2 years already and he’s a virgo and we have a good relationship it’s just the sex is not as intense as the pices so there’s a big problem there 😩 I don’t know who to choose or what to do. It’s so frustrating sometimes because I like both of them but every time me a pices talk he says to me that no matter what, we will end up toguether one day and grow old with me and that we will be telling our grandkids the story.

  47. Vicki October 25th, 2017

    These guys are NUTCASES!!!! My husband soon to be Ex husband is a psycho who tried to put a spell on me when i talked about leavin him. He was childish, too sensitive i thought he was homo. Man this dude is crazzzzy. Three years of ignorance. Scorpio women dnt fall for it. He is very attractive but satan will fool u trust he fooled me.

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      yeaaaa it depends on what kind of Pisces he is…..Febuary Pisces (like myself) are sweet and deep and loyal. March Pisces are more energetic, snappy, rude, dirty-minded, etc. lol I mean so yea.

  48. Hyevenus October 13th, 2017

    I (Scorpio woman) have known this Pisces man for years. The path was rocky until we stopped talking for good (big argument) and just three years back, he contacted me again & we’re talking even recently. He knows all my exes and I keep all his secrets. We’re not exactly friends, not exactly lovers but we adore each other alot. He knows how to make me smile again when Im in a bad mood. He’s gentle yet manly. And he gets sulky sometimes. One time I told him to introduce me to his friends and he replied with, “They cant handle you & your crazy antics. Forget it.” 😂 Any woman who marries this man will hit a jackpot.

  49. Selena September 19th, 2017

    The picses man I dated was opposite of whatever is written.he ws frustrated, never tried to understand and never gve time to the relationship. Did not want to commit to a relationship so we basically just ended up in a situationship..thats when I realised it was time to let go. I guess he was just using me to get over his ex. And now that we broke up he still wants to be friends .lol. hell no!

    • Comfort October 2nd, 2017

      Well to be honest with you he never loved you that much. You see with us guys if we love someone we tend to do everything for that person no matter what. But if he did the things you say he did then it simply means there was someone that he loved more than you .

    • sudeshna chakrabarti October 20th, 2017

      same here
      same here

  50. Mammacita September 13th, 2017

    Im in love. 4 years 💪

  51. Monique May 30th, 2017

    I’m involved with a Pisces man that I’ve recently reconnected with after many years.

    He initially tried playing the mind game agenda until I left him alone for a few months, then he came back. I still had to put him in check, and now he’s fully committed. He finally realized that playing games with me was NOT the way to go.

    Although, we are an official couple, I still have to keep my Scorpion eye on the unspoken aspect of this Pisces man. We’ll see where we go…

  52. Tara May 15th, 2017

    Just met a pisces man a couple months ago and so far this post seems really accurate. I’m not sure yet where it’s going but he’s the most caring person I’ve ever met. And no matter what I tell him or do, he just makes me feel like he likes me not even despite those things that I’m embarrassed about, but because of them. He is quiet but even though that’s frustrating sometimes, I feel like it makes him more intriguing and mysterious, and I find myself feeling that much more special when he does open up about things. Like this post describes there is just an easy flow to how we get along, I’m so curious and excited to see where it’s headed.

  53. Brandy May 12th, 2017

    I am a Scorpio women. I have met a handful of Pisces men in the past and I never clicked with any of them enough to date them. I found them to be to mysterious, play games..and kinda annoying, childish..I am older now and just started dating after a 10 year realationship with an Aries man. So I was always so curious about meeting a Pisces again to see if I could find one I click with. Now I have dated two and my sister dated one as well..I don’t get them, and all three of them did the same things. Can we say mind games, bigtime. One I caught in a lie, never told him I caught him or anything, but he told me over and over he didn’t do what I knew he did..I even told him I don’t like liers..he still kept hiding things from me..and the silent treatment for no reason. I absolutely don’t understand​ this sign, I’d rather date a gemini.

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      yeaaaaa I know you scorpio just dont understand us Pisces. I am Pisces and My best friend is a scorpio she also thinks when I give silent treatment its out of nowhere and that I am very confusing. But we tell each other everything and Pisces and Scorpio are not related as much in love as they do in other things, HUMOR IS A BIG THING between the two signs. You will very much love us Pisces for our humor and we love your humor as well. Thats what bonds Pisces and Scorpio its all about the Humor…and the actions and things you do together. :333

  54. dfa,mnsdfa May 8th, 2017

    Wow… I feel like the only female scorpio who can’t hold a pisces male? I have dated mostly leos in the past, and a gemini. I have had two notable flings with male pisces (counting one right now but I don’t think he considers it that way lol). Always the same problem with them…we both feel it…and never say anything and it just dies. I am a shy scorpio and definitely not one to make the first move…this is probably an issue but everytime I talk to him he goes out of his way to hurt me or send mixed signals…he will say he likes me and wants me to be his girlfirend, then the next moment he’s being a major dick to me and telling me who is more attractive than me (literally). I am sick of crying over this and I just wish I didn’t like him anymore…

    • Selena September 19th, 2017

      I hear you sis. Same thing happened with my now ex pisces man..he was a dick

  55. alice April 20th, 2017

    Iam a scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Pisces man and we have been together for at least 5 months now and surprisingly he broke up with me and I still love him and I also have a feeling that he still love me so help me what should I do

    • Kat March 9th, 2018

      ask him if hes still into you then if not, let it be- my ex is still into me and admits it.. wants me back, has wanted me back, but was too stubborn to ask. I contacted him for something random and he asked me to see him and apologized for his previous actions.

  56. Abiola April 17th, 2017

    Am a Scorpio woman and av been dating a Pisces man since 2013, but the problem is that I don’t know his mind and I love him very much that I don’t want to loose him but of resent I asked him that did he really want me or just playing with me but he said he want me because we’ve been together for years but the problem I av with him is that ladies are much on him and he too go out with many pls I need an advice before is too late for me

  57. Jen April 6th, 2017

    Hi I’m a Scorpio woman and I just started seeing a Pisces man. The thing is I’ve known him for at least 4 years and we have hung out for a short period of time at least once a year. This time he wants to get to know me more and he wants something serious. My problem is I do too but I don’t know how to open up to him. I’ve had a bad past and its apart of who I’m am and it still affects me now. I’m afraid I’ll lose him if I open up and he learns about it. My exes in the past have hurt me with what I’ve told them of my past so it makes it really hard to not treat him like he’s like them. When I know very well he’s not like them any advice?

    • Battleships April 7th, 2017

      DO IT JEN
      TO A T

    • Les April 10th, 2017

      Hi I’m a pisces male best thing to be honest with him he will love u more for it.if you’ve been hurt in ur past he will want to help u heal it It’s in our nature. Don’t underestimate a mature pisces cos 99.9% you’ll be wrong. If he wants a relationship then it’s for life.

    • Mr February April 12th, 2017

      You just tell the guy you’ve been through so much pain, and afraid to love but you could really love again if that somebody can embrace you as a faulted human being and all its pain. Say that you need nothing else in life right now than his understanding and that’s all it takes to love you. Remember that you are vulnerable and thats what makes you a beautiful human being. Wounded people understand real love. Pisces guy loves that, to be protector and guardian of all things deeply spiritual and emotional. And he will feel an especially deeper bond with someone who only told her deepest darkest hurtful secret with him. By record It takes me no longer than five minutes to fall in love when a woman (esp another water sign) comes to me with a real problem, cries buckets to the floor, and I know that I can help her in a real way… That’s me anyway, a sucker who happens to have three pisces in his chart and is a double pisces decan, lololol. Big hug!!!

    • kim May 2nd, 2017

      Hello. Pisces men are not normal men. Tell him all your secrets. He will not be perturbed. Just don’t be disappointed when he’s not shocked. Just go ahead and share your life with him, and forget about the ex’s. He’s different!! Kim

    • Joe Castellano July 3rd, 2017

      Jen, as a Pisces man I recommend you open up completely. Tell him everything. He will recognize the pain you have had to deal with. He will respect you and feelings will grow because of the trust you place in him. Maybe just remind him along the way that you totally get that he is not them but its still so hard for you. To keep a Pisces man happy, just show him from time to time how lucky you feel to have him… goes a long way. Good luck!

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      Listen to me. I am a Pisces and we always ALWAYS listen to peoples past and we never hurt them for it. We are deep and Wise and very spiritual and he will probs give you the softest looks when you tell him your past. Because Pisces give Wise words and Advice no one else could offer. <3 We pisces are the sirens of the earth. Pull you in with our deep connection with wisdom. Hope I helped!

  58. Barbie March 29th, 2017

    100% the absolute truth. Met my Pisces man 6 years ago and we are head over with bumps in the road the love is still strong.

    • vikash March 30th, 2017

      I’m a Pisces. I like this scorpio girl but she’ll hard to talk to an I know she have her gurad up she’ll very difficult to talk to but am attractive to her I try to be myself but when we talk is like the conversation isn’t going anywhere. What should I do am very confident,loving and caring etc.. And I just want to get to know her.

      • CHolmes April 4th, 2017

        This post is so sweet. Just remember that it’s natural for a scorpio woman to have her guard up. In her eyes you are not yet worthy of her truth. And if she has opened up to you then chances are she hasn’t told you everything she holding back. The conversation probably seems like it’s going nowhere because she doesn’t know what your interested in talking about. If you let her know you’ll respond to anything, no matter how crazy…she’ll be all over you like hot cakes.

  59. Jung Mihyun March 28th, 2017

    Im here because im a Scorpio and suga is a Pisces. I wish i can find a Pisces man substitute instead of him, because i know i cant have Min Yoongi but have a pisces man is.. Interesting.

    • Zeb June 6th, 2017


  60. CAROLYNE Kenny February 21st, 2017

    This description of a Scorpio woman and pisces man in my case is absolutely spot on. Met at 13 married at 19 married for 22 years sadly apart for 9 but Christmas day 2016 engaged again and this time for the rest of our lives. I love my Pisces Man

  61. Lyndsay9607 May 22nd, 2016

    Hi 🙂 I love this article. I have experienced this to be very accurate.  I am in love with a pisces man who absolutely adores me. We are soulmates and he means the world to me.  I would not want to live with out him. He gives meaning and purpose to my life and has healed me in so many ways. We are best friends and he is the best man I have ever had the privilege of meeting. 

  62. Librascorp1021 April 22nd, 2016

    @RaymondThePisces34…..shut up and get a life

  63. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @asiedu cuz she fucking some other pisces bro. 

    • ratul January 4th, 2017

      keep ur mouth shut
      dont tslk nnsense

  64. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @crazybeautiful sounds like something i do to every scorpio girl HAHA! 

  65. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @hjulejus Sound like if you were put in a room full of pisces, you’d bang everyone of them!

  66. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @icynezz I understand that feels, since i’m a pisces.

  67. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @loriana Sounds like a shitcase to me. 

  68. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @Lilianne Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Getting mad cuz you no good and always lose to the pisces man. pssh shut up

  69. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @icynezz damn, keep this shit in the diary instead. 

  70. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @ScorpioWoman1990 Seems like you don’t know what you want. You shouldn’t be in any relationship.

  71. RaymondThePisces34 March 14th, 2016

    @bestscorpout Yes I believe this also, only Pisces man like myself know how to deal with scorpie. 

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