Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

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The associations that Scorpio and Sagittarius share can take multiple colors. They are both intense people but in different ways and that is what gives the real push to the relationship they have. Life is always exciting and fun is amazing with them.

Scorpios are generally very alluring and magnetic personalities with velvety voice and wonderful mystery that everyone wants to solve. They have a dazzling mind and burning passion with the gist to win everything they want in their life. They appears calm and friendly on the outside when in fact just underneath the surface lies their true emotions whether they hide their love and devotion towards near ones or revenge on someone who has hurt them or their close one. Scorpions never forget anything; any kindness done to them is wonderfully rewarded and every betrayal is cruelly punished. Getting in their good books gives protective and loyal friend forever. They can read anyone like a tome with their intense gaze and enjoy tearing through the secrets inside.

Sagittarius people are open and friendly for real with a spirit of adventure and jolliness in them. They are optimist and quite friendly and see the hope in any situation no matter how terrible it may seem. They love to solve puzzles and mysteries and they love to chase secrets, probing until they find the solution to a problem with a gazillion questions if necessary. Sagittarius has a blunt and frank honesty which can rip anyone’s heart apart but if taken seriously their intelligent criticism is worth taking and working upon. They enjoy socializing, being direct, being flirty and honest above all else. They love to inquire and talk and ask and flirt until their desired effect is reached and their aim is fulfilled.

The similarities between Scorpio and Sagittarius do not go unnoticed. They both seem to crave the need to know answers to things of interest. With Sagittarius, the curiosity has an inquisitive nature and Scorpio, well, it’s not just a curiosity. That is too plain a word for them. They just need to know. They are both into the competition of things. However, on losing Sagittarius sucks it up and try again next time and the Scorpion dies trying to win. If not successful they become extremely sore losers and just not much fun to be around anymore. Scorpios’ compulsion and knowledge that power gets them further in life drives them to success and drives anyone down in their path to get there. They can go about this path subtly and calmly not letting on to anyone as to what their intentions are. When the time comes, they strike and almost every time it ends up in success for them.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is not so stealthy. They are outright blunt and ask any question they have to, to reach such a success. They come off as rude and even demanding if they feel the need. They both have their own tactics in getting to the end result of a question or problem, but to see them go head to head in conquering each others dilemmas is a sight to be seen. The two tend to go after each other with the pure goal of getting under the surface of the other one. They are both determined to do so as they both protect themselves the best way they know how. Sagittarius does like to play a good guessing game in trying to get you to figure out just who they will be today, but in play, they will drop a hint or two to make things more interesting in the game.

They both can have some dazzling relationships, especially if they are sibling or friends while in case of professional colleagues, Scorpio may find Sagittarius insincere and Sagittarius can look at Scorpio as self-absorbed. The relationship of lovers or spouses is better played with Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman compared to the vice-versa. Parents and children also find great comfort together provided that Scorpios are parents as they are more protective while Sagittarius parents can teach their Scorpio children to be more relaxed. Partnerships and business venture can flourish well till the time finances and dealings are with Scorpio and creative part is in hands of Sagittarius. If they can just sit back and relish in the good aspects of each other, let some of the bad go, and stop trying to change the other person, this is just a worthwhile relationship in all areas.

If Sagittarius can sit still and learn some self control and avoid bluntness in their words, they can better off. They can also teach Scorpio about freedom; self honesty, being more positive and laid back and that helps to strengthen the bond between them also. Another flaw that Scorpio sees in Sagittarius is their innate desire to be very outgoing and easy doing. Scorpio does not tolerate such antics as the Sagittarius frolics about, and the latter cannot understand why anyone can be so private and closed minded about something. The relationship between these two has their positive outcomes as well as their downfalls. They need to work toward a strong bond if they do indeed love each other. Scorpio can add a bit of imagination and permanence to the relationship and Sagittarius can show some more open and forthright attitude.

  1. Angel April 26th, 2022

    Honestly Scorpio women (me) is pretty stable to date a sag guy but if it’s a Scorpio guy with a sag woman it’s a whole different story

  2. NScorpio February 4th, 2021

    I’m a Scorpio woman dating a Sagi man for the last 4 years, the relationship is great and from time to time we tend to step on each others toes. He’s quite flirty and my tendancies of not getting mad but evening the score could have a negative impact on the relationship. It seems like we are always trying to figure out what the other is feeling or thinking he’s bunt in his ways while im cunning. I wont lie the realationship is intersesting but his flirtatiousness tends to make me insecure.

  3. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Scorpio are water signs, but they have fiery eyes!
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  4. scorpio female June 30th, 2019

    she cut ties with you. cause you deeply hurt her so shes afraid you would do it again. we scorpios are so protective of ourselves & hearts. you can fix it if you tell her what you exactly wrote here, we value human emotions so much so i’m sure she would understand & even make it up for you when the right moment comes.

  5. Harmony Zodiacs April 11th, 2018

    To stop the arguing just make out for 5 hours take the advice from #Harmonyzodiacs

  6. LaStar October 23rd, 2017

    I am a Scorpio Woman and I’ve been dating a Sag Man for a little over two years. We recently broke up because we moved out and I stayed with my parent and he stayed with his mom. Because I did not call him within a tiime he wanted me to call, he started assuming I was with someone else and don’t care for him and that the space is what changed me. After I explained myself to him several times whatf I was doing. Do you think I was wrong or do you think he blew this whole thing out of proportion because of his assumptions????

    • Hardeep Singh December 11th, 2019

      Yup you are wrong .. coz he never makes you feel like he take you granted but you makes him feel .. Sagi person will never never accept this things.. if suppose you are a working women you know every day you have to go work from this to this time.. your office people will never call you come to work.. you will go by yourself.. relationship is like that every day you hve to make specific time for each other.. so with sagi person you hve to be serious with all this things he will not accept otherwise.. coz they are very very much serious if they become closer to anyone..

      • LaStar December 11th, 2019

        Yes, I can understand that. But after all that time over a simple did not call on time caused him to cheat and have a baby with someone else

  7. chriss May 30th, 2017

    hey im a sag woman and met a new man ex was also a scorpio man so i thought twice shall i start to see this new man cos of his sign..
    we have had our ups and downs but i do love him deeply that is the only thing i know still time to time i feel total emptyness with him i stay and try or do i stop and leave for good…..

    • Hardeep Singh December 11th, 2019

      As for my experience.. Sagi man can handle the scorpio woman but listen carefully.. A sagi woman cant handle scorpio Man.. coz woman need attention, comfort, and many more.. Scorpio man are like water.. they will never ever bring out their inner emotions to out.. so becoz of that you will always get disturbed.. So better move on.. if you really want him then you have to become first a very very confident woman coz that’s the only thing that makes him attract towards you..thnx.

      • LaStar December 11th, 2019

        I am a scorpio woman and been dating a Sagittarius man for almost 5 yrs now. Can a Sagittarius man handle a scorpio woman? Yes to a certain extinct. Sagittarius men like clingy woman, and scorpio woman are not that at all. With Scorpio woman not being clingy, and always want to be alone, that pushes a Sagittarius man into assuming and start being sneaky.

  8. Kiraa February 10th, 2017

    Im a Sagittarius woman and I date a Scorpio male. All we do is argue and make up within 10 minutes everyday it’s something between us but we definitely have our good moments.

  9. alleyah_allelie June 5th, 2016

    i have a question. before i marry my capricon man. my neighborhood sagittarious flirting me. he is so sweet to me while his wife he never treat like me. he always watching me and he have a beautiful smile. he still not married his wife. people say..his mother and my mother have a deal. before marraige arrangement.between him and i.what can i do. he always flirting with me.

  10. JScorp June 18th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio male in my late 40’s, she a Sagi in her early 40’s.  I’d seen this lady years prior out in public and was immediately teken with her.  Never said a word until we oddly conneted within the last few weeks.  We’ve only exchanges emails and are just getting to know each other but I am literally falling in klove with her via email.  She has depth like no other woman I’ve ever known.  With email I’m stunned at similar we are and how complimentary her thought process is to mine.    
    I’d read the compatability ratings and discriptions and become concerened.  Still, there was something different about her.  I become more hooked every day.
    I’ve just learned that her rsing and moon are both in Scorpio.  Could that explain this electric connection?  Could this be the saving grace we’d need?  What say you all?
    We have a number or outside impediments we must get past before we can explore this in person and with a more obvious move toward romance, but I am so falling for her and it’s making me nuts. 

  11. hearme123 June 15th, 2014

    Im a sagi man in love with a Scorpio Woman our Relationship gi well chatting with Facebook and Whatsapp and with other had relation like me Good Luck 🙂

  12. SoSadgy May 5th, 2014

    Since I was 14, I have been in love with a scorpio. At the time , I was out as a bisexual. My cousin wanted to fix me with her hot neighbor across the street and I agreed to it. When I caught glimpse of this beautiful ebony skinned tone girl who pierced me with her diamond shaped eyes, I nearly died. Yes she’s that beautiful. she stands at 5’2, 120 pounds with perky tits and a bubble butt. She recently just had a baby so she’s a bit thicker. But  I’m getting off track so let me continue narrating about my first lesbian fling with a scorpio! 
    So I’m standing with my cousin in front of her door with a t-shirt that said, “lesbians make the best breakfast”. And my cousin who formally introduced us–rather quickly, turned around and dashed across the street to her queens townhouse. It was just this soft spoken and highly attractive mysterious scorpio and I remaining, but instantly, a connection was made when I touched her hand. One moment later. I was up in her room giving her the slobbest filatio. Yea I was hot like a caesers pizza but I don’t regret it. It was my first time. Maybe not her because the next day, I spotted her getting comfortable with this tall Hispanic girl with glasses (libra) on her porch in front of everybody. I approached the scene as a pacifist, but I still wanted to punch my scorpio lover for playing me with this charming libra. later in life, my scorpio confessed her love for this libra during an intense confession to me. I felt like shit and she knew that our distance was the only thing keeping me from cuffing her.  One summer I spent with my family, I went to see my scorpio lover with my cousin. ironically, they knew each other! They didnt smash though, they were just school mates. She has tons of male friends because she does not trust females. A bit sexist, but she’s encountered too many fakes. strength and suspicion are traits she posses. 
    obviously she was a bit heart less, but I don’t think it was intentional.Maybe because she was the hottest chick on the block. Idk. All I do know is as a sag i wanted complete possession of her after landing my bad/virgin tongue game. Typical circumstance for ANYONE of any gender, race and orientation to only have eyes for the one you gave the cookie to. check this out. I was so love “that I literally caught the peterman by myself as a 15 year old girl from massachusetts to go see her in New York the next summer after we met ( saggies will go out their way for the ones they love. No bullshit.) Man I bought this girl the latest vans. the same night I came, her ex did too. I was so upset watching this boyish girl share blunts with my girl. I took a puff but I didn’t inhale it because I clearly didn’t know how to smoke weed. Guess my innocence turned her on because after my scorpio lover sent her ex packing, she turned off the lights and began thrusting my 15 year old body with a strap on. I wasn’t feeling it though because it reminded me of men so I laid there hoping it would be over. The next  day, I found myself in tears returning back to my home city boston. So many emotions and jealousies were boiling in me that I kept replaying the scene with her Ex flirting with each other in front of me. I wanted to choke a hoe !!! 4 years later, we reconnected ( through my own efforts of always getting in touch with her. Literally, I have reconnected with this girl after changed numbers and addresses. No mutual friends except her cousin, but even he was absent). 
    I understand as a sag I get a bit impulsive with my emotions and hot tempered—but scorpios cant expect people to be calm around bullshit. Sorry I am not a emotional ass cancer I am not going to hide the truth. As a sagitarius with sun in sag, I Forgive quite easily. downfall is I’m a bit vindictive.
    So regrettably, the next time we spoke, I attempted to make her jealous by blabbing about my new bf, who was a cancer I was dating in my early twenties. He was treating me right and I wanted to rub it all her face like Ana Mae eat the cake!! Eat that shit up. But it only ended up hurting her because I also started preaching about the bible. ( a contradictory move based on my confusion and broken ez-homosexual heart.) I did find God though. yet In between our convos, i’d be bias because I still loved her and she knew that. Now she’s 24 with a family and I’m a year younger single, continuing college and working. Though we are trying to bury the hatchet now, she said she lost all respect for me. I don’t know what that means in scorpio language but as a optimistic centaur, I hope to redeem her respect. shes so secretive though. I’ve sent her numerous requests on Facebook, and had never accepted me. guess that means in life too.

  13. A_Grigori June 18th, 2013

    My boyfriend is a scorpio and I am a sag and we are currently in a bit of trouble. He is very possesive and only ever talks about himself. He gets upset when I talk about my guy friends. He says I am way to blunt and I need to learn to settle down. Now, I do have a temper and he seems to choose things that he knows will get on my nerves. We say we love each other, and I know I want it to work, but honestly, I dont see it going anywhere like this. I’ve tried to fix it, but it seems like he doesnt care. He is very emotionally detatched. My friends keep telling me to give him another chance and stop wanting to move around so much. but this would be the third chance…..I really dont know what to do. Any advice? I’m almost ready to give up…

  14. Ginskie32 January 26th, 2013

    @fly me too I’m a Scorpio and been married with my husband for 6 yrs already and Counting! i remembered back then few nights Before our wedding day i couldn’t sleep good because i was very bothered of what ive read about The Compatibility sign of Sag and Scorpio that says they are not match made by heaven! I was very Scared to think that our relationship will end up soon because thats what most Astrology said.first year and Second year was really tough and sometimes i almost give up coz it always remind me the what ive read before i almost beleived it.but hubby never give up on me and now were still very much happy and so much inlove. Compromise,Communications is the key! and i guess my maturity now helps a lot.

  15. fly November 7th, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio girl who’s been married to a Sagittarius for 8 years.
    Yes, we do have very different natures. I feel the only way this pairing will work is if you’re both very in love with each other and are both able to change for each other in little ways, (compromise and communication… cuddling/skinship also helps keep a relationship healthy).
    We actually rarely fight, but this is because my husband is willing to give in to me when it matters. 
    The first 2 years we were together, I did drown him. That is, I only wanted him to hang out with me and we were together as much as possible every day. It slowly died down into a less intense feeling, but now after 8 years, we still love each other deeply and are together whenever possible, (though now, we appreciate occasional alone time more haha).
    Things that are difficult with our relationship for me, is his lack of responsiblity. He usually doesn’t do the things he says he will and then he lies about it to avoid any sort of conflict, but since I realize that’s just his nature, I can move on after scolding him. I think this lack of responsiblity also makes him come across as uncaring or selfish sometimes, which can really irritate me.
    However, my particular Sagittarius is very loyal, loving, compromises, and gives in to my stubborn ways so well, that it makes up for the difficult parts. I also like his sense of humor and how he can easily let go of his negative emotions… since I’m a negative and emotional person, this really helps a lot. I think our personalities balace well for the most part.
    My advice to Scorpios is to think it out with your head before getting too emotionally invested. Get to know them well and decide whether both of you will be able to handle the difficulties. If you think you can, then go for it! Sagittariuses are cute dorks that add a lot of fun if you can handle their irresponsible nature haha.
    For Sagittarius… the more you can compromise and give in to your Scorpio’s demands, the better. Also, when you do make a mistake, just make sure you show your Scorpio how genuinely sorry you are – after they’ve calmed down a bit, sincerely apologize (probably not more than 2 times or it’s suspicious) and then maybe give a little gift (even just offering to cook supper or something is acceptable). Usually it’s just an intense feeling of disappointment that makes the Scorpio upset with a Sagitarrius, so you can acknowlege that and any other feelings they might talk about. I know when I’m upset, I can’t let go of my angry act until I’m sure the person understand just how deep my feelings are over the matter; I just need confirmation that my feelings are recognized and important.
    Anyway, since Scorpios are more responsible, we can really help out with different aspects of a Sagitarrius’ life. And since they have an adventerous spirit, our intensity can add excitement to their life haha. Things won’t be boring with us~ 

  16. shannonbarley September 6th, 2012

    PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!! I am a scorpio and husband a Sag/ Could not be a worse match. I also know of another couple, same scenario. Sag men are close minded, selfish and have the complete inability to put themselves in another’s shoes. Not compassionate people.:(

  17. Jeri November 1st, 2011

    OH MY GOD! THIS WOULD EXPLAIN WHY I WAS SO HEART BROKEN WHEN I SAID SOMETHING REALLY SWEET TO HIM AND HE SMILED, THEN SAID “WHO ARE YOU”!?!?!?!?! I DIED THAT MOMENT, but now out of caps, I fell for a capricorn who now makes every move I make and every breath I take worth every second of pain.

  18. youngscorpio20 October 13th, 2011

    I am a young scorpio 19 born Nov-14 and im involve with and young sag 20 born Dec-9. We are at the beginning stage of our relationship going on our 2nd month. I have to say its been wonderful. I met him on his job, he was serving my food. I admired how hard he was working, and couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Scorpios are generally very alluring and magnetic because of this i guess he was drawn to me. he had and undeniable charm about him that made me more interested or maybe it was curiosity. Any way we exchange numbers and i call him when his shift was over. We hit it off so suddenly, it was like no judgement when talking to him, everything was easy. Maybe that because of their free-spirit laidback personality. At the time I did’t know much about the sag. But i was determind to find out.
    I had to leave shortly after to go to Atlanta, when i told him i was leaving he display his disapointment, than told to me to make sure i call him when i get there to make sure i arrived safe. That was the 1st time i felt obligated to do something. I couldn’t reach him because of problems location the number he gave me since he had no number of me. When i came back to St. louis a couple of months later i made it my mission to find him again.1st place i look was his job. And there he was and our eyes meet again for the first time in months. Our faces lite up. A short while later we decided to hook-up.
    Now i can’t keep my mind off of him. We don’t have any major problems jus minor issues.
    As been a scorpio woman my passion runs deep. And sometimes i feel like my passion is drowning my sag. But i don’t know no any other way to be. I want time, which he gives it to me but it don’t satify my needs. I really do care for him, so some of the things he dose gets under my skin, thats when i ask (Why did you do that for)but 9/10 he don’t have an answer i guess thats he’s free spirit child like side of the sag.
    Im writing this because like i said i don’t know much about the sag… and everytime i try to look it up it say that we are not going to work that we are to different. But that what attracted me in the beginning, was me knowing something was differ about him.
    But sometimes i feel like thats not enough to satify my scorpio needs.
    I guess what im asking is how to you make it work. This is really like the 1st site that gave me so light in our relationship. I really do see a future for us, but sometimes i feel like we not on the same page…and i don’t know what page he is on. We don’t talk about unless i bring it up, and for an scorp thats hard to do. Because we feel like our partner/mate should know when something is wrong with us. But they never do. Sometimes i feel like his laid back personality is not enough that it comes a time to put away the child act and act adult for awhile. I want a serious life-long RELATIONSHIP like i read on this site. So i join to get advice. Im an inch away for loving my sag but sometimes i think our signs are to differ yet too alike to work.

  19. juicerparadeez September 1st, 2011

    Hello all my sago’s…anyways I have been with a Scorpio man for almost 2 years this November. He is 34 and I am 25 his birthday is the 14th and mine is the 24th. We have always hit it off from the first time I met him and came in contact with him I felt and knew he was the one. I always read how we are a hard match to stay together but this site reassures me we are not the statistical couple roomed for disaster. We both listen to each other and our each others best friend I have gotten to his heart and he has opened up tremendously to me as well as I have to him. We communicate great to each other and are only getting better. Don’t get me wrong we have has our tot for tats yet we only love each other more passionately later. I couldn’t imagine myself without this man he is truly mysterious to where I want to know more about him everyday. I only wht to he in his presence even though he can be possessive and at times become jealous of my flirtation and I love that we can tell each other what we dislike and how we will work towards changing it only to improve. I’ve never opened up to many men, yet with him I can and I’m vulnerable to his charm and protectiveness. I love how he likes to be in control something us sags dnt have when it comes to the words of settling down its like we usually run to the first exit. Not with him I only want more. It makes us feel wanted and admired. Which keeps us wanting more and what most signs don’t fulfill for us can’t keep us grounded on the other hand with this man of mine he does for me. He has actually won my heart and has me head over heels we’ve talked about marriage and it came from him. And I will say yes. He initiated having the have a baby talk which makes me want to give up my last name for his. I hope this love of ours never ends for if it does id break to pieces. I really feel I don’t have to look any further. I love him with all my heart and can’t wait to be his wife and mother of his children. I love u Corey and forever more. Thank u god for leading him to me.

  20. Author
    Ask Oracle May 14th, 2011

    @chris Since distance relationships don’t work well because of communication problems I would say just be a good friend to her but not too emotionally attached. This way you will be able to have a good relationship with her and take it to the next level only when time/situations are favorable.

  21. gogogomez May 14th, 2011

    I am a scorpio man, and i recenlt have been talking to and getting close to a saggi girl. We both like eachother a lot…but by the end of the summer ill be leaving for college. which isnt in town but still in the same state.I want to try and see if it will work…can anyone give me some advice.

  22. Grace February 28th, 2011

    I’m a Scorpio, and I’m talking to a girl who’s a Sag. As I read more and more about our compatibility it kind of scares me, but at the same time exhilarates me. I’m learning it’s going to be a challenge (which I love of course), especially with a Sag’s flirty ways with other people, and blunt remarks that tend to make me sting back at her. It’s going to take some getting used to, I just got out of a relationship with a Capricorn who was moody, but for the most part just showered me with affection. I see that people do work through it though, being Scorpios and Sagittarius’s, so I hope her and I can do the same!

  23. Teresa February 21st, 2011

    I am a Scorpio woman and I have falling in Love with a Sag man. It is unbelievable how strong the emotions run through me for him and I am worried that they will fade …. Every Scorpio knows how I feel as we are the most passionate for our lovers and he just wows me every day ….WOW I am in love

  24. Misty January 13th, 2011

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read our compatibility above. I am a scorpio woman and my husband is the sagitarius. I had to laugh a lil more when I read people’s comments. Not because it was funny, but because it was “dead on”. My husband and I are newly weds, and the only thing we seem to differ on is his way of wording things and my stubborn way I milk the situation when I feel I have been scorned. Yes, us scorps are big, stubborn babies, and the best way to move on is to let us have our way. My husband, is impatient and hates to be unaware of anything. Reading the other sites on this caused concern because it said we are doomed to fail. How?? He is the only one that “gets” me, and the only one that can keep my attention for more than 15 minutes! I was relieved to see that our marriage has hope. Thank you….p.s.-not that I needed the conformation..if you truely know a scorpio, then you know we love a challenge, and don’t take anyone or anything at face value:)

  25. Carol December 31st, 2010

    i’m a scorpio woman who had been with her Sag man for 15 years. It hasn’t always been easy, at least the first 1/2 of our life together was bickering, etc. We’ve learned how to deal with each other over the years and it has made an amazingly strong bond between the two of us. I think we we are so attracted to each othr because we ARE so opposite. He is completely blunt and it sounds downright rude sometimes and I put him right back on track letting him know that he can’t speak like that, it comes off wrong. After so many years I’ve learned what he means and doesn’t mean and am no longer offended.

  26. andrea_carrera December 26th, 2010

    am a scorpio woman and the guy i like at my work happens to be a sag, i kind of suspects that he likes me too, once i witness the totally different side of him i found intrigued by but often times he just blurts out the ruddeest things that i think are supposed to come off as a joke but i get offended and deeply turned off by…i dont really know how to go about him… right now am just cutting him loose..he is really attractive ambitious young but he says alot of things that just hurts my feelings…coming from past relationship were i have hurt quite a lot…

  27. soul December 23rd, 2010

    im a scorpio woman and hes the Sagittarius i agree but with some caution, our relationship is pure love that love is so great we do have our issues but we are great at working through them communication is what’s going to keep this love match alive…

  28. LavanderGirl November 4th, 2010

    Well I have no scorpio boyfriend, but I do have a scorpio friend. ^_^

  29. Alexxx August 23rd, 2010

    Dear Billy Bell;

    i am a scorp lady in love wit my sag man… have been for about 3 years, its never easy and it sure as hell wasnt in the begining… i easily got offended by his ‘blunt remarks’ that came across as rude, i couldnt always see the brighter side of thingsl ike he could, at times i felt like we are from different planets, we are two very different people… but with communication and love you can really make it work. Sit down wi your scorp try to talk things through, tell her and remind her all the good parts of the realtionship, however try to get her to see your point of the story at the same time.

    I feel that my sag is selfish sometimes and comes across rude, but i also knno that its just ‘him’ and i wouldnt change it for the world….

    i can be very moody and i find it frustrating when he cant see where im coming from, my emotions run deep as the wAter, and for my sag… its not always tha case, he cant comprehend my emotions, as sag’s dont feel emoition like us Scorps…

    Take her out, show her off….

    I beleive i have what it takes to keep my sag hanging around..3 years later and we are 100% faithful to eachother and love very strongly.

    He fufils my fantasies and our sex life is amazing.

    to rekindle ur relationship with ur scorp lady, sit down and have a chat. communication is key.

    best of luck…….


  30. Billy Bell August 18th, 2010

    Im a sag and my girl friend is a scorp. Im a truckdriver and i feel what you guys expressed is true. we are at each others neck right now and i want to see eye to eye with her and make our relationship work. we have a 1yr old son together and i want this to work so bad. Everything i say and do is wrong to her. shes 1 sided, n always right. im hurts because im a truckdriver, no 1 to talk to because everything has to be hidden form every1. i love her so much. but right now all seems lost

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