Aquarius Qualities and Characteristics

Ruling PlanetUranus (In India: Saturn)
Body PartAnkles, calves, circulation
Terrestrial Locomotion Biped
ColorsTurquoise, silver
Luminary RulershipSun
Symbolthe Water Bearer
Symbol DescriptionA person pouring water from a jug
Positive KeywordsOriginal, Independent, Visionary, Inventive, Humanitarian, Forward-thinking, Innovative, Honest, Witty, Progressive, Open-minded, Optimistic
Negative KeywordsUnpredictable, Detached, Aloof, Stubborn, Rebellious, Cold, Unemotional, Sarcastic, Impractical, Unreliable, eccentric, Inattentive
Related Careers (unverified)Inventor, Astronomer, Aerospace Engineer, Computer Programmer, Electronics Engineer, Physicist, Meteorologist, Astrologer, Social Reformer, Humanitarian, Aircraft Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Broadcaster, Human Resources, Non-profit Manager

If Aquarius is your Sun sign

Your zodiac sign is symbolized by the bearer of the jug of water, you provide the spiritual and intellectual health drink to the society and people around you. And the water has a tendency to flow ahead, so that you are forward looking, and optimistic, and think only in terms of growing inward and outward possession.

You dispense knowledge, advice and even material possessions to those around you, who solicit your help and emotional support. You are the sign of brilliance and creativity, but these are not without the sufferings and sacrifices. You have distinctive, in fact a peculiar character – you are knowledgeable and intelligent yet hesitant to take important decisions or to give your opinion where it counts most. You are quite philanthropist, at least in thought, and have a great sense of humor.

You are tolerant and don’t mind others poking fun at you. You are valuable to the world as you are a giver rather than a taker, you give hope and inspiration. Aquarians are amiable, charming and intuitive, but can get eccentric and unruly at times. They are also slow and shaky starters, taking their own time, but half way through, they might change their mind, irritating those with them. In your love life, you will have really good experiences, but some setback will keep piercing your heart at all times.

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Qualities that make you lucky are honesty, truthfulness, innovative, and insightful. Qualities that hinder your success are inconsistency, unusual, rebellious, and cautious.

Aquarius Personality

Aquarians are probably the most individualistic and strong kind of people. Now you can read that as pigheaded and rebellious, but that’s your wish (that’s not to say that being either of these is always a wrong thing). And as is the way of the world, the distinctive and strong in character are the ones followed by one and all; so this is what leaders are made of. Now things are not all rosy and jolly for Aquarians. If I had to describe an Aquarian in the least possible number of words, I won’t classify him as a leader or pioneer, I’d call him a walking bag of contradictions – coz that’s what he most definitely is. They do pioneering work, they go against the tide and try to change how the society thinks about something, yet they themselves find it very hard to change their mind on something once they have made up a notion.

So this difficulty in modifying oneself and one’s beliefs becomes more and more noticeable and prominent with maturity; an Aquarian might need a lot of help and encouragement in coming up to prevalent times and practices. However, another important thing that makes them such good leaders is their cool temperament and emotional control – you could not find a person better at taking affirmative action in practically testing circumstances. Also, these guys are really understanding and do not find it very difficult to suffer contravenes of fellows. That is why they make such good friends.

Another enigmatic aspect of their persona is their glamorous yet distant kind of vibe in relationships. They like their freedom and are not very welcoming to change, at least in this department. So, an Aquarian might face a lot many conflicts in his love life, even though he/she might be a terribly romantic person. Aquarian children may seem to be a little too introvert and aloof of the world, but that’s normal, in fact, that’s their thing! Physically, Aquarians may often suffer from circulation-related health issues, so it is really important for them to keep warm in cold weather.

Aquarius in Friendship

The individuality of an Aquarian might lead you think that they do not make such good friends. But the reality is far from that. Many astrologers will attest to the fact that Aquarians are the best kind of material for making a best friend. They really understand you and have an excellent listening ability. And their best quality is their willingness to help you for simply nothing in return. They don’t help people out of affection, or respect, or pity – it just comes naturally to them, helping someone just seems to be the right thing to do. They have a strong helping, humanitarian character, and most of them actively participate in community service and charity work. A psychoanalyst will tell you that they satisfy their need for self importance by helping others, and being of use to the society.

And some of them might go out of their way in doing that. For example, they might help other parents out by taking care of their children. They might teach poor kids and do some kind of community service by joining NGOs. So they make very resourceful, understanding and faithful friends capable of keeping the ties intact for many years. They also have the ability of resuming relationships after a long period of separation, with almost as much warmth.

Aquarians are also known for being assertive and speaking out their mind without any qualms. They suggest ways of making things better and take decisive action in that direction, to the benefit of most friends. This makes them very good members of societies, clubs and associations. They will do a great deal for the group, simply because the impulse of enjoying the camaraderie of people you share a common interest with is too great within you. They will make great presidents and chairmen, and will be looked up to for their impartial and impersonal judgment. They will also make up quite well with the politics and drama of groups, because of their coolheaded nature and impersonal judgment.

The problem that most Aquarians face in friendships is due to their individualism and need for fresh air. They do like to have their freedom jeopardized to any extent, and most of their friends are aware of that fact. For the friends, the best thing to do is to remain at a certain distance until allowed in, and the best thing for the Aquarian to do is to curb such tendencies.

Aquarius in Love

With the glamour and shine you have got, it will not be very difficult for Aquarians to turn strangers into acquaintances and acquaintances into something more. A lot of love and love-making will come your way if you are an Aquarian and you will get the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. And my advice to you in this matter would be to grab those opportunities and make use of them to the fullest without any second thoughts, because once you start having those second thoughts and actually sitting down and thinking them through, hard times are bound to come by. Each courtship or relationship ultimately comes to that one question, but in case of you, this relationship is a little too critical.

As I have already said, an Aquarian is really protective of his freedom and way of life. A serious relationship will mean taking that giant leap of giving up one’s normal life for someone else, and learning to make decisions with the ‘we perspective’ instead of the ‘I’. Such a huge commitment will take a huge amount of love and devotion. So most of the time, this scenario just leads to a break up. But still, if the relationship persists, then the partner will have to understand the emotional needs of the Aquarian and mend his/her life and needs accordingly. This is quite difficult even for an Aquarian (remember we talked about Aquarians being very understanding and supportive) – we are talking about partners making peace with the fact that they will never be able to play a part in their companion’s life as big as they’d like to.

So the partner requires to be understanding and cool-minded and one with interests that the Aquarian can identify with. The ground truth is that for a relationship to work, having common interests and aspirations is just as important as understand one’s companion. As for the Aquarian, he/she has got a penchant for theatricals, and a great talent at entertaining the companion and making the occasion a very special one for him/her. This will make your love life very colorful and fulfilling.

Aquarius in Marriage

Aquarians are the most faithful and devoted of all in a marriage, except for the fact that they might have a few problems in accepting the new sort of life that the marriage will have to offer. Aquarians are not at all possessive and in no consider their spouse to be an object to be owned. So they are cool with any sort of jealousy-related issues. This is because they have a great amount of respect and adoration for their loved ones, and respect their values, emotions and moral standards eve tough they might not approve of them.

Aquarians find it hard to give up their individuality in the marriage. They find it hard to let of their identity for a greater cause. For example, when the Aquarian wife becomes a mother, she might find it hard to give up her profession and career and get involved in tending the kids for the first few years, without any bitterness. Even if she accepts to do it, she might just be waiting for the child to become old enough to go to school so that she can rebuild her career. Not that this is a bad thing, but the thing is that parenting is not something that can be done with a feeling of obligation. This is not so much of an issue of the Aquarian husband turning into a father, because fathers do not so much have to end their careers for tending the baby. But he actually might be the odd one to step up and take the responsibility of tending the child in order to give his wife the opportunity to continue.

Aquarians probably make the best parents, it sort of comes to them naturally, at least some aspects of it. They do not find it difficult in any way to stimulate and create interest in their children and stir them to be involved in some sort of group activity. The home will be a place of really interesting conversation, and not just noises from the TV or the Videogame. But the stagnant set of beliefs that Aquarians possess can prove to be a serious setback. It might be really difficult for the parents to acknowledge the generation gap and act sensibly.

Aquarius Career and Money Profile

The individuality I keep saying the Aquarians try to protect in personal and professional spheres is not for nothing; actually it reflects a very lovely trait of theirs. They are known for their distinctive mark – the originality and difference they bring about to their work. These people first make sure they know what is expected from them in any task before actually taking up that task. Then they go about their work in a distinctive way. It’s not that they have no respect for the rules; they just wanna do things their way, without any intervention. So the superiors need to stay away from their area and not worry about the quality of output, because it will be assuredly top notch. They are very reliable and will give each task their most, unless you stick your head in and tell them it’s not the way to do it.

Generally speaking, Aquarians are not too involved in petty organizational politics and quarrels. If they are ill-treated, they rise above personal battle and try to resolve issues with their flair and ability. If they have a promotion or increment coming their way, they accept it with poise and the confidence that they can take up the added responsibility. So whatever might be a situation, they have the ability of not get distracted and go about their work in a simple and straightforward fashion. To add to this, they have a great amount of resilience. They can practically work all day. The only thing is that they will prefer taking a coffee break or doing nothing at all in stead of doing something that they consider to be a waste of time, a petty formality.

All these qualities make Aquarians stand out in a crowd – their dedication, their concentration, and above all their different and sometimes peculiar way of working. These things come very naturally to them, so they get noticed by superiors without actually realizing it.

  1. Rebecca Gardner April 7th, 2020

    Thanks for explaining that it can be hard for Aquarian parents to act sensibly in the face of their firmly-held beliefs. My husband and I are expecting our first child this August, and I think it would benefit both of us to seek some parenting advice that’s relevant to our unique astrological signs. Since both of us are Aquarians, the info you shared here will be really helpful!

  2. Ethan December 21st, 2019

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  3. Drew February 24th, 2018

    I think you forgot to add the word “not,” here…

    They do like to have their freedom jeopardized to any extent, and most of their friends are aware of that fact.

    It should say…
    They do NOT like to have their freedom jeopardized to any extent, and most of their friends are aware of that fact.

    VERY accurate despite the missing “not.”
    thank you,
    Drew (Aquarius)

  4. Nicho January 26th, 2017

    Hi, I’m born 16th of May. In few months time, i’ll be getting married to an Aquarius woman.
    She’s good in most things that i want but picking an offence in every word i said is making me go crazy.
    I plan to cut off the wedding..
    I don’t wanna develop a high BP in so call marriage because of a woman.

    • Will April 18th, 2017

      In her eyes she’s just showing you the other side of the world, or the silver lining of things. It seems like arguing to argue especially if she does not know herself, but it’s the way she will always be if you don’t want that then try something other than monogamy

  5. hana@ May 11th, 2016

    I am tourous & having relationship with aqurious almost 6 years . we both love & respect each other . He proposed me after one year of our relationship . i find him as my soulmate . when ever i give him space & after that time he came with the same loving & devoting attitude . 
    we both have good understanding . I loyal to him . But the only problem is that now i dont know how i make him to get marry me . 
    Is any aquraion can tell me which thigs are gonna work for me to make him ” to get marry me 

    • thea September 9th, 2017

      I’m an aquarius. We value our freedom so much that it’s often difficult for us to give it up while making huge gestures such as marriage. My advice would be to up the spontaneity and remind him why he chose you. Make your relationship fun and have fun. Drop hints if necessary. Or ask a friend to ask what his headspace is or just simply confront him. We like things told directly. Hope this helps.

    • Nicole October 22nd, 2017

      I’m an Aquarius and I must say, you first have to remove “make him” from all of your vocabulary. No one can “make” an Aquarius do anything. I am also an Aquarius that is married to a Taurus, which is what it looks like you are? If so, my Taurus husband has the same mentality as you do. He is alsways trying to make me do things, and he is always dissapppinted. This is our biggest problem.
      My advice to you is, accept him for who he is. Don’t push him. If he doesn’t take that step and marry you, then walk away. It wasn’t meant to be and, you deserve more than that. You will find someone who doesn’t have to be pressured into committing themselves you. You deserve to be with someone who WANTS to be with you, rather than forced to. Believe me, the problems only get worse once you’re married.

  6. queen_naomi September 13th, 2015

    @Alishiousssss hello! I am an Aquarius woman in a relationship with a Libra man and yesss us Aquarius women are very compatible with Libra men. I feel that they are the most compatible of the signs… My Libra man fits me so well, like where has he been all my life? Lol. Personality-wise he’s perfect! Aquarius and Libras have a temper or whatever but together it doesn’t show cuz they’re always synchronized. Every moment is fun and enjoyable even the debates/arguments and there are very few cuz you’ll always be on the same page. What are your thoughts? 🙂

  7. Alishiousssss September 11th, 2015

    im an aquarius has anybody every dated a libra man????? I heard that we’re like the most comptiable out of all the signs. if anyone has dated a libra i wanna know how that relationship worked or how it’s currently working now. 
    Thank you ?

  8. Dragonfly-Fairies June 28th, 2015

    @Sam I know what you mean.
    I was dating a Cancer male. I was head over heals for him and the sex was great, until I found out he cheated on me while I was pregnant with his child.  I try to forgive him and move forward but once someone lie to us aquarius and we find out, it’s not the same, trust is mayor for us and we are not the jealous type unless we have reason to be. 
    I only had eyes for him until that situation happen after I started to notice other guys and knew that the love wasn’t there any more.  

  9. maeghan221 August 31st, 2014

    I believe alot in the signs, there are always exceptions. especially if the dates on that sign vary from diffrent sources and sum1 is born toward the end, ive noticed they may not fit in to what I would consider norm for that sign. But the majority follow the basic outline of traits closley. * Im an aquarious and relate closley to the sign, I date a taurus. We are opposites, but most compatabilities say it could work almost soley based on the *opposites attract* however we both have strong loyalty and some moral traits that work well together. I have had to compromse on my freedom trait and him on his aggression. however the root of most of our arguments are these two issues, alot of times big arguments arise over little issues because when I make a decision I dont beleve is wrong (or view somthng he did as wrong) I am unwilling to budge on my ideas about it. Idk otherwise been a great relationship true love! I wonder if our loyaly and tendancy to like long relationships played a role but we met moved in together in a week and have been insepreable for almost 5 years. On the comment earlier about leos, i read they were rare and read on a compatability thing in relationships never let them go lol jus fyi

  10. Destinyjulia April 27th, 2014

    I dated a Aquarius , and I myself am a Sagittarius , at first things were amazing we were a little dostant but we cared a lot for eachother. But out of no where he wanted change but didn’t come out and tell me , he never was easy to talk about how he felt, he would become very very distance he wouldnt call me as much so I took it in my own hands to break up we because amazing friends it was hard to believe we were ever together . I would tell him all my problems and vise versa then we gave it another shot . He was an amazing person but since he never showed his true colors people was him as a jerk and question my relationship choices. But when he did start becoming open with his feelings he became possesive and once again we broke up . This was a four year relationship!

    • Pikjuk September 7th, 2018

      Perhaps you needed to learn a proper English, so your Aqua friend could understand you. Just a guess, I guess!

  11. [email protected] February 18th, 2014

    can a aquarius male and a pisces female  be a good match..???

  12. Callmemissdolly December 2nd, 2013

    @linax3 Same way with me I guess…. I’m a leo woman who loves an aquarius man. I play tricks on him and I feel bad for him then he never forgives me ever and it makes me frustrated. However I’ve liked him for 2 years and can’t get over him! =/

    • Wolfman February 10th, 2017

      Oh nice u r sont cute im aquarius i wushu that im that Man

  13. linax3 November 20th, 2013

    I am an aquarius woman and i am IN LOVE with a leo. its been a little over a year now and i cant seem to get him out of my head/heart. He has played so many games with me but still i cant get over him. He has no idea how deeply i care for him i just want him to notice me like he did in the beginning. if i find out someone is playing me i will not put up with it but the way this guy makes me feel its undescribable i just cant let him go! waahhhh pray for me please that he notices me again. Thanks guyssss x3

  14. womanofthewild September 6th, 2013

    I once met someone into astrology and within the first few minutes, he asked me if I was an Aquarius. That’s how typical I am of Aquarians. Love my freedom, yadda yadda.
    Anyway, I’m in love with a Scorpio. Will it ever become more, since we haven’t actually engaged in anything intimate? Who knows. But either way I do love him, and I fight my Aquarius nature to not show too much, and tell him so. He needs to hear that to be happy.
    I have NEVER been attracted to anyone like I am with him. I waited a long time for it to pass, but I adore how his mind works, and his intensity (even though it makes me nervous as hell sometimes).
    We’ll see how it all goes.

  15. jamesm244 August 25th, 2013

    Aquarius man here. The best astro matches, in my personal experience, have been with gemini & leo. Thought it was ironic the women, for the most part, posting the same thing.

  16. limelight August 13th, 2013

    seriously? we are same. Hahahha!

  17. limelight August 13th, 2013

    my 1st serious relationship was aries. Yes,used to have a happy relationship,until he cheat. Then i ended It. Not worth so i moved on. And now happily married with my CANCER man.

  18. limelight August 13th, 2013

    I agree with Sam. I am Aquarius woman, regardless how head over heels i am in love, if i caught my man cheating, i really shut down. Stop communicating, distant, i don’t care anymore. And when i get breakups, i feel heartbroken but, but nobody can tell.And i feel relieved too when i am away from those relationship that only gives heartache.
    I cannot stick around to those guys who hurt me. For some reason, moving on is better that get stuck to unhealthy relationship. And when im over? i don’t look back.

  19. Rizzz August 12th, 2013

    Let me tell you here and straight about Aquarius… I’m a guy aquarius. And here it is…. 
    1. We will show all our affection on you at first meet, doesn’t madder who you are.
    2. We love our space… Don’t be asking us what’s wrong because it kills us when you ask us… If something was wrong about you,we would tell you. Some reasons why we distance ourself is cause maybe we have to much On Our minds, trying to plan for our next date, anniversary, birthday… To make it speical!
    3. We’re even/neutral.. We’re not a follow or a leader but both we well play either or parts depending on your role, we will take the other.
    4. We love meeting new folks. We love socializing, please don’t be so jealous at us.. because when you are, were like what are we doing wrong but talking?  And that’s when things goes down… You can not cage us.. NEVER!
    5. Once we decide who we date/marry… We are loyal and will stick to that person to the end who we have chosen. So there’s no need to be worrying about our absents, were just going out (having our freedom/meeting folks) you want to know where were going? Ask? Just don’t follow if we didnt inv.  cause sometimes you(all people) Put us in a uncomfortable spot when you bring up info that we don’t want to bring up…. (Knowning as of secrets we tell you not them)
    6.we have an incredible/creative mind filled with wonders and we want someone there who will listen to our thoughts and join in to make it better! (don’t try to change the way cause then will be quiet again and not want to tell you anymore cause all we that we will seis you bringing negative to our thoughts… just add to it! That’s it) 
    and something about me 
    I’m only 21yrs old n I know myself pretty damn well I should say… Lol if I miss anything let me know xD

  20. 212872 October 1st, 2012

    Hi I’m an acquarius too and I find it very loving to be in love with a Leo man as well as a Gemini man they are both givers and take on their own formaility of the word love.  Leo’s are truly the opposites of acquarius’s but at the same time love to be the center of attraction. Whereso the Gemini man is intoch with his sensitive side more so than the Leo.  So ladies take it from me both of these zodiacs are great signs to be involve with physically, mentally, sexually, and verbally.

  21. loyaltie September 30th, 2012

    @Linda oh my gosh O_O ive fallen for a aries too! two times already, these two men have something in common, they are both players so I guess its bad luck…

  22. pampam126 August 20th, 2012

    I am glad I am not the only Aquarius in love with a Leo man. My problem, he doesnt know. I am terrified to tell him. I hate emotions, and i fear heartbreak.
    I dated a Taurus, was fun for a while, but he didnt like my need for freedom, I didnt like his constant hovering. And we never agreed on anything. It was quite a bad break in the end. Very hearbroken after that one. So Taurus + Aquarus very difficult.
    Good luck ladies and gentlemen… and wish me luck… i hope i can eventually break out of my shell and say something to him… your leo+aquarian stories are encouraging.

  23. Branon_l May 11th, 2012

    Aquarians are mean’t to go it alone, trust me. Marriage will probably never happen anyways.

  24. moongoddessdivine19 January 18th, 2012

    “Aquarians are the most faithful and devoted of all in a marriage, except for the fact that they might have a few problems in accepting the new sort of life that the marriage will have to offer”
    I want every person to see that an Aquarius go by the law that our smile is for everyone but our heart is for only one. We are told to be cold and aloof because we prioritize other things in life that  we just let the proetction guard our hearts…But once we fall in love, and decide to commit to a relationship. We stand by our ideals because we know that our minds are set on it…. 🙂

  25. aquarius09 January 13th, 2012

    @Sam : I’m sorry 4 your fiancee, I’m aqua also .. Like you said I can love man hard .. Very hard
    But sneaking , lier person is death row for me !
    No matter how much I love him .. Its GONE ! Its happen when I had relation with sagitarius !
    They are talking person full of bullshit ..anyway I believed now you already moved your life, wish you good luck with future love life !

  26. aquarius09 January 13th, 2012

    As aqua woman I said , I always need ” strong ” figure , it make me calm and secure
    Many people said aqua + leo can’t get along .. 4me … LEO man is best
    He is nobel , strong , reable .. And because aqua is not a JEALOUS person
    The its make realation with leo more make sense !

  27. giratinium November 24th, 2011

    Aquarii, be wary if you want to court someone else who is also an Aquarius. I’ve seen it myself — a twenty year marriage, wherein both of them have never once been anything but miserable. Neither one wants to give up on even the stupidest things, and is convinced that the other is always plotting against them. Even one of the Aquarii giving up and choosing to go along with the other one made both of them feel worse. Unless you (and your partner) are EXTREMELY dedicated and are willing to feel trampled an awful lot in the long run, steer away from other jug-bearers.

  28. srikant301 November 2nd, 2011

    hi this is srikant my date of birth is 30/01/1984,birthtime between 12:30 to 12:55 afternoon, i am strugling very hard at my job, still waiting for some good job offers, to get marry, my qustion is when should i get good job, and my marrige time, when should i get marry. thanks…

  29. sueann13192 September 28th, 2011

    yes this is true but the only part i cant relate to is the sex part because im an aquarius and i have a very high sex drive and sex is very important to me. i’ll like to know if theres any other aquarius out there that feel like this too.

  30. habeeva September 14th, 2011

    I am also an aquarian and I’m in love with a capricorn. Although he is laid back and doesn’t show many signs of affection as I would like him too, it’s somsething about him 🙂 I sometimes wonder if I am wasting my time but something keeps me holding on…..I guess i’ll have to ride this one out and see what happens!

  31. ChristianEatsMonsters July 14th, 2011

    Well from my experience being an Aquarius F and my bf of 3 years being a Cancer M, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. I mean at first it seems like a match made in heaven and we fell in love so fast, but the fact is I as an Aquarius do relish my freedom and find it difficult to be with Cancer because they are so jealous and possesive. I find it hard to have the type of conversations I would like to have with him, because I think so differently then him and I don’t think he really relates well to it. Still I do know we will always love eachother and we were good friends before we got together. Give it some time to make sure it’s right!

  32. […] I shall leave my thoughts and emo-ness for tomorrow. Meantime, you guys might want to check out this amazing website for your horoscope (caveat- S and I are both Aquarians but we cannot be any more different, so read […]

  33. Morgan February 23rd, 2011

    No well i don’t think so my friend is a female cancer and my other is a aquarius male and they had a horrid break up. No bodys the same but still.

  34. Sam January 31st, 2011

    I’m an Aquarius woman and I know the easiest way to distance yourself from an Aquarius. Cheating or the like. Doesn’t matter how much the Aquarius loves you, that will shut the love down.

    I was so very in love with my Gemini fiance and after a year of engagement I found out he had been sneaking around behind my back talking to his ex about how he still had feelings for her. They never had sex but the fact that he was sneaking is what did it for me. If he would have told me he needed to work things out with her before marrying me I would have understood. AQUARIUS IS NOT JEALOUS AS LONG AS YOU ARE HONEST!!!!! Soon as I found out I was heartbroken. (Aquarius is very unemotional and detached but they can love, and they love hard).

    I tried to work things out, but over the next six months I was distant, didn’t answer the phone when he called anymore. Didn’t make plans to see him, began noticing other men when I was out with the girls where as when we were happy that thought never crossed my mind.

    Eventually he left because he felt the separation. Although I was sad, I was more relieved to be out of the emotionally stressful and confining situation.

  35. A lover:: December 30th, 2010

    i m an aquarius.i love one girl who is leo.i feel we are same no difference.his all traits same like me.i think aquarius and leo best love match and also king lover of zodic sign

  36. Michelle December 8th, 2010

    Hey so do you think that Cancerian females and Aquarian Males will be a good match or are they better of friends? and why do you choose that?

  37. Michelle December 8th, 2010

    Hey so do you think that Cancerian females and Aquarian M

  38. heather November 27th, 2010

    Hey people! im a leo and im dating An aquarius! i think we r like the perfect match! he is sooo silly! funny and loving! loves to hold me! very warm and sweet! we been dating for about two months so far and i aint saying it was perfect! yeah we had some complaications but who dont? we made it work! and got to c each others veiws! awsome web ite!

  39. mani_33528 November 8th, 2010

    i am confused between job & bussiness what to do will u please help me to find out in which field i can make my carrer.

  40. Shriya November 2nd, 2010

    I’m an aquarius girl and proud to be one!! Aquarians are intellectual, optimistic, friendly and humanitarian but some of the negative traits are their tendency to be aloof and detached ( but sometimes that’s good!) depends on how you look at it!! Thanks for letting me have my say! cool web site!!

  41. Elizabeth October 12th, 2010

    Im an aquarius girl dated a Leo and a Scorpio…. never date a Scorpio… and Leo Yes… just let them now when they are crossing your freedom boundaries and stepping on your emotions with their dominance and selfishness.. 🙂 other than that.. Leo’s are amazing

  42. Linda October 3rd, 2010

    yes, i too have met an aries man, we have been together for amonth now. i am totally head over heels wit him, i am also aquarius, tha sex is jus wat it is tha best ever an i hope nutin never changes, EVER!!!! LOL

  43. Humble bird:)m July 31st, 2010

    Hello there!
    I am an Aquarius girl and I must tell you, nothing worth’s more than freedom for me. I just meet this Aries man, and I am so ga-ga over him. I feel like I will turn the world around together with him. There is a lot of trove in all this astrology thing. Can’t help but say, helpful 🙂



  44. shellie June 22nd, 2010

    okay good

  45. Aquarius To The Bone May 16th, 2010

    Over all it’s reasonably accurate except for the circulatory issues, at least in my case and the Aquarians I know. We also update ourselves. Frequently, and usually are so far ahead of “the times” we have to either digress to appear normal to society, or continue onward, walking and working that contradiction.

  46. books May 10th, 2010

    i think that believing in yourself and having passion is the key to success. no passion and focus no nothing. even if you had 100 wrong turns, you still shouls try again. maybe your 101 turn could be right.
    have a grEAT day!!

  47. Ramiesha April 6th, 2010

    well acc to me aquarians are very friendly,loving,getle but very talktive.they enjoy life and always remain to the earth.

  48. sidra December 30th, 2009

    AQUARIUS r 2 good.

  49. varun October 3rd, 2009

    this sucks iam an aquarius & i do not like being poked even in an humrous way

  50. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    I dated a Aquarius and he was smart. But he made my life hell. He said terrible things to me and treated me like shit. He jus played football with my heart, we went out for 4months and some weeks. I luved him sooooooo much,but i couldnt take nomore sooo i broke up wit em. He’s still trying to make ma life not good. he’s trying to turen everybody agenst me, but it’s all gooood. He goes both ways. HAVE FUNNNN…

    • pier1 September 7th, 2018

      he was doing you a favor, silly, by telling you that you re stupide

  51. soraya September 13th, 2009

    Karen u are right;
    i’m honored to be an aqua female ^^
    big up to all aqua females out there ^^

  52. KAREN May 18th, 2009


  53. Harvey May 18th, 2009

    I have this boy that is one grade higher than me. I have a huge crush on him, and wanted to know how I could make him fall for me.

  54. alethea May 12th, 2009

    aquarius are pure genius

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