Virgo Woman : The Ins and Outs — Love, Money and Breakups

Virgo Woman in Bed

Virgo woman is the true lady of the house, and will be a faithful partner if she wants to commit especially since she likes being a perfectionist. She is quite magnetic in her nature, and will want to try new things in between the sheets. But she likes being in control and ensures the lovemaking includes satisfying her partner to the fullest. She isn’t emotional about sex; rather a Virgo woman’s analytical mind strives towards perfecting different techniques, especially pleasuring her partner’s most erogenous zones.

Talkative and intellectual a Virgo woman needs a partner who acknowledges her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Since she is independent she will treasure a relationship that gives freedom in the bedroom and outside. Virgo women prefer sophistication so they crave elegance in the bedroom and want a sexual experience that’s built on erotic conversations, and sensual foreplay. While engaging in intercourse, they like their partners to be slow, experienced and rhythmic in their movement.

Conservative and critical, a Virgo woman can sometimes nitpick which leads to nasty confrontations. She needs constant reassurance in the bedroom especially since she’s obsessed with studying every detail about sex. But she isn’t imaginative therefore role playing isn’t one of her best interests in bed. A Virgo woman will need her partner to always make the first initiative, since she needs security and attention.

A Virgo woman is interesting and sexy, so you’ll be hooked to her charms right from the start. She will satisfy your needs in bed so you can expect a joyful ride during sex. It is important to pay heed to her needs, compliment her efforts in bed and satisfy her wants in bed whenever necessary. A Virgo woman has a high libido, so she craves an energetic partner who will focus on the details of lovemaking.

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