Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus man and Scorpio woman are opposite zodiac signs that are attracted to each other's strong personalities and willingness to commit.
  • Taurus man and Scorpio woman have a passionate and emotional sexual pairing.
  • A Scorpio woman can attract a Taurus man by being feminine, allowing him to take the lead, and admiring his courage and ambitious nature.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 173 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

The Taurus and Scorpio are opposite zodiac signs which attract each other very often. The interesting thing about opposite astrological signs is that they do share a common theme, helping them to see eye-to-eye from time to time. Both of them are attracted to the other’s strong personality and willingness to commit in the relationship.

The epitome of the strength, a Taurus man is very calm and collected human, who knows how to put all of his time and efforts and channelize them into one direction to produce incredible results. The majority of the time his emotions are predictable and moderate. The exception to this is when he has been pushed to the very edge of his limits, when he displays a surprisingly frightening temper or stubbornness. He always prefers his lady love to be feminine through and through, holding tightly onto traditional gender roles. Allowing him to take the lead makes him happier in the relationship.

The Scorpio woman has a glorious womanhood that comes off as sweet-natured, perhaps a bit quiet, and very intelligent, but there is much more going on under the surface. She is a truly complicated woman, and one of the most difficult types to understand. A mastermind of understanding the emotions and motivations of others, she is not readily willing to give up her own. It takes a special type of man to make her feel as though she can sincerely trust him. But during her courtship with the right person she is strongly loyal and fine woman with all qualities of head and heart.

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Since Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs of the zodiac, so it is inevitable that they both are magnetically drawn towards one another, especially the Taurus man feels dipping into the mysterious beauty of his Scorpio female. She has a taste and standard that he appreciates highly with such grace that is adorable to the depth of heart. She makes a very encouraging mate, who always admires the courage and ambitious nature of her Taurus male and even helps him to achieve his goals in all the possible ways. She is very loyal and dependable companion and so much more magnetic to get away. But this woman has got a strong desire to be the dominant one in the relationship; moreover she can actually be cruel if not handled with affection. For a Taurus man to have a Scorpio woman needs a lot of patience so that she can take her own time to surrender and also display of love and loyalty to keep her calm and intact.

As the Scorpio woman falls for the Taurus man, the result is powerful and soul-transforming. Both of them are seriously driven and can become obsessive about their love and relationship. He lovingly nurtures her and gives her a lot of care and devotion. He is always there beside her to protect and love her in all the ups and downs of life. He admires the intellect of his Scorpio woman and always supports her in career and also other aspects of life. But with him, she needs to remember that he is the man and she is the woman. In addition to this, they both have a tendency to get jealous and possessive of their lovers. However, his emotions are relatively simple while Scorpio woman’s is undeniably complex. When a fight flares up, he initially shows an impressive amount of patience with her, but has a difficult time understanding exactly what is going on inside of her.

When such a romantic and passionate couple falls for a stronger bond beyond love, which is actually unconditional and completely gratifying love, their togetherness becomes warmer and smoother. The Taurus man brings some rich humor to his Scorpio woman’s life making her eyes brighter and she brings heartwarming passion which makes him more lively and romantic. Their devotion towards each other lasts for a lifetime with the gift of some extra dimensions and colors of beautiful emotions and lighter and lively shades of romance. The flowers of their intense loyalty and empathy give greater rewards throughout their life and keep their promises burning high under their unwavering satisfaction.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman makes a passionate and emotional sexual pairing. For both of them sexual expression is no less than an act of worship to strengthen their relationship. When the Taurus man and Scorpio woman takes their first roll of love making together, there is no doubt regarding the most explosive fireworks bursting above the bed with a blend of eroticism and passion. She is closely associated with sex, and bestows the qualities of passion and mystery in their sexual union while he offers romance and sensuality to their oneness. To him, lovemaking is primarily earthy and physical, but to her it is spiritual and metaphysical. He wants to possess her as his lover, while she wants to possess his soul and get to extreme level of unison. As they both melt away in each others’, they make a very fulfilling love which enhances the passion of their relationship and strengthens their bond. The only problem which comes is that at times she may find him less passionate as she feels love to a greater depth but certainly he is a great provider for her.

The passionate paring of Taurus man and Scorpio woman has to face some unavoidable differences which can create a big problem in a long run. He likes to be the one in power within a relationship, but she is the one who is essentially the cleverer and more capable of getting things to go her way. This urge of being the dominant one in the relationship can lead to arguments and disagreements. If he does not sets off her temper by making her feel as though she is beneath him in any way, then she can simply satisfy his needs by allowing him to believe he is having his way while quietly exerting her influence from behind the scenes. She can also sometimes thrive off of drama, and he absolutely despises it, but if he is able to grow to understand her hidden emotions and have patience with her, she even learns to keep the peace for his sake. If they are able to overcome these obstacles, their committed personalities are likely find a lasting partner in one another.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility Rating

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  1. belliott February 5th, 2024

    Fellas all I’ve got to say is seeker beware. I’m a Taurus man and have been married to a scorpio woman for 28 years. Believe me it hasn’t been an easy journey. Don’t get me wrong, there are many positive sides to this union, like the powerful off the chart bedroom sessions and their undying loyalty, but I must warn men who are interested in a woman of this sign, they can be very jealous and insecure, secretive and moody at times for no reason. It’s like they always have to be reassured of your loyalty to them. Not that I don’t love my wife because if I didn’t our marriage wouldn’t have lasted this long. But I will say it take lots of patients to deal with a Scorpio woman. Also I don’t see how sign of Taurus is the only sign that carries the banner in having a stubborn reputation. Scorpios can be one of the most stubborn people. They can shut down on you, get quite and won’t budge no matter how much you try to change their minds. I know this all too well. I have a brother and an uncle that shares this sign along with my wife. But at the end of the day I love my Scorpio wife. Amazingly after all these years she still somehow continues to be a very sexy woman. I strongly believe Scorpio women are the most sexiest females in the zodiac. Another quality I love of hers is that she has the biggest heart when it comes to doing for me and others, family or non-family members. Well fellas I’ve given you my real life inside scoop on a woman bears this sign. I hope this helps.

  2. Liam July 21st, 2022

    Thank u Cece steel I’m glad I’m not alone on this and ya I agree it’s very annoying especially because the Taurus and sag are friends making just straight up awkward .

    • Monica September 6th, 2023

      I am a Scorpio women and I finally got my Taurus man , after 4 long years of waiting he was all I’ve ever dreamed about I’ve always wanted to be with him I just never said anything, its like my heart beats 1000 times per min when I’m with him I feel so blessed to wake up next to him when we argue we both just look at eachother and laugh because it’s so hard to be mad at someone you love deep down inside, I know we both have things we have to work on my struggle with him is my trust, I don’t 100% trust him sadly and I wish I did it’s just from past experiences that makes me feel this way Ive got caught snooping thru his stuff and been completely wrong about him talking to other ppl , I feel so bad lol but as time passes hopefully the trust gets stronger, I’m in love and loyalty and trust is everything to me, and our sex is amazing!!!!! I just wish he was a little more freakier and not shy he’s so cute I blush thinking about him, I already know what song I’m gonna walk down the aisle LOL before I met this man I never believed in marriage guys so fingers crossed I will be praying for our relationship I want to marry this man! Typing this while he’s knocked out beside me in bed Hahahaha lol good luck guys !!!! Keep good positive thoughts !!! And communicate don’t yell talk softly and open up about the issue!!! Tootles

  3. Liam July 21st, 2022

    Thank u Cece steel I’m glad I’m not alone on this and ya I agree it’s very annoying especially because the Taurus and sag are friends making just straight up awkward

  4. Liam July 13th, 2022

    Ok I’ve been reading these comments and I’m a little worried because I’m a Scorpio and a Taurus has a big crush on me but I like a Sagittarius and she knows it but I’m worried we won’t be friends anymore.

    • cece steel July 16th, 2022

      literally going thought the exact same thing. I’m a Scorpio and a taurus likes me but I love a sag ugh

  5. Ih2bjustwu June 8th, 2022

    I dated a Taurus man 20 years ago for 3 1/2 years and are still friends today. We don’t hangout like before but he has always been there for me. Now I’m currently started seeing a Taurus man and things 20 years ago I see in him… I actually texted my ex him his birthday and I knew it. Taurus. If things didn’t happen the way they happened 17 years ago we probably would still be together. That’s one thing I know they will support you if they love you. And I see that with the new guy…it’s reassuring in 2022.

  6. Mariel March 20th, 2022

    My husband is a Taurus (rat) and I am a Scorpio (sheep), we only dated for a year before we decided to tie the knot. I married him when I was 23 and he was 30, so far so good! Never hurt me emotionally or betrayed my trust (yet lol) but it doesn’t mean that we don’t argue or fight lol we do just like other normal couples too. We have differences yes, but one thing is for sure we both value trust and loyalty, he always makes me feel like I am the only one he needs and want and I can feel that everyday, in return I shower him with all the love, care, support and motivation he needs and deserve. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am beyod blessed and grateful for that. I am happily contented with my Taurus husband. We are going to celebrate our 8th year wedding anniv this year (December). So, for those who are dating Taurus man, goodluck! Hope you’ll find the true love and deep connection in them. 🙂

  7. Milian October 18th, 2021

    I am a scorpio woman and is currently dating a taurus man. We have been on and off since high school but for some reason we always find a way back to each other. I love him, but I am scared to be vulnerable with him sometimes because I am afraid to lose him. He’s been with me when I was at my lowest and I appreciate him for that. I want to show him more of me but I also what to see more from him. I believe it is true that taurus men show less passion in a relationship. I know he loves me too but I be giving him indecisive vibes so I think that why he doesn’t put his all into this relationship we have. No, I’m not indecisive about him but like I said before, I am scared to lose him and also hurt him. I pray that we can be in a committed relationship soon and hopefully start a family. I BELIEVE HE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

    • Elle March 1st, 2022

      OR….you could be like myself (Scorpio female) and my Taurus man – at age 12 years when I first saw him at high school
      – that was it & basically it has been “that” for the past 40 years (no joke)
      That??? What’s that? Only “dreaming” we were together ❤ now aged 50
      — I have from “our love affair” from 12 – 20 years – “never” officially together as he has his family/ life & I’ve had mine
      – so for the past 30 years
      As you know what it’s like at those ages 12 -20) with “love” – ????
      – anyway – note to the written of this: if he, the Taurus male, is truly your soul mate / twin flame
      – which it probably turns out to be lol
      – anyway for the past 30 years “I’ve had the pleasure of bringing up our (love child) (that’s another whole story in itself) near 31 year old Daughter…
      – when you think that’s it!!!
      – Then along comes more “love” from “our” Daughter who now has 3 of “my”/ (“our”) Grandchildren 🙊💕
      – that “you” “Taurus male” have now been miss out on
      – or????
      – anyway that’s where I’m at….
      P.S I’ve just spent 30 solid years in “the wrong relationship” for me…however I believe in family morals / values so “HAD” stuck it out….kind regards & I hope you both make the right decision/s (cause there will be many to make)

  8. Jay-R October 14th, 2021

    I’m a taurus man and I cannot resist my attraction to a scorpio lady that I have a crush in my college days. I am a shy person specially expressing affection eventhough she showed some interest for me. ‘Til this present time, 7 years ago I really regret to myself that I should have said to her what I feel. Now, I’m just a lonely man and never love again. Btw she found someone.

    • Peter October 15th, 2021

      Jay R

      That’s quite sad. But what’s meant to be should never be forced and if it was going to work out, it would have.

      One thing I’ve noticed about most woman in general is they’re fickle creatures. Regardless of what star sign they are. These days they’re inundated with requests from men and most are addicted to the attention and validation they receive from these pursuits.

      Nothing is meant to last and you’d rather be single then compete for a woman’s attention. I’ve never met one that’s worth it.

      Honestly, the universe has done you a huge favour. You’re where you’re meant to be.

      Best wishes.

    • Carrie October 15th, 2021

      What people don’t realise is that some Scorpio women are shy too. Yes, we get a lot of attention but not always in a respectful or positive way. If you are interested in a lady, take a chance and tell her how you feel. You have a 50% chance she feels the same way!

      The way a man approaches me tells me a lot about his character. I am very old fashioned in that I appreciate a man being a gentleman. I always respond politely whether it be positive or negative to a man’s advances. I have just met a Taurus man and his slow, methodical approach towards me is wonderful. I am hopeful we will together as a couple one day soon. Good luck to you, follow your heart 💜

    • Tamjam January 19th, 2022

      Hey Jay-R! It’s okay everything can be looked at as a learning experience 🙂 so don’t lose heart and don’t give up on love. There is someone for everyone out there, just believe in that.

    • Dre January 24th, 2022

      Nah man, (I am not aiming to tell you how to feel) but, do The best you can to not feel like you’ll never find somebody. I am a Taurus man, I’m currently married to a Scorpio woman but sometimes I have thoughts about life as a single person again (mostly due to lack of sexual happenings). So I feel like the above mentioned/companion description is pretty accurate.

      There’s always love out there man. You just have to start looking again. You may not be able to have the one you chose not to pursue. However I’m sure there’s another “one” out there that could offer the same amount of love if not more.

      Hope it helps,

      PS, enjoy your solitude. Sometimes having somebody in your life can become clouding.

    • Kevin May 6th, 2024

      Don’t mind her bro, you will get a better lady that will appreciate you more, you must know that you must never ever chase a woman its a Major turn off, even for me I will literally lose interest, so if they want to go then they should, and never accept her back if she comes back which they usually do, the one that genuinely loves you will never betray your love or trust, if you actually want to date a wonderful lady who is crazy about love and loyalty and friendly, fully submissive, lovie dovie, and addicted to your love forever then you should go for Pisces, believe me bro you will be forever happy with them without issues or arguments, just make sure you don’t take her for granted or always take advantage of her love and forgiving heart and make her always sad, she will forgive you that’s certain, but don’t just, they are too adorable and loving for you to, so I am on pieces for 7 yrs now and I just can’t leave her it’s hard because she makes sure I can’t by loving me 24/7, I have side chicks that are way beautiful than her, but they can never be compared to her or ever replace her never, because her heart is big and deep, so that’s it bro, looking for something perfect like a fairly tale then go for Pisces, I just met a Scorpio yesterday and I have already formatted her for loving and she’s down but to me she will be just side chick and nothing more because I know she will give me headaches like stubbornness, SoThe moment she tries to act jealous or gives me an headache I will instantly block and delete her contact as well her from my life, because by then I will have already had my fill with her and tired, and mainly because she’s not main but a side dish, so be strong bro.

  9. Mary October 3rd, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio woman. I dreamed of my high school classmate the other night. He was my boyfriend in my dream, haha. But in reality, we were not even close during high school. That was the first time I dreamed of him. He’s on my thoughts already. And I found out that he is a Taurus Man. I added him on Facebook but he isn’t responding yet.

  10. redhead August 7th, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio woman who met the most amazing and beautiful Taurus man on a dating app. We didn’t really talk much, strangely enough and just decided on a whim, to meet after missing each other a few times back-and-forth . As a Scorpio woman that has been with two other long-term relationships ( none that were Taurus though) I can’t believe how amazing and beautiful this union is. We can’t stand to be apart from each other. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I definitely want to take it slow but it’s so hard because we are so drawn to each other, both physically and mentally . I just want to make sure that this is the real deal because I’ve been hurt in the past, but honestly I already know that this is the real thing. I’ve been asking the universe for true love for almost a year now and I finally met my prince. I was sweeping my porch when he walked around the corner to meet me and it was instant – just instant beautiful true love. I’m just going with the beautiful flow, the universe has set up, because I can look in his eyes and I know, and he can look into mine, and he knows, and that’s enough for me. I must say this explosive and unexpected romance, has the most extraordinary & passionate energy, and I feel like I need to stop and pinch myself, because I just feel so blessed.
    After eight years of pain and suffering everything is falling into place, in the most beautiful and magical way! Thank you universe! thank you! thank you! – thank you!
    Good luck to all the Scorpio and Taurus relationships out there! I wish you magic and joyful love, all of your days..
    Oh and by the way, we haven’t even slept together yet.. lol [talk about love on fire 🔥]

    • Jaime Doyle August 16th, 2021

      I have recently entered into a relationship with a Taurus man and I am a Scorpio woman. I have to say that I can echo all of your sentiments. I am so grateful and I am still pinching myself. I was married to a Taurus previously and it was true love but we were too young and immature to know how work through our differences. Now I am ready and I have been blessed 🙏❤️

    • Shay September 8th, 2021

      I just met my taurus man on a dating app. Fingers crossed. I have so much pain and horrible situations in my past that its hard to believe in something good but i pray this is the God. Im thanking God and the universe he created in advance for this one thank you.

      • Dre January 24th, 2022

        Sorry to hear about your “past pain“. As a Taurus man, I will say that it’s really important that you as a person and a Scorpio woman, focus on healing/forgiving that past. I say that because my current union with my Scorpio woman has seen a lot of bad days over our past due to both of our unhealed pasts. So if you are still single, continue to focus on yourself & finding more ways to get established.

        Being established doesn’t always represent money, degrees or material things. I’m speaking to the focus on your spirituality and health. Hope this helps. ✊🏾

    • Kimberly October 12th, 2021

      I have a similar story with my Taurus man. Our relationship has been effortless. After reading this article I have to say ALL aspects hold true to us. Best of luck to you ❤️❤️❤️

    • Perry March 23rd, 2022

      I am currently dating a Taurus man, but he had stated he wanted to feel out our bond when I spoke about being in a relationship. Although I don’t like situation ships as a Scorpio woman this has been the most passionate bond I’ve had with a man and I’m insanely sexually attracted to him. I told him we can be friends or be in a relationship but I’m not sure I can resist. I also don’t know what he is waiting in order to get into a relationship. Any advice on how to go about this ?? Or should I just leave now ?

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