Daily Love Horoscope For Virgo


  1. Joseph October 12th, 2019

    I need help to get my partnership

  2. Md Yousuf July 21st, 2019

    My wife return come back surrounding with home me

  3. Amatiel June 21st, 2019

    how will I get shane to like me?

  4. Taya L Brown April 19th, 2019

    i’m buying a new age female Love Doll- you can easily insert a Personality Chip into her HEart COmputer and she will be faithful- if that doesn’t work- I put trip wires on her Satellite Sensors , so if anyone tried to make a mov eon her- they both explode into heavy ash pixels

    • Lisa April 27th, 2019

      Hahahaha I feel stupid for reading my horoscope but you gave me a good laugh and now I’m happy I did! Love stinks! Why do I bother!?! You are awesome! Thanks!

    • Ashley Johnson September 27th, 2019

      What the fuck??

  5. Taya L Brown November 26th, 2018

    why are there so many discrepancies in the many Horoscope so called professionals on a Day to Day basis? Most of them are just trying to cash in for greed and false fame, I guess. Truth is- we are all mutable- and it doesn’t matter when you were born- or where- we are all little microbes on nano-spec’s of Life viewed a million miles away from Earth- We really are just like the Mycelium – a fungus growing in the petri dish of Life. Each day has the absolute same potential for us all – to meet the Love of our Life- decide if they really are the Love of our Life- tell our little brains how we choose to interpret the Love of our Lives- and of course- how and when and to what magnitude we wish to dis-appoint our little egos and spirits when we think we need to feel the blues again – …Let’s face it- we are all the Merry Go ROund Creatures- Merrily – Merrily we go Around and Around- and where we choose to Love and with whom, is all of our own devices- we jump off the ride and onto another ride on a whim or on our pre-calculated / pre-meditated inclination- We are all Fickle- we are all mutable- we are all just little specks of fluttering life forces trying to get it all together and the one thin we ALL have in common- we are all born to die- but no, I am not a pessimist- I am just saying- we need to get to a certain understanding of the basics so we CAN actually start LIVING in the precious fleeting glimpse of a blue bird of happiness moment and enjoy our brief flash’s of existence in the fleshy tentacles of these amorphous human forms we have evolved into – So get it all together in any kind of weather and listen to Moonbeam Jim on Soundcloud for more insight into the Human condition-

    • Ashley Tussey April 19th, 2019

      Wow! A little much huh??

      • Taya L Brown April 19th, 2019

        well, that’s how I was feeling in that moment- looks like I only made one spelling error

        Peace & Love

  6. Brad July 13th, 2018

    My newly current relationship has been going for a month and will be 2 months on the 20th. My gut has been telling me for the past week that my new relationship my girlfriend is cheating on me who was somebody that I know. I know my new relationship will not last much longer.

    • Sam Antha July 13th, 2018

      Dude, do the test.
      Simply ask her the question if she is or not.
      If she answers you by looking away, then yes. Yes, she is.
      If her answer is abrupt and annoyed and still looks away, then yes, she is up to something.
      There is more than enough info out there that can teach you body language which can help determine if she is lying.
      Sorry to hear of your trouble. Just think, this one was just practice 🙂

    • Taya L Brown April 19th, 2019

      …if that’s true- and usually- gut instinct’s are right on the money, let’s face it- In fact., she’s really just cheating on herself. She’s cheating herself and partner out of the potential for a pure connection of 2 honest souls with no corruption rusting up the edges of the magic Love Train wheels

  7. Jessica roberts May 13th, 2018

    Hi, I would like to know the truth of what is really going on with my partner and our relationship. I love him and really want to remain with him. But I feel there is something more that’s going on behind the scenes. Something in me tells me he has been cheating on me, being dishonest about alot of stuff,and also feel he doesn’t love me or even really want to be with me. Although he says he loves me and wants to be with me. I don’t know if it’s my thoughts, fears, or my intuition that’s telling me. Please help me to know the truth. Thank you..

  8. Harrison Atsutse May 6th, 2018

    I want to know my love status and how to move forward each day in my life.

  9. C Williams April 22nd, 2018

    I’m cheating on my love will the dude I’m cheating going to be with me if I choose him

    • samsnoodle08 April 22nd, 2018

      Not if you are both cheaters. Can’t see that working, can you?

    • R April 28th, 2018

      you dont know if you dont give it a try

    • Taya L Brown November 26th, 2018

      i just had a vision- you will both me in jail soon and cheating on your former illusions of freedom- that’s what happens when you turn your spirit away from the Light– You end up behind Metaphorical Love Bars , right where you belong for creating a disturbance in the Love Force


  10. R April 17th, 2018

    Hello I would like to know my future. I would like to know if my husband and I will divorce and if I will end up marrying the man who wants to have a relationship with me. When Will I have children and whose children will they be.

    • samsnoodle08 April 22nd, 2018

      Well, if you want a divorce, go out and get it, only you can decide that fate.
      As for starting a new relationship, try it out your luck and see where it takes you.
      Make decisions for you, for you are in charge of them.
      Stay away from peanuts.

  11. philipspinolo@gmail.com November 4th, 2017

    Unable to get updates

  12. toodles January 13th, 2017






    Crybabyass lol

    • Carter June 28th, 2017

      toodles – have you always been an idiot??????

      No wonder your parents say you are an embarrassment to the family

  13. toodles January 13th, 2017






    Crybabyass lol

    • deedee April 9th, 2017

      I bet you cry at night when no one is watching. I’m not afraid to share my reality. Like H-Town said, “Emotions make you cry sometimes.”

    • Carter August 16th, 2017

      Still being a useless moron I see.

  14. deedee October 11th, 2016

    I’m a Virgo woman. This past weekend with my Aries love was very bittersweet, crying on my end.

    • healer January 10th, 2017

      it could be a start with his new personality why not try to seek Scorpio he’s both ruler of mars and Pluto may be idea can reach to you in a blink of eye.

    • Taya L Brown April 19th, 2019

      Aries are notorious for cheating just to feel ashamed so they can experience the personal humiliation even if they never come clean-

      Virgos should avoid Aries- they are all about htemselves for the most part and there will never be a true balance- Aries are akin to vampires when it comes to personal romance- they feed off their Lover’s emotional and sexual energy- never reciprocating fully- but feigning it- and they won;t even let you look at another attractive person without scolding you from my experience- …we’re just driving in the car downtown one day..I’m in the passenger seat- a pretty woman walking up the sidewalk catches my eye- I like her fashion and think she is interesting- …my Aries girlfriend scolds me- and says that I shouldn’t look at the woman- I tell her ” I’m just looking a t a pretty woman on the sidewalk! ..what’s the big deal!”

      …not to mention- my old Aries girlfriend loved to see me even slightly jealous at house parties- she would flirt with other guys in the same room and spy on my reactions – I would neve rmake a scene unless something was very serious-

  15. Sana.arain.5492@facebook.com June 3rd, 2014

    This prediction is really reflection of what happens and I really likes this site…….

  16. msporter August 11th, 2011

    I think that the information that you get is most of the time is true.I always check my horoscope daily…

  17. gen May 11th, 2011

    REALLY!!! Not seeing much in this whole horoscope thing….Jim just doesn’t want me. Done everything this stuff has been telling me to. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. V March 17th, 2011

    It’s amazing how much this relates to what I’m going through. Just last night I’ve decided to tell my man how I feel about him and then this morning I read this!!

  19. F July 23rd, 2010

    The compatibility reports are really good.
    The weekly love horoscopes are okay – sometimes not spot-on
    The daily love horoscopes can be one of two things – either completely
    correct or not at all.
    The overall daily and weekly horoscopes seem to be more accurate.
    Also check out sexualastrology.com for love horoscopes.

  20. Fouz April 24th, 2009

    As for my emotional and financial aspects on free monthly horoscopes they are actuacly a reflection of wht am undrgoing.

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