Aquarius Love Horoscope 2020

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2020 – Relationship Highlights and Focus Areas

  • Family and finances keep you busy and occupied, dear Aquarius. There may be a fraud, theft, losses or unexpected developments in these areas.
  • Lack of socialising, and fewer romancing opportunities make it a dull 2020 on personal front.
  • This is an important year for kids and there may be arrival of a baby for expecting parents.
  • Arguments and misunderstandings are possible with closed ones and emotional bruises are avoidable by hearing them out and taking the back seat.
  • Being in love with yourself provides you with self-assurance, comfort and overall helps you feel positive.

You feel mired down in disputes but it doesn’t need to be so. Rise above strife in year 2020. Maybe someone you have pegged as your enemy isn’t really. The competition you think you are could be redressed through open conversation. It is time to turn your thoughts and planning towards contract decisions or litigation. Don’t make these decisions in a rush. Talk it through with a trusted advisor. If you are feeling stressed or loneliness, turn to someone special to spend time with. You need to reach out and communicate how you are feeling because it may not be visible from the outside.

You’re ready to make some new friends and have some lively encounters in year 2020. Just be sure to be smart about money and avoid accidents or theft by being in a state of impaired judgment. Friends or relatives may need you more than ever. A sudden domestic crisis is possible. Rearrange your personal plans to make space for a loved one’s needs. This is your chance to repair a connection that might be a bit strained. Don’t wait or think twice about speaking the contents of your heart. You won’t regret telling someone how much they mean to you but you will regret not taking the chance if you squander it. Given the state of mind you are in and all the excitement in front of you it could be a challenge to quiet your mind and meditate and reflect but it would be wise for you and for your relationships

Truly speaking, year 2020 is meant to get some space to yourself. You may be feeling somewhat smothered in your current relationship. Demanding some space for yourself is a fair call. Just make sure that you are honest with the people in your life as to why you are taking a break.Your romantic relationship is really at a crossroads. Which way do you want to go? Is your current partnership working for you? This is what you need to decide. Take time to reflect. Maybe you need to enlist a therapist or someone smart and objective in your life to give you perspective. Know when you can talk things through and when you need to walk away.

Engage in some charity work in year 2020. Make some connections beyond your own social circle and outside of your own neighborhood. A change of pace would be great for you and for the health of your relationships.

You need time and space to be alone with your thoughts. Revisit a plan or project. It is time to push forward or decide, once and for all, to let go. Make wellness a top issue by seeking out professional assistance, including someone you can talk to about worries that are on your mind. Be cautious with money. It would be wise to put something away for a rainy day. Your search for answers could take you to unfamiliar belief systems or new spiritual paths. Remain open minded and go with your gut. Giving back to others would be a purposeful way to take your mind off your own cares and concerns.


  1. Manu April 2nd, 2018

    I’m a Aquarius girls . I’m loving a Scorpio boy. Are we both get married or not. I love him like a crazy nd he too. We started relationship from 27 Feb 2015.

  2. lnamyaalo October 11th, 2013

    I am an aquarian I I like the love horoscopes but I would to know when I’m going to meet someone special and where?

  3. iamanaquarian January 11th, 2012

    can a relationship between an aquarian and cancer work out in the long run?

  4. Josh12 June 29th, 2011

    iM an aquarius and I just met this Aries March 27th, and i love this girl like crazy. We talk about having kids and getting married together.
    Will this relationship between me & her will be a long lasting relationship

  5. Jithmi March 1st, 2011

    Nice read, regarding my love horoscope, but would hope for something more specific, such as how I’d meet the new love or if there is someone in particular that will grace me with his presence in the near future.

  6. Veronika November 30th, 2010

    Im an aquarius woman born on 14th feb.. I just broke up with my younger leo bf on 22nd november..& I really dnt kno the actual reason y he broke my heart & left me in pain..I love him a lot & i wish may he come back to me…will he?

  7. Rashenda June 22nd, 2010

    Nice read, regarding my love horoscope, but would hope for something more specific, such as how I’d meet the new love or if there is someone in particular that will grace me with his presence in the near future.

  8. DORIS March 22nd, 2010


  9. aries girl March 13th, 2010

    it’s wierd how the aquarian man is always attracted to the aries woman and just when you let them in….the aquarian becomes cold….i try to avoid them…but they just keep coming back….
    “The Aquarius man can not resist her aptitude and zeal”
    “The only way to break through to the Aries woman is with love and kindness.”

  10. snowbird March 12th, 2010

    I have been seeing an Aquarius man since November. For the first two months, we were on fire with passion, but now the flame is turning blue and he does not express his emotions as freely. As a Leo woman, I crave the loving banter. I have serious doubts about our compatibility, but I can’t stop this train!

  11. TongueFu March 11th, 2010

    i so believe this, for i’m livign it for real with my Aquarius Heart Beat

  12. Jen March 2nd, 2010

    WOW, this is so accurate, both the gender-specific and the generic compatibility profiles. Very well-articulated and obviously an accurate assessment. I read somewhere that Aquarius females are statistically most likely to marry Sagittarius males. Yes, I’m an Aqua woman in love with a Sadge man, and I’ve dated literally every sign in the zodiac. There is no doubt in my mind that this is my best match.

  13. Milena February 27th, 2010

    It is partly true. I had a romance with an Aquarius guy, I am a pisces woman. It happened two years ago, I think we both had feelings for each other but a long trip separated us. He never told me his feelings. Whenever he would get emotional, he would try to cover it up the next day.

    We had a great sexual connection too, but he was trying to run away from that too. Two years later he wrote to me that he hasn’t forgotten me and hasn’t been with anyone else since me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions and memories that we both remembered clearly. Three days later I couldn’t take it anymore and wrote to him that I cannot forget the pain I went through and tod him I don’t want us to get back together.

    I think my conclusion is that the pisces woman is too emotional for the aquarius man. She needs to have his attention all the time and he never bothers. I spent seven months of my life crying for him, because he never bothered to keep in touch. I went through so much pain that I am totally traumatized. And the only solution I saw was to end it forever and just forget.

  14. :) February 21st, 2010

    yeah its absolutely correct..!! m a scorpion n u cn say i hv been wid an aquarius guy all d way from my high school..OMG..!! nothng bt total rollercoaster..!! a correct wrd 2 explain dis relationshp!! headaches,heartaches n god noes wat else..!!recently also m in fght wid him n dats d reason y i came across dis site..!!i dnt thnk v r gng 2 even tok agn hmari ldai to har dusre din ho jati hai n phr mahino baad sb kch theek ho jata hai n phr 2 din baad phr se!!srsly aisa hi hota hai..n its true dat both r totally opposite 4m each other..i wnt 2 add sumthng also..both of them are equally stubborn n dats d reason y both hesitates 2 tk d 1st step to sort out everythng n dats y dis relation becomes as sais earlier..”rollercoaster..” full on drama n sirdardi n ol.!!

  15. um February 21st, 2010

    this is qutie discuraging…theres this aquarius hu likes me….am sOOooo not going thru all this drama agan…

  16. Tanya February 14th, 2010

    If u are a female aquarius and he does tell u he loves you on the first night u meet do not doubt it i did because in my opinion i think love should not b thrown around so easily . But after reading up on Aries and finding out they do fall in and out ov love easily and learning that he truly does love me . I was very sick and he was there for me 100% if people cant handle u at your worst then they defently dont deserve u at your best . And us aquarians seem 2 hav a way ov making Aries see the other side ov the coin . Because Aries do see alot ov things 1 sided . And Aries hav a way ov bringing out our inner emotional side. that not many people get 2 see . He is my best friend as i am he’s . We bring out the best and the worst in eachother he enjoys winning and even tho we hav our pride us aquarius do let them win too make them happy . Learn 2 bite your lip at times u wont regret it . And just enjoy the ride it is defently worth high’s and low’s x

  17. Tanya February 14th, 2010

    I love my Aries male we understand eachother on a level like no other we do tend too hav alot ov petty arguments but he takes things too personall in my opinion but i always find myself trying 2 make him happy so he gets over it . And he does they never last long and i like it like that however he likes things done his way or no way & being an aquarius i love my freedom but i’ve noticed wen i tell him wat he wants 2 hear . He gives in as soon as he see’s im willing too give him wat he wants . The sex is amazing but it did take time 2 get it too that level . I do belive he is a very selfish person at times without realising it. Because wats good for the goose is good 4 the gander . But thats were we dont see eye 2 eye . But there’s so many better aspects ov the the relationship than bad . He is very predictibul at times then very un predictibul . Wen were together noting else matters even wen were doing nothing we dont seem 2 get bored ov eachother i do think he enjoys picking fights just too make things intersting i think even if we wanted 2 break up 4 good it would b very hard even tho he does break up with me alot more at the start ov the relationship than now if u are one ov these’s sign’s i hope ur able 2 exprience this combo

  18. sunflower February 5th, 2010

    ive been a relationship with an aquarius man for years now and everyhting the blog says is absolutely true. its like a love hate relationship. i care for him so much, but sometimes it seems like he doesnt care an very irresponsible about matters that are ver important to me. i am so close to breaking up with him bec. sometimes i feel like i cant take it anymore, but it is the love and care that i have for him that always seem to make me rethink my decision. right now we are battling financial issues. he is more frivolous with money, whereas i prefer to save. is this worth our relationship or can we work through this problem?

  19. mela January 28th, 2010

    god there’s this man i truuuuly Love!! and he’s a libra n i don’t think he know’s how much i do..n i feel soo stupid cus he’s in a relation ship n so am i…wow weird right? but the only thing that has me still around cus i left him to see if it was all me on these feeling’s n it just sooo happens he came bak to me honestly thinkng he wasn’t…i truly love my boyfriend n he’s an aquarius!! btw…my bf is unbelievebly lovin n warm..but @ times i still think bout the libra grr..these men!!

  20. aquarius December 30th, 2009

    if they learn to “comprimise” they will be just fine. i can do that. 😛

  21. Allison December 4th, 2009

    OMG! My first love was a true Aquarius and I am a true Scorp. We were together most of high school and college and boy oh boy – nothing but trouble and headaches and heartache.

    I’m more of a chill person and he always wanted to disagree on silly things. If I had stock in duct tape (for his mouth), that relationship might have been better. lol


  22. Haley November 12th, 2009

    I’m currently engaged to an aquarius and I am a scorpio. While it took him forever to express his feelings and ask me to marry him, he truely does mean it as mentioned above. This describes me and my fiance perfectly I have had to learn he needs his space and in turn he has had to learn my emotions however I think in time we will still be together and still be happy.

  23. brandy August 11th, 2009

    My birthdate is 7/20/1982 please tell me my future husbands name and if I should marry an aquarius

  24. Your name August 2nd, 2009

    I’m the aquarius woman in this story, and even though i was never really planning on marrying my Virgo boyfriend it still makes me kinda sad that all odds lead to imminent doom

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