Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Scorpio and Capricorn are highly sexually and emotionally passionate with each other.
  • Scorpio woman needs to be more patient with Capricorn man to win his heart.
  • To keep the relationship fresh, both should learn to be more expressive.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 140 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

Scorpio and Capricorn easily mix with each other. Capricorn both fears and craves intimacy, and Scorpio is probably one of the few people to get close to them. Capricorn always finds Scorpio exciting and deeply intriguing, and Scorpio is sure to find Capricorn equally fascinating and even a challenge.

A Capricorn man is a very sovereign and committed person with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally he leads an ambitious life and pursues all the ambitions fiercely. Capricorn man keeps himself pretty much buried within him. He doesn’t speak out much, but when he does one can see his wit and wisdom pour out with his words. He is also very close to his family and others that he adores. Though at times he appears to be cold and detached, but it’s just one of his characteristic, while deep inside he is a loyal lover.

A Scorpio woman is a woman who is very controlled in keeping her emotions to herself. She is a magnetic personality with a magical and attractive aura that stands out everywhere. She is quite the independent creature and has a thirst of success and prosperity. Scorpio woman feels she needs a man who is stronger than she is to make her happy. The lover she chooses should be prepared to deal with her intense gaze from beautiful eyes. It is known to cause a spiraling effect on just about any man and intensifies his confidence when realization hits that she is indeed interested.

Both Capricorn man and Scorpio woman understand each other more than they let the other one think they do. She possibly knows him better than he knows himself. He may seem cold and stubborn on the surface, but she knows that deep down there is an ache that hurts just as much as anyone else when he needs to be loved. Since he is stubborn, it should probably be Scorpio woman who steps forward and tries to help things along. Capricorn male becomes even more stubborn and draws back further within himself at first, but over a bit of time and some gentle persuasion by Scorpio woman, he starts to unclench his fists and ease himself out of the intensity he buries himself into. Her constant reassurance to him is the key to keep the harmony and smoothness in their relationship.

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Similarly, it is not easy to get into the heart of a Scorpio woman, but Capricorn man’s brilliant smile and sparkling eyes do it almost every time. When she is her normal and happy self again, a mere smile is all her Capricorn man needs to know that she is okay. His protection over her intensifies with time as is his heart. He likes his alone time and has to compromise on this aspect if he is indeed in love with his Scorpio woman who is suspicious and can’t stand avoidance. If Capricorn man is to exercise such freedoms he needs to show her that she is indeed the only one in his life. He also gives her the freedom she deserves but is particular about home and family. There can be a few clashes on their mutual stubbornness but altogether they need each other and understand the value of their relationship.

True love is the majestic path walking on which, the Scorpio woman and Capricorn man realize the miracles of love and magic of oneness! As the Earth of Capricorn man gives space to the Water of his Scorpio woman, they enjoy the never ending blossoms of faith and unity all the way through their lives. With each passing day, the sensitivity of Capricorn man is enhanced by the passion of the Scorpio woman, while the reliability and wisdom of Capricorn man makes her more stable and secure. They both help each other to brighten up their spirits and make life more charming with their different and sophisticated ways of concern. The proficiency they share in their togetherness is far more firm and realistic with all the emotional values then compared to any other zodiac sign couple.

The sexual bond of Scorpio woman and Capricorn man is beautiful with sensuality, passion and purity flowing through their love making. Her innate ability to love in the most emotional way in giving as well as receiving deepens his ability to love her back freely and fully. He actually feels the feelings he has only dreams of. The many aspects of his lovemaking are heightened and his overall aura is calmed and soothed which, in turn, comforts his Scorpio woman into a bond that is reassuring and cozy. They are both very good at hiding their true selves and with Capricorn man’s lack of expression through mere conversation or within their intimacy, it tends to cause her to crave more. His lack of imagination and expression hinders their lovemaking and at times he begins to think she expects so much more from him than he thinks he can give. Communication is the key here. It helps them open up to each other more and allow them to freely expose more of themselves also. Control is a good thing in life until it comes to strengthening a sexual bond between two lovers. But where deeper expressions and verbal romance is needed, it creates hindrance and cause problems.

Some problems always creep in their relationship due to either their differences or some odd similarities. They both have the similar trait of possessiveness in each other when it comes to love and this sometimes creates trouble by hindering other person’s freedom. Capricorn man needs to stay close to home and this drives his Scorpio woman a little crazy in that she is very much the independent person and needs to move out. He needs to give her some freedom and she has to constantly let him know that he is the only man in her life. Also, they both have to learn to communicate with each other, open up more toward each other and this increases their ability to love one another. When things tend to get too stale in their relationship, the best thing they can do is change something in their lives like going on a trip or changing interior of their home to keep the freshness in their love.

Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility Rating

Relationship Feedback: Good
Ask Oracle Rating: Satisfactory
Relationship feedback is based on the evaluation of experience reports and self-assessments submitted in the comments.
  1. Sam March 21st, 2023

    I’ma Capricorn man looking for my Scorpio womam

    • Angie October 29th, 2023

      Haha Capricorn man found his scorpion woman…hes in another country. I have never been with a Cap man, he definitely keeps me interested. I love how he is driven and is not suffocating and does me to do my own thing. He can have me for life lol. He’s also not clingy, amazing!

  2. Babs September 3rd, 2021

    This article is pretty spot-on. I look forward to a life-long journey of love with my hotter than the sun Capricorn man.

  3. Sam July 4th, 2021

    I love my AMAZINGLY SEXY Capricorn man so much.
    Me being a Scorpio obviously I’m a lil paranoid sum times as ive been lied to by him about seeing his ex behind my back and other things but how can I get him to atleast make me feel wanted loved or even pretty he says he loves me and rarely says I’m beautiful but I don’t feel that WHY WHY WHY PLEASE I NEED URGENT ADVICE HELP AND SUPPORT

    • Queen August 3rd, 2021

      Something like that can’t be forced. Capricorns are attracted to fierce, sexy, independent women and as a Scorpio it comes easy to us. Focus on you and don’t wait on him hand in foot.

      • Kiwi:) January 6th, 2022

        im not in a relationship with my capricorn man, we are just fun buddies lol, but I feel like we both are catching feelings but then i hear abt another girl hes talking to and i wonder if he does like me, he says he does but does he? he tells me he doesnt want a relationship, but yet still talks to other girls

      • Babs January 6th, 2022

        My Cap boyfriend and I started out as just meeting for fun since we had both recently got out of difficult relationships. After about five months, even though we were seeing other people as we had talked about, I knew I wanted to see him exclusively.

        I finally mustered up the courage to ask him after he bought me a set of drums cause I told him I had been wanting to learn since I was a kid. We have been seeing each other for almost a year and a half now.

        Basically, you should just talk to him about your feelings and needs. If he’s into it like you think he is, then you’ll be happy that you did.

    • ASIT KUMAR Dhir August 8th, 2021

      Really I really love a Scorpio but she never shows her cards

    • MC May 28th, 2022

      Look here ! LEAVE HIM ! Don’t waste anymore time on it ! Start over ! You need a man who will do it ! Don’t lose yourself due to this !

    • Tia June 22nd, 2022

      Hope things got better, most capricorn men are very expressive

    • R October 16th, 2022

      I’ve been married to the same Capricorn man for more than 20 yrs and I know his previous history with other women was less than stellar because he wasn’t as into them as they were into him. Basically if he’s not really into you, then he will not not be telling you sweet nothings all the time. They aren’t big on talking, so if they do tell or show you often that they find you very hot, beautiful, cute, sexy, whatever.. if they can’t keep their hands off you, then you know that Capricorn is serious about you. If you don’t feel this Cappy man of yours is that keen on you, then reclaim your Scorpio power, stand tall and walk away. Don’t beg. Be proud of who you are, and find another man (Capricorn or not) who will be more into you. Compatibility is not just based on sun signs. Learn to do synastry charts and you will understand why one Capricorn might be better for you than another. All the best.

    • Angie October 28th, 2023

      Simply let him go. If he comes back then he’s yours but why would you want him after him seeing an ex behind your back?

  4. Emma November 24th, 2019

    I love my Capricorn man! His moon is in Scorpio so we have a deep bond that just can’t be broken. He can sometimes be a a bit passive aggressive though. I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

    • Aj March 2nd, 2020

      What if both venuses are in Scorpio I know Venus is your love language could that work

      • Aneesh May 6th, 2021

        How can I know my scorpion friend.loves me or not

  5. ash May 5th, 2019

    looking forward my Capricorn love—-

  6. M83 June 18th, 2018

    He maybe nog into handcuffs or outdoor sex but but he’s so good in lovemaking! He get’s better of time and every time it’s passionate and with love! A Scorpio isn’t about a lot of sex positions but loves to make love well and he delivers!!!! You maybe have to introduce some stuff but he wants it to be great for you and isn’t afraid to explore it fully!!! And expect you to be passionate to or he thinks something is wrong. He wants it to be great for you! He loves doing it not so much talking about it. But trust me he’s a perfect match!!!

  7. M83 June 18th, 2018

    I’m with my capricorn boyfriend for over 13 years now. It was love at first sight. I came through his tough exterior by being spontanous and asking about what I heard he did (dj) and start asking questions. He fell for my kindness and found me sweet. All my friends were after him because he was so handsome and an impressive person, this was war between us but He only at eyes for me. The conversations came naturally. He didn’t kiss me the first times because he knew I didn’t smoke and didn’t have a mint so he waited. The first time came after a long night of talking in a club at the bar with friends. It took a long time because we were both afraid. When it happened he mistook my lean for a lean in and kiss. All people clapped, because they saw our love. He makes passionate love! A real match! He wants it to be perfect and even over 13 years he gets eveb better and keeps trying to improve! But he’s not into freaky stuff like handcuffs or outdoor sex, so don’t bother! He is very loyall when he found his match! You have to got a brain he can connect with and a good hart or he doesn’t trust nor respect you. He can appear closed off sometimes but you got to draw him out and tell him you wished things to be different. He will try. He is slow and if you have a good relationship with communication he will keep trying to improve himself in small steps. Little by little he tries to become a better him and a better person in general. It all takes time with him and you have to remind him all the time. He loves positive reinforcement! Don’t be negative all the time. He’s very loyall and even more over time. He always helps me in tough times and works hard when needed. He can be lazy and sloppy at home but still this improves over time. If he loves you he will try to better himself. He’s intelligent and loves talking about everything with you. You have to listen a lot and do not stiffle him! Or he get’s upset. He wants to talk and you to listen. He wants his thoughts to get out. Try him to get to follow his dreams and he will love you for it. Mine would be a perfect writer, journalist, lawyer and had a talent for economy. He’s is highly intelligent. He just wants to connect with his love on an intellectual level, make passionate love with her and have extreme kindness that he can trust. He can be emotionally tricky. Making you crazy angry when he’s irritated or deal with your sadness with only reason. Always keep talking about what bothers you Scorpio. He wants to better himself, it takes time. He will try to connect with you and loves to make you laugh. If you have the same humor you’re golden! He’s very sweet and has never said the worst things to me. He never made feel ugly, ever!!! He tries to keep me safe. You know you will never be this save and loved ever again.

    • Fargo November 6th, 2018

      You are lucky for meeting one of us

    • Sam September 15th, 2021

      wow i am cap man and you literally nailed it!

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