Aries Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Standing out from the rest amid fierce competition – That’s the world of an Aries woman. She is an eternal optimist who relishes in frankness and making demands, she will take a jab at anyone who attempts to dampen her plans. Her passion exudes in every task, and she enjoys the company of those who pick her brain.

Personality Traits of an Aries Woman


Having a fiery element means she ignites everybody with whom she comes into contact due to her contagious energy. Having a zest for life and infusing her enthusiasm to take on the world is where she thrives. Her world is in constant motion.

Getting things done and moving to the next task is extremely important to maintain her momentum. Accumulating a tremendous amount of energy to perform tasks eventually wears out an Aries woman. Despite that, she is determined to carry on but should not forget to take a break to avoid burning out.


Being at the top of her game is crucial to an Aries woman. She uses her energy to compete for the top spot and to show men that she is their equivalent. Her enthusiasm to show her dominance assists her to reach the pinnacle without breaking a sweat. 

After she slots her career into her daily routine, she will struggle to let it go to accommodate somebody else. Basking in the glory of being the best is not enough for her. Acknowledgment from her peers gives her the spotlight feeling she so craves.


Energy can thrive only in an environment where there is eternal optimism. An Aries woman compounds her energy through the positive outlook she displays toward the world. Minor missteps and challenges do not set her back since she deems those as necessary stepping stones to success.

The ability to construe challenges as opportunities requires intelligence, a trait an Aries woman harbors. Infusing a unique perspective on matters is her gift.

What Keeps An Aries Woman Interested?

Exuding confidence and a competitive spirit is necessary to pique the interest of an Aries woman. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it is bound to get her attention. Actions speak much louder to an Aries woman than words. 

Keeping her attentive requires prioritizing your life to ensure she is first. Her need to excel and to receive acknowledgment requires someone to feed her ego. Meeting her match is what an Aries woman yearns for, but her superiority complex demands that her acquaintance will not mind her leading. Make her feel powerfully feminine to set her mind at ease.

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Dark Sides of an Aries Woman

Known for being hot-headed, Aries women are quick to anger and get upset at trivial matters. They enjoy a quick-paced life, so slowing them down will bring out their impatience. If you want to infuriate her, delay her with your indecision. 

Desiring control could lead to her being possessive. An Aries woman insists on a partner who is committed and faithful but you can’t ask the same of her. Inject a dose of boredom into the relationship, and she will seek a partner who gives her a bigger rush. Everything is a competition for her and being second-best will not suffice.

How to Attract an Aries Woman?

Give her attention

To keep her spark from burning out, an Aries woman requires attention and love. Otherwise, her energy fizzles out, diminishing her desire to keep your company. Although she is independent and stands her ground, her desire to be in the spotlight is not limited professionally. Acknowledging her positive traits lets her know you care about her.

Be a man, not a boy

Being inherently assertive means that she seeks a man who is confident and desires success.

Once a man has shown her to be an alpha male, she has no qualms about putting him on a pedestal. A timid man has no place in her heart as her eyes sparkle when she looks up at a man who stands his ground. Subjecting her to restrictions will have an adverse effect and will make her seek somebody else.

Give her a sense of control

Ambition swells up inside the chest of an Aries woman when she finds a man whom she deems to be a potential partner. Do not be surprised by her impulse to make the first move. After all, she is a determined lady who pursues what she wants. The same fire that energizes her as a seductress fuels her desire to accomplish goals.

Show her loyalty

Frivolous encounters are not high on the list of priorities of an Aries woman. Her frankness reveals her passion for getting to the point and not wasting time. Following that, she has an affinity for sincerity and loyalty. Showing her your loyalty is the easiest way to make her knees quiver. An Aries woman gravitates toward a man who is sincere and candid in relationships. 

Be passionate

Beating around the bush makes you seem immature and dishonest in the eyes of an Aries woman. Express your desires by opting for a direct approach, and her lashes will flutter. Passionate men who demonstrate a desire to live life to the fullest will pull her heartstrings. Her attention will never drift away from you as long as you satisfy her desires.

Make her a priority

Acting aloof toward her when prioritizing will not make an Aries woman want you. Making her the center of your world aligns with her need to always be first. Smothering her with attention will make her feel she is floating on clouds, but ignoring her will make her bored.

Signs an Aries Woman Likes You

She will respect you

A man who can keep her attention will undoubtedly be her first choice. When she encounters a man who she looks up to and feels is her equivalent, she will reward him with her respect. Passing her initial tests is the gateway to her heart.

Revealing to her that you are a man who meets her stringent standards will disarm her from feeling the need to provoke you and will coerce her to treat you like her equal.

You will see her competitive side

The instinct of an Aries woman when she meets her match is to compete with him. Apart from professional competition, she craves physical competition. Her athletic streak will awaken and a contest awaits you. 

Holding back and letting her win is the easiest way to show her that you are weak and below her. Irrespective of the type of contest, you should strive to beat her. She yearns for a man who will push her to dig deeper. A worthy opponent receives her respect, regardless of the contest outcome.

She might hate you

Testing a man to determine his worth is a common tactic an Aries woman deploys. Her abrupt outbursts at you might seem malevolent but could be a sign that she is testing the waters. Standing your ground and showing her who the boss is will affirm to her that you are the real deal.

Signs an Aries Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

The quickest way to make her lose interest is by boring her. Being uncertain if she is the one for you or not demonstrating any ambition to win her over will make her twiddle her thumbs. When an Aries woman takes her time getting back to you, she has lost interest. Sure, she may have a busy life, but would she take two days to return a call to Brad Pitt?

Introducing you as a friend might not be a faux pas, instead, it is the way she truly feels about you. She may also give closed body language while in your company and will not get close to you.

Aries Woman – Family and Relationships

Uninterested in playing games, an Aries woman demands commitment and perceives relationships as long-term endeavors. Once married, she prefers her man to keep a little mystery in the arsenal so that she stays on her toes.

Her joy will peak when she marries an ambitious man who expresses a tremendous amount of passion. Sacrificing herself for the sake of her family is second nature to an Aries woman. The man in her life should keep the passion burning to prevent her from throwing in the towel. Appreciating her attributes and putting her first so that she feels valued is one way to keep her around. 

Aries Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Working hard means that an Aries woman needs to find balance in her life by playing hard. Her ability to make money enables her to act on the impulse of buying an item she finds irresistible. She has a perennial itch of compulsive buying that requires scratching.

Contrary to desiring long-term relationships, an Aries woman prefers to live for the day with her finances. Focusing on her financial future receives hardly any attention. Although she has an impulse to spend, her ability to make money means it’s not scarce.

Aries Woman in Bed

An Aries woman has a voracious appetite in the bedroom and possesses a direct sexual nature. Although she indulges in sexual encounters, she will keep matters of intimacy, ever so private. Aries women are typically insensitive in bed, predominantly aware of their sexual instincts, and have the capacity to separate physically intimate acts and emotional entanglements. Incredibly enthusiastic, and confident in the bedroom, she loves to dominate in bed and has a very high drive for sex. 

Aries women are demanding in the bedroom and will control their partners with sex all the while seeking maximum attention. An Aries woman is seductive, playful, and imaginative in the bedroom so you can expect sexy lingerie and plenty of oral play. She likes to be complimented, especially when she’s in a room full of people. An Aries woman will enjoy being run after because for her lovemaking is a game and only those who can make her submit, are worthy enough to be pleasured. 

Aries women will prefer dominating your movements in bed, right from riding you senseless to giving the perfect blow job. An Aries woman is impatient and won’t hesitate to pick another date if someone is running late. She will prefer an experienced sexual partner because teaching isn’t her greatest forte in the bedroom. Sex is a powerful tool that should include mental stimulation for an Aries woman and she craves a partner who is explosive, dynamic, and experimental. 

If you don’t want to be rejected by an Aries woman, then you should make her your priority. Aries women can’t handle positive criticism, are tirelessly possessive, and are always in the need of practicing different sexual experiences. Even though an Aries woman likes confident men, she secretly prefers a homebody who is loyal and an eloquent speaker. 

How to Resolve Problems with an Aries Woman

Aries women despise weakness, so acting strong is critical if you want to resolve a problem with her. Show her respect but carry on with your life without entertaining any petulance so she can see that you function well without her.

Her fury to engage in a fight stems from the feeling of injustice and believing that her partner is wrong. Allow her to present an argument before justifying your case. She believes that strength and assurance are the keys to resolving problems. Her shortfalls require you to step in. Possessing a staying power will help to resolve the issue. 

Top Ways to Get Aries Woman Back After Breakup

Stand your ground

Aries women despise weakness, so acting strong is critical if you want to resolve a problem with her. Show her respect but carry on with your life without entertaining any petulance so she can see that you function well without her.

Express your feelings but don’t blame

Discuss your relationship issues, but do not blame her. Focus on how you feel about an issue and express it as such, instead of perceiving it as her character flaw.

Listen to her

After mentioning your issues, really listen to her concerns. An Aries woman may get frustrated due to her partner not paying attention to her.

Gemini Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Aries woman with Taurus manPersonality differences are vast. While Taurus prefers comfort, an Aries woman requires excitement to avoid boredom.
Aries woman with Gemini manConsidering a Gemini loves has an affinity for action and adventure, the chemistry between these two signs could lead to sexual tension.
Aries woman with Cancer manThe possibility of these two signs being a good match is on the cards. The Aries woman might have to bite her tongue to avoid hurting the Cancer man’s feelings.
Aries woman with Leo manLeo’s stamina and determination to have power will have an Aries woman weak at the knees. This union is a heavenly match.
Aries woman with Virgo manAlthough a Virgo will create balance in an Aries woman’s life, she will have to accept his strive for perfection.
Aries woman with Libra manHaving the same intellectual level will only add to the romance that they share through Libra’s warmth and refinement.
Aries woman with Scorpio man Apart from having trust issues with an Aries woman, a Scorpio man may find her high energy levels undesirable.
Aries woman with Sagittarius manPossibly one of the best combinations. The potential for love and a long-term relationship is on the horizon.
Aries woman with Capricorn manCommonalities are scant and getting the relationship going will be challenging.
Aries woman with Aquarius man Despite being the most compatible of all the signs, these two tend to make better friends than lovers.
Aries woman with Pisces manThe Pisces’ observance will make you an easy target to analyze.
Aries woman with Aries manMostly a harmonious match, but two fiery personalities clashing could result in constant eruption.


Keeping herself busy with challenging tasks and contests that enable her to prove herself as the best is the life an Aries woman prefers. Accomplishing goals and avoiding time-wasters are high on her priorities list. A man who stands up to her and challenges her will make her seek a long-term relationship with him.

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