Aquarius Compatibility – Love Relationship Match

Please select a zodiac sign below to find out the love compatibility with Aquarius.

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  3. Jacob S March 16th, 2022

    Just Curious Would A Woman Born 17/06/82 Be Compatible with Me. I Am a Man Born 12/02/96.

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  6. Jackielantern June 30th, 2018

    I am an Aquarius bisexual, and most of my crushes are Aries. Male or Female. I am waaaay to attracted to aries.

    • Kaylee April 9th, 2020

      I’m Aquarius and I’m bisexual most of my crush’s are sometimes other Aquarius or Aries.

  7. bbm March 23rd, 2018

    Aquarius don’t have any compatibility with anyone … they are bisexual creatures and can go with anyone lol

    • Pavel December 1st, 2018

      Wrong, everybody has feelings. Aqua too. Just feeling are inside. Find them.

  8. Alex October 23rd, 2017

    Ugh. Idk why but I always go for people I’m not compatible with. (Bisexual). Former bfs were Taurus and I believe Scorpio. Recent gf is Pisces and I think that a Capricorn boy is interested in me. Also, Cancer girl crushing on me but I don’t like her back. Honestly I’m p fed up of the compatibility bs like I love astrology, just I’m an Aqua Venus, Sun, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto but my sun is Aqua/Pisces cusp.

  9. Est June 12th, 2017

    I am an acqua lady , i really hate virgo and cancer . Virgo though sweet they are players but with cancer they are too emotional and not communicative and very boring .

  10. Aqua---Alan November 3rd, 2014

    Not sure if we a mm Aquarius are destined for traditional “love”.  I myself feel that this “detachment” and “independence” we are often accused of displaying is not a “detachment” at all, but rather a super-strong bond to something greater than one single other human being.  We know we have a tendency to prefer many aquaintences or superficial relationships rather being emotionally committed to one person, but that may be because it is our role in this world to unite people’s focus on the most important thing in all our lives: the Earth, or Gaia.  I believe that it is our nature to connect with the planet as the Native Americans traditionally did, and view the planet as a living organism.  That’s why we’re so bad at personal relstionships, because we instinctively know that there is a much greater relationship that we would be neglecting, and that it is ultimately foolish to do so.  What does that mean for us in terms of love?  I gues it may be best for us to just get the lust out of the way as relationships are needed to satisfy our physical desires, and instead use relationships to help each other with larger goals and dreams.  As such, it may be best to be with other Aquarians so we can leapfrog over one another and, as the compatibility analysis claims, conquer any task or goal.  I think ultimately, we will find long lasting satisfaction by slowly leading those around us to forget about all the silly, vain pursuits of the modern western world, that are destroying both the environment as well as our spirits, and to guide everyone to return to a simpler way of life where we are all psychically connected and focusing on repairing and nurturing the very planet that gives us life.  Without this, everything else is in vain.  It seems like only Aquarius can feel this instinctively, even if they can’t articulate it.  I feel like we are of the ancient protectors of the planet.  Normally dormant and happy just to breathe, but we come alive and take action when the delicate natural ecosystem comes under attack.  AQUARIANS UNITE!!  Gaia needs us now more than ever!!! …and if we have kids, we should probably aim to have Aquarians.  Imagine a world with only Aquarians!!  

    • white.xanth December 15th, 2017

      I absolutely agree (though I don’t know if I could bring myself to have that conversation with anyone else but another Aquarian…) The “detached” label in so many descriptions of Aquarians has been the one thing that never rang true to me. I don’t relate to being “dispassionate” because I have abundant passion, curiosity, and love for the world around me – Gaia and everything on her. As you said, it’s in the fabric of our souls. It’s true that while I will put every ounce of myself into a relationship and can easily love a person for life, I also don’t have time for games and will flip on a dime to get away from those. I guess the game players in my past would say I’m cold. Anyway, as one Aquarian to another, just wanted to say… I totally get what you’re saying!

  11. ___symphonyy July 11th, 2014

    i just messed with my first Scorpio male. He can be mean but he hasn’t been mean to me yet.. We’ve only made out thus far and I wanted him so bad and I could tell he did too.. I feel like he csn be controlling but I don’t think he’ll be like that with me being as were business partners, i feel like he could care about someone a lot, I’m a very deattched person because I feel like no one can properly care for me, but I think I can let him If he’s not neurotic…

  12. Aqualady June 22nd, 2014

    i’m aqua lady have been involved with an aries guy for a year now, and very very happy. aries is competetive, agressive and sharp but that’s not a problem for me, all these qualities don’t hurt me, may be bcz i love him so much…he is logical, fast and down-to-earth, i just lllove it, no comments, the only thing i try hard is not to make him feel jealous….the rest is just awesome….great sense of humor, and support whenever i need it…aqua girls you may also want to go for that 😉 why not?  ……they say so much about good compatibility with libra and gemini, however they go to the second place after aries.  my dear aqua fellow ladies, if you don’t want to be destroyed avoid scorpio, jealous mean and in love with himself only, even if he sais the otherwise. Good luck girls!!! ;)) 

  13. Linda24 November 15th, 2013

    I’m married (and soon to be divorced) to a Sagittarius man.  I’m a Libra woman.  He is selfish, self centered and nasty.  He tells you like it is, but he is very abrasive when he does it.

  14. kkloves September 14th, 2013

    I can only talk about my self here so please don’t take it as me being selfish. I have dated other signs, but as the saying goes opposites attract. Dated a Cancer and as much as I like wearing the pants he just made everything seem so much sweeter. I messed up by being to scared to give in to what I felt. He walked away. I never got an understanding of what he felt because I only cared about my heart. It also seemed like he didn’t care. I don’t know anything about Cancers. I know that since him no one compares, and I want him back. His words were if I want something I gotta fight for it. Should I, or should I let him go?

  15. brea1977 July 15th, 2013

    @gc I’m a scorpio but it seems like I’ve always had a special relationship with aquarius guys, they’re very smart and intelligent, I never had a problem wit an aquarius.

  16. sgiles June 15th, 2013

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  17. thila February 22nd, 2013

    That’s true scorpios are terrible and unbearable.

  18. Bluesidian November 8th, 2012

    I will NEVER as long as I LIVE date another Cancer .  They are way too emotional and self absorbed. They will show you a lot of attention as long as “there is something in it for them” .  It gets very tiring for an Aquarius to be reminded of something that UPSET Cancer a MONTH AGO lol.  But when you ask Cancer what it was that Aquarius said to upset them? They often cannot remember, but are able to recall they were upset!    Aquarians avoid Cancer  like CANCER lol.  We need a more “Logical” partner.  Aries might fight the bill. 

  19. tic-tac-toe October 10th, 2012

    I think compatability depends upon the moon just as much as the sun. The sun makes up the outline/ majority of a person, but another sign that is very important is the moon, which rules over our emotions. This means people of the same sign can be quite different. I am an aquarius with a scorpio moon. This means my sun is an air sign (intellect) and my moon is a water sign (emotion) and both are square eachother. Many would see this as a complex personality. This combination makes me calm, but emotional to those who are close, untrusting, suspicious, wierd humor, freedom-oriented, adventurous, intelligent, creative, intuitive, empathetic, and kind. Try to find someone out there who has their sun/ moon in good aspect to your own. Example: As an air/ water i’d need another air/ water or something close. It also works if their elements are placed so that your sun compliments their moon rather than sun to sun and vice versa. If you happen to be a square find another square of a different modality with compatable signs. So far i’ve gotten along best with a gemini who has a virgo moon, which is a square of a different modality than I, Trine suns, sextile moons, and no negative aspects of any sort between our suns and moons. I hope this helps other lost souls like me. c:

  20. jessicagiuliano October 9th, 2012

    Geminis are exciting however they’re too quick to ditch. libras are sweet and caring  however they are so shallow, dont know what they have until your gone.taurus are loving, however not always loyal. scorpios are players, stuck up and hate being wrong.cancers are argumentative and love having the ladt word. the do forgive and forget. also bitchy people.leos are arrogant with a kind heart.

    • So much for our options September 1st, 2017

      Geminis are sick psychopaths you couldn’t pay me to date one again. Look at our president. The women are OK but annoying often. Same for Pisces men who I think are all secretly gay. Cancers are sweet but are like Ehore from Winnie the Pooh. Too much to handle. Cancer women are usually my friends. But tend to date users and losers! We are the only sign that can tame our nemesis rival Scorpio and not take their crap, but our ease of mind and nonchalance drives them to a murderous rage, lol. Plus they have troubled souls. Very dark humans. I never met an ugly leo but they are arrogant and suck in bed! Leo women are too bossy. They want to pick all the events. They hold childish grudges.There can only be one boss of course so I don’t like themVirgos are closet perverts. I like Aries girls they are great team mates friends we have compatible energies and they are girly yet strong like us. I never had an Aries boyfriend. They seem a bit crazy. Capricorn men are cheesy and want you to be princess Diana or an heiress.The women are so dry and boring and you have to explain your jokes to them. Virgo women should stay the fk away from us forever. Because I would seriously punch them after their marathon conversation about themselves and judgement of my one coffee mug left in the sink, or anger that I don’t want to gossip about the new hire at work. (Can you tell they annoy me). I don’t like male or gene libras they are crap starters and manipulative as fk and gossipy as fk. I really like Taurus men as friends or colleagues but they don’t get me on a dating level which sucks. Taurus women can be jealous unless you follow their clique. They just seem kinda off. Hard to explain. We all know Aquarian women are leaders and follow no one so we don’t usually vibe towards each other.

  21. Seven7Seven July 31st, 2012

    Aquarians are not always detached. If they fall in love, they become warm, present & trusting. They are creative, intelligent humanitarians, so they’re always working on something, that’s why they seem like they’re all over the place. The best match for Aquarius is a Gemini, I think it’s the only sign who can keep up with the rapid thinking and eccentricity of an Aquarius. The problem is that Gemini is a flirt & it might frustrate an Aquarius, who is really falling for the Gemini charm. In response, the Aquarius detaches or gets angry then cuts off contact. But when it works, they create a magic world in their conversations & enthrall each other with their intelligence, leading to a deeper connection.
    Aquarius-Capricorn match is difficult because both signs can have a tendency for detachment. The Capricorn is slow to give his heart and sometimes Aquarius has to be a mind reader to know what he’s thinking. But he will let her know, in very subtle ways, that he cares. If she has the patience for the slow burn of Capricorn’s love, she can expect that he will give his heart to her & be faithful. Young Capricorn is the most difficult. He is focused on his goals & love takes a back seat. But even a young Capricorn cannot resist the brilliance of Aquarius. Go slow with your Capricorn & give him space. If you start asking where the relationship is going he will run away. But he will tell you the truth about his feelings. His love is enduring & strong. He plays for keeps.

  22. rento July 18th, 2012

    I see all this terrible stuff on scorpios and just felt the need to make an in-put considering I’m a scorpio male with a dashing aquarius. While even I’ll admit, I’m not the nicest person until I get with my sweet angelic aquarius. While I do make playful jokes that may be hurtful, my partner isn’t one to hide her displease with that sort of stuff in public. Odd enough I found that rare aquarius who doesn’t mind dropping freedom to my urge to hold her tightly and not want to let go. Only in privacy though. She wouldn’t let it slide should others let her emotions be so freely shown. I might be a different kind of scorpio but one of my favorite things is telling my angel compliments. When she gets embarrassed or flustered is completely adorable. 
    So for the info, not all scorpios are terrible to anyone aquarius. 

  23. candyce30 May 5th, 2012

    so true

  24. [email protected] April 25th, 2012

    true scorpios are bastards…

  25. Caz January 19th, 2012

    Wow.. Here’s some of my experiences:
    Aquarius: A gentle soul I believe and someone who I connected very well with. Our relationship ended mutually and we’ve remained good friends.. I still feel as though we have unfinished business, and romantic opportunities continue to prop up between us. Very skilled in the bedroom. Smart and ambitious, just as eccentric as me and incredibly sexy to boot ;). 
    Aries: An asshole of note! Very aggressive, wants his way and stubbornly insists he right in any sort of argument. Mediocre in bed, yet believes he is God’s gift to women. Steer clear: the Aries man will not provide you will intellectual nor carnal satisfaction.
    Taurus: A total gentleman! Has amazing insight and intellect, and as an Aquarias woman who is currently interested and a Taurus man, I’ve gotta say his humble nature, charm and ability to spar with me intellectually is incredibly attractive. Yet to discover his abilities in the bedroom. Incredibly funny and talented!
    Leo: A charmer. Lures you in with sweet words and pretends to want you – he doesn’t. GREAT SEX omg. This Leo who I was with was not self-centered like some other people say.. Was quite the gentleman and had a great sense of humour.
    Virgo: Gosh.. probably the weakest guy I’ve ever had the displeasure to have been involved with. He was flaky, wouldn’t take accountability for his actions, detached, uninterested and a heart breaker of sorts. A waste of time as well.. No intellectual OR physical stimulation there.
    Libra: Definitely a good guy to get involved with.. Some of the best sex you will experience, especially since this guy can separate emotions from pure lust (just like us Aquarian ladies ;)). Lots of fun to be with, FULL of surprises and can be really tender and warm at the most unexpected times. A good guy.. I would be willing to seriously date a Libra.
    And finally..
    Scorpio: The WORST sign for an Aquarius to EVER get involved with. This guy is incredibly mean, can only take a joke when it’s on his terms and will attack your quality of character if he feels threatened. In fact, he will attck you verbally if he just happens to be having a bad day. Expect lots of insults. He believes he is the Alpha male who has every woman begging to be with him. Too self-centered to even adequately describe! Attention seeker and a whore for compliements. STAY AWAY from the Scorpio – he will treat you like shit and expect nothing but praise and admiration in return. Bastard.

  26. marshall August 26th, 2011

    well now im inlove with a leo at first i didnt think it would work because we are opposites that attract one another and it doesnt seem to last and because leo’s are such player’s my boyfriend told me he was but.Now he know what it is to be inlove with and aquarius but one thing i like about are relationship an aquarius woman and leo man have a good sex life it never gets boring but in oder for us to make are relationship.Work we both have to have respect for eachother because he gets mad becasue im a lil to friendly and i make friends of both sex but i have to understand what he want and he have to understand what i want and its hard cause we broke up but now we trying to put the relationship back together.Yes it was my fault why we broke up i had cheated on him but im only 18 and he is 24 but im trying my best to make it work yes he got a smart mouth and say stuff out the way to me but.I was so affraid of of getting hurt and i didnt see i had a man my leo that really loved me and now.I see that im knowing thats its okay to love and now i can get anuff of him im so deep inlove with him and he deep inlove with me to its gonna take him some time to heal and get over the cheating part but i have faith in are love.

  27. aquagirl20 May 9th, 2011

    Ok, I just have 2 say that most people hit the mark with some signs and others are completely off. I’m a fellow Aquarius woman, and this is my opinion on all the signs:

    Capricorn- HORRIBLE choice for us. They are the most insensitive group of people I have met out of all the other signs. I dated this 1 cap 4 a couple weeks and it ended in disaster. He always had something else 2 do, I was always on the back burner. I would do nice things 4 him, and he completely ignored them and tried 2 play me like a fool. But us Aquarians are smarter and stronger than them, and I dumped him like a sack of potatoes quickly.

    Aquarius- Good choice for us. They think like us, don’t mind our idiosyncratic habits, and are as sweet as everything. I was with an Aquarius in high school, and at the time I wasn’t emotionally prepared 4 a relationship. He scared me with some of his comments, such as going 2 college 2gether and having kids, so I dumped him. Looking back on it, I should’ve given him another shot, but I have def. learned from the past and the next aquarius I meet and I’m interested in, I won’t mess up.

    Pisces- Bad choice for a relationship, good choice for a friend. Dated a pisces in college, it started off nice, he was really sweet and charming and such. After a couple months though, he started 2 become distant and sad, and I asked him why and he wouldn’t answer. I finally got sick of it and I dumped him. Very nice guy though, we continued 2 be friends after breaking up.

    Aries- These guys are all assholes imo. I’ve liked a couple of them, and they have an extremely intense attitude that frankly pisses me off all the time. I ended up dating 1, but it was only on my accord really. Foolish looking back on it now. He tried 2 screw me over, but I got him in the end. Again, us Aquarius women are very strong and we don’t back down at a challenge.

    Taurus- Eh, haven’t had much experience with them, so I can’t really say. Had a couple flings with them, fell hard 4 one of them but he was a mess, and the other bored me after awhile. But I will say this: my uncle was married 2 a Taurus and she was a complete nightmare. She treated him like shit and always had 2 be where he was, and being the aries he is, he got sick of it and left. Best decision he made 4 his life. Now he’s happy doing his job and has his whole life ahead of him.

    Gemini- Haven’t ever dated a Gemini. Never even had a fling with one, but there was a Gemini who had a major crush on me in high school. He was cool, but I just wasn’t interested because he wasn’t attractive. I was extremely vain back then, and looking back again, I should’ve given him a chance. (sigh). He’s been dating this Cancer bitch 4 2-3 years now and they’re engaged 2 be married. I wish him all the best in their life together. But anyway, my mom’s a Gemini, and she’s exactly what some1 else said about Gemini’s: they are very critical and hold grudges 2 often, which I don’t like at all. Even though they have all these faults tho, I know we’re supposed 2 be the most compatible wit them, so Gemini men, I’m looking 4 u!!!!

    Cancer- Where 2 start wit Cancer’s? Oh yea, they’re all BACKSTABBING, LYING, MOMMA’S BOY JERKS! Dated 2 many of them in my life: 3, and they’ve all crushed my soul. Esp. the last 1. Man, this kid was entirely 2 clingy and I had 2 tell him everything I was doing. Then he’d wander away, not tell me where he was, and when I’d ask, he wouldn’t give me a straight answer. And I had 2 move away and he was like “Whatever, cya!” and it damaged me. Still does 2 this day. So yea, never again. Also, my brother’s a Cancer, and we don’t get along AT ALL. We’re just 2 completely opposite signs that will never get along imo. Although, they do make great friends. My best friend is a Cancer and we get along perfect! Can’t live without her. Just can’t do relationships with them.

    Leo- Damn, they are so much fun! Gotta say that right now. The best time I ever had in bed was with a Leo , and he left me breathless 4 3 hours after! But personally, I don’t see them as relationship material. Like others have posted, they are very cocky individuals, and they <3 themselves 2 much. But they’re fun 4 a fling!
    Virgo- 4get it. Was with a Virgo once, didn’t work out. They’re just all over the place. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this: Aquarius women are natural leaders, and when we make plans, we like 2 keep them. Well, this Virgo would just cancel on me at the last minute or postpone our engagement 4 a later time. It just got annoying after awhile and I was like good-bye. Never again will I date a Virgo. EVER.

    Libra- Haven’t met the right 1 I suppose. Dated a Libra in high school, but I couldn’t get into him at all. Then there was another Libra I was interested in, but again, lost interest. I find Libra men 2 be very whiny, over-emotional slobs. U kno, I like 2 be the girl in the relationship, not the man. And I think in order 2 be with a Libra, u have 2 be the man in order 4 it 2 work. And I’m not willing 2 do that, so Libra men are out of the question 4 me, unless the right 1 comes along I suppose.

    Scorpio- 4 words: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, I dated 1 Scorpio guy, and at first everything was peachy, we liked the same things, enjoyed each other’s company, and the sex was quite impressive. Then, shit hit the ceiling. I started chillin wit my friends more, and whenever I did he would send me these really angry text messages, cursing me off, calling me the worst person in the world, u name it. I got so sick of it, then the Cap man I mentioned above came through, and I decided 2 end it wit the Scorpio. He FLIPPED out. Started throwing things, dented his car, told me he wanted 2 strangle me. And I didn’t cheat on him, if that’s what ur thinking, we were already broken up at this point. He kept texting me after, and broke down crying in front of me, begging 4 me back. It was the most disturbing, pathetic thing I ever experienced wit any other guy thus far. I had 2 change my phone number and move away because he wouldn’t stop harassing me. Looking back on it, I don’t even kno why I dated him. I’m never going 2 make the same mistake and date a Scorpio guy again.

    Sagittarius- Last but not least, the Sagittarius male. First experience: high school. We were friends and decided 2 date, but he became uninteresting 2 me. Second experience: college. Was sitting down, minding my own business, when WHAM! The most gorgeous human being I ever saw in my life sat right next 2 me and introduced himself. I was COMPLETELY enamored. We started talking, and I was like, “Wow! This guy is awesome!” But after that first meeting, his true personality came out. First off, he completely lied 2 me about everything. Second, he started pursuing me aggressively, and would literally scare the daylights out of me. But I believe this was all given the circumstances of the situation (Not guna go into detail on that). 1 thing led 2 another, and after, he was like “Just forget about it, pretend it never happened, don’t tell any1.” Fucking crushed my heart. And it gets better (sarcasm): the douchebag started avoiding me completely after. I was so upset, confused, and full of rage all at the same time. I tried making up with him, but he just threw it back in my face and started talking shit about me behind my back. But I got him back. And he’ll know NEVER 2 fuck with an Aquarius woman AGAIN. Now I’m currently talking 2 another Sag man, and we get along perfectly, but he’s put me in the friend zone ALREADY. Sag men are just really hard 2 figure out, and ur never important 2 them, unless they want u there. They always have something else better 2 do and, as someone else stated, they make u fall in <3 with them, and then they back out like cowards!!!! I DON’T GET IT!!!! Looking back, Sag men are the Devil because they reel us in and spit us back out. The 2nd experience has scarred me more than the Cancer relationship, because at least the Cancer was forthcoming about it. The Sag just avoided me at all costs, like I had the plague or something, and never took me seriously again after that. I will be 4ever sad in <3 because of this Sag man. 

    In conclusion, idk if it’s just me, but personally, all the men I’ve dated under every sign just are not my cup of tea. I think us Aquarius women are 2 strong 4 any type of man, and should be alone as long as possible. We don’t like being dominated (Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio for example), yet we don’t like when our partner is aloof either (Pisces, Virgo). The number one sign I def. want 2 settle down with though, as of now, is a Sagittarius because even though 1 of them shattered my heart, I still think I could have a serious and real relationship with them. Other signs I’ll consider are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra (if they’re not whiny). Every other sign can fuck off lol. 2 clingy, 2 nasty, 2 different from us. Last sentence I’m gonna leave with: Good luck fellow Aquarius ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. TaMMy April 7th, 2011

    i’m an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend for the past year is a cancer man. he is my lover and bestfriend, we enjoy each others company so much. he makes me laugh, he always makes me feel beautiful, and he has a good heart. Unfortunately he is very possessive, controlling, and clingy. this cancer is emotional too! like can i be the girl in the relationship sometimes. lol. i am one of those aqua girls who loves her freedom, i like to run my errands without telling someone my every move. but when ur dealing with a cancer he wants to know everything.. overall the good out ways the bad, i know my crab loves me, he’s very affectionate, very attentive, and works with our ups and downs. i dont mind sending a text before i go out now. Cancers will listen to you when you tell them your likes and dislikes; you will see a change or improvement. they also never give up on the relationship. if they really love you theyll always try to work the relationbship out; you’ll just have to be the one to make the first move, he wont call or text first but he will answer or respond. i love my cancer man and i’m keep him.:)

  29. rosechelle April 5th, 2011

    wow, i do really believe in what you say. because it’s all true. i have my relationship with an aries now and we are so much in love with each other.

  30. lonleymonkeyman April 4th, 2011

    not sure about all this, I’m an Aquarius male at 29 and I’ve been burned by a Scorpio female. It’s tough to find the right one. I have Libra female I’m interested in but i cannot tell if she feels the same way. how would i go about approaching her?

  31. [email protected] April 2nd, 2011

    Leo man—says all the right loving things—then wants space—buy not enough to give up—very confusing —we are not a good match—aquarian woman

  32. lyn April 2nd, 2011

    I love my man he is a aquaruis Im a Sagittaruis

  33. Loretta Ince March 31st, 2011

    I was married to a scorpion man for years and it was total torture. Everything had to be his way all the time. I am now in a relationship with a libra man and oh so happy. Total bliss!!!He is my perfect soulmate and I love him tremendously and I know his feelings are mutual as well.
    Aquarius Women

  34. Esther March 10th, 2011

    Plz i want 2 knw if d next person i’ll go out wth wil be very lovin cos d last deceived me.

  35. Faith February 13th, 2011

    I’m an Aquarius woman involved with a Cancer man who is younger than I. I’m considered a “cougar”. I don’t know if it’s due to the age difference or what but this Cancer man is all about him. As long as I’m pleasing him doing what he wants then he’s good but let me question him about things then or not be there then he’s upset and giving me the cold shoulder or his ass to kiss. Funny thing is, he thinks he has me whipped in the bedroom. He thinks I can’t go on without his sex. Little does he know, he is good but not that damn good. In my book he’s amatuer and just that dick on the side when you need some to get you through. LOL then he calls himself breaking it off with me to only come back again later cause truth be said, his ass is addicted to me. Thing he doesn’t know is Aquarius women are strong and we can detached ourselves from a relationship and use mind over matter with no problem at all. I know the Cancer is suppose to have a hard shell and tough to get next to but I believe the Aquarius is tougher and more strong willed. The cancer man continues to run back to me and little does he know I’m about ready to shut it down and move on cause when an Aquarius is fed up and ready to end it and move on then it’s done.

  36. soni January 3rd, 2011

    Hey guys.. i am in a love relationship with a Piscean Man & omg he is so sweet, so caring, so damn supprotive, a very good listner & wat not… I had been with a scorpion guy earlier for 4 years & it was a very bad experience..their love is a slow torture keep looking for him, expecting his love & he wont care at all…

  37. stowana December 31st, 2010

    Maybe to define – Scorpio men are wonderful until something doesn’t go their way. Then all the horrendous garbage kicks in.

  38. bratzeeh November 21st, 2010

    Scorpio guys are intense. Very stable. And they are really a challenge! We may be incompatible in so many things but I feel that him being tough and dominating is the only one who can keep up with me. Aquarius are unstable, quick to change minds… my Scorpio bf teaches me how to stick to just one and work hard for it. He also teaches me discipline which I don’t have. On the other hand, I also teach him how to appreciate other people, not to be mean, I teach him how to express his feelings, his emotions… Because he’s very reserved and secretive. It’s a challenging relationship but if you two just cooperate with each other it can really be one of the best!!!!
    but if you two will be both stubborn and would not want to adjust for each other, it will be a disaster.. it’s like it’s gonna be an endless battle of wit and power

  39. bratzeeh November 21st, 2010

    Oh the defensive scorpio!!!! I have been with Scorpio twice. I’m an Aquarius woman. The first one went on for seven years but it was a total disaster!!!
    Now I’m with a Scorpio again, OMG. LOL. We’ve been together for more than a year now.. I’m having the same issues again like he’s possessive, he’s like do this, don’t do that, always bossing me around and would check up on almost everything, he hates when I go out or make friends. always jealous… he’s always giving me the cold treatment when he’s mad and that hurts me a lot… But why I’m still madly in love with my Scorpio guy because when we’re okay, we’re perfectly okay it’s like he’s gonna give his whole world to you. He’s very emotional about his love for me… very protective and I love the man in him.

    Virgo guys.. they always see faults. Afraid to commit. Always playing safe… Loves to play around. But really their carefree kind of living is what i like about these guys.. It’s like I can be myself. I can do wht I want. But Virgo guys do not feel that much.. It’s so hard for them to take things seriously.

  40. Amber August 1st, 2010

    I have something to add bout pisces men. I was with one for a short time and at fort it was great they’re really sensitive but that means they can talk to u like on dat level. But then underneath they can be paranoid and unstable and then when it comes to the break up they can be like fuck u and never talk to u agen. So watch it wiv Pisces men they ain’t good for us aquarian women. :).

  41. gc June 28th, 2010

    That’s a lot of nonsense with Scorpios. I am seeing an acquarius and they are rocking my world, I want to do everything in my world to make them happy. We have total respect for each other. WE ARE NOT MEAN AND INSENSITIVE. ONCE WE FIND THE RIGHT ONE, WE LAY THE WORLD AT THEIR FEET.

  42. IndianPrincessJasmine June 11th, 2010

    Wow.. you girls are so on it I also have some experiences to share! My Cappy guy betrayed me too after 6yrs.. They will love U and make love to you like nothing U ever experienced but will leave U cold and disappointed. Its always gonna feel like unfinished business with him. We respect eachother and were best of friends but he is too cold even for his own good.

    2 Aquarians=DISASTER!!!!! My Ex husband was a lying ,stealing, irresponsible, moody SOB!! 13yr relationship with that fool.

    I’m now dating an Aries but I get this feeling I’ll always have to watch him.. he seems very outgoing and flirty and I hate Lying & Cheating. I get along great with Aries people but these men have a temper I know this. Nothing Aquarians can’t handle tho. They can also slip into a funk at any given moment and give the world silent treatment for days at a time sometimes when they are overwhelmed. Aquarian women are better at it tho! =)

    I love a good challenge but I need a real man who can handle me on every level. My Cappy was able to do that well.. we were very insync. I think all men have some issues and we’re not perfect either.

    My Dad is a Libra and I agree with the coolness factor mentioned before. They seem to have a carefree attitude like we do but can be irresponsible and not able to follow thru on things. Procrastinator too! Fun yes but longterm relation not sure.

    Cancerians are too needy and clingy. They don’t divulge too much but wanna hear everything about you which irritates the living daylights out of me! I hate that. I’m private too dammit!

    Virgo men are not marrying men or committing men. Pisces are a bit moody and eccentric at times and kinda boring.

    Taurus men are very clingy and touchy which I hate!!! They do need to be loved and have U there every second which is too much confinement for me.

    Sagittarius men are cool but a lil too cool and aloof. They rarely settle down if they do its later in life they seem to always have tons to do and their mate will always come second to whatever hobby they have.

    Scorpio OMG!! They are very mean and insensitive. They are almost always players and they are in love with themselves and think they are God’s gift to every woman. NOT! They lack the ability to have heart.

    Leo.. hmm.. too mushy for me. They need love and wanna give love and love and love… they wanna talk the talk and say romantic things and its just too much… its like having cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! TOO MUCH!!

    At this point I don’t know who or what would be best.. Good Luck Chicks! Onward and upward! Wish U all the best in finding a suitable mate.

  43. gina May 12th, 2010

    mely baybee ……what ever u said is very true …well now im in love with pices …but i got betrayed from capricorn guy i really hate him now &cancer i cant handle him he is too clingy as said any way thanks for ur opinion u shared .

  44. ..mely baybee.. May 3rd, 2010

    hmm aquarius…hmm talking from expirience id have to say
    i fell in love with a cancer however i always spent so much time being mad at the fact they were soo clingy jealous and possesive, scorpio men=NO!! not good for our sensitive little hearts, they say horrible sharp edged cold hearted comments when their the least bit mad, sagittarius= are fun however they can be very honest to a fault where they dont touch their heart before saying anything, “does this dress look nice?” no it does not did u peel the fabric off the carpet?? but their fun cuz really when they say temperaous things like this were suppose to laugh!! & be mature about it & make em look dumb. being sarcastic wont help. these guys love to travel and their addicted to working they usually play a sport! their real loving and any aquarius girl will love em to the point were they leave you because thats what sagittarius men do best their there they make u fall and they say fall bak im out!! but in a kind way. they believe “pimpin aint easy but somebody gotta do it!” aqaurius= well… if ur comforatble with em and yous joke together and got past that dumb shy level than yes! their funny, but can get all physical, taurus=they swear they own you, very jealous they believe in strict pay back, gemini=ugh! too lazy never wanna do anything!! but when they do their fun & can have you laughing forever! they can be critical talkin bout i dont like em, or sensitive, or they can hate other ppl that u find likeable and they hold grudges against ppl so ugh.. aries= their really competative and they LOVE girls that play hard to get, they flirt they play they go all over tha damm place, can be physical! can be uncaring has the balls to tell u fuck u!! im out!! pisces=too sensitive for our taste to the point where we think ugh! their too it up!! virgo=they can fall in love more than once at the same time..they dont care about responsiblities sometimes, they overwork theirselves with things that dont matter for long hours at a stretch..their straight fwd to where ur like u asshole! capricorns for us aquariuses can be boring and they PLAY too much, leo are just horrible for us they are such players!! and their soo arrogant but if their mature their funny and they give excellent advice as dads their tha best!! they love their kids and will go out of their way to protect their cub=kid! libras are our best match and their cool cuz these are the guys u can be ur weird eccentric self wid and theyll love u for it the only thing we wont agree with is that they want extended explanations for everything they wont just take any answer as an answer they want the whole damm explanation to why, where, who, when, and how did u do that and u went were why did u go there and how?? but i personally believe: for us aquariuses its all about the:gemini, libra, sagittarius, virgo, pisces, and aries

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