Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio have smooth and easy connection in all the relations they share with each other. They have similar kind of needs and possessiveness towards the bonds they share and hence make stable and reliable relations. Though sometimes Cancer can be moody and Scorpio can be cold and unresponsive. But for the most part they play well in all forms and are comfortable with each other.

Cancer are very polite and thoughtful individuals with sharp intellect and irresistible sense of humor. They are certainly decent at making and saving money but dislike lavishness. They have the great ability to laugh at things that annoy them and they can even laugh at themselves showing the ease of their nature. Though their cynicism is disheartening but usually they are vigilant enough to avoid such situations. Cancer people have a cautious nature and they tend to think rationally before doing anything. Cancer also tends to retain the memories of their past and feel quite attached to them. As a friend or lover a Cancer can be a lot of fun to be with. They have a streaking sophistication that deeply impresses anyone together with their enduring nature filled with lots of compassion.

Scorpio are magnetically invincible people who are impossible to avoid. They are known for their willpower and most of the times they end up fulfilling all their dreams. They take the plunge only when the right opportunity knocks at their door and patience is accounted as their best strategy which they apply in their professional life. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpio lay their subtle tactics to enhance their professional and personal life. They are calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows about the passion beneath their surface. It is usually a burning passion to achieve their goals or to get something they desire desperately. They love luxury and comforts immensely. Their suspicions are a big part of them as are their expectations.

The Cancer and Scorpio are bound to feel attracted towards each other. They can easily create any kind of harmonious relationship almost effortlessly. The Cancer and Scorpio have a great time together because of their sensitive nature and matured attitude. When they are together, they might feel like children who have the freedom to follow their heart and retain their innocence at the same time. Through various mediums of creativity the relationships shared by these two flourishes. They can understand each other’s feelings when they are not explicitly expressed. They share similar kind of qualities and shortcomings. Their follies are easily detected by the other partner because they might possess the same qualities themselves or just because they know their partner too well. These two share a lot of empathy through which they show their support for each other. The gentle nature of Scorpio influences Cancer to instill their faith on them.

Cancer hardly tries to seek revenge for their bruised ego unlike the Scorpio who never let go of a good opportunity through which they can teach a lesson to those people who have hurt them. But the Cancer always holds a grudge against the person who has hurt them and is least likely to take any kind of action. Most of the clashes that occur in a Scorpion’s life are due to matters related to money and in case of the Cancer the clashes are due to the possibility of losing their hard earned money. They together provide each other with sufficient security. There are times when the Scorpio might not respond well to the gestures of the Cancer, which hurt them immensely. These are some of the problems that are bound to transpire in their relationship but can be amicably sorted out by both of them. If any misunderstanding develops between them then it can be easily pacified as both of them forgive each other after sometime.

Cancer and Scorpio have beautiful relations to be cherished throughout their lives. When they are friends, sibling or colleagues, they are most supportive and appreciating partners who always stand in all thick and thin with each other. Also as relatives they usually share a close bond and are ready to help each other in all possible ways. A business venture with Cancer and Scorpio together is usually a success which comes from their analytical and financial skills in common. Marriage and love relations usually prove to be a great success when Cancer and Scorpio are involved together and even more when man is Scorpio and woman is Cancer. Parenthood and childhood both have cherishing memories and great experiences for Scorpio and Cancer and they enjoy it completely.

A few problems can pop up the bonds shared by Cancer and Scorpio as they both are possessive and like to have an upper hand in any relation to get maximum attention of each other, which is not always possible. Insecurities of Cancer can disturb their moods which can irritate Scorpio. While suspicious nature of Scorpio can hurt the sensitive and loyal Cancer people to deeper depths. They need to be slow and easy with each other and since both of them are so comfortable with each other that they do not hesitate to share their shortcomings, they can in most of the cases come up with a nice solution. They might also end up sharing secrets, which they never even think of sharing it with anybody and hence can create great bond in long terms.

  1. Anon August 23rd, 2020

    I have a Scorpio friend I’ve known since middle school and I just can’t get away from him and he has the same issue with me. We aren’t looking for a relationship together however when we are together it’s the best time I’ve had with anyone. I feel so free and non judged by him. He already knows the worst parts about my life and still accepts me for who I use to be and who I am now because he himself knows he’s not perfect. He wants me to come live with him as his roommate and I just keep getting pulled in that direction of course I have fears because it’s in another state but I trust him fully. Btw I am a Cancer female.

    • K.R October 22nd, 2020

      Hi, I’m a Cancer young woman myself also and your comment/story is heartwarming and since you have a Scorpio friend, I just wanted to ask, did you ever got in a fight (not physically) with him and separated from each other for a little bit before because I’m literally in that state with a friend (female) who’s a Scorpio as well. And if you did how did y’all start talking as friends again afterwards.

  2. Ravi January 13th, 2020

    Cancers and scorpio’s should live together!

  3. ENOCH November 17th, 2018

    Cancer won’t lose the people they love the most no matter what; we love and protect those people with good and pure intention Not Scorpios the source of all malice on earth. Resentful heart is not our type. CANCER HAS THE HEART OF RUBY, so they will realize they are not worthy of our heart. As a cancer, time has come for us to say goodbye to Scorpio from our life forever and for always.

    My message to all Scorpio women in this article——- just like you always do go to your Pisces man and seek shelter in his Artificial Dreamy World, it will get easier for you there, because cancer has no place in his heart for any Scorpio crap.

    • Shaunda November 30th, 2018

      Hi Enoch! It sounds like you had a very bad run with a Scorpio! I’m sorry to hear that. I think she was possibly too immature and therefore took your love for granted. Being a Scorpio woman who is FINALLY embarking on a new journey with a Cancer man that I’ve known for over 16 years, I understand how and who you guys are. My Cancer and I have a seamless connection that is unlike anything I have EVER experienced!! Not to mention, the bedroom action is FIRE!! We both married other people (his 2nd marriage, my 1st) and had ZERO contact while in these relationships. He’s now divorced (for 6 yrs as of 2018) and I’m in the beginning stage of my divorce. We reconnected after 7 yrs of ZERO communication and the feelings stirred up all over again. He told me that he made a mistake of marrying someone else, which in turn allowed me to marry an unworthy Taurus! He then said that I’m not getting away from him ever again and, personally I don’t want to!
      But see you are right about Cancers (especially the men) not wanting to lose those they love. I’ll admit, this does not sit well with me, certainly if this person was a former love interest. I guess I don’t understand that part because I love one at a time and when the relationship is over, it’s over. No matter what though, as a real woman I appreciate the gentle, passionate nature of my Cancer male…
      Perhaps you can try dating a Taurus (this combination didn’t work out for me as a Scorpio), Pisces, or even another Scorpio woman. No matter what Enoch, go forward and be the absolute BEST man you can and know to be. Remember, you will be treated the way you treat others. So if you want to get the best from a truly COMPATIBLE woman, you have to give her YOUR best… Love you and be blessed!

      • enoch March 8th, 2019


        Thank u for your comments, and I also read your experience, i just wanted to to say something if i am not bothering.

        Well, in your case the only way that makes your relationship with cancer man work is the maturity, past friendship and both of u have been hurt in past relationships. Not because U have seamless connection innate understanding or love, if it is it would have happened already while you both have been Friends but it didn’t happen for some reason i suppose.

        Actually Scorpios are not designed to sustain a relationship, their dark nature, the pride and her need to experiment and explore forbidden contents wont allow her to express her deep and true love for others. So it all depend on their partners ability to deal with them. There are two signs who can sustain a relationship with them for long, Virgo and cancer. Don’t take it the wrong way its just my opinion to be honest.

        Scorpio woman perform at her best when she is completely happy and worry free and there is no greatest happiness for a female Scorpio more than staying in a loving and highly secured relationship. But in order to get there she has to sacrifices many things and she also has to kiss a lot of frogs.

        So if u are desperate and totally serious this time to make amend and renew the relationship with him then take your time and arrange a beautiful place.Take him far away from everything else just u and him talk about what happened and what was wrong between u too in clear common mind without resentment, critics and mind games. spend and enjoy quality time there before the new beginning he will appreciate u for doing this.

        Let me tell you, if he wants to get back to his past relationship he definitely can and u can not stop him. That means he choose to stay with u because he wants to willingly not because he must the same applies to u too. so only maturity, past friendship and personal relationship failure can tie you u both because love itself can not sustain a relationship between Scorpio woman and cancer man.

        In all my observation i found out almost all Scorpio woman has a bad i mean a really bad habit of criticizing and disrespecting cancerian ability and gracious attitude toward them. Even most Scorpio woman thinks that cancer woman are worthless in their eye. I don’t know where that hate and negativity comes from may be those Scorpios are hurt in the past. I hope u don’t do that with him because if he test u and finds out he will leave u in a heart beat no matter what the circumstance.

        Scorpio sees cancer tender side as a weakness. why ? because he don’t challenge her in everything like she wanted. All a cancerian want to do is to comfort and make their partner happy. It will take a long time for a Scorpio woman to completely realize, trust and appreciate his genuine feelings for her. when i said a long time, i mean exactly that.

        You know u both can be lucky at last to have each other and to accept each other wholeheartedly, because if u ask me i wont forge any broken relationship or friendship with a Scorpio or anyone. once broke it stays there permanently. but that’s me only me. I can not really say about his former love interest I think he can be on and off with his former love interest. There must be a mutual benefit in a sense that there must be something between them as u have something with your former Taurus husband, something that neither bond nor separate them, i hope u know what i mean by that. If it is then that’s it nothing more. u know cancer is a family man, he appreciate everything that become part of his family. You have to encourage him, u are a Scorpio use your power and energy to burn whats nagging him, but seriously u have to tell him whats going on and whats bothering u in order to avoid any doubts and confusion once and for all. you can not live in doubt dear.

        You know “Scorpio is a pure and active energy source”, the energy that drives motivation,ambition and courage within our self. I used it effectively to burn my depression that trouble me for so long. i was in a beautiful friendship with a Scorpio woman before, i was so good to her because i know exactly what she wanted to hear from me which makes her very happy emotionally, so in return there is one question that i remember she used to ask me every time “what do u want , tell me what you need from me ?” sometimes i cried when she say that because she touch’s my heart with those words and i always say “i want you to be strong for me.” she said “i am stronger more than ever” then i say “will see”

        Dear shauda, there is one basic question u have to ask your self every time when forging a relationship like this.
        “do you really want this relationship to work?”


        thanks again for your feedback.

    • Skorpio male July 9th, 2019

      Says the one who obviously can’t get over a scorpio seeing through your BS and not giving you a second thought. Yet he’s on your mind 24/7

  4. Poo March 3rd, 2018

    Hey dont waste ur beautiful life for such shitty man…

  5. August 4th, 2017

    Idk what i like this dude cancer right but im scrocrpro what should i do.

  6. Scorpio_az.adi June 28th, 2017

    I am a scorpio woman who is in love with a cancer man… at first we were just acquaintances for more than 6 months… later he told me he liked my friend… at that time i did not have any kind of feelings for him…i wanted to help him to get together with her(my friend) at that time one of my other friends and his friends were in love… he had givem me his number..then that day i contacted him… my talked for 30 mins then he was so happy he said i loved me …then quickly mentioned as a friend at that time also..i did not have feelings for him… later we used to talk everyday then..i found myself opening up to him..he did too…we talked abt our pasts… we got to know each other… he said that throughout his life ppl always ingored him…amd didnt wamt to hear what he had to say…or in other words he never had anyone he could share his thoughts and feelings with…but i was someone who listened to him and someone he enjoyed talking to… after these… i slowing started to have feelings for him… then i fell in love with him… he wasnt that good looking but it was his heart, his personality, his soul which i fell for ❤… everyday we said each other ‘ i love u’ i knew he loved me as a friend…a best friend… but one day he got to know abt my feelings toward him…that i loved him…then things became awkward… i couldn’t stop myself from loving him…but i was sad confused… we stopped talking for a few days… then he had some wrong thoughts abt me he thought i was not trustworthy, and that i was fake… and was playing with him… i tried to clear out this misunderstandings but he didnt want to talk… if i couldnt have him as a lover…i at least wanted to be his friend… later after a week…he texted me…said he wanted to forget abt the past and start afresh…then he called me we had a nice talk… then..after 3days he asked me for nudes… after that i was shocked… i said no…but he kept on asking for it… i said…i would have given it if we loved each other… but we were friends… and it would be inappropriate …but then he told me some inappropriate things and abt being friends with ‘benifits’ …i kept on saying no…then he became angry and said bye. I was so angry and heartbroken at the same time…i did not reply. NOW 2 weeks after that i am still confused abt my feeling… bcuz he turned out to be someone else… 2days later is his birthday… i dont even know if i should wish him…cuz he blocked me on social media… i dont know anything tbh… (some events related to him prior to this had hurt me sooo bad that i got engaged in self harm…and ended up cutting my hand several times with blades…i even had severe mental breakdowns and went to sleep every night crying)… at this point of my life i dont know if i should love him anymore 🙁 im heartbroken.

    • Nowhereman December 24th, 2017

      what you are experiencing is common to ALL , I too have this similar situation that I shared with the wrong individuals that would rather see us fail than succeed . Planting negative seed is common by friends and family , if you car for him tell him and set the rules firmly so with time served adaptations can be made so to build trust , loyalty and dependability . nowbody else needs to be in your circle but the both of you . your true friends will understand and leave the both of you alone for a minimum of 3 to 5yrs.

    • C February 10th, 2018

      Hey there. That guy asking for nudes all of a sudden is a big red flag. Your affection for him is just a feeling that can occur with anyone you’re in close contact with for long enough. If there aren’t any other connections that you have with him, FORGET ABOUT HIM. He doesn’t sound that genuine. You should expect better for yourself, more respect for your body and especially mind and soul. From one Scorpio to another. Cancers are typically awesome but this one sounds a bit rotten. Don’t waste your time and energy.

  7. True love September 15th, 2015

    I said what am I thinking and he said I know I hurt you when I said I don’t want to fall in love…and he was right! He said that because of the situation were both in it could be to many risk and dangerous for the both of us..but we have been in a relationship now for 7 months and still together til today..I just don’t know, he at times can be hard to figure out. He says he enjoys and have fun with me all the time and that I empower him so we’ll see how it goes..if anything is misspell or a sentence seem to be incomplete in the paragraph above it is because I was trying to scroll up and hit the submit button by mistake..sorry :).have a good night!

  8. True love September 15th, 2015

    I am a Cancer woman who’s married to an Aries man and I have truly been hurt and bruised by this man dearly….although he is an awesome provider..he’s just not the husband for me. I am involved with a Scorpion male..everything is so true what they say. When we went on our very first date I was indeed very reserved for I’m not the kind of girl that likes a man to come at me in a very persistent way inwhich he did. I had never a man to come at me the way he did. But eventually I gave in after he, trying to kiss me a thousand times…and OMG, when he kissed me it was so intense and filled with so much passion I could have fainted. I was in love at first sight and under a deep love spell/ trans or whatever. While and after making love for around the third time, I asked him would he want to fall in love with me someday and he said no, but he kept staring me into my eye with this intensity that I could not seem to shake and I said why do you keep looking at me that way, and he said starting into my eyes, because I like to know what your thinking. While lying in his arm in a dark cancel lite room as tears filled eyes looking of at the wall, I said okay then what am I thinking, and he I have never as a 41 year old woman dating a younger scorp, had never felt anything like that in all my dating life!!! I til this day I’m very very deeply in love with him…so many others guys try to advance me but I can’t even do it. The Scorpion has me so mentally, emotionally, and physically rapped up in him til to me no other sign or guy stands a chance…my main only problem is he’s married and says that even tho he may not love or like his wife he’s gonna make it work…but he says he’s not happy and their not on the same page, chapter, or even in the Sam book in that case. He told me that he will never tell me he loves me unless he really means he never did. But here recently he says he falling in love with me. His wife is a Sag I don’t think that a Sag is more compatible with a Scorp than a Cancer, but hey who knows…all I do is think of him can’t get him off my mind for nothing..I crave this man, my body yerns needs and talks to him. I want him at all times and needs him. I will do anything for him and have done anything this far. I can’t even begin on telling how intense, passionate, and seductive the love we make is!!! OMG! I’m just gonna sit this down after that last statement….

    • Judy July 9th, 2017

      How are both of you going to be married and messing around with each other! Unless….you and him are Divorced or in the process. I dont care what sign you are or what passion you feel. Your a side chick. He loves her thats why hes going to make it work. Cheaters always tell their side chicks they cant stand their wives lol

    • Judy July 9th, 2017

      How are both of you going to be married and messing around with each other! Unless….you and him are Divorced or in the process. I dont care what sign you are or what passion you feel. Your a side chick. He loves her thats why hes going to make it work. Cheaters always tell their side chicks they cant their wives lol

    • Sara September 27th, 2017

      Omg!! I know exactly what you are talking about. It literally brought me to tears reading it! I’m a cancer and he’s a Scorpio. I’m also older than him. We met online! It was weird after all the guys that hit me up and said hi I responded to him. We hit it off right away! He was very polite and respectful! We ended up having so much in common. We both were married. We both have two kids by two different people. He has two boys and I have two girls. He kids don’t live with him and mine don’t live with me. Well when we first started talking my youngest lived with me but moved with her dad a couple weeks later. But we talked and texted for a couple months before we met. It was just so easy for us to talk and it didn’t take us long to fall in love. He texted my a bunch of hearts one day and I was joking around and said are you trying to tell me something and he said yes I’m in love with you. I couldn’t believe it. I was just playing and didn’t really expect him to say it. I didn’t know what to say. It took me a couple days but I finally told him that I was falling in love with him. So not long after that we met for the first time and omg. We went right back to my apartment and he did things to me I never had done and the whole time I was staring in my eyes. It was so intense I’ve never had a man stare at me the way he did. It was so hard to keep eye contact. But when we kissed I know right there and than I would spend the rest of my life with this man and I would never love anyone as much as I love him. And the way he treats me and the sweet things he says melts my heart. He sends me love songs all the time that I save and listen to over and over. We’ve made plans for him to move in. Hopefully within a month or two. We’ve talked about getting married but I told him let’s not ruin a good thing but truly I would marry him in a heartbeat. Just hang in there girl that Scorpio man isn’t going to stay with someone he doesn’t love. I bet he lays awake at night thinking about you and dreaming about you.

      • Shaunda November 30th, 2018

        Hi Sara! I concur!! I’m a Scorpio woman in love with a Cancer male and everything you stated is sooo true! This has to be the BEST relationship I’ve ever experienced, I mean it’s inexplicable… But that Scorpio will NOT stay in his marriage if he’s truly miserable and does NOT love her anymore. And you’re right, I KNOW he thinks and dreams about her!! LOL The sad part is however, it may take him a minute to fully cut the ties, as he has to be brave enough to realize that HIS happiness is important too. He probably isn’t even sleeping with his wife either and that’s because lovemaking is very serious to the Scorpio and not just an act! I’m finally leaving my Taurus male after a 14 yr union (9 married). The relationship was just too toxic and I need the gentle, passionate nature of my Cancer male in my life. He and I have known each other for over 16 years and though we married other people, we never lost the love we had. We had ZERO communication while married, but he’s divorced for the 2nd time and I’m going through a divorce now. After reconnecting from a 7-yr separation, he told me that he made a mistake marrying the 2nd wife, which in turn allowed me to marry the unworthy Taurus! He also told me that he’s not letting me get away ever again- and trust me, I don’t want to get away!! I just have to learn to trust that he’s serious and once this divorce is final, I’ll be ready to fall completely….

  9. archiezonline75 August 12th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio Man … 39 year … Businessman … married but looking … I know this would sound a bit awkward and unjustified … but yes i am looking for my perfect partner … not necessarily a wife but a companion during all odd and even times … I just do not know how I managed to write this … maybe desperate times … my mail id is … One more thing if a Cancer of Pisces Woman is well qualified she may join my business too … that way I can serve my purpose of companionship …

  10. Pieapples June 8th, 2014

    I’m a cancer and my first love is a scorpio. We use to be really good friends and every time our eyes would meet it would be a vivacious energy. Now we don’t talk and I think the scorpio was trying to get my intention. By smiling and looking in my eyes, but me being a cancer I thought that I was not good enough so I shied away. We stopped saying hi after my friend would be kind of  physical, and they would interrupted me from say hi to the scorpio. After I got that friend to stop being so physical and didn’t talk to them a lot , so I could focus on the scorpio. Then scorpio eyes started to seem cold every time they would meet mine, and the scorpio probably hates me and now I’m so hurt. I love this person more than any thing and they probably don’t even know how I feel, and I’m to scarred, and shy to tell them. It seem that scorpio is interested in some one else because when I’m in the same area as him he mite look at me with that cold look of his and turn back to the object of his intention. Did I louse the love of my life and if so how do I get him back into my life.

  11. daler December 11th, 2013

    it sooooo interesting and it is incradibly perfect to be with cancer girl

  12. daler December 11th, 2013
  13. daler December 11th, 2013

    i was born 1 of november 1988

  14. daler December 11th, 2013

    i had being in relation with a cancer girl 10 years ago and it was so cool she was born in the 1 of July and i was born 1 of november then we broke up cuz when came from Russia she was with and other guy so now she is happy with other guy and i really want to be in relation with a cancer girl because it is so interesting for me please just let me know if you have an interesting on me if i’ll find a cancer girl i’ll do for her anything 

  15. daler December 11th, 2013

    iam scorpion guy and iam 25 years old iam looking for cancer girl if any of you interesting on me please just let me know

  16. ConfusedCancerLady November 20th, 2013

    @joey The samething with me & my Scorpio guy.. he is talking to another girl & I am so crushed we havent talked in 3 days & I dont know what to even say to him.. I know because I love him & how he makes me feel I would take him back.. I dont wanna seem weak or stupid. I know I need to stand my ground & let him know how I feel but how do u think I should go about it?

  17. ConfusedCancerLady November 20th, 2013

    Hello, I am a Cancer lady (7/10) I have been talking to a Scorpio man (11/14) since March & it has been really serious. We aren’t together because he is 4 years older then me. He says he will wait for us to be together & that he does love me. Which I believe. The only thing is , is that we are both very jealous (wether he likes to admit it or not) anyway he doesn’t like for me to talk to other guys & I dont like for him to talk to other girls… but he does talk to another pretty girl , (a Virgo). Yes , I am jealous but I know that we aren’t together. I asked him since he is talking to her , ” I can talk to someone too?” he said ” It’s only fair” That kinda hurt but I didnt let him know that.. I have allowed myself to open up to him & trust him , which I dont really do. Then he told me he doesnt trust me, Now that felt like a slap to the face after all me & him have been thru but that didnt stop me loving him I told him we just need to work on that & he said ” I know, & Im sorry” Anyway , my Scorpio said that him & the Virgo lady weren’t serious & on the same level as we are. I believed him until recently… I’m really inlove with him & dont wanna lose him , but Im not gonna stick around if he’s just gonna sneak around & lie to me. He has told me a lot of things , things he hasnt told anyone else.. We haven’t talk in about 3 days which is the longest we’ve gone without talking.. He used to be different in the begininng & would text me first & he was the one who told me how he felt first & told me he loved me first.. I feel like this he could be the one & I’m willing to try & not give up. I feel like he doesn’t wanna hurt me or lose me … but also doesnt wanna hurt this other girl because thats just the kind of guy he is , but I’d rather him be 100% with then drag me along & really break my heart , he is my first real love…

  18. ConfusedCancerLady November 20th, 2013

    @Kathryn I’m 15 & have fallen deeply inlove with this Scorpio who is now 19 his birthday just passed.. Anyway I read what you said & I felt like I could kind of relate.. But I’m so scared to lose him , we aren’t together , he said he wait.. its just really hard & I already think about him 24/7 & he has my heart & I know if we dont end up together he will still have it & I will stilll love him & I wanna get out but I feel like Im in too deep.

  19. cancerlookingforscorpio September 12th, 2013

    P.S I am a cancer girl, age 12, I know it’s young, but like I said I want a head start, I’m trying to change and be nicer to people, please don’t say things like ” your way to young to be thinking about love,” or “you wouldn’t understand, you don’t even know what love is!!!” Ok the last part maybe true, BUT, I would understand, I’m very smart for my age. Please give me advice, I’d really appreciate it, and after that, if you want me off the site then i’ll delete my account and will not get on the site after that.

  20. cancerlookingforscorpio September 12th, 2013

    Hi! I’m a cancer,and I know I’m young, please don’t judge me, I understand more than you think. But I’m trying to find out what sign fits my personality, I’m kinda out of the box, cancer-wise, I show my love(to family and friends), by being really…..expressive. Like if I hit you(not hard of course) it’s my way of saying I love you. But I also have a fun/shy side and I get embarrassed really easily,every time I speak in public, I blush. And my face turns completely red. Sorry,I’m babbling again, what I mean to say is, I’m trying to get a head start on who I should be with. I think a Scorpio would be best for me because, I like being teased,whichever way,so in short, I’m just trying to make it easier on me. Because, I can already tell that love is NOT going to make it easy on me. Thanks!

  21. Freezi August 30th, 2013
  22. Angel989 August 15th, 2013

    I am a Scorpio lady and never believed in love at first sight or fairy tales.  Last year I met a Cancer and he blew me away.  We are both in our 30’s and bumped into each other ar a bar and neither of us could walk off.  For the next 48 hours nothing else in our worlds existed.   We live in different towns and we couldn’be purse more at that time.   The last year has been hard.  We had little communication since then until mid year.  We both can’t stop thinking of each other so here we go we are going for it.  Amazing it is.   We have a future i dont have to ask how he feels his eyes tell it all.   

  23. Sskan December 26th, 2012

    my Scorpio guy and myself have been together 2 short months. However, we are so intensley in love. Our comfort levels make it feel as though we’ve been together for years!! We are living together,  practically have been from the start. We are planning together and striving together. It’s as though he was made for me and vise versa.  I see where some of the differences in personality traits can have effects on the other such as emotionally. I as a cancer woman have some trust issues, it’s as though instead of starting with trust. It almost has to be proven to me. Which I admit, sucks! I also think toooo much and am constantly observing and analyzing. sometimes to a fault whoch i do recognize. onviously. We are both in our 30’s. I have 4 kids that he instantly connected with and it goes both ways. I have always known I would find love such as this, it happened and came outta nowhere in a matter of “BAMMM!!” Haha..  There is such a connection, intensity, understanding, passion and drive with us together I can’t imaginan life being any other way. I’m not naive, insecure, desperate or overly eager to be in a relationship. All I know is, with something as real as this is, I refuse to ignore it or question it.  I’ve dealt with to much nonsense and abuse in my life it’s time to soak in the good regardless o the time frame.  Life is short. Keep smiling a genuine smile Which means Eliminate negativity. 

  24. […] You about suffering. Their Thirties The fate of an NRI is quite the relationships don’t need to start to feel as though she is falling her that might have genuine concerns about commitment is mentioned these […]

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  26. rosedl June 23rd, 2012

    Each sign possesses positive and negative qualities.  Astrology may go on about the heaven of a 5/9 trined couple (the signs of the same element beside your own form this aspect), but this is just a foundation  on which to build.  If you or your partner let your unevolved astrological traits (your karmic struggles) rule you, they invariably end up hurting or destroying your intimate relationships.
    The negative qualities of Cancer are possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, stinginess, crabiness, extreme moodiness, and sad to say, selfishness, and secretiveness.
    The negative qualities of Scorpio are vengefulness, secretiveness, selfishness, jealousy, stinginess, self hatred and mistrustfulness.  
    Pretty similiar, eh?  So, if you have one partner who is letting their weakness rule them, it will be hard.  If you combine two, it will be torture.  
    HOWEVER, if you have two evolved of the trined pair (and this does not mean perfection or never exhibiting your weaknesses with each other, it just means you work hard to overcome them and not let them rule you or destroy your love), you have all these positives on which to draw.
    Cancer:  Loyalty, a fantastic sense of humor which is a total tonic for the more serious Scorpio, empathy, deep sensuality, nuturing, emotional compatibility and telepathy, love of home and family, and enduring love/trust/vulnerability for the person who can be gentle with our delicate hearts
    Scorpio: Loyalty to match Cancer, intensity in drive and stability which Cancer will lean on and respect, strength and endurance which Cancer will strive to emulate and draw from, sexual intensity and passion, endurance and reliability, gentleness, ethics, work ethic, and drive.   
    So, when Crabs and Eagles are on their best behavior they compliment and support each other like no other.  Same needs, same basic drives, same intense emotionalism
    The gift of the 5/9 vibration is that all these positive qualities are there any time the individuals choose to draw from them.  Other chart influences will reveal the particular struggles and strengths of each partnerships.  Serious and multiple conflicts with other aspects can really strain the basic empathy.  But, if other planets jibe, it will make the pull near irresitible. 
    I have known Scorpios that I don’t like at ALL.  These have invariably been the reactive/stinging type that wound indiscriminately for the smallest infraction.   
    My Scorpio guy is not perfect.  He can be overly secretive, suspicious, competitive.  He can get mean in a fight which I do not respond well to at ALL.  BUT, he openly works on his flaws, he apologizes and owns them, he is loving with mine and instead of berating me respects the work I do to make things better.  The majority of the time, he is sweet, affectionate, playful, giving, loving, kind, empathetic, and deliciously sexy.  Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

  27. rosedl June 22nd, 2012

    Cancer woman, Scorpio Man.
    I have never been with a Scorpio man before my current relationship.  We were friends for a year and a half before we became romantically involved and lovers for the past six months.  
    Let me state that I the second I FELT this man sit down next to me, my first thought was….’your future husband is sitting next to you’.  I am not making that up.  This was before I even looked at him.  When I looked up, there was this kind of awkward guy there looking like he felt a bit out of place.  I actually laughed out loud and thought to myself, really? 
    Well, this awkward guy became my best friend during a really tough break up and I reciprocated his sympathy as he struggled with his own ex problems.  For the first few months, I discovered I really LIKED him but I was unsure if we had the attraction level and compatibility to be anything else and I really was just in the friendship.  About a year into being friends, it came to me one night that I was in love with him.  And, six months later on a night time visit, I pulled him to me and kissed him and we have been together ever since.  
    And, it is all that the astrology books and sites describe and more.  I love him like I never thought possible to love a man.  And, he loves me.  He looks at me with deep passion.  I can feel him when he is not with me.  He is one of the mature and evolved ones, incredible will, incredible strength, incredible ability, incredible self control, and incredible emotional depth that fostered that scorpian mask and hiding in plain site routine.
    We are both older, and a Scorpio that has been hurt before and fears making another mistake is not an easy man to get to trust.  It was clear from his eyes and his actions that he had feelings for me, but was too vulnerable and jaded to act.  As a vulnerable Cancer woman, it is not my cup of tea to go after a man and make the first physical move, but he was so inside himself and protected, I finally just caved, and made the first move.  It took a lot of patience, long talks, and time to get  him to begin to trust me, but he now says he feels safe with me.  He talks about the beautiful future we can create.  I think this is the biggest challenge for any Cancer woman involved with an intense and once bitten Scorp.  You may have to make the first move.  You may have to act to earn trust.  It was pretty out of character for me, but my sense of intuition was so strong that this was right, I went ahead and took the risk.  I was the first to say I love you.  I kissed him.
    And, now it is so mutually reciprocated and his desire and want of me are so clear, I am glad that I took the big risk for him.  He was totally worth it.  He told me the other day he feels safe with me (he is right, he is….I love him so much).  Now that are walls are torn down, the connection, sexual tension, love making, affection, warmth, laughter, and happiness is beyond the stuff of romance novels.  He lights up when he sees me.  He beams.  He sighs when I touch him.  And, I am the same way.  
    I am crazy about this man.  I have never respected, admired, desired, and wanted a man the way I do him.  And, it is a healthy love with lots of respect for space and each others individual needs.  I trust him to do whatever he wants and needs because I feel secure in his love for me and our ability to work through problems.
    My Scorpio IS the love of my life, the man I never thought I would meet, the most gentle/passionate/intense/giving/kind lover in the world.  
    Reading this board it is clear that the unevolved Scorps can tear out a Cancer’s heart (any woman actually), but if you have a chance with one of the evolved specimens, GO FOR IT.  Scorpio eagles truly are everything and more ever written about them.  
    I lovvvvvvvvve my guy!

  28. hurtbycancer May 27th, 2012

    @Macey100 OMG i am going through the same exact thing!! i am a scorpio woman that fell instantly for a cancer man.. he seemed so interested in me.. he seemed as though he liked me as much as i liked him.. we had so much fun and chemistry together.. we taled everyday all day and that was because he would find me and look for me and literally run down the street after me just to be around me.. he would see me in a crowded street (NYC) and would yell across the street to get my attention.. he seemed so into me.. i fell head over heels for him because he was so nice and charming.. but then it seemed he would disappear or get stand offish after a while.. i tried communicating with him and finally telling him my feelings about him and he then revealed to me that he was not atrracted to me at all.. he said that i was not his type..that i was over weight.. that was such a shocker.. especially since i revealed to him how attracted to him i was.. why didnt he just leave me alone? why did he keep persuing me like that? he was acting more than a friend.. we kissed alot and had plenty wonderful sex.. we snuggled and cuddled a lot.. my feelings grew so strong for him.. i became confused when he told me he was no where near attracted to me.. wut made it worse was he went for an aries woman while he was still seeing me.. she was smaller than i was but in my opinion and others opinion less attractive.. when she found out about us she teased and taunted me about how stupid i was to give sex to a man that dont like me and wanted her.. the most hurtful part was that he told her that i liked him and he didnt like me and wasnt attracted to me and didnt respect me as much as he respected he.. he ate that up and teased me.. he allowed it because i guess his heart was with her.. still and all he and i cant leave eachother alone.. i decided to never have sex with him again but he still persues me and wont leave me alone.. he still follows me and stalks me and i like it..makes me feel like he lied about not liking me but why would he say he doesnt if e does? why does he show aries love and not me? i feel stupid for still having this man in my life but for some reason we just cannot let one another go.. i need out because its so hurtful but i just cant leave..he feels the same way 🙁

  29. Macey100 February 4th, 2012

    I recently started talking to a cancer man online, I am scorpio woman.  We communicated everyday either by phone, text or skype, things were going really well between us, so after 1 month, we decided to meet.  When we met for the first time we got along really well, there was a chemistry, I felt so comfortable with him and I didn’nt want the evening to end.  The next day we met for lunch, we felt comfortable and at ease with each other and talked as though we had known each other for years.  We talked about trying for a long term relationship, and he asked me to move to his home town 400 miles away. It was too soon, but I was so happy that we felt the same way about each other. I went home with my head in cloud 9. I felt so positive about us.  Then I didn’t hear from him for 3 days, nothing. I was devastated, hurt.  When he did finally contact me he told me that he has a problem with my bodysize (apparently I am too overweight for his tastes).  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so hurt. I am on a diet and working on it and have been for a while anyway, these things take time, but I know I will get there, and I am doing it for me not for him.  So this insult from him was like ‘kicking me while I am down’.  I go through extreme feelings of hating him tremendously and then wanting to be with him.  I am hurt and confused.  I am just wondering, once a cancer man makes a decision, do they stick with it forever, or are they known to change their minds?  Can anyone offer advice on this?

  30. MissClandestineOne November 4th, 2011

    I am a Cancer woman currently dating a Scorpio male. Let me tell you, he is text book Scorpio! And because I have done a lot of research on his kind, I know how to deal with him. If he tries to be a dominating male figure, I tell him to relax and back up. When he is fired up about something, I listen and smirk because his analogies and sense of humor are tremendously hilarious. Then throw in my own thoughts and opinions which are usually hilarious as well. His bravery has me awestruck. His intensity is AMAZING! He has stamina and drive like no other. I consider him my mountain, there for me to lean on at all times. And I assure you, he is actually THERE for me. I can see this becoming an extremely beautiful and fulfilling relationship! And he doesn’t lie to me. I know that for a fact. He is amazing! I think I may be in for the real thing (at long last!). So every Cancer who has had a bad experience with a Scorpio: WISH ME LUCK PLEASE! I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY!!!

  31. SixStringDealey September 13th, 2011

    ahhh sorry about this giant post. maybe some of you can gain some sort of insight into the complexities of a scorpio man from this, though haha. some of us care more than we are ever capable of describing with words.

    the general description mostly suits me, but i think a bit of a rough up-bringing has put some changes into me. i’ve always been a romantic dreamer. i’ve always had the girl i considered perfect at the time on my mind and nothing else mattered. i definitely have trouble communicating my emotions with words and desperately seek out other methods.

    i just kind of randomly met my first cancerian girl and i had never felt better in my life. i can sense that she doesn’t like to always be the one to lead the way and that really makes me want to just find out exactly what i need to do to better this for her. at the same time, when she is being brave i get an amazing rush off of it and i’m happy to be whatever she needs me to be.

    unfortunately, she was only here for 2 weeks before moving away to a bigger city. 2 weeks seems like nothing, but the connection was unbelievable. we could both just feel eachother even without words. i’m typically someone who starts to worry when it gets quiet, too. but the time we spent just laying in eachother’s arms or whatever felt so incredibly right. the sex was amazing but all of the emotion just naturally pouring out of us for hours afterwards was just beautiful.

    we both knew it was just kind of a fun summer thing, but now she’s all i think about. i’m a musician writing her a new song every couple of days. she’d told me one night that she’d given up on relationships. now that we’ve had our brief time and she’s away she’d told me that she wants to let the emotions back into her life. damned cutest thing i’d ever heard. i need to be the guy who’s there for her, but now that she’s so many miles away i just don’t know what to do with myself.

    i will still probably see her a few times a year, but this is the girl i just need to be around. we both get so much from eachother. my life’s a helpless mess. (making money when your driving passion is music isn’t easy.) but if i had this girl everything else in life would just be details. i’d figure something out. i wonder if she’d have the ability to help me with something like this. i need to be with this girl, and i’m not being selfish about it. i’d do anything for her.

    she’s a beautiful, kind, caring, fun girl. everything i have trouble seeing in my daily life. she makes me so happy effortlessly and that makes me want to do the same for her. i just don’t know how. i’m trying to show her that i do have confidence… that i can be the strong type she wants me to be. it’s just been so long that a girl meant so much to me… and now she’s so far away. i can’t let go.

    • Sara September 27th, 2017

      Omg!! My heart is breaking. I’m a cancer in love with a Scorpio man! I know what you are talking about. We’re dealing with a long distance relationship and we spend weekends together here and there. When we’re together the world just melts away and we’re in our own little world and nothing else matters but when we separate it hurts us deeply. We long for each other. It’s takes us weeks to get used to being alone again but we’re truly not happy bcuz we’re not together. Go after her, man!! It’s hard to find true love. Take the risk! It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all!! Go find out if she is truly the one!!

  32. nataliadrake August 14th, 2011

    @rachel Rachel you sound like me I would like to say that I am in a relationship with this man but I’ve been the one calling him leaving messages and I have not heard from him in three weeks.Now this Scorpio male is divorced so I do not know whether or not the split was mutual or she wanted out but I feel like this I am up front and honest with him when were talking on the phone and in person although I hate it when he flips the script and says something truly hateful to me and act like it is normal I am not sure if I want to sit there and wait til he wakes up and smells the coffee. I want him to know that I can take anything he dishes out that I am not weak but when it is all said and done would it be worth the trouble? Do they like to be surprises?

  33. BUbbles April 12th, 2011

    I’m a cancer girl and my boyfriend is on the scorpio/sagittarius cusp. i have sooo much admiration and respect for him. his determination, dedication to everything he does and his love of knowledge amazes me. he’s very hardworking, focused, and never lazy. he is very honest. sometimes a little too honest and it ends up hurting me! i know he loves me, but he has problems showing passion/affection to me which as a cancer I NEED. He also sometimes critisizes me too much. but i am optimistic about it (for now) because the love I feel for him is huge.

  34. joey April 12th, 2011

    so I found out that my Scorpio guy is now with another woman. He didn’t tell me, just stopped contacting me. I am still so shaken, but I know I have to accept it. Cancer girls, never be shy with your Scorpio guy! Don’t hide your feelings from him. Don’t be scared of him and don’t be scared of losing control or being vulnerable. I miss mine so much, even after what he did to me. I still can’t really believe that he would hurt me this way. I’m crushed. But if he came back to me and apologized I would take him back.

  35. Tiger/Scorpio April 10th, 2011

    I am so irritated right now. I swear I do not understand how one minute, this man seems like he is intrested. The next he goes off the radar. I am like why not say I don’t want you or I don’t see us together. I have never in my life gone after anyone not even my ex husband.My ex husband is a scorpio too and he is the biggest whore and liar known to man. I wasn’t looking to meet anyone. Then a family member had a bright ass Idea about this guy she knows. I was attracted to him before I even met him face to face. I have never dealt with a cancer male before. I have had cancer females as friends though. They never acted like he does. I know every woman is down behined him trying to get him. I went after him because it seemed like that is what he wanted. One minute he doesn’t belive in anything next minute he is online talking about if he was married he would do this that and the third. He claims that yeah women want him but they don’t get him because they get lazy. He says there are men who go after a woman for years and then they finally get her. Ok I get the whole chase thing but the object is to see if that person is for real. You also open up more to them after a while. He claims his ex cheated on him years ago and he has been single ever since. So do cancers make a person suffer for someone elses mistake? If he doesn’t want me why not just tell me. I not buying they don’t like to hurt peoples feelings. I say that because when he got mad at me for somthing stupid, He didn’t have a hard time saying what he felt. We have never had sex although we came very close to it. We have only kissed. We live in different states but I am going to move out to where he is because, I have family there. I just don’t get it. What does he want damn it? Like I said I did not ask to met this dude. I am the type who spots that one on my own and pick him. I am not used to chasing anyone. I’m not trying to be conceited but I don’t have to chase anyone. But I want a man that is going to stay for more than just sex.We have been texting talking back an forth for almost a year now.I don’t hound or pressure him at all . Plus I just recently told him my feelings for him. I’m ready to say F*** it. But my heart is drawn to him it feels like I have known him all my life. If I have any mispelled words, or wrong punctuation I’m sorry but it is 4am and I’m venting.

  36. rachel April 6th, 2011

    When your in a relationship its important to remember that guys don’t do things exactly the way we would expect them to. Also different signs handle situations different. We wear our emotions on our sleeves and have crazy mood swings, Scorpios don’t and our mood swings confuse them.
    Im a cancer female, and as a woman and a cancer I’m sure we can all be extremely understanding. I am currently dating a Scorpio man and they can be a dark mysterious puzzle. But as cancer woman you have to communicate to your guy what it is you want and that most importantly you want him to communicate with you.
    They may respond slower then you would like, but they are paying attention. Just stay consistent and be patient with them. Not much gets by a Scorpio.
    I was tired of always calling him. I felt like I was doing all the work. So I didn’t call, just to prove a point. I waited and waited, and he finally called. He left a message and fumbled over the words I miss you. Scorpios are really romantic, and so cute!

  37. joey March 26th, 2011

    I am a Cancer girl and my Scorpio guy has frozen me out. We had a fight but we made up, or so I thought. I criticized him, but I apologized. I haven’t heard anything from him for two weeks. I don’t want to contact him, because I don’t want to bother him, but it feels so bad to be ignored like this. Why are they so cruel? I can accept that he doesn’t want me, but why doesn’t he just tell me?

  38. cancer-leo cusp lady March 4th, 2011

    … i am cancer-leo cusp. I am almost shocked to hear all of this, i had first dated a virgo, leo, and aquarious. Virgo+ Me=worrying/boring. leo+me= a fling (leo got hurt at thee end) Aquarious+me= …AMAZING PASSION. the sex was GREAT. he made me feel WILD. but he hurts…yet he loves. confusing right? i dont know but we have this never ending passion.

    I am a women who knows when she meets a guy whether she is in love or not, right away… and virgo was first to capture me, and then aquarious…

    one day i walked by a SCORPIO i had not known… he was a scorpio but we had this amazing passionate staring constant each time, looking into their eyes make me tremble, i just love it. We love it… we havent gotten to… confessing our feelings YET…

    I dont knw i love my scorpios my BFF was a scorpio, loved her very much. We ended our friendship and i never quite got over her. I am a scorpio rising which could be why i have an added attraction to them, but these scorpio men are just fascinating.

  39. kiki leesa March 4th, 2011

    I’m a cancerian female, turnin 18 on the first of july and all I can say is I don’t wanna be with a Scorpio guy. EVER!!! I’ve been recently found out that there are such things like star signs (from a good friend) and the information I found out is so SHOCKING!!

    I had an ex that i dated when I was 16. I was pining over him even to this day. I couldn’t figure out WHY!!!
    and voila! He was a Scorpio, at his best! (third of NOv).
    Never going down tHAT road again

  40. ScorpioQueen February 20th, 2011

    I am a scorpio woman who wfelled in love with a cancer man. It was lust @ 1st sight, sex was great but he stopped showing his feelings for me, ststop calling stop txin , then out the blue expect favors from me. – said no and every since then I never heared from my cancer male since. I suggest you run away as fast as u can scorpio chuck or this guy will walk over you heart and leave foot print.

  41. […] Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Love match compatibility between Cancer and … to “Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility” Why not let us know what you … ve only had one other guy in my life and he was an online … […]

  42. Meli November 6th, 2010

    I am a Scorpio female and i am sry you all are having such bad relationships with my male counter parts. But i must admitt u are right as a woman i haven been cultured as to what approriate behaviour is, so i dont do what the males do but i have been tempted and can see how evil my sign can be.. We walk a thin line of being the most passionate and caring individuals to being the most deciteful and munipulative. I believe this happens because we know we can get away with it for the most part.. I have learned to twist ppl in anywhich sort of direction i wish and have constantly reminded myself NOT to use that ability wickedly. Men i guess arent that capable to control themself and Stop!.. I feel for u all and i do agree Scorpio men are quite scary..

  43. Misha October 27th, 2010

    re: soulmate seeker
    wow! i really feel for you, scorpios sure know how to crush someone hard in the guts. thats so harsh that he cant apologise, but most males havent learnt to pronounce that word in primary school. im a cancer girl and became friends with a scorpio guy…met him through a mutual friend of ours, started seeing each other so often at uni or eating out (as good friends) but i waited and hoped for a year of knowing him that someday he’ll tell me he has feelings for me, but i was wrong…it was eating me up inside and i became sick..i confessed to him that i have feelings for him and he said he “doesnt wear his heart out on his sleeve and that he likes to be friends with a girl for a while before he can make up his mind”?! i believe he lied, so i ignored him completely and he calls me once a month to check updates in my life, incase i have moved on or not..i would love to stay friends with him but i dont think it will do me any good…i wish he would leave me alone and let me move on with my life.

  44. soulmate seeker October 22nd, 2010

    i agree with maryam…Im sorry but scorpio men are too controlling,the best liars on earth,cheaters,and hate denial of any sort…Im married to one and i am losing my mind!!! I have told him on more than fifteen occasions that i no longer want to be with him…When we have really bad arguments and he say’s evil things he dosent apologize instead he’ll buy me something as a token of saying he’s sorry rather than just say the shit….Smh “I SWEAR I DONT UNDERSTAND,,THE MAN IS CRUSHING MY SOUL” cancers are very sensitive so them being involved with scorpio is bad for their health…Scorpio will run you straight to the grave you’ll see…Oh and one more thing ladies,,,when youguys are having those good days and your like”WELL MAYBE I’LL STAY” dont do it!!! by the time you look up your life will amount to nothing and you’ll be sleeping in seperate rooms and he will have won the battle of killing you softly…”In tears now”

  45. abcdefg October 22nd, 2010

    m a cancer dating a scorpio..v had a=sum probs in da initial stages bt evrything went ok if v had BLISSFUL N Passionate SEX…

  46. maryam September 19th, 2010

    hi im a cancering girl iv dated sum a scorpio guys and i find them very boring and inscure and posesivness to my nature im not a typical cancering girl i love to travell an c new things im not a home person at all infact if i stayed at home 4 a day i will go mad im in a relationship witha gemini guy an he his so perfect 4 me it took a while 2 get things rite but till this day he is my hero

  47. hannah August 4th, 2010

    iam ccancer but inlove with aries what will i do?

  48. Kathryn July 29th, 2010

    I’m 18 years old, but met a scorpio when I was 15 years old, my first year of high school. I fell deeply in love, quite fast, and maybe too hard. I was with him for a year and a half. Me and him broke up in november, the hardest thing I think I ever did. I’m dating a Leo now, and though I love my Leo (which Ive known since my freshmen year and have been with since jan.) I Love That Scorpio, and I think I always will. They sure know how to steal a heart, and never give it back. I can honestly say though, I love my Leo, and we’re very happy with each other, and I think he may pop the question for our at least year engagement. Best of luck to Cancers out there who fall for a Scorpio, and for that Scorpio of mine, I hope he’s doing ok.

  49. alicia July 14th, 2010

    Scorpio Males mmmmm where should I start well im a Cancer was with a Scorpio for two hard but great memorial yrs. Truly a non forgettable love no matter if u move on n happily married they’ll always be on ur mind besides a strong. Sexual relationship there great friends who know whateva u may lack they posses.
    I love my ex scorpio from the bottom of my heart sometimes I wish my sag had similar traits of one smh

  50. Aeria Gloris July 5th, 2010

    i’m 17. i’ve only had one other guy in my life and he was an online boyfriend (Taurus – Earth and Water). i’m a Cancer, and i’m not looking for anyone right now – i’d rather let what happens happen – but i really hope ‘the one’ turns out to be a scorpio. it sounds so stupid, but it’s true. i like the typical scorpio type, and i think the secret part of him is something i can deal with – i have a secret part too. so, here’s hoping i get a scorpio!!!

  51. legs February 3rd, 2010

    Thats the problem njones,you never forget them.I split up with my scorpio guy four mths ago ,even though i have been on a few dates i feel like there is unfinished business with this scorpio guy.All i can say is just carry on living your life he may come to his senses.After all we are the best when it comes to loving and caring for our partners.Take Care.

  52. njones February 2nd, 2010

    I agree with Legs and Tessa. I’m a cancerian woman and was dating scorpio man. I felt like I was always doing the work in the relationship. When we were together it was magic, we had good conversations and great sex, but he was so secretive and cared more than his friends than me. It’s hard to really gain their trust,and sometimes scorpio men can be a little selfish. But in spite of all of this I love him dearly, I just don’t understand why I can’t get him off of my mind. Any suggestions….

  53. legs January 6th, 2010

    i totally agree with you tessa. I was involved with a scorpio guy.We got on well, but his secretive ways and the fact that he didn’t like to answer questions or take any iniative put me off him.I would rather wait for a forever love than have to do all the work in a relationship myself.Some say scorpios are the best lovers.But there is more to my life than just great sex.Just goes to show that cancer and scorpios are not always compatible.

  54. Tessa December 8th, 2009

    I’m a cancer in love with a scorpio man and we have a daughter together. We have had a lot of problems since i have started to feel insecure about my body he left and needs time I might not be there when he comes back but i will always love him. So be carefull cancer this love and passion might be too much and you will get burned be ready for a forever love. You’ve been warned

  55. patience November 3rd, 2009

    I’m seeing a beautiful scorpio man.He is wonderful to talk to sometimes he can be a bit cryptic when he is explaining something,but i enjoy the way he expresses himself.He is always on the go, and does not like to feel bored or depressed.As I’m a cancerian,who does not like to stay home,we have a great time finding new adventures.He lives 300miles away.I don’t phone him and vice versa,but when we meet up it’s like we have not been apart.Scorpio’s are known for their hypnotic stare.He hates when i stare him out.I don’t know where this relationship is going,but i enjoy him and suggest every woman should date a scorpio male.One that is fully evolved of course.

  56. antoinette July 31st, 2009

    I have this wonderful, sexy, sensitive Cancer man in my life. He is in his early thirties and I am a Scorpio in my fifties. It was love at first sight for the two of us. It was what you call a quiet unfolding. At first the relationship was so intense that we had to take a break from one another to see if what we were feeling was real. After a week he called and said he was out of town and that he misses me.

    A Scorpio woman knows when a man is lying and that is alright because the men are lying to prevent from hurting your feeling. Scorpios do the same thing, and it is considered polite to them. Our relationship is very mature, loving, respectful and kind. We feel safe with one another and we understand each others needs. Cancer man like to go off to themselves and meditate, hang out with friend and discuss their relationships, and Scorpios love their free time to do what they normally do. The relationship is that we are here for one another but you have a life and well as I.

    The relationship was very intense at first, but Cancer and Scorpios are both very serious people and both deals with reality and not what is faddish at the moment or foolish. I am a very young looking fifty something female with a figure that is sexier than younger females. In fact have a very gorgeous figure (thanks to the man upstairs) that everyone admires even female compliments me all the time. But that has nothing to do with either of us; he is very sensual, sexy and handsome as well. It just seems that I get along much better with a younger male; I am very incompatible with older men.

    Well we realize that the most important quality is what is inside and not what is superficial. Cancer men need to know are you going to be there when the going get tough, and that where the Scorpio women strength lies. An evolved Scorpio woman will support her man through thick and thin, she knows when to be strong and when to step behind her man, as they say (roll or throw them), she will endure whatever it takes for a man that she loves and respect to accomplish his goals. The Scorpio women are ladies, they demand respect and they live queenly lives. They are queenly in whatever they do, in how they dress, live, and love when a Scorpio woman is at her best no other woman can touch her and others instantly know that.

    Scorpio are not full of themselves, it is just how god made them. They do everything in a lovely way. They care about everyone and especially those that are less fortunate. They will give you their last dollar because they know that GOD has their backs. When Scorpios develop their true nature, they are very spiritual, kind, giving, loving and only sting those that does injustice towards the weak and those that can not fend for themselves.

    Scorpios believes in marriage and not going from man to man, to a Scorpio women it is disgraceful to sleep with more than one man. They save themselves for the man that they are in a relationship with and only him will she have a sexual relationship with. If that relationship does not work out she moves on and will never return to that relationship again. She had learned everything she had needed to know and there is nothing more she wants to learn from it. If she goes back she will only be faking it.

    Scorpio women like to be appreciated but if you do not have a large reserve of cash she think it is foolish to waste it. Cancer men hold unto their money, and always seems to have a reserve. Scorpio women would rather for you to have money in your pockets at all times then be without. It annoys a Scorpio woman for a MAN to ask her for money no matter how wealthy she is, if it is an emergency that is alright, but if the man can not stand on his own two feet, to her he is not a man :P. Her philosophy is (God’s gift to man is life, and man’s gift to god is what he does with it) these qualities in a Scorpio women is why Cancer men admire them so much.

    The Scorpio loves the Cancer man because he has all the qualities that Scorpio woman admires, with big crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks. The Scorpio woman just merely sticks out her tongue and softly licks the tears from his beautiful face.

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