Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are both wonderful people with some challenging differences in their characters that make them difficult to get together in long term. Cancer are more personal in their approach while Aquarius a very open and friendly. They have to go through a few adjustments to make their relationships work.

Cancer are very determined and money minded people. They love to work for their pay cheques (checks) and equally respect moral values and family. Cancer are capable of expressing almost all the types of human emotions with grace. Their love for the chivalrous and noble elegance makes them happy. Cancer are very intelligent and cautious regarding every matter of personal and professional life. They are highly valued by people for their subtle and compassionate nature. The trouble is, sometimes they mix up their moods, and one then has to observe when they are funny and lovable, when they become nostalgic, or become aggressive. Cancer might get quite obsessive about secret matters and can go to great lengths in order to guard their secrets. They cannot appreciate people who don’t respect time and money.

Aquarians are rebels in nature and do not like to follow the conventional norms laid down by the society. They can be quite stubborn and even though they have no qualms with accepting change, they do not easily make changes in their opinions and do not support hypocrisy as well. Aquarians are social butterfly with many friends and acquaintances. They are very true to their words and only say what they mean. Also they can see the past, present and future all in one. Aquarius are able to ball all of these things into one and achieve great results. Aquarius people are well rounded and extremely intelligent. They enjoy long term relationships but more in friendly way rather than bonding to the norms of that relation.

According to the Cancer, Aquarius are quite helpful. Cancer are known for their pragmatic attitude towards life but even they are prone to change, and people can find it hard to understand them completely. The Aquarius might get perplexed by the changing moods of the Cancer. Aquarians can be considered quirky, because they like to throw surprises on the Cancer, but throughout, the former always gives a slight hint about the upcoming adventure. Every now and then the Aquarius like to spring a surprise on the Cancer because they are very hell-bent on the concept of privacy. Since the Aquarius do not like to hide things from their partner, they find it difficult to understand the Cancer’s need to maintain secrets. Both of them need to take a break and rejuvenate through a vacation when they feel that it is getting difficult to deal with each other’s quirkiness.

The Cancer cannot appreciate the inquisitive nature of the Aquarius because it coaxes them to divulge too many details about themselves and the reserved attitude of the Cancer who feel very uncomfortable in such a situation. The unpredictability associated with the Cancer might annoy the Aquarius and they can have a tussle because of their different temperaments. There are times when both of them try to dominate each other. The Cancer try a lot to coax the Aquarius to follow their lead, but their efforts may not bear any fruits, as the Aquarius can be adamant too. But there are instances when the Aquarius give in to the demands of the Cancer so that harmony is maintained in the relationship. Financial security also matters a lot for the Cancer, and whenever they are depressed they can cheer up with the thought of having a lot of money to fall back on during the hard times.

Cancer may have a rough time working out with Aquarius in some relationships while the others may just be as fun as possible. Like being friends, siblings, relatives and colleagues is always fun for both of them as they both have good humor and a helpful heart and so even in long term they can work well together rather in a friendlier manner than expected. Business cannot be such a good idea for these two especially with different values for money but since they both love success they can give it a try. Marriage and love relationships can be a little more difficult for them as they have different expression of love but with time they can grow together in real best and supporting friends. As parents Aquarians are again more of the friends with their children which makes their relationship very smooth in the family and Cancer have the protective way of taking care of little ones.

With the growing relations between Cancer and Aquarius, even problems can grow to some extent. The Cancer can easily feel lonely, and during these times the Aquarius should lend their support and take the Cancer down the memory lane, when everything used to be hunky-dory. If the Aquarius wants their relationship with the Cancer to grow then they should pamper them with immense love and attention. The Cancer should make sure that they do not nag the Aquarius with too many questions because it might make the Aquarius feel too claustrophobic and irritated in the presence of a Cancer. The Aquarius can be absent minded sometimes, and the Cancer can act as their guiding light and help them to focus on the task that is of topmost priority. Aquarius are sometimes termed as selfish because they do not give a second thought about other people and at such places the Cancer can help them to find a path which fulfills both the needs.

  1. Tim Toe August 17th, 2021

    I’m an aqua women, dating a cancer man. This is the first time in a longtime. That I’ve dated a man that’s totally into me. The love that he shows me he cares; and the connection that we have is unbelievable. He’s such a beautiful person both inside and out. He entered into my life at the right time. When he told me he loved me, I thought it was a joke. But he was as serious as can be. I pray that this relationship last.

  2. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Aquarius are so dreamy, but can benefit from being more communicative.
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  3. Jules June 19th, 2019

    Hi – I’m a cancer gal in love w/ an aqua guy. I met him at work & he’s currently w/ someone else. There’s an intense attraction between us (at least more for me). And when he touches me, I feel sparks inside & w/ his hugs, I’m in heaven. I’m so in love w/ him, I can not stop thinking about him (24/7). Though we’re apart at the moment, b/c I work elsewhere now, I will most likely go back to where he works b/c I can not stand not seeing him. He is typical of what I’ve read (re: aqua’s), he’s a bit cold, emotionless, can not express his feelings (though I know he has some for me). He sort of wrote me off, but I will not give up on him (or us). He is my Dream Guy in every way. The way he looks at me, I melt. This guy has it all, & more. No one like him in the world!

  4. lmage6 May 1st, 2014

    im an aqua… and im in love with a cancer male.. but when i told him that i liked him.. he said no and that he isnt the right one for me.. and i was really devastated like he doesnt even know me and sometimes i can be a little stupid and over was just wondering if what you said anlve will help me with my crush??? 🙂

  5. Mandiee88 July 1st, 2013

    hello- I am an aqua. Women- falling “head-over-heals” with an cancer man. He is the funniest person I have ever known. He has truly opened me up to understanding how important it is to feel emotions, that I am not use to or have never realized this was even possible. We have a great friendship that is developing, of course, the passion or affection is intense. As stated aqua have nothing to hide however this man I picture as a little crab coming and going, taking his claws deeper in my soul but then only to release the pressure to hope to see him again. I know I will see him again, and he’s had truly been a miracle to my presence to understand the meaning and acceptance of “patience” …it’s truly a appreciaction that is worthy of grace. But at times I feel the need to wonder what we are, why he drifts back to his “shell” for which I believe is to shut out or distance hisself of the feeling that are being created. When he opens up on a more emotional level it’s bliss- but getting to that point is only when we are together- when the distance comes its almost unbearable, but then I remember how great it was being with him. I would like to know- is distance really what should be offered in the time of separation or is this just my aqua way of dealing with the distance- being cool and detached…cause the last thing I want is to scare the poor, moonchild, away…..any help would be great. Thanks. Mandy 

    • jj January 18th, 2017

      hey! i am a cancer woman and just started seeing a aqua man. he was into me for a year before i was ready to take the relationship from friends to dating. cancers like to take it slow. we like to be sure of what we are getting into, because once you have us, we love you with our whole heart. we are super afraid of rushing things and getting hurt in the process. try not to take it personal, it’s a battle that we fight with ourselves. it’s also in a sense a test to see if you will stick around. you have to put your time in! shower your cancer with affection. as much as we say we don’t like corny gestures…we deep down really appreciate them. we put up a hard front, but we are mushy romantics on the inside. don’t give up on your cancer!! he will appreciate you hanging around. let him know you want to see him, but also give him space when he needs it. we are home bodies and need time to recharge our batteries. it takes a lot of energy expressing raw emotions all the time. if you can find the balance of respecting the cancer’s need for alone time, while showing them and letting them know how much you care, you will go far. all the best.

      • Cosmoz February 24th, 2018

        FACTS! I’ve disappeared on my Aqua girl best woman I met in my life (outside of my mother of course). Falling on financial tough times I cast away my lady Aqua love in a mood swing. I haven’t spoken to her since November. Not because I wanted to end things but because I needed space. I know has a Cancer man whenever there’s too many different emotions going on I disappear from everybody.

        This happens with us because we are water much like the properties of water. It touches and feels everything it comes in contact with. Even if we just met you and you feel crappy, but you’re hiding it behind a smile because it wasn’t me we feel that anyway. When we have a mood swing everyone has an opinion and we don’t particularly care it’s like leave me along I’m going through something. I didn’t ask for your help I want to get through it on my own.

        Back to the point, I disagree with this article some what because it depends on the other signs in the chart. My Aqua girl wasn’t your typical Aqua, I’m not the typical cancer. I’m very extroverted and hate being at home I like moving around. I’m Leo rising which is one reason. She is very introverted an a home body go figure. She is the quiet one in public and I’m the one who talks to everybody who walks past. It’s supposed to be the other way around. Unfortunately with Cancers the mood swing comes first and if it’s a guy we’ll think about it logically second. Whereas Aquas will think about the emotion first and disappear to control it as they are secretive about their true emotions.

        It would seem like it would be easier to say I need space, but we don’t know that because we don’t know what the emotion is. It all depends on how much needs to be worked through. Once I finish leveling myself up to where I want to be I really intend to come back for her with an offer she can’t refuse. Cancer men need to feel confident they can give that special one whatever they ask for. Emotionally, financially, socially, supportive whatever. If not we’ll be very unbalanced and miserable to be around.

        In this case dating wise we were in a limbo space as to what we were. With cancers you’re either in or out. When something like that happens we’ll deal with it to the people who are in. If you’re out we’ll treat you like the people who are out. Since she didn’t come all the way in at that time I wasn’t sure what I could trust her with so I distanced myself all together.

  6. AquarianBoy September 26th, 2012

    @A passing Cancerian
    DEPRESIVE sign cancer can,t se the difference between love and real love . Being with a cancerian you should talk bad about other.

  7. AquarianBoy September 4th, 2012

    TRy to love him . I think he loves you more than you immagine give him a chence . don,t listen others what say

  8. AquarianBoy September 4th, 2012

    It may Be True but  i am seing that who better than aquarian men can suport his cancergirl to get everything she wants . Aquas are so inteligent so capaple and cancer have problems on their choises and prejudicts aquar for their love to stay near them in all of their  problems   
    their happy days , their necesity for leaving and for money too, it is not a aquan folt that cancers doest understnd the best thing even if it is infront of her eyes . love make the changes and aquas love in truth way and for their lve person they make the live of them a World Wonder. Come on cancer girls why don t you see this in aquas don,t be  afraid of ferfectness that loves you so so much . try to listen our heart for a time only one chance 
                                                   With love AquarianBoy

  9. Author
    Ask Oracle October 26th, 2011

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  10. AquarianWoman October 25th, 2011

    (@ A passing Cancerian) I’m technologically challenged, haha. I can’t get it to reply correctly

  11. AquarianWoman October 25th, 2011

    @A passing Cancerian

  12. AquarianWoman October 25th, 2011

    @A passing Cancerian
    Spoken like a true Cancer. My current boyfriend is a Cancer and we fight a lot. You seem to understand yourself pretty well. What interested me is when you mentioned respect and that it can’t exist. I’m currently having this issue with him, and I was hoping you could elaborate on why the way Aquarians go about learning information makes them someone a Cancer cannot open up to, and why they can’t form that connection with them.

  13. dianaml March 22nd, 2011

    I married a needy aquarius and I am paying for it. It is exactly all the time goes on it gets worse.

  14. Bre February 21st, 2011

    Wow, this is so true my boyfriend hates when i ask him too many questions, good laugh.

  15. uk January 4th, 2011

    I’m so perplexed!

  16. A passing Cancerian January 2nd, 2011

    “Since the Aquarius do not like to hide things from their partner, they find it difficult to understand the Cancer’s need to maintain secrets.”

    Oh, I can see the Aquarians reading this now. Nodding their heads in their pseudo-intellectual comprehension, happy that the page “agreed” with them on Cancerian caution being needlessly “secretive”.


    It’s not even a matter of “keeping secrets”. It’s a Cancerian fantasy to open up, to have someone they can trust with everything they know and feel. Someone they can share their inner world with, something they themselves don’t fully fathom.

    Aquarius cannot supply that person. It’s not WHAT Aquarians want to know, it’s how they go about learning it. The definitions of respect differ between the two. The connection does not exist; Aquarius smiles and tries to force it into existence. Cancer knows that doesn’t work, and retreats.

    “According to the Cancer, Aquarius are quite helpful.”

    Not this Crab, that’s for sure.
    Behind that sociable smile is a serpent’s tongue. Behind every assurance is a lie. And oh, how quickly the other Air and Fire types come to ingratiate themselves with Aquarius… Because they’re “fun”. They’re “popular”. In a horribly corrupt way.

    A warning to Cancers: Stay away, or arm yourselves for a bloody battle. This is the closest thing to a natural enemy we have in the zodiac; I’ve experienced that fact time and time again.

    “Water Bearer” indeed. The nerve.

  17. FK January 20th, 2010

    Desperately want my ex back (Aqua guy). Hopefully this will help, thx

  18. jeevan January 7th, 2010

    its too correct

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