Aries and Cancer Compatibility

The bonding of an Aries and a Cancer can be difficult and pretty offbeat. They both have different sense of expression, where Aries are high and spontaneous, Cancers are shy and slow. Though these two together can be very complementing but they take time to adjust to such situation.

Aries have a youthful aura and their confident personality makes them outshine most of the people around them but at the same time their impatient nature and carefree attitude can cause hitches. They look for endeavors that enhance their egos. Aries are often viewed as one who is impulsive and thoughtless, while the whole time they are running around carelessly trying to gain acceptance. They rush out to meet obstacles headlong and headfirst, even when they have to go out of their way to find them. They want everyone to like them, which they usually earn from their attractive personality. They are born to win and they want everything to be more than perfect for them. The typical Aries would never hurt anyone on purpose.

Cancers are very sensitive and cautiously intelligent people who appreciate their superiority with humbleness and use it properly. They are one of a kind determined individual who are steadily strong and achieves success in all conditions. Cancers are always very protective and warm towards every person they love including their family and friends. They often use humor as a form of trickery to distract a person from noticing their technique. Their strategy to win over obstacles is not head on but rather sideways. When they are hurt, they simply disappear from the scene and pout. They should not be considered to be totally impassive, easily molded or incapable of resistance. Even they can be sometimes very stubborn and hard headed for the things they want their way to achieve.

A union between an Aries and a Cancer are more likely to consist of co-workers or relatives. Their relationship is typical business orientated. If a romance is created between the two it usually has began at the work environment or at some common gatherings. A conversation between the two is mainly about family and work. An Aries likes and needs to win. A Cancer has nothing against winning or losing, but also likes leading and having what they want at any cost. The only solution is that they can walk side-by-side, with no one ahead and no one behind. Cancers tends to compromise with less pain than Aries, so it is usually the Cancer who must initiate the offer of truce between two. It is not unusual for an Aries to get an emotional response out of a Cancer by saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

One of the problems between Aries and Cancer is sensitivity to hurt. Aries people have little or no awareness of this particular weakness in themselves. This is not consistent with the image the Aries put forth. Therefore, when Aries is hurt, the reaction is to either immediately deny it or to become defensively angry. Cancers are however sure to display their typical reactions. Although they may learn to tolerate each other, help each other grow, evolve and learn, the differences between them are distinctly visible. Aries and Cancer have different motivations, different approaches to life and different goals. If each gives something of his or her basic good nature to the other, their lives can be greatly enriched. If they are willing to take the time to translate the message of each other’s hearts, who knows how what mountains they can climb.

Relationships play very important roles in lives of both Aries and Cancer as they both love their dear ones passionately; only their way of expressing is different.  As siblings and relatives they form a very loving and easy bond with minor differences that hardly affect anyone of them. As friends and colleagues, they share a very cool relationship, which can be termed as ‘cool buddies’ as both are easy on each other and ready to help. But there may be competition sometimes when Aries want to be at the top and the same thing is the dream of Cancer except that they live in harmony with each other. Commercial project can create magic for them if only they are ready to concentrate on one particular thing and finances are governed by Cancer. Love relationship can create some serious differences as Cancers are shy and slow in relationship while Aries are aggressive and impulsive. As parents they both play perfect as they both remain slow to the heart of their little ones and are ready to provide them with all they want.

When Aries and Cancer are together there can be many differences that are to be taken in consideration. The basic difference comes in their thoughtfulness towards anything and everything in life. Where Cancers are most compassionate of all the beings, Aries can be aggressive and less considerate. Their approach towards finances also come with great clashes as Cancer consider money to be holy stuff, earned and saved forever, Aries find it a basic need and spend it lavishly. As such Aries find Cancers miser and not only that Aries also find them slow and inexpressive. There is always certain amount of possibility to have a clash on almost any subject, due to their different approaches. But if they consider each other’s differences well and give some time to each one with a feeling of adjustment at both the ends, they can actually enjoy a relationship that is fulfilling both in fields of passion and security topped with love and enthusiasm at all times.

  1. Leie February 1st, 2022

    Iam an ARIES but my ex boyfriend is a cancer should I try n work things back out with him.

  2. Onis September 7th, 2021

    See if my cancer man was like that we would be fi e. Im willing to do all that and sine yet all he dies us work. And I get mad because we don’t spend job time. We don’t live together and u see him once a week . I don’t see how cancer think tgey can be in a relationship.

  3. Randall September 2nd, 2021

    Hi, Sagittarius here…my wife is an Aries and she holds onto it like it will never come again! Haha Spend that ****… -=8-D

  4. Sabrina May 6th, 2021

    As a Cancer woman, I can say you are right to give her some time but be careful not to become out of sight because that makes you out of mind and she will just move on. I dated an Aries man and suffice it to say that didn’t last very long for the same reasons you mentioned. We (Cancer women) don’t like to nag or feel like we are not a priority especially when we have made it known that we care about the other person. Feels like a slap in the face when our display of intimate feelings is met with nonchalant ‘me toos’. Don’t stop telling and showing her you want her back, you will wear her down. Good luck

  5. Lelia April 30th, 2021

    I am an Aries woman secondary progressive, and my boyfriends just turn into an Cancer man secondary progressive. I find myself seeing him as boring with very little to say. He sit for hours staring at the back yard as if he is lost. When I tried to start a conversation with him his answers are dull and his mood swings are draining. I should also add that my boyfriend is a baby boomer and tend hang on to outdate ways and tradition. Our age is five years apart, but he was born during the baby boomer era. I do love him but I can’t see myself spending the rest of my life with someone that strike me as dull.

  6. Kay March 21st, 2021

    Check out zodiac fun youtube channel. They explain detail on zodiac relationships

  7. Phil February 20th, 2021

    I’m an Aries man dumped by a cancer woman
    It happened (I think) because of lack of communication more on my part and she felt that I didn’t love her anymore. I think she also made it up in her mind that I cheated on her because she asked me about it. I didn’t though always loyal. Sometimes it’s like our souls were bound together and other times on complete different wave lengths. It was my fault I didn’t read into emotions enough and I never researched this astrology stuff until it was too late. But I love this woman she is the best one of a kind. But I heard once a cancer makes up her mind that you slighted her somehow, that’s it you can’t change it. Is it true if not how do I get this woman back? She really means everything to me. I already admitted all my mistakes and I pretty much left her alone because I heard that they need time to make up their mind, but it has done no good, so far any advice?

    • July February 23rd, 2021

      Hello phill cancer lady here of july, ur story kinda similar to mine i had same when i was dating my aries at start a lot of passion then aries tends to take away distance and and stop communicating as before and even express their emotions as before, cancer ladies can sense the changing and will think you already no more love her or have found someone else to give ur emotions to, however it was a big mistake to not communicate back i suppose u sound had some mood swings like many aries does, once a cancer done is done is not completely true, she can come back around if you gave her more attention and rectify ur mistake and sent her maybe a good romantic pure later with a git thats very appreciated by cancers even in case she never back after while she will keep thinking of u in her mind and later when she see u have return the same person who express his feelings intensly she will accept you back but she going to be more cautious this time, for more help here is mye mail j*********[email protected]. Good luck!

    • Ana May 13th, 2023

      Don’t stop trying. Ask her what she expects of you to win her back, or how you can change.

  8. Emmalee December 7th, 2019

    Aries are so strong-willed and fiery.

    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for ARIES people:–5_VP4


  9. Jenny O July 12th, 2019

    I’m an Aries and trying to make it work with a cancer but I feel so empty. Like I try to give so much but they just repeat the same pattern. I like to talk about various topics, yet they’re always so quiet it’s like I have to try to force things out. They get super shut off out of nowhere and it becomes work, I try to talk things through buy get nowhere. I love this person, to where I can feel it in my heart but I feel so unfulfilled. We argue and generally get over it but I’m the one trying to fix it. I don’t ever put so much into something but it’s different with this person, yet I feel like it’s too much of a rollercoaster, like they want to make me chase after them and they never take my feelings or perspectives into account. I’ve never gave so much and received so damn little in return. when it’s on a high point it’s great but it never lasts long because this person switches on a dime. I’m trying to communicate but they shut down and disappear when there’s conflict, I try to understand but they make no effort to try to understand me or my point of view. Im willing to try to work through the differences but it seems that they aren’t because their actions never change and I feel like my reaction gets thrown in my face. What the hell do I do?!

    • Lelia April 30th, 2021

      I do feel your pain because I am in the same situation. I love my cancer man but I am beginning to feel that it is not worth the effort. I value friendship and communication and with this Cancer man I feel left out in the cold. Even when we make love it like making love to silence. I am use to being playful in bed, with cancer men it is more like a duty.

      I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a relationship with up and down on almost a daily base. I know I am going to miss him but I am ready to get off this merry go round and move forward.

  10. Karim April 3rd, 2019

    Iam Maried to a cancer women for 9 years she been saying she don’t a confidence with me ?? She saying that she scare from me ??we have 3 beautiful children I don’t wanna loose my wife what I should do to keep this relationship

    • Michelle April 22nd, 2019

      She is saying that she doesn’t have confidence in you as in she can’t rely on you, she cannot predict your response and thus she doesn’t trust you like she can’t lean on you. As cancers we do not like the unknown being able to predict your response is reassuring to us it says that we know you.

  11. Johan July 28th, 2018

    25 years of marriage: Aries guy with cancer lady. Tedious!!

  12. K July 23rd, 2017

    in the end, the aries woman will pull the pin on the relationship, the cancer man will deliberately not do the right thing and wont be interested in doing the right thing to fix the relationship, he will test her beyond frustration and she will just end it right there and there and totally mean it, the cancer man will automatically go straight to another relationship so much easily than the aries woman after they separate, and the aries woman will eventually regret it, from my personal experience aries, you need time out on a regular basis to pull back your anger if you want this relationship to work, your going to have to lower your expectations and communicate more intimately.

    • Moore July 1st, 2019

      LMAO!!!!!!!!! Sure, whatever you say . When Aries ends Aries ends . We don’t live in the past like Cancer so they (Cancer)need someone else to leach to in order to move on .theyre like deadweight 🙂

    • Lelia April 30th, 2021

      I’m an Aries woman with a Cancer man. I don’t think I will regret breaking off this relationship. I don’t want to spend my life with someone knowing they cannot make me happy. I try so hard to get him to talk or laugh; it’s more like trying to pull teeth. Yes, I will miss him but that’s life. We are only here on earth for a short time why spend it sad, and unhappy? Cancers need to find someone that are as moody and quiet as they are. I don’t think that Aries and Cancers make a good couple

  13. Chris May 12th, 2017

    I’m a 21 Y/O Aries I’m dating a cancer she has a precious 1 Y/O little girl and I personally think my two beautiful ladies and I will create the best life with each other. I’m blessed to have been given the best gift of all a family!

  14. Shann1981 November 14th, 2016

    I’m a Aries been with my cancer for 4 yrs and it’s been hard. I feel disconnected at times and it has got to a point where one isn’t feeling appreciated as the other one. Idk if it has anything to do with him being a cancer or if it’s just him. But it has been so exhausting and we argue about the same thing over and over again. I like a man to let me how he feels and cancer men can’t do that they bottle their emotions and it’s a big problem and if I try to get him to open up he says there’s nothing wrong which irritates me. We act alike in certain situations but we think differently feels like we have nothing in common. Just letting you know my experience. The reason I haven’t left is because I always try to have hope and faith that things will change but I think he’s stuck
    In his ways. I think I’m getting too comfortable in the relationship and I can’t just settle I have to be happy.

    • weedmanninja April 27th, 2017

      Hello shann1981 you can’t just settle you have to put your happiness ahead, like the article said Aries have to be on top. I’m a cancer myself and also married to a Aries for 4 1/2 years too and when we first got together it was rough but I looked passed the crazy and fell in love. Crazy falls for crazy right? But after everything I realized that there are many types of crazy. You just get like you said comfortable and would be too much of a Hassle to go threw 4 1/2 years of stuff and memories with a person like in my case… Its better to end it the best way you can and go threw the brake up like adults with no yelling or fighting. Because we do let things build up and its better to let go on good terms. Sorry but cancer and Aries do not mix and don’t believe in it working. My Aries is lazy, she never wants to go out and go camping or hiking, she never cooks, I cook everyday (we live together). I can’t get her to do anything sexually. I’m a very kinky guy and like to have sex and love to please her orally and I never get anything back. Always wants the same position, doesn’t want to try new things. Shit I gotta wait till she wants sex to have sex. I feel like I’m loosing my attraction to her completely. She acts very different with me then she does when she is at work or out and about with other people. I try talking to her about it and she always turn it around on me like im the one who shouldnt feel the way i do i ask about her day, how things are going but gotta ask the same questions 20 different ways to get a straight answer. My past “bitches” always gets brought up in fights and how they still effect me…. Even tho I’m married to her, and haven’t thought about them in years. She popped the question to me. We live 4 1/2 hours away from her family, and as much as I love her I don’t think its ever gonna work. Too much alike but way different. Its better to end a lost cost before a big “explosive’ fight happens and feelings get hurt worst and not even be friends. I’ve found its easier for her to open up on social media and make fake accounts to do it, then 4months and one week later and one night I feel like I’m falling even further away form her and yes Aries and cancer must be alike and I find this sight asking the same question you did shann1981. Oddly to my surprise your story sounded a lot like mine and the name and date looked like your password to your iPad… Please people stop posting privet matters on social media cuz one day your ” lover” or I guess not lover in a lot of your stories (everyone) will Google the same question you did cuz he was really trying to make things work with u people and we are totally from other planets lol. See you in the morning 🙂

    • Moore July 1st, 2019

      I was in relationships with 2 cancers , long term. I felt exactly the same way you did . This was years ago, my only regret ??? That I didn’t dump them sooner !! Run and never look back.

  15. Arie5Lover October 21st, 2015

    I am a 19 Aries Female dating a 26 Cancer Male.
    In all honesty, I have had a lot of insecurity issues, & in saying that. I find with my Caner Boyfriend he is loving and caring but to an extent, he is very different too me I feel as if we are very different on our outlook on life & love rolls. He does not like that much affection, hardly wants kisses or cuddles, or tells me he loves me. We live together, but we clash because I’m opposite I am very affectionate & like to be adventurous & I am outgoing & bubbly as for him he is shy & quite likes to stay home, does not like thrill seeking events like rock climbing, bungee jumping etc. 
    I like to go out and live life to the fullest, as we never know when our times up. But as for him, he lacks on life likes to stay home keep calm & not be so spontaneous. At times when we argue, mainly for lack of affection on his part, things never change. I know he loves me, but at least give me a hug & kiss every day, is that too much to ask for? It makes me doubt myself, as if I need to change my affection maybe I’m too much like he says.
    I give him space, but alot of the time I feel as if his pushing me away, I understand his not that affectionate even towards his Family. But I’m opposite we fight over petty things, then make up & do it all over again. We were seeing each other for 4 months he knew I was very affectionate and he says that’s one of the best things about me so then we made it official & now been together for a Year & things still seem abit rocky he says he will try be more affectionate but it never happens. We have a good life together support one another financially we fit well together we both strive for a successful and joyful future, when he is affectionate we are AMAZING! But then he gets mood swings, as if he wants space, pushes me away and hardly talks. The fighting is taking a toll on me emotionally I tend to overthink & start to get very depressed. Then he says I’ve changed because I’m quite & not that affectionate, he gives me a lot of mixed signals. I am worried that I may be wasting time, trying to make him see that we are 50/50 in a relationship when it comes to affection not 20/80. He says I may be better of finding someone more affectionate, but I don’t want that I just want our lives to be happy together but I’m the type that craves affection in the bed and out that’s all I want. I don’t know what to do? Can anyone give me any advice? Please.

  16. dimples32590 April 7th, 2015

    I’m Aries my boyfriend of three months Is a cancer I think I’m already in love with him but where so different. At times I question us but he. Reassure me that he wants me and only me. But I’m scared he don’t feel the same about me. Like he claim  he do and it’s crazy because when I’m with him I get chocked up. Cant express to him how I feel till I get home and text him. I’m scared sometimes that I’m doing all of this for no reason but he makes me feel beautiful and where… passionate with each other intimately just scared
    He putting on a act but i k I care slot and love him slot 
    from Aries that feEl confused 

  17. yellabananna February 17th, 2014

    cancers lie omg i fell in love with my best friend omg it was perfect he knew me i thought i knew him when all it was is he wanted to fuck smh i call him d feds undercover cop shit he broke my heart teribly i trusted d man with everything n me got us a house he asked for a ps4 for xmas i bought him that he lied to me manipulated me he was my bestfriend but was i ever his

  18. ladylove32 May 6th, 2013

    Aries are literally too good for cancers.
    They are a waste of horoscopes skin, bone, and flesh.
    I invested4 1/2 of my years with one and if I could go back and do it again I wouldn’t I would abort mission as soon as possible.
    I am a cancer July 6th, She was an Aries 17, I’m hurt betrayed and literally shocked. But I should’ve saw it coming.
    I will NEVER DATE ANOTHER Aries.
    Not my Destiny.

  19. niloporajita May 4th, 2013

    Hi, I am a 28 years old cancer woman, venus in Taurus. I broke up with an aries male , (venus in aries) 6 months ago. But I think I am still in love with him. He was kinda strange. He was never open to me , though very passionate which I found very attractive. The chemistry was intense. I was waiting for him for last 6 months hpoing he will come back to me ,but he is dating another girl, though he seems still attracted to me. But I want him back fully. How can I get him back.

  20. Ahmed-Abdulrahman-Lal October 19th, 2012

    I love my smarty

  21. Ahmed-Abdulrahman-Lal October 19th, 2012
  22. Ahmed-Abdulrahman-Lal October 19th, 2012

    I met my ArIes and seen

  23. tony_day February 7th, 2012

    @love2011 The secret fear of a typical Aries is that he or she won’t be liked or valued, even though a winner.And past life of aries really matters in their day to day behaviour.If they are not straightforward then their is something to do with their past experiences.

  24. […] Aries and Cancer have different motivations, different approaches to life and different goals. If each will give something of his or her basic good nature to the other their lives will be greatly enriched. If they’re willing to take the time to translate the message of each other’s hearts, who knows how what mountains they can climb. […]

  25. Author
    Ask Oracle July 6th, 2011

    @jmbro1997 (Jake)
    Because Love makes it all possible 🙂

    Love is the context out of which every relationship arises. Love is always there, we just have to get over the layers of illusion and confusions.

  26. jmbro1997 July 5th, 2011

    okay so im an aries, and i knew that cancers and aries dont get along very well. i know a guy who is a cancer and we hate each other, cant stand each other at all, which according to this makes sense. but then i realized one of my closest friend is a cancer?!?! how come there are sometime exceptions for zodiac signs? why do i hate one cancer but love another?

  27. Author
    Ask Oracle June 28th, 2011

    @love2011 (chelsea)
    There should be no fears and shyness in any Love relationships. Anyway you have two choices here:
    a) You can indirectly hint him that you prefer people who are direct, honest, truthful and expressive with their feelings. And a healthy relationship is only possible when there is no shyness and control over the outcome.
    b) You can express your feelings to him (that you have or don’t have romantic feelings for him) and see how if he opens up or not.

    If he doesn’t expresses or doesn’t have any real feelings then you’ll soon know that its best to leave him and move on. All the best 🙂

  28. love2011 June 26th, 2011

    btw his sign is
    Sun :Aries
    Moon :Leo
    Mercury :Taurus
    Venus :Aquarius
    Mars :Aquarius
    Jupiter :Cancer
    Saturn :Capricorn
    Uranus :Capricorn
    Neptune :Capricorn
    Pluto :Scorpio

    and my sign
    Sun Cancer
    Moon Aries
    Mercury Leo
    Venus Leo
    Mars Leo
    Jupiter Leo
    Saturn Aquarius
    Uranus Capricorn
    Neptune Capricorn
    Pluto Scorpio

  29. love2011 June 26th, 2011

    ok this aries guy i have been seeing for a couple months isn’t being straight forward and honest with me.(i thought aries men were supposed to be straightforward, honest and “tell it like it is” kind of people) but anyway i asked him why was he so interested in me, and what his intentions were and he never answered my question. he’s very energetic, confident and nice but i think when it comes to me trying to have a serious conversation about how he feels it seems he doesnt want to discuss his feelings towards me, and i also think he’s a little shy. i think he’s probably afraid what he might say would make me mad and not like him anymore so maybe thats why he’s not being straightforward or its probably just not comfortable with sharing his feelings it seems like he does like me an sometimes it seems like he doesn’t that’s why i want to know how he feels about me and if he really likes me. i don’t know what to do because he isn’t telling me anything. but when i get mad at him he’ll ask me “are you mad at me?” or “are you still going to be with me” i really really really like him but i just don’t know how he feels.

  30. Author
    Ask Oracle May 30th, 2011

    @love2011 (chelsea)
    He seems uninterested because you managed to refuse, avoid, and manipulate the relationship in the very beginning. We reap what we sow.

    Let go of any resistance and fear. Feel free to express your feelings/needs in a non-demanding/non-controlling way. He should feel the warmth of your Love.

    Love cultivates in presence of truth, warmth, diligence, honesty. Its your turn to win his heart now.

  31. love2011 May 30th, 2011

    im a cancer girl i’m almost 20 years old and this aries guy had been chasing me since high school, but i never gave him the time of day, i never looked his way, never had any interest in him whatsoever and the reason is because i thought he was like other guys going after just one thing. but recently i’ve been hanging out with him and he started off texting me everyday and then the texts slowly stopped and it seems like he’ll text unless he needs something (and when i say needs i mean when he wants sex) but i don’t think he’s a user. i think he’s a very nice person, very independent, responsible and caring, but sometimes i think im a bother to him it seems as if whenever i text him he doesn’t feel like talking to me or he busy he seems so uninterested. the only thing i can think of is to just try to keep my mind off of him and don’t jump to conclusions. i think i have fallen in love with him, but i don’t want to tell him because i’m scared of expressing my feelings to him, what should i do? i want to wait until he asks me to hang out with him again to let him know how i feel.i think i should just distance myself from him for a little while, and plus i think i’m pregnant by him once i find out i’m going to have to tell him. what should i do? is it normal for aries guys to be aggressive when i first started hanging out with him he tryed to come onto me but i refused him because we just started hanging out but i eventually gave in. i’ll do anything to keep him and to be with him deep down i know he likes me he told me so, he told me that i was the only good thing in his life i looooove him soooo much and i’ll do anything to keep him i’m so tired of unsuccessful relationships and i pray to god we can make it work. i never thought i would fall in love with him and i don’t want to give up on him.

  32. Jeff April 6th, 2011

    I am an Aries man – have had relationships with 2 Cancer women and loved their energy, spirit and sensuality. Eventually in both relationships the unwillingness of Cancer women to be forthright about communicating their feelings becomes a huge energy drain and makes the relationship more trouble than it’s worth.

  33. dunia April 3rd, 2011

    I was with my ex for two and a half yrs I cheated on him he found out while i stsarted my life with this other guy I was still seeing my ex I felt I couldn’t let go the guy i was with went to jail and now am back with the ex we r looking for a place to live. But i have doubts about this whole relationship he accuses me of cheating all the time and it gets me angry and i saw mean and hurtful things to him i tell him I’m not the one for him but he insistes to be with me what can i do oh and I’m a aries and he’s a cancer

  34. Emilia Sophena March 5th, 2011

    Honestly despite cancers and aries troubles I actually have a great friendship with my aries guy friend 🙂

  35. Sinorita January 9th, 2011

    That was very harsh. I can understand that the assumption that an Aries and Cancer wouldn’t work by basing it just on sun signs but come on! I’m an Aries sun, Venus and mars with a cancer ascendant. He is a cancer sun and mercury with Leo Venus and Pisces moon. Hi mars is in Aries and we get along great!

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