Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer man and Scorpio woman share a strong bond of passion and compassion.
  • They have excellent physical chemistry and enjoy a wholesome relationship.
  • The Scorpio woman can attract the Cancer man with her dazzling personality and charming persona.
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Since both the Cancer and Scorpio are Water signs, they blend well with each other and pair up easily. Both the Cancer and the Scorpio takes commitment seriously, and none of them is frivolous with their romantic feelings and expressions. They both create a strong bond of unlimited passion and compassion.

A Cancer man is very courteous and considerate man with sharp intellect and overwhelming sense of humor. He has the great ability to laugh at things that irk him and he can even laugh at himself showing the ease of his nature. Though his pessimism is depressing but usually he is alert enough to avoid such situations. He has a cautious nature and he tends to think rationally before doing anything. He always proves to be a lot of fun as a lover. He has a streaking sophistication that deeply impresses a Scorpio woman. He is definitely good at earning and saving money but hates wastefulness.

A Scorpio woman is a completely confident woman with magnetic attraction in her personality. She is all woman with seducing beauty and enough glamor to make the heads turn for her. The faith and passion for love comes naturally to her. When in a relationship with Cancer man, she provides a lot of affection both emotionally and physically to make him feel secure. She is a possessive lover and jealousy may arise when she finds other girls around her lover and may even get suspicious at small things.

A Scorpio woman easily attracts a Cancer man with her dazzling personality and charming persona. She is a strong woman with a fragile heart that loves her Cancer male with complete devotion and loyalty. She is an intense lover who makes him feel secure as for the first time he gets a mate who is more devoted and possessive then he himself. She helps him to flourish a career and herself also stand as a woman of substance with a career to be envied. She wonderfully esteems the protective and witty nature of him but her sense of self-importance makes her to dislike jokes aimed towards her. At times she can be viciously suspicious and her fury can give some unforgettable bruises to the sensitive Cancer heart. However, she is generally a very warm lady with generous attitude and passionate display of love.

A Cancer man is one person who can protect the Scorpio woman without making her feel dominated. He has a sensitive nature and makes her a part of his own sensitivity with lots of pampering. He is a faithful lover who always backs his Scorpio female to support her in all ups and downs of life. He always makes his lady love smile and feel assured with his sophisticated sense of humor and dedicated love that he showers on her compassionately. He easily forgives her even when she behaves in a rude way but displays his anxiety if he gets to know that she is hiding something from him. As calm and lovable Cancer male is, he can be sometimes very moody and insecure giving hitches to the Scorpio woman who gets confused on such responses of her man.

As these two Water signs fall for each other, they make a perfect relationship. This couple is tremendously loyal to each other and with increasing confidence in the relationship; their secrecy element dissolves away making them closely attached emotionally, mentally and physically in a complete unison! Together they are likely to have a fabulous relationship along with a flourishing career. The Cancer man makes his charming lady smile with his sense of divine comedy while the Scorpio woman makes her gentleman feel more loved with her immense devotion. As the love between this couple intensifies, they plunge in a never ending stream of affection to be lost forever. Their love becomes warmer than sunshine and cooler than sprinkle to give them a blissful pleasure of oneness. With each passing day their differences melt away making them one soul dwelling in two bodies!

Both, the Cancer man and Scorpio woman enjoy an excellent physical relationship with a great amalgam of Water from cool to warm to hot! The chemistry shared by them can be attributed to the harmony that prevails in the relationship. Once he becomes confident in a relationship, he strongly displays his wildly fervent side. The Cancer man and Scorpio woman can infuse their emotional sides in the physical relationship, and it helps them to have a wholesome relationship where the partners do not compartmentalize sex and emotions separately. He provides strong compassion and she gives thrilling passion to their love- making. Since they are very emotionally attached to each other even during the process of lovemaking, they can experience the joys of a physical relationship with great emotional attachment and sentimental involvement that very few couples can experience. This explains the powerful initial attraction between the two lovers, their pain when separated and their abundant opportunities for reconciliation after a quarrel. At times the sizzling Scorpio woman can take the help of sex in order to manipulate her Cancer man. Sometimes he won’t mind it, but whenever he senses an attack at his basic rights, he would more fiercely repel the tricks played by her.

Though basically the relationship of the cancer man and Scorpio woman is full of love and passion but both of them find it difficult to follow the lead of the other partner and it causes some amount of problem. Both of them nurture secrets well but they both are uncomfortable if their partner hides something from them. He is not as intense as her and this can cause some fissure in the association. The willingness of the Scorpio female to take risks and enter into unknown situations is considered foolish by Cancer male while she finds him less courageous. He may also find her very suspicious while she may find her moody and cold at times. But these problems can be worked out once they both decide to be together because both are strongly determined people with a lot of respect for true love and sincere devotion.

  1. ..... June 20th, 2018

    My girls are home, but my baby is very depressed. I didn’t realize all of these kids still kept in contact with each other after high school. I hope she gets out of bed today and eat something. This kid has grown up so fast, I can’t believe she is 20 yrs old.😢😢

  2. ...... June 19th, 2018

    Last night when I got a text from my daughter saying that one of her old classmates had died I would have never thought in a million years, that she would be talking about you. My heart goes out to your family, I know that they’re just as shocked as the rest of us. The media is always talking about the bad, but never the good. Life is too short for “senseless” gun violence.
    Rest in peace Jahseh!😢

  3. 🤭 June 16th, 2018

    Have you ever had a woman to want you to know that a man was still talking and flirting with her when you’re not around? Why is this air head “talking” out loud so I can hear her? She should know by now that I really dnt give a rats ass about her. If I have been flirting, texting, & talking to a man for 2 1/2 years and have never met his family, or friends..That would have told me something🤡

  4. The End May 22nd, 2018

    The Scorpio woman has 7 more months and The cancer man will never see her again. He could never see my worth do to other women feeding him a bunch of bullshit about me. I wish him all the best with his endeavors.😉

  5. 😇 May 22nd, 2018

    As he pulled away from me, I continued my journey!! God is great,💯😜😊

  6. 🤔 May 21st, 2018

    Today is a very beautiful day and I feel extremely happy. I feel like staying in bed all day and doing absolutely nothing. Its obvious the Cancer man wants something from the Scorpio woman, but I honestly don’t have a clue. This man has everything, so what can I possibly give him that he doesn’t have?

  7. Excited May 16th, 2018

    My journey is all most complete and I’m very excited! My new school just finalize my transcripts and my overall GPA is a 3.43.😊I can’t believe how much I have accomplished. Hopefully, I can get the rest of my paper work in by the due date. I can’t believe this is finally happening. So many of my friends have failed out of the program and my heart goes out to them. I might not work once I get accepted into my program. I don’t have to pay for my program and I’m not going to mess up my GPA by working. I’m going to miss all of the nice people at work, but God has other plans for me.😘

  8. .... May 11th, 2018

    This has been one hell of a semester, but I passed with a 3.53 GPA. This has been one hell of a journey, but the Scorpio woman has proven to be an exceptional student. I finished all of my pre-reqs with a 3.47 GPA and all of my general course work with a 3.10 GPA. I’ll be starting a new school this fall and hopefully I can get into the August program. I went to orientation last Wednesday and I have never seen so many people in my life. 300 ppl fighting for 100 seats. I have to get all of my paperwork in by June 5 and transfer everything by this due date. This should be very interesting!!🤔😇

  9. Smart May 6th, 2018

    On my way to this camera infested job. Some manager told a superior worker that they put cameras in the managers office to see what everyone is doing. Well if you ask me, I think its petty and immature. Spying on your employees from home is so unethical. This is the most unprofessional job I have ever had in my entire life. One of those stupid ratchet ass women in there scratched up my car. I don’t know why this man turned down a chance to leave that ratchet ass place. I can’t wait to get the hell out of there!!!😱

    • Very smart January 4th, 2022

      You call yourself smart? Saying that having cameras in a work place is illegal? Woooooow

  10. 😱 April 7th, 2018

    The Scorpio woman is a very happy woman. I told the school what my job did to me and they thought it was unethical. The lovely ladies at school helped me get a scholarship to pay for my program. it feels great to be liked and loved. I have been busting my butt for the past 3 years to get to this point. All of the late nights and early mornings studying has finally paid off. The Scorpio woman will finally have a love life and a sex life after all of this is over. God has been great to me! I am so happy!!!! 😛😜👅🦂

  11. 💯 April 3rd, 2018

    Tonight is a very beautiful night despite the Cancer man trying to piss me off. Those ladies are liars and their day is coming. When you dig a ditch, you dig one for yourself and one for the person who you are trying to fuck over! I feel sorry for him because he just set our people back another 100 years. Our own people are killing us and condemning us for no apparent reason.
    When my grandparents came to the U.S. in the 1950’s, they came so we could have a better life. Not for me to be walked on and talked about by my own people. He can take my money, but he will never take my self respect. When I got home tonight, I took the knife out of my back and I threw it in the garbage. 😳

  12. 😎 April 2nd, 2018

    Today is a very beautiful day! My beauty queens are still sleeping. The Cancer man and Scorpio woman made some awesome kids. My girls have a lot of their father Cancer traits in their genes. Even though neither one of them is a cancer. I love my family! 😘💯

  13. 👽 April 1st, 2018

    Today is a great day! My girls are home. I’m so happy! Too bad I have to work tomorrow, those mean people didn’t approve any of my vacation time. My girls can’t believe they screwed me over on my eval and denied all of my time off. I told them that the overnight manager was by my work area this morning with the groupies talking about their evals. All of them apparently got exceed expectations including him. He just wanted me to hear that he had gotten an exceeds. Fuck that clown ass nigga!🤡 🙄
    My girls don’t like what my boss did to me. All he has done is let a bunch of two face as women come between our relationship. I hope they’re all happy now, they have gotten what they wanted.

  14. Sick of all the Bullshit March 27th, 2018

    I don’t know why some bitch who work up front keep telling people she got dirt on him? Telling people what to say to him if he get in there face. See this is another reason I’m getting the fuck out of there. This man don’t behave in a professional manner, he flirts, texts, and talk to everybody. Do he have any kind of self-respect? If I was a man I would tell them HOES to go talk to the little boys in the back room because they are not on my level. Who in their right mind would be talking to those trashy ass women in there? All they do is go tell their biz like little ass girls. He need to tell them HOES to get lost and stop spreading rumors to other men and leave him the fuck alone!

  15. Sick of all the Bullshit March 27th, 2018

    The Cancer man wants to date, but I’m not ready for all of that. This semester is crazy and I’m trying to get into my program this year. I feel so bad, but I’ll be worth the wait. I have to stay focus so I can get the fuck out of that place. I have never worked with so many unprofessional people a day in my life. When I get married I’m never going to let my husband work in an environment like that. All that unnecessary bullshit just kills the great mood you’re in. Once I get in my program, I’m done with that stupid shit. Who can concentrate in a place like that????

  16. Moving On... March 24th, 2018

    After a fucked up day…..The Scorpio woman is going out tonight. I met someone and I’m finally going to give him a chance. Yes, its a Cancer man and we don’t argue or fight. The Cancer man is right…I have to stop letting people with no life get me all worked up. My boss wasn’t there today, but when I see him I’m going to let him know that I’m stepping down and I want to relocate to a different facility as soon as possible. Since they know so much about my job…They can have it because I no longer give a rats ass about it!

  17. 😛 🌴 March 22nd, 2018

    Today is a very beautiful day. I’m happy and content with my life.
    Yesterday the feds raised rates, but that doesn’t effect me. I have a 3% fixed interest rate, so the fed can do what floats their boats.🍷

  18. 🙀 March 21st, 2018

    Kisa ou vle? You’re not ready for none of this 👅.

  19. Content March 6th, 2018

    Anyways, I got to see you and it felt great! You can say what you want about me, but deep down I really do respect you. I still consider you as family despite how fucked up your actions and reactions be towards me. I don’t like arguing with u it upsets me.

  20. 😱 March 6th, 2018

    I have some noisy ass women at work that’s always minding my biz. Yeah, they are noisy…so loud that other people can here them. If you are going to be talking about something…… should be talking in a low voice…Noisy ass women who makes a lot of noise don’t care about that..Why? Their boss believes everything that their noisy ass says. Did you sign your papers? Yeah, I sign my paper and I sign the other one for 80.00 too. Let’s not forget about the other noisy one that’s always minding my biz. She goes back and tell everything..nothing is confidential!!!

  21. .... March 6th, 2018

    Oh, I almost forgot about the noisy bitch. She sure got an ear full today. Did she tell you how I was in there writing down names and numbers? Yeah, she was minding my biz as usual, not knowing I was just doing all of that so she could go back and tell you. Yeah everyone has warned me about her. Do she always do whatever you say? What was that? She be all up yo ass, I know… 🙄 😏🤪

  22. 👅 March 6th, 2018

    You have so much faith in those lying ass ladies in there. The clown who you want to do my eval was asking your groupies did they sign their eval and the other paper on Fri. Your groupies were asking each other what they had got out loud. That’s how I knew about the 4% from them. You owe me an apology. I will never understand you. You love those women in there more than you love your job. You think they are so trust worthy…If I were you, I would put all of my trust and faith in God. I may be set in my ways, but I’ll never call home office on you hot mess!

  23. .... March 6th, 2018

    Why do you always act like that? We can’t even hold a convo not unless you’re getting all hyped up. Those two clowns u had doing my paper work told me that I was getting back pay from a year ago and couldn’t explain why…So I told them I was going to call home office to find out and they said ok. The paper clearly said why I was getting it, but they kept saying it was from a year ago. I never called anyone on you and the lady who I talked to don’t know even know you. I was only telling you to call the lady since you thought that I had called someone on you. The lady told me to tell you to call field compensation just in case those two had messed up the pay on my paper work. You would have known all of that if you would have just listened to what I had to say.😡

  24. Ms. Happy March 5th, 2018

    The nice people told me it was a pay increase for everyone and the not so nice people didn’t give me an increase. They told me that lying is an ethics issue and they I hope I wasn’t lied too.👀 🤔 🤭

  25. Ms. Happy March 5th, 2018

    I just got off the phone from with the nicest people. The people in Arkansas is extremely nice and they were very helpful. 😊

  26. 😱 March 3rd, 2018

    Apparently I didn’t get a raise for all of the hard work that I do. My peers told me that’s fucked up knowing they all got a raise ranging from 2% to 4%. I was told everyone don’t get a raise when people who make way more that me got a raise. Everyone told me what they had last week and this week. It’s all good, they can do what they feel. 😎

  27. Ms. Happy March 3rd, 2018

    Apparently I didn’t get a raise for all of the hard work that I do. My peers told me that’s fucked up knowing they all got a raise ranging from 2% to 4%. I was told everyone don’t get a raise when people who make way more that me got a raise. Everyone told me what they had last week and this week. It’s all good, they can do what they feel. 😎

  28. Total Package February 12th, 2018

    You can stop avoiding me, I’m no longer interested in you. Your behavior towards me is a huge turn off. Take care of yourself.😘

  29. Total Package February 8th, 2018

    He put his tongue in my pussy and his dick up my ass👅

  30. Business before Pleasure February 8th, 2018

    why did you say that? if you’re going to say things about yourself, don’t involve me in it. i would never tell someone anything to hurt their feelings. i don’t have a problem with you drinking, just know your limitations on certain substances. too much of anything is bad for anyone. stressed? do i look like i’m stressed to you? have you lost you damn mind? you’re the one who is stressed. i don’t know why you be letting that job stress you? as long as i am breathing, you will always have a roof over your head. you worry too much. focus on the business and put those lazy ass women to work, and you will be fine. think positive! 😎 🥂

  31. Bite Me February 8th, 2018

    anal sex, oral sex, or both. he loves fucking me up the ass..

  32. ....... February 8th, 2018

    cancer man and scorpio woman 🤰🏽

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