Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Combination of Scorpio and Leo has variety of experiences to be shared. Both are quite loyal and possibly very stubborn. Also they both are passionate but very possessive. As a result, jealousies and clashes are very possible with this combination. In any way it always remains an intense connection with lots of respect for each other.

Leo are kind, generous and warm in their nature. They are highly trustworthy and extrovert in everything they do. The compliments and admiration they so deservingly receive are much needed in keeping them from their insecurities. A few good compliments always bring out the best in Leo. But Leo cannot deal with criticism well and their warm and glowing attitude turns cold or furious in such situations. With their excellent organizational skills they delegate just what should be done, given any foundation. Although they are good people, they are a lousy judge of character and too often find themselves putting their faith too strongly in the wrong people to find quite the upset later on. They are aggressively passionate and experience a strong attraction in others.

Scorpio are magnetically brilliant people who usually appear to be composed and soft, however, underneath their surface, ambitions and strengths run high. They have tough personages, full of secrets, constantly looking for power and are fairly dependable towards their loved ones. They are the people who love luxury and comforts immensely. Scorpio are truly passionate people with a very clever and introspective mind that notices everything. Their perceptions are keen and are hardly noticeable by others. They are nicely calm and smiling on the outside until they find their prey, then when it is least expected they strike with everything they have. If they find someone worthy, they respect them immensely. Anger them and there is no convincing them otherwise or turning away until it blows over.

Leo are very proud and arrogant creatures, but also quite lovable and compassionate especially when given the praise and admiration they so desire and more so deserve and expect. Normally, however, they do no good in looking for such traits in the Scorpio. Scorpio would much rather take over the Leo’s dominating position before giving out a compliment or praise. Leo can be somewhat authoritative but with their bright and sunny natures, Scorpio could give in to their stubborn natures and learn to respect the Leo enough to give them a compliment or two. Perhaps Scorpio are just appearing to be giving and sincere, since they are abundantly good at being subtle in their ulterior motives. But a Scorpio should never be pushed as they don’t calm down nor do they forgive.

In the beginning the Leo and Scorpio may have a strong initial attraction but it is soon disintegrate into a battle of the authorities and who is the right one in the argument. They both feel they should lead and neither backs down from their view point. Scorpio may stay introverted for the time being, letting Leo lecture and think they are winning the argument, but when least expected, Scorpio comes back strong and blunt or just outright object to the full dialogue Leo just divulged. Leo’s pride is hurt at the lack of admiration and constant feuding and Scorpio refuses to accept the pride and arrogance of Leo. If argument doesn’t fits in Scorpio’s favor, they simply turn away from the problem and walk away for good.

There is never easy for Leo and Scorpio to stand together for a long run. Siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives may be just fine relations, but when it comes to authority, even friends and sibling may have to go through big arguments especially as they grow up. Although their arguments are almost never resolved harmoniously, most relationships between the Leo and the Scorpio are almost always worked in a paternal or maternal relationship where one sign is the mother or father figure and the other sign is child-like. This type of relationship is so closely knit that it is almost touching to the heart. As lovers or in a married relationship they need to practice a lot of patience as much it is possible to or they may end with nothing. Leo and Scorpio can never be advised to have a joint business venture until they have very same goals to achieve.

They usually have some rocky and sharp experiences with each other as both the Leo and Scorpio are quite stubborn. Scorpio can’t stand the commanding attitude of Leo and Leo get irritated by the over-possessive nature of Scorpio. They both feel the need to be authoritative in their relationship and hence always have clashes and quarrels running high with extreme reactions when together. If they are, die hard at working at the relationship, they need to tremendously down play the emotions that normally run so high in each of the signs and against the other. If they each stay focused on the positive goals, they may just win each other’s hearts.

  1. Lou December 10th, 2019

    I wasted 9 years of my life with a scorpio who just treated me like her personal cash machine, constantly insulted me, was only nice when she wanted something or thought I was so sick of her treatment that I would leave. I worked 60-70 hour weeks to buy her everything she wanted, pay the bills, try to make her happy, and she just wanted to party and go out drinking or hang out at the gym to show off in front of other men. My first ex was also a scorpio and wasn’t much good either. So I think there is something in this.

    • Harrell December 27th, 2020

      Dude you just came across the wrong kind of women . Scoripio women can be cool depending on the kind of scoripio women you get . If she a hard working and devoted scorpio women thats what you get but if she the type that just want her looks to pay her bills thats suppose to be a red flag leting you know that she not the type you need. Just keep in mind all the zodiac sighs have diffrent kind of pepole with differt back grounds its just up to you to pick the kind of women you want its levels to this brother lol.

  2. Emma November 24th, 2019

    I love Scorpions but they tend to clash with my fire somehow…even though they’re water signs. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  3. Anna_B September 12th, 2019

    I’ve dated a few leos in my lifetime (I’m probably much older than most posters here) and would say scorpio-leo relationships can work okay in the short term or as a casual thing. At first you are both on your best behaviour and still in the infatuation phase (where hormones cloud your judgement) so things seem a lot better and you ignore the not-so-nice things. But after 1-3 years (the end of the ‘honeymoon period’) the cracks start to show and there are huge personality, value and communication differences that are never really solved. At best you both have to constantly ignore the problems (which is very tiring) and walk on eggshells. At worst the relationship becomes abusive (happened twice for me) as you are both so full of anger at one another. It is not a healthy situation.

    I ended up marrying a fellow scorpio and have never been happier. We understand each other completely and there is no fighting or competition between us. We are perfect soulmates.

  4. Jennifer May 28th, 2019

    I’m a leo and my husband is a scorpio. We dont fight. We dont step on each others toes. We respect each other and we are best friends. 6 years together

  5. Mehrzad March 14th, 2019

    Shame on Leo sun sign women…
    I’d never seen idiots like these ones…
    Very ungrateful, very pessimistic ones…

  6. Lioness September 14th, 2018

    As a Leo woman, I am deeply confused and intrigued by a Scorpio man in my life. He is very powerful and intense. When we are in a room together, we rarely ever look away from each other- and I know I’ve met my power match. His eyes speak volumes whether it be anger, passion, truth, etc. His power is different than my power though- it’s dark not sunshine. I think he is deeply burdened by his destiny to lead. I think he knows people look to him for authority but he never asked for that responsibility. He pretends like he enjoys the spotlight but I can tell he’d rather have the power to influence without the pressure of expectation. On one hand, his tendency toward emotion annoys me. It seems that he takes the smallest things personally then he just gets so angry- an anger I’ve never seen before. But on the other hand, I look in his eyes and can see intense pain…almost a compulsion to self-sabotage. Being warm-hearted, I want to help him see he has more to offer if only he’d stop self-sabotaging- but I know that’s a risk. I am attracted to him but I don’t want to be. There’s a magnetism that keeps pulling me toward him…I think because he truly accepts me for who I am. I don’t have to laugh at his jokes or dumb myself down to get his attention- he smirks when I call him on his emo shit. I know all the horoscopes say Leos prefer to be the boss all the time but really I think I’m just looking for a worthy opponent that truly appreciates my sense of self. That admires my power as a woman instead of trying to bury it- and he truly does. I don’t know what will happen but I guess we’ll have to see.

  7. Carl Spivey Jr. April 8th, 2018

    I disagree with the last comment. I am a Scorpio, and I am in love a Leo woman. I think I have learned what didn’t work the first time and I have to adjust to her because I know you do what you need to do things will change for the better.

  8. Leo1989 November 28th, 2017

    I am a leo woman and my experience with a scorpio man is very much as stated in every article I have read.

    I could not ever imagine us ever being in a proper relationship but he fills the gaps of in between relationships without my feelings being conflicted in moving on when necessary.

    He is persistent, I have had many ex lovers contact me throughout my years and cutting them off is easy, If the scorp contacts me it’s a whole different story (The magnetic attraction exists) it is just a matter of years before the next encounter so I have never sat waiting.

    The obsessive and possessive part of scorp to me is entertaining because it’s one thing for him to be a player but if I’m doing my thing he shows irritation (this is why I can’t take him seriously)

    ADVICE: If you want a Leo, earn her trust, make it clear and proove she is the only one you want otherwise we couldn’t give a f***

    I wouldn’t say the sex is amazing, perhaps if we fell into deep love it could be but the itensity of his Attention/Lust for me is what attracts me most (I can’t say why he comes back however my Sun, Moon & Rising are all 3 of Scorps kryptonite signs)

    He is very insecure (I don’t know the root cause of this) Plenty of women want him and it’s really his inability to be vulnerable that restricts him. I can understand as we are both highly attractive people but due to my moon sign I am also distant with my emotions and with the leo being ruler of the heart the love I can give is too valuable to give away freely.

    Yes I absolutely believe a Scorp/Leo could work! Only restrictions are that they both would have to be wiling too let down their guards to and learn to conpromise. I doubt this would happen with us as we are both very similar in that aspect but if I ever do share true love with a scorpio it would be toxic because I could see how both love deeply and this match go to extremes without love involved.

  9. ThePaganSun November 6th, 2017

    The scorpion sting has been greatly talked about and in my opinion, greatly exaggerated. But I warn Scorpios and all other signs not to forget about the LION’S roar and claws! You can’t get revenge on us if we swipe you first. And unlike a scorpion’s sting (most of them), a lion’s paw swipe kills the first time. Just be careful with us and treat us with respect, and we’ll be fine.

  10. RamboAmy86 June 22nd, 2015

    Lol, no but seriously! I just had the worst experience ever with a scorpio friend. We never dated however he has been interested in dating me for a while. It’s like he tried to force me into liking him but he did it in a way that was a complete turn off! Eventually I ended up exploding on him and I ended our friendship. Here’s what happened:
    1. Overly Critical/Negative– It’s like the man was trying to rip me apart!! When we would go out, people would compliment my outfit and he’d always say something negative. They’d say, “Your dress if beautiful” and he’d go “I really don’t like it that much, you look heavier than you actually are.” Or he’d bring up stories about when I made a mistake or did something wrong. He thought it was funny to talk about my mistakes. I hated it every single time!! And I held my tongue until one day I exploded on him. Us Leo women like to feel special and he did the complete opposite. I am baffled at the idea that he would even think that talking to me like that would make me want to date him! That’s so crazy to me. 
    2.) Jealousy– Oh…My…God…this was a jealous, jealous, jealous man! I’m very social and talkative. I’m lively and I like to set the tone for a fun and exciting night when Im hanging with mutual friends. This man would sit off, away from everyone else with a look of anger and irritance on his face. And if everyone in the group was giving me a lot of attention, he’d try to pull me away, especially if a guy was talking to me. See, I don’t really flirt but I am geniuinely interested in what people have to say. He thought that this was me flirting but it wasn’t I just wanted everyone to have a good time and get involved in the conversation. He would storm out of the room or get angry at me for having a good time with other people. He was so competitve and jealous of any man that even looked at me. This is very problematic for leo women since we sort of naturally get attention because of our demeanor and personalities. 
    3.) Possessive–I like my independence. I like to do what I want, when I want. This man tried to control me alot and it pissed me off to no end! It’s like he wanted me to be locked up in a room doing nothing. This was hard to do because he was very negative and critical and he held back alot which made him kind of boring to be around. He was a total drag to spend too much time around. 
    4.) Insecure– I realize that much of his behavior is stemmed from his own insecurities. We all have insecurities, so I would never fault him for that. But my problem with him is that he hurts other people in order to make himself feel better. Leos are positive and jovial people and we can not tolerate people who treat other people poorly. He treated other people bad a lot and I couldn’t stand that. Leos respect people who are strong and confident, but he was so insecure that it was hard for me to respect him and it was even harder for me to see how he treated others. Honestly, him being mean to other people was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me!
    5.) Controlling –Leo women fall in love with the man who allows her to be herself. We want to feel like someone appreciates us for who we are. Scorpio men will never allow a leo woman to be herself. He will try to control your behavior, often through manipulation and brute force. 
    The interesting thing is that the more you allow a Leo to be herself, the more submissive, agreeable, and calmer she becomes. My ex is a Saggitarius and he loved everything about me. He liked that I was social, he liked my independence, he complimented me all the time and made me feel special, he had interesting and great conversations with me and was creative and adventurous. And because of that, I would do almost anything he wanted me to do…I was pudding in his hands. Here lies the difference with the Scorpio. The Scorpio doesn’t want to shower you with compliments and he hates that you are so social and looks down on you because of it. He will try to control you through manipulation and get angry when you don’t do what he wants. Leos are completely turned off by that behavior and it makes us more resistant, more domineering and more controlling. The trick to loving a Leo is to give her her freedom, the more freedom she has to be herself and the more you appreciate it, the more she will do for you! You pamper a Leo and she’ll give it back times 10!!! Leos are not selfish lovers and reward affection. Scorpios do not understand this at all because they are obsessed with control!!! 
    With all this being said, he was a complete and total downer. It felt like he was stripping me of everything good about myself. I recall someone once saying that water and fire signs don’t mix because water puts out a fire. Well, that is ABSOLUTELY the truth. My flame was burning big and bright and he just put it completely out with a huge bucket of water!! 
    Leo’s, stick with Sags, Aries, and Aquarius…everyone else will be a complete nightmare!! 

    • Yuggi December 23rd, 2016

      Oh seriously well, I too had a bitter experience,with a Leo woman who had such a foolish experiences with other men and got impregnated by other man. And unfortunately killed a baby in the womb itself. And I literally came to know about her and waited to let her reveal and she did reveal. And I started longing for her and did everything for her but she called me boring and she wanted premarital sex. Which I opposed seriously, seriously when I was wanting her too sexually. And,she lied everytime and made me rival to her family and her friends. And at last with no reason she left me. Inspite of me taking her blame on me. I was left. And I was,the only guy in her life, who could manage her daily routine and everything she does. And above that she is an educator. And me I am Manager. When she knew everything why did she leave. And I never complained her for anything but only begged to be good and forget the past. And start a fresh with me. And I respected her. And was with her at all times. And when ever she turned back for help I was there. But why I was betrayed. And why I was called to be don’t know him at all.

    • Yuggi December 23rd, 2016

      And gave such a freedom that she left me. I used to think that I should have caged her in limits but never did it because she was my woman. And I wanted her to learn everything. And opened myselves in such a manner that she could find easy in understanding. I was more of a mother rather than being a lover husband. Because e both were about to get married. And yes I was jealous. Jealous that she is too plumpy than me. While I was getting lean day by day. And cared for her. And called her with so many cute names. And waited for her to answer my phone. She was the first and she’s the very last love of my life. And I whole heartedly miss her. But she has no feelings on me.

    • Yuggi December 23rd, 2016

      And I too accept the naked truth that water and fire symbols never mix. And she used to call me an ocean regarding the knowledge I have. Being an ocean so deep I bought everything out to the surface for her and at one day she evaporated me. And saying that I extinguished our relation. Where I was the one got evaporated ever time fighting for her. And she just pissed me by heating me. Being an ocean I stayed calm such calm there were storms in my life by her and through her. I swallowed them with such a pain. And let myselves calm and quite seeing her happy. And one fine day she evaporated my love. And thus the end of a relationship named love between me (Yugandhar Nath) & her (Harika Rumandla).

    • WT June 22nd, 2017

      Yaaaas girl

    • Magic Madison December 18th, 2017

      You need to take a chill pill but you right…..lol

  11. daddygirl@gmail.com September 8th, 2014

    LIVE AND LET LIVE @shreesty@gmail.com

  12. daddygirl@gmail.com September 8th, 2014

    im scorpio and im dating both leo and tauras …. i love them both …i can mingle with both of them 😀

  13. luckyladyleo777 September 11th, 2013

    I am a lady Leo and I have a Scorpio in my path… I have known him for almost a year now and he NEVER gives ,but his persistence intrigues me… we had initially met at a job we both worked at. At first he was quiet the first day but from the second day on it was like the superbowl ALL YEAR LONG!!!! He is very sweet,intelligent and caring,when we first met my interests were elsewhere, but he was still persistent. as time past,he became funnyishly possessive, I won’t lie I myself am very possessive but I have the tendency to be able to turn it off and on…every guy that approached me,even if it were a common friend we have he would pop up out the wood work asking them why they were talking to me Lol we have this babymomma /babbydaddy conversation thing, I know it’s really awkward and slightly childish but to us it our form of closeness and sillyiness between us…we have yet to began a relationship but we are fairly close with each other nonetheless!!  After I left the distribution center we worked at we stayed in touch for a while before I left if I had missed work he’d text me as soon as he got there asking my where abouts and why I wasn’t there Lol!!! For a while after my leaving we lost connection but the came in contact with each other again, since then it’s like we never lost connection at all,like picking up where we left off.he is very passionate, though we’ve never had sex,his touch and cuddle is almost something I gave come to crave and it feels like something I’ve yet to experience!! I’m nervous because he before strikes me as the playing type but even still when I comes to me no one else exists??!! he makes me feel like I’m the only Girl in the world!! I will say his crave for sex has always been an issue since we became friends and we are very open with each other!! we can tell each other anything and I truly enjoy that, we have both lived very adventurous lives but when he’s around it feels so peaceful!! he’s accepting of my need for taking time with introducing sex to our uncreated “relationship “in fact yesterday he came out after us having dinner together that he enjoys being with me and wants to take things a step further and making it an official relationship… in my head I screamed and it was like the whole world watching the very first rocket being blasted off into space…..#SHOCKING YET INTRIGUING…. I haven’t responded but I did let it be known my feelings for him are true..his kiss is bliss like rain to a rose but his presence in my life is like breathe to life… I’m just afraid of being hurt or played…I have never been with a Scorpio so I’m nervous !! He met my mother the other day and they had a casual debate(which is part of my mother’s testing )and she loved him!!! My mother tries to be optimistic about the selective yet VERY few that I choose to bring around family,I for a Leo am very….particular for lesser words my young brothers attack with out and giving warning Lol though we aren’t far in age ANYWAYS! I need advice…. he’s an amazing guy,he is the true definition of a Scorpio if I’ve ever met one as I a Leo!!! With the exceptions of being a train wreck in the morning and a bitch in the afternoon he has been able to deal with it all!!! It doesn’t phase him it’s almost like everything in me that’s roaring rage turns him on!! He knows how to calm me with a simple look an occassional kiss and the most peaceful touch of his hand it’s like I forget why I were ever mad…we’ve argued I’ve went LEO REPRESENT on his ass on multiple occasions and the dude just speaks shit even if nonsense and I’m like stfu!!! And laugh it off!!am I crazy or is he just NOT ready!!???? Lol I don’t toot horns no cocky in me I’m a real bitch sometimes and I set trip and send some shit up and rip through shit when I’m pissed off I get totally uncontrollably enraged and it’s like he isn’t bothered… I think I’m falling… and he’s the one for me….?HELP A SISTA OUT SOMEBODY!! LOL

  14. Beautifulone June 19th, 2013


  15. Love149 October 24th, 2012

    As a scorpio woman, 23, when I am around Leo, I can deffinetly feel the attraction. Leos have something powerful about their spirit that makes us scorpios a great match. Although, Leo wants to dominate and be on Top, and us scorpios ladies are the same, that is why I find it hard to realy understand them, because if they cant understand us and dont realize the strenght we carry, I would rather be with Taurus or Cancer.

  16. Edzie October 13th, 2012

    My first love was a scorpio woman, i am Leo.  I will never love another woman as i do her.  I frequently think about her/miss her and remember the fun times we shared.  I was too immature/dumb to mess up our relationship but have matured and grown from the experience.  I am here to give advise to male LEOs – stop being so hardheaded learn to let comments go laugh them off and stick with your scorp lady they will provide all the love, excitement and security you will ever need!  As you will provide them with plenty of new experiences and hot passion.  I hope this helps someones relationship cause a Scorp/Leo is a beautiful one, you will not forget!  As for me I hope to one day, be w her again…

  17. Shortyk August 10th, 2012

    OMG! Though I have read alot of compatibality with our two signs, this has to be the most accurate. My situation is a little different, so If I offend anyone I do apologize in advance. I am a leo woman and am involved with a scorpio man for over 5 yrs now. The relationship is complicated as we both are involved in long term relationships with another. We met by chance as we worked next to each other at different jobs but would she each other daily. A mutual friend introduced us, and lets just say we have had an intense but rocky relationship since then. Above definitely describes us exactly, as I am too independent, and my scorpio man, can get very jealous and controlling, but my leoness, does not allow. I can honestly say he is a great person and excellent in bed and is the only man I have met that comes close to meeting my list of my ideal man, but our situations makes it impossible for us to be together. I also am in a relationship with an aries man, and though we are very compatible also, the intensity and  relationship feels different with my scorpio man. There are so many complications and reasons why we should and cannot be together and yet even though I have tried, find it hard to walk away. We both belong to someone else, and are from two very different races (which makes what we expect from the role of each other different), and I am too independent, and stubborn, and he is very stubborn and sometimes says very controlling things, but we both share equally are jealousy, and love for each other. I can honestly say if we met in a different time, I would definitely consider him the one, and the person I could possibly spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately life has dealt us different cards. In my book this scorpio stole my heart. We share great love, sex, and care very deeply for each other.  I’M ALL FOR THE SCORPIO/ LEO LOVE.

  18. FANCY80 June 4th, 2012


  19. Suwanee May 19th, 2012

    Scorpios are great unless you cross them and then look out.  We don’t like to be stepped on and are far more sensitive than others realize.  I love being a Scorpio because the ability to be a phoenix is so useful.  In my experience with Taurus – our opposite and big-o attraction, I would advise other Scorpios to be really careful as it can be a disaster – some of em just don’t get the creative part of our spirit and it’s a waste of time.

  20. luckyscorp78 May 13th, 2012

    Hello all, I do agree that Scorpios are seen as mean, cold hearted, possessive negative people, shesh, we aint that bad. lol. I’ve been dating my Leo man for almost a year now. We met 3 months later (for both of us) after our exs broke our hearts.  Since the very first conversations we had, we knew that this person was going to be it. And though I guess you could say we have not been dating that long, we have learned to trust, to understand, to compromise, to acknowledge when one of us is wrong. We love each other to the extent on saying we are soul mates, its amazing how the love grew so fast. He is sooo sweet, so caring, so understanding and that makes me want to praise him and tell him all my secrets, lol, which now there are none between us, we both have disharm each other and have learned to trust one another with our lives. Its sometimes difficult to believe that your true match truly exists. NO, I’m not saying all these to brag, I just want people to understand that when there is true love, all the anger, bitterness, pride and selfishness goes out the window. We are already engage and the only reason we are not married yet is because we are not able to. Otherwise, we’d be inseparable. We believe that our relationship did not start here or now, but in our past lives and will continue to our future ones. That is how strong our love is and I pray to god to bless us help us be together for good soon. And yes, sometimes we disagree on things, but our fights don’t last more than a couple of minutes cuz the making up makes it all worth it. So don’t give up and try to compromise. IT IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!=)

  21. leoscoripoluv September 26th, 2011

    I am going to be honest. I love my husband and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. But he and I both have strong personalities and sometimes we do “clash” by meaning that we disagree on things… like everyone else in a relationship. I am passionate and outgoing and that’s one reason why he said he felt attracted to me. Him, it was his mysterious that had me on my toes and wanted to learn more and more about him. We are both very caring and I can honestly say that he is the only one that understands me to the fullest. We dont bicker over money. We both like to shop and save and we know when and how to budget OUR money. I tend to be a little more free spirited when it come to style (I wont pass up a pair of cute shoes for the good price) and he likes his PS3 and games. In every relationship there’s going to be disagreements. In fact if you dont disagree or even debate on things -what plaint are you from? My husband taught me to trust him completely due to the lack of trust I have for ANYONE and I taught him to be open and honest about feeling and to speak his mind at all times. We both agree that we will be sensitive but always be truthful and honest even if we dont like it. We plain on opening our own business due to my leadership skills and his intelligence in the work field. Honest… I spent every single DAY in a room with my husband for a year. Never left each others side once unless it was a short trip to the store or when he was at work. We are the people that you can call popular but we dont have ‘close’ friends. We have each other (we’ve been burned too many times is that reason) but we both are outgoing and positive people that a lot of people know -of. In the beginning it was rocky (first few months after we started dating) but when I found out how to be less jealous and he found out how to open up his feeling and let me in, we have been unseparateable. A day without each other is a cold day. That’s how I think of MY Leo and HIS Scorpio love.

    Married- 1 year
    Together for- 9 years

  22. xxxbrokenwingxxx September 25th, 2011

    I believe that sense scorpios are so mysteryious [Like myself] that the love he shares with you is very strong, and the bond is tight. No need to be jealous, because he has choosen you after all. The deep thing if I understand right might be helpfull if you try and break through his walls, me being a Scorpio girl like the idea of people trying to break through my silence and tries to understand, but maybe that rule doesn’t work with the opposite scorpio sex…

  23. xxxbrokenwingxxx September 25th, 2011

    Me being a scropio I fell in love with a Leo, but I am completely willing to drop my possesive side because all I care about is if he is happy. His happiness means the world to me. The only problem I have is he is going out with my Virgo friend… so the love is hidden. I have trust problems but they seem to melt away when I talk to the Leo boy. I admire his tolerance, caring, understanding attidude. I think he likes the hidden passion or the mystery inside of me but I can’t be certain if he feels the same.

  24. lanette September 23rd, 2011

    Cailin,thankyou.You are so right.

  25. triciemama July 19th, 2011

    I am a Leo woman 41 and my husband is Scorpio 35 we started out strong never getting enough of each other still like that till this day, but the down side is a lot of problems occured because he wants to control me and I can’t stand that he’s calmed down a lot with that I appreciate the way he tolerates my insecurities because I never admit I have them (lol) but I am slightLy jealous when I read how his sign and other water signs understand eachother I try to understand him but he can be too deep at times and it just doent seem that serious to me we love each other I believe but we do desire more too.

  26. cob June 17th, 2011

    As a scorpio I am disheartened to see yet another site insisting that scorpios are manipulative, and unable to forgive or calm down. We possess a depth of emotion which is often baffling to others, and which requires a clear and balanced mind to navigate, but there are far more positive aspects to this than negative. Disappointing, and narrow sighted.

  27. KarmenDaScorpLovingDaLeo June 8th, 2011

    I dont know if its meant for me to comment or not bc this is my 3rd attempt. I’m a 23 year old Scorpio woman thats deeply in ove with a 28 year old Leo man! Our love is strong, deep and solid to say the least. However, our personalities tend to clash at times. I’m a emotional and opinated person. Where as he’s a straight forward but non-chalant person. When it comes to us he can be very affectionate and romantic at any given time. He’s hard working and instilled with the values that a man should have. I’m so thankful to have him as the father of the our child and he also treats my first son as if he’s his own! I pray that our love will continue to flurish into something great.. I have more to share with u all but I’m drained at the moment..

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