Taurus Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus woman and Libra man compatibility is good with a natural inclination towards each other and willingness to compromise.
  • Physically, Taurus woman and Libra man are highly compatible and enjoy strong intimacy.
  • Taurus woman can attract Libra man with her gentle nature, sensuality, and loyalty.
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As the Air of Libra and Earth of Taurus engage for a love association, it is a reliable relationship in most of the ways. With a natural inclination towards each other and a few adjustments, both are willing to compromise but at times Libra can find Taurus to be a bit more stubborn.

A Libra man is a person with strong intellect and perfect solution to most of the problems around. With a winning smile and a keen sense of style, he never has a shortage of admirers, especially women who are interested in him. He enjoys calm, peaceful surroundings and all the comforts that the world can provide him with. He is the true portrait of a gentleman, who is understanding, gentle, and puts his lover before himself. He feels most happy while in a relationship, though this still does not make him the most committed lover in the world.

The Taurus woman is warmhearted woman with gentle nature, who can display an impressive level of self-control and patience. She has noticeable sensuality and grace which makes her a deity of womanhood. While she almost always appears to be even-keeled and calm, she can explode into a state of fury when she is absolutely pushed beyond her limits. She enjoys a neat tidy environment which she will often decorate with exquisite artistic tastes. Her loyalty in a relationship is truly impressive, and is often unmatched by her lover topped with great care and lovable response.

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The Taurus woman usually takes a long time to make up her mind about a lover, but in case of Libra man, she is quickly smitten by Libra’s charming ways. These two are quite compatible when it comes to their taste in aesthetics. The home of a Taurus female is always decorated with lush fabrics and soft colors and tasteful styles which are highly appreciated by her Libra male. She always provides him with a great companion and good adviser and he always adores her for that. The one thing that she has to keep in his mind while dealing with his Taurus damsel is that she is stubborn to very strong point and her anger is rough to deal with, once she is in a real bad mood. But with his charming smile and velvety voice he can always make the atmosphere pleasant and argument cease.

The charismatic Libra man is a great combination for an elegant Taurus woman who loves to appreciate his woman’s grace and softness. He treats her with all the respect and admiration that a lady deserves, and spoils her with flowers and gourmet dinners. He gives the utmost importance to his lady love and does not usually have any ego problems while dealing with any argument. She usually is made uncomfortable by blatant displays of outward affection, which he instantly pick up on, choosing to express him with romantic actions instead of flowery words. But generally he gradually starts liking his way of expression. The only setback is that he tends to be a bit too lazy to clean up after himself, so this responsibility is likely fall to his Taurus woman. If she truly cares for him, it is unlikely that she minds it.

As the Libra man brings out his most romantic feeling and Taurus woman gets sensually blended with his charm, their togetherness create a miracle of love and romance that is shared with such soothing passion that even angels envy. Within their home, their tastes match so perfectly that it appears they were always meant to be together. Patient Taurus woman is able to give with almost limitless bounds as long as her Libra lover shows his appreciation and respect. Libra man, who is gifted with an enormous amount of empathy, is well aware of this need and does everything in his power to demonstrate his gratitude for all that she does and loves and respects her with deep feelings. With the beautifully growing love, their issues fade away and their strengths enhance, making them an ideal match. They both love music and they both appreciate each others’ silky voice that is no less than a love melody for them.

As both the Taurus woman and Libra man are wild about physical expressions of love and are always ready to show each other how much they feel for the other, their physical intimacy is very strong. For both of them it can be a gentler time, an easier time. Libra man, who usually prefers to be shown as well as told, is empathetic enough to understand the way she expresses her love. He takes note of her gentle touch and caresses and is satisfied with that and she beautifully reciprocates to all his romantic gestures. While the Libra man, who prefers balance and equality, may not always be too eager to take the lead, which may sometimes frustrate the Taurus woman, who desires to take the more passive role. But these issues do not dissuade the two from enjoying the beautiful liaison they have found together. Their unison is quite satisfactory and their love making gives them immense pleasure that brings them even closer both emotionally and physically. While making love with him, her body is wracked by the waves of her climax coursing through her body.

Though the Libra man and Taurus woman makes a lovely match and they do fit to each others’ thoughts and needs but there are some unavoidable things that they have to get away with. She is neat and tidy to an obsessive degree, which conflicts with lazy Libra man’s hatred of cleaning. He simply does not believe that his place is in something as mundane as maintaining the space around him, yet still desire a well-kept home. Luckily, she loves him enough to provide this for him. In the career world, she is likely to be the breadwinner, and slaves away to save money for their future. Unfortunately, he likes to spend money a little more than she is comfortable with. This can always create issues between them and sometimes he has to the outrageous attitude of his lovely Taurus lady. She is always happy to take on responsibilities but deep down even she does enjoy being pampered and if he understands this soon, he is in a very lucky position.

Taurus Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Excellent
Ask Oracle Rating: Needs Work
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Bo Eakes March 5th, 2023

    Libra man, been with a Taurus woman for 16 years. Definitely been challenging. Lots of these things have truth, but the part about womanizing is a bit out of banks because that is more in line with self control. Commitment is something to cherish and honor. These signs flow together more than what is predicted. It truly comes down to the people, and less of the sign. We choose who we chose and when we do we should fully commit, if not then move on.

  2. Sylvia January 9th, 2023

    I’ve been in a situationship with a libra man for 6 year. Yes 6 years and to this day I still don’t kno how to not find myself to stop seeing him. We are not in a relationship but we find each other back in the bedroom. I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship with him but he was never clear on how he felt about me but definitely wanted me in bed. My being a Taurus I gave him the space and was patient to not force anything on him but was also clear I wanted to be in a relationship with me. I enjoyed his company when we did me up and did not want to loose that. I wanted to keep something even if it was not real which is y I kept going back. But the feeelings were always there for me. It has gotten to the point now where I am frustrated because I’ve given him time and showed him I’m here, still around after so many years but I’ve been a silly girl in thinking he would see me and would want to be with me. He wanted his Cake and eat it too. Caring for a libra is very difficult because they r indecisive and can be charming and sweet physically but they do ghost you and then come back like nothing happened. I am very stubborn and can be aggressive when I don’t get what I want but only reason a girl get like that is bc the libra man is not communicating and being honest. Libra man would come back and act like nothing happened That this is the usual situation, like I’m here. Where I’m thinking u forgot about me didn’t care about me and now ur good and ready to see me again. It’s hard because I do wish the libra man would give me the time of day in a relationship to see if it would come to anything. A Taurus women only wants a good chance with the Libra Man. That’s all I ask.

    • Chelsea t January 9th, 2023

      Omg same. But for 10 years I’ve never wanted anyone else. I can’t get over it. He is in another state now. Flew here to see me supposedly to be with me finally….he left after 2 days. He left his things and said he’s coming back….but when ? He didn’t say when. I feel like I’m dying without him

      • Sylvia January 9th, 2023

        It difficult bc u can not help how u feel about them. U kno all the red flags r there. They are not consistent and not reliable but u still want them. I’m sorry ur going through this. I know it’s such a toxic feeling and not healthy.

    • Yanna February 19th, 2023

      I literally felt this ……I’m a Taurus
      Women as well going thru the same shit wondering if this man really loves me or does love me but wants his cake and eat it to.. I swear I feel like I’m emotionally all in but when I went on his phone , I went thru it & that shit really has me questioning a lot of shit

    • Rita May 25th, 2023

      Nothing can be more accurate to this🥹as I’m currently going through this hell like why are they so indecisive? I’m a Taurine I don’t easily show my feelings but have got a thing for my libra friend, at the moment I can’t place my hands on what we are doing

    • Aria. Solace July 28th, 2023

      This sound like a Virgo man or rather a man period. I just dropped a virgo for this action and trust me it was hard to do but 1 year was enough of playing around when I really gave him 6 months to decide what he wants. I would love to be with him but I had to put my foot down, that’s the only way they will take it or leave it but my time is too precious to be worrying and wondering when he’s gonna pick me.

    • Cecee February 10th, 2024

      It’s not that libras are indecisive
      He just doesn’t love you and only wants sex from you.

  3. Danae January 9th, 2023

    I would not recommend been with a libra man since 2019 and he was a womanizer and a manipulative narcissist. He played me bad and left me heartbroken always lying to me about other women and had many sexual relationships with various women behind my back and I did everything for him. It ended a week ago and today for good.

  4. Jadela June 4th, 2022

    Im a taurus woman, been in a shaky relationship with libra man for almost 2 months now😅 we find it hard to maintain good communication, his actions doesnt match his words often but he always tell me to trust him. Alot of people knew him as a womanizer😅 i loved him, hes charming, goodlooking but im nt sure if he is serious with me. I told him i cant feel that he values me and he doesnt give time to me often😒 dnt know what to do, care to givve some advice pls?😌

    • Kass July 7th, 2022

      Leave him

    • Linda September 30th, 2022

      He can’t or won’t give you what Taurus needs in a relationship. Time to say “Next!” I know because I’m Taurus.

    • Cesar October 22nd, 2022

      As a Libra man who has been with multiple women. Including Taurus women. I would say move on. Your situation reminds me of one of my past relationships where I dated a Taurus woman. At the time I just wanted peace and have no arguments what’s so ever. The relationship was very rocky all throughout after the initial 2 month loving stage. We were on and off. I shamely went out to just get a break from the relationship with my friends. Eventually I said the same thing he is saying to you. Eventually your relationship will not last if both parties are not putting in the effort. I would assume that y’all know each other to a point of what upsets y’all. The lack of communication and interest tells me he wants both roles of single life and relationship life. If he’s like me he would, if he could l, drop you down to a play buddy and continue with his adventures.

  5. Marshelle Vales May 13th, 2022

    I recently have started communicating with a Libra man, and we have not committed to each other but have started spending time with each other. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him. I enjoy the times that I am around him. We live 3hrs away from each other, in which he has been down here 3 times, one of the times was when we met. I now can’t get enough of him. We are both in our fifties and I’m truly ready to settle down, but we have only been seeing each other since April 21st, so I believe we need some time. I have already claimed him as my husband and I’m going to stick to that. My plans are to start going to his city. We just seem so well rounded with each other. I say when Libra met Taurus…love at first site

  6. Alyssa April 11th, 2022

    I am a lovely Taurus lady and I have been with my Libra man for a year now. Mind that I have been in 3 prior relationships that were with Cancers, (highly compatible) and my current relationship with my Libra is the best and happiest I’ve ever been. He didn’t like physical affection at first but after he got used to it I am always showered in kisses and love! He is my best friend and we get along very well most of the time. He does have a problem with my stubbornness/anger/attitude at times but that is only when we are fighting when that side comes out. Most of the time we are both very loving to each other, he is very caring always wanting to take care of me making sure I’m okay. He is a bit messy but what guy isn’t lol I’m a neat freak and usually pick up after many people anyways. We are both very different but also alike in many ways I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Also our physical chemistry is 11/10.

  7. QJ February 2nd, 2022

    30 years with my libra man. It’s not always been the easiest relationship. He is very indecisive and I have to decide everything because I need to know tomorrow’s plan before today has even started. He is charming and I used to be very jealous of him being charming to everyone. I’m stubborn and he’s not. We are night and day, but after spending the first ten years fighting over our differences and making lots of mistakes, we learned how to embrace those differences. Now we have mutual respect and understanding for one another. We have fun seeing things from each other’s point of view and learned that we didn’t have to compromise what we wanted. Instead we learned how to combine both ideas to make us both happy. We’re best friends.

  8. Lance July 29th, 2021

    I’m at Libra and my lady is a Taurus and I can almost always change her anger or stubbornness with kind words and actions.

  9. Pebi Diwan June 20th, 2021

    I think I may have fallen inlove with a libra man if charming was a person it would be him. I hate his sharp tongue but I love his honesty.

  10. Sam June 8th, 2021

    It’s been a year now since I’ve been dating my Libra man. He is so kind and loving toward me, pampering me constantly. I provide him with tons of love and affection, as well as cleaning. He is the most loyal and loving person I have ever been with, not to mention our physical chemistry is immaculate. It’s a great pairing and I believe we will be life long partners.

  11. Sumit April 11th, 2021

    Im a Libra man but don’t really like the anger and aggression of Taurus women.

    • Stef May 31st, 2021

      Maybe she was just an angry person hon. I’m a Taurus and I hear constantly how chill and mellow I am. It takes A LOT to get to me. Some things are personality traits of that specific person, not astrology based.

  12. Rohit February 25th, 2021

    I am Libra and I met a Taurus girl along with a common friend. We had dinner together. She is, I would say 1 year older than me. Awesome time spent. My gut feeling is saying that I should really nurture this friendship. And take a chance on how it turns out.
    May be it is too much to think about, after a single meeting. But, I don’t want to deny my gut feeling.

    • Stef May 8th, 2021

      Maybe she was just an angry person hon. I’m a Taurus and I hear constantly how chill and mellow I am. It takes A LOT to get to me. Some things are personality traits of that specific person, not astrology based.

    • James June 1st, 2021

      As a libra talking with a Taurus girl, do you sometimes have trouble maintaining a conversation?

  13. Mae October 25th, 2020

    I’m a taurus, my mans a libra… During the past year, i dated a leo man and oh my god, it was so toxic. Leo man was very narcissistic, cheated on me and was just very manipulative overall. I had to clean up after him and be his second mother lol. Now, my libra man has been an admirer of mine since last year when i dated leo man, i’m so glad i got with him. He makes me feel special and compromises so well with me. Although, we had problems with one of his girl friends being flirty at first, he cut her off for me. We’re both goof balls together and I can really see a future with this man because of how patient, loving and supportive he is. It’s like we can tell what the other is going to say before they say it, we read eachother’s minds… Also, the sex is MINDBLOWING haha. Overall, the libra male and taurus compatibility for me is 100! I’d say libras are my best match as many of them get attracted to me like i’m some eye candy.

    • Apple October 26th, 2020

      I agree, very well said hahaha Im a taurus too and he’s a Libre.

      • Yvil December 10th, 2020

        You are both lucky. My husband a libra, but sad to say, he is a complete opposite of libra’s good traits. He ia violent. And loves to spend money. Back when we were just bf/gf, he ia all that libra good traits, but whwn we got married, it changed suddenly!

    • Krisa April 12th, 2022

      Omg. I met this Libra man 5yrs ago, had a thing with him (fubu), on and off for 3yrs, stopped, dated a leo man for 2 yrs, and now that leo man and i broke up… im seeing libra man again. But this time, we are talking about dating 🙈

  14. Andrea September 21st, 2020

    @LaTonya, I Totally Agree With Tat! Or just totally cut the sex off (I know that will be kinda hard to do..) and see if he still would want to be around you, conversing with you, and taking you out (wherever there’s somewhere open during this Covid). If by at least this November or December if he’s not coming at you like “What’s up with you and him..on some exclusive ish or a relationship” then he just wants to keep you around as a friend or friends with benefits.

    • LaTonya Nicole Williams September 21st, 2020

      Hey and thanks a lot! We just recently had a conversation and he was ok with his ex being around us she makes edibles (he said it wasn’t a real relationship) we’ve been kicking it for about 2 months its not always sex when i dont want to its ok with him and we still can cool. He always say im more than a friend but he doesn’t want to jump the gun i get it totally because i feel the same way! We have always rushed our other relationships and we both getting older and want a lasting relationship with a life partner….idk maybe its me but im always thinking 🤔 girl he aint gon make you his woman but then he say things are going great between us. He n takes care of me when im on my cycle spends money on me ect he kisses me before he leaves for work…..i just don’t know what to do…..maybe im overthinking we spend Wednesday thru Sunday together…

  15. LaTonya Nicole Williams August 18th, 2020

    Hey 👋! Ima Taurus ♉ lady and just recently found a libra ♎ man and boy is he amazing!!! At the start we both said we weren’t rushing anything and we hope this leads to something good! Now he refers to me as his pplz friend ect always says well not too kick but its known that we’re not together yet. Our vibe is amazing we have awesome sex and hes loving im just nervous he’ll never make me his woman we’ve both been through a lot in relationships so we baby walking it any advice yall think he’ll make me his lady for real…i want him to but I don’t wanna get my hopes up for nuffin to be hurt again…someone help!!!!!

    • Cynthia August 23rd, 2020

      Girl I hope so, stay prayerful, they can make you uneasy at first but eventually they make the commitment.

    • Tat September 14th, 2020

      Hey maybe try holding off of the sex a little bit, spend more time together to just show him how good you are together, don’t give him all of you, if he can’t give you all of him, also it’s okay to tell him that you want a relationship.

  16. Shaquila smith June 19th, 2020

    I am a Taurus woman and I’ve always stuck to dating signs that I am compatible with like Virgo’s And Capricorn’s but I just met this guy and he’s a libra , we have been stuck to each other like magnets , I feel so safe and loved with him it’s almost like I love him already but I don’t want to scare him or myself away I just pray he never walks out of my life he’s so charming and he’s smile is everything I love the way this man makes me feel and the way he looks at me I’ve never been so pump to see where a relationship would go but I feel like I’ve met my match the person that’s meant for me , he makes me happy and that’s all I want and need

    • Judy August 27th, 2020

      I’m a Taurus woman that just found a Libra man & literally feel the same exact way 🥺❤️

  17. Jenni February 27th, 2020

    I love my libra man we have wild sex all the time shit he can’t get enough of me 🤤 we have our ups and downs but I just feel like with some patience and understanding we will be okay but all he wanna do is sex me like all damn day and night I get no days off yo. legit me and this man can be anywhere and all he’s doing is lusting after me all day hard asf I’m adjusting becuz we both love sex way too much I think I’m pregnant and we boutta make 3 months of us dating lol we were two magnets just waiting to pull eachother in smh well I hope we aren’t moving too fast I’m the taurus woman btw
    I love him soo much he’s so sweet , kind and gentle my knight in shining armor 🥰🙏🏽🇻🇨💯🌴🤑💍♉♎

  18. Adrienne February 19th, 2020

    I love my libra man and he loves his Taurus woman. Never have I felt so in love, loved, happy, affectionate, at peace. We spend all day and night together and don’t get tired of being of being in each other’s presence. We shower together, cook together, eat together, sleep intertwined with each other, sing to each other. Always holding hands, cuddling, kissing. Even when we fight I find it hard to resist his charm.

    His masculinity turns me on. Strong, protector, provider, intelligent, fair, thinks of things I wouldn’t have. I enjoy being feminine around him and love doting on him day and night.

    We have our ups and downs but there is no other person I would rather have them with.

  19. Doc Lange February 19th, 2020

    We’ll, I’m a Libra man, and I can tell you why I like Taurean women. Taurean women are the wildest sex partners this Libran could handle. I mean she rides my pole like her ass is on fire.

    • AK25 Taurus September 3rd, 2020

      Lol lucky u

  20. Lana January 16th, 2020

    I love my Libra man. I’ve never felt more loved and in more of a real relationship. Sure we have our ups and downs but we both know we aren’t going anywhere because we truly value and love each other. We enjoy traveling and doing things together. He’s definitely more extroverted than I am which was hard to adjust to at first but looking back I am so glad he would get me out of my shell. Now after years of dating, our weekends have slowed down and he has become more of a home body like myself. We still see people and do things – just not as much. We have been together since the day we met each other and I am truly happy I have found the man of my dreams. I’ve dated people I am supposed to be more compatible with I.e. Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn etc. but nothing has ever been like this. I feel like I am truly love and never have to worry about what’s next. — maybe because my dominant sign is fire — who knows all I know is I’m happy and I do not question his commitment at all. I hope all Taurus women/men get to experience a relationship like myself and the other commenters have with a Libra man/woman… truly an unmatched relationship.

    • Libra Man February 19th, 2020

      I’m a Libra man who recently reconnected on Facebook with an old high school flame, a Taurus, from years ago. These comments are unbelievable, they describe us exactly. It’s funny, though, because most Libra Man/Taurus Woman compatibility readings describe it as only an average match. This has not been my experience.

      But there’s an issue. My Taurus girl has not been very talkative on FB lately. She has kind of stepped back, gone cold. Any Taurus ladies here with some advice? From what I’ve read, Taurus women like a super direct approach and like to be chased the old fashioned way.

      • Nikki March 10th, 2020

        Iam a Taurus woman and when we step back and turn cold it’s because something is bothering us . It’s a way of protecting ourselves.

      • Appy March 28th, 2022

        We do that to protect ourselves as we don’t want to get hurt. We have major trust issues. Have patience. Show her that you respect her, that you’re trustworthy person, if you know cooking then you’re in luck because we love food, We love slow romance. We like being chased NGL🤷🏻‍♀️ but we are introvert and super stubborn. We do love luxury but we don’t depend on others for that and we are very choosy about the people for friendship and relationships. Just don’t pretend and be yourself. Be real.We are hard to please but not impossible. Be a gentleman.

  21. Star Goddess December 27th, 2019

    Omg I absolutely love my libra man. He is the BEST man that has EVER come into my life and that’s including my own father. Everything I read is just about right and it makes me all warm n fuzzy inside to know that the stars align with us and this marriage. We just hit 5 years and still got a lifetime to go. I absolutely feel like we were born for each other the way our energies just connected from day one and have NEVER separated since. I am so in awe of him, his knowledge, his strength, his compassion, as well as the security he offers which no other man has ever been able to successfully accomplish. I wouldn’t trade my charming, extremely sexy libra man for anything. And I do mean NOTHING!!!

  22. Tammy November 19th, 2019

    Taurus are known for being head strong and going after what they want..not taking no for an answer.. But at the same time if allowed they can be very lazy and untidy and it can become ongoing.. I’m a Taurus woman btw

  23. Jessica September 28th, 2019

    I am the bull, while my boyfriend is the scales. Yes this is the love of my life. Although there is a 19 year age difference, which doesn’t matter to him or I. We have been together now for 15 months. We just spent a month apart due to my craziness, and I regrettably tend to do in almost all my previous relationships… Which I can not for the life of me figure out why.. but one thing is for sure the love we have for each other is stronger than anything in the world

  24. Anjali August 14th, 2019

    Hey there, I am a Taurus female and were in a relationship with a Libra for close to 4 years or so..there was definitely some beautiful feeling and some sort of unbreakable bonding I felt with him. He proposed to me the first day we ever met while on a journey as strangers holding my hand near his chest and telling you are the one and wanting to kiss! Around him I felt as if we were always meant to be together, things would be so natural and effortless. we broke up few times in between and patched up, I remember him saying” we are unconsciously already committed to each other” & addressing me ” mother of my kids” In the first month of dating, calling up and asking ” are you not serious
    about me and our future” after one night we spent together. Initially I was not in love for sure as I felt he is a big time flirt (Taurus are patient analyzers and goes with gut feelings) later saw the gentle man side of him and appreciated. I knew as a person I am bit controlling but I sensed very soon Libra needs his space I gave him much more than that as I also needed mine. He would want to kiss all the time.. ha ha for which i would end up annoyed. Though Taurus are sensual I had been very resistive towards him going physical, I always felt it’s too early, with this he would go crazy and does not mind making love in a forceful manner all the while trying to control himself but I loved everything him as a person. I understood this attraction and reciprocated to his emotions but I wanted to wait and he said he cannot control while around. Dinners and time spent together would be most romantic and he eating from my plate every time before we close is something I loved about which I never told him. I tried supporting and encouraging him for everything he was in and his family, also we used to speak like great friends on topics and figure out solutions. He sensed I am a emotional type and used to empathy. This went on untill we were discussing marriage and due to difference in religion for both of us, (In India it’s a big taboo) he decided something in his mind which he was not clear in expressing what he wants even after asking several times which raised my temper and I broke up on the spot without a second thought. Ideally he did by keeping silent as the best way to breakup without direct confrontations and I could get that.

    Message to him: when you love someone sometimes you got to stand for yourself against odds and diplomacy is not going to work out all the time. Taurus woman though homely bodies are way too bolder to take stands when needed for self as well as others fearing no one esp. when you are right & when I saw this disappointing version of Libra , an imaginary glimpse of all hard times in life where I would not have my so called partner next to me being horrible In taking decisions crossed my mind. & I lost my love and respect for him and he was no longer attractive to me!

  25. Shiro Ken Tsuki August 11th, 2019

    I’m a libra man. And my girlfriend is a Taurus. I really came here to find more information about ourselves. And when I find this “They like to have the house clean” I honestly started laughing. Like no offence to other Traurus Females. But my Taurus girlfriend isn’t that type. Maybe because we are still teenagers. Who knows.

    • Elizabeth November 15th, 2019

      I’m a Taurus female 32 yrs old and still hate to clean.

  26. Elle September 29th, 2018

    Oh how I love libra men, my twin flame is a libra 🙂 no he is not my soul mate, that is completely different. I am a Taurus. We are the same age. He is my twin flame. We have been madly in love with each other for almost 5 years now. It is amazing and I can not imagine my life without him. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, and I’m so glad that he is The One for me. Libra men and Taurus women are a beautiful combo, we share the same mother, Venus. This helps us understand each other, feel comfortable around one another, and work through our differences because we both highly value peace, happiness, and the many beauties of life. Best of luck to all!

  27. vipin kurian May 2nd, 2018

    I am a Libra man and married a Taurus woman! Never and ever gonna have this kinda relation ! We are more like friends and we look out for each other! She cares me a lot and i love her like hell :8

  28. kerry howells February 24th, 2018

    I am a taurus woman dating a libra man and I must say I’ve never felt so loved and cared for the write up is spot on to our relationship yes he makes a little mess but helps in so many other ways I don’t care, as his words of kindness and love out way picking up a few things. He truely his my little soul mate, lover and friend all in one

  29. Shine February 2nd, 2018

    I met my libra man when we were just young kids 12-13yrs old to be exact, he would ask me out when I would go to his hometown for holidays, and then we drifted apart due to me moving to different places and never getting a chance to say my goodbyes. I think the last time we seen each other was when we were 15/16yrs old
    The end of 2017 we found each other on Facebook he still lives were I met him but I stay in another country. We decided to rekindle and he waits patiently for me to save up and move back. After all these years we still share the same bond ☺️ He is everything I wanted and more. Every message or call has me headover heels, I can’t wait to see him in person again. Our connection stays strong so just imagine the connection we will have again when we see each other for the first time in a long time. No one has made me feel the way my libra man does and he opened up to tell me he still loves me like the first time he fell in love with me when he saw me and I love him with my all

  30. Tizz January 9th, 2018

    Lies. Libra men love to play games with our heads and cut us out of their lives when their done with us. Pfffft.

    • Frank January 26th, 2018

      You must’ve DEFINITELY done something in that relationship to have hurt or traumatized him.. within a Libra male it is important to communicate with a Libra to the fullest extent, not only do libras love honesty in love , their willing to compromise no matter how much it hurts.

  31. Robyn December 30th, 2017

    What Libran’s are you talking about? So very far from the truth!

  32. Aaron Miller December 13th, 2017

    Hello im a libra man and shes a taurus woman we habe a lot in commen but im to shy to ask her out. Any hints or tips on how to ask out a taurus?

    • Scott December 20th, 2017

      I’m a libra man dating a Taurus, you just have to take initiative…..it will go smoothly as long as you can get over your shyness. She is an amazing woman and don’t have any regrets of taking that first step. They are very outgoing an very easy to talking to. You won’t regret it man…make a comment about what she is looking for in a relationship or somethung along those lines, you’ll hit it off quick

    • Angel December 28th, 2017

      Just e honest..im a taurus lady..i respect a man..who can face me..take charge..

    • Nadia January 26th, 2018

      Hope I’m not too late, but a taurus woman likes a guy who knows what he wants and doesn’t hold back. So, if you have a lot in common as you say and if you feel like she’s interested; literally just go ahead and do it in the most straightforward way you can. Just please make sure that you don’t hesitate for a minute when you’re doing so. Look confident and sound confident and I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes, then.

    • Cleo March 3rd, 2018

      Just ask her straight, be yourself, honest and even romantic. We really admire the thought and gestures from a man as we’re big softies at heart and appreciate one’s confidence when knowing they’re shy. Hope you asked already x

      • Jaded February 16th, 2019

        I’m a libra man, I have a best friend who’ve I known since middle school for the past ( 5 years ) she is a wonderful person, we share a lot of similarities together. When I see her I see her as everything I’ve ever wished for in a girl, I want to pursue Into getting to talk to her like that and set off that message showing that I want her as my lover in my life, I know I’m able to but therefore I am very hesitant to do so knowing it can risk the amazing friendship we have. Any advice?

    • HoneyXo January 17th, 2019

      I’m a Taurus women & I say don’t show too much attention at first, be yourself, take her out to eat, get her a gift, play her favourite music, show her how much you care for her.

    • P36HBEAR1 April 27th, 2019


    • LibraMU November 30th, 2020

      Lmao my taurus crush came to me and did almost everything as a headstart. Since, it has been my turn to cherish her and support her. I can’t tell if we are friends or in love….in class she massages my scalp, touches my hand, cuddles. We also talk about taboo things normally without embarrassment….lmao what a coincidence and I like it! Makes me break the shy barrier.

  33. kerry September 14th, 2017

    I have just been seeing a Libra man for a month and already we are living together our love for each other is unquestionable and something I have never experienced before we just gel along nicely with no effort and he’s a total gentleman

  34. LaRose August 8th, 2017

    @ Sarah:.. Thank you for the advise. I just met a Libra man and I am smitten. I am Taurus woman. There is something about this man that gives me sleepless nights. I’ll just deal with the insomnia of falling hard for this man. He is so much a gentleman.

  35. Maree July 19th, 2017

    Yeahhhhhhhh i love to give not take..This Taurus is no gold digger..not a fighter..simply a lover, confidant, best friend, loyal obseesed, give you all i got..fight the good fight woman….ohhh and extremely passionate on the BEDROOM yewoooooo.

  36. Dana July 2nd, 2017

    Fiancé is a Libra man and I’m a Taurus woman, we get along all the time. He has taught me about patience and I have accepted his flaws. We do everything together even cleaning..he’s responsible as I too am. We have only dated for 7 months and I tell you…I wish I would’ve met him 10 years ago. The time wasted staying in failed relationships has made me appreciate my position now as I had to grow up and learn the importance of patience, compromise and effective communication.

  37. John June 21st, 2017

    Libra man, beware you will be gimped up and bank account raped… She is dull and seeking financial gain…. Good luck libra…. I escaped but suffer ptsd…

    • Starr July 1st, 2017

      Not every Taurus is like that lol so you can stop

    • Mrs Sallyanne Barrett March 9th, 2018

      I am a Taurus woman and I have been dating a libria man for 7 years I have my own house and he lives with me I am not a money grabbing woman I’m kind caring ,loving and giving And I’m certainly not dull far from it.

    • P36HBEAR1 April 27th, 2019


  38. Sonu June 17th, 2017

    I have known a Libra man all my life and I am a Taurus woman. Let me tell you he is the best thing that ever happened to me with all the highs and lows we faced. Also, he taught me that with a positive mindset we can achieve anything. I love him a lot and can only thank him for being all that he has been every single day. Get over the doubts and embrace him completely. Communicate your issues. Move on if it doesn’t work but don’t get bitter. Love goes beyond horoscopes!

    • Ritzs July 10th, 2022

      Being a Libra man I know we are sensitive, peaceful and pure soul deep down and not shallow or a womanizer…. We just need to be more decisive to be soulmates of Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius or any other sun sign , that’s it!

  39. Sarah May 30th, 2017

    I have never felt so much remorse for pushing away a partner as I have with my Libra love…I am a taurus female who fell madly in love with him and was too critical of his shortcomings and not appreciative of all of the good things he did for me. Don’t make the mistake I did. Taurus women, shower your Libra man with romance and appreciation. You will never regret it.

  40. Ifeanyi April 28th, 2017

    Both partners appreciate beauty and the finer things of life.

    But I must tell you; it’s likely that this pair will need a good influx of money in order to appease their desire for luxury, but in order for this relationship to achieve longevity, then Libra man will need to use his sense of diplomacy and Taurus woman will need to exercise patience….See http://www.allaboutaurus.com/taurus-woman-compatibility/taurus-woman-libra-man/

  41. Jane Robson March 12th, 2017

    I was married to my liveable husband for twenty five years he was the man of my dreams I adored him yes we had disagreements like most people yes I was the major wage earner and yes I cleaned up after him but let me tell you it was the best twenty five years of my life. My life began when I met him he encouraged me in all matters and was happy to stand behind me and let me shine. When we discovered he had terminal cancer we were devastated he asked if he could die at home I readily agreed it was so hard but I loved him till he took his last breath in fact he died in my arms with me whispering how much I loved him. It almost broke me but I knew how much he loved me and that has given me the strength to walk forwards and continue to be a success in the business world and join a dating site and guess what the first man I met is a Libran we are still seeing each other I think I’m falling in love again my girlfriend tells me my husband sent him I would like to think so

    • Brian March 14th, 2017

      That is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt stories I have read. Thank you for sharing!
      I am a Libra male as well.

    • Ashley April 28th, 2017

      Beautiful story.

    • Gloria Streeter May 2nd, 2017

      Awe…that is so sweet. My current boyfriend came along when I was in my fun stage. I ran and ran. He chased and chased. At times I feel so loved and at others not so much. I try not to allow the wall back up but sometimes it is so hard being vulnerable. I believe in love but sometimes I don’t want the stress of wondering why the next person acts certain ways.

    • Jeannette Zielinski May 25th, 2017

      So sorry for your loss. I hope you can find and give the love that you still have in your heart. In some way will honor the love you had. I’m a Taurus woman, after my divorced I’ve been very careful in the dating department and I wasn’t ready to start a relationship. Six months ago I met a Libra guy in a dance class, he is also recently divorced, we had an almost instantly connection. We like to have fun, socialize with friends and even go for drinks. After couple months of seeing each other here and there we finally got intimate. It was an amazing experience for both but he doesn’t seem ready to stablish a relationship. I’m think that we are falling for each other but he doesn’t say anything and I don’t want to scare him away or rush things up. I really don’t know what to do either enjoy the moment or have “the talk” and define the situation. I’ll be glad to hear any opinions about it. Hugs and good luck to all!

      • my September 23rd, 2019

        Be straight forward. Sometimes you have to make a decision for the indecisive Libra. In that way you won’t be guessing if you’re in his priorities and if he wants to take it to the next level. Or maybe he’s also scared because you’re not vocal about your feelings. Be open. Communicate.

    • Keisha Peterson-Anderson January 9th, 2018

      Simply beautiful.. thank you for sharing. God bless

    • Cleo March 3rd, 2018

      I am so moved. So sorry for your loss, yes love again, it’s what we’re here to do. Love and be loved xxx

  42. Jane James March 5th, 2017

    Well, i read this n just saw my libra man. He z sweet, loving, swaggish but at de same tym too stubborn. We argue here n there. But I really find him magical after all.

  43. susie January 11th, 2017

    I have been with my husband who is a Libra for 16! Years!! Truly, don’t know how we’ve managed. We do fight a lot yet the intimate part was what attracted us to one another. I wish it was all like it says there on our relationship yet not to b rude, I find my Libra man not to smart. I think if he was to b a little wiser, we would b better in the relationship. I do see many things to b true though. We both appreciate beauty, I do find myself cleaning after him which I don’t appreciate. I find him not appreciating me which is the main reason for us fighting too much but truly I think if it wasn’t for by earthy sign who is stable, we woulda broken up a long time ago.
    It’s difficult yet I know in every relationship there r issues, & if we broke up all the time, we would either find ourselves with many partners, (which am not interested in) or b by ourselves & though I love my time alone, I wouldn’t like being by myself so I stay.
    I do think my characteristics r right on the dot & if u want a life long, patient, resistant, able to take a lot yet don’t try, lovely warm sign, as a Taurus girl: This is it! & believe me! If u r smarter than my husband; u’ll have the most loyal, loving, passionate partner ♡
    Don’t take us for granted though because it will all fall even if we stay we u, it won’t b cute no more!

    • boyde142 February 21st, 2017

      Yes ma’am I totally agree with you. I dated my ex boy friend for 6yrs and he was the same exact way. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I loved him. But most times I hated him. I stayed because somethings about a Libra man are true. They do have a charming smile, they do have that swag about themselves that sweeps you off your feet. But he was a asshole. We use to fight fuss and Cuss each other out. Shit we went through the most I could go for days?

  44. Mia December 22nd, 2016

    It all depends on what you want. If you want to be the initiator, maid, and take care of all of the finances…in my opinion, you should be by yourself lol. And the sex isn’t that great either. Do yourself a favor and stick to earth and water signs.

    • balance February 19th, 2017


      Crawl back from the whole from which you crawled.

  45. LovetobeinLove58 October 25th, 2016

    Looking at the marriages of notable people, this relationship is a bit of a downer
    I have so far found 16 marraiges, 12 of which ended in divorce!
    Some high profile Libra man Taurus woman divorces include Bruce Springsteen and his first wife, Buster Keaton and his first wife (he would later marry a Leo lady with whom he was with for 26 years, til his death), Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Fourth wife of Timothy Leary, First wife od Richard Harris, and One of Ella Fitzgeralds ex husbands was a Libra.
    The second wife of Aregntine President, Juan Peron, died, and the first wife of Composer, Verdi, died.
    The other two happy marrieges involve people right on the cusp
    Mario Puzo and Erika (cusp of Aries) and Tom C Clark (Born Sep 23) was married to Mary Ramsey for over 50 years.
    It seems this relationship has very little chance of surviving in the long term. If you look at notable people, even a Capricorn or a Cancer woman has a much greater chance of a lasting marriage with a Libra man.

    • balance February 19th, 2017

      The Cancer and Taurus I know did have a long-lasting marriage. However he cheated, beat her, abused her, slapped her in public and tried to run her off the road. So hey, to each- her own.

  46. [email protected] August 22nd, 2016

    im a mars in taurus woman and my crush has mars in libra

  47. Margarettmorgan64 December 25th, 2015

    T want to know if a libra man is serious about marrying the Taurus woman

  48. omemma June 7th, 2014

    I want to know if I can marry a Libra man is born 1979 October 13. 

  49. garry1959 September 16th, 2013

    It Doesn’t, most of us Librans will commit if you are loving and caring and do not push to hard at us, then again we can be a bit unsure and need to be told straight that you love us and want to marry us. So just be straight out of the gate to him.

  50. tamigirl04 September 1st, 2013

    Why does it take a longtime for a libra man to commit?

  51. drobol2000 August 31st, 2013

    Forget about your insecurities and embrace the one you are enfatuated with (It’ll get the point across).  Granted, we who are Libra need some ‘time away’ and we sure don’t have a bottle on our emotions, but, speaking on my own, if there is someone special in my life, I will try to the best of my abilities to ensure that person that they are special to me.  Little gifts are my favorite.  A fresh flower or so little as a peck on the cheek is my way of expressing not only the feelings I have about her, but a carress or some other means of physical affection (not perverted or sexual, in most cases) makes me feel closer.  To be able to hold someone you care for greatly is one of the best experiences any living man can be able to experience.  Hands down.

  52. […] to enhance to actually sign up for a lifetime of this. When the two of you from the relationship before you can do […]

  53. meiko-cheeks September 9th, 2012

    i am a taurus woman and my man is a libra. we met online on july 10th of this year and we fell in love in 24 hours. i lived in california and he lived in georgia. our connection was so strong over the phone and online that he moved me to georgia august 20th. we have the best connection i have never felt with another man and he truly is a real man and the bread winner in our relationship. the only problem is i have been so hurt in my past relationships that i am very insecure and jealous. not knowing until after i read everyones comments that he needed his space i would get angry with him for every mistake he would make which put a screech to our rapidly moving commitment. we have already been working on a son together and i will find out in two weeks if i am pregnant but he wants me to be so bad. he also agreed that since we both have a kids from past relationships and they all have different parents, that we should do things differently and get married once i get pregnant. i would really love for somone to help me figure out how to be more understanding of him and his busy schedule because i know he loves me. i just dont want to push him away because of my insecurities… help   #we are a star and square together PHA &FAM

  54. JazyJahzell January 13th, 2012

    We have our emotional ups and downs all the time. but I have found that when I am with him, a simple “I love you” and his beautiful smile seems to clear up most things, and he knows it 🙂 He understands that I am an emotional person and i try and let him be himself and do his own thing. He has left me before but the fact that I have stuck with him no matter what, makes him love me more and want to give me the world. Also, when dealing with your libra man, you have to learn that they like doing their own thing sometimes and us being controlling, stubborn taurus’, we need to learn to walk away and know when we are wrong. But most of all, Making love with him is beyond anything I have ever felt before. We enjoy every part of eachother. I have personally found in reading these comments and my own experience that a Libra man and a Tauranean Woman make a perfect couple. Libra gives the support and brings home the bacon and the Taurus Woman give him sensual pleasure and takes care of him in many physical ways, which my Libra man loves. As long as i am with him through thick and thin and im understanding, he will never stop loving me.

  55. JazyJahzell January 13th, 2012

    I was born may 16th and my man was born october 10th. we are so in love with eachother and are perfect matches. with him, I truly believe in soul mates. I believe we were made as two halves of a whole. 

  56. Precious-Ting January 11th, 2012

    I’m a taurus woman married to a libra man. We’ve been together for 10 yrs now. It’s goin very strong and on goin… We have fights but rarely.. We do argue and have our differences but we both love peace and harmony so we both try not make a big fuss out of it.. I love my libra man to death!! I am very patience and determined.. He have such a charm and love to treat and be treated.. He love compliments and gentle kiss and cuddle. We love fine dining and theatre. We are the center attention of party. People loves us and enjoy our company. We suit and compliment each other well. We agree we both found each other as true love and soul mates.

  57. JazyJahzell January 11th, 2012

    I am with a man who is a libra and this is pretty much us. We have always had an attraction to eachother (which is weird for me because is usually takes a lot for a guy to truely impress me). When i was in tenth grade and he was a senior he came up to me in math class  and again in our art class and from that point on he was stuck in my brain. We were off and on for three years and we wouldnt talk for one whole year during that time. Now he is 21 and Im 19 and I love him more than anything. He completes me and gives what i lack. He is always trying to give me things that I hate him spending money on and even though I get mad over silly things sometimes he is always calm. We have been through a lot together and no matter what I love him. He is my best friend and I am so comfortable with him. I am blessed to say I found “the one” at my age. The only thing different in this whole thing is that my guy is a neat freak, but i think thats only because his dad never let him leave messes when he was young. Sometimes, Im getting ready to say something and he just says it. I feel like there is a connection, beyond what i could ever imagine. I feel like my soul has waited for him my whole life and now that he is here Im happy and nothing can bring me down.

  58. kool92 December 11th, 2011

    I’m a taurus woman and I was determined to be with that Libra guy, who I actually was so attracted to since the start. We’ve been on and off for 2 years and a half. But I finally decided it isn’t worth it. He does NOTHING to show his love although I’m very convinced at times he liked me so much. That I was dear to him. Or that he looked to me in a special way sometimes. I think he even still does, but he has to understand that I’m over it. He took me for granted and was even possessive and jealous though he didn’t express his love enough for me to be considered his. I was SO loyal the whole time.. that is so me. But I got sick of this relationship and although we do look like we suit each other, I can’t be with someone who thinks I’ll always wait for him and be faithful when all he does is sit around with his female libra friend. Maybe it was just a strong physical attraction and nothing else. It took me so long to finally realize but I’m glad I did, because it’e enough wasting time.

  59. roxy42104 December 5th, 2011

    I am a Taurus woman and they always say Capricorns are the way to go. But for some reason I only attract libras, virgos and scorpios (scary. Trust me) . My Libra guy is a little nutso but I love him. The above paragraphs is the polar opposite of him! (He’s more of a neat freak than I am…which is frightening lol ) but the above states that he’s super affectionate which my guy Sooooo is not. He shows his love with $$$. No complaints though…but the small things count at the end of the day. Unfortunately it leaves a craving for that love that leaves u hanging around.. 😛 wish it were a little different but I’m ok with his crazy face. I see a lot of u “let him do his own thing” and lol…Taurus women are control freeeeaaakksss… So ya. It’s tough but it does work! But it goes the both way people! Taurus women love “me time”…it “leave me the eff alone time” Haha which he totally gets so I’m cool with that. I love to have atleast 2 hours away from other people a day. Although my Libra man is not lazy AT ALL. he calls me lazy and I’m always doin somethin. Unless its “leave me the eff alone time” heheh. But overall I think the signs mesh pretty well. Don’t expect a quick commitment thought because they’re so indecisive it’ll take YEARS to get to the alter. So be prepared for the legit lonnngggg haul. Oh ya…and they’re super impulsive… So he better have a good job for all that money he blows. 🙂

  60. BahianaBahiana December 5th, 2011

    This is so true! I met a Libra man and he is the perfect match for me. Its weird how it happened because i’m usually closed off when it comes to relationships. It usually takes me a while to allow a guy in, but this guy is different. I’m so comfortable with him it’s like we’ve known each other for years. I’m from California and have been in Brasil for 3 months and found what I believe to be the love of my life and it happened all so fast. Its 3 months later and I can truly say that I am in love with him and I feel that he loves me too, not just because he tells me, but because i can look into his eyes and truly believe that he does. There is so much passion between us it’s ridiculous, i’ve never felt this before. He likes to hug and kiss and I love it. We do however argue and a lot and him being the Libra he is he can make me laugh or smile and sway me over and 15 mins later everything is good. It usually takes me days to get over things when I’m really mad. But the bad thing is I have to go back to California in 2 weeks. I found the love of my life and have to leave. I really don’t know what to do.

  61. Olive November 25th, 2011

    I just had to search out there if there was anyone feeling the way i feel about this Libra man!! omgoodness…met him just 2 weeks ago when a friend gave him my bbpin,weve been chatting since then and the connection and chemistry is off the hook…i thought there was something wrong with me…it feels so right– and judging from all the testimonies ive read on here im convinced this is what ive been waiting for— we live in different countries but on the same continent…today happens to be our two week anniversary and hes been expressing how glad and lucky he feels to have met me—-i feel the same…i could go on and on…all id say for now is im going to enjoy this friendship and see where this amazing ride takes us!

  62. Divu@123 November 11th, 2011

    Yes, I agree that this match is superb and made for each other! We both share a feeling of great togethrness and intense love for each other. We understand each other, even without saying a word. I am a life-source for my Libra man, who is most happy being my lover, my soul-mate, forever………….Togethr, We are the happiest couple ever created on this earth.

  63. Mila956 November 9th, 2011

    I work with a libra guy, for some reason I just have this unexplainable connection to him and it feels like more than a crush. I know he might feel something for me because of the way he acts and talks to me. I know we would make a great pair because he seems like everything I would love in a guy, I wish I knew him more but until now in just patiently waiting for the right time.

  64. STWoman July 18th, 2011

    I met a Libraman and We are dating.We had sex and wow it was like I was standing at the pearlly gates.Im still Saviouring that moment with that man.We are so balanced together he told me he has never had that. I too thought it was too soon but we couldn’t get enough of each other.Im 45 and he is 46.Damm!! if I knew it would be like this two good to be true he everything I ever wanted in a man.It too funnt his name Is Will Smith(not the actor) My name is Jada(lmao) Will Smith the actor is a lIbraman as well. I read where he said he loves Jada(sho is a virgo) But his best love was a Taurus women who he will never forget. I see why.My Libra has brought up marriage.I am not against it but I love the space we provide one another. Taurus women if u have gottes a whold of aLIbra man try it it works and it seems all to perfect it is. I thank God for him each and every day.

  65. michico July 2nd, 2011

    I meet my libra man just 30 days ago… hit it off the first night. They not lien about the sex. We are tougher now but i feel its too soon and too good to be true at the same time. im young hes old with 3 kids but he dont see the lovei have for him all he do is complain when i should be the one. But my whole purpose of writing this is that im not going to give up. Love comes in all shapes and sizes lol and his small body, big package, small addidude, big heart, small trust, big ambisious, SMALL 30DAYS, BIG STRONG US… Will work cuz I WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME A LIBRAIN MAN. MY LIBRAIN MAN

  66. Author
    Ask Oracle June 28th, 2011

    @mzundastood (chioma)

    It’s easy. Just go with the person you are more relaxed and easy going with. You will have a calm and peaceful state of mind with this person. This is the right person with whom you’ll be happy and able to enjoy every moment.

  67. MzUndastood June 26th, 2011

    I feel like I’m a magnet to a libra.. I’ve been friends with #1 for 10yrs we r still gud friends, then I met 3 more. I’m in libra heaven.. but the 4 of them r different in there on way. 1 I like the most but is hard to brake the communication line, keeps to himself.. but I’m attacked to him mentally and physically then the other’s. But he is a very distant person. Now #3 is more motion, loving and giving. But all r damn gud in the bed
    Room what to do… smh

  68. Author
    Ask Oracle May 19th, 2011

    @catsmiles (Cathy Smith)

    Its good that you are aware of your jealousy/worries now lets get rid of them because that’s only way you can be truly loving and appreciative of him.

    Jealousy arises when we unconsciously compare with the other person and conclude in inferiority. We think too low of ourselves. We can get rid of it by truly appreciating and be grateful to Who we are and be aware that the “program” of Jealousy is actually a false perception and delusional. There is nothing to be feared.

    Be aware that there is nothing to be “GAINED” by acting upon worries/fears and they are baseless.

    All the best 😀

  69. CatSmiles May 17th, 2011

    I am Taurus woman just beginning to date Libra man and no doubt I am smitten!, as I believe he is with me! We seem like 2 trains about to collide..its fantastic. We plan to meet for the first time June 1. This Libra is everything I could have hoped for, so far, its almost scary..I have never been with a Libra before. I worry most! about his flitatious, easy way and me being able to keep my jealousy in check…Over my lifetime I have been able to deal with jealous feelings much better than in my younger years..I hope it works tho between us! If Libra is all everyone says he is..my jealousy wont be a problem..so how do you get a man like this to commit?? humm… I’m thinkin I would love that!

  70. Maggie April 11th, 2011

    I’m a taurus woman dating a libra man. We love each other deeply and we actually consider each other as best friends, we have a very close bond but we also have emotional ups and downs on occasion. I’m really into this book called “the secret languages of relationships” and I want to know if there are any couples out there that are born in the same week as my guy and I. whether your a man or woman born between May 11-18 AND between October 3-10. I’m extremly curious, tell me how long did it lasted I’m extremly curious if there are emotional ups and downs. Give me insights!!!!

  71. Jasmine April 9th, 2011

    I’m glad I read this my boyfriend is a Libra and Im a Taurus …and he’s the sweetest guy ever..and I he shows me so much love it’s unbelievable.

  72. elaine April 9th, 2011

    i just wanted you to see how the compatible we are?

  73. elaine April 9th, 2011

    my libra love life!

  74. sky March 31st, 2011

    I must say that i’ve never had this much chemistry with anyone since i met this libraman. we’ve only talked for a few days and already he’s swept me off my feet. he’s really sweet, nice and we have so much in common. we’re getting to know each other and hope he makes a move soon because i want to be with him already! o:

  75. Netty March 25th, 2011

    OMG! I so just reconnected with a libra man. Hes sweet! and totally Hot and women love him. But we feel as if we have known each other forever! and have just been apart! and when we come together its on fire!! Letting him be him I agree with, but how do you trust someone who has women falling out of the woodwork! but has soooo much passion for you! we are 5 months and two days apart. I feel so strongly for him! and its not because he can rock it! I have never been this excited about anyone ever! Going crazy in NC

  76. KAT March 12th, 2011

    What amazing comments,I am a Taurus female and I have been communicating with a Libra man for six weeks online, and we have amazing chemistry online. Will meet him soon, next month actually. He is in another state from me, but have a feeling he will come to me sooner, as we are both extremely impatient to get together. He is amazing, I have never felt this excited about a man before, and I was married for 22 years to a Taurus. I have never been so drawn to a man and he feels the same way. Well I think it will be the start of something truly special.But this page explains why we are so drawn to be together.

  77. Gypsy February 15th, 2011

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many Taurus woman-Libra man connections! Not that I thought I was the only one….I met mine when we were in college, it was instantaneous attraction from the start, there was just something about him that drew me to him and vice versa like moths to the flames. We’ve been in other “relationships” but somehow we always keep coming back to one another. It’s quite amazing to have no control over that magnetic pull and I’ve come to realize he’s the only one I’ve ever felt that with. It’s this very funky, electric combination of absolute comfortability, intense sexual tension and crazy magickal connection. I’m a lucky chick!

  78. Jt January 4th, 2011

    This was the more accurate commentary as I have read in quite some time. As a Taurean woman, I have been in love with a Libra man for 10+ years. Unfortunately, though we keep coming back to each other and we are excellent lovers, he just will not commit. But I am very patient and extremely determined. My love for him I generally keep very private, even from him; but he knows it in the way I am with him when we are together. My dream would be to provide those things which we could have together similar to what is mentioned above.

  79. Cookie December 29th, 2010

    I am a Taurus woman. ALL the men I’ve had the most amazing sex with have been Libras! I’m INSTANTLY attracted to them when I see one on the street on t.v. or whatever! He just recently found me through Facebook and he is the Libra I had the best sex and the worst fights with EVER! I’m scared to see him again because I know it will be on and poppin if I do. He said the sweetest things to me on Facebook and that’s what made me love him in the first place, 20 years ago! We’ll see what happens!

  80. TiTi November 19th, 2010

    I’m a taurus and I really like this libra man. We have been seeing each other off and on for the past three months. I was so attracted to this man because of his great smile and his demeanor. He is charming,romantic, and the sex is off the charts but, I wonder if we have chance to be something more. We are both always busy and when we do get together he complains about coming to get me. It hurts my feelings but I don’t tell him that. So I guess it is true that the libra man is lazy. I am used to being catered to but I wonder if I am blowing this all out of proportion. I am a sensitive woman who is often over analytical. I do like him but I also wonder if I am wasting my time. I have had my heart broken before so now I question men’s actions towards me. Sorry if that is TMI but that’s me. Now I’m trying to be practical not emotionally driven.

  81. Sexxi November 8th, 2010

    Lets start a support group I have been married to the best Libra man for 11yrs .He was and is my only Love. We have twins and one on the way. He gives me the world I give him his space.I love him and spoil him as well. Our passion is so over whelming even after 11 yrs and we are still so in love

  82. wamda November 5th, 2010

    I think we should form a group on Facebook and chat with eachother.email [email protected] I would love to talk more about tauruswoman Libra man realtionships that work.When I talk or think of this Libra man I get all warm in side and all over.My friends say in there Usher voice I got it bad.Lol when u email me please be specific about the contents.

  83. Hailey November 5th, 2010

    I like a Libra man and i am a Taurus. We have known eachother for a while and matter of fact his friend and i dated a few years back. He says he’s always had a crush on me but i think he is just talking. So i went to his place to hang out, mind you its been forever. Well we immediately had sparks and got close to one another, were hugging and things all night. but personally i think it would of been different if other females were there. Also he is a very lovey dovey person with everyone. I am the opposite, it has to be special. Some people call it closed off. I call it kept to myself.

  84. Wanda October 24th, 2010

    This Libra man and I have talked about doing things together for months.He’s mome on leave from the army I saw him once and it was ina croweded room helping him celebrate his birthday. Ive spoke to him 3 times since he been here.Is he afraid of me and the feelings I have.I no he doesn’t have feelings for me my feelings are from 30yrs.I have old memories with him.I want to create new ones.I knew him when he was a boy but Im determined to know the man.Can a Taurus woman help me tell what to do?

  85. Taurean mama October 22nd, 2010

    I’m a Taurus, currently seeing a Libra male… we’ve only hung out a few times, but it already feels amazing, and like we’ve known each other for a while. He is very sweet… Question: do libras have a hard time expressing their emotions verbally? or would they rather express their emotions through actions?

    • Shawn Morgan August 28th, 2018

      I am a libra man. I am very articulate with my Taurus lady. She is reserved and quiet but she is a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing. We dated in high school and a little in college but she wouldn’t ever be honest with me about how she felt and I was too young to realize that I needed to be assertive. We have now reconnected and have been together 3 months. She would tell you that I am too articulate at times and it’s Intimidating. I try to find the balance of words and actions so that she knows I care about her. I have been with a few women and I can tell you that this connection is very special. My advice to you is be straight and be loving and the world is your oyster.

  86. Aaron September 22nd, 2010

    Every woman iv met or gone on a date with has been a taurus wtf?

  87. So enjoying my Libra September 22nd, 2010

    If you go to youtube and listen to Rupee’s song magnet to steel…to be that decribes the libra man and taurus female connection. Enjoy it. I DO. I think I’m falling inlove!!!!

  88. Ash September 9th, 2010

    I am a taurean female early 40’s recently met a 29 year old Latino Libran whilst on vacation in Spain. We only spent 9 hours together – but it feels like we a couple already. He is everything you describe a Libran to be towards a Taurean female. I feel like being in a dream because he is so wonderful and attentive and affectionate. I hope it lasts, it’s been 3 weeks. Problem, we live on different continents and have a challenge with communicating – his English is limited and I am learning Spanish to be able to communicate more……Could there be a future here?

  89. jenae August 31st, 2010

    okay so im a taurus woman an i had this thing with a libra male we were so happy it was goin so good he had even asked me out i rejected him big mistake ever not sure if he wants me he has a new girl in his life but i dont care i want him an i dont know how to get him back

  90. Jazzi red August 10th, 2010

    Im a taurus woman and I have been so smitten by this Libraman since we were teens.Im finally gonna get my chance with him.I love him so much. I hope he will return that love.He’s away but when he comes home it’s on I’ll wait fo r him until never Iv’e waited 30yrs hell what is 3 more.He’s serving our country over seas.

  91. diana.. July 4th, 2010

    I believe this to be true, my boyfriend’s a Libra and his characteristics and mannerisms match to most of the sign-compatibility. We have been together for a year and three months and I really do love him.

  92. omar_77 July 2nd, 2010

    Mostly everything that says about taurus women is true bcuz my girlfriend is like that!

    All I have to say I love her!

  93. CEEZ June 16th, 2010

    I have this girlfriend who is a taurus, boy is it hard to know where i stand in her life. I can truly say i love her, but i do not trust her. We have gone through some down time times and they are very horrible, i am on the verge of calling it quits…..= (. libra man….

  94. Erica April 20th, 2010

    My Libra is the best thing that could have happened to me! He has completely swept me off my feet. All the small things count, from public displays of affection, to flowers just because, I am o’ so happy! They can lash out at you, but as a Taurus woman, not too much can keep us from what we want. I love him !

  95. ash March 21st, 2010

    Taurus woman and Libra aree good matches. He will make you laugh and charm you crazyyy. My libra man took me too dinners followed with compliments and polite kisses. They are charmer and your going to want more, but if you let him do his thing and you be happy he will give you the most love you have ever had in your life <3

  96. Pepita December 29th, 2009

    My fiance has the scale of the house. I have the bulls. We love each other dearly and although we are apart for months a time, work, my trust for him is what keeps us together. If you let him daydream and have his own space, he wil show you the most amazing love any woman can wish for.

  97. Donna June 4th, 2009

    My other half is a Libra I’m a Taurus I think I drive him crazy that’s why we are still together he has so many women chasing him it’s too funny then he introduces me as his wife boy do they get upset. I pretty much let him do his own thing that’s why our relationship works so well.

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