Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Both the Taurus and Scorpio are attracted to the other’s strong personality and willingness to commit. This is a sexually intense and magnetic partnership which has brighter chances of lasting when Taurus woman and Scorpio man are involved. Both the Taurus and Scorpio sense the ability to “go the distance”, and mutual respect is likely the result.

A Scorpio man is extremely perceptive and his the uncanny ability to understand the reasons and motives of others makes him more aware of the wide range of situations and possibilities. He is a person who has high values and uses his emotional intelligence for good purposes. While he has a reputation for being suspicious and vengeful, these are simply his darker qualities that only come out when he is personally experiencing a bad phase in his life. In a relationship, he is a very caring and protective mate who always stands in front of his lady love to keep her safe from all the worldly problems.

A Taurus woman is a very down-to-earth and hardworking person in all that she does. She does not tend toward being impulsive, instead she looks far ahead before she leaps and makes meticulous plans for the future. She may appear to be shy upon the first few meetings, but she can quickly warm up and be an entertaining conversationalist. In a relationship, she is a very devoted and loyal lover with warmth of love and supporting hand. She has very sensual and graceful approach in love life, making the relationship cozier and lasting.

As the eyes of the sensual Taurus woman meets the hypnotic eyes of the Scorpio man, there is an impossible to resist attraction that she experiences. Though in the beginning she feels he can be risky and unpredictable to deal with but his seductive qualities eventually wins her over, and with gracious luck she finds a man who can be trusted forever. She makes a great match for the Scorpio male who looks around for a woman with sugar coated heart and rock hard will. She knows how to respect and love him and how to make his life smoother without actually interfering. She gives her best of both emotional as well as physical love with a wonderful food, making the home of a Scorpio man the most perfect place to be in. She is intelligent enough to support him in rough times and to keep up his spirits when needed.

A Scorpio man in love with a Taurus woman adores his lady like a goddess. He knows how to love and respect her but never let her forget that he is the Man in the relationship! He has a passionate way of loving and protecting his lady love and provides her with the best of the things available in all aspects. He makes her feel special in a way no other man can make someone feel and also spoils her with lots of pampering, good food and best fragrances available with such a taste of music that makes her tap her toes. He is like a strong mountain, keeping her untouched by all problems and society evils. Though he is suspicious and sometimes passionate to an unhealthy amount but the kind of love and care given by him is far worthier than his grey qualities.

As love pours on the Taurus woman and Scorpio man tying them in a never wobbling knot, they both grow intimate and possessive of each other and actually learn to enjoy the feeling of being possessed in such a passionate way. The stubbornness of the Taurus female melts away in the passionate romance of her Scorpio male and his jealousy and suspicious order vanishes out in the devotion and loyalty presented by her. As their eyes meet to reveal all the lovely promises their hearts make to each other, blossomy unison is experienced by these two love birds. The deep love they feel for each other washes away all the differences making them two persons with loving heart and pure soul that claims for oneness and nothing else!

The blend of Water and Earth is one of the best, both in emotional as well as sexual relationship. Once a sexual link develops between the Taurus woman and Scorpio man, it becomes manifestly apparent that this is what drew them together. They both have powerful appetites and need an active, stimulating sex life in order to express them fully and feel appreciated to their greatest capacity. Their approach to sexuality does differ in some very fundamental ways. To Taurus woman, it is highly physical and earthy, and she reaches her heights primarily through her five senses. Scorpio man is quite the opposite. To him, sex is a metaphysical experience that takes him to a higher spiritual plane. Both form powerful emotional bonds through their love making, and their physical connection is without a doubt the strength of their relationship. Even when things go awry outside of the bedroom, their bond behind closed doors make them do their best to work things out. Their love making is a blend of passion and romance which makes them experience the highest form of fulfillment and Oneness!

This relationship begins with a bang and most likely is long-lasting but problems may arise for this couple when Scorpio man slowly reveals the deeper, inner side of his personality that he tries so hard to keep hidden from the outside world. On the surface, he displays only his cold, calculating reason and his deeply instilled practicality. These are things that Taurus woman is happy to embrace, since she values rationality and sensibility above all else. It is when the extremity and severity of his convictions come to light that she becomes wary. Even the stubbornness and blind prejudice of her creates issues for him who has a tendency of dominating in the relationship. If both of them are ready to co-relate their problems and talk it over, there is a good chance that these two find their way resulting in a happy ending.

  1. Allizy April 14th, 2023

    I’m Taurus Girl and Sad to say Never in Relationships with Scorpio Guy because I have more responsibility to my family so I decided to Give white lies to give up me sad to say it’s all my fault🥺

  2. oliver February 13th, 2023

    im scorpio boy i have a crush on a taurus girl i think she wears nice jackets that are blue and shes pretty and really really smart it makes me mad but like a eerrrrrggghhh why are you so perfect mad i think shes perfect and im kind of a loser but thats ok. im gonna talk to her because ive had a crush on her for 4 years and i dont think ive ever talked to her really so that will be fun and make me feeling good and distracting me from the fact that im bad at school and have no money. i love you.

    • TEETEE February 20th, 2023


    • Christina May 6th, 2023

      How’d it go??

    • Cristiana June 8th, 2023

      Dear sweet Oliver. Taurus girl here. You’re never a loser. I adore Scorpio’s, they are the best match for a Taurus all the way around. You don’t need money, perfect grades none of that .. all we Taurus appreciate the most is loyalty, affection and a great sense of humour. We love you Scorpio’s so much! You are our favorite people!

    • Michelle June 8th, 2023

      Dear sweet Oliver. Taurus girl here. You’re never a loser. I adore Scorpio’s, they are the best match for a Taurus all the way around. You don’t need money, perfect grades none of that .. all we Taurus appreciate the most is loyalty, affection and a great sense of humour. We love you Scorpio’s so much! You are our favorite people!

  3. Seri July 27th, 2022

    Not a single one good comment on this func”ing relationship wth i wouldn’t blame it truly sucks over experience he left me in the the end for another!

  4. Alex June 5th, 2022

    I’m a scorpio man.. my Taurus wife just divorced me and took away our 3 kids from me as a punishment/revenge i guess lol .. actually that was the best happened to me ever… Because Taurus women never forgives when she got hurt… and it’s better if u start fresh with someone new .. and never do Same mistakes new story….
    Don’t get me wrong.. i love my kids .. i still have feelings for my ex wife but this happened for the better..
    And believe it or not .. i’m with new Taurus lady … couldn’t get enough especially in bad …i love it .. love u Taurus 😉

  5. Beth May 31st, 2022

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’m dating a Scorpio man for over a year now. And it’s been a rollercoaster, let me tell ya! He’s hot than he’s cold. But with that said he is patient and loyal in which I adore about him. He recently betrayed my trust. And I dont trust easy and fall in love easy. So when I finally let someone into my heart, im in it for the long haul. Every now and then he Wants to break up and don’t want to break up. And when it gets to this point he still calls me and acts like he wants me around. At the end of the last break we had he told me we’ll work it out together. This time he seems colder than usual, which I’m ok with that I know his personality and understand it’s that he doesn’t want show how he really feels. Sign of weakness for him. I know him better than what he thinks, I don’t lead on to it, just be the woman he needs me to be at the moment. I compliment him and remind him of his good qualities. This break however came up when I found out about his dishonesty, wanted a break when I questioned him about it. And wanted to see how the next few weeks go without me around. But he wanted me around the weekend in fact he insisted I stay and be part of his day, was flirting with me like nothing happened. But later that evening he went back as being ice cold. Never wanted me to stay the night which is odd. Listen, being with a Scorpio man isn’t for the faint of heart. Im a strong woman and know what I want. However, I don’t know how much of the mind games I can put up with. For the most part he’s doing it to see where my loyalty and trust is, and on the same side of the coin he’s probably confused. At this point I’m trying to leave him alone so he can figure out his shit. He knows I’m here when he needs me. I’m a good woman. I try to leave him alone when he gets like this, he probably needs space to process his feelings. I value trust and loyalty more than I value love. Love isn’t a feeling. You can still love someone and not have these qualities. It’s very rare But when the trust and loyalty is there, loving that person will be there unconditionally.

  6. Pasqua Pirraglia January 7th, 2022

    I’m a Taurus woman married to a Scorpio
    We started going out and we both clicked , our ways of thinking were very much in sync .
    (We are both in our 60’s
    His 3 rd marriage, my second
    After a while I told him of my violent past )
    But after 6 months I found out he was having a problem with an ex girlfriend , who was stalking and harassing him so much that he had to go to the police. I didn’t appreciate his lies
    Then I found out other flirtatious habits he had , this bothered me so much , I took offense to it, thinking he didn’t take into consideration of my past and that I would get hurt again but by him .
    He rather hide problems than face them .
    Before we got married he had been single for 19 yrs.
    He had relationships but he always says they cheated on him .
    Now I feel so uncertain of everything
    He disappointed me so much with a lot of garbage .
    I always try to talk about his non communicatiive ways .
    When I called him out on his lies ( I was very ANGRY)
    he just sat there and answered me sarcastically
    I love him but I feel so drained out in this relationship

    • Sara February 25th, 2022

      OMG Pasqua, I totally connect with what you say. I’m aTaurus woman in a relationship, that just ended, with a Scorpio man. When I called him out ona alie, dishonesty or bullshit, he would give me the “cold treatment” never admiting to his fault. Not even when it revolved arround his wrong calculation in a an excel-wotkbook! He still tryed to gaslight me at that point! That is when I put down my foot and abandoned the relationship. I wish you all the best! Kind regards, Sara

    • Allizy April 14th, 2023

      Yeah I Think should Community with your husband to resolve your problem

  7. Anonymous December 15th, 2020

    This article really explains a lot more in depth about a Scorpio Man, as I am a Taurus woman. He has been very dominate in our relationship, as expected from what I can see here. It still surprises me how I can relate to this article so much. He is a Scorpio Man from being born on November 19th, where as I am a Taurus Woman born on April 21st. We have known each other for over a year, and I always find myself being drawn back to him. He has always been protective of me as it makes me feel very special. He treats me as though I am a goddess in his eyes, how it makes me smile even now when I think about it. I will never forget what I’ve read, thank you for creating this type of article. Now I know a deeper meaning to his actions that makes him who he is today.

    • Bbrie October 9th, 2021

      I am a Taurus woman May 3rd girl and I know and relate but crazy thing is I have children with a Scorpio November 20th and he is not around anymore ,but as I look back simply that was the only human I could look at and he look back at me and it’s as if we could see each other’s souls ,and I didn’t ever have to talk he could give me a look and I knew it was bizzare! it’s as if we had some bonding of souls and I couldn’t ever resist him his body was so overwhelming with welcoming for me ,and he also praised me as well in such a way you would not believe ,and if we ever disagreed i hurt for him and he was the same cause he would call as soon as I started really missing him and hurting every time and just tell me everything he was feeling which was what I was feeling to it was wild but the passion and the things he brought to me is pure beauty there is nothing better than a Scorpio perfectly imperfect to me and we got beautiful kids I forever miss him in my soul and life R.I.P they are sacred special

      • bettypowell October 10th, 2021

        Sorry to here that Bbrie my your heart be blessed with another that loves you the same, I didn’t want to read and run as I too am dealing with a Scorpio Man I see we are Birthday twins May 3 as he is Oct 27. Your reply is exactly what we have felt on the good note on the other hand the withdrawals are a bit too much for me as I love connecting I feel he’s very disconnected now.


  8. Teresa Maafu June 11th, 2020

    I am also Taurean and agree with both comments!

  9. Life is good May 27th, 2019

    Met this Taurus goddess at a car rental counter. We clicked right way; it took me 1 hr to rent a car in an empty location at 2am bc of all the talking that we did. I felt she was clearly out of place running a car rental desk overnight and told her that she should be working for me instead in one of the biggest metro areas in the world.

    A few days later I return the car, but the place is packed and we don’t have a chance to chat. We never exchange any contacts.

    About 2 weeks later I get an email from her apologizing for her attempt to upsell me insurance (which I did not buy). We chat a bit, and she tells me she has quit her job. That very moment I was in an airport on my way to a 10 day out of country vacation and needed someone to take calls/emails while away. So in 20 min while waiting at the gate I set her up to remotely manage my calls, emails, calendar etc.

    She reports to me daily about the inquires/appointments and we exchange some pics of travels, hobbies, life etc…

    At some point I bring her to NYC to a beauty convention, and we have the most amazing time going all over the place. She gets very touchy feely, we fool around a bit with kisses… I drop her at the airport and she continues to work for me from home. We talk business days and steamy nights.

    I try to keep the distance and not let my emotions/attachment to get out hand, given that she works for me. So I try to take a step back to refocus. It seems that made her doubt my interest/her appeal. was doing my best to fight the ranging passion and keep myself out of an emotional mess entangled in my business. At some point over the course, she breaks down to the point of depression, doubting her life path, goals etc… I appreciate the honesty and I give her the space and a few days off to sort out her head. But I feel it will take her more than that…

    • Amazing Life June 25th, 2019

      @Life Is Good, As a Taurus woman, I can relate to her reaction. She possibly needs a little reassurance that you weren’t just messing with her emotions and stringing her along. Honesty goes a long way with us. If you truly like this woman and want what is best for her, maybe communicate with her about why you took a step back. Taurus’s battle the most between our intuition and our mind. Best of luck💖

      • LovelyB December 11th, 2019

        As a Taurus women as well I definitely agree with the above… also if it’s not to late trust that your business will not go under with her it’s an asset in building with her unless your intentions with her are not pure

      • atp December 18th, 2019

        she is very smart and capable, that I know, a great asset. what I meant was I would rather not get emotionally involved with someone who works for me (#metoo etc…)

        also, in business, I am not the most pleasant and nicest person- demanding, no bullshit, some call it stuck up or arrogant dickhead… but I don’t care much about it. I had many people quit or get fired cuz they couldn’t cope with the pace.
        I would have to change all that for her, but not sure how much I could since that pays my bills of which I have many.

        all that I told her. and I also told her that I am attracted to her, really attracted and that I WILL come after her with FULL force since we be interacting daily.

        to which she said we shouldn’t worry since she had a BOYFRIEND (yea she told me about some dope she went on 1 or 2 dates recently, but from what I heard, the guy is a total dope and I don’t see it going much further, let alone being a boyfriend. she doesn’t seem like a type who jumps in so fast. I could be respectful, but that would hardly stop me)

        I said, fine, since you said so, it shouldn’t be a problem. I will make moves on you and you will shoot me down. deal

        for now, she is back in school finishing her degree but she wants to continue working remotely. we are also planing her trip over to NY for a fashion week in spring… will see what happens. I was very blunt with my intentions from the very beginning and nothings changed…

      • Ladybug August 14th, 2020

        I agree as a Taurus woman we sometimes need reassurance. Even if you feel you need the space at the moment to sort your feelings out you can explain that to her I’m sure she will understand. Honesty and consistency go a long way with Taurus women.

    • Taurus woman July 8th, 2020

      I really hope you told her

    • B April 18th, 2021

      I’m a Taurus woman. It was a cry for help more so. You pulling back made her question things. Y’all enjoyed each other, she even got touchy feely with you. I think you should tell her how you feel about her

    • Roro June 13th, 2021

      Where’s the rest I wanna know what happens next

      • Life is good March 21st, 2023

        She ended up moving in with me, and we are about to get married…. Hope happy every after

    • Love April 12th, 2023

      I am having chills. I just went on this website for the very first time and read this conversation and see that you posted your first comment in 2019 and see that your last reply was sent only 13 minutes ago saying she ended up moving in with you and you’re about to get married together. Feels almost magical. I hope the best life for you two.

  10. Patrici@ October 8th, 2018

    I am a Taurus woman, bf is a Scorpio. He is very masculine, his energy keeps me captivated. He has told me from the beginning he loves my energy and how much calmness and peace he feels whenever we are together. In sex omg !! Mind Blowing ! I am not entitled, he treats me like a lady and in response I am thankful. I thank him for being himself and I respond to every detail he displays to me and others. I love him I love how we both inspire each other in so many positive ways. Being a Taurus woman we are a bit closed off we need to learn to receive. We tend to be guarded and this is something I shared with my Scorpio man he understands me and because I trust him I am able to be more open with him and be myself now. what I also love about him is how genuine he has been with me I don’t feel like he’s bullshitting me like I have felt with other men including other scorpio men. I am in a position in my life where I can let go if need to without the drama. I think with all signs we need to be mindful of our actions and what we say and act. Be a good person on purpose treat other the way you want to be treated. Ladies, if you want your guy to treat you like a queen then act like a queen be tactful and walk with grace, thank your king he only wants you to be happy and whenever he feels like he has made you happy, laugh or smile he will be inspired to do more. And men, what a woman’s face displays is how her man is treating her. Don’t diminish her light, that light and brightness in her eyes you first fell in love with.

    • Atp October 9th, 2018

      Wow this sounds amazing.
      Many more years into the future for you two. Cheers

  11. T September 24th, 2018

    Im a Scorpio male and I’ve been with my Taurus wife for 5 years best relationship I’ve ever had we have a 2 year old son when we met we were magnetized inseparable from the first day

  12. Taurus, May 19 September 15th, 2018

    Taurus, May 19.
    Scorpios are babies period. They have clue of what courtship is. They know how to lie very well to get what they want. And have lots of patience. But they all seem like no one has ever taught them how to court a woman. Pay attention to the types of friends he’s surrounded by. If they are bad (dogs) BEWARE!!! If he surrounded by wholesome good people. There may be a chance in heaven. (Insider tip there followers) The way astrology puts it we would make the perfect match. We both crave true love and loyalty (faithfulness). But you can’t finesse the finesser.
    They leave that part out when the talk about tauruses. We are way swifter. We adapt to people. This were they get the part: TAURUS ARE MEAN! THEY ALWAYS HAVE THERE GAURD UP! We peep game way ahead of time. As soon as you start kicking that b’s. We on it. And we get highly offended /hurt even. Because we probably looked at u as a friend or a lover. And you had the audacity to say something crazy or try and play us. Now we got to cut cha. And we gonna cut you where it hurts. Then people don’t understand all this is coming MEAN STUFF is coming from. Taurus are very smart. We have flaws just as anyone else. Are minds are very sharp. We will cut you where it hurts and keep it moving. U gotta be nice to get nice.
    If y’all sexy as Scorpios can be real, you’ll have the most loyalist & most loving partner. If not another one bites the dust. And if you wanna play, we might play or we my not. 🤷‍♀️

    • Sarah September 24th, 2018


    • Jessie November 10th, 2018

      Drop the mic!! You just kept it completely 100 right there!!

    • Lekeshia Benson December 9th, 2018

      Yessss hunty🤞🏾🤞🏾 Sooo damn true! Team Taurus baby. My bf is a Scorpio as well! I know when you’re right 💯💯

  13. Daniel March 11th, 2018

    What is most important in any relationship is a True Love.
    If any person on earth truly loves himself or herself, such person will surely able to coop with other zodiac signs easily.
    But without truly experiences loving oneself, there is no way any Love can really works.
    Yes, I am a Scorpion in a zodiac signs but I was able to match all signs easily. How? Respect and Love is the Key in any relationships.

    • miyimail28 May 3rd, 2018

      Hello daniel. I heard scorpios are very good at advices specially to others… but not for himself. Im not saying that tou dont love yourself. I like your coment. I think its true. I trully love myself but its not that easy sometimes i feel very frightned for example. I am taurus and a woman. Sorry my not very good english. I think this is not for relationahips. Its for ell the aspects in life.

  14. taurus20 February 11th, 2018

    met this guy last year ,I am in a long term relation of more than 10 years so is he with his girlfriend but I like him so much.He is seem to be everything I ever wished for to top it up he is older than I but honestly that is not a problem coz he is matured and wiser .I don’t know my inner says theres a chance he might be filling the same but and again it might not … 🙂

  15. scorpio1108 February 1st, 2018

    Worst Match EVER PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. Every single Taurus woman I have encountered has a tendency to be standoffish and defensive to protect her goey heart. Scorpio men bear their raw emotions on the surface and we’re extremely perceptive. It’s the reason they are so attracted to us however, their way of showing affection is through harsh remarks of our ability to have such deep emotion. These people are opposites and we don’t attract. If you are looking for a relationship that fits the archetype “opposites attract” I suggest a Pisces because they are polar opposites

    • countal February 10th, 2018

      now thats scary. just met this really beautiful taurus and gash am i smitten. i’ll see how it goes keeping an open mind.

    • Jentifar March 2nd, 2018

      You’re entitled to your opinion but in my opinion, it seems like the perspective of one who can’t handle a good woman. I think this is the best type of Taurus women. These are the selfless ones who will never leave nor betray you. We’ll be without such charming exciting love which we thrive on from a Scorpio man in order to make sure the situation is right. Delayed gratification is the key to success. I can admit to being the way you described, but I ised to fall easily too and realized it doesn’t always mean you’re able or ready for a relationship with your crush. Scorpio guys are persistent anyway. Yet all that emotion, loving behavior, persistence is still often just bullshit. These men seem to be able to bear their emotions and try to have sex and dam near rape us and expect us to bear it all immediately yet they aren’t even worth it in the long run. One Scorpio guy needed me for citizenship. One was already married and was pursuing me all throughout his marriage. One had a girlfriend already but was so in love with me and showing up unannounced to my place and telling me he missed me at parties while his gf in the next room. Just conniving. They all swore up and down they loved me….How can that be? Because all that emotion is just insecurity. It’s the real root of evil. Acting on negative emotions is the real root of all evil. Just think Lucifer was jealous=negative emotion and what did he become? Evil. Taurus women know love is fleeting. Feelings are temporary. And extreme love can turn into extreme hate. Scott Peterson was a Scorpio and he killed his wife and was very cunning with women. I met a Scorpio man who acted just like him born on the same day Oct 24. Scott was with his wife for status and killed her for a Gemini. We may be emotionless at first but we have reasons. Most people don’t examine themselves before jumping into relationships- and it seems like Scorpio men feel so deserving of what they really don’t deserve. Y’all dont seem to truly care about anyone but yourselves. Fake caring is what I think of it. We’re just trying to spare yall and us from impeding disaster by being defensive. Scorpios will come into your life and ruin you with their recklessness. I think emotions and romance is just bullshit when expressed too early. Or we’ll wait for a man to back it up with tests, materials, in order to know he’s really serious. We don’t like dramas. We want a person who is spiritually mature and careful with our hearts not running on emotion. Some of these Scorpio guys looking for the mother in Taurus to coddle them because their gf is acting up. ijs no one wants to deal with all that mess if it can be avoid it. I dodge so many karmic with my attitude. I try to be methodical, based on rationality, and if a Taurus gets hunches we have to stick to them because they are usually right. I don’t fall for emotions without merit anymore and never will.

      • atp April 25th, 2018

        Jentifar, you seem in high demand, but by the wrong guys- dudes already in the relationship. if they dont like their current arrangement maybe they should end it first and become emotionally available before they are looking for the ship to jump. good luck yall stay positive and be happy

      • Jax August 13th, 2018

        Amen sister I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • atp April 24th, 2018

      bro, maybe you are just a bit emotional? maybe she just tries to help you, unwittingly?

  16. Amanda January 3rd, 2018

    I am falling for my childhood friend…the sex is great,he enjoys the conversations,food and social life we share together,but i cannot take the possessive,controlling and jealous behavior,I an East Indian and he is African..we are both independent working individuals,and yes i have the body of a model,I do not know if this is causing the problem,i however do not wish for a permanent relationship for now which he keeps singing in my ears.still thinking.

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