Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope in: हिन्दी
  1. jan April 27th, 2018

    Once a snake, always a snake unless God intervenes. I suggest you listen to HIM instead of him. Walk or run to your freedom from this “man-child”. He contols you thru all the madness that BELONGS ONLY TO him!

  2. Darine April 11th, 2018

    I am having relationship issues now with my LDR bf. He lied on me for more than 8 years, cheated on me whenever he can, enforced me to accept it and accept seeing him with those B**** that he continue date and get hurt from them. Gave me lots of excuses for why its difficult to see each others, but the truth is he only wanted to date a B**** from his neighboring street. He manipulated me emotionally sent me many nude pics, manipulated my mind, got me invest in much of money for our meeting, and that he is alone and lonely, but right now because I discovered who’s his new B**** he accused me for being a stalker and wanted to report me. What should I do in this case? When I cant get over him because I made him my best friend throughout the 9 years! Is there any chance for me as Virgo woman to meet my real soulmate this year? And get over this fake one?

  3. Catherine January 20th, 2017

    Will we be together again soon

  4. deedee October 11th, 2016

    I agree…. Imma send an email.@melimelomomo

  5. melimelomomo September 9th, 2016

    Why are these comments 3-6 years ago? Is this horoscope repeated itself

  6. Laura-Lynn-1974 December 15th, 2013

    Will I ever get married again and To what sign? 

  7. zainab riaz October 18th, 2010

    virgoes are arounded always in tentions

  8. Virgo September 1st, 2010

    “…it’s not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it… in our hands.” So true, yet how unfortunate that too many of us fail to realize this.

  9. Brown November 20th, 2009

    THis is really true.

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