Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini and Capricorn together are equally mesmerizing and annoying. Gemini has a lighter attitude with humor filled life while Capricorn has a serious attitude with life full of commitments and strong foundations. It is quite tough for them to adjust together but once they share a relationship, they can always complement each other and make things brighter.

Gemini people are more like wind, unpredictable and ever changing. Their free will lets them wander when they feel the urge to do so. Eccentric in their tastes and ideas make them appear to be whimsical and capricious. Their modern thought process mixed with the notion to change their ideas make the Gemini hard to pin down. They are natural communicators and can argue a point whether it is a point worth winning or something so mundane it would not be even worth bringing up to anyone else. Gemini is always changing and moving and it is not so bad that they come across someone who can subdue this inner passion from time to time. They love a good challenge whether it is a mere idea or a full blown test of ability.

Capricorns are reserved and quite laid back creatures. With a bit of the old school instilled within them they dress for that time, traditional yet elegant. They love money and status and work hard to gain their due respect in their society. They are not one to try new fads or trends frequently. Similarly they do not try for new things also; they love to depend upon tried and tested things. Although they love to listen to the gossip that goes around town, they are not the ones to spread such things. Being cautious is their first belief in being the wiser. They love to say ‘no’ and even perhaps change their optimist ‘yes’ to an ‘okay’. They love their dear ones deeply and family ties are most important for them.

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Gemini’s attraction to Capricorn is not based on reality whatsoever. Some twisting of the mind draws the Gemini to Capricorn whether it is mystery, sincerity, some sort of hypnotic state, or even drugs. Capricorn’s nature is one of significant tranquility and magnificence and the always changing and restless Gemini is highly attracted to this mysterious creature. The Capricorn is a gentle creature on an emotional level that draws the insecure Gemini awaiting for Capricorn to show them stability and calmness they are not used to. Gemini can, in turn, show Capricorn the beauty of the arts, literature and music and humor as it should be shown. The calm nature that they find in Capricorn is enough to make them stop in their tracks and think twice about such a notion. Gemini’s life is such a whirlwind of frenzied activity and it feels nice to them to be able to rely on the Capricorn for calm before the next storm.

Capricorn always discovers some constructive purpose for their Gemini and Gemini; even though they are vicarious at not settling, find some way at appeasing Capricorn. Although the Capricorn is not prone to Gemini’s silver tongued persuasion, on the occasion that it does get to them, they learn quickly, and one can rest assure it never again happens. To even fathom settling down is one idea that Gemini has never been too keen on. Capricorn, in turn, can learn from Gemini to mingle up with people and share their views they encounter in their lives and still stay stable the way they like things to be. Capricorn and Gemini make a strong relationship in that they both are apt to doing what makes them happy in their own corners of the world. Both can come together as long as with some compromise they keep their own worlds separate so that on a rare occasion they can do their own thing.

Gemini and Capricorn have a lot to work upon if they want a peaceful relationship. Friends and colleagues that Gemini and Capricorn make are generally not very closely related and Gemini needs to work hard to bring Capricorn closer as Capricorns are never willing to put their energy in something that’s doesn’t sounds fine to them. As siblings and relatives they already share a knot and so they work well with each other here as Capricorn always gives their time to family. Business ventures can be a bit frustrating on Capricorns side when they do not see Gemini working equally hard but then they can with their differences create a magic of hard work and luck. Romantic relationship is a worrisome matter for both of them as their demands are totally different. If Gemini is ready to be more homebound and Capricorn becomes more expressive then things can work. Parenthood and childhood are enjoyed greatly by Capricorns as they love to stick to their family while Gemini share more a friendly and casual relationship.

Gemini’s silver tongue gets them out of just about any situation they feel threatened by and threaten anyone who dares to meet head to head with them. The reserved Capricorn frowns on this quality if it gets too prolific. Although the Capricorn leans in closer for some good gossip, they never like to be a part of it and so Gemini finds them arrogant towards the conversation they had. Capricorn’s serious side is depressing to Gemini and Gemini’s frolic type tendencies are equally upsetting to Capricorn. Through self sacrifice, they can each get through these subtle differences within family, friends, career or love and grow a love that is strong and quite exciting. If the fickle and unpredictable Gemini can learn to be patient, they find a true and loving Capricorn that is everlasting through out the years and Capricorn can get one lively mate who can cheer up even their moony days with brightness.

  1. John Garry April 1st, 2022

    Have a capricorn woman as my best friend for 35 years. Our friendship turned to love yet it was never easy. Often it takes a lot of your Gemini energies to put you where you are. Whimsical, is to best deścribe it. Arguments stay but fïghts don’t. The best reĺatïonšhip ever. I love you so much Lanie.

  2. Akenya stewart November 26th, 2020

    Me and my capricorn started off with a beautiful friendship in which turned into a love story cuz now were madly inlove with one another. We have great communication and were honest with one another which makes our relationship so much better. I love u Danny Ray

  3. Sab November 1st, 2020

    I am a double Gemini and my husband of
    17 years is a double Capricorn. We are soul
    Mates , yes we fight but we communicate and sort out our problems . We both are different but that’s what attracts us to each other.

  4. Lynabnd June 21st, 2020

    Am a gemini and i’ve been dating a cap guy for six months, and before getting into details, i just wanna say that “sun signs” in a couple compatibility means nothing. There so many things to check in two natal charts compatibility to finaly say if its long lasting or not so yeah just wanted to remind people of that.
    Okay second, a capricorn and a gemini are i think really different people, but its sometimes those differencies That attract them in the first place.
    A cap want someone to remind them the need to drop their to do list and have fun, and gemini need sometimes some grounding and stability.
    Depends on the aspect but me and my boyfriend we always manage to solve our problems by communicating deeply. The problem of caps is that, they suck at texting, they are quiet people, so a phone call is better, or meeting. A gemini loves talking and communicating but they need to understand that caps dont, they need space and silence. And what caps need to understand too , is that , they need to open up abit, a gemini can get deeply hurt if the communication is lacking. This an inconsistant and incertain relationship but that can highly work if the partners deeply love eachother and WANT this to work. I cant see nothing that can keep two people together but the effort they are ready to make to not loose the other. Me and him we compromise, we find solutions, of course we are lucky to have some great aspects helping us with that, but sometimes, really bad compatibility can mean nothing if two people are meant to be together on a soul level. Just trust your feelings, they will tell you. As a gemini am really hum inconsistant and fear commitement. But this things never seemed so beautiful now that i find someone that understand me so much. Just chill geminis, its okay to commit, to be vulnerable, you too caps, dont make it a power struggle, trust eachother and love

    • Ntombi December 11th, 2020

      Thank you lynabnd… I’m Capricorn and dating a Gemini guy, the low compatibility had me depressed but after reading what you wrote, I feel inspired to look forward to what my relationship future holds and do the work required (the both of us) to keep us going. And hopefully it might be forever.

    • Ram March 7th, 2021

      You are right,I’m cap man and my ex Gemini,
      We struggled a lot to be together,but I found that I’m.not perfect to her,

  5. Abbie June 19th, 2020

    Me Capricorn n he is Gemini,we in relay almost 2 years,ya he so very complicated n always gettin cheated but i still keep stay with him,idk why should i stay for this long ..please give me some advice.. what should i do? I don want to stay but he keep me..have a relay with Gemini man is so annoying but i like the way they caring..

    • Staci September 23rd, 2020

      I hope you left him. Im a Cap women and was w. a Gemini man for 7+ years. He would not stop lying and cheating. It’s not a good match. They need someone that’s wild and free like them. I loved him very much but he was no good for me. leaveee sis. no bueno.

  6. N April 21st, 2020

    I am gemini and he is capricorn and our relationship are perfect to me although when I read about thr
    compatibility it says there are difficulties and we different and something similar to that. But what we have is magic to me and I feel blessed and thankful for him being in my life. So, this horoscope compatibility might not always be true just believe yourself and your feelings! 🙂

  7. Mel November 30th, 2019

    I’m a Gemini(f) and he is a capricorn(m).
    Everything was going fine in the beginning. He pursued me and I liked that. He was very talkative in the beginning of the talking stage. And we’re still in the talking stage because of other reasons. But besides that. I would text him every day and sometimes he would reply quick & other days it’s a week or 3 weeks. But he explained to me why he didn’t contact me for almost a month. And now I keep thinking he doesn’t want me. Our problem is communication. We’re always ft & calling each other but whenever were texting it’s always dry.
    I don’t understand why he does that.And I feel my anxiety increase. I know that he gets busy with work & other stuff. And I give him his space. But he tells me he doesn’t want that. And I don’t know what to do because we’re not dating & I feel like my feelings are decreasing. I don’t feel at ease. All I want is better communication with him. I don’t know if it’s because he is stressed with work or another girl caught his attention.🙍🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Please I need some advice.

    • Sunniva January 21st, 2020

      This is mad. I am a gemini and I fancy a capricorn, and I am in the exact same situation as you! Except that he doesn’t take that long to text back as 3 weeks! But this is very interesting indeed!!

      • Mel January 21st, 2020

        I want to know your situation too. Me and this Capricorn guy aren’t talking anymore.I was upset that he had posted something on Instagram but wasn’t texting me back. He told me that he was working but how are you able to work and posts on ig. And I was upset about that Bc it wasn’t making sense to me.🤦🏽‍♀️I Haven’t talked to him in 3 months. He said he really liked me but after I cut him off he hasn’t hit me up since.

      • Stephen April 27th, 2020

        I’m with a cap and she is the same exact way its kinda funny really. But here is my advice. Don’t judge how you feel on the way you communicate over text. If I did I wouldn’t be with my currently gf of 6 months. She sucks at text, from reading your messages im convinced now they all do. How you connect in person the vibes you feel an connection you make in person with them is what matters. And I know that weird for us Gemini cause I can swoon you in person an over the phone but they only have one so I say play towards that. Texting will comes latter AFTER you’ve gotten them to connect with you in person. So ask them to go get lunch go to Dave an busters hit like that. Trust me will work out well for you. And one last thing COMUNICATE! HUGE DEAL very huge. Make it a think that yall purposefully do, talk and express each other emotions to the other and talk about everything literally it will make the realtionshop so much smoother and deeper. An that ain’t even for us geminis but we can.

      • sara June 7th, 2020

        this is SO late, but here’s my advice. I’m not sure if this is even valid anymore, but 🤷
        as a Capricorn myself, it hurts me to hear that they just ghosted you like that. (talk about rude). but, if there’s one thing I know, is that most male caps will come off as cold and might push you away, but that’s actually when they need you the most.
        also, we love honestly. if you have a problem, please bring it forward. we aren’t mind readers, and he might not even know that he’s doing that (guys are dense let me just say), so the best thing to do is to be upfront about it. though, if he gets defensive, cool your temper and be patient and explain the situation bluntly. hopefully, if you bring it up, it should work.
        if not, kiss him goodbye because he ain’t worth your time and energy anymore 💅

    • Janette June 17th, 2020

      Hes not interested in you, that why you dont hear from him often enough. Been there done that. My Cappy acted the same way, he only wanted sex I later found out…. after I learned I was pregnant. He didnt want me or the child, and turned into the devil. If he wanted you he would make the effort. Let him go and move on

  8. Bev November 26th, 2019

    Bev. Gemini. was married to 2 caps. 1st 8 yrs.2 beautiful kids divorced.1972 😘2nd married 44. Yrs. died 2014. Good man. 1 more child. Their BDs were Jan 13 & Jan 14. 3ysrs difference in age. 🤪. Crazy but an adventurer

  9. Danielle Conrad October 23rd, 2019

    It is different for me. I am a capircorn and my boyfriend is a gemini. It is very hard for me to talk to him about many personal things. He often gets mad when I ask him about it. He gets mad when I stop talking to him. But we do still communicate…..sometimes. he loves giving me jugs and kissing me whenever he can. But he won’t talk …..the fuck

  10. Cait February 22nd, 2019

    My best friend is a Capricorn and I am a Gemini. We recently have been going through a slight rough patch because we stopped properly communicating. But, reading this reminded me how happy I am when my Capricorn and I are stable, no one has ever made me as happy. They make me think properly about situations, commitment in me grows and she sort of tames me in some crazy way. But, I struggle because I love connectivity between people and she lacks so much of it. She gets jealous a lot when I am around all my other friends but I constantly reassure her she’s my best one. I’m just not sure how to make sure she knows it without me having to tell her it every day.

  11. Gemini77 July 22nd, 2018

    I am a gemini woman, and I’m currently seeing a capicorn. This is one of the most frustrating “relationships” I’ve been in. The communication is so hard. Somedays he responds quickly, and other days It takes him a week. Its so hard for me to be patient when he doesn’t respond..but when we see each other the chemistry and conversations are the best.

    • Shrijana October 18th, 2019

      Same thing happened with me , im gemini n my ex is Capricorn.. dead ass ..

  12. Swt9736 November 24th, 2017

    Well I just met my Capricorn man and your info is very interesting I am a Gemini and I am not patient at all in order to be with this man I am learning how to be patient but it is difficult in the process I have enormous feelings for him and I don’t even know why or maybe I do deep down I do love the conversations with him he is very talkative that is one of the things that attracted me to him

  13. tina July 31st, 2017

    i am having a really difficult time with my gemini. we have been married for 3 years and have been together for five, and at first he was really really really quiet and kept things hidden and never really talked all that much unless it was important. NOW, he is so manipulative and i dont know what happened. unlike what this article says, ive heard that geminis are very predictable, but maybe its just part of who he is as a person, but ive heard that and that they arent even an aproprait match for capricorns?

  14. Danielle Fernandez October 29th, 2016

    I am a Gemini and my lover is a Capricorn we are together for approximately 3 years and to be honest there is a huge difference between us which makes it sexy. I must say a Capricorn want for sex is beyonddd amazing they will have quickies with you if they have to. My lover sometimes he drives me up a wall because he thinks soo much about what our plans are and then I am here like lets just do this shit and get it over with. yes Patience is something I must agree I dont have lol while my Capricorn man have every patience in the world and positivity because he knows he can get anything done. Sometimes I wish I can just have his optimist view about life and just be patient as he always tells me lol. Romance is beautiful a Capricorn man knows how to mesmerize his woman in bed and knows how to get her there or knows how to do anything when it comes to sensuality. But in all I dont regret dating him and the love that we have with each other. His mysterious side gets me frustrated but also I love it so I can get to know his inner person. I think as Geminis we need to just relax a lil be tamed and just listen to our partner yes we hate submissivness *guilty of that* because we love our independence and freedom but Capricorns can teach us how to be tamed, make our goals and live life. Capricorns just allow your Gemini woman to be herself and dont make her feel like you are locking her down, understand her feelings and help her put words to it. Be patient, trust her, be open to her also and you will see how long lasting it will be and vice versa. In every relationship Trust, Communication and Patience is important. ??

  15. Cappywoman2 August 23rd, 2016

    I am a Capricorn woman with a Gemini Man and I can honestly say he is the best thing that has happened to me. I was dating a virgo for five years and he was the most manipulative person I have ever met. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was until I was out of it. I truly had to lose him to find myself. My gemini makes me feel young and carefree, he makes me smile at stupid things and I am so happy to have met him. Considering the fact that I am supposed to be a good match with virgo and it was the worst relationship ever and my relationship with my gemini makes me feel like a teenager again. I do believe gemini and capricorn are a good match. You can find your soul mate in any sign <3

  16. Edgar11 November 11th, 2015

    I have been talking to a gemini woman for a year now. Although we live in 2 different states. I have to say, as a capricorn i tended to be less outgoing before I met her. But, this woman surely has a similar character to mine. There was never a dull moment between us. The more we communicate the more I am drawn to her. She makes me laugh whenever we would talk as gems are known to be a child at heart. In my opinion as with some of the comments I have read, it all depends on the person. However, in my experience as with all the friendships and relationships I was in is to never try to act to your significant other as an authority figure. Being only 21 years of age I may be too young to be giving this type of advice but, unfortunately for me it is a complete disaster with my impulsive and aggressive attitude. But, communication is the key element with any relashionahip. 

  17. SandraD September 2nd, 2015

    I was looking at this cos I was bored at work. Some of the difficulties I understand, being a capricorn woman dating a Gemini GOD… hmmm…. I don’t think that their are difficulties. their are difficulties in every relationship the key to fixing those problems are to have an open mind, Honesty and compramise. we were on and off for one month before our jobs were going to take us to Durban (was working for a circus) and to cut a long story short we were done until he came to my room at the hotel a few weeks later, 1 week later at the age of 23 was the first time I said I love you to a man. the next month I moved in and we live together in johannesburg now… and this relationship has none of the negatives. We talk for hours if we need to until we come to an understanding. we respect each other and we don’t fight. we dissagree and then discuss. if you can put your pride aside and so can he. I’d say it’s the most Alive two people can make each other feel. Gemini and Capricorn are so perfect together. I think because both Gemini and Capricorn are secretley introverts that get along with everyone they have a deaper understanding of eachother. they are so different and somehow exactly the same. after just one month I descovered my best friend and lover. Capricorn and Gemini keep eachother on their toes. if you can learn to leave your pride behind you don’t need any other people in your life.

  18. Gemini_Belle April 21st, 2014

    I am a Gemini female married to a Capricorn male. Weve been together for 8yrs and have a family together. Married young and thought a lot of my insecurities had to do with being young, but the more I learm the more I realize it’s just me, Gemini and all. Likewise, every issue that bugs the living daylights outta me about my Capricorn man rings true with this. I told my husband I had commitment issues and he told me, “too bad, I’m not going anywhere” lol so he truely does keep me grounded but I have had to learn a lot of patience and he’s had to open up a lot. We are in a great place now. We have the best relationship ive ever had, many who know us are envious. We were lucky to learn each other quickly to make it work for us throughout the years. He’s azing and we are a really perfect match for each other where we are in our lives together 🙂

  19. Justingem26 November 5th, 2013

    Im a gem male and was with a cap female, it was the best relationship I’ve ever had, and is by far the hardest thing give had to get over she moved across the world and I don’t know what to do all I can do is think about her, in haven’t spoken to her since we ended things before she moved, I just can’t find it in my heart to love again…

  20. george96 September 26th, 2013

    can be * sorry

  21. george96 September 26th, 2013

    all i want from you is to tell me please that a relation between man capricorn and gemini female cand be forever, pleaseeee 🙁

  22. Caribouadi April 17th, 2013

    I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini man, and so far it is going really well. He is very adventurous, and a total goofball which keeps things interesting/exciting for me. He is also very successful too which helps. I think if he wasn’t the attraction would be gone, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I love him very much, and he has gotten me out of my shell. We recently just spur of the moment moved to Florida, and he has been taking care of everything. I think horoscopes are fun, and a lot plays true, but I believe that these signs can be compatible. We are very happy. We are children together, but we also have a great future because we are both hard working and creative. It’s perfection. 

  23. Farawaydawn February 4th, 2013

    I’m the Capricorn with a Gemini…it’s so funny I have a history of being hopelessly drawn to Scorpio men, but when I met this guy he stopped me right in my tracks. He makes me remember the things I love, and for the first time in years people have heard me laugh again. He takes my serious side and breaks down my barriers with a smile and witty remark that I can’t help but chuckle at. If I’m a mystery to him I’m glad, because every day I find myself more and more in love with him and myself happier and more open. I was so happy when he told me one day that he’s never felt so comfortable in stability, and that he knew it was because it was me providing it that made the difference.

  24. niravramchandani September 6th, 2012

    @lashastanl: did nt got what exactly u mean to say here . it worked or did not at the end??just concerned as m a gemini man was with capricorn women n still love her but the things have changed and so not like before,about to end it is.

  25. lashastanl June 21st, 2012

    interesting…..Im a capricorn, and he’s a gemini, and we are heads over heels in love….Im a strong beliver in the zodiacks but it says we arent compatible. But of all the signs it say I was compatible with, I dated and we never worked out..HMMM

  26. emiliekristen March 18th, 2012

    My best friend is a Capricorn and i am a Gemini.
    We have been together as bestfriends for 5 years now! We both love each other so much and i truely couldn’t find any person better that would be my best friend. I would not trade her up for any one in the world. She is somewhat serious at times and during those times i’m really hyper so our personalities kind of bump heads at times. We used to fight so much all the time and it both dampered our moods. But during those years we learned to cope with each other and now we get through our problems quickly by simply talking. I never used to talk about what annoyed me/her of the other person and now we do and i feel so greatful and so blessed to have this great of a best friend. We plan on moving in with each other after we finish college. I think i found my soul mate 🙂

  27. breya4 July 12th, 2011

    I feel that geminis and capricorns are two of the most misunderstood signs. Gemini being a child at heart & capricorn always having the adult-like attitude can eaisly make this the best or worst combination. I recently ended a relationship with a capricorn male. Our differences were too strong, neither one of us were willing to compromise. We had more bad days than good, but the thing that I think made us hold on so long was that when we did have good times they had an unexplainable aspect to it. Something even bigger than magic. Gemimi and capricorn are by far not the perfect couple, but with work they sure can make imperfection look good.

  28. sumedha April 19th, 2011

    this is the only thing i dnt understand, a capricorn being traditional and calm, to the contrary i’m very hyper, free thinkin to a point that i can’t differentiate between right and wrong sometimes and art, music and movies is what my life revolves around, the thing about a capricorn and gemini relationship is, that a capricorn woman can deal with the changes in a gemini man, with calmness and love, thing about a gemini man is, he makes her feel llike she found her alpha leader man 😀

  29. Venita October 4th, 2010

    Thank is so true about me as i’m a gemini women and my partner is a capricon man.We are about to tie a knot in few weeks time and we are so much in love.Its been 8months and things has been falling in a right track..

  30. Katelan May 4th, 2010

    Thank you soo much for this information….I am a Capricorn woman pursing a Gemini Man. We’ve been on and off, were not to sure what to do with one another but one thing is certain we both love each other very much. This Article is “us”.

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