Daily Love Horoscope For Aries



Arpit Tambi

Owner and resident astrologer at Ask Oracle with 18 years of experience in Western (tropical) and Indian (sidereal) astrology. Based in Jaipur, he is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. His areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage, and child predictions, as well as professional and wealth predictions.
  1. Robbie Menges October 25th, 2023

    My beautiful baby Aries woman is completely satisfied with our relationship and is staying right here beside me.

  2. Capricorn December 30th, 2022

    Bad advice from Zarina. As Capricorn men, loyalty, integrity and morals are important. If you push us away don’t expect us to chase you. You have to win us back by showing that our loyalty to you is reciprocated. Having said that, if you’re not the one to push us away or break up with us then that’s different.

  3. Yetunde April 2nd, 2022

    I am Aries and I fall in love with calricorn.we have been dating since child old.when she go back to his country.we lost contact and years back I fond his contact with alot of effort.my marriage is not working and his marriage not working too .I love this man am about to going crazy.when he came to my country 6years ago I told him how much I feel for him but he said that we should forget about it.but I said no.i can’t .when he go back.i always call him.atimes he will pick my calls atimes he will not. Last year we talk and I let him know that I wanted to move to his country and he ask me questions with I answer.after that I called him he didn’t pick my called like 100times when he pick calls he said abused words which I fire back.but apologize instantly and he told me.do you want me to hate you or what I said no.since then he didn’t pick my calls again.please help me.he’s coming back to me or not. Can someone tell me please

    • Zarina April 11th, 2022

      Hi YETUNDE, i was reading my horoscope & ending up reading your story of your situation. I am a mum of 2 & like you im confused if the man i love feels the same.
      Its hard when you dont have the love you feel coming back to you but the TRUTH is, that if you’re not getting it in return it’s because they don’t feel that way. I know the man i love does not feel the same as i do, cause if he did HE WOULD SHOW IT. We would not have to keep txting or calling. They would call us. They are meant to chase us. You should not chase. Sorry to tell you this but if he wanted you he would tell you. When a man wants a women he will DEFINITELY TELL her!! CALL HER etc… when a women chases a man it turns them off. Thats why hes not answering your calls. Sorry he’s trying to move on from you he answered to be polite. But you WILL BE OK!!! Just BELIEVE there is someone out there for you.
      Its not him but open yourself & get excited that kind loving man is coming.
      Remember the right man cant come to you if yr sad, crying & going crazy about another man.
      My advice is DONT CALL HIM AGAIN SWEETHEART!! Let him go so you’re heart is free for someone fun & exciting to live your life with. Cause you cant really want someone who ignores your calls?? Or abusive when he talks to you??
      You want a man who will appreciate all your love.
      Get excited not knowing how you will meet, or what he looks like or where he lives… just know that he’s coming, & GET READY FOR WHEN HE DOES 🥰 Good luck with everything 💞 Zee xx

      • Yetunde April 11th, 2022

        Thank you.you save my day by what you said.i decided to let him go.God help me go true this.thanks alot

      • Mya October 21st, 2023

        Is his name Paul?

      • Mya October 21st, 2023


    • Zarina April 11th, 2022

      Im not a physic, im just giving you my friendly advice x
      Hope it helped.
      Forget him & get excited for the new love that is coming. It will come one day if you believe it will. The SOONER your HAPPY by yourself the SOONER he will cone…
      so get HAPPY about yourself & you’re life. Then he will come & he will love being with you😇
      Zee xx

    • Yetunde April 11th, 2022

      Thank you.am already decided to let him go.thanks ones again

    • Zarina April 25th, 2022

      Awww that’s good. Im sure you’re feeling better already x
      Im glad I could help, i also need to listen to my advice lol!!
      Good luck & god bless xx

    • Acapela December 6th, 2022

      He will I had similar problem to as aries we do love with passion got broke up with my woman 7yrs of relationship it hurt but tho life goes on

    • tree December 5th, 2023

      i think they moved on?

  4. Kiran July 25th, 2020

    I want to know who is my future partner?
    Whats his name?
    Where is he living now?
    When he’ll meet me?
    When he’ll marry me?

    Please tell me eveeything?

  5. Ellen Fleur May 17th, 2020

    Who is the love of your life? Look at this free tarot reading:
    May you find what you’re looking for!

    • Julie meeme October 20th, 2020

      Is the man i think and have feelings for him really love me or his just want to use me

  6. Mensah Kofi Samuel March 4th, 2020

    Patience is the best way to sort things out

  7. Sonali verma January 24th, 2020

    when will get married 16 April 1990 time 8 00 pm place sirsa harayna love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage

  8. Mensah Kofi Samuel November 13th, 2019

    That’s what I need right now

  9. Melissa October 18th, 2019

    Dont aknowledge the behavior. Walk away and never hold your breath. Find a way to escape from the draining pull of an emotion that only you totally control. Loving Yourself enough to think of your own happiness first. It’s not selfish its YOUR LIFE. Lead by example. Take on a hobby. Meditate. It’s only bad if you fuel it’s existence with negative nature or intent.

  10. Christina moore October 11th, 2019

    🙈 really

  11. Nathaniel Baggett August 16th, 2019

    Me and my partner just broke up 2 hours ago and we were together 3 years

  12. Aries July 22nd, 2019

    Me partner married life situations

  13. Lorie mahaffey June 18th, 2019

    I am an aries woman in love with a aries man. My best friend died but use to be with him. For years I saw her cry and waist away her life. Over this man but I use to tell her she was so wrong about him but I now know she was right. I do believe he’s a narrsasccist and addicted to sex

  14. Crystal June 8th, 2019

    Im with an aries man .I’m a taurus.we have been married for 25 years.we have been together since age 15 and 17.although he knew he was gonna marry me 2 years prior to that.i didn’t even know him.lol.he would drive by 2 or3 times a day.till he got courage to have his aunt introduce us.then 2 dates and only 3 days later he told me he loved me.we been happily married ever since.We do butt heads alot.I’m the Bull. Im stubborn and willful.I’m hotheaded.but we also love one another whole heartedly and very passionately.we have 4 sons together i have 1son previously.(5)altogether.we have only Our 16 and 17 year olds left at home. all our boys are doing good my oldest was in army.our 25yr old EMT./paramedic.our 20 yr old is on his 2nd tour in army .our baby is still boxing which all of our boys did

  15. Stormy May 7th, 2019

    Im an aries woman newly involved with a leo man and we are electric together at times then other times he seems so frustrated with me i seem to never do things right in his eyes how can i reverse this negative energy that happens between us at times?

    • Jana May 24th, 2019

      Aries and Leo’s are each other’s match as far as signs of the zodiac! Although in any relationship between human beings there is a flaw no matter what.. Aries are very strong minded and not afraid to say or do what they believe is right and Leo’s are deeply prideful and also not afraid to speak their minds so that is a big clash between the two of them! If Leo is a male she should submit to a certain degree anytime it’s possible bc it will give the male lion dominion of his pride… his woman his lioness…

    • Stormy July 5th, 2019

      I am about to be a single aries woman and would like to know if there are any men out there looking?

  16. sylvesterscheller April 15th, 2019

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  17. Nisreen March 26th, 2019

    I am an Aries woman involved with cancer horo man..v r in realtionship since past 4 years we r trying for a baby bt v r not able to conceive…so i wanna ask according to my horo wen can i conceive?

  18. Mandi February 22nd, 2019

    I’m an Aries woman involved with a libra man. We been off and on for 25yrs. We are very sexually attracted but fight like no other. I seem to get bored and aggravated in any relationship and cant stand to be around them after a few months. Will this ever change? I don’t want to be alone forever!

    • Nat March 6th, 2019

      I’m having the same issues as well

      • Stormy March 7th, 2019

        So how did you handle your relationship nightmare?

      • Nat March 7th, 2019

        They will always real you back in it’s still hard I’m an Aries so o I can be a hot head as well.

        They are what I said , I’m actually still in relationship, because I do love him and have not been an angel either. I feel like I’m trying to take a different approach and see if that works which is to not let them get boared keep things new and exciting good convo. It can exhausting but to me I have alot of energy and an willIng to work on things for now.

        But if you dont feel you can give him excitment in all aspects he will most likely step out. You must be confident and speak up with wise and clever words that is a big thing to them good deep intellectual convo that stimulates them alot . MAKE SURE YOU COMUNICATE especially in bedroom they love dirty talk try it switch up. Dont let you intamite life get stale do not be jelouse he will think that is super sexy and constantly keep him fighting for you he will love it.

      • Nat November 4th, 2019


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    • Jana May 24th, 2019

      I’m too am an Aries woman and I tried a cycle of my life with a Libra and sex was all we had in common period!! Try Leo which is our match and right behind Leo is an Aquarius which I am currently involved with and it’s a beautiful ride is all I’m gonna say unless you want to ask further questions after this reply is sent!! The Libra man you desire is merely a overdesigned sex toy!!

  19. Stormy December 4th, 2018

    I’m an aries woman who Fancy’s an Aries man and at first we hit it off wonderfully then as the months rolled by my aries man seemed to get bored with me and said we should take a break and we did. Then he started writing me again saying he really had feelings for me as I did him but when I couldn’t attend to him immediatly he blew me off again now only when he is horny and alone does he write to me is there no more hope for him and myself?

    • Beverley December 4th, 2018


      Sounds exactly like someone I know who seems to be doing the same thing as yours! Except, he does not blow me off, but accepts that I will not be just a sex toy, we will be good friends. We can’t be in the same room together, LOL, or we are all over each other, and I have to resist, which is difficult! That is not what I want in my life now that I am older. At 60, I am very fit, gym wise, body, enough to still attract many younger men. However, I will not be used again. I, like you, like this Aires man very much, as he is kind, gentle, fun, fit, but says he doesn’t want me as a girlfriend as he has to feel it in his gut. I laughed at him, recalling how his last 2 he was with (from his gut instinct) did not work out. Of course, yesterday, giggling, I asked, “So how is that gut thing working out for you now?”

      My philosophy is to live in the present, in the moment, as that is all we have. It is called “present” because it is a gift from God, or whomever/whatever spiritual belief you may have. I do not worry about tomorrow, since it may never come and am trying very hard to let go of the past; toughie for me. I’ve been through many abusive relationships, as I had no proper guidance to know what is acceptable/not acceptable. If there was just 1 asshole in a room of 500, you bet I was zeroing in on him like radar, LOL! Not any more! (Actually an asshole is useful, without one we would be full of sh#t!) I hate to say it, but it sounds like he may be one. I knew a Leo just like him who

      Trust you gut, your heart. If he was really into you, he would not be giving you the back and forth, or not waiting for you treatment. This man would be trying to win you over, showering you with compliments, calls, roses, all of it. When a man wants you in a true loving way, he moves mountains for you!


    • beverleysaindon December 4th, 2018

      Stormy, I apologize for the duplicate message…geesh


    • David January 5th, 2019

      Hi Stormy I am an Aries man, and unfortunately you just described me and the way I am to a tee, I know it’s very shallow and I agree with you because I would love to be able to connect with some1 on a more deep and spiritual level, in saying that I have recently met an Aries girl who just absolutely loves sex as much as I do…

      • Avina Naik January 31st, 2019

        what do you mean ????///

      • Jana May 24th, 2019

        That is so beautiful bc I’m an Aries woman and to know that two people can make it with the beautiful character designs we possess.. it’s not just a fantasy after all.. thank you for leaving your comment

    • Jana May 24th, 2019

      Aries vs Aries is a toss up bc in all aspects of the overview it should work but mostly it does not!! Two Aries having no filter of what they say or do is a recipe for lonely nights and locking horns!!

  20. Beverley September 27th, 2018

    What does todays’ horoscope have to do with love? Instead, it’s about money? Ahem…where art thou oh love?

  21. A.Dcruz September 25th, 2018

    I am Sagittarius sign and I, love a aries women. She also loves me too since 7 – 8 years. But she is responding me now a days. Neither she comes to usual bus bus nor she star at me. I, think she is in love with some other person. Please clarify why she does talk to me since 8 years

  22. Nayabaslam June 5th, 2018

    Good stars

  23. Avina Naik April 10th, 2018

    I don’t know why I can’t control my money in my hands
    And even I don’t know how to keep my relationship in smooth way
    Everyday we fights and becomes an issue

  24. Mahesh March 12th, 2018

    I am Aries men..I can understand everyone nicely….But they can’t.I m even try control my anger….Nobody s made for Aries men’s,,such strong personality and expecting all realities….I m really feel good sometime but bad aso….

    • Jana May 24th, 2019

      Ever thought about maybe an Aries woman being your match!! I am an Aries woman with all the same qualities as you so go seek an Aries woman for a change if you haven’t already

  25. babydiva97diamond December 29th, 2017

    as an aries woman myself, i give back what you give me, i can be a reflection of you… and the hurt that has happened in the past has shielded me from the right type of love. i remember almost loving a capricorn, but the attraction was only sexual. i find myself attracted to water signs, and fire(seldomly), anywho, ive naturally pushed away a lover, and then reel him back in because i was iffy, and wishy washy, im trying to work on it now, its just hard.

    • beverleysaindon December 30th, 2017

      I hear you. I had same problem. Then I started working on myself, self help reading, and now try my hardest one day at a time, baby steps. Live in the present with joy, and no negative people – they’re the worst. Happy New Year!

    • Caio January 5th, 2018

      Mmm weird doesnt sound like an aries at all. Btw aries male here dont have a sign i usually go for but i guess leo females seem to be at my speed albeit my longest relationship was with a scorpio female one of the very view i could consider a true peer and my equal in and despite our differences. Dated other signs but somehow it never seemed to feel like a true partnership with all the 3d magic one can get from a relationship. Enough on several points but rarely the full shabang…again.

      • babydiva97diamond January 5th, 2018

        it depends on your moon sign as well. all aries are not the same, besides your a man as im a female

      • Satchie April 15th, 2018

        @caio you’re right, I guess the only equal of Aries in terms of love and relationship is Scorpio, specially in bed, I must say 😉 my hubby is a Scorpio and he’s the only one I got along with without being bored or dull. Everything and everyday seems always new.

    • ferofax January 13th, 2018

      Aries man here. How the fuck is it that I resonate with everything you put in that post? Lol, I do not know.

      All I know is that if you want to love, to really have a shot at it, you gonna have to bet big, and it’ll take nothing less than your heart right in the middle of it. Win big, lose big.

      Better than a lifetime of what-ifs and regrets for all the things we didn’t do.

  26. Rachel December 25th, 2017

    I agree with you Hmmm. I have a lot of love to give and don’t want to give it to the wrong person. I just want someone to love me like i love them and to show me too. There are no issues when this happens.

  27. scorpio December 6th, 2017

    I’m a scorpio man, and my gf is aries. The most selfish and ownsabotage zodiac sign. She makes me walk away now, always moody one day she cant breath without me, next day she just ignoring me, than next day she want to escape to the other planet with me, than say we shouldnt be together, than start again this circle. Sometimes 2 weeks nothing problem and everything sweet and than without any reason this shit start again. I love her forever i know, as a scorpio i cant get out from my heart, she is the Big she, and i know i never ever will meet similar girl, but i getting tired finally and i cant take anymore from her bs. Now im close the door and leave her with her demons forever. Very sad because when we spend time together is never boring, all sparkling and exciting and the sex is goddamn fantastic. But everybody reach their final limit, my limit was here.
    I not want girlfriend now and later, i feel right now i dont need girlfriend never because i cant get similar like she was and i like her too much. I guess after a year maybe i need gf maybe not, but im goddamn sure if ever i need a gf and i like somebody and i just find out she is an aries i will leave without a simple word. Maybe is sounds crazy but on the first date carefully i will ask when she born and i never will connect with aries again.
    Because they free child spirit make u addict them and they just play as they mood wish.

    • beverleysaindon December 30th, 2017

      Awww, sweet one! Not all of us Aires woman are the same. Sure, we are very passionate and fall in love sometimes easily, but life for me is now fun and loving, each day a new present. It took me awhile to become more happier, but that was after giving my all to really bad abusive men. So you see, it can go both ways. Never give up, and try not to judge just one sign, ahem, my sign, Aires, LOL! Take your next one, as I am doing, (a heavy metal rock guy who travels the world) in baby steps, one day at a time. But never, as you & I have learnt, take abuse! You deserve the best! Happy New Year and may all your dreams and loves come true!

    • Satchie April 15th, 2018

      @caio you’re right, I guess the only equal of Aries in terms of love and relationship is Scorpio, specially in bed, I must say 😉 my hubby is a Scorpio and he’s the only one I got along with without being bored or dull. Everything and everyday seems always new.

  28. Hmmm June 27th, 2017

    I’m an aries woman and it’s not true were self sabotaging . In fact I’m all full of love but just no one to give it to all we look for is someone to be real and true with us and we might seem like we want attention all the time from our partners but that’s just what an aries is about. The more love they see and receive from there partners they get double dosage back and most aries just want stability and full attention and commitment

    • marva v bowman September 10th, 2017

      i agree with you.

  29. Crazystupid May 10th, 2017

    aries man who was so into me once wont just msg me now.
    Is it bcoz he happen to have called me…. Btt i was too busy so i just waved and smiled.

    • Alex Daniel November 28th, 2017

      Dear Aries keep faith on god he will fulfill your desire one day. Because you are true lover to your partner. Keep it up

    • Caio January 5th, 2018

      Probs lost ur number after u declined the chase is only fun if their is an actual PRIZE to win not a sentence

  30. deedee April 9th, 2017

    Haven’t talked to or seen my Aries male. I’m a Virgo woman. With this time apart, I’ve learned that he is emotionally immature….at the age of 40! I’m 33, and I’m not perfect, but as I look at him and his patterns, I have to check myself because we are all each others’ teachers, and I have to learn from my teacher. Believe me, I’m a Virgo, and one thing we do is make a major impact to the point your thinking about it in your later life…..down the road…..in your loneliness time. It’s sad. We all have to “wake up”, we are here on this earth for one reason only: TO BE/LEARN TO BE HAPPY! And to my Aries love that I haven’t talk to in a while (which feels like months), I know you can feel me and hear me through our spirits. I miss you. And if your emotional immaturity wants me to stay away, I will because you must learn in your on time. But, I can not condone that type of behavior. I have to come out of the”waiting room” for you and live my life. His birthday is tomorrow 4/9/17:41yrs old and I’m debating even if I want to open that door, especially when I have done nothing but love you, but you belittle me, self-center and selfish. He’s a man-boy, but I want the best for you babe. Do what you feel is best, but I only came into your life to bring positivity because that’s what I was seeking. Stop being afraid to love, even after all your mistakes, God still forgives and He loves you more than you’ll ever know. Please believe that and stop torturing yourself ☺

    • Scorpio guy April 13th, 2017

      I’m a Scorpio guy experiencing the exact same scenario with an Aries woman. In my experience Aires are the most self sabotaging in love relationships and they can be so cruel and quick to rip into you. I know it hurts after you invest so much (everything) in someone but it’s best to walk away and to be with someone who will love you back. Good luck, I hope you find happiness…

      • Donna May 1st, 2017

        Im an aries woman, n not aries are aqually cruel, i would only rip into sum 1 if they ripped into me 1st..no 1 just does sumthing without a reason behind it.

        I caint agree with you ither about self sabotaging, as an aries its 110 % from me loving loyal & faithful always ?

        But every aries is different.

      • Caio January 5th, 2018

        Lol my experience with dating females of all kinds of zodiac is that many seem unsure or disrespectful in their relationships and towards exclusivity what they claim to want when its given

    • marva v bowman September 10th, 2017

      omg, im an aries female and the man i have been with for 7 years and he is a virgo. experiencing the same thing as you , but with a virgo. peace to u. [email protected]

  31. Amanda April 2nd, 2017

    I am an Aries women dating an Aries man, and nothing is going right for us!

    • Satchie April 15th, 2018

      Hi @amanda sad to say, Aries to Aries will never really work in relationship but perfect in companionship ONLY, as we share the same energy, same adventure and same fire, we both have the same passion in whatever we want and it becomes more interesting when we compete to each other. Also, our bed thingy is indeed a FIRE, its hot and its flaming.

  32. President March 29th, 2017

    I’m an Aries man and ain’t shit going rite for me

  33. jasvir March 29th, 2017

    hi im Aries my love

  34. Suki March 14th, 2017

    I’m a virgo woman in love with an aries man. We bump heads a lot & always seem to be more off than on in our relationship/friendship or whatever the hell this nightmare is of ours. For some reason we don’t want it to end & we’re too stubborn to admit it. It’s only obvious. Oh, & sex is amazing…lol

  35. deedee October 11th, 2016

    my Aries love has soooo much going on. And I try to show him I’m supportive but he can’t see it. All he talks about is his life and his kids which is great, don’t get me wrong…. I just don’t see myself in his future because he doesn’t talk about it. I’m not an importance in his life at this time so I’m pulling back. I’m a Virgo woman in love with this Aries man but i have boundaries and standards too.

    • S February 14th, 2017

      Aries men are very hard to pin down. They’re always on the move, looking for the next best things.

      • Caio January 5th, 2018

        Not the next best thing…ways to improve on what is, which means with the right partner everything that doesnt work or doesnt work no more…she can stay but the rest is going to go

  36. deedee September 30th, 2016

    since the new moon is on the 1st, its a start to new things. My Aries male acquaintance has planned for us to meet and spend some time together. It’s been really hard. But, I am excited for sure?

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  40. [email protected] October 12th, 2011

    my girlfreind name is Pratibha singh.and my name is Anupam Gupta.i want to ask u that how much i love her.she loves me???

  41. Hooty October 9th, 2011

    How is the cmpatibility of a pisces boy and an aries girl?

    • babydiva97diamond December 29th, 2017

      my ex was a pisces, and i; an aries, and we were very compatible. we’re both dreamers, so it worked out. sadly major things happened and i had to leave. but he was my soul mate from heaven…

  42. Dione July 5th, 2011

    I am dating an aquarius man,I can not find no support in him , he doesnot show me no affection, he is not good in keeping his word when comes to me, Cant manage money and he always think his is right, I believe he is not use to staying with one women, he is still marriage and is not in a rush to give me sex, I feel he has trap me and forgot about ow to take care of a women who can take care of her man if he shows her some affection Right?

  43. jreese0522 April 20th, 2011

    So, you’ve fallen in love with Aries man? Well, that’s hardly surprising since they do have an amazing way of captivating a person, mentally, emotionally as well as physically. That’s great that you do feel this way for a person who can seemingly appear to be very complex. I’ve just met an Aries man myself & have only known him for about six months. But I can tell you that within those six months, he has shown me several different types of characteristics that I just find interesting & fascinating. They can be very mysterious but yet very open & direct. They can also appear serious or tend look as though they’re always deep in thought. Usually because they’re brain can go 100 miles an hour, thinking & coming up with new ideas or creating something great!!!! They’re extremely passionate to the point where “The little things in life”, can mean so much to them. They can tend to be a little impatient, but this is only because they crave news experiences all the time. And when they want something to happen, they want it to happen like yesterday…But they can also be very supportive & encouraging. Its simply amazing they way to seem to be able to look @ you & speak without saying very much. Since they are a sign of strength, directness, natural born leaders, they have a tendacy to be warrior like. Always looking for a challenge, whether mentally, spiritually, or physically. It is a HUGE part of who they are & how they carry on in their life. Anyone willing to strap yourself in & be ready for the ride of your life, then the Aries man is the right man for you. But because they do have the tendacy to carry many different characteristics & you never really know which one you’ll see @ any one time. They tend to relate more with Gemini’s. Since they both can the same type of traits. The Aries man just adores the Gemini womans sense of intellectual stimulation & freedom to want to discover & enjoy all aspects of life, including cherishing him for all time….

  44. kelli April 11th, 2011

    Yes, love, it’s great to fall in love with an aries. Although we tend to flirt w/the opposite sex a lot we are extremely loyal as we can only truly love one person at a time and are too honest to cheat. The flirting is mainly about our lack of confidence even though others portray us to be arrogant (it’s an act). We have strong sex drives, it’s as imp as eating and drinking to us, but that can be a benefit to our partners esp if you like it kinky. Without sex we get grumpy. It’s the aggressive mars talking. And I’m a female so you can imagine I scare a lot of men off. We kinda like a challenge but don’t ignore too much because after giving it all we have we’ll get bored with no attention and look for greener pastures. You should be in for an exciting, spontaneous, and romantic time!

  45. Love, its fab April 3rd, 2011

    I have just fallen in love with an Aries. Is this good????

  46. zee/aries December 6th, 2010

    @shena ofcourse dey r n apparently dey r best match aries wiv aquarius dear. Good luck

  47. shena October 25th, 2010

    helo! is it Aquarius and Aries are compatible with each other?

  48. ravi raj September 10th, 2010

    hi my name is ravi raj and my girlfriends name is brunda am worried , will i be able to marry her or not can you please tell me . my date of birth is 03.04.1983

  49. Ashley December 21st, 2009

    Why have you started using astrology.com love readings instead of your own?

  50. aya October 1st, 2009

    is aries and virgo are compatible when it comes to love?

    • marva v bowman September 10th, 2017

      they say no. not a good match. i have been with a virgo man for 7 years and i am a aries. deep deep love. but lots of explosive situations. peace to u

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