Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Aries and Sagittarius prove to be potential partners on all practical levels in all the relations. They both are intuitive and impulsive people and enjoy each other’s company. For the most part, they inspire each other, and mutual encouragement is more than likely.

Aries are very objective and direct with a touch of force. They engage in heated arguments to defend themselves or what is they think is right. They are champions of the brutal truth which can sting a bit, but do not hear the truth of themselves for it is irrelevant to them and they are above it. As for careers, these people do not like answering to anyone else so a boss might be a bit of a problem. They want to be their own boss no matter what the job is. An Aries is obsessed with winning and engages in controlling behavior to get what they want, because in the end they only know how to please themselves.

Sagittarius mimics the Aries in many ways of life with a few exceptions. They tend to have more personal confidence than Aries. They are blunt about making comments to others and themselves. Sagittarius amp their own ego through exaggerating personal experiences and feelings making people think of them as either very wise or extremely foolish. They are kind at heart and mean no harm with the painful truths they tell, for they feel honesty is very important and the truth must be upheld at all cost. They are individuals who can adapt well to virtually any situation. Sagittarius are always on the move looking for a new adventure around the corner and like Aries these people enjoy the risks, everything from extreme sports to gambling.

Both Aries and Sagittarius hit it off most of the time because of the common ground they walk on. They are both extroverted and put their mark on almost anything. They also typically engage in heated discussions and just cannot let a verbal challenge go. Both think they are always right and both argue for the truth. And no one dare distort the truth or they have a hot Sagittarius on their hands. Both of these are always on the move in an attempt to not miss anything new, exciting or challenging. If searching for cause finds it to be a lost cause, they both exhaust all resources to help. The Aries needs their victory while Sagittarians fight for the truth in good. Also these two people basically, always know everything or at least claiming to know. With their curiosity level high it is no surprise that these two are very accident prone, the most on the zodiac.

In contrasting, of the two, Aries is more susceptible to being taken advantage of do to their wanting to help others and their inability to show caution. Aries may seem rude, their intentions are not malicious. By nature Aries sees and comprehends the good and positive in people, such as the child sees the love in his mother’s eyes. A natural and pure pursuit of the good found in people, Sagittarians fall a bit on the distrustful or cynical side of life. Their attitude of idealism and striving to succeed are present, but they are not innocent. Sagittarians have learned to be intellectual in the ways of the world, but they still uphold principles of truth. It just seems these two took different routes through development to end up so close in character.

When these two make some relations, they are always filled with joy, enthusiasm and lots of smooth and sometimes hot communication. As siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives they share a very exciting and over whelming relation with lots to share and discover together. They both are always ready for all new things and love to explore and argue with each other. Commercial bonds can be both successful as well as unsuccessful depending on their passion for it and their interest in it. Their romantic relationship is always passionate and exciting and they always have so much in common to enjoy that they never feel bored once they are together. Parenthood is a serious responsibility which they take up with caution and once they are there they prove to be their children’s best friend and careful guardians with lots of give them and make them learn.

There are a few clashes that take place between Aries and Sagittarians due to their spontaneous nature. They both react to the moment and are straight forward and thus tend to hurt each other. Even with the occasional squabbles and mild differences, Sagittarius always moves and inspires as well as draws Aries close. Neither of them is one to hold grudges and both of them is willing to move forward and forget about problems easily. There is always spontaneous affection and compassion between the two. More importantly a strong trust through truth and honesty makes this a strong association. When all is said and done and the dust clears, Sagittarius and Aries still remain, unchanged and in each other’s hearts.

  1. MBM March 3rd, 2022

    Ah. Sagittarius & Aries. As an Aries, I’ve been surrounded by a couple Sagittarius’! One, I recently had a bestfriend last year, but we departed, as our class schedules have changed, and unfortunately, I’m in the same grade from last year! But, I have no doubt I’ll succeed this year (hopefully, heh..). Anyways, I was the more energetic, impatient, impulsive, aggressive, and increasingly annoying one of the friendship! (why am I putting “!” on that 🤨🤨) I always had intentions to make him laugh, because I do have a Sagittarius Moon (I’m sure this has an effect on my personality) and I honestly just want the world to be great and a place for all people to enjoy. But everytime, I’d be somewhat too clingy (I hate admitting that, EWW) and it’d piss the hell out of him. Although sometimes we had some laughs, I was still too selfish like an idiot.

    My cousin, he is a Sagittarius. But oddly & unfortunately, he is irritatingly LAZY and is the biggest liar of the family! (Ahem..) He never wants to go out anywhere, he lies, and breaks promises. Like my old “Bestfriend” I just talked about, I’d annoy the Devil out of him, but he never expressed it fully out JUST LIKE MY OLD “BESTFRIEND” (wow that’s crazy how similar they were… hmm). Anytime I asked him as a child if he wanted to go to the movies, he’d say “Yes” and/or, “Maybe”, or just a casual “No, my legs hurting” (which was one of his obvious lies to me and everyone else). He’d lie like that everytime, always a fake excuse, but you get it, that’s his full character!

    Now, my Dad is a Sagittarius. He was very rude, blunt, and also lied , but had tons of plans and optimism that he could never end up completing due to certain events and people that diminished his energy. I never really liked speaking to my dad, because he’s my DAD and I prefer speaking to friends. Everytime he’d have some energy, it was only a little bit, and I realized that I was one of them diminishing it. But I am very independent, and I LOVEEEE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.. etc) being ALONE (god I really do you wouldnt understand). He had some anger issues though, and was a really bad influence (just out of honesty), he often had road rage, plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of impatience (as in if the employees in the drive thru took too long to get the order right he’d swear at them and dip).

    I also have a 4 y/o Sagittarius brother (december) who is energetic, exciting, funny, adventurous, happy, and very athletic and sports loving. He really only looks up to me other than everyone else and yes he can get annoying with that constant spoiled & greedy attitude but luckily I fully understand it. We have fun times together and there’s no doubt he’s gonna be something great in the future. But, he can be lazy… when he’s trying to wake up. 💀💀

    YES, I’VE MET MORE SAGITTARIUS’ before (my science teacher is a Sagittarius, and she is BLUNT), and overall, I can say they’re fun to be around, but they can either be VERY, very, negative, or extremely positive. They do have a serious attitude to them, and their anger is somewhat scary (I’ll admit it’s too serious, god it still shivers my bones till this day). And THEY ARE SO CONFIDENT AND HUMOROUS (example: Kai Cenat, JiDion), I always see & hear Sagittarius’ listening/watching a funny video on YouTube (funny to them, some of it doesnt interest me), and their ability to make a joke through the toughest & roughest times really is amazing ngl. Last, Sag’s, don’t be that dull person, show your energetic side, I’ll be waiting for you somewhere at the top of the world (uh.. seriously I will), UNDERSTOOD??!! 🤣🤣

  2. Sagie1 March 5th, 2021

    Sag female used to be dating male aries. I found this relationship to be very tough as my former aries partner would lie often even about the little things and it would drive me insane cause we sagies are all about truth. He was a bit of a narcissist too, saying things like it’s all in my head just so he could win the dispute. I just could not trust my aries man due to the lies and hiding stuff in his life. In the end I’m relieved it’s over. I found the sex to be really good, hot and passionate. Its definitely a relationship I wont forget but would not wish to restart. I found him to be like a little boy even tho he was 45, so sagies beware and you aries men always tell your sagies the truth! Is that really alot to ask???

  3. Abigail March 25th, 2018

    How many chances do I have to get a devoice

  4. UBob January 2nd, 2018

    Agree with all of this, I am Aries and have a crush on a Sagittarius girl, and all of the above is true. What is said here, is what has attracted us to each other in the first place!

    I did not know it at the time, but being straightforward with her about my feelings, has actually improved our friendship and brought us closer together, so much so that we are not far from taking the next step. Scary and exciting at the same time.

  5. fhigl2 September 10th, 2016

    I have this crush on this guy at school and he is Sagittarius yay we r compatible

  6. sparky76 March 22nd, 2016

    I agree

  7. Nikkibiber1 July 27th, 2015

    I can completely agree with a lot of the common Aries traits being posted here, especially because my boyfriend of 2+ years, mother, father and brother are all Aries! Growing up in a household with three of them and being a sagittarius was not fun! I obviously didn’t assume my boyfriend was going to be anything like them since it’s family, and not everyone is going get along with their relatives but after a little over a year the personality started to show and boy when its bad, its really bad! The worst for me is that he is so argumentative about everything, can never admit to being wrong and it’s not over until I apologize, even if I hadn’t done anything wrong. I don’t mind him being the leader in this relationship or anything, I’m a pretty passive person and I like having someone to look up to but we can’t even have a healthy conversation/debate on ideas or thoughts we have that are opposing..and I really look for someone I can talk to about everything and have a deep intellectual bond with. Anyways..I’m still trying to see if I can get past be negatives because his best trait would be loyalty, he is the only guy I’ve been with that I’ve never had to worry about infedelity and its a really nice feeling. He is there for me when I really need him and can be the sweetest, most caring guy I’ve ever met. I just really hope things work out. Being a sag I also have a big curiosity in whether there may be someone else out there that may be the one and that I’m just settling  for now, I’m really not sure. I mean every sign has there flaws right?  Recently a Libra has struck my attention and has been asking me out for lunch a lot, I’ve been hesitant becuase I’d feel too guilty going but it’d be nice to talk to someone who isn’t constantly so irritated with life.

  8. S3xysh3n July 15th, 2013

    I can relate on this, I’m in a relationship with a Sagittarius man n we are exactly wat u said I love him dearly n I know he loves me back… this really made me love him even more cax I get to understand him more. Thank you 

  9. Sine-Metu June 14th, 2011

    I am a Virgo (September 14) and I dated a Saggitarius (December 9) for a year and a half. He was imaginative, cute, and thought completely differently than I did (at some times delightful and at times maddening). I would definitely not say the physical intimacy was a focus in the relationship, though. I have had much better luck with Scorpios and Tauruses in that regard. My Sag was way too caught up in the circus going on in his head to pay much attention to whether anyone else’s needs were being met.

    He was exuberant, a ray of sunshine, and up for the adventure, despite often getting too distracted to get out the door until the adventure had come and gone. He was cerebral and I suppose outgoing, although with him that took the form of being rather tactless and oblivious to any sort of social decorum, routinely getting us kicked out of events, and getting bored of me after a year and a half. He then explained that this happens to him every two years, and maybe after he got it out of his system he’d want to come back to me, delivered with the self-satisfied grin of a kid who knows his brother is about to get in trouble for what he did.

    And you know what? Despite it I would take him back, because I’m loyal and it’s hard for me to change my feelings toward someone. And he was my little cheerbot and was disconnected enough from the depression that I go through to stick with me for far longer than most would have. There you have it!

  10. mzz sexy keke March 4th, 2011

    Dat is so true I loved it.

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