Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

In relations shared by Scorpio and Aquarius, there can be some difficulties and challenges as Scorpio are intense and passionate and respect privacy, while Aquarius are open and out-going and respect independence the most.

Scorpios appear to be mild mannered and calm, however, they can be devious and merciless, as well as quite stingy and difficult to approach. They are invincible people and extremist with composed and sound surface and smoldering passion within them. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpios lay their subtle strategies to enhance their career and personal life. They are the people who love luxury and comforts immensely. Scorpios can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. They can control their emotions to others and are quite keen on hiding what they do not want to divulge. Scorpios do not show an abundance of emotions, especially in public. What they portray themselves to be does not always hold true to what they actually feel deep down.

Aquarius people are a bit moody but generally one can find them peaceful, substantial, warm and full of decent wits. They are the type to appear spacey with their heads in the clouds. To most they may seem nonsensical; however, their mind is of a genius status and has a unique way of getting to their success. Regardless of this stereotype, they often find themselves thinking of the world’s biggest problems and how to solve them. Their thoughts are almost always positive and usually on a much higher mental and spiritual level than most. They value their independence and do not tolerate being forced down and away from it. They, however, give the same respect to others that others give to them. Their finest virtues are fairness and equality to all walks of life.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are cut from the same cloth when it comes to getting to the bottom of things especially when it comes to each other. They love delving into the others deepest darkest secrets, or where they should be, to see what they come up with. It makes for an intensely interesting relationship. If secrets are held on one side, the other stops at nothing in figuring out just what those secrets are and vice-versa. With the wild Aquarius and the difficult Scorpio, it really is quite the meeting of the minds. They take ideas and perceptions to a new level. Scorpios are the type that holds a grudge if anyone angers them. Their long memory spans aid in that. Aquarius would hold a grudge too if they could remember why they were so irate to begin with. They typically stay calm and serene and not get angered or even go so far as to let things bother them in the first place.

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Aquarius and their outright tactics are seen striking from a mile away, giving Scorpio plenty of time to neatly tuck away their secrets for another day. They both have strong willed ambitions and stubbornness for not budging from their spots and this is what that becomes uneasy in this type of relationship. Given their likes and dislikes, as well as their similarities versus what differs between them, a relationship that involves a Scorpio and an Aquarius is definitely dynamic and it is more than likely be quite interesting and vibrant.
The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius is usually found to be more successful in a business or family type relationship. Their professional and business relationship is usually good as Aquarius is easy to work with and Scorpio is attentive enough to not let things go out of bounds. As siblings, friends and colleagues also they perform better with each other as their habits and nature does not directly affect each other’s life. As lovers and spouses, there are chances of true clashes which can result in permanent breakup. Even as parents and children their relationship works well especially with Scorpio parents and Aquarius children.

In all aspects of this relationship, Scorpio can teach Aquarius the tactics of self control and discipline and Aquarius can return the favor in teaching Scorpio the ability to let things go and not hold such a grudge on everyone who crosses them. Scorpio often gets angry and keeps that anger on the person who crosses them. However, Aquarius is not always so tactful but when they do get angry, it comes in a frenzied attack so some of Scorpion’s self control comes in quite handy in this situation. In the monetary world, Scorpio is quite cautious with their buck. This is good for Aquarius since they won’t even remember if they got that buck to spend or if they have already spent it. The final outcome of such a bond is actually quite unpredictable but it is better for them to take slow and give each other a fair chance.

  1. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Scorpio are water signs, but they have fiery eyes!
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  2. Kaira August 8th, 2019

    I’m a Scorpio. My mother, my brother and my godmother are Aquarius’. I never in my life could get along with either one of them. It sucked because they were the people who were constantly around me. I never knew my father, and my other family lived far away. So before I moved away for college, I was just surrounded by the negative energy all the time. My godmother’s husband(my godfather) and I got along great though. He was like my best friend. And definitely made up for having a shitty bio-father. I don’t know what his star sign is though. Probably not an Aquarius lmao

  3. Gerald Steven Hulsey June 4th, 2019

    I’m an Aquarian man and she was a Scorpio . She was 1yr older -started high school stayed until me 21 her 23. We had stayed chasstise until her Nov 19th 1972 B Day. Then, we were active with heated passion 9 pm til 6 am. baby came. I’m an Aquarian sun sign/w Scorpio moon sign. We had been very intense in all ways. But baby born (she ran off 3 months before Birth) then let me see Kristi off & on til June 5th 1978. I haven’t seen daughter since she’s 46 now & was raised to believe I was Satan on earth. I’m Baptist all my life ( failed in ways) so I have long time forgiven them all. I was blocked every way I tried. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned !! very real.

  4. Stacey Bryant October 17th, 2018

    I have been in a deeply committed relationship with an Aquarius man for 7 months! I love him for his honesty, dedication to being there for me through some health issues, he is a man that I prayed for for many years, he respects me like no other, he puts my needs in front of his, and no he is not perfect and we do have some issues with his sarcasm. I just overlook them, go off to myself for about 30 minutes then I realize how lucky I am to have this man in my life!!! We are a biracial couple and our families see that we are so good for each other that both sides supports our relationship. We both suffer from depression and anxiety. He also has MS and I have multiple health issues. We have made commitments to each other to make it one way or another. 100 years ago people got married for life and worked through their problems and stayed together. That is our goal… no matter of Sun signs!!! I don’t know what I would do without my Aquarius man 👨🏾!!!!!

  5. Bella July 29th, 2018

    I’m really surprised on what Amanda typed, very relatable

  6. LeciLove February 9th, 2013

    First & foremost, I would like to say that I think the Aquarius/Scorpio combination is a very bad idea. The only way I see any probable success is if the man is an Aquarius, & the woman is a Scorpio. I am an Aquarius & my “boyfriend/ex/lover” w.e. he is to me, is a Scorpio. Our relationship is as turbulent as a bad flight. Unfortunately he is not my first scorpio but hopefully my last because lord knows my heart mind & soul cannot take any more of these fatalistic assholes. I have no idea why I keep attracting Scorpio men because I really do detest them. My first love was a Scorpio & God did he turn my life upside down, I was nothing less than an exceptional girlfriend to him & he still treated me like I was his worst enemy. He broke my heart so bad that to this day I still wonder how I managed to get over it. I was never sure how he felt about me since it was so easy for him to completely shut me out & ignore me whenever he felt like it. 2 years after we broke up(or he just stopped talking to me), he sent me multiple text messages telling me how much he was still in love with me & how he was so sorry for the way he treated me & how he wanted me back. Thank God I was over him by then because lord knows what kind of disaster I would’ve put myself through to be with him again. It has been years since we broke up & I’m just finding out about some of the lies he had me believing. Some of them are soo dumb! Like who lies about that kind of crap? Anyway It seems to me that Scorpio men expect perfection from whoever they decide to seriously let into their lives. You have to be on your ps & qs with Scorpio men because once you mess up the relationship is pretty much doomed. Scorpio/Aquarius relationships are full of misunderstandings, mostly because Scorp men do not like to talk about their feelings & they think they are never wrong. Good luck getting them to apologize for anything. They appear soooo innocent to everyone else meanwhile you know they are terrorists at heart. They are VERY VENGEFUL & UNFORGIVING, their trust is easily lost, hence the perfection that is required of any poor woman they set their sights on. Scorps are stubborn are so are Aquarius, Aquarius aren’t as emotionally revealing as other signs. It is very hard for us to visibly show emotion & believe it or not it actually takes a lot of practice. For years It was literally impossible for me to cry. Even if I wanted to. I think a relationship with these two signs would have some hope if both signs were open to communication. Personally I would love to talk things out with my Scorp but he rarely ever gives me the chance & if he does, he is quick to end the conversation or get angry or he’ll accuse me of trying to start a fight or he just dismisses it completely by telling me I wouldn’t understand. Apparently he is psychic! His secrecy is very uncomfortable to me and I pretty much lose my mind when he stops talking to me for DAYS. How could you love someone & not talk to them for days, even weeks? When I first met him he was soooooo sweet, he was the epitome of a good man & even though I wasn’t really physically attracted to him, nor was I completely emotionally available, because I was somewhat involved with someone else (which he knew about) he was everything I needed and he was so persistent so I gave him a chance because I hate it when people say women never give good guys a chance. So many times I told him I didn’t think we should be together & I even broke up with him a couple of times in the beginning because I didn’t want to hurt him or ruin him for another woman (ha!) because I thought he was so perfect. We have had so many break ups its ridiculous. He always wants to “take a break”. I believe in working it out, talking it out, fixing the problem, & moving on. But to get him to do any of that would be a lifetime achievement for me & I dont have a lifetime of non progress in me. Scorpio men will make you question love in ways it should never be questioned. They are that twisted. I have always wanted to see a successfull Scorpio male relationship because I truly believe that they cannot possibly maintain one. Falling in love with a Scorpio is like going to war with yourself & evryone around you. They have the ability to make life so difficult you cant help but wonder how one person can be so powerfully destructive but appear to be so innocent and sweet. Being with a Scorpio man is emotionally & physically draining. I dont know how people keep from going crazy dealing with them. My advice to Aquarius women is to stay away from them. They are not what they seem & not worth the trouble or your sanity. If I had the chance to redo our relationship, I’d run for the hills. Whether or not it could be worth it in the long run, I’m not sure I’ll last long enough to find out. 

    • Amanda February 19th, 2017

      Same here. I am an Aquarius and I had a similar relationship. I had a second and a first relationship with one because he claimed he was ‘sorry and so in love with me still’, he would ‘kiss the floor my feet touched’ and other BS like that, which became quite questionable after I gave him a second chance and at first it was perfect, then when I started to really trust my heart to him it all went down the crapper again and he became abusive. You do not purposefully destroy those you love, and anyone who believe Scorpio will actually feel regret or make up for his actions is mistaken, he will only make you think that and then treat you with emotional abuse all over again. Aquarians should not trust their sensitive emotions to them no matter how trustworthy they seem. After a while they will hurt.
      Same thing, he will act like he absolutely is heads over heals for you and then all of a sudden you’ll have to be little miss perfect for him and he will want you to change to what HE wants, while not doing the same in return. All lies.
      He still comes up as charming and innocent towards others, and at first sight he is…until you actually learn how much of a narcissist is hiding beneath!
      I have a tendency to be attracted to and attract Scorpios. A very unfortunate quality so I know you feel hahaha

    • Gayle downs July 6th, 2017

      Thank you 5hank you!. I’m an Aquarius woman dating Scorpio male for 2 months, seems like a lot longer!. He’s EVERYTHING you said. And then some hidden psychotic dress up sexual games showed up outta nowhere. . I am running for the hills. Man I really live him too. Not good.

    • Candz April 22nd, 2020

      LeciLove my dear, these are the traits of a narcissist. They start out acting sweet and like they’re the one you’ve been waiting for, then when they’ve got you in a relationship they have the ability to make you feel like you’re going mad. Don’t like being told they’re wrong/bad at anything, will never admit to mistakes, make promises but never change, let you down, give you the silent treatment, criticise you for small things, pick fights, treat you terribly, acts differently in public and drains all your energy, time, finances, emotions – everything they can take from you. If we don’t heal the wounds that attract these type of relationships they just keep repeating. x

  7. Mista-G May 27th, 2012

    Wow!   I’ve had a look at most of the compatibility things on this site and I have to be honest and say that it holds true.  Maybe it’s all social conditioning, I dont  know, that’s the part of me that doesnt like to be pigeon holed, most likely but this is amazing stuff.  My longest relationship was with a scorpio woman.  I must say that I made the 1st move and as soon as we met, sparks flew and all in the right direction. We didnt argue for nearly a year and then all of a sudden, found every reason to argue, never big things, but we would have intense arguments over the small things in life.  We split, but we have kids, so we made every effort to do things right by them.  We are now best friends (most of the time) and though I still don;t think she fully understands the things I do or the way I am, she knows that no matter the weather, I will always be there for her out of the loyalty that she showed me very early on, which I wont go into, but she stuck by me when nobody else would.  everyone always tells me how deep, intellectually superior and caring I am and they cannot believe that I would ever be around such a hot-headed livewire as her.  I find scorpio women to be the most attractive as they are so completely different to me and they do sexy so effortlessly.  So unthinkably alive at times, especially in confrontations with people that dare cross them and I take so much pleasure in calming a situation between a scorpio and any other as they are so, so grateful  and they always seem to learn from the experience…..eventually!  People never understand why I am drawn to these types, but quite frankly, its always them, Gemini (wild people, so free spirited and to my mind, the next in line of intellect, never argued with one) and Leo (just amazingly flamboyant and popular and they always end up correcting me in some positive way).  Taurus, I find a bit numb but I think they find me to be too bizarre, always trying to tell me what not to do…I do like them though…they just have limited intellect as they refuse to see past the obvious.  I also always end up falling out with other Aquarians…I think I may be the craziest of the lot…but try to tell them they should be more open minded and they just get angry….and they are sooooooo unforgiving….but not me, I learn from all, Im a dude, or trying to be.  I also find that Cancers seem to love my input where they struggle and that Virgo’s are 100% annoying with their perfect relationship goals.  I find Libra’s frustrating as they always seem to dither with their decision making.  Love Sagitarius, they are truly inspired and seem to do things naturally rather than from being taught – very impressive people.  I find Pisces just get too involved with the emotional side of things…I can walk up to a tramp and give him some money and be fine with it, but they then have to carry the tramp to the nearesy hospice, even if the tramp doesnt want to go there….invasive!  Capricorns are fairly intense and dont seem to like to share, but once they do, they are great and often have the most inspiring of ideas.  Not sure about Aries, my oldest friend is Aries, but we dont really talk and I think he gets insulted every time I talk…I dont mean to, he just cant see through that…a funny guy, but I guess I just push the limits too far sometimes.  Ho hum, a very good site, well done to the author, I usually hate all of this stuff, thats why I look, so I can tell you your wrong, but you appear to be very correct.  Love it 😀  I would say you must be Aquarian but I think your most likely Gemini or Sagitarius…I’ll stick with Aquarian though, surely someone so incicive can only be?
    Bed time!!!  Thanks very much

  8. tapabrata December 10th, 2011

    m a male scorpio n recently i hav fallen in love wid an aquarius gal. i just fell for her in d first conversation we had! but since den we didn’t really tok…we saw each oder quite a lotta times but i cudn’t figure her out. i mean she didn’t really giv me a look dat wud say, “hey! i knw u!” or at least, “hey.” n of course if she was lookin 4 similar xpressions on my face m pretty sure she didn’t get it cuz i was so unsure i never changed my xpression wen she was around.but since we r in d same college n our classes r on d same floor, i keep seeing her n dat’s y i just cudn’t forget her n let it go n finally fell in love wid her. but she’s still confusing. she didn’t even accept my 4ndship request in fb den but now all of a sudden (after 4 freakin months) she accepted it frm nowhere! i don’t understand! does she knw abt my feelins 4 her now (thru 4nds)…cuz it’s quite odd. i feel more confident in writin communication n really suck at verbal, so it’s gud in a way dat we r 4nds on fb now.but her unpredictability z freakin me out! completely! i hav no clue hw to approach her?? rathr shud i even approach her now?! cuz if i won’t tell it to her dere’s no way she’s gonna knw abt it surely. even if a 4nd of mine or her tells her, she just won’t c it on my face. m damn gud at hidin emotions,it sux but i can’t help it…until m resolute abt lettin her knw abt my feelins, dere’s no way she’s gonna c it in my eyes

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