Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

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The relations shared by Scorpio and Capricorn are one with a lot of give and a lot of take. If anything, you will certainly never be bored with each other. Both of them are sincere and dependable people with high family values. Others find Capricorn dry and aloof but towards Scorpio they have a devoted heart with sense of appreciation.

Scorpios are superhuman beings with a blend of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that is challenging to avoid. Their mind is sharp, critical, cautious and skeptical making them unique and interesting. Scorpios are a perfect picture of will power, high standards and stability. Their self control is astounding in keeping things tight from the rest of the world. They appear to be calm and serene otherwise. All the efforts to read into them usually go in vain as they are too good at masking what they want to hide. They are, however, innately curious about someone or something they truly care about. Everything else means nothing to them and — does not exist.

Capricorns are very sovereign and committed people with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally they lead an ambitious life and pursue all their ambitions fiercely. Capricorn believe in permanence and self discipline and never involve in anything just for fun. They are conservative and domineering in nature and their most endearing quality is their dependability in times of need. Once out of their serious course, Capricorns are very tender and gentle with a soft smile. Capricorns are not so much a social butterfly as they are immensely involved in being with their family. They take the sure thing over the risky adventures any day. They are not overly curious and therefore they don’t have a suspicious nature that causes them grief or undue trouble. They are truly calm and self protective creatures.

Scorpio and Capricorn constantly spend their time focusing and discussing what their hopes and dreams are, realizing that they both have a lot of the same. Their path in getting there and attaining such goals is very much different, but the end result is almost always quite similar. Another similarity between the two is the secret want for respect. Rather than coming right out about it, they just as soon stay in the background with their power, delegating from the side lines. Scorpio understands Capricorn more than they think they do. Being no stranger to depression, they realize and understand what Capricorn goes through from time to time. Their patience is their virtue in times like this. Scorpio is the more outspoken of the two but they are known for using a front or a mask of sorts to cover up their actual intentions. The painfully shy Capricorn envies this quality in Scorpio and the latter is touched by the former’s intimidation.

Although Scorpio and Capricorn are known to butt heads and rival against each other quite often, they figure out their differences, solve their troubles and end up being on the same side of trouble when it enters their lives in other situations. The overall picture may not always be compatible between Scorpio and Capricorn, but the foundation is solid and always holds strong for a good landing ground when they need one. They both look forward to the future in hopes of bettering themselves and bettering their futures. This is where their energy lies and perhaps is the underlying reason as to why their feuds do not last very long. Their best bet is to get out and socialize more. This aids in conversation as well, as it is not easy for the two to communicate back and forth. The ease on the stress in their lives helps in this matter.

The different colors of relations usually suit well to Scorpio and Capricorn. As lovers and spouse they make a kind of perfect match especially if man is Scorpion and woman is Capricorn. When in a relationship like friendship or business partnership they can make wonders with their dedication and intellect. Siblings and relatives also match quite well in these two sun signs while as parents and children, they get a chance to love and discover a lot together because both the Scorpios and Capricorns make devoted parents and obedient children unless and until their reasoning is tried. As colleagues they provide each other wonderful environment till the time they are not in competition with each other because after that both wants to reach the top and both are passionately ambitious.

Capricorn, however, criticizes the Scorpion’s intense nature. They tend to think it is a huge waste of time and energy in being so hyped up all the time. Scorpios look at Capricorn and frown at their lack of sensitivity. This is minute compared to their practical minds and goals they want to strive toward. Once they get past the silly antics of how each will move down their individual paths, they blend their tactics and find better ways to get to the end result together. A relationship between these two can get stuck in a rut of sorts in that they need to push for change to keep it from getting stagnant in their association. In doing so, they could have a stronger bond that forms between them.

  1. Shanelle July 25th, 2021

    This blows my mind because i’m a Capricorn and he is the Scorpio and i always worry that i bore him. He tells me all the time i am what he wants but my mind plays tricks on me . He loves me but we argue alot. On past things and on how each other maneuvers but overall our foundation and loyalty is solid and we love each other. I think this makes our partnership and devotion stronger each day.

  2. Yana July 6th, 2020

    I’m a Capricorn woman my boyfriend is a Scorpio. I feel like we love eachother but worry that I may bore him. He says I don’t, but I feel I do and he won’t tell me
    The truth. I also dislike that he’s not as romantic as he said. We’ve actually had arguments about it and have broken up before due to that reason. I feel like he could be the one, but when he closes me out from him and his love it makes me want to call it quits. And just move on. I know what I want but I don’t think we want the same .

  3. Emma November 24th, 2019

    The important thing about Capricorn men is… you have to present yourself as very “feminine” and as a “traditional woman” around them. You almost have to conceal your true intensity around them. Counseling helps.
    I got this free love reading and it was also helpful:
    I hope it helps xoxo

  4. LaraLTrump March 23rd, 2018

    My loving Husband Eric Trump so much inlove with this scorpio lady..he always told me, he love me but i didnt feel it.and then i saw him together this scorpio lady they embrace and kissing to each other.even infront of me. i cry over heels…

    • confused in cansas November 15th, 2018

      umm eric trump like the orange mans son???

  5. Randy McDowell February 14th, 2018

    Im a capricorn woman and my husband is a Scorpio we been toghether 13 years we only broke up once and we only fought twice this has been the best ride of my life and i hope to be together 13 more years

  6. Kelly June 6th, 2017

    Didn’t work out. He was too much for me. He was the capricorn. At the end I could only look at him with discussing, anger and irritation. He wanted too much too fast. Never again.

  7. yanique July 17th, 2016

    @Capcat go for it

  8. yanique July 17th, 2016

    @YScorpio i understand, most time us cap , just lose interest because of trust so the spice dies

  9. yanique July 17th, 2016

    Aww so true , am a capricorn and my gf is scorpio. We r perfect

  10. Raerah63 December 28th, 2015

    I’m a Scorpio woman. I met a very handsome, charming Cap man at a birthday party for a relative. He actually saved me from some drunk creep who was stalking me at the party, touching me to the point that I was about to punch him in his face if he bothered me any longer. This Cap saw the look on my face as I was consistently dodging this drunk fool and walked up to me and just started conversing with me. He asked me to dance and we had a blast on the dance floor so much so that he asked for my number and I just gave it to him without hesitation. I usually don’t give out my number to anyone like that but I was so thankful for him just being there and keeping the drunk one at bay. He didn’t call me for a few days and when it did, we talked for hours. I asked the relevant questions about his life, relationship status currentlt (he said he’s truly single but he does talk to other women on the phone but no one steady). I was ok with that knowing he had a life before meeting me I don’t trip but I need to know if I have to take a number to get any time with him which I just won’t do.
    He invited me out the next day after work. We met and at the site of him, I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could he. What I was drawn to was his beautiful smile, dimples, the fact that he smelled AMAZING even coming from work and greeted me with the biggest hug. I didn’t realize how tall he is because I”m 5’10” bare foot and I had on 5 inch heels at the party standing well over 6′ but looking him pretty much eye to eye. I had on flats the day we met after work and he is much taller than myself which I was happy about. He said he’s 6’4″ and I love tall men. We saw each other every day after that and things heated up quickly after a few dates. The last time I hung out with him, we had dinner, danced and shut the place down.
    As we both pulled out of the parking lot heading home, I see he’s going the same way I am and then he calls my cell phone saying he really enjoys his time with me and he wished he didn’t work so late so we could get together earlier and the dates wouldn’t seem to end so quickly. I lived 5 minutes to the restaurant we were at so I just told him that he could come to my apartment and we could chill and watch movies or play the new game system I have and haven’t had anyone to play with so it just sitting idle. He loved the idea of extending the evening and we again, continued to have a blast until the wee hours of the morning. The following day, he called asking to see me and naturally I said yes and when he came over, I was so impressed as again, even though he was quite casually dressed, he looked so good and smelled even better. I just get lost in his smile. He makes me laugh to no end and he’s so affectionate and sweet I felt like I was falling in love. I kept walking past him and he looked at me and asked if I fotgot something? I asked what? He held his arms out and I just fell into them laughing but feeling safe. However, fast forward a week later after spnding each and every day together, him spending the night for days at a time, we hang out again one night.
    He didn’t stay all night because he had to work the next day and I thought nothing of it. I awoke the next morning with nothing on my mind but him, smiling and missing him. We just had a conversation the day before about why I don’t call or contact him other than in response to a message or a call from him. I told him I have a problem reaching out to men initially but since he always called me and showed nothing but sincere interest, I would get better and doing so as well but he knew I was always very receptive to him wanting to see or be with me. So, I go over in my head for a good 15mins to send a text or call because I was missing him so much but I just wasn’t sure if I should open up myself like that and express as much. OMG…. I send the message saying GM, I woke up thinking about him smiling, & missing him.  As soon as I hit send I felt as if I would throw up. About 20 minutes pass & my phone go off with a reply. He says GM, thanks and that he slept well because I wore him out. I was completely stuck on stupid… I just told this man I missed him and all he could respond was thanks, he slept well due to the great sex?? 1st and foremost, I didn’t know how to process his response but a few hours later after it haunted me, I was so hurt that he turned my heartfelt sentiment into something sexual and trivial. I then became angry since we JUST had the conversation not even 12 hours earlier as he laid in my bed asking me why I don’t take any initiative to contact him and low and behold when I do, he does EXACTLY what I feared as responded completely shooting me down and leaving me feeling like a complete azz. I hadn’t been intimate with anyone other than myself for what would have been 3 yrs because I don’t give myeslf to just any man and the way I look and have men chasing me, I can pick and choose and I chose him.
    I sent him a very lengthy and detailed message about it and told him that he hurt my feelings so deeply with such an ignorant, disregarding, disheartening response that I was instantly turned off and no longer interested. The crazy thing is that he actually thought it was cool to respond like he did which I just didn’t understand because when we’re together, he’s so loving and affectionate that I deluded myself into thinking I could open up to him. I told him I wasn’t expecting a profession of his undying love but I also wasn’t expecting him to make me out to be nothing more than a piece of Nookie. I just couldn’t help that I truly just don’t want to be bothered with anyone who would be that thoughtless when he has sisters, nieces, a single mom who’s dating who’d he’d hurt a fool over but he had no problem making me feel like crap. He called a few times and sent a few messages but I wasn’t responsive until he sent a message saying he wasn’t going to keep calling/texting me and getting no response. I told him he never had to call or text me since in my message, I told him I didn’t need any response because there was nothing at that point well after the fact he could say that I wouldn’t feel was just something to apease me. He left some movies at my place that I said the only thing I needed to hear from him was where to meet up to return them and he wrote back that he wanted to talk. I said thanks but no thanks, I said all I was going to say and his response was clarity enough for me to know I don’t want or need anyone that insensitve to me feelings in my life. He told me to keep the movies.
    I’m so done trying to care about men and be in relationships with undeserving fools. I waited almost 3 yrs to share my most valued possession with a man (my body) and open my heart just to be completely shot down. I know he doesn’t get it but then again, I can’t see why not when he told me about his last situationship with a selfish female that he dated for months, gave flowers to, took on several day trips, out and about and not once did she ever ask him out, pay for anything or appreciate any of his efforts. Yet, he’s blessed with someone such as myself who is very loving, giving, nurturing, attentive and generous and I get treated with such disregard?? I’ve taked him out, was always available when he wanted to see me because I really liked him and he did say in his last message that he really liked me but… The time to have opened up to me was when I did so with him. Not shut me down making me feel like a fool then taking the entire day to come up with some lame reasoning after I send a message saynig we’re done and why. I guess it’s all a game to get what he wanted which was to be in my bed but when it came time to really let me know where I stood with him, he let me know I didn’t have a place in his heart like he made me think I did with how loving and sweet he’d been. He needs to go back to the selfish Broad he cut off 3 months ago. I think they’re a perfect fit because he surely doesn’t deserve the love and goodness in me and I will never open up to him again so there’s no need in wasting my time or his trying when I’m just over him just as fast as I was into him. SMH

  11. YScorpio January 31st, 2015

    I’m a scorp that was married to a cap. At first it was awesome, strong sexual bond but after time with no emotion in return it makes it harder for a scorp. So it was over for me. Once a scorp is done, we are done! It sucks to say that I grew out of love with my cap because I really loved him and felt that we had a strong connection. But after being with him for so long it got boring and I got tired of being in the driver set. Regardless, I find myself drawn to another cap without even knowing. The best thing about him is that he is an old friend. The new cap seems to be more aggressive and straight to the point but at the same time I can see the cap personality. We are distant friends and always find the time to contact each other. I really like him but know that I must give him time and be there for him if I want to keep him interested. Don’t get me wrong caps are awesome but I think they get better with age. I’m just curious to know if there are 2 different types of caps if born early or later within their horoscope dates (cap 1= jan, cap 2= dec)? It would be great if a cap could answer this questions for me!

  12. flyinggoatfish December 4th, 2013

    @mhfoster9 I don’t know if Capricorn men are the same, but I can be a very cautious person when it comes to relationships. Not necessarily in the beginning, because I enjoy having a good time with someone I really like and respect (and I won’t spend time with someone whom I don’t want to spend time with, it’s that simple), but when things really start getting serious, that’s when I have to take a step back and figure out what’s going on. My husband is a Scorpio, and we were in a long distance relationship for years when he lived in the UK.
    –> Just as a side note here, he always seems more excited about seeing me than I am about seeing him, not because I’m not happy to see him, but because I’m always too calm and collected to put my feelings out there like that (plus, I might cry if I don’t control my emotions, and I do not want anyone to see me cry). <–
    Back to my point, even after years of visiting each other and talking every day, and even though I was the first to spontaneously say those 3 special words, when he asked me to marry him I freaked the hell out. I had always seen myself being with him for the rest of my life, but this was the moment I realized that it wasn’t just an idea anymore, this was real life and real life is serious, not to mention scary as hell. When I was finally able to say “Yes”, I had to do it with the caveat that he would give me all the time I needed to get used to the idea of “settling down” before he made any more plans. It took me at least a year to to decide, and then another year or so to go through all of the visa paperwork.
    Like I said, I don’t know if cap men are the same, but it’s not easy for us to open up to people, even people we care about an awful lot, or people we have known for years. It’s even harder to give up our freedom and the person(s) we’ve molded ourselves into through hardships and our perceived battles against the rest of the world.
    I know it’s been a while since you asked for help, but I hope you and your Capricorn managed to work things out, and that you’re doing well. We’re not always easy to get along with, so good luck!

  13. Capcat June 9th, 2013

    Hi I’m a cap girl and I really like this Scorpio. How do I know if he’s interested? We never really talk but we were at this party once and we were both a little tipsy and we were all over each other and made out. He has kinda ignored me ever since. I usually feel a strong sexual attraction to him but I never show it, only that one time when there was alcohol involved. Could it be that the situation is the same with him? Because I’ve read that Scorpio men usually make it very clear whether they like someone or not. Someone please help me!

  14. mhfoster9 September 15th, 2012

    So, I don’t know how helpful anyone can be, or where to find advice about same-sex relationships, but I need help with mine.
    I’m a Scorpio, as you might see from my profile. I have been in a rather unique relationship with a Capricorn.  I believe in zodiac more than he does. But, we met and it was sparks from the beginning. He travels a lot for work and it was a warning he disclaimed as we realized quickly we wanted to pursue a relationship.  I’m a very confident person in life, always knowing what I want, until it comes to my relationships.  That’s where my insecurities come into play as I always seem to date the wrong person. (ie. They lead me on, I fall too hard too fast, or they cheat.)
    When I’m with my Capricorn, it feels as if the world has stopped to revolve around us, my insecurities are gone and I soak up every moment. He treats me the best anyone has in a long time. The passion and attraction was much more intense in the beginning.
    Now, it’s been six months, a record for him when it comes to relationships, but I’m beginning to sense his attractions are weakening, dying out. Of course this could all be in my head.  He also had a major issue with communication while being away on business.  I approached him and discussed it, treading the waters very carefully to ensure I wasn’t blaming him for all my frustrations and concerns.
    It was difficult for me, as I was seeming to be more excited about seeing him on his returns hone than he seemed to be about seeing me. Now, with all my insecurities and trust issues, it could very well be just me.
    In our conversations, he expressed having to get used to thinking about two, instead of one, himself. He had worked on better communication, which did improve. But m, now I’m still not feeling satisfied because I see the communication dwindling back. 
    I don’t want to be nagging or suffocating because that will surely drive him away. He told me he’s also afraid of the idea of just being with one person for the long haul and believes in marriage as being a one time deal. I of course agree, but he hasn’t initiated a break or calling our relationship off, so from what I know of capricorns, if he didn’t want to be with me, he would say so.
    Everyone’s different and I know everything that’s said about a Capricorn may not be exactly what he’s going through, but I just need advice. I know I want him, it was love at first sight, but how do I go about not giving up? It’s difficult because it’s not a “normal” relationship. Any advice? Should I suggest a break and see what happens?

  15. Moonlight28 June 27th, 2012

    oh yeah and i’m 22 years old by the way I know I look really young for my age and hard to believe but I’m really 22 years old Capricorn don’t let this cute face fool you…

  16. Moonlight28 June 27th, 2012

    I have a friend that’s a scorpio but never EVER looked at his way at all and he not EVER looked towards my way either and like to keep it that way…. He really truely not my type at all…. I just don’t like him like that and i’m a capricorn… Plus I’ve seen him go out and have sex with soooooooo many girls lots of them too and sometimes he’ll try to flirt with me or try to get me to dance with him on the dance floor,, now the dance floor that would not EVER happen EVER again cause I swear I felt him growing and feeling all over me to close like that that I’d just slap him on the face pretty hard and said sorry and he said sorry too for trying me like that…… Really I just don’t like to be touch in less I ask you too….. Simple….. Don’t get me wrong when we hit the dance floor EVERYBODY is feeling the heat arua on the dance floor and watching us and I do mean EVERYBODY WAS watching us… He did say the only reason why he ask me ALLL THE TIME to dance with him is because no one can’t dance the way I do with him on the dance floor it’s like some kind of music or some kind of krama or arua in the air when we dance, now see don’t get me wrong i feel it too when we dance but don’t mean I want you, I just like to dance EVERY CAPRICORN LOVE MUSIC AND LOVE TO DANCE it’s who we are…. That’s why i don’t EVER wanna dance any four play with this person EVER again he always have this look in his eyes like he wanna have me all to himself and he really don’t like it when other men wanna dance with me… can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with him. Have he lost his mind? and Please do keep in mind that I do not like this person like that in any way at all.. I need a MALE Scorpio opinion on this one. Why is he actin like that? seriously you can’t have two slices of cake and eat it too, you know.

  17. Andra June 15th, 2012

    Ask her out, you will not regret it. I am 29 and have been married to a Scorpio man and at times is heaven or hell, but most of the times it could not be better. She will make you happy. Good luck

  18. chloexyloto April 30th, 2012

    I’ve known three caps and 2.5 outta 3 are no good. One was a guy i met at a club, he was a whore munger who cheated on his girlfriend and was trying to get in my pants. Ugh. Cap #2 is a coworker who also tried to get in my pants and still hasn’t. I brushed him off because that skeez is married and he never told me and he was trying to get me to compete for his affections with some other girl we work with. He’d lie and tell me he was hanging with his friends and his work buds ended up telling me he was spending time with his wife. Thank God that didn’t go 2 far, I kinda had crush, ah well that’s over. Cap #3 is a good guy but was willing to cheat on his girl  w/me, hence the .5 in the 2.5.  I don’t ever wanna date a cap or any earth sign, I have really bad luck with them. oh, yea, i’m an aqua rising, scorp sun, gemini moon, venus sag, mars libra. I wonder if any of those things might be the reason I have bad luck with earth signs(cap, taurus, even virgo)…

  19. Ms.TeaTime December 4th, 2011

    I’m a Scorpio woman in love with my Cap man. It’s a challenge for us scorps, are patience is really challenged when it comes to their lack of expression. But it is worth it! I love him to pieces, love, respect, and admire him. Being with a cap will make you proud. But never try to subdue your cap, just trust them–they are loyal.

    It’s hard not to feel flustered when in a relationship with a cap because it takes time for them to outwardly express their feeling towards you–which is insane to us scorps. It takes a lot for us to open up as well, but we aren’t used to getting that from our significant others. Just be communicative, they are open as long as you are.

    Overall Scorp x Cap is a good good thing.

  20. Jeri November 1st, 2011

    This really helps. I’m finding alot about my capricorn interest. This explains so much about why he stares but doesn’t speak. Guess I have to make the first move, then. But it should be easy. I can usually patch things up when it gets rough.

  21. anthony March 6th, 2011

    Can I get one in english please, I am a scorpio and I am really interested in a capricorn. I would like to hear other peoples opinions, before I ask her out.

  22. Lucie August 6th, 2010

    Ja jsem stir a on je kozoroh. Zatim sme spolu jen kratce, bude to mesic, ale uz ted muzu rict, ze se urcite charakteristicke znaky stira a kozoroha opravdu projevuji.Ja stirka jesm velice vasniva a emocialni a rada vsemu chci videt pod povrch.on jako kozoroh je velice ambiciozni a ctizadostivi a po emocionalni strance vice zdrzenlivejsi. Vim, kazdy si rekne , ze jsme spolu teprve mesic a tudiz je clovek cely pomateny ze sve zvysene hladiny endorfinu a neni schopny objektivne videt realitu. Ale procetla jsem uz hodne o stirech a kozorozich a nezbyva mi jen dodat,jakobych si cetla o nasem vztahu. Oba dva uz sme se v zivote nekolikrat zpalili a ackoliv se opravdu vzajemne odevzavame velice opatrne, uvnitr citim obrovske vnitrni propojeni, ktere nas spojuje, jakoby sme oba chteli od zivota to same. zijeme okamzikem a spolecne hledime vstric budoucnosti. Minulost nechavame minulosti, prestoze navzdy bude soucasti nasich zivotu.
    ja jako stirka obcas pochybuji o citech kozoroha, ale mluvi za nej skutky a ty me vzdy presvedci.slova totiz nejsou az tak dulezita. poprve citim, ze jsem poznala cloveka, ktery se mi zamlouva takovy jaky je. vidim i ty negativni stranky a o to vic me to uklidnuje. A jelikoz uz sme oba dva meli dlouhodoby vztah, jak on se stirkou, tak ja s kozorohem, ktery sice nemely happyend, bude tedy asi neco pravdy na tom, ze stir a kozoroh se k sobe neustale vraci a vracet budou.
    Dekuji a dobrou noc
    Lucie F.

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