Virgo Love Horoscope 2022

2022 – Love & Relationships Highlights

  • Marriage is on the cards. Singles can expect the arrival of new love. Foundations of existing intimate relationships are shaken and accommodations need to be made to leap into the future.
  • You may be worrying over problems and health concerns as well as those for parents or parent-like figures such as bosses, and teachers in the year 2022. Separation with family or the death of a loved one will be disturbing.
  • Unlike last year, you are making headlines in social circles with plenty of love and dating opportunities for you in 2022, dear Aries.
  • Kids and children can face complications and blocks in their life path.
  • Arguments and misunderstandings are possible in siblings, neighbors, colleagues, or people in the same age groups and emotional bruises are avoidable by hearing them out and taking the back seat. You may be saddened by the passing away of family members or a loved one.

Welcome to the year 2022 Virgo! This year, you will have different experiences in your love life according to the movements of the planets in your horoscope. Are you ready? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have an amazing year. 

A new opportunity is in front of you, for business or romance. Think all decisions through but not to the point where you are in paralysis and unable to act. Talk things through with a partner or spouse, especially if about to make a sizable purchase or sign the papers of a contract that could impact you both. You may need to spend at present in order to gain later.

If you are not currently married, it might be time and contemplate tying the knot. If you are with the person you want to spend your life with then it is essential to take a chance on that life together. A change of scenery would do you a world of good as a couple. One or both of you is feeling beset by competitors or even enemies. Give yourself a chance to refocus and give up always being practical-minded. With your partner, lay the foundation for some ambitious new plans. Allow yourself to be caught up in your own creative, romantic energy as you dream out loud together.

You feel surrounded by a lot of stressful relationships, whether in your friendships or professional contacts. There’s too much conflict, too many disputes that could make enemies out of people you hardly know. It would be wise to try and stay out of the fray. Wait on the sideline until some of the turmoil passes. 

There are people in your life who do too much taking and too little giving. Be realistic and have a conversation and change that equation. Set some boundaries and demand your own space. It is not your job to fix other people’s problems so remind yourself to stop trying to do so. 

Carve out extra time in your schedule to be with your partner. You could use a little spice in your relationship. Be creative and find new ways to show how much you care. Keep the passion alive.

Don’t go into financial or emotional debt looking to please someone else or redress the messes they have made. Instead, be open and honest. Know when to stand firm.

It is difficult to pin you down this year. You look forward to thrilling and adventurous experiences and there will be many stories to tell. Get legal affairs in order before embarking on something new. You may get addicted to ideologies, religious movements and even fall for those shitty politicians. As such you have less time for selfish interpersonal relationships, you seek higher goals this year — other-worldly love (which doesn’t exist).

It’s a year to let go of relationships or mistakes that have been weighing on you. Learn the lessons offered by the past but don’t let the past determine the future. You may need to spend some money to get a problem resolved. Get an expert to weigh in on purchase or repair. Consult with a caregiver or relative as you decide about a vehicle or real estate investment. Write your ideas down to get clarity.


This year will be full of experiences for you, so be focused and do not let anyone weigh you down.

Enjoy the free flow of passion that comes your way and explore with your significant other. Everything will be fine as long as you follow the guidance above.


  1. usha January 1st, 2022

    The problem when you keep regurgitating old stuff and recycling and serving up the same rubbish for different signs is that you forget to even change the name of the signs. You have inadvertently mentioned Aries when this is the Virgo yearly page. Which means that you probably served this up for Aries last year and this year you are throwing it in for Virgo. Such carelessness!
    Next year you will probably give the same thing for Gemini.

  2. brandy December 30th, 2016

    error message,this is last year forcast 2016

  3. lola86 July 3rd, 2013

    Wow sounds correct…I got a new job at the end of last year and I have no weekends off….ever. I also work until 11pm at night lol, so my husband has been suffering alot, but I have a career in the criminal justice field. I’m really struggling to balance work and home, plus I’d like to have a child. We’ll have been married for 2 years come November, so it’s time to start thinking baby 🙂 Once I have time of course..smh

  4. kadybabe October 23rd, 2012

    thank you for giving me a positive outlook of my life am so ever grateful that am finally changing my life for the better and i now know what i want for sure i found someone special to me and am going to work hhard to achieve my goals with him i will take your advice always until i get it perfectly right am so happy thank you kiss

  5. J April 18th, 2010

    I’m a Scorpio guy with a hopeless crush on a Virgo girl. She lives far away, is incredibly beautiful, intelligent and wonderful. I could never attract her. But reading this article gives me some daydream material.

  6. Rebella April 10th, 2010

    Yes! Some of this is actually true. We are so different yet so much alike. Although, when there are issues w/ this love Virgos see, we analyze. We’re just not always sure how to deal w/ them. I am a Virgo woman and I am very open with my feelings and believe that I always have been. Why? Because I noticed that that would be a possible issue with a very aggressive yet loyal Scorpio. The only issue is that when we find the mistakes and try to fix them it becomes very structured looking. This I’m not sure a man or a Scorpio person would like; but the Good thing w/ Virgos is we no how to fix everything seems like. “It can’t be hard to make it less structured”. Well, flaws are flaws and we except each other for them. My scorpio lover always wondered why I seemed so strong-headed, soo perfect. Truth was I knew my imperfections and new exactly how i was going to fix them; I knew I would fix them. There were also many other reasons to being strong headed because I see I insecurities and fight against them. For example,”This Virgo girl is shy? No! I will force myself to be outgoing”.Other than all the flaws, that we overcome anyways; we couldn’t help but love each other I the deepest can’t and wo t let you go way. I believe if you get a Virgo girl to open up where it’s obvious,” sexually but genuinly” then it unconditional! Never know what you can make her free spiritcome alive and do. They’re almost capable of anything. Being a Scorpio or a Virgo is not easy to do but a Scorpio with a Virgo. Is To me the cutest, realest, downtoearth,passionate and most beautiful relationship 🙂

  7. PiscesLover April 10th, 2010

    Zak – I have a hard time Really believing horoscopes, but I do find the study of it immensely fascinating…

    Ladies – the ‘belief’ is that the sun, moon & each planet emit & impart specific energies that we inhale when we are born & hence, also influence our personalities. It is far more complicated than JUST the sun’s energy…Moon signs & ascendants’ energies play roles just as large as the sun! In fact, the position of venus when you were born is better suited for love compatibility because venus controls our loving natures (among other things…).

    For instance, my sun is in libra, moon in virgo, ascendant in libra & my venus is in virgo….my fiance’s sun is in pisces, moon in leo, ascendant in virgo & venus in pisces…(& his mars is in aries, which is a total turn on for me…) We are pretty well matched…although it is not always smooth sailing–but we share the deepest connection… beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. True love? Absolutely. No matter what, we’ll be there for each other. It’ll 5 years on May 25 🙂

    You can learn more about all the planetary energies (& houses-not mentioned here…) at — click on the interactive horoscopes on the left menu (under Free Horoscopes) for a free personal portrait or astro-partner to compare you & your partner’s birth chart compatibility. The catch: you have to know your & your partner’s exact time & place of birth!

    Happy pairings!


  8. fish April 9th, 2010

    Virgo man broke my heart!

  9. Thaps Mo' April 7th, 2010

    I’m 29 and born on the 6 march 1981, currently dating a virgo man, and interested in a cancer man, who should i date? I want to know about marriage, money and my future….

  10. sara March 29th, 2010

    i am hopelessly in love with this virgo extreme male…. i am so stupified by him that be it any sign or no sign, i would have fallen for him anyway

  11. sara March 29th, 2010

    i am terribly, hopelessly in love with this virgo extreme male…. i am so stupified by him that be it any sign or no sign, i would have fallen for him anyway

  12. Jaime March 26th, 2010

    Chirag – I am truly amazed I’m a 9/20 born Virgo. We have live the same life for the last three years. God bless you and I do believe better life and times lie ahead.

    If it weren’t for my faith, I’m not sure I would have made it through the last 3 years!

  13. ash March 21st, 2010

    As a Taurus woman I could spot a virgo from a crowd. If I was in a room with a group of men, I could tell you the virgo out of any of them. Taurus and Virgo have the most chemestry. When something happens, one of you will hold on wishing the chemestry was still the same as the first day you met. And the other parter will let go. This is a very good match. It keep you entertained with love.

  14. PiSces Lissss March 6th, 2010

    I Hope this is true I qot a thinq for a virgo guy and I can say when we did tha nasty it was AmAziNggggg =]

  15. Gladys March 4th, 2010

    I have been in love with my virgo man for years. When I first met him I was a wild and didn’t care what was around the corner, and his mind just captured my heart. I think the world of him, he keeps me learning, curious and in love. i think I would be a MESS without him in my life, I did loose him once for 3 years!! and this time I’m not letting him go again 🙂

  16. charles March 3rd, 2010

    I’m a virgo male..august 25th. I’ve NEVER been a nag or described as one nor am I a negative dude. Why is every virgo match on here focused to the negative? I’ve completely lost faith in zodiac compatibility due to this. According to most zodiac readers, virgos are the worst people on the planet and don’t have any good qualities whatsoever.

  17. erika February 18th, 2010

    This comment is for comment #4 from “Keese”… I too am a Virgo woman, with my research of the zodiac and self observation I have learned that Virgo women are quite complicated, they have many different sides to their intellectuality and respond differently to each zodiac sign. This is why they are the most desirable of woman on the zodiac because they are so well rounded. Maybe you don’t relate because you have never had an intimate relationship with a Scorpio man…

  18. Keese January 19th, 2010

    I find your description of a virgo woman terribly uncharacteristic of myself, (a virgo woman).

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