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  1. Christian Apraku July 30th, 2019

    I thank you for the opportunity, and you look forward to my angel and know what is happening in me. please,I want you help me to get things better.Thank you.

  2. Lovonda Gamble April 29th, 2019

    I’ve read mine and I find myself good life is going as my passage has for told I’m happy,humble and totally aware thanks I needed that..

  3. Lovonda Gamble April 13th, 2019

    I know that I’m already strong but look forward to receiving the gifts that GOD has in store for me But the most important thing I really understand the factors of learning new things thanks I got the message.

  4. biruk belay April 10th, 2019

    now am dueling in poverty .Therefore I really need help to change my life.thank…

  5. MOSES April 9th, 2019

    I want to have the biggest business in Africa and I need great

  6. Samuel viakin March 19th, 2019

    Pls pls pls ,,,I’m ready to put end to my life suffering 30 years now am dueling in poverty .Therefore I really need help to change my life.thank…

  7. Ebenezer Kwegyir March 15th, 2019

    I need some spiritual powers to help achieve my dreams. I already in poverty. What should I do Great One?

  8. Pius James March 10th, 2019

    I need some spiritual powers to help achieve my dreams. I am already wallowing in poverty. What can I do great one?

  9. macdobald obodo March 3rd, 2019

    I need money and spiritual power to do some works

  10. Veronica aka StOrMy February 28th, 2019

    I need all thinga positive in my corner this month and all will be happy and harmonious thank you love and light to all

  11. Ryan February 24th, 2019

    I am a light worker searching for counsel

  12. John February 19th, 2019

    I need money

  13. NEMESIS February 8th, 2019


  14. Benjamin December 19th, 2018

    I am being disturb by witch every night

    I need solution please

    • Aayush January 4th, 2019

      Witch never gives an eye contak when a sufferer is being injured they change their eye direction.
      Put knife or khukuri a metal.
      Which helps you put far from the witch.

  15. afa March 30th, 2018

    I find it difficult to understand third eye

  16. Mick January 24th, 2017

    Today’s reading has good vibes attached.

  17. Mick January 24th, 2017

    Today’s reading had good vibes attached.

  18. Evelyn January 1st, 2017

    I can relate to every word. I am cleaning up the clutter in my house, change & rearrange my living space, hoping for a full time job in this process.

  19. Vipul Jariwala June 23rd, 2015

    Thank to give me opportunity to add the comment

  20. Vipul Jariwala June 23rd, 2015

    I am not depresssed in my marriage but some time the problem between our is very difficult to solve since many days..

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