Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus and Gemini are a world apart in their basic instincts and though there are relationships that fall their way, they usually do not agree with each other. Taurus is serious and very stable while Gemini is fun loving and slipping from one thing to other. But never the less Gemini is always a great company for Taurus while Taurus offers a rock of strength for Gemini.

Taurus people are quiet, calm, placid, steady creatures with a practical side, who keep to themselves, although sometimes their fierce nature can rear its ugly head. They are the creatures who are more practical and stronger than most people around them. They know how to take care of the ones they love. Hardworking almost to a fault, the Taurus people also know it well, how to achieve a goal despite any number of obstacles or barriers obstructing their way. It is of utmost importance for them to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around them, and can become demanding when they can’t measure their success.

Gemini people are very bright, intelligent and quite interesting. Their clever wit can pull them out of almost any difficulty they face. Refreshingly adaptable, they blend their different personalities well, their ability to cunningly outwit anyone, anywhere giving them the reputation of having razor sharp minds, who can cleverly twist and turn their way out of any earthly threat, leaving everyone in a state of confusion. One can find them either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. They love to wander and their independence is one of their basic necessities. Gemini people are naturally glib and bright conversationalist. They are more comfortable in moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing.

Gemini possesses the ability to change from one viewpoint to another, when it seems necessary for survival. This can give the unappreciative Taurus an uneasy feeling that Gemini is not playing nice. Taurus, in turn, loses trust in Gemini and guards are built. Although Taurus knows and wants to learn from these bright, quick creatures, what Gemini wants to teach, Taurus finds difficult to comprehend. Perhaps this is when Taurus brings to the surface its fierce nature. Push Taurus to the edge, and all that’s left is attack. And no Gemini is going to enjoy getting on the wrong side of the Taurus. Taurus, keep a cool head when first meeting Gemini. It may seem wonderful at the time, but it does not last and the danger here is mistaking a wild infatuation for true love. Gemini is quite charming but far too caught up in a hectic social life to worry about domestic affairs.

Gemini is quite the social butterfly and wants someone who can share their interests and social activities. Gemini does not settle for domestic. When Gemini argues, they are not always completely straightforward. Many deflect away from the issues, go off on tangents, and provoke Taurus to a quarrel. It’s easy to see why Gemini makes such an adept politician. They are able to bring opposite opinions together and hang them on a thread of truth, lace them with charm and logic and create an aura of idealism and peace on all sides. Gemini’s detachment can hurt and annoy Taurus because this is indicative of being either rudely ignored or condescendingly patronized. Gemini is always looking for the short cut. Taurus can be soothing to Gemini’s nervous spirit. Their dense mellowness helps them find their sensuality. Gemini zaps the stubborn mind of the Taurus, and inspires them to a new way of thinking.

Taurus and Gemini have to give in lots of efforts to keep up with the ties they share with each other. Being friends, sibling and colleagues is not usually an issue for them unless it involves common work or money which can create majority of problems. Otherwise, they are good to each other with a soft word, a helping hand and an easy talking relation. Business can create problems when these two are involved as though Gemini are intelligent people, they hardly work hard and safe money while Taurus is just the opposite and it is very annoying for Taurus if they are involved in fulfilling a common goal. Romantic relationships are easily built between these two sun signs but it is hard for them to be stable as they have very different needs and in long term they are usually unable to cope up unless Taurus gives up some stubbornness and Gemini becomes some more stable. Parenthood has different definition for both; Taurus is more a caretaker while Gemini is a friend of their kids.

Gemini and Taurus together can create one of a kind disaster if they do not hold upon each other’s nature at the earliest. Taurus remains stubborn which is not digested by Gemini who always wants to put several points. Money also creates prolonged arguments as Gemini is extravagant and Taurus is money minded. The most common cause of tension between Gemini and Taurus is that Taurus wants to feel, when they ought to be thinking and Gemini’s habit of thinking is engaged when they ought to be feeling. If Gemini wishes to be with a Taurus, they should avoid trying to dazzle them with their brilliance rather they should baffle them with their affection. But for the long haul, the two are always traveling different paths. Taurus seeks stability while Gemini needs to move and fly, be spontaneous. One can usually expect a relationship which ever it may be filled with constant drama and misunderstandings.

  1. flagle February 14th, 2023

    Taurus and Gemini are really suitable to be good friend. They are so matched with each other.

  2. danielle Thomas December 11th, 2020

    I am a Taurus woman, and my husband is a Gemini man, we get along great, and sure we have our differences, but we’ve learned how to agree to disagree, with each other. And we are best of friends, we have been married for 9yrs., but known each other 41yrs. We use to date when I was a teenager. When went our own separate ways, reconnected 20+ yrs., laters, he divorced his wife, and I divorced my husband. And it was like we pick up where we left off from. We love each other so much, we became best of friends. So we tell people the short version of our story, and we we’ve been together for 40+, yrs. I wasn’t ready then, but God knew that I would be ready for him now. I’ve couldn’t asked for a better husband.

  3. Prisca Alex November 13th, 2019

    @Samfox… I’m a Taurus woman been involved with a Gemini Guy the first man i ever loved, ur story is just like my, in my own case have known him for 10 year’s now nd it has been off nd on nd i haven’t seen him for more than a year but just off resent he started calling nd showing commitment that he wants me back but am so scared of accepting him back because i don’t know if he truly loves me or not.

    • Suparna Dutta October 8th, 2020

      It’s the same with me… But I took a leap of faith and got back with him… Really struggling with his flicking behaviour… I would definitely want to convey that he is of no harm to your stability…to be with him put it guards down and live in present u be happy and fulfill and that’s my friend is the key to long term relationship with him…

  4. Diego August 19th, 2019

    I am a Gemini girl dating a Taurus guy, this is so accuate it’s freaky. He is all about stabilitiy, money, he is so calm and is my rock. I am so flirty, flighty, all over the place and love to feel free. I am always trying to pull him to come along for the ride with me.

  5. Samfox May 5th, 2017

    Hi I believe in Astrology an sign Traits what mine says about me is Very on point I’m a Taurus woman. An same goes for my dude The Gemini. So I am in an Official Relationship with him now its great I Love this man so Much as I know he does love me dearly been bout year & half we been officially a couple, but we have known one another for bout 4 1\2 years. As They say its true difficult people hard to read but have fun an love the company both ways but one day stand offish next giddy n playful.. So I was falling for him but he would do things like not sleep in same bed or not call or reply for days then out blue ring me talking about he miss me an wants my company his good friends company. So he seemed like cat n mouse until all of sudden after 2 1\2 years it changes. Then One day out blue he started sleeping in bed next to me wanting me stay ova well I always stayed ova even b4 like my second home even he stated that got me a toothbrush cleaned out a draw for me. An I automatically knew right away things were different.. He opened up more brung me into his world an I’m glad I stuck it out & was patient with him because he is Sweet,Romantic Silly, playful and intellectual, intelligent everything I want In a partner an man maybe one day husband who know s but not rushing anything.. I’m happy an in love an we both deserve this because sure wasn’t easy or went smoothly. We are both very different in plenty was but just hung in there an being Open to trying to understand each other as a whole not just sexual but mentally as a person who we were as people that helped us a lot we even took a break for 7months they say Set em free if they Come back they urs….. Tru n my Case…. So my advice Taurus women n Gemini men work better than Gemini women n Taurus men the man Taurus way diff. Then the woman an I also believe it has to do with what part of the month the Gemini was born like the ones toward the end more on the Aquarius cusp won’t work but more on Taurus cusp will. So like most people On here said don’t listen to the compatibility answer if I would of then wouldn’t b happy n awesome relationship. Note they do state that they can work out but takes work on both parts an most definitely patience for Sure an if you put in the hard work an effort as with any relationship it will be well worth it the Squeezebox…. Hopefully my story n advice Helps a Possibly Great Potential Relationship.

    • Yhtu April 24th, 2019

      Thanks for this

  6. Wayne Rhodes March 25th, 2017

    I don’t know what I am I think a mixture of Gemini and cancer sense I am 06/21/1954 most sites that do this say cancer but in some ways I have Gemini Cartier as well. I am dating a Taurus woman she is only 20 years old her birthday is April 21 1997. We are perfect together, I can’t get enough of her, she wants to touch and feel and look at every part on my body. She loves to kiss for hours at a time and so do I, she is very hot in bed and wants to make love off and on all day and night with me. She loves affection and attention all day and night, she loves to go to the movie house and holding hands sitting on the last row so we can kiss and play with each other.

    Nearly all the time she makes to first move, we are so in love she is so beautiful I am the luckiest man a live.

    • Lee July 3rd, 2017

      I am the same also born 21/06. Its sodifficult to establish exactly what starsign I am. Feel as Im on the cusp Im a bit of both. I think I have more Cancer traits. Also have a Taurus friend. I hope I gave mostly cancer traits.

  7. NatashaRosa November 4th, 2012

    I read this and My last relationship WAS this. This was my life- a constant battle with a Taurus man I am now with a Cancer and just like the reading for this it is exactly what my life has been with how acurate this reading is. The Taurus and I lasted a long 5 year on and off and it was a constant battle one that made my life very hard and we completly destroyed eachother because there just was no way we worked~ We always seemed to go back to eachother on his part he wanted to work it out and on mine I thought why not a chance another go at this adventure cant hurt. Yes it did very much I gave up on dating for a while and then I met my Cancer man and that changed my life completly and Taurus STILL comes back after a few months and I’ve finally said no to it all once and for all. It was right that that relationship was not exactly us IN LOVE ~ we were more infatuated with eachother. I THOUGHT it was love but compaired to what  I have and what I feel with Cancer~ this was nothing in comparison.

  8. bhavya19 September 15th, 2012

    yo, your tarean girl is reli luky. if she sees this, she would be the most happiest girl in the world. you have everything that tarus look for. They want someone who dedicate everything to them and be faithful and love them until they die. and once you earn thier trust they will give so much more, more than you need, they will do anything for you. but i hope you don’t change your mind, or hurt their feelings as it will scar them for life. i hope you guys have the best love life (y).
     p.s. they take so much time to decide or settle when it comes to long term relationship. give it more time. be open to her, she will defenitely say yes.  

    • Prisca Alex November 13th, 2019

      Your so right

  9. trugemini August 6th, 2012

    @taurusB.N.E Im a gemini girl and a true gemini at that. Thats what gemini’s do we play cat and mouse and string you along the way. Geminis typically want freedom and not committment. We are bouncy and all over the place. We are easily bored quickly and if we do decide to pursue a relationship  you better dam well keep our attention or were off to another. Its been 4 yrs u said yall been playing cat and mouse and still nothing has happened. If you are having sex with him the 4yrs only lasted because  he enjoys sex with u. Yes geminis can give you some of the best sex. If you arent having sex with him then your  giving him excellent communication. We loved people we can talk to about things and if we gain your fully trust thats a plus. Unless hes ready to settle with you he will continue to play games. Geminis love to get into the mind out others with manipulation and deceit. We are twins and 2 faced and can play both sides well. Mood swings are crazy also. Unless you have the time and patience and wait around for gemini dont waste your time anymore. He will come around when he wants to play some more games

  10. taurusB.N.E June 15th, 2012

    I am a 23-year-old taurus woman and I have a friend, well I guess you could call him a friend, who is a gemini male. Here is the thing, He is JUST LIKE a gemini! I really think things could work between us, and then he goes and does stupid things like forgetting my birthday! Im sorry but if you are friends with someone, you dont forget there birthday! He is such an amazing person and I wish he would understand that. Well, I am sure he knows. He has a cocky attitude at times. But I just want to know what i should do. should I ask him what it is he wants out of this? We’ve been playing cat and mouse for about 4 years now. Its rediculous! I guess i should just see what happens. I wish i could just get him out of my head and ignore him and just say, Its not going to work girl friend, but i cant. I just cant let go. Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated!

  11. SunnybullJess1220 March 12th, 2012

    Hello my name is Jessie and I’m almost nineteen years old. Me and my Gemini friend Mikael have known each over for a few years now. We always had a close bond andwhen things went bad fo me he always had a way of making them better. He’s a year older than me but we bOth had difficulties when it came to school so were now going to the same school working on graduating. I recently got out a going on three years relationship with a guy I had livEd with but was not actually dating the last seven months. It was my first serious relationship but not something Id want again for a long time. I’m looking for new and different. U see I’m actually craving for the unexpected. And my Gemini buddy told me hes liked me for a long time. And wants to give us a shot. I’ve agreed to dating him and so far it’s been good. His family seems to like me too. He says be wants to take care of me. We’ve only been dating for about a week and want to take it slow. Esspecially when it comes to the sex we have not yet had. I’m not saying i hope it’ll last forever but in all honestly I want to give it a go and see where it takes me. But I need to know that there’s hope for us. So if anyone has any opinions or advice let me kno.

  12. OddGemini March 11th, 2012

    Bro, you must be my long lost twin or something because I am the same way. I admit I am only a teen and that most of what the text says is true, but I am not entirely what the text says a gemini man is like. 
    Just like you, the significant other I am interested in is actually more social than I am, and that I can be domestic, and I actually look forward to the future and am not the type to disappoint my girl. Like any other gemini, I adapt to everything. And I am willing to sacrifice very much in order to be with this significant taurus.
    We have known each other since kindergarden, I admit we haven’t really been close since we are both a part of a military family, meaning we move frequently. But we got reunited, she is still far away, but 8 hours away isnt that far to be honest. We are best friends, close friends, bestiis, like brother and sister. She sees me as the brother she always wanted to have. And that is what hurts the most, I have developed feelings for her, and they seem to grow more and more every day. I fear that my affection for her would destroy this great bond that we have already made and continue to carry on. Like the old saying says, “is the risk worth the benefit.” In the text it says gemini takes his time, and developes a good friendship with his taurus, which is true. I have developed a deep friendship with her. But I have also fallen for her. 
    I’ve already decided that I will wait, that I will savor as much from this friendship as possible, and do my best to stay close with her. And maybe, when we’re a bit older, I’ll take the risk and ask her to be mine. We are like brother and sister, we care and look out for each other. I’m willing to take things into a much more serious note, and I will dedicate myself to her. I will adapt to what she needs, she doesnt have to adapt to me. I believe that I can become what she looks for in a man. 
    Wish me luck, for my journey down this road with her is still young. I will keep her close at heart. And if later on I do ask and everything goes wrong, Andrea, I’m sorry in advance and I wish we can still be friends after. 
    For all you out there who have read this article and has taken the time to read this comment, don’t base your hopes on what this article says, because words cannot decide your destiny. Dedicate yourself to her fellow Geminis, and your Taurus will be yours.

  13. gemini88 February 20th, 2012

    This is totally true! I’m a Gemini girl and this is from my experience and reading a lot about Taurens… I was seeing to a Taurus man for a few months. It turned out to be a disaster. I like intelligent conversations and have fun. And though I didn’t know how he was academically, I started seeing him because I thought we had the same interests. I soon found him to be very unintelligent. Everytime I asked him something his respond would be “I don’t know” to every question even if it was based on opinions not facts. I’ve also found out a lot about him quickly which made it too late for me to get out of although we were only seeing each other.
    He was a very jealous, controlling, manipulative and, insecure person ever. He would threaten me that he will spread rumors and tarnish my name and image if I ever broke his heart and will do the worst possible things to me. After being threaten multiple times and told I was fat (I’m 5’2 and weigh 105 lbs and he was 5’6 and overweight). I’m the type to always feel confident in myself but I started feeling unconfident of myself because he would poke, grab, pinch at my imperfections daily. This was his way of manipulating me to stay with him. I got tired of being manipulated, controlled and, self-conscious that I stopped seeing him. I tried to get out of this situation in the least way possible of him doing those things to me. It ended really bad. It was the best thing I ever did. And that’s one of my biggest accomplishment I have done so far because he was such a scary person and no other feeling of being relieved from such a psychotic person could make me feel better.
    I thought it would be different but the horoscope proves it to be true for me. Although I made a poor decision to start seeing that person, I have learned my lesson and am more aware of Taurens. My Gemini ways will never be compatible with a Tauren man because everything I do is different from them. I cherish my mind while they cherish their feelings and most of the time for me, they never really go well together.

  14. LizSmith January 25th, 2012

    I am a Gemini girl dating a Taurus guy, this is so accuate it’s freaky. He is all about stabilitiy, money, he is so calm and is my rock. I am so flirty, flighty, all over the place and love to feel free. I am always trying to pull him to come along for the ride with me. This match does work really well I think but at the same time its a constant struggle since we are so different. We have been dating for 4 years and I have almost strayed a few times since he is intent of having a long distance relationship, it is impossible for me to focus on one person, since I am so social and want constant fun and entertainment. He keeps me grounded and makes me look twice before I go ahead which I wouldnt usually do, and I make him open his mind and get him to see that it isn’t so black and white and that there are always mulitple views. For me this is a good match. (despite our own personal problems) I can see this working well for lots of couples, who are mature, patient and are willing to try alittle. 

  15. sydramicheal January 5th, 2012

    I Am A Taurus WOMAN dealin with a gemini man is very difficult but could be sweet they are the moodiest set of people on God,s Green earth…oh but they can be so sweet you just love being around them u will have the urge to be around them DRED gemini men love to party they love to go out they are the type of men you have to be patient, and good thing come to those that wait…….they can be good for a boyfriend or a husband you jus cant be discourage you have to have a steady mind to deal with a gemini man i  love  my gemini man every moment i am around him i make the best out of it that would be a moment you want forever…………and gemini men they dont just start a relationship of as girlfriend you will be friends with them for a long time before yall would start dating you would be goin out with them like a girlfriend havin sex with them on the regular doin the girlfriend duties.gemini men has a high sex drive and the more u tell them u dont wanna have sex with them in no time u realize u havin sex…….but like i say my fellow taurus woman try whole out it may be worth the while……. 

    • Prisca Alex November 13th, 2019

      Thanks for that

  16. Shaela January 21st, 2011

    i’m a gemini and I see how much I really do act like a gemini. But it’s of course not all true that we are manipulating ( I can be) or cruel. This seems like a pretty good match

  17. Martha January 8th, 2011

    I was married to a Gemini for 27 years. It’s true what the compatibility report reveals. They are manipulating and can be cruel. It took me so long to admit I married the wrong person. One positive we have a beautiful daughter.

  18. ashley January 5th, 2011

    I’m dating a gemini he a good person til get to tell lies he say he care bout n love me because I love him to but got a lot of women calling his phone he one girl call him but he dnt want her her name is Carla daley tell me that every night wen I ask him bout he tell he with me everyday n night he care bout me n only me

  19. justkidding October 8th, 2010

    this is a good match

  20. GeminiinimeG March 16th, 2010

    i am currently courting, i guess you can say, a taurus woman who i think is so far beyond great, it baffles me. i feel these readings are inaccurate as opposed to myself – because i am a gemini who doesnt mind one bit to stay at home..in fact i stay at home an occupy myself with much more activity than i do in the social scene..my taurus interest is probably more social than i am in fact. this says gemini will not settle for domestic, when that is not the case one bit for me. it also says that gemini doesnt look towards the future in love and cant be with one woman forever, which is a garbage perspective, because i want nothing more than to find the right woman and be with her forever. our relationship as it is now, is still blooming, we are getting to know each other at a slow pace and are becoming great friends, and i really cherish the way everything is playing out. i had a relationship many many years ago with a woman that went very much the same way..and i always wished i could find that again, since many of my relationships have started so fast and crashed and burned before they ever had a chance to blossom into something better. i really missed how it felt to really get to know someone before we became lovers. it is uncanny how my taurus interest and i came to be..it almost seems meant to be. and after a long and experienced life of hardships in relationships, i find this to be the most refreshing thing to ever happen to me in my life.

    i would not tell anyone who is gemini and taurus to not give it a shot. sometimes these things that are made to seem so far fetched are closer withing reach that we imagine. no one person or horoscope can ultimately say that certain people just arent compatible..

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