Virgo Woman Personality Traits – Love, Money, and Weakness

Striving for continuous perfection makes a Virgo woman a hard worker and a neat freak. Her self-motivation stems from being independent and wanting to solve problems. Reaching for greater heights and raising others to those levels is her goal. Expanding her knowledge is one of her favorite past times.   

Personality Traits of a Virgo Woman


Committing herself wholeheartedly to a task and doing it to the best of her abilities is the only way she knows how to function. Being a perfectionist means that a Virgo woman ensures every detail is immaculate and second place is not good enough. She is prepared to work hard to be the best.

Her search for perfection is an endless endeavor, and she is rarely satisfied with the status quo. Nothing less than an organized environment where everything is neat and in its place will suffice.  


Naturally, most women inject their feelings when making decisions, but that is less prevalent with a Virgo woman. Before making decisions, she analyzes every detail by using logic. Making decisions last minute is unlike her, and she has second thoughts about most matters. 

Balancing the pros and cons when making decisions is important to her. Possessing an eye for detail results in her spotting things that others may have missed. Scrutinizing everything means that she is cautious when making decisions but also can calm herself when pressured.


She takes great pride in being independent and self-sustaining. Doing things on her own makes her jubilant, but relying on others is her pet peeve. Sorting out matters herself ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. 

Being independent also means that she can be too introspective, but she has a tough time motivating herself.


Not only does she love to learn, but she does it quickly. Expanding her knowledge makes her feel that she is making strides to improving herself. Her fast-thinking mind enables her to respond with witty remarks at the appropriate moment.

What Keeps a Virgo Woman Interested?

Stimulating her mind by soaking up knowledge is very appealing to a Virgo woman. Feed her information that will pick her brain, and you will have her undivided attention. She will gladly take you up on the offer to help improve yourself.

A man who is well-read and intelligent is bound to get her attention. Instead of opting for gifts to impress her, engage her in a deep, meaningful conversation that will get her thinking.

Dark Sides of a Virgo Woman

Getting along with a Virgo woman can be difficult due to her tendency to criticize. She is overly critical and demanding because she has a picture in her mind of the way she wants things to be. Focusing on details makes her appear fussy to others.

Her need to analyze every detail before making up her mind results in slow decision-making. Others have accused her of being too judgemental. As opposed to examining every aspect, a Virgo woman will judge a person based on one particular viewpoint. Being old-fashioned makes her prefer traditional ways and not prone to modern changes.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman?

Show, don’t tell

Her desire to get things done means that she prefers action, as opposed to talking. Considering she expects the same of her partner, impress her with effort, instead of boasting about making plans. 

A surprise dinner will show her that you take charge and do not expect her to tell you what she wants. Her quest for true love means that you will have to be romantic from the first day and maintain that spirit during the entire relationship. She shows her love once committed but expects the same in return.

Look presentable

Desiring an immaculate appearance is not only self-inflicted, but she expects the same of her partner. Impress her by making a lot of effort to look clean and tidy. Focusing on your overall appearance and not paying attention to the details will get her to raise an eyebrow.

A disheveled appearance will put her off, but she will also spot the tiniest flaws and hold them against you. Ensure that every detail of your appearance is flawless. A perfectionist will not settle for anything less than another perfectionist.

Have impeccable manners

Seeing your flawless appearance will sparkle her eyes, but she expects your words to match your elegant attire. Impress her with good manners. Much like your clothes, she will look for any flaw in the way you behave or talk. Social etiquette is important to her, so make sure that you are punctual.

Take note of how you speak to others; she will. Address people with respect, as she will deem that behavior to be your true personality. Small details such as pulling out her chair and covering your mouth when picking your teeth will appeal to her. 

Be honest and candid

Nothing turns a Virgo woman off quicker than dishonesty. She seeks a partner to who she can surrender her heart but will do it only after she has discerned that he is honest. Beating around the bush is the wrong approach with her. She prefers somebody who is frank and to the point.

Be candid when telling her the reasons that you love her and why she is important. 

Top 3 Signs a Virgo Woman Likes You

She wants to know more about you

After scrutinizing every detail about you, she will insist on getting to know you better after deciding that you are a potential long-term mate. Understand that her inquisitiveness about you and wanting to dig deeper into your life means that she likes you.

Discussing serious issues after the small talk has subsided is the next step for her. Finding out about you is her way of showing interest, though it might seem like she is nosey.

Her vulnerability shows

Wanting to keep matters personal, a Virgo woman hardly ever tells people she is uncomfortable with about herself. Disclosing her secrets is reserved only for the closest friends and family.

Opening up to you is a big step for her, and she will do it only if she has romantic feelings for you. By telling you about her past and future, she will make herself vulnerable. It is her way of letting you know when she is sad, happy, or angry.

Notices everything about you

Not one to miss a single spot, a Virgo woman will notice the smallest details about you when she is interested. When she does, she will point it out and may seem judgemental, but her intentions are good. If she were not interested, she would not waste time pointing out your flaws.

Signs a Virgo Woman is Done with You and Not Interested Anymore

A Virgo woman will let you know she is not interested by not engaging you in deep conversations. She may opt for one-word answers, as opposed to encouraging communication. Her dismissive attitude of carrying on the conversation will be evident.

Knowing for being direct and to the point, a Virgo woman will be vague when interacting with you after she loses interest. Her indirect response to your suggestion of dinner plans will leave you baffled. Notice her lack of energy and excitement when you suggest an outing.  

Virgo Woman – Family and Relationships

Working tirelessly not only happens in a Virgo woman’s professional life but also with her family. Wanting to keep her children happy and offering support results in her going out on a limb. 

Being thoughtful and indulging in small details will prompt a Virgo woman to remember when shopping that her man needs socks or a specific brand of pasta that her child prefers. Her fussiness spills over into her children’s health and ensuring they are well-mannered. 

When a Virgo woman surrenders her heart, she intends it for eternity. A deeply romantic person, she will offer complete loyalty but will also demand it from you. 

Virgo Woman – Money, Profession, and Financial Attitude

Remaining under the radar while out-competing her workers is a female Virgo’s strategy. Leave her alone, and she will complete a task by herself flawlessly. Her strive for perfection leads her to produce superb work, but it also exhausts her.

Not one to take big financial risks, a Virgo woman will invest her money in a conservative portfolio. Her endless worry about money coerces her to make a lot of it but to spend very little. She survives on less by spotting bargains and negotiating when the price is too high. 

Virgo Woman in Bed

Virgo woman is the true lady of the house and will be a faithful partner if she wants to commit especially since she likes being a perfectionist. She is quite magnetic in her nature and will want to try new things in between the sheets. But she likes being in control and ensures the lovemaking includes satisfying her partner to the fullest. She isn’t emotional about sex; rather a Virgo woman’s analytical mind strives towards perfecting different techniques, especially pleasuring her partner’s most erogenous zones.

Talkative and intellectual a Virgo woman needs a partner who acknowledges her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Since she is independent she will treasure a relationship that gives freedom in the bedroom and outside. Virgo women prefer sophistication so they crave elegance in the bedroom and want a sexual experience that’s built on erotic conversations and sensual foreplay. While engaging in intercourse, they like their partners to be slow, experienced, and rhythmic in their movements.

Conservative and critical, a Virgo woman can sometimes nitpick which leads to nasty confrontations. She needs constant reassurance in the bedroom especially since she’s obsessed with studying every detail about sex. But she isn’t imaginative therefore role-playing isn’t one of her best interests in bed. A Virgo woman will need her partner to always make the first move since she needs security and attention.

A Virgo woman is interesting and sexy, so you’ll be hooked to her charms right from the start. She will satisfy your needs in bed so you can expect a joyful ride during sex. It is important to pay heed to her needs, compliment her efforts in bed and satisfy her wants in bed whenever necessary. A Virgo woman has a high libido, so she craves an energetic partner who will focus on the details of lovemaking.

How to Resolve Problems with a Virgo Woman

Lead the conversation

She may become distant when angry with you, so step up to the plate and take charge of the conversation. Showing her that you are a man who recognizes when she is upset and admitting to wrongdoing will get her to open up. Being genuine when expressing your feelings will earn you extra points with her.

Avoid negativity

Understand that she may bring up your negative traits during the discussion, but do not get overwhelmed in negativity by reciprocating with the same tactic. Indulging in that scenario will make the conflict worse. Steer her negativity by focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship.

Top Ways to Get a Virgo Woman Back After Breakup

Remember that actions mean more to her than words, so insist on spending as much time with her as possible. Show her that you have learned from your mistakes by living up to her high standards. Pay attention to the details she mentioned that bothered her and work to resolve them.

She may even give you a list of things to correct for her to consider before taking you back. Do not try to compromise. Accept every point, regardless of how frivolous you may perceive it to be. Take advantage of her practicality by showing her that you need her help to improve as a person. That will trigger her desire to help those in need and will allow you to spend time with her.

Make her feel loved and admired. One of the easiest ways to make her smile is by complimenting her flawless appearance. Acknowledge that she is perfect in every way.

Virgo Woman Compatibility Chart

Zodiac combinationSnapshot Compatibility
Virgo woman with Taurus manFalling in love with each other would represent a combination of a clear heart and a clear mind. A match made in heaven if they aren’t afraid of getting hurt.
Virgo woman with Gemini manBoth tend to overthink things, and the relationship may be a rollercoaster as it may be a case of lost and found daily.
Virgo woman with Cancer manShare an amazing connection and a sexual understanding. Overcoming each other’s shortcomings will lead to a long-lasting relationship.
Virgo woman with Leo manRare for these two signs to form a strong emotional or sexual bond.
Virgo woman with Virgo manTending to rationalize everything and to sacrifice, both might find themselves with a partner they do not love.
Virgo woman with Libra manThey form a satisfying intellectual bond and respect each other’s feelings.
Virgo woman with Scorpio man Criticism of each other will subside by their sense of gratitude, leading to an exciting relationship.
Virgo woman with Sagittarius manFace many challenges such as a lack of emotional understanding.
Virgo woman with Capricorn manThey build respect, love, and trust for each other, leading them to grow old with each other.
Virgo woman with Aquarius man Solar opposites and not in an attractive way. Aquarius is not fond of most of Virgo’s traits, prompting him to run for the hills. 
Virgo woman with Pisces manPartners that may face great challenges but have the greatest potential for being in love.
Virgo woman with Aries manThe relationship may last if the Virgo teaches the Aries how to communicate calmly, while the Virgo borrows some of the Aries’ energy. 


Possessing beauty and brains makes a Virgo woman extremely desirable. Although she appears shy on the exterior, her core is stable and strong. Her eye for detail and strive for perfection make her efficient at all things. Conversing with her is pleasant as she is seldom fiery or aggressive.