Gemini Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini woman and Libra man have a stimulating and communicative relationship.
  • The sexual intimacy is not the most important aspect of their relationship, as they are more satisfied with their mental and affectionate connection.
  • The Gemini woman can attract the Libra man by showing her intelligence, wit, and sense of humor.
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The association of Gemini and Libra is very stimulating one. Both of them fill each other’s need for communication, and enjoy plenty of social and mental stimulation. There is considerable respect between the two. But Libra can find Gemini less romantic and Gemini may feel Libra to be very much demanding in the relationship.

Libra man is quite the outgoing and friendly creature. He hides his passions well behind a debonair smile and a persuasive voice. He can be a great orator with answer to almost every question of the world. He keeps his distance while analyzing others around him. He is not as innocent as he may seem but he is a gentle soul who hates to do injustice to anyone. He likes to maintain a balance in everything he does and that includes love too. In a romantic relationship, he proves to be a great lover as he is no less than synonym to romance.

A Gemini woman is an adorable social butterfly with great mind and strong communication skills. She is always much happier moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. She can be far too careless that she even forgets her promises sometimes. But her affection and concern for her loved ones is without a doubt appreciable. In a relationship, a Gemini woman wants someone fun, someone exciting and the one who can stimulate her imagination. Her charm and silver tongue makes her romantic expression admirable as she impresses her man and bounds him to surrender to her love.

The serious and stern Libra man is benefited from a little bit of Gemini woman in his lifestyle. Even though her child like ways does not interest her Libra man in the slightest, it may do him some good to add a sip or two of her thoughts into his. She tries to change her Libra man and he may let her, to a degree, but too much of a change in things throws him off and he eventually goes back to the old Libra man ways. That way they are more harmoniously matched than most couples. It would definitely do their relationship some good. If given the chance and some added compromise, there are a few common grounds to where these two can come together, linger there and be in love forever.

Libra man is understanding partner towards Gemini woman’s wandering ways and is rational and logical enough to help her through her nonsensical ideas. The harmony between Gemini woman and Libra man is uncanny in that they cope with each others problems, read into each others ideas and can sympathize with one another’s calamities. They both possess a love for beauty and the arts while also having a sense of togetherness in their lives. Most arguments begin with Gemini woman but end because of Libra man and his stern ideals. He makes her feel secure and provides her with the strength she lacks and always wants to have. He always serves his damsel with words of admiration and love to fill her up with confidence and happiness.

With wings on their heels and hearts, the Gemini woman and Libra man can glide in the skies so blue and full of rainbows that they could have never experienced without each other. Their relationship is as refreshing as the summer breeze with flashes of thunder and lightning to give spark and brightness to their unison. He is one person who brings out the real womanhood of a Gemini lady and she is the one who can push him hard to come up with all his masculinity and rise up to the heights he would not have aspired to reach without her. Their oneness is admirable and their disputes are so trifle that melts away in each other’s arms as the sun dissolves in clouds.

As both are airy in nature; for Gemini woman and Libra man, the need for a strong sexual relationship is not so intense. They need and complete each other’s physical needs to a level of gratification but they obtain their real connection through a highly romantic relationship. They are satisfied with the mental and highly affectionate togetherness that they feel for one another. The Libra man is more interested in the mind and spirit of his sparkly Gemini woman while the Gemini woman is keen to feel intellect and soul of her charming Libra man. But both of them take their turns being the aggressive partner in their lovemaking and switch to strange and mystical ways that makes their sexual experience a constantly changing yet harmoniously blended delight. Although the sexual intimacy is important to this couple, it is not necessary for their mutual happiness, since peace and tranquility of a deeply affectionate blending is initial attraction between these two. Their interests in each other lie in the spiritual, the intellectual, deep within the soul and in the mind. There is no need of sensuality or passion when they are so deeply connected on a mental level.

The similarities between the Gemini woman and the Libra man makes it a lot easier to gel up together. It is also what puts them head to head in argument. As compatible as they are Gemini woman tests her Libra man with her disorganized mess and time wasting ways. She is frivolous with his money and pushes him to the edge. Just when Libra man has had enough, the child like fears and vulnerability of Gemini woman surfaces, and breaks down his barriers. She needs him, Libra man sees that and he stay. He is not interested in Gemini woman’s fantasy land. Regardless of his gentle, sweet nature, he turns away when she becomes fickle and flighty. This is probably one of the biggest clashes this couple has to endure. Unless there is a valiant effort made in trying to comprehend these thoughts of hers, she ends up twisting the truth to suit her Libra man in hopes it will improve his outlook about her.

  1. Erika June 22nd, 2023

    HI Trish and Shelley! How you guys been? I’ve been with my libra man for almost a year now. I am excited by reading the comments here! Hopefully everything will be smooth-sailing for all of us here. As a Gemini, I can totally relate on every single thing mentioned here!

  2. Ojos del sol January 11th, 2022

    Me and my Libra have been best friends for almost 5 years now, he genuinely found me at the best possible time in my life. I was 17 and suffering terrible mental health issues, there he was one day out of the blue with a friend of mine. Charming, amusing, kind. He reminds me of the character in The page of cups tarot card. (Think of a man holding a cup with a fish head popping out of the cup). He’s just completely random, but welcomed, in my eyes at least.

    We lightly flirted back in those times, but we were both able to healthily commune that we weren’t interested in a relationship. We had a “thing” until I left the country to look for work, he also left our hometown and met a lovely woman who seemed to really care for him.

    4 years pass, we stayed in contact lightly. I eventually moved home as I struggled to find good work and became home sick. He was gone, though. Only saw him when he came home to visit but he would ALWAYS make an effort to contact me between. He was my life line sometimes, someone I trusted, my #1 supporter and my best friend. He never fails to make me laugh.

    Time has changed us,
    Recently he came home again but he isn’t with the woman anymore.I have been single for what feels like 3 years, you stop caring/counting after a while. Might even be 4.

    This time was different,
    We couldn’t stop staring at each-other. We talked about real things, our traumas, our failures, shame. But it didn’t feel bad, it was nothing short of the purest form of acceptance and trust in my opinion. & hearing him talk about his life, for what it honestly was, set my heart on fire.

    We kissed while he was here, I was talking too much and he threw his lips onto mine. I’ve never felt a silence like that, where I wanted to shut up (true gemini lol.) but he silenced more than my voice, it silenced my mind, my doubts, fear. But no one else could do that.

    At least, in the scanning of my mind these last few weeks no one has ever had that effect on me. I feel attractions to him that have never been present before.

    And my GOD how he’s aged…
    Lord have mercy on my geminian soul lol.

    So he’s invited me to come to his new home to visit and go on our usual adventures together. I have the feeling this trip won’t be our “usual” at all.

    As much as I don’t want to ruin a GREAT friendship I honestly treasure, I can’t deny that I feel something more for him. And I can’t stop thinking that the biggest mistake I might potentially make is allowing him to think that I don’t want him, when he’s probably the only person I can see myself being with. No one has ever matched my frequency the same, I want it everyday.

    • Shelley April 16th, 2023

      So? Did you go for it? Over a year has passed and I’m interested! If I could go back in time I would say to you, GO FOR IT. You wouldn’t be risking a friendship, you would be consolidating it. And I can almost promise that you wouldn’t regret it.
      I’m a gemini woman too so I fully understand your doubts and misgivings. But we aren’t children anymore, and our libran men are exactly what we need. I wish you all the best. Xx

    • Trish April 27th, 2023

      Yes please tell us what happened. I have been with my libra man for 20 plus years now. We have had our ups and downs but I could never ever been with anyone else. He is my best friend my everything. I hope that everything worked out great for you!!

  3. Anon December 2nd, 2021

    im a Gemini woman. Not frivolous with money, or messy. And sex is very important! I love intensity.
    Though my natal chart is mostly fire and earth. So thats why

    Its a good article otherwise. Interesting. thanks for sharing

  4. space November 18th, 2021

    So, me and this libra man started off with a bad start. As a Gemini, I accepted my wrongs and apologized. I am married but it’s not the best. We both made it clear we are going to be nothing but friends. However, since I expressed my unhappiness in my marriage it’s almost as her throws mixed signals. That he wants me to leave right away or not continue this. But then he says he does. But then goes back to saying he wants to respect my marriage until I divorce. But he has show me being flirty and I admit as a Gemini, I flirt back. But then again, I made it clear we’re just friends. However, after he texted me that I didn’t reply no more. But he’s the first to watch my stories. Will he ever want to speak to me or why is he flirting knowing I’m married. I get I’m attractive but we’ve made it clear. Now see bith left confused lol. We also go to the same gym, that’s how met. I feel as if I don’t even wanna go to the gym same time as him now. To avoid him, I’ll go earlier.

  5. Omari Taylor March 29th, 2021

    As a libra man, I can say it definitely depends on what ended the relationship and the bond he truly felt y’all shared.

  6. Vic March 9th, 2021

    Depending on what ended the relationship it may be over. I know when Libras are done they will cut you all the way off like they never met you. However, my Libra boyfriend also broke up with me in January and within a week we had realized we were best friends and our bond is so deep. While we’re not in a relationship we naturally transitioned into friendship with ease. I’ve never had that with any other ex. So it depends on your bond.

  7. Myleshia February 28th, 2021

    My libra boyfriend broke up with me days ago. I am a Gemini woman will he come back and talk to me, or the relationship is done

    • Shaquiqua March 8th, 2021

      Sorry to hear that dear, I hope you find another libra as they are really synonymous with sexuality, romance and compassion.

    • janani July 27th, 2021

      being a charmer you are we Geminis need to take things slow . libras need balance so let him take his time while you start your routine too. if the mistake is on your side just let it go and meet him to say that you are sry for it and make it seem like it’s the ending but you are hoping he would back . so he may understand that you need him & he should be there for you. but remember things always don’t come our way if he doesn’t come back name him as a chapter to your and continue your book.

      have a great day
      – a gemini friend of yours.

  8. Lucas October 15th, 2020

    I’m a Libra man and my Gemini ex gf was extremely volatile I tried my best to get her to understand the undying love I had for her but she could not remain calm in an argument and would Be verbally abusive and threaten to breakup 90% of the time. Even though I struggled through that abuse I still miss her so much and it makes me feel crazy that I’d want to go back to it. Super high and highs and very low lows. I’ve texted her two short messages within the 7 months weve been apart but she ignores Me 🙁 maybe it’s for the best but I’m sure I’ll be hung up on her for quite a while we lasted 1 turbulent year together

    • Rahdnag February 9th, 2021

      I have been there my friend with the exact same shit u just described. Struggling through that abuse is not worth it. Know your Self if she doesnt show up some other gemini woman will defintely come up and bring meaning to your life… I m sure you will find her because you deserve the best ! never lose hope ! stay strong luke ! 😉

    • Shaquiqua March 8th, 2021

      Hi Dearest Lucas, you should consider talking to Myleshia from the comments section, my holistic receptors are giving me strong signals that there is a connection that could last a lifetime stronger than love.

  9. Gina September 24th, 2020

    i have met this libra guy 3 years ago. i had never experienced such a strong attraction before. As a gemini woman it was like the ground under my bare foot shaked away. It took me some time to understand my feelings. so i sent an email to him to explain my feelings for him and was schoked to see his feelings for me through his body language. He never replied or say a word when we meet each other but we continue with conversations about ‘normal’ stuff. Neither he or i do the first move and we both are single. I think it is just playing save bcause such deep feelings and emotions scared me off as i am out balans. So i prefer to stay away from him, but believe me its very hard. Also i don’t know much about him and don’t meet him regularly.

    • Shaquiqua March 8th, 2021

      Hi Gina dear, your story touched me deeply as the relationship to my now 18 years husband and partner in love and life has started the same way. You have to trust your gut feeling and go for it. You already said that he is more expressive through his body language, hence the best way is to seek a physical reaction. Try to kiss his face and neck before you go any further. You have to risk it to get the biscuit. I wish you the best of luck on your journey through life together hand in hand.

  10. Person September 22nd, 2020

    He might be going through something or maybe is annoyed by possible late responses, short responses, or not starting conversations at the start of talking.

  11. Loly April 9th, 2020

    Hello! I am a gemini lady and I am falling for a libra guy but somehow when we talk I feel him not interested but then when he replies I feel his excitement he is confusing me as he is not the initiative type so Idk what to do

    • DARK SKINNED DRAKE May 3rd, 2020

      I think I’m falling for a Gemini Lady as a Libra man …..I am involved with someone else. I have NEVER been this kind of guy but the woman captivates me…it’s odd…I mean she’s bubbly so I dont think we really flirt or anything but its obvious chemistry….I dont know what to do but in my Heart I KNOW this woman should be my Wife…..I also know it’ll be the BIGGEST CHALLENGE in my life…its alot for us to repair together….I guess I’m doubting myself….this is probably the most unexplainable attraction in my life….I feel like I have a spell on me or something…everything in my SOUL is telling me that this woman is my SOUL MATE

      • Shae May 3rd, 2020

        I’m a Gemini woman and my Libra man have been dating for 2 months and it’s so amazing. I hope you and your Gemini woman prosper. Love is I the air

      • Olivia June 29th, 2020

        Dawgggg this is cute asf. As a Gemini woman myself, go get her

      • Olivia June 29th, 2020

        Dawgggg this is cute asf. As a Gemini woman myself, go get her

  12. Sociopath#267 November 19th, 2019

    I am a libra currently dating and enrolled for life with my beautiful Gemini girlfriend! We met on the set of a Netflix series TV show and man was I in love with her. Still am…. Anyways, fuck everything you said LIBRA GANG YEE YEE. Enjoy a wonderful life with no conflicts and I hope it gets better. Cheers… bye…. ok…. Yee haw…

  13. Charlie November 15th, 2019

    I am an older Gemini dating my first Libra man for 3 months so far. It was painful at the beginning as he hardly initiated dates or texts so I felt he wasn’t that interested in me, I nearly called it off a couple of times but something inside kept telling me to try be patient with him. I had a conversation with him and asked him to try and step up, he was a bit defensive but completely assured me he was definitely interested in me.

    He has kept his word and has improved his initiating and I have learned to lean back. He is quite lazy in bed which I am hoping improves. He is a tough nut to crack as he is guarded with his feelings but is slowly slowly showing me how he feels but not very verbally. I do believe he is falling for me as his eyes say a lot. I could really fall for him but I am not sure how I can get him to communicate with me about how he feels?.
    His ex of 18 years was a Gemini and she cheated on him and hurt him badly which took him a while to get over her and I believe he is a bit wary of me as when he asked my star sign he then told me about her. I can tell he is not the trusting sort either. Geminis get a very bad press which isn’t always true.

    I am hoping we go all the way in our relationship but would like any advice of how to move forward.

    • Camille February 1st, 2020

      Babe I get it. There are ya fellow Gemini’s that’s are aware and perhaps more mature that are not that the stigma presents. A Libra man and Gemini woman can be the eat combo because it’s really easy. When we’re both mature humans and lovers is a beautiful blend of communication and fun. I wish you both well!

      • Camille February 1st, 2020

        So many typos, point is it’s a great combo. You get it. You will get what you want when it comes from that fun open minded, intuitive and mature womanly Gemini place. Much love x

    • RAHDNAG February 9th, 2021

      take it slow with him …maybe he is not responding to you the way u want because he may fear of getting dumbed and getting hurt badly again…. so maybe he was restricting himself that he doesnt get hurt ! (Me as a libra man …i truly believe in dating a gemini woman alot .. its the best compatibility especially for having a pure mental connection ) so hang in there ! YOU GOT HIM !

  14. Jaime November 5th, 2019

    My Libra man has been the love of my life for 10 years. It started when we began our careers in IT as business partners.Yet, we were both dating. I got married, had 2 kids, then divorced, while during the same time, he moved a girl from MN to TX to live with him for 4 years. We met up during my divorce, and he was gungho leaving her, so unhappy. We had sex a month later after seeing each other, talking everyday. He broke up with his gf he’d been having major problems with for many months before. He and I fell in love, until I realized, he needed to get over his gf in the most slutty ways. He lead me on, cheated, got 2 girls pregnant at the same time, while still talking to me, had sex with my bff (strangely they both didn’t know the connection to me until after). I gave him up, but still loved him. We just tried again 2 years later. He is still the same slut. Leading me on to believe I’m the “one he wants his family around always”, says he loves me and spends times with my kids, has me spend time with his. Yet, he still has sex with women on the side, and I always seem to fond out, never wanting to. He’s the man of dreams, but a serious heartless sociopath. Beware of the ones too smart, kind making bank with no heart. I was always nice, but these last frlew times stood up for myself. Seems to give him reason to keep going to the next. Advice?

  15. Qbaby July 28th, 2019

    Keep your virginity let him prove to you that he is the one or any man once you lose something that precious you can’t get it back men aren’t right now a days I say hold to yourself time will tell and experience who is for you and worth u men will do anything to get you and once they have u they don’t want you anymore understand they love the Chase a woman not settle down and if they do they will be willing to prove it to you!!! Good luck with everything pray about it!!!

  16. Gus April 8th, 2019

    I’m a libra guy who has been dating a Gemini woman for about five months now and honestly I couldn’t be any happier don’t get me wrong I’ve had to struggle in this relationship trying to understand my beautiful girlfriend having felt responsible for upsetting her a couple of times. Her attention span is very short I’ve got to say and it really gets to me sometimes but you have to understand thats just their nature. One of the best things she has ever told me and proven to me that if I’m feeling something to just tell her how I’m feeling I’m guilty of hiding my emotions scared that she’ll push me away or moreover just be upset at me.This relationship is one that takes time to perfect but I can assure you having seen older Libra Gemini couples its so worth it I really can’t wait what the future has in store for us.

  17. Madeline November 8th, 2018

    I am a 21 y.o gemini woman and the guy I am talking to is a 25 y.o libra. We’ve been talking for over a month now and when I asked him about us, he told me he wants to go with the flow so I leave it be. Now that we’ve been hanging out a lot, we kissed (he is my first), and slept together (but we haven’t had sex yet, I’m a virgin FYI). So far everything is fun and laid back because we try to give each other space. we normally hang out in the weekends and some week days because we’re both college students and we’re busy. But I can tell that he wants to have sex with me because he asked and I said no because to me, sex is a big thing, and I want my first to be meaningful not just some “go with the flow” or “friends with benefits” kind of ideas. I want to get to know him more and I understand that he is not ready for a committed relationship, but if we are going to have sex, it gotta have some meaning or purpose to it. Next semester, we won’t be taking the same classes and things might change. What should I do in this situation?

    • Fiiya December 5th, 2018

      I am a Gemini woman. Never do anything you don’t want to do. Keep your standards high. If he really cares about you he will step up to the plate or move out the way. Because if you have sex and your heart isn’t in it, you will feel empty….

    • Roz December 27th, 2018

      Hey love, if you feel pressured he’s not for you… you guys are just in the “talking” stage, IT’S TOO EARLY FOR SEX.. it’s virginity.. it’s YOUR BODY continue to remind yourself that it’s precious… but honestly, I wouldn’t just focus on myself and school if sex it all he wants. You deserve more!

  18. Shae September 25th, 2018

    Im a gemini and my husband’s a libra. Our bond is just absolutely magical. We’ve known eachother for 10 years and married for 4 1/2 of those 10. I always experience falling in love with him over and over again each time more magical then the last. Argument dissapear faster than they appear. I love us! Gemini Libra combo 😍😍😍

    • Fayyana April 4th, 2019

      omg i love yall. Me and my fiance just had gotten engaged. I wanted to ask some questions because i am scared. Are libra man violent? sneaky? YOur comment just gave me hope.

  19. Eleana July 25th, 2018

    I’ve me a libr a and I am a gemini women .I hope are hearts are reAdy b because I like this man and my interests with him have sparked high

  20. Mel Ecker March 8th, 2018

    I’m a Gemini, he’s a Libra.. I got married to a Scorpio two months ago..I wasn’t really happy with this decision from the start… When I met my Libra… We instantly connected.. So much so, that it feels unreal to have a connection so deep. He left his girlfriend of 8yrs, and I’m leaving my husband… This is insane.. We’re not moving in together.. We both want our freedom.. We just both now we can no longer be in our current relationships, due to the way we feel about each other. We want the freedom to be able to have our connection together.. our connection is so strong, it has completely transformed our world’s…

    • Blownkiss October 31st, 2018

      Scorpio men aren’t for us Gemini women at all! They’re so moody and selfish! I married one BIGGEST MISTAKE!

  21. Robin January 21st, 2018

    I’m a Gemini lady and I am in LOVEEEEE with my libra man seriously and hands down the strongest, deepest, most soul tied relationship I have ever had. I have been hooked since I met him and this does sound so much like us I pray we can make it he really does make me a better woman I pray I make him feel the same I want nothing but to make this man happy he’s my rock and the man I open up to and confide in and that like never happens .. i know we can build a strong future and foundation I really love this man it feels so good to know that other people feel what I feel and to see it even on something like this .. gives me so much hope

  22. elizabeth November 15th, 2017

    i am a gemini lady contemplating a relationship with a libra man

    • Mandy December 7th, 2017

      I am a Gemini woman who has been in a non relationship with a Libra man for almost 3 years now. While there is a whole lot of truth to this, I also know that past hurts and disappointments can make either one more skiddish of real commitment. But I will say that there is nothing like it. He is my best friend and I am seriously a better person/woman because of him. I am in love with my Libra and even tho he says that he don’t feel the same, (being Gemini, you should know that when you know something, you don’t need confirmation, tho it would be nice) I know that he does. He don’t say it but he is a man of action. Sorry this turned out to be longer than I originally planned. Hope you stopped contemplating and just did it and I hope that you two are happy. Oh, the sex with a Libra man…..omg….best I’ve ever had.

      • alert January 30th, 2018

        Ok, so he told you that he isn’t in love with you…But you have a supergemini power that let’s you know he feels the opposite, that he does love you.

        You’re friends with benefits.

  23. K. Miller August 22nd, 2017

    Im a LIBRA MAN an will be celebrating15 yrs of marriage with my GEMINI WIFE…. An from day one we have been inseparable! Of course, nothing’s perfect…. But at the end of the day, I still love to see her smile, an she still loves to make my day. I couldn’t see myself with any other woman or sign. So to ALL LIBRA AN GEMINI relationships, take it from me…. The future is bright!!!! So enjoy all times with each other. Ups an downs. We prove it everday!

  24. Melinda July 28th, 2017

    so true…I’m dating a libra man and only 3 months… we’re living together!! there’s this weird connection between us and after I’ve read this…wow!! lol i cant stop smiling….

  25. Sarah May 8th, 2017

    I have been talking withe a libra guy for a month and it feels like we have been friends forever. Haha people always ask us how long have we been together because we are just so comfortable with each other. Haha best friendship/relationship I have ever been in.

    • Jasmine June 9th, 2017

      Haha! That’s funny! I myself is a Gemini woman that has been talking/dating a Libra man for 2 months now. And it’s true it feels like we been knowing each other for more than 2 months. I tell people all the time if you saw us together you would think we been together for years! The vibe we share is so obvious and Powerful that we always get people to tell us to go get a room! HaHa!

  26. Abhishek April 19th, 2017

    I am alibra man &fall love with geamini woman is right or wrong.

  27. Shirley Curtis March 7th, 2017

    I’m a 75 yr. old woman who recently met a 90 yr. old Libra male What’s our chances in a relationship ?

    • Venus E James April 17th, 2017

      I am no expert. But I am thrilled to hear about two people finding love at this age. Who cares about your sign!! I say go for it! Enjoy it!! I am a 53 year old Gemini woman who is about to go on my first date with a 45 year old Libra man. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck to you both!

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  29. Belizeanroots August 10th, 2014

    I’m a 24yr old Libra and the woman I’m currently in love with is a 33yr old Gemini. I got with her when I was at a low part in my life, I couldn’t take her out the way I wanted too but lord knows I wanted to give her my all. I spoiled her with love & time but that wasn’t enough, she broke up with me but still to this day try’s to keep me in her life. I’m now working a career job & signed a deal with a big company, I want to share my life with her but she keep putting my love on hold Now that I got my shit together. I wanna leave her but can’t, plus she want let me. somebody help me !!!! Lbvs I still love her to death but I can’t keep hurting my self in this tug-a-war game we playing. What should I do ???

    • June Reyneke February 27th, 2017

      I’m a Gemini woman, and when I was 33, I was a lot like her…always looking to find better. I can’t explain why, but the fact that she wants to keep you near, means a lot. If you have patience, you should wait for her to grow up, but never be a pushover, let her be. Tell her you’ve had enough and you are moving on….this is the only way she’s gonna miss you, when you are completely gone. Be brave, this will work in your favor. Geminis hate to be ignored.

      • Venus E James April 17th, 2017

        True! I am a Gemini woman. Ignore us and you get our attention. But don’t allow anyone to play with your heart. There is someone out there who will love you and not play these back and forth games. Good luck!

    • Edwin Lopez March 1st, 2017

      shes using you to get “revenge”. I’m a libra man who dated a gemini girl and all she did was play with my feelings while she was getting closer with her so called, ‘best friend ‘.

  30. BEAR1971 August 28th, 2013

    Wow this was so cool.. it fits my fiance and i to a T… Im a Libra and shes a Gemini.. and our lives together are exactly like that.. this is really a trip..

  31. susiepazific August 20th, 2013

    Good work…
    keep it up..!

  32. Yaola8 May 6th, 2013

    I remember when i met my leo guy. First we started as best friends because i wasn’t attracted to him at first. But, when we started talking almost everyday and out of nowhwere we started to love one another. Of course he was attracted to me because i was beautiful, but its crazy till’ today that I actually love this boy. The chemistry between us is undescriable and we can be so childish and playful. We did have a fall out, but he txtd me saying he missed me and he made the biggest mistake of his life. At first i was skeptical, but now me and him are back on the level we started. Even though I love him and we would make the best couple ever, I’m not going to give in to him so easily since he’s so good at persuading me. Plus he’s good at giving head lol Oh yes, he was actually my first and loved every single moment of it. It’s nothing like a gemini women and a leo man doing the 69…. best plessure in your life. Plus it was fun sneaking around and being playful in his bedroom. This is the best match ever! He doesn’t easily get mad when I try to get him angry at me, but he is the only guy who can put up with me and sometimes put me back in my place. That’s fun when we get into a little altercation. But the best part about a leo man is that he’ll love you, especially if he’s your first. Were each other’s first love, so hopefully it’ll last forever and i can be his last. I can’t imagine life without him and were still in highschool and going to college this fall. Even though we’ll be seperated, I hope he’ll keep me in his arms forever. He’s what I want to be with… I think lol (Gemini’s change their minds, and flirt so much and could end up falling for someone else.)

  33. gemwithme July 29th, 2012

    I seriously loved this………… I strongly feel its very true as I’m a libria and my girlfrend is gemeni………. most of the thing are as it is…. thankxx alot…………

  34. SitNSpin78 February 21st, 2012

    . . . .I’m a Gemini and he’s a Libra.  This is our relationship to a T.  No matter how many twists N turns the Universe throws at us, we always find our way back to eachother with an even stronger bond. . . .

    • Edwin Lopez March 1st, 2017

      You guys will end, it happened to me. Sure we go threw alot, but a Libra gets tried of it cause it is always problems. Then the gemini gets used to it and when the libra leavessssss. Yeah he is gone forever 🙂

  35. jenny March 22nd, 2011

    Oh my god, im a gemini and my bf is libra …i love this…..

  36. roamingfree February 6th, 2011

    absolutely right on the ball! I’m a Gemini and he is a Libra…this is a fabulous match!

  37. Rohanna February 6th, 2011

    LOL…spunds like true. Am a Gemini n my guy’s a Libra:)

  38. chestnutt November 11th, 2010

    funny…lol my ex is libra and im gemini female…
    we still talk after breaking up in 2003,we cool as friends or whatever we are sometimes 2 each

  39. felix rivas February 8th, 2010

    Ha Ha Ha! :p

  40. ashley January 11th, 2010

    I hope so 🙂

  41. teala December 22nd, 2009

    hahahahaha teala and brett

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