Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

The relationships of Gemini and Scorpio can be quite challenging as Gemini is fun loving while Scorpio is intense about everything. Though initially they are fascinated by each other due to their entirely different approaches but later they can turn into serious issues. However, blending these differences can be rewarding in long-term.

Gemini people are always changing. Constantly moving and weighing their options. They move so fast from one thing to another that it’s difficult to keep an eye on them. Experimentation is the adrenalin Gemini people need to keep going on. They are very intelligent and smart people with some mood flashes to be taken care of sometimes. One can find them either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. They love to wander and their independence is one of their basic necessity. Gemini people are naturally glib and bright conversationalist. Their words are mere antics used to charm or sweet-talk their listeners. They try to convince others, and quite successfully by the way, that they do not think erratically.

Scorpions are intense in everything they do. They are stubborn and self controlled and govern their lives. They can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. The dominating ones are constantly looking for power and are quite loyal especially to ones who are loyal right back. They can figure out and conquer seemingly impossible situations. They are strong, mysterious and quite intense creatures. They do not divulge anything deep about themselves and take any secret to the grave if asked to do so. They are passionate people with a very clever and inspective mind. Scorpios can handle pretty much any situation on their own and acquire success.

Scorpios, being naturally superstitious can see right through Gemini people and their wandering personalities. They cannot spend the day always having to change ideas and conversations let alone an entire life time. Gemini, on the other hand, would easily grow tiresome of Scorpio and the ‘same old stay cold’ that Scorpio is accustomed to. Gemini needs change. They need to be stimulated daily, hourly, and even on the spur of the moment. Without this quality of life, the Gemini is not too happy. They are born curious creatures with a touch of imitation and imagination that keeps things lively for them. Although they cannot see an idea, a friendship, a relationship or project all the way through to the end, they would not think twice about picking up and moving to a newer one, a fresher one, regardless of the mess they leave behind from all of the previous that have gone stale in the Gemini’s mind.

However, if by chance Scorpio and Gemini do make their worlds together, indulging in any relationship, there is a sense of loyalty to be had between them. The captivating attraction created makes the ever so curious Gemini stop in their roaming tracks and look to see what is making them feel so different. Scorpio likes to take their time in doing things through life. Their laid back attitudes tend to irritate Gemini and their fast paced antics. Even though they may have some of the character traits of the Gemini, like being energetic, nervous, tense or uneasy, they are far fetched to show or admit to such things. Scorpio’s increased insecurities and apprehensions only appear as an increase in confidence and assurance to others. However, Gemini is like an open book. Anyone who knows them well can tell when they are confident and loyal as well as when they are ready to wander off looking for the next best thing.

Siblings, friends and colleagues generally have a smooth relationship with an upper hand of Scorpio in all the things they perform together. As relatives they never fall for a deeper relationship and usually avoid being one on one except in family gatherings. Business ventures can be good if Gemini’s intellect and Scorpio’s stamina is properly used and they can avoid basic arguments and differences. Romantic relationship cannot be called a very smooth one as they have many serious issues to work on if they want their relationship to work for a long time. Scorpio and Gemini parents have a good time with their kids, former being a bit strict and latter more a friend.

Although Gemini tends to be an open book with their approach in things, Scorpio never fully knows everything about them. Some secrets are buried down so deeply that not even the closest of relationships could touch them and that makes the Scorpio uneasy once they realize it. Also Gemini’s art of conversation that sometimes delves into the world of gossip irritates the reserved Scorpio. Together with this Gemini’s reputation lacks in affection and warmth and their ability to be loyal is just as deficient which makes them a lousy partner for Scorpio in any relationship. Scorpio’s deep dark secrets are safe with Gemini even if they are not buried so deeply. But the suspicious nature of Scorpio and their dominating instinct makes the Gemini irritable. There is nothing that initially brings Gemini and Scorpio together as the interests and paths they take are so different from one another. Help from the outside, such as an event, family or business have to push them in the right direction. Once they collide, sparks do fly.

  1. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Gemini are fun and exhilarating! They can be kind of easily bored though… I got this free love reading and it was helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

  2. ScorpioPumpkin May 12th, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio girl and has been dating an Aries guy for a little over a month, me and him met 2 and a half months ago, and I immediately liked him, he told me he is in love with me and I wasn’t so sure till we went on our first date and I told him OK, I want us to date and it has been great! Up until I heard about my friend being in Town again and this guy is a Gemini, older than me, extremely charming just as I remember him, it’s been around 6 years we haven’t spoken due to him living in another country, so after I found out he messages me wanting to see me and catch up and we have, before his visit we talked a few times and he always compliments me on my looks saying I am gorgeous and such, he also expects good things from me and we have a similar set of mind and I believe he likes my personality, and he is looking forward to meeting me. He is in fact quite dominant but confessed to me he wants to change that and he liked how I was in control when we met last week.
    I was telling my close friend about him and she told me to not get attached to the Gemini guy since I have a boyfriend now.
    This guy after seeing him also keeps complimenting me and one of his compliments was about my eye color and no one has ever noticed it like he has, not even my boyfriend…. Physically he is perfect, tall, fit, nice sense of style, wears accessories and very neat and clean and an absolute gentleman, my Boyfriend is also taller than me but shorter than him, clean, I like his style, and he is amazing up until the days where he disappears and goes for days barely messaging me or calling….

    I’m very confused to why this Gemini has come back into my life so suddenly and excited to see me, he is aware I have a Boyfriend yet still compliments me and told me my Boyfriend is a lucky guy because he confirmed that I am both cute and gorgeous, my problem is my friend lives far away and is only in town for a little over a month, my Boyfriend lives where I live, but I keep thinking about my future…. that’s 1 problem, the 2nd is my Boyfriends family is very difficult and traditional, they take one look at me and judge me hard, so he has not told his family about me, he has told me his mother is quite rough and bad temper, and his father is religious, I told my mother she advised me to not continue with this for too long due to his family and she doesn’t like a few things in my Boyfriend….
    She took one look at my friend and smiled saying I should be with a man like that, he is a responsible adult and fits me more as well as his family, I also know his family a little bit.

    And 3rd, I have a feeling me and my Boyfriend will end up as friends within the year or the next, I have never thought I would think this way, for I honestly have high standards in men and my Gemini friend fits all those standards, physically and mentally…
    I am so lost~ I really need some advice!

    • Kelleeci June 3rd, 2019

      Both aren’t your best match…the Aries needs a constant cat and mouse chase to be satisfied and gets bored quick….the Gemini gets bored quick too and will need constant stimulation and intellectual have to intrigue his mind..of the two…Gemini best in terms of how long it can last but…both are prone to cheating….and by cheating…I mean heavy cheating..the Aries can be a womanizer…chasing that which doesn’t come easy for them…and the Gemini sees sex as a mere extracurricular activity….they have mastered how to have sex without emotion…and can have many women on the side with no attachment..they aren’t the best at expressing emotions which will drive the scorpio crazy…of the two…however…Gemini would be best if you can get yourself to be able to accept their ways until they decided to stop and focus where they need to…Gemini isn’t comfortable with expression…so if they show it to you…appreciate it…oh…and don’t be too clingy…Gemini hates that…be ready for constant change…in fact…it the only thing that says constant…your best match is a cancer btw…but…opposites can attract…Gemini is too logical whole scorpio is more emotionally driven…if you both can find a balance…it can work…good luck!!

      • ScorpioPumpkin June 3rd, 2019

        YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Starting with Aries we are no longer together, in fact I dumped that jerk after a week of posting this, we aren’t even friends~ we ended up arguing multiple times to a degree where I was completely turned off, it wasn’t him that got bored it was me, as a Scorpio I have little to zero tolerance for immaturity and routine, as for the Gemini “friend” yeah he’s long gone, Geminis are the type to disappear way too much for long periods of time and I hate that, and you’re right being clingy is a no no, if I want a relationship that works I’m going to be a little clingy at first but turns out most don’t like that…. Geminis also just as you said can have plenty on the side and I had that feeling with this dude, after talking to him for a couple weeks I realized how annoying he was to me, they both were, AND YES CORRECT!! Cancers fit me best, I always say that! I’ve been best friends with this guy whom is a Cancer and we’ve been friends for 7 years…. plus I’m asexual so the whole sleeping together is a gigantic turn off to me, I definitely don’t want a sexual partner in any way….. after posting this I see things clearer now and well I decided I will stay single cuz why not! I do just fine on my own~ I don’t need a man to make me happy~

  3. Rain March 9th, 2018

    Well I like this gemini guy, and im also a gemini, I would want to date him, but there is his and my big brother’s friendship that is not letting us and I’m kinda scared to ask my big brother and I don’t know want to do.

    • Rain March 9th, 2018

      My big brother is a scorpio

  4. Scorpiowoman January 8th, 2018

    I’m married to the sweetest Gemini, we’ve been together for over a decade. I have nothing to complain about him except for his insecurities. It is terrible to a point that he trust no men around me regardless of who you are, family or friend, it has always been like that even while we were dating and I’m fed up with that, so much than I’m thinking about getting a divorce.
    My issue #1, I’ve been texting and calling an Aries guy and damn I love how intense he is, he compliments me all the time, when he’s upset he makes it clear, I always know how he feels and I like that. We once met in person and damn, we created fireworks. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, he’s passionate and I felt it in his touch. He knows I’m married and he’s still hoping to spend some time with me, I know it’s crazy but I do too. Problem is he’s very demanding, demands my attention all the time, demands too see me all the time and I don’t like that because right I can’t. He eventually called it off and I was fine with that.
    My issue #2, My cancer man. Without any planing, texting, calling or any form of communication I bumped into an ex of mine. We were not in a relationship back than, we just use to kiss and hangout. We spend hours talking and laughing and eventually exchanged numbers before he left. We’ve been talking everyday from that day onwards. He’s sweet, loving, caring and makes my laugh. I’m so chilled with him and he makes me forget everything. We’ve just recently realised that we’ve always been in love with each other even before I got married. Problem is Mr Aries, contacted me again and told me his in love with me and he will not let me go, I don’t know what to do about that. I’m still married, what do I do????

  5. herow100449 February 12th, 2017

    I have known my Gemini for about 6 months and I feel devoted and attached to him. I love him and cannot get over our break up. I feel angry still at some secrets he haad been hiding from me, resulting in our break up. and I am still lingering the fact that he is gone. We do not talk a lot anymore and I feel very alone and miss having him by my side what should I do?

    • Goddess of Temperance February 17th, 2017

      Im sorry to hear that you are in such anguish and pain lingering over that he is gone. I dated a Gemini a few years back as well and I too became quite attached. It took me some time to move on and it affected me far too deeply.

      You ask what you should do. What do you think you should do? What is it that you can do? My only choice had been to move on. I made the mistake of jumping into a string of short lived relationships after that. Much to my further detriment.

      Use this experience to heal yourself on deeper levels. My guess is that you are a scorpio too or you wouldn’t be here. We Scorp’s feel and love so very deeply. We give too freely of ourselves and our hearts. Because we need that in return.

      Begin to heal your wounds from him and those lingering from wounds before. It is the old wounds that he slashed open and it is there that …. if you look, will bring great healing.

      Find a practitioner who deals in energy healing, mind body awareness, hypnosis or techniques like these. They will help you.

      Good luck sweet scorpio. I know it hurts bad now…. you will be ok. It just takes time and effort and most importantly, self care and love. xo

  6. Melancholybby May 22nd, 2014

    I have the biggest   Crush on a Gemini and omgffgffgffff I can’t stop thinking I him he’s taken with this girl he’s been with four years and when we met I thought he was cute and then he asked for my numbe. I gave it to him then I started to like him he would flirt with me aI’d I would flirt back and soon enough things tuned more sexual no touching or sex but just over the phone and  ideo chat but when I hung out with him we acted so friendly and when it came to texting or on the phone it was so flirty he still imwith his gf and I feel like I like him so much it’s a days he texted me sometimes and he still tells me he’s not gonna forget about those times in the phone and video chat and that if we were oth single we’d be together. The fact that he has. A gf makes me a little bummed. It what makes me like him more is that we made a deal of at the age of 24 of Wer both single we will marry each other. He so cute and sometimes when he friendzones me it kinda hurts but there’s nothing we can do we are both taken.  But I feel like I will always like him woooo by the way he was my bfs best friend and since he asked for my number my bf hates him now  I think it’s  cute that he didn’t care to lose a friend over me.  We are still young andmaybe my feelings will leave but for now at the ahe of 19 I like him and I hope our deal happens. 🙂

  7. January 29th, 2014

    Hi every one I’m a Scorpio man married. To a gemini  wonderfu lady  and.  i realy. Like to be compatible and realy want  show. That we can work and love and care and do what’s right. To make a special  Long lasting relationship that will work positive for.  both for  ever   that. Will work together compromise trying  different  ways that we can do things and learn to adapt to one another in relationships even if we are wrong admit to it  let the Gemini do there things in life. And the scorpios to  work a long with  them and just taking turns as  balance   learn to take a leaf out of  the   other signs and learn to adapt everyone is equal in life everyone is just to same no one is any different in life  just  better for every one to get along. I love to hear if any one else could  or like to. Work together. To get this. Really working and think ways that Scorpio men and gemini lady’s can work. Or any other. Sings to. As. We are all human beings we can make ad offence. To make it work    Thank you and kind regards sI love and peace for us all 

  8. Phillygem526 September 1st, 2013

    I tried to date a Scorpio man and it didn’t work. He was a Scorpio to the core. Wanted to know everything about me. LOL when we first met, we talked for about 3 days online before exchanging numbers. Once we exchanged numbers I never called right away. Like 3 days passed and he said something like “I guess you don’t want to talk to me because you didn’t call”, however, I was busy at work putting in a lot of hours (along w/ commuting) I was exhausted. I told him and made him say sorry LOL. He soooo didn’t want to but I made him say sorry for throwing an accusation that was totally false. A few more days went by, something happened, I forget what, but I said you know what this isn’t going to work etc because of what he did. I kicked him of my FB page and made myself “private” so no one could search me out. Like 6 mths went by, I took my private setting off and like 2 days later he sends me a friend request. I’m like hmm…what the heck did that mean? He liked me or what…? But we tried again and it didn’t work because he said I kept some stuff from him, but it was personal and I didn’t want to share it because I was embarassed.
    With us Gem’s we are an open book, we will tell you a LOT about ourselves but some things we just won’t. It’s either because we don’t like how they sound, we might want to forget it ever happened or embarrassed. We do love and love hard when it’s right.
    I’m not that flighty as a Gemini. I think as we get older we change. I want something deep and meaningful with someone. I want to experience it. Gemini’s are always in search of that “someone special” even if it’s not known. If a Scorpio can have patience and a Gemini can change her ways to a degree (like tapping into your emotional side a bit more vs logical and not using the same tatics as we do with other signs), it could definitely work. We are social and like to go out, be flirty etc….but if you make known where “home” is, we always always come back to those who love us.

  9. issys September 21st, 2012

    I’m a gemini woman in a relationship with a scorpio male. Ive been in a relationship with him for three years and we are very, very much still in love. Our relationship has its ups and downs, mainly because me being a typical geminian I am changeable and at times very fickle but that could be because im still in my early 20s (I’m 21) and this is my first relationship. However I will say this. We have a lot of trust, respect, loyalty, devotion and love for one aother in this relationship. The one thing I truly love about my scorpio man is his sense of calm and his patience, two things that I lack. He is always patient and never judgemental, he is a gentle soul and a true man. We have very strong chemistry too which only gets stronger with each year that passes it would seem!. I’ll never find another man like my scorpion man and he’ll never find a lady like me either….I mean why would he when I can give him two women for the price of one, now theres a thought!.

  10. Darnel-Bruno October 14th, 2011

    Thank you mike your story really inspired me to not give up my love for a Scorpio women that I known for 5 yes now @Mike

  11. Chrisp September 16th, 2011

    That isn’t always true though, that is not always the case, not all scorpio’s cheat, as I myself a Scorpio would not cheat on a girl. End of Story

  12. Jay April 9th, 2011

    I am a scorpio woman and I always end up attracted to geminis. can someone explain to me why??

  13. MsAlotta January 5th, 2011

    I’m a Gemini Woman who just met a Scorpio man. Yikes! Now I’m very nervous! LOL!

  14. Ericka December 27th, 2010

    Gary nailed it… there are two of us to charm. Being a Gemini woman, I have my fun side and my quiet side. You’ll see the fun side most of the time, mess with the quiet side and I get mean, cheer up the quiet side and you’ll have me forever!! We’re really not that difficult.

  15. Gary November 16th, 2010

    I have just met the love of my life a scorpio but I know I may get stung but dont forget there are two of us to catch

  16. Natasha October 10th, 2010

    Kristina I agree with you 100%. I am a Gemini woman who was in a relationship with a Scorpio male for about a year and a half and the relationship was pure misery. He would check my emails, incoming and outgoing calls on my phone and had to know the where abouts of my every move. I thought he was just a special case until I read your comment. If you are a gemini woman you might want to think twice about a scorpio male.

  17. gnomesocks October 1st, 2010

    I have sun, moon and mercury in gemini.I am nothing like what the above states.Let me start on a few things.

    The ”so be it” attitude isn’t anyhing like me.If my heart is broken, it will knock me out for a while.I’m extremely emotional and hypersensitive.I don’t give my love to just anyone.

    There is this scorpio woman i am madly in love with but i guess she doesn’t feel for me what i felt for her.She said so many things and did things that felt like she card but i guess i was wrong.

  18. Olivia August 6th, 2010

    I am a Scorpio and have been married to a Gemini man for 18yrs now and he tends to feel too tied down but then he realize what he has and settles down. To this day I do not know everything about him and it drives me nuts. But I do know that he loves me and I love him. I have just learned to back off and that has helped a lot in our relationship.

  19. Kristina June 13th, 2010

    Totally agree with Tina! RUN THE OTHER WAY GEMINI WOMAN IF YOU SEE A SCORPIO MAN HEADING IN YOUR DIRECTION!! I’m in the process of divorcing my Scorpio husband of 20 years, save yourself the aggravation of this relationship as he will want to know YOUR every secret, no privacy or respect for it, but will DEMAND his. He will provide vague “non-answers” and make you feel like a witch for asking in the first place, while he has no compunction as to going through your personal items, he will have secret after secret after secret……really. You know those woman on day time talk shows that appear blind-sided to find out their husbands are living a double life??? And you think how could they NOT know…??? Putting my hand in the air as one of those now, suspected things over 20 years, and when I finally got my concrete proof (stupid man who doesn’t delete emails in this day and age….) twenty years had passed that I can’t get back……..he is a MASTER at duplicity and the King of vague and convaluted answers to straight questions that make you forget what you asked in the first place…..RUN RUN RUN!!!!

  20. Mike January 30th, 2010

    I am a Gemini man in love with a Scorpio woman. Our relationship is awesome, as we both are affectionate, and love to be reassured constantly that the other still loves us. The one bone I have to pick is that I feel at times my other half is a little too laid back. While I am more of the rush rush type. She is teaching me patience, which is good because with her I need it! Aside from that, everything is awesome!

  21. Tina November 26th, 2009

    One thing this article got right is that I (Scorpio) will never know everything about him, he works so hard on that…
    I am thankful for technology for knowing what I know about him (ofcourse, he doesn’t know I know), hadn’t it been for a few websites, myspace pages, a key logger to bust into his email accounts and yahoo message archive, i would’ve seen another man. (typical scorpio)

    I appreciate his honesty, but he is too politically correct. He will play around with words… EXAMPLE: If I ask him where’s he’s been, he’ll say to the book store.
    But those are just one of those places- not necesaarily all of them, while he is telling the truth he is misleading me… So I simply don’t ask, and wait on him a few mins, hours, days, weeks, months, years- to find out the answer to my questions, and if you listen, look closely and study him well, you’ll get your answers. It just takes general interest, love and patience.

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