Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini woman and Pisces man can be compatible if they can tolerate each other's differences and work through problems patiently.
  • Their sexual chemistry is good, but they may need to make some effort to keep it exciting.
  • Gemini woman can attract the Pisces man by being patient, understanding, and supportive.
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Gemini and Pisces are positive in pairing as both of them are flexible and intelligent people who are capable of meeting each other’s needs as long as love and tolerance are in place. But Gemini has a certain measure of inconsistency and changeability while Pisces relies on intuition, preferring to keep love on an emotional level.

A Pisces man is, overall, a gentle creature. He is pretty laid back and easy going. He loves being in a cozy and secured environment. The typical Pisces man is often pulled in two different directions and as such he lacks fortitude at times. When he is given his freedom, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband. But when his freedom is oppressed, he feels restless, and begins to slip. Most consistent way to insure loyalty from Pisces man is to have complete faith in his honesty and to let him know his love and support is desired and valued.

A Gemini woman is one lady who was born sparking with both mental and physical energy like shock waves. With her child like heart, she loves fantasy, mind games, a light and fun lifestyle. She possesses only a thimbleful of patience. She is quite sharp in her intellect and uses it to analyze situations and people around her. Adventure, change, being able to go when she wants to go, independence, these are traits she holds on to and not give up all too easily for anyone. For the Gemini woman relationship is another adventure of her life with no emotional dramas and restrictions.

There is a lot of romance to be had in the relationship of Gemini woman and Pisces man, as well as there is intellect and openness. Their discoveries throughout life help them flourish a subtle and calming relationship. This creates a nice balance between them. Both are quite social and this brings a new bloom to their relationship, allowing it to thrive and strengthen. They are very compatible when it comes to constructive conversation, problem solving and just the very basic aspects of getting along. Gemini woman may at times find the relationship monotonous and looks up for freeing her mind for some time but within his comfort zone as her Pisces man is quite the procrastinator. Without this, their relationship has no place to go and will lie dormant and grow stagnant.

Pisces man makes the Gemini woman feel great about her and discover her hidden talents. Very easy going attitudes and the ability to talk very openly and honestly about anything coupled with their lack of interest in argument keeps these two together as they build on their relationship. As long as everything stays calm and goes smoothly, this union is a good and stable one. They are similar in areas of privacy, independence, art and music. There is no room for everyday schedules and habitual behavior and boredom is a definite no. Though Pisces man has his little sessions of attitude when Gemini woman demands too much from him, but he sets it aside to try to appease her anyway. He tends to get restless after a while and is not as stable as one should be. Being vulnerable he has a look of being lost and tired some of the time.

Love for Gemini woman and Pisces man is a thing of calm and beauty. As they both melt away in the warmth of their love, Pisces teaches his little Gemini butterfly to see joyful dreams and she teaches her Pisces dreamer to put some adventure in those dreams and bring them to life. They can always share and have everything and there is always serenity in their relationship that keeps it intact. Each day brings something new and exciting for this couple and they accept it whole-heartedly. The twinkling smile of Gemini woman and the tender touch of Pisces man add to the beauty of their togetherness. Their castle is a forever home for happiness and their garden is magical where red roses of love grow with thorns.

The sexual chemistry of Gemini woman and Pisces man is a blend of Air and Water. This couple may be naturally compatible in their relationship, but sexually some added efforts are always needed from both the sides. But this is not necessarily a problem for the two. She grafts her imaginations and he provides his calm romantic tenderness to make their love making an exclusive experience for both of them. There is an unspoken sensuality in the gaze of Gemini woman which gives a spark deep down in the heart of her Pisces man enhancing his desire to love and protect her in his arms. They can always have their intimacy through throaty whispers and gentle touches. They don’t need that hot passion and desire to be content with each other. Although they are both quite capable of adapting to the other’s fanciful ideas they may miss the mark on a deeper level. The sexual encounters of Gemini woman and Pisces man is only satisfied by new impulses and a build of spontaneity. When this feeling eventually becomes more comfortable, their sexual satisfaction becomes much more difficult to come by.

Gemini woman and Pisces man is quite different from one another in their motives and reasoning, and this creates quite the mystery to the other. This can make for uneven grounds in their relationship. Ordeal or controversy can have very harmful and adverse effects. Gemini woman, with her sharp satirical tongue does not holds back in barraging her Pisces man and he does not bear such accusations. He crumbles from time to time when having to deal with her ever changing personality and troublesome attitude. To make this relationship work, they both have to be patient in working through such problems instead of causing such a rumpus. This can be a problem since Pisces man would love no more than to leave the situation rather than listen or try to work things out and Gemini woman can’t stand the way he deals with these problems and must talk about what is going on.

  1. Joe March 9th, 2022

    Another gemini women. No there were no developments. Age gap is 16 years. I am the younger one. What we do for a living school custodian. And I have a hard time being bold because I’m afraid of rejection. But at the same time I feel like this is my soul mate, it’s almost to a point I can’t even handle it. I want it to work out but I can’t focus and I’m not really sure what to do. We recently don’t work together anymore but still for the same company and I’m afraid it caused us to drift away even more. But at the same time I feel like she is even more into me now that I left. Not really sure what to do, I know patience is Key but I don’t know how to bridge the communication barrier between us.

    • Another _gemini_woman March 10th, 2022

      I see ! Do you believe that she suspects that your interest in her is actually attraction ? You mentioned before that she was giving you mixed signals , were they clear signals ? Have you ever made your intentions clear to her ?
      For example , I got to this page because my interest in a Pisces man brought me here . I have not been straightforward with him because he is very cold and short with me . I would like to be bold and tell him that I would like to date him . We also work together (although not for the same company ) and I am 13 years younger than him . We have moments when we work together and we joke , have a good time and so on but mostly he is very reserved . I actually figured out that he is a Pisces based on a few statements that he made and I had an ‘aha’ moment . A mutual acquaintance told me that most likely he does not suspect that I am interested in him and he may not be very confident and that is why he is not opening up to me . Who knows !? I wish you the best in your journey and come back and share your success story with us once you and your Gemini woman end up together ! I am rooting for you !

      • Joe March 28th, 2022

        I think it’s a combination of 1. I don’t communicate that well however it’s not intentional. Iv shown interest but I don’t really go into detail because I haven’t had a chance at work. Good news is we will have some alone time in a month to have long talks. 2. I think she is kind of in a position based off someone else telling me. She feels like she wasn’t looking and I just appeared. But Isn’t totally in a place for a relationship but at the same time has strong feeling for me. 3. I think the age difference has her doubting being that I am the younger one.
        4. A previous breakup still is messing with her head in some way.

        I don’t care about age I am all about the connection but originally thought she was younger then she actually was. I don’t care I think she is good looking. I not concerned about the age to much because I think we learned to accept it and work thorugh the issues if there are any. I hoping this mini vacation will be the tip of ice berg. I want those forward at least. Thanks for the support. I need to communicate better and put my feelings out there.

      • Joe March 28th, 2022

        I can say as a pieces that I am shy and I don’t always show interest. My advice is to open up to him and express an interest. My gemini women actually chased me big time in the beginning. But I’m not a good communicator so originally she didn’t understand me. But if she didn’t chase me I’m not sure we ever would have connected.

      • Joe March 28th, 2022

        I also have confidence issues some of which are from past non serious relationships where the connection wasn’t there. I can say honestly gemini does make me feel comfortable or care about.

  2. SHARON DAVIS January 19th, 2022

    Honesty is always best regardless of timing.

    • Joe February 6th, 2022

      Yes it is but its still complicated.

      • Geeminin18 February 8th, 2022

        You haven’t had any progress in the relationship?

      • Joe February 14th, 2022

        Gemini18. Yes and No. To be honest I can’t really tell. I’m struggling with the need to move forward but I’m not sure she is ready. I think she is still interested just doesn’t know how to process it and I feel like we’re ready to at least get to know each other more. But I don’t want to come across as smothering but at the same time i feel she is the one. But there is a decent age gap between us that needs to be worked through.

      • Another_gemini_woman March 5th, 2022

        Hi Joe! How is it going with your gemini crush ? Any developments? I am always curious who our Gemini women are , what they do for living , who do they attract , etc . Your story is interesting .
        You mentioned that there is an age gap between you two, how big of a difference and who is the younger one ?
        You also mentioned that you two work together . What do you two do for living (line of work) ?
        Good luck to you and be bold , that is a sign of dominance and Gemini women like that in a man !

  3. Joe November 12th, 2021

    March pieces male getting mixed signals from a gemini women. Asking for advice from another gemini women. If being bold with gemini a turn off or do I just go with the flow. We speak a very different language but I can tell you she is defiantely interested but not ready yet as she implied. I don’t know how to open up and talk about it I don’t want to come across as to bold. But I really feel like we complete each other and need to at least start spending quality time together but how do I ask this question? At work do i ask to.chill outside of work any advice?

    • GMeni13 November 26th, 2021

      Geminis love bold, we may not say it but we like a man who has the courage to ask us out, or say what’s on their mind. If you truly feel like she is in to you, and you are into her, then go for it!

      • Joe December 5th, 2021

        Okay that does help, I’m just hoping its the right time I can’t hold back anymore. I’m just shy only reason.

  4. Lost thoughts August 27th, 2021

    2+ yrs what a nightmare arguments for dumb stuff.. the Pisces I have doesn’t show affection but wants me to watch TV next to him, he calls it bonding together even though I dislikehis his show. Couple of time I go to the living room to watch my own show & he gets upset & nagged that I left him alone. He doesn’t eat alone too.

    I’m Gemini who want to be alone sometimes & like playing video games for 2 hrs per day as stress relief less than 1 weeks playing he got upset … geez can’t even be in my cell surfing the web

    Our conversation are dull & silent ,.. calls me selfish , judgmental & bipolar.. I feel like I’m living with my father. I feel I’m living with a dictatorship. He manipulate me into feeling sorry for him when trying to leave him. Saying I will regret it blah…makes me feel like worse person.

    I been holding into this relationship for 2 yrs I feel we aren’t getting anywhere ,we argue 2x p/ week and is getting worse. I thought I could please him but I’m so tired & empty.

    • Jan November 29th, 2021

      Gemini woman here. Sounds like the rolling of the death bells to me. You need alone time and to be admired and flattered. This man is controlling and hurtful calling you bi-polar. Plot your strategy for escape so you will not regret it and fly my friend. This man is not for you.

    • Jesterfish (Leda) March 22nd, 2023

      hi, im pisces too, but saying those kind of stuffs like him isnt my own own style, its called angry caused by sadness, first of all, its very various type of people in this world, if person said your bad side, its not a love, true love admire each others, peace

  5. Tess July 19th, 2021

    I have found my Pisces soulmate and he has blocked me out and yet the universe still tells me of his love. I’m giving him time and his own space to work things out in his heart while I handle myself and my own needs first. But it is difficult and lonely to do. Any advice?

    • Kea August 4th, 2021

      As a Gemini woman I tend to worry and have bad anxiety…I know that feeling you’re feeling and I hate it. Music helps so much in situations like these. Try not to think about it too, I know it’s easier said than done, but he has to come around in his own time

    • Ash August 12th, 2021

      Hey Sis,

      Going through the same thing with my (March) Pisces man. I try to move on but he starts to confess his undying love for me (I mean literally begging.) And us Gemini Women just love the tender care of a Pisces man. Like yours, he likes his space. He can go days without speaking to me. And us Gemini women are wind signs, we can convince ourselves that someone doesn’t care and move on. (But who wouldn’t after not speaking to your partner for days.) Once he contacts me and realize I am giving him the cold shoulder… He always acts so hurt and betrayed. And questions why I can’t just relax. I feel like I am accepting pennies from my Pisces man, simply because he treats me like a Queen (In my presence), and he has the best love making I have ever experienced. I feel he is my soulmate. I guess if I want this to work, I will try to be patient with my Pisces, or just move on… Just venting to another Gemini Woman I guess.

      Our thoughts create our reality, so we need to just focus on the version that we want from our Pisces Men, and Manifest them.

  6. Ken May 25th, 2021

    February Pisces male, my June Gemini was never loyal. I loved with all of my heart and soul. She loved with the intensity of a Gemini but could not offer loyalty that a Pisces needs.

    • Kayla August 3rd, 2021

      What kind of loyalty does a Pisces need

      • Jesterfish (Leda) March 22nd, 2023

        good question, Kayla

  7. Deebo March 8th, 2021

    Please remember that febuary and March born Pisceans are very different.

    Personally I think the febuary born out there, are much more like Aquarian’s.

    • Jesterfish (Leda) March 22nd, 2023

      I also argue much with full of hatred March ones, it was very worse, whats the problem inside them? I’m feb pisces to be honest

  8. Karen January 25th, 2020

    I’m a gemini female dating a pisces guy and it has been exciting and frustrating. Some of this stuff is true about us, some of it seems to be flip flopped. I find I crave stability and he is often holding back emotionally. I know he can love deeply but at least at this point in his life I feel he has a wall up. It’s true about freedom, he likes it a lot. It leaves me frustrated! When he’s with me it’s great, we’re so compatible sexually but I really am craving this emotional pisces this article speaks of.

    • Shelley February 9th, 2020

      I deal with the same situation lack of the emotional side from my Pisces man. There really is none this becomes a problem for me and my needs at times.

    • Maw September 20th, 2020

      As a pisces man it happens to me exactly as you describe, especially if i don’t receive acknowledgement from my lover, when she gives a bit of an emotional distance that disturbs an emotional stability feeling, being cozy and stable means here emotionally rather than materialistically, so if i feel secure and wanted there, you get much deep feelings and emotions in return!

    • Kensley January 2nd, 2021

      It sounds like you have a narcissist on your hands sis. Look into it. The lack of emotion has nothing to do with the zodiac, it’s a part of the disorder .

    • Peach January 20th, 2021

      Are we seeing the same guy? I’m a Gemini women dealing with a Pisces man an you hit the nail on the head. After reading this I’m going to fall back maybe even fall out of this.

    • Joni February 17th, 2021

      Omg girl same situation wow

    • G August 5th, 2021

      A pisces with emotion does not really show such until he completely trusts you.. and that’s a difficult thing to obtain. The more mature, the more it’s hidden, and more difficult to bring it to surface. DO NOT THREATEN, AND NO ULTIMATUMS.. that’s a recipe for quick breakup.. MUST GIVE
      LOTS OF FREEDOM N SPACE, with just a reminder that you live him 🤝

  9. Brooke Gipson January 15th, 2020

    I love my Pisces man!

  10. Brooke Gipson January 15th, 2020

    I’m dating a Pisces, and I’ve been dating him for about 2 months now. And I feel like I have been so serious around him and I know I should just be free from seriousness so I’ll try that. And btw, he’s the best man I have ever dated and I hope it goes well. I just need to tone down my seriousness and bright up the fun side inside of me and take it to the outside.

  11. S July 11th, 2019

    I just me a Pisces, I am a gemini. Let’s see how it goes. So far he is very challenging mentally. I hope it works out.

  12. jbaby May 15th, 2019

    I met a picses man and LAWD!!! everything seemed so promising. The only issue we had was his ” I have to get my way concept” hearing the word “no” was an issue for him he would stop talking to me for hours, say stuff out the side of his neck when the topic would be addressed. It was like he would throw an adult tantrum. There was no meeting in the middle when he wanted me to do something. We got to comfortable to quick. We were into it 3 days out of the 7 days we were in a relationship. Did we still see each other yes but the attitude was ridiculous. And then he would pop up like nothing happened. And it was never due to his actions it was me not giving him what he wants. Outside of that we were perfect for each other. But i can not be given the “my way or the high way” ultimatum. I will ALWAYS choose the highway. That was the shortest relationship i have ever had…

  13. Jenny March 30th, 2019

    4 months and I am loving my Pisces of 5 years … He is patient until now … self-controlled and disciplined … I am loving his Organization!

  14. Gambino18 September 20th, 2018

    My gem girl future wife is the okrruuttt 😂😂😂 Gambino Gambino Gambino

  15. AndyT June 23rd, 2018

    I’m a Pisces man. I’ve been married to a Gemini for 22 years. Most of which was difficult due not talking, but the love & bond between us glued us. Now in our 50s, we’ve learnt to communicate and compromise. Our relationship is stronger than ever.
    I read so much negativity about the compatability of the two signs. The truth is, if you want it to work it will. Yes, it takes effort, but the rewards are wonderful. I wouldn’t swap my twins for the world.

    • Angel July 17th, 2018

      This is beautiful love stories! Pray for love like this .

  16. R January 21st, 2018

    I also am reconnecting with what I believe is my soul mate he is a Pisces and I a Gemini and I really feel like he gets me I thank you for giving me the positive possibilities because I feel like reading the negatives make them more likely I love the positives because there is always a way to make to people work one just has to be aware of their positives and negatives and care how they jive with their partners.

  17. Mackenzie January 7th, 2018

    I am a Gemini and my boyfriend of 2 years is a Pisces and honestly I got real sick and tired of playing the field and dealing with so many partners and them just using me and honestly I met him , I love him more than life it’s self , I know Gemini’s are hard to pin down but he definitely did he makes me feel so loved and I couldn’t ask for a better man we never fight ever because we are both laid back we would rather not fight at all ! So I honestly say that Gemini’s and Pisces are good matches when their heads are in the right places for a relationship

  18. aziza October 18th, 2017

    For me as Gemini have come back with my pieces high school sweet heart after going different directions after almost 3decades when I saw him the bond between was sparkling as ever before ,I believe pieces and Gemini are couple made in heaven. Cant stop loving this man.

    • Lars620 October 22nd, 2017

      I love that you wrote this because I just reconnected with my Pisces after ten years and I have realized I’ve been looking for him since the day we went our separate ways. I absolutely adore, love, and cherish this man with everything I have. The spark between us is so real and visible that everyone around us complements me about how much I glow when I look at him. 💕

  19. Cath August 4th, 2017

    Pisces man checking out other women – making me as a Gemini woman totally insecure/second best.

  20. mits July 9th, 2017

    Gemini women here & in a relationship with a pisces man for 11 years. It may be annoying because his so being laid back. But the love is real. 🙂

  21. Lois March 11th, 2017

    So the Pisces man I find too opinionated with a Gemini woman is mostly boring and can be difficult, which is not good for any relationship. Too much energy just to have a good time..should flow easier! Very exhausting for this fun-loving Gemini woman!

  22. Mz Gem March 8th, 2017

    This is too accurate…I’m a gemini thats dating a pisces and this blog gives me great insight on how to understand my partner more…he’s so laid back and quiet and being a gemini that irritates me sometimes, but I now know that’s just his true nature.

  23. Jaya January 8th, 2017

    Its scary but its true. I am a gemini woman dating a pisces since last 5 years. We both had our share of ups and downs in this relationship but it always worked out in a good way till now. We are goin to be married soon but I hope that sex wouldn’t create any mess in our life.

    • Nicole Tahmasebi January 11th, 2017

      Did you notice a decline in sex? What about the sex are you concerned about? I just started dating my Pisces man but he seems amazing.

  24. Maria December 25th, 2016

    i have just met a pisces man and i will let you know how it goes! we both found the writing on us very accurate which is scary, so i’m very interested to see how it pans out.

    to be continued……


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  33. mzskyblue November 21st, 2014

    Hi im a gemini woman and i been dating a pisces man for about 4 months and we are always with each other everyday and we always have a good time with each other but he is so secretive and i get so irritated and frustrated when i ask him something he just says nothing or im ok what do i do because i just feel like i want to stop talking to him but i really like him

    • Jocar December 19th, 2016

      Same situation here… He said that he likes me and wants a relationship but he never ever said ILOVEYOU just ilikeyou

  34. jayjay96 September 18th, 2014

    I’m a Gemini woman dating a Pisces man !! OMG IAMM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM , I CANT EVEN PUT INTO WORDS. even though he does have his moments where he just randomly says bye to me or hangsup the phone just bc i said something to him that didnt sound right, he is great. He is very very caring and always makes sure iam happy and always puts me first. what i dont like about him is when something is wrong and i have to literally dig deep inside his soul for him to open up to me. i feel like im very open minded and i always tell whats wrong even if im not asked by him sometimes. he is sorta controlling but i dont blame him bc iam aswell sometimes. being over 3k miles away from eachothr , random fights do happen but the great thing about our relationship is that when he  cools down from being angry, we always manage to fix our fights and forget what happened. he is very loyal to me ( from what i think ) and iam aswell. oh i forgot the part that he is absolutely STUNNING .. he is the greatest man that ive ever met and i cant wait to see him be the father of my kids ! xoxoxoxxox i hope all of you women find a man who makes you feel like you are the best thing thats in this world.xoxoxoxooxoxxo

  35. Antonioabhill April 6th, 2014

    Hello everyone I’m a male pisces and I’m in love with my gemini girlfriend she is freaking amazing.  She’s very smart intelligent and very open minded. She has her split personality every now and then, but with all that it makes you just wanna go deeper and get to know her even more. They are a ball of energy very out spoken. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m hers forever. You just have to have patience help her to learn your way of love and comfort. I plan to marry her in some years and mother my kids. I love my gemini woman I wouldn’t trade it in for nothing in the world.

  36. Walbar8531 March 10th, 2014

    I’m a pisces man my Gemini woman whom I love so much sometimes I don’t understand I would do anything to make her happy seems like she does not appreciate me or love me at all and it hurts she does not show me any effection and I feel like I’m just here to make her happy and shes not willing to do the samething  she critisize me about everything I’m doing wrong instead of supporting me its like I’m always in the wrong she . i love her I don’t know if I can take any more.

  37. ambernm August 23rd, 2013
    Not all pisces men are like that…astrology only says so much and the rest we adapt from our own life experiences. (Being a Gemini, astology says that im very open and like to hear myself talk but im not at all.) He prob was shown to be that way at some point in his life or has mental disabilites. Also you teach people how to treat you and by you leaving him that shows him that he cant treat you like that. Congrats on leaving and i hope that you will meet a man that treats you the way you deserve to be treated and as a equal. They are out there! =)
    Good luck!

  38. ambernm August 23rd, 2013

    I am a Gemini women and I’m marrying a Pisces man. We have so much fun together and he is the light of my life. He’s a Marine and we met online and so it forced us to talk and get to know and love each other’s personalities before we ever met. (Just so turns out he’s perfect for me). Everything I have read except this article says how terrible we are together and how the Gemini will hurt him etc. etc.. But truth be told he talks MAJORITY of the time and I love it lol…And right now he’s gone and we still have the most beautiful relationship…I come to his dream world and when I want to have a intellectual serious conversation (which doesn’t happen too often) we do. He’s the most intelligent, caring, genuine, loyal man I’ve ever met in my life and he always has plans, goals, and dreams. And I have to remind myself to drop my pride and express how much I love him and how much he means to me! He’s amazing and were perfect together!

  39. August 15th, 2013

    lol.. i was with pisces man for two year and my life was hell … he is soooooooooooooo suspicious about everything infect while i got promoted on my job he doubted that i haven’t got this promotion because of my ability but coz i might be having some relationship with someone in management.. he was soooooo abusive , i have tried to workout, i stop talking with my friends, infect he used to doubt that i have affaire with his friend who like brother to me. .. he has beaten me like animal, because of him i have gone thru 2 abortion, two years was punishment for me for choosing him…. when i walked out from this relationship again he had reason that i hv found someone else .. but he did not realize and accepted his mistakes…
    now my parents looking proposal for meand whenever i come across pisces man profile, it shattred me, and i just refuse that proposal because i have that fear .. and it will be there thoughout my life.

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  41. wildsideone June 9th, 2013

    I’m in love with this very beautiful Gem and she knows it.  We met online on a social website.  I was very flabbergasted when I received a notice that she was interested in me.  I read her profile which wasn’t much because she had only written about two paragraphs.  It was her picture that mostly intrigued me because she had the most beautiful penetrating blue eyes I had ever seen.  We have been talking on the phone, texting, and chatting online for the past year and nine months and we have gone out on a date about 6 times.  We live about 3 hours drive apart and I can only see her on weekends so we chat and text alot and sometimes talk on the phone.  The thing is she does not write much in her responses but only a few words.  I write my responses better than I talk and she talks better.  When we are together she does most of the talking and I love listening to her.  She has been hurt by men in her past and does not understand why, so she is very wary.  I do not want to be the men in her past so I am very careful in what I say and how I respond.  I try to give her as much support as I can without sounding fake.  I am a sincere man and I want to be with her but after 6 dates she barely lets me touch her such as hold her hand or put my arms around her when we go for walks.  Lately, I have felt that she is starting to open up because she is writing more and sometimes she initiates a chat or texting session.  I am always very happy when she does that.  But, I also still feel that she is standing off because maybe she doesn’t want to be in this relationship because of her past.  I recently got hired to a good paying job so I am able to go to her more which I have done on our last 4 dates.  I would stay at a hotel in her town but, I do not ask her to come stay with me.  She has not told me where she lives and I don’t ask.  I figure she would when she feels safe with me.  On our last meet, she introduced me to her sister and her sister’s husband and has taken me to their house.  I think this was a assessment meet.  Two weeks later and I still do not know how I did.  We are still texting and chatting so I think it was at least a small positive result.  In my heart, mind, and soul I know she is the one and I am taking the easy and patient approach.  We Pisces are patient most of the time.  I am hoping… but also, we still have not kissed… I know it will be fireworks for me when we do… I just want to make sure that it is for her, too.  I’m 49 and she is 53… but our relationship feels young but cautious… I know there could be another woman if this does not work out.. but dammit!! I get impatient and I just want to go up to her and give her a very big and surprising kiss and see how it goes from there… I hope she doesn’t shoot me down..

    • Dorothy June 26th, 2020

      I’m a Gemini and I’ve been talking to a Pisces for about a month. I’m not sure if he wants us to start dating or not. If your Gemini woman haven’t kissed you yet, she’s more than lightly waiting on you to make the first move. She’s not sure if you’re really into her, especially since she’s a few years older than you. As a Gemini believe me she’s waiting on you!

  42. may26anne May 2nd, 2013

    I’m currently in a relationship with a Pisces man and what’s written above is very useful to me. Somehow, I was able to understand what went wrong in our relationship as I realized that I became selfish more often. I was harsh letting him stay away from me and even said bad words that you couldn’t ever imagine. That’s basically me whenever I got pissed off ‘coz I was expecting more than what he can do. Though, you could feel his effort to make our relationship works but I guess I put too much pressure on him which is why he got tired already. He’s just an ordinary 37 year old man yet I find him very attractive and caring. I could admit that despite of the age, he can still find young women to flirt with.  I was actually hoping to have a better life with him but it turned out to be a bad experience. Porbably because he lied to me about his past. But I couldn’t help myself to accept him again because I do love him. I was inconsisntent before when it comes to love specially if I’m bored in a relationship. But this is different. Too different… =)
    Neverthelss, I’ll try to follow the information I’ve read in here and see what happens. Hope it will be for good.

  43. fmwilso1 March 28th, 2013

    Ok, someone tell me what I’m missing. I am a Gemini woman married to a Pisces, and he really gets on my nerves. He started off as a total different person than he is now. He makes me feel as though he pretended to be someone he was not to win me over. His demeanor comes across as fake to me and he smothers me so much. He does things out of spite and competes a lot when it comes to our kids, 2 are mines, 3 are his. Sometimes I regret marrying this man. And I dream of divorcing him. Help!!!!!!!

  44. school March 23rd, 2013

    I am a Gemini lady in love with a Pisces male who is also my boss.  I met him 3 years ago and there was an immediate attraction.  At times, I have been rude to him and hurt his feelings, but I apologized, and he smiles and always accepts.  He is so forgiving, caring, and phyically desirable.  When I am with him I feel so protected.  He is like the air I need to breathe.  We have so many differences, including me being 17 years younger than him and of course are signs are not compatiable.  I do think astrology is fun, however when it comes to love I think it is better to go with your heart, desires, spiritual beliefs, and logical reasoning.   I truly feel this is the man for me.   God Bless.

  45. Gemini2 March 21st, 2013

    I’m a Gemini woman madly and I mean crazy in love like never before to a Pisces man. I feel like I know him from past lives. He is the most tender giving man BUT I have learned to respect him and give back by allowing him freedom to be alone and think and dream. At times I was selfish and wanted him all the time – kept taking and taking- then I would get angry if he withdrew. I have realized how selfish I was and it really boils down to respecting your partner- knowing they aren’t just there to make you feel good – he is addicting but I need to let him breathe as well. He isn’t a toy whose sole purpose is to please me! I will curb my Gemini manipulative ways to keep this man he is sooo worth it! Best lover, best confidante, best man ever – sexy, handsome, intelligent and tender – I tried manipulating him but didn’t work. I am ashamed of how selfish I was but I’ve learned from it. If you love someone you will accept who they are and not try to change them. Loving someone who has different needs from mine is tough really tough- but I know I love the person if I am willing to adapt – because Gemini and Pisces ways aren’t exactly alike.  

  46. Author
    Ask Oracle February 5th, 2013

    @krush20 Best thing you can do right now is stop trying to control or judge her and allow her to do her thing. Next you focus on things you really love to do — sports, gossips, traveling or whatever.

    Pay attention to your health and well being. Soon you’ll find that you trusting her or not, really doesn’t helps your own wellbeing, kids or the entire marriage thing.

    All I am saying is this — Whatever she does or doesn’t has nothing to do with happiness. At first it may seem that it is like giving up on your dreams but its not. You come back when you regain the confidence and feel Love inside.

  47. krush20 February 5th, 2013

    HELP PLEASE!!!! I am a Pisces (man) married to a Gemini (woman). We have been together for 10 years and I feel our marriage is going down the darn. Its up and down, up and down. The last three years have been hell and heaven for me. Its has been a lot of Problems with cheating, manipulation, secrets and Lies that it makes it hard for me to trust her. Its like she has no spar for my feeling at all. I feel so used and taken advantage of. Will you guys help me i don’t know what to do. I fill like I have no defiance. she reads a lot of this type of literature and has my emotional behavior down to the tee. I don’t know how to handle this women and her mind games. Im trying to find the balance or turn the tables take the control away from her. We have three kids and Im trying for dear life not to walk out. But it’s getting to hard to bear it like all she care about is her I mean her. Can anyone help?    

    • Sabrinah October 2nd, 2018

      Hi I am a gemini woman and married to a pisces man for more than 5 years and we have a beautiful daughter together.. My advice to you is to try to give her some space and a time out for herself, cook for her nice meals and buy her some gifts occasionally and take her to small holidays and make her FEEL SHE IS SPECIAL AND A WORTHY PERSON. Once she sees that from you she will start to crawl back to you and be the same wonderful woman as you met her from the first time.

  48. Jinx December 29th, 2012

    I am a Gemini woman who is deeply in love with a Pisces man.   My Pisces man is romantic, caring, sweet-natured, passionate, and loves me dearly. 
    We think so much alike, we both love music, the arts, a variety of foods, cooking, museums, concerts, plays, books, history, and intelligent conversation. 
    He goes out of his way to please me.  I simply adore him, but sometimes he can be absent-minded, and cannot stand stress like me.   He can be very opinionated like so many Pisceans, but that is part of him.  I love him unconditionally, flaws and all.
    I truly believe we are soulmates in every sense of the word.  We both have a 6th sense about each other.  I know when something is bothering him, and we can feel each other’s presense even though we are separated by many miles.   I can honestly say, I have never loved anyone as much as I love this man.  He is “my everything.”

  49. Gemsinger91 August 26th, 2012

    Hey there, 
    I’m a young Gem lady and I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster ride with this Piscean guy. Basically through our teens we have had a history of getting together and the feelings that I have for him are very strong but things have never seemed to work out in the past.
    Whenever we’ve been close to getting into a relationship, I get frustrated with his habit of retreating and becoming elusive. Then I lash out and do stupid things that hurt his feelings in retaliation because I feel scared and vulnerable. 
    Despite all this we’ve remained in contact because we seem to be like magnets – I can’t help being drawn to him and he seems to have the same problem. I care for him a lot, and I don’t want to hurt him again – and I don’t want to get hurt either. Is there any chance that we can ever make this work? I can’t imagine my life without him. 

  50. rarebird33 June 29th, 2012

    Good luck Eric! I sincerely hope things work out for you :)I am a gemini woman and I love to talk! It’s true; we are communicators.
    One thing I find attractive is when a man asks me about my interests or finds out about my interests and then actively listens, asking questions and sincerely being interested. I mean, you may not have to love what I do but showing genuine interest in us and what we’re about, is a real turn on. And….allowing us to talk about ourselves, our passions 🙂
    I think universally sincere compliments are really special. I must stress the word: sincere. As a gemini I am pretty good at picking up when someone is just trying to be charming which, ironically, we’re so good at!
    I hope this helps! Don’t worry to much. Just be yourself and have fun!

  51. rarebird33 June 29th, 2012

    Congratulations and many thanks for sharing your insight!!!
    I went on my first date with a Piscean male last night. I’ve been attracted to him for a while now and I am scared because I can see that he is really open (I am as well) and that other women are also attracted to him as you put it, just by “standing there and being mysteriously shy”…which he is fully aware of.
    I am quite sensitive so seeing how he relates to other women may be a challenge. I wonder if Gemini women have a slight jealous streak? That is the last thing I want to be however, I find myself already (date #1) noticing myself feel uneasy. In the past, I’d start flirting with men because I’d feel hurt and hey! Tit for tat but that is so destructive and I am aware of it. It is good to know if you’re loyal and don’t start checking out all the men in the room, things will be good; your piscean man will be loyal.
    He is a musician and I know he must receive much attention from the opposite sex so it was a relief to read “he Djs and we go everywhere together, Ive learnt to just have fun and at the end of the night he comes home with me… ”
    That is very reassuring.
    He is a true dreamer and artist (a musician) and I tend to be more logical and rational so I am also concerned about that aspect. I am not as sensual a woman as I think he’d ideally like.
    It’s brand new and I’m scared. I don’t want to botch things up so I’ve read many sites about Gem and Pisces matches, most of which were very discouraging. In fact, it almost sounds as if long lasting for these two is non-existant 🙁
    I am notorious for becoming bored in a relationship so I’ve sabotaged many relationships. I am going to try harder and become aware of any signs so I can prevent trouble.
    So thank you for sharing!

  52. barnstormer1967 April 19th, 2012

    I’m a pisces man and just met a gemini woman. She’s so beautiful. I’d seen her in church before but figured she was taken. Anyway last weekend church was packed and I found one of the last was right next to her! There were a couple seats to her right but she didn’t move down..she sat right next to me. We sat through the service and sang songs, I introduced myself and we chatted a bit. I definitely felt something between us. Maybe it was just me wanting to feel something. I found her on facebook and seems like she’s going through a divorce right now. So I’m being very careful with this, don’t want to ruin anything that might develop between us. She seems interested in me, but I wanna take this slow and do it right.  Any advice from any Gemini women out there would be greatly appreciated. I’m dying to figure out what makes her tick and what pleases her and what she doesn’t like and so on. I’m so ready to be in love again. Peace and God Bless…

  53. Mihara2 March 17th, 2012

    To all the Gemini Woman out there wanting to hold onto their Piscean men DO NOT lie or talk rubbish to him.. Learn to control your temper and not hurt him with words you will regret.. He can only take so much and while he is sitting there in silence he is analysing the situation and thinking whether or not the relationship is worth holding on too.. I being a Gemini woman what I have learnt in the 3yrs is go with the flow, yea we can get bored very easy, and want to go here there but we have to make sacrifices and change if we love the man we want to be with for rest of our lives.. Patience and understanding.. I have to admit he is the first guy I cant stop thinking of where ever I am. I have never felt like that about anyone.. My piscean man is born 1 March he is humble sometimes a little controlling at times which upsets me and I tell him straight up how iI feel and we work it out.. Its been a roller coaster but with communication it has worked out to be perfect and we plan to get married next year! So to all the gemini ladies out there do not try and make your piscean man jealous by flirting with other guys because you will get slapped in the face big time.. A piscean man can attract more girls just standing there and being mysteriously shy, speaking from experience I have to put up with it, he Djs and we go everywhere together, Ive learnt to just have fun and at the end of the night he comes home with me… If you love your piscean man  you will stand by him, he is loyal and is yours till the end.. 

  54. GeminiLovesPisces2 September 24th, 2011

    I’m a Gemini woman who is guilty of cheating on her Pisces man.We broke up and I didn’t want to move on at first but i pushed myself to anyways because I didn’t want to push on him anymore unwanted feelings.But now I’m back where I started, all I know is I’m trying to fight for him and I wont stop unless he wants me to.I really don’t know what to do because his actions confuse me.We haven’t dated very long but all I do know is he is perfect to me.My minds tries to erase him but its impossible because his name is tattooed across my heart.All I do know is I will work harder on the person I am just so he wont slip away.

  55. Lira48 July 17th, 2011

    OMG this is so true! I am a Gemini woman deep in love with a pisces man.. I love him so much not even the stars cant think of the right word for it.. But anyway this is the FIRST site i have found that dosnt make us Gemini sound like crap.. I know i have a hard tone when upset and prob do damand things.. but he always smiles and ses “ok anything you wish”.. but the main thing im looking for information is bec idk what to do.. he makes it look like he has no free will.. no matter how much i tell him he does and that everything he ses counts.. he acts still as if he was never free and hes so afraid ill leave him.. i just need help.. How do i change it from him thinking this? I tell him how much I truly love him everyday..

  56. purpledream January 4th, 2011

    Anyone who want’s to know what love is like between a gemini woman and a pisces man should read the detailed discription titled “the machine” in a book called cosmic coupling by starsky + cox.This book is so accurate it’s scary.;)I also must add,as a gemini it’s sad it took me so much time to figure out that there is another sign with a dual nature like mines.

  57. ez November 30th, 2010

    I’m a Gemini woman, I find this to be pretty spot on. I recently had a strange type of fling with a Pisces man. It was a slow start he was shy and I really did have to set the pace. Things finally started happening, but sadly it turns out it’s bad timing. He is very involved in his musical aspirations so we’ve had trouble finding time to meet lately. But I like him enough that I won’t write him off… just yet.
    He is very open, I adored that, and he loved it about me too. We had a lot of fun together – I only hope it becomes something eventually and he doesn’t swim away 🙁

  58. samiksha November 11th, 2010

    am a gemini women n in love with pisces guy even he too luvs me alot n we r indians…i heard more dat dis too signs r nerver compatible with eachother so jst worried for it…but we are compatible n love eachother alot….luv u dinu……..

  59. Bonnie October 1st, 2010

    I’ve been casually dating a Pisces man for over a year…and this info is soooo true! He lies about the smallest things, but it’s ok since I do too! LOL…but our relationship is sooo much fun! Honestly, the best one I’ve ever had!

  60. Mihara September 29th, 2010

    Everything i have read has been so helpful.. I want to understand my pisces man i love him so much..

  61. Mihara September 29th, 2010

    Im a gemini woman and i love my pisces man.. Love you my honey nick!xxx

  62. Alice September 17th, 2010

    I’m a piscean girl. I would like to know if I made my boyfriend sad. If yes, tell him to forgive me and forget me.

  63. sami June 21st, 2010

    wow this is very insightful, i am talkin to a pisces rite now trying to get with him and when we txt i notice that my sharp gemini gets him sometimes and he wont talk back and i have to say that ignoring me is sooo annoying and it makes me feel very bad that i hurt him or that what i said bothered him that much! thanx again i will try and hopefully will just watch what i say more often, and i wil also have to remember that i should just shut up more too! but i like that pisces males like compliments cuz boy to do i have alot to give to him lmao!

  64. Rosemary June 17th, 2010

    I’m just beginning a relationship with a Pisces Man and I found the above information very helpful. I didn’t realize that another sign besides my own Gemini had a dual nature. That is fascinating to me. I definitely have experienced boredom and surround myself with entertaining interests and hobbies as I just have to. Regular life is just too routine and mundane. I could never be without my interests for very long or just sit around without producing something of beauty or learning something useful to help me along in life. To find another creature who is able to understand this is quite a possible treasure so thank you very much for putting this info out there at no cost. I truly appreciate it. Neither he nor I have been married before. We are both in our middle 50’s and it should be interesting if I remember the cautions especially detailed for the Gemini. And that impatience is quite feverish lately…………I’m so aware that I quick moving at this time in my life. Thank you for the nice things you did say about Geminis. Certainly, better than anything I heard from my birth family in the past or present to be sure. I am loyal to chosen family……….this birth family stuff is most challenging…….I refer to it as reverse teaching ……….teaching me how not to be and what not to do…….greatest reverse teachers around… family soul group.
    Rosemary 6/17/10

  65. Michelle March 10th, 2010

    That is soo true … I am a pisces women, engaged to a gemini man. He’s my world, although at times he can really get under my skin. But that doesn’t change the love I have for him I love you Sean

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