Scorpio Love Horoscope 2021

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2021 – Love & Relationships Highlights

  • The stars indicate that wedding bells will finally ring for you in 2021
  • If you’re single and looking, the love scene could remain volatile and swinging — triggering feelings of confusion, betrayal and insincerity. 
  • This could be a worrisome year for kids and children.
  • 2021 appears to be challenging and problematic for siblings, co-borns and close friends.
  • Sickness or issues related to mother or mother-like figures such as elder sisters, teachers, aunt is indicated.

You are destined to spend some time on the road in 2021. You will find that advantageous for making new connections, including with a potential new romantic interest if currently unattached. There is unusual warmth and coziness in relationships with parents and other family members. You’ll experience a greater than before sense of safety and wellbeing at your base/home. For some of you this may result in long-standing family problems being resolved.

While luck is on your side, avoid risky decisions. A gamble could cost you more than you care to pay. If seeking advice in life or love, turn to a caregiver or motherly figure you has seen you through these sorts of situations before. You’re now more sensitive and possessive towards your lover, and when channeled positively can bring out the passionate side in them. Actually you now strive to have some sort of completeness in love.

Be honest with yourself about what your priorities are and where you want to sink your time and money. You have a lot of immediate practical decisions to make. You might be required to invest in a pricy repair or replacement of an item in your home or a family home. Because of this, you want to make sure your financials are in order. Prepare a budget. This will help you and your partner weather this brief fiscal stress without arguments that could damage your relationship.

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Avoiding gambling with your money or your relationships. You need to exist boundaries that work for both you and your partner. Clear communication is a necessity. A concern has been on your mind, a fear or self doubt that you have kept secret for too long. Be honest with your partner and with yourself. It is important to try and be as objective as possible as you make plans to move ahead. Seek out peaceful settings in which you can reflect. Get away with your significant other to somewhere quiet in nature or a place of important sentimental value. Meditate. Breath. Be honest with each other. Your relationship depends on it.

It is time to face a change that has to be made, however difficult. A relationship has hit the rocks. Can you steer it back on course? Possibly. Open and honest communication is needed. Listen without taking offense. It is the only way to move the needle and not lose the connection. That said, know when it is time to walk away. Change is inevitable and needs to be accepted in order to move forward. Make healthy choices that will contribute to your personal happiness and well-being. Avoid vices and excess spending. Save for a rainy day.

Selfish demeanor takes over your senses as you want best for your lover, no matter the price. A monetary mistake from your past could come back to haunt you. Don’t let this error impact your future. Instead, deal with the aftermath of this choice and see it as a learning opportunity. Transiting South Node in your Solar 2nd house suggests you may be pushed to a circumstance to walk out of your house, family and lineage. Sparked temperamental divergence with elders in the family, sexual abuse from family members, disputes among elders over accumulated wealth, breach of trust, bullying etc. could trigger this separation.


  1. Carl July 1st, 2020

    Love yourself first and the rest will follow. When you work on yourself and kick the world’s ass. You will find what you seek.

  2. Brian February 25th, 2018

    To truly love is like falling without care. I (a scorpio man) gave myself once and was abused as a result. I cannot stop trying however…i am searching for my woman so as to live.

  3. Emma January 21st, 2018

    As a Scorpio woman I don’t see why so many people are attracted to me but all afraid to act…. they say I’m filled with mystery. That’s not something I try to do on purpose. My issue is trust. I love so deeply and will be loyal to the end but I have yet to find a man that can return that. So yes…. I’m afraid I may never fall in love again. Maybe I’m broken… this life has not been kind to me but I’ve never let it hold me back. But I am left to face it alone. I’ve always believed the right person would walk into my life. I’ve been divorced 6 years and not even a hint of that… so onward I go. I have learned that happiness is ultimately something you create for yourself. Hoping one day to share it. I have learned I don’t need anyone to make me happy just to share in my happiness.

  4. Anon April 17th, 2017

    Is it normal for a female Scorpio to be scared that I may never fall in love ? Because I feel like that

    • P February 19th, 2018

      Male Scorpio here. Its completely normal. For both genders i think. I spent last 5 years in the most painful relationship with my ex and now after half a year of severe depression i found new love (she also being a scorpio makes it a bit hard) in an unthinkable place, just give it some time, try new stuff, visit new places and it will come :))

  5. Blessing-Lilian-Anams March 7th, 2013

    As for me wer nt goin to knw d person jst bcoz we knw dem long tym,stil dey cannot show der real personality,dats its better to stay wit d person in 1 haus even in a short tym,

  6. harinder March 11th, 2011

    when will be my mareige

  7. harinder March 11th, 2011

    how will going 2011 for me

  8. danial khan January 29th, 2011

    i really love a girlbut there is some confusions in around me. that what is right n what is wrong but i love her so much n just can,t live without her,her name is mahnoor.plz pray 4 me.

  9. beabu1 January 11th, 2011

    when will i marry?

  10. ISHWORCHANDRA October 14th, 2010

    I love Bidyarani but she is thinking with me as friend. What to do?

  11. prateek singh March 9th, 2010

    hi myself prateek,d.o.b is 15th nov 1990 i reallly love a girl sneha bt ther z been a misunderstanding galore ,shes a libran born on 4th oct 1989,so wts d scene for both of us ahead

  12. dnyaneshwar February 22nd, 2010

    when will i marry

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