Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are freedom loving and great conversationalists. They both inspire each other and strike a balance in any relationship they have. Also both of them learn a lot from each other and share common liking for good humor and fun in life. But to make things work nicely they both have to give up the pseudo-righteous behavior.

Gemini people are the creatures of change. They like to wander about from idea to idea giving them a different personality at the drop of a hat. Being intellectual and quite manipulative with words puts them into the outgoing category as well as being extremely creative. With such qualities, Gemini would make a good con artist as well as an amazing creative artist or a musician, a teacher, scientist, or mastermind. Their wit and way with words allows them to change into basically anything they want to be. But, whatever that is, they want to control mentally while giving out leadership to others. Their souls are like a mere child, letting go too quickly or holding on too lightly at times. They wander about looking for the next best thing.

Sagittarius are outgoing and boisterous people and also great conversationalists in most instances yet not quite a creature of persuasion like the Gemini. They often tend to put their foot in their mouth, not thinking before they bluntly speak the truth and hurt people. They are very honest and cheerful folks who can blaze in fire of enthusiasm and make everyone around them excited. They know their goals well and directions to achieve them as well. Sagittarius are capable of giving an impressive quantity of love and affection and yet they prefer to give it most when it is not expected or required. Sagittarius who are not so loud and extroverted are somewhat drawn back, timid but still as pushy and blunt with their opinions.

Sagittarius and Gemini are both quite frank in their opinions. They also share a common grace, wisdom, intellect, honesty and a child like heart. Even with all of the qualities they both share, the differences in Sagittarius and Gemini create envy in each of them. Sagittarius with their high ethics, their affection and eagerness coupled with an honest nature and high incentive can smother Gemini if not careful and Gemini with their laid back attitudes, their charm, dexterity and art of conversation, knowing what to say and when to say it can manipulate Sagittarius into things they would never fathom doing if it weren’t for Gemini’s poke in that direction. In going head to head, Gemini and Sagittarius have a lot going for each one of them; however Gemini’s use of sarcasm and Sagittarius’ lack thereof gives Gemini the upper hand.

Between Sagittarius and Gemini, if they choose to get along, they learn from each other and strengthen themselves as well as their relationship both mentally and spiritually. Otherwise, they can envy and be apprehensive toward each other, putting each other down and trying to out do one another. They would make a strong team if only they work together but what they lack is what, that causes the down falls. Although brilliant, they are not dependable or stable. They may have the mind of an intellect, but they don’t have the veracity to follow a good idea through to the end. One could compare Gemini’s idea or a project started by Sagittarius to a shooting star. It burns brightly for a short period of time, showing off its brilliance but shortly after fizzles out to nothing. Even the more laid back and timid Sagittarius and Gemini are not quiet when together.

Gemini and Sagittarius share a very lively relationship and learn a lot from their experiences with each other. If they are friends, colleagues or siblings they can share many common interest and discover many new things together with enthusiastic conversations and intellectual talks. There is a lot they can appreciate about each other and can inspire each other to do. Commercial tie-ups can be a risk with Gemini and Sagittarius working together as they both are less practical and quite extravagant. A love connection sounds well when these two sun signs get together because they understand each other’s basic needs. If Gemini becomes a little more passionate and Sagittarian becomes polite then they can even have a long-term relation. With Gemini and Sagittarius as parents, it is a very lively atmosphere for the little ones to learn and discover many new things.

The fun loving duo of Gemini and Sagittarian also has some bumpy roads to take over in their relationships. Sagittarius may cut the Gemini down with their blunt opinions hurting them and making them argumentative, but Gemini beats out Sagittarius in the long run with their high sense of intellect and manipulative verbiage and smoothness, twisting the Sagittarius. Gemini may also find Sagittarius forcing them with their opinions, restricting their freedom of actions and thoughts. While Sagittarius may find Gemini eluding them with their sweet talks, which forces them to run away from Gemini. If Gemini and Sagittarius can work together in harmony they can find that they can have an entertaining and quite fun relationship. One is able to help the other in tough situations rather than trying to outdo them. Through good communication they are able to express themselves on a more positive note creating somewhat of a private language only they can understand.

  1. Kerry August 15th, 2020

    Geminis and sagitarius are twins though I believe gay sagitarius men lie to geminis at times but they do get along pretty well it’s a match made in heaven I believe

  2. breatheagain July 4th, 2020

    saggitarius crawling out of the woodwork bc she heard I am getting married… I dont know what she wants I wish she would dissapear. our relationship was terrible. yeah I didnt end it in a good and noble way, but she was bad for me and I was bad for her. she makes me feel bad about life and like everything I do is wrong. she undermined my self confidence until it was zero. her insecurities and inability to be vulnerable killed the spark and also made me feel like a shell of a person. she was overbearing and suffocating. now I am truly happy. she is angry I got engaged so soon after dating my girl, and she accused me of using her for a rebound! no! you were just terrible for me and I finally found the girl of my dreams, ofc I want to marry her asap. she makes me happy and is an air sign like me. why is sag doing this? I dont want to be cruel it is not in my nature but I need her to go away. I think she just wants attention, she could never stand it when the attention wasn’t on her. This is one of the traits I hated about her. She had no tolerance for feeling even a little bit bad. I dont respect people like this I think girls like this are easy and loose.

    • Firebright February 27th, 2021

      I’m a Sagittarius woman, and I’m disappointed that, that happened to you. I hope your wedding went well and that the ex-gf is gone for good. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Namaste!!!

  3. fresh air April 6th, 2020

    Terrible. She drives me insane in bad way. Sagittarius women are vivid but also very overbearing and I feel like I am being crushed under her personality. I am so drained. I am starting to hate even the way she talks about things. She is so negative about everything it drives me insane. I will be feeling fine and she complains about one thing or another and suddenly I am a miserable person just like her. They say misery loves company! But I am normally very cheerful and full of life. This relationship made me into an angry and miserable person. She talks just like my emotionally abusive mother. I am very devoted if the relationship is RIGHT, but this is not right for me. We have actually known each other for a long time before hooking up…. now it is clear why we didn’t do it sooner! Dont get me wrong the attraction is definitely there, but that can be said about any relationship with anyone. Air signs, save yourselves, sagittarius will just drain you and never let you be who you are.

    • Firebright February 27th, 2021

      Okay, I can disagree with that. I’m a Sagittarius woman but I have not been like that in any of my relationships. I’m told I can’t hold a relationship long enough no matter how much I try because the guys I date treat me bad. They are always sweet and treat me well but once the relationship gets further they cheat or lie to me all the time. Cancers are not kind as how they are depicted because I’ve dated 3. Capricorns are mean and just don’t care as they are always focused on what they are working hard towards because I’ve dated 2. Leos are straight up assholes and just focus on what they can have because I’ve dated 2. But sometimes it’s not dating the signs but knowing people who are the signs that i make my judgements on them. I also think it depends on the person as well as not all signs are like this. I would get it if you dated multiple Sagittarius women but not all of us are like that. I understand that most people can be toxic but who isn’t toxic in their own way? It is a matter of opinions as my relationship with a Cancer, he restricted me so much and I lost myself. He made me cry everyday because he knew what hurt me most and talked to multiple girls to get me jealous. I’m grateful for the Gemini man that I have met and helped me become the best version of myself. It’s about the compatibility of how stable you both are and how mature you can be in a relationship as well as knowing what you want from the relationship. As I have stated before, not all Sagittarians are like this.

  4. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Sagittarius are so beautiful and their heart is wild!
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for Sagittarius:
    I hope it helps.

  5. Voldy March 23rd, 2018

    My Sister in Law is gemini and my brother is Sagi they both are meant for each other , fights do happen between them but are short lived , both have high tempers especially gemini she shouts a lot and very impatient … insecure also ..difficult to predict gemini and on the other hand Sagi are very straightforward and will tell the truth about others but never their own weakness ,,, Over confident both of them and OMG the best part is that they never hold their tongues always talking talking lol

  6. Cool Gemini January 24th, 2018

    I love a saggitarius man…Oh God he is so posessiv…alwys blame me that I am a flirt…we were going to merry but now he do not have trust on me…he say all the time that I am a girl who like to talk boys all the time and find excuses to flirt with his friends …I do not know how to manag I am not that kind of girl…I am Gemini(3rd June)…we are together from 1 and half year…now what to do please guide me…as I fail to get handl him…he is boring…I need somthng new evrytime….I want to go on dates long drives etc but he took all that in negative way …awwwwww 😛

  7. prabitha November 12th, 2017

    I am a sag… I m in love with a gemini man for 1 and a half years.. he said he is in love with another girl because of me being over possessive with him… I regretted and pleaded for his forgiveness… he was not in touch with me for 3 months later about 50 days back he said he is now committed with the other girl who is a capricon and asked me to leave him … the capricon girl with whom he is now in a relationship broke up with her ex-boyfriend (with 4 yrs relationship) who is cancer … I am not sure weather I should wait for him or move on… but the truth is I am dying inside without him… I loved him sooo much…. pls kindly someone advice me to take a right decision…

    • sana January 24th, 2018

      why do you want to wait him…move on dear its not to difficult to be with other person…once you start with a good human being you forgot ur past its so easy…so move on

    • Adam B February 11th, 2019

      Move on, he’s moved on probably……but saying that when he does become single an old flame will re-ignite

      Yours truly Gemini Man

    • Arijit November 26th, 2019

      move on girl I’m a sag guy….we love hard and fall hard…but we take time to move on but when we do we never look back….just keep hope…we are positive beings.

  8. anika sood March 15th, 2017

    hi … i m anika (may 31 1994 ) gemini… i m in relationship with a sagitarius guy ( 27 nov 1993)
    i want to ask shud i move to next step with him lyk shud i marry him.. i m in doubt because some times i find he is not interested in me… lyk in prospect of care… i m managing a long distance relationship with him from past 9 months…
    according to horoscope m asking
    plz clear my doubt

    • Sasha Patterson April 12th, 2017

      It’s funny you say this. I am also a Gemini woman and I feel as though my Sagittarius seems distant like he lost interest at times. It is so frustrating idk what to do.

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      Usually, I find sagittarius not that faithful. Secondly, they are not there when you need them the most. If the above 2 things does not worry you, you are good to go.
      Amin (

  9. Liz Christine January 13th, 2017

    My name is Liz (Nov. Sagittarius) and I’ve been friends with a guy (Call him Kale – June Gemini) for over a year, and we’ve always really gotten on well together, recently. I broke up with my Ex (May Taurus), and then I found out that my guy friend had broken up with his girlfriend at the time.
    Ever since then we’ve been talking and he’s even confessed feelings for me. I’m a worried person and I always second guess things. Maybe cause I’m short and chubby and he’s tall, lean, and has a jawline for days. But it’s been pretty sweet between us lately. He texts me and I light up. We were there for each other during our break ups, and now I’m just worried because I really kind of like him now.

    He’s admitted that he wanted to be with me, but I’m just worried. I broke up with my Ex before Christmas, and I don’t want to move too fast, or move too slow. I’ve told him I like him too but that I want things to move at a steady pace and he was absolutely fine with that because I kind of rushed into things with my ex and I regret it terribly.

    Do I wait for him to ask me out? Do I tell him I want to date? Bide my time? What do I do? ;^;

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017


      sorry to get back late, as I just read it.

      You will be fine … don’t worry GEMINIs are quite down to earth. So, you’ll kind of gel in.

      But, I’ll rate the overall relationship as 5 out of 10.

      Amin (

  10. Jones June 15th, 2016

    I have been talking to a Gemini friend of mines on amd off for a few years now. Weve never had sex, never kissed, nothing. He decided to confess all these feelings that he had for me, of which I knew nothing about. He would, call, text on an average basis….like every other day….but we still hadnt seen eachother (its been about 3 years) until recently. I invited him to a party (with people from both of our pasts, that he previously expressed he ddnt care to be around) and then I left and went to another which was down the street. I was drunk so I pretty much ddnt care to remember that he was on his way to the party at my previous destination. I got an annoyed call 20mins later asking wtf I was lol I rounded up the troops and headed back ….. I got there hugged him and pretty much ignored him the entire time. This was not purposely. It was simply because I was catching up with old friends (That we both havent seen in years) about 45 mins pass by and everyone walked out of one of the rooms we were in, he started flipping out stating that he only wanted to see me etc… and my reply was “I ddnt think it was real” meaning everything with the daily text messages and phone calls and innuendos.( Im a skeptical person) So he stormed off….later that night, we ended up spending the rest of the night together along with another friend (who I used to be in love with, an Aries, but those feelings I found out that night were dead and burried thank god) but he was distant and cold. I called texted him 2days later Asking him if he hated me, and he said no, but “you have no idea what you want” I told him I did. I called a few minutes later and he was really short. Vowed to call me back, never did. Texted him a few days later, never texted me back. . Im a Sag (Dec 4) Hes a Gem (June 15) Is this fixable? Like I hate nothing more in the world than being ignored as it doesnt happen to me often, and I think I actually have feelings for him. I have to, or else I wouldnt be writing to an advice post at 5:59am. I just wanna know if hes hurt and isnt saying anything or hes just over me. 

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      The ONLY option is to SURPRISE him, apologize and get it STARTED in full swing..

      Jot down things in writing, 3 things that GEMINIs hate and make sure you stick to it and don’t repeat that.

      rest will all be fine..

      Good luck!

      Amin (

  11. Olivia.beltran January 4th, 2016
  12. n2rare August 28th, 2015

    Sag girl and I have been with Gem man for nearly 4 yrs. We still can’t live together or be around one another constantly without getting into arguments. I caught him lying nearly 2 yrs. ago. He was practically leading a double life and I had no idea. I also dated another Gem man and he was married and I didn’t find that out until she almost beat my door down one night. So, if there is hope- I am yet to find it and have looked under every rock for answers. They have left me with a suspicious heart and mind.

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      Betrayal and cheating is one thing that I’ll consider it as EXTERNAL factor.

      Is it because of the brought up of the family or the friend circle etc.

      But, this has to be discussed.

      Not all Geminis are cheaters and neither all Sagittarians are.

      Amin (

  13. Blaze_shipper September 25th, 2014

    I’m a sag woman and I have a crush on my friend/hate we talk and show are art,but we don’t have and classes together and I want to see him Really bad  during days and I think about him all the time,but I’m afraid of two things,one: rejection two: he already has a sag women in his life,and it hurts but if hes happy,he happy I know I will suffer,but hes happy and I dont want me to suffer but,I love him and he can choke me all he wants,but if he’s happy,that’s good,right?

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      Complex Game !

      Amin (

  14. tbag August 14th, 2014

    we dont have two personalities.  we think outside the box. we dont talk shyt.   we love your company. we hate everything you say, but love eveverything you do. im gem. love my sag girl.

  15. ladyarcher June 16th, 2014

    I put my Gemini Boyfriend through alot not by cheating by being independent. I do not like to commit at the moment and I warned him upfront. I told him I will always love him and he hates my farewell speeches. I tried dating a cancer only to run back to my gemini after one date because cancer was too grounded. The gemini man and I have been together for 6 years.

  16. ladyarcher June 16th, 2014

    The best relationship I have had was with a gemni man I am Saggitarius. He argues a lot but we are  attracted to each other. We have so much passion it is unbelievable. We have exchanged the meanest words but we make up like it never happened. I don’t try to be anything but he is attracted. He is a manipulator but it doesn’t work with me. Gemini aren’t sarcastic like Saggitarius they easily burn out. The only thing about Gemini, they have a dual personality and that is annoying. I disappear alot on my Gemini boyfriend because I like alone and quiet sometimes. We have been faithful but we broke up a few times due to being independent. He misses us alot. He tried other relationships but it does not work. The best sex is between Saggitarius and Gemini. The compability is out of this world. I will never marry him because we are too independent . I told him with no qualms that I will dump him and marry someone else for stability and structure. I was told there is Karmic connection between Saggitarius and Gemini. Whatever that means. He is the best man I have had. I think all signs can make it depending on how you relate. Be kind in relationships.

  17. LapizRose April 21st, 2014

    I’m a sag and I’ve been with my Gemini for 2yrs we know how we work. We just fit like puzzle. When I get angry at him I don’t want to speak to him and I won’t answer his calls or texts. He knows that I need time to cool off and then we talk about it and then all is good. We talk and work through our problems and there no lies between us. The challenge is we’re long distance now. I don’t know whether to break up or what. I like someone who’s a cancer but I don’t feel like he really wants or likes me. I don’t think we could get as far as me and my Gemini as far as a relationship with such harmony and understanding.

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      Sagittarius and Cancer is surely much better.

      Amin (

  18. Lady-Sagittarius February 12th, 2014

    I am a mexican american sag girl(dad white mom mex) I was with a fresh off the boat iranian gem man and he really loved me in his own detached way the problem was that I never really loved him I just went out with him for the hell of it, and when I was ready to break up with him he wrote a journal for me on how I was “THE ONE” and out of all his  girlfriends I was the best yada yada…Long story short I did somthing fucked up and he stopped talking to me for a few months THEN he reached out to me on myspace like NOTHING ever happend, and I was like hi but nothing else, I was already dating my now husband at the time(aquarius) and I posted up pictures of my wedding a couple months after he contacted me and he TOTALLY DELETED me and  never talked or emailed me again, word on the street was that he had a VERY hard time trying to find another mate after me. I feel so bad for him because he was a nice guy just did not have the butterflies for him. Oh well my sad story if you are reading this out there I really love you AVO but only as a friend! I know you will make a great husband to some girl out there! there are NO hard feelings 🙂

  19. Gemini-Jennifer December 3rd, 2013

    Don’t take it so personal.

  20. Gemini-Jennifer December 3rd, 2013

    I just want to say that as a Gemini, we disappear so we can think. Let us have our think time to figure things out.

  21. golwaygul November 2nd, 2012

    Sag. who had her soul ripped out by gem male. 

  22. Barbarella.Docella September 12th, 2012

    Hey I’m a Gemini girl and I’m Italian from Australia and I’m deeply deeply in love with a Sag Mexican guy from Arizona! even tho we haven’t met yet but this is sooooo true! I’m a big dreamer in organizing an amazing future and he would come along and blend with me! I’m sooooo in love with him even tho hes a pusha a times but always having our Convo go on and on 🙂 
    B.T.W don’t stress out in having fights in relationship coz u can’t love without a fight .. Trust me 🙂 

  23. jeniffer247 February 14th, 2012

    im a sag gal and im married to a gemini man… just say we have our moments and we rarly have good ones. once feel hes doing wong i stay with it and its f ing up our marrage… he very slick with his words and actions  and hides things from me and i have to poke at it for a month tile i get the real answer… gem men dont no how to love the sag women the way we need to loved. my husband has 50 girl numbers in his phone and comes up with wonderful excuses for things like do you wont me to come see or u come see me…i really think the gem male and sag female are not compatible. gem males are cheaters and good at hiding it tile you see a bank stament or a call log
    broken hearted jeniffer

  24. sponge12 January 15th, 2012

    I really love this gemini man… he is so sweet and loving gringo. I am hispanic and I really love this Man…!! I don’t know why but dating this gemini guy is AMAZING! we love to have fun, laugh. we are like teenegers when we get together… sometimes I feel like he will get tired of me and just leave me… sometimes I feel like he is the guy for me but sometimes I feel that is just maybe sex?  I hope this will work because I am in love with him…I love you Bob… don’t break my heart!! Because I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      All the best Sponge!

      Amin (

  25. David Saggitarian March 29th, 2011

    My fututre wife is a Sexy Gemini…I have met her on Facebook and she drives me crazy…

  26. crystal35 March 9th, 2011

    Im a sagittarian woman and been involved with 2 gemini man. My childrens father is a june gem and he drove me crazy bt sexually our bodies wanted each other. Now my current man is a may gem and he is like the opposite alittle. He drives me crazy but i can handle him he completes me. We are actually getting married soon.This opposite couple has done attracted each other very well.

  27. DAB December 25th, 2010

    The guy that I am in love with is a sagitarius. I have know him for over twenty-five years. He is my first love. I never thought that we’d see each other again, but we did. We had an affair. It was the best time that I ever had. I’d feel so wonderful with him and when he’s not around I’d feel terrible. We are now divorced from our spouses. He wanted to keep going but I did need to have something meaningful with him. I just wanted him for me only. I wanted to end it, but now I am wondering how. One thing I have to say is that we do have to be there for each other mentally. If that’s the case then it would be great for us. LOVE HIM ALWAYS.

  28. Natalie November 2nd, 2010

    The guy who I have a crush on is a sagg. LET ME SAY, this boy is unpredictable. Very true about the dissppearing magician acts in the comment above. Me and him get along and he loves to tease me and tell me how gay i am and how cool he is. I recently hung out with him and i have never felt so complete and content in my life. he scares me totally. I love everything about him despite the fact that he is a little flirt whore. He has been weird towards me since we have hung out. One thing I read is that they like their freedom so i am going to let him come to me. I hope it works out, i have a real feeling its scary and im only 21. SAVE ME!

    • Amin Saleem August 5th, 2017

      You’ll be ALRIGHT !

      good luck!

      Amin (

  29. A Darden September 28th, 2010

    Hello, I’m a Gemini Man with a Sagittarian older woman. We work on the same job as teachers and she’s unhappily married for 17 yrs without any sexual intercourse with her partner for 8yrs which I’m truely in love with,she’s a great all around fun person who has some much in common with. I must agree according to zodiac readings we are both very sarcastic towards one another which allow us to engage in arguments but as time hours is near b4 our next day at work I tend to most of the time defuse the situation because I love this woman although, its a lose lose relationship yet she knows mentally,spiritually and emotionally I truely love her. Ms. Sagittarian doesn’t intimitate me at all,she’s a very intellectual human being but it doesn’t faze me. I find out within myself that if we shall seperate it will kill me emotionally by the fact that I have not been with sduch a woman totally for 25 years like her within my 49 years.

  30. KoRae September 5th, 2010


  31. Sadge2theCore July 20th, 2010

    This is what I’m afraid of from the above paragraph… “Gemini with their laid back attitudes, their charm, dexterity and art of conversation, knowing what to say and when to say it can manipulate Sagittarius into things they would never fathom doing if it weren’t for Gemini’s poke in that direction.”– Damn this is true..

    My Gemini luva drives me nuts. Throwing tantrums and pulling disappearing acts, yet when I’m with him I feel like the luckiest girl in the world- all giddy inside. The lovemaking is awesome, but I don’t know how this will turn out long term. There’s never dull moment. He’s a smart ass, but I cut right back into him when he rubs me the wrong way. Emotions run high when we argue, but when we both cool off we’re back on again like nothing ever happened. I don’t know if I can have a future with such a crazy guy, but I’m gonna enjoy the moment.

    I heard Brad Pitt and Angelina are a Gemini Sadge combo (Brad is the Sadge). We’ll see how long that lasts, but they’re my only hope that this union can work.

  32. amina April 28th, 2010

    So freakin true..I been with my sag for 6 months its a lot of freakin work

  33. Fredda Addo March 24th, 2010

    im lovin it and soo ture

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