Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope


  1. ANIL K February 24th, 2019

    I am Arien. Had a date with Scorpion last Thursday. Unfortunately the woman, a Scorpion, is suddenly misunderstood my love and affection. Tell me how to convince her and get back her.

  2. Leonita B. Sanchez July 10th, 2018

    Good morning i just want to know about my problem feeling i have been abandoned 8 years ago for my husband US Air Force. I just want to know if he still coming back to us or not.. Do i met new man in to my life. I was born November 14/1969 name is Leonita Sanchez

  3. Krokulo June 30th, 2018

    I’m in a relationship with someone for more then 3 years but this month first week she gave me break up. Now I’m trying to convince her and it seems she is seriously breaking up. I can’t unloved her so is there any chances of getting her back?

  4. Joey June 11th, 2018

    After 5 months of being together and truly loving her, I broke her heart in a matter of minutes. I said some things that I know I shouldn’t have. I said them sue them her constant negativities of life. I regret what I said. I love her so much and I miss her dearly. She ignores my texts. She ignores me. I’m lost without her. I pray everyday for her return. I’m so lost and confused. She tells me she wanted space but after 1 or 2 days she calls me. Then all of a sudden she’s gone. Crying and thinking of her has become a normal day for me.

  5. Michelle January 27th, 2018

    I’m having a hard time i m having relationship issues right now I been with this for about some months now we got into an argument about two days ago I been sending him text messages and I been calling back to back and still no reply back from him I had very bad relationships issues with men in my past and I all I do is get hurt in the end and I’m tired of being hurt over and over

    • Raj April 8th, 2018

      Just relx and go with de flaw ….hard time will also pass away ..pray and just have faith ..iam also having a hard time ..god bless

  6. snipsnap November 9th, 2016

    Is there anyway to have a Singles Love Horoscope? I feel that’s the one issue I have with this site. are good for this info but I like this site just wish in had more info like Cafe Astrology. Also, I love the positive info on Aries women Scorpio men compatibility. Much more positive than other sites.

  7. Akko March 22nd, 2016


  8. olivia November 29th, 2011


  9. maitree December 19th, 2010

    Hi..i am a fan of this site. theres one complaint though..really wish they’d upload the weekly horoscopes sooner…theres nothing like reading a horoscope as the day starts.!!

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