Aries Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Aries Woman in Bed

An Aries woman has a voracious appetite in the bedroom, and possesses a direct sexual nature. Despite the fact that she indulges in sexual encounters, she will keep matters of intimacy, ever so private. Aries women are typically insensitive in bed, predominantly aware of their sexual instincts and have the capacity to separate physically intimate acts and emotional entanglements. Incredibly enthusiastic, and confident in the bedroom, she loves to dominate in bed and has a very high drive for sex. 

Aries women are demanding in the bedroom, and will control their partners with sex all the while seeking maximum attention. An Aries woman is seductive, playful and imaginative in the bedroom so you can expect sexy lingerie and plenty of oral play. She likes to be complimented, especially when she’s in a room full of people. An Aries woman will enjoy being run after, because for her lovemaking is a game and only those who can make her submit, are worthy enough to be pleasured. 

Aries women will prefer dominating your movements in bed, right from riding you senseless to giving the perfect blow job. An Aries woman is impatient and won’t hesitate to pick another date, if someone is running late. She will prefer an experienced sexual partner, because teaching isn’t her greatest forte in the bedroom. Sex is a powerful tool that should include mental stimulation for an Aries woman and she craves a partner who is explosive, dynamic and experimental. 

If you don’t want to be rejected by an Aries woman, then you should make her your first priority. Aries women can’t handle positive criticism, are tirelessly possessive and are always in the need for practicing different sexual experiences. Despite the fact that an Aries woman likes confident men, she secretly prefers a home body who is loyal, indignant and an eloquent speaker. 

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