Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces make a quiet, creative and complementing combination. Whatever bond they share Taurus always admires the compassionate nature of Pisces and Pisces always believes in the dependability of Taurus. They are not very easy to get together as their basic characters are different but they both have the qualities that the other one appreciates and so they simply stay together happy.

Taurus people are hardworking and passive with feet firmly planted on the ground. Their realistic expectations keep them calm and serene with a nice even flow of things. They let a lot go by and avoid argument but when they get angry, they stir up a storm. This is not so easily tamed either. Their creative minds make them good founders of enterprise. Taurus has this tremendous willpower and self-discipline keeping them true to the old traditional methods and self reward from personal efforts rather than relying on others to reach their goals. They are extremely affectionate and sensually self-conscious yet sexually straightforward. No demands, no experiments. Taurus makes for a faithful and loyal home loving person who is thoughtful and never too demanding on anyone in any relationship.

Pisceans represent the division of the spiritual and human qualities. They are tempted to just go with the flow rather than fight the odds to a better solution. Being artistically gifted they tend to put their minds in a dreamy world where they find a mental satisfaction above and beyond anything real. Pisceans can gain a quick understanding of what is presented to them as well as being able to easily observe and listen well without recourse. They are receptive to new and intuitive ideas as well. Pisces are indecisive and they portray a meekness and submission to others. When both are Pisces, the equation is doubled. They have an increased growth of positive qualities in that they are gentle, creative and imaginative.

With Taurus’ ability to begin, build and organize the foundation for financial goodness, Pisces can step in and show Taurus more creative ways to make money while also teaching them the wonders of sharing it with others. Pisces believes that the more you give, the more you make, the Universal Law. Taurus returns the favor and show Pisces the proper methods for minimal security. It is ok to save a portion of what one wants to give. There are days when it comes in handy. Taurus and Pisces are compelling together having many opportunities for happiness and harmony as long as they can work through the occasional quarrels. Until the relationship is better established, the Taurus thinks of Pisces as foolish and fickle with their minds flying along in a daydream world. Pisces also sees Taurus as dangerous, abrasive, and stubborn headed, stomping around and extremely opinionated.

During the process of making the relationship strong, Taurus tries educating Pisces on the art of saving money to which Pisces finds this difficult to do. Pisces sees money as filthy and therefore easily and favorably spendable. Why let it gather dust under a mattress or just sit in a bank account somewhere when one could be spending it as easily as one makes it? However, Pisces should pay attention to their Taurus. They help them in gaining experience in a practical tangible way. Pisceans tend to sashay around a situation, creating various conclusions to make it interesting or slide out the exit if controversy surfaces. Whereas Taurus, being concerned with the need for facing reality, stands there and endures anything they have to face with open courage and remain there until point is proven. One would not believe that they are compatible, but when Taurus and Pisces come together they understand one another’s weaknesses and helps each other to overcome them.

Taurus and Pisces are very much alike in sharing relations as they both value family, togetherness and love of near ones. As friends, sibling, colleagues and relatives they share a very smooth and sophisticated relationship providing them with many moments of enjoy and love and be with each other. Business ventures can actually work well especially if it is in a creative field and finances are handled by Taurus. Both give equal devotion to the work and strive for the best. Romantic relationship can be blossomy especially when Taurus man and Pisces woman is involved as they provide each other exactly what the other person expects from this relationship. As parents they both are wonderful caretakers, loving and cooperative with their children. They both also hold special place for their childhood memories and give due respect and love to their parents throughout their lives.

Taurus and Pisces have their share of difference which cause tiffs from time to time in the relationship they share due to their different ways of dealing with life. Pisces are considered old souls and whether they have their head in the clouds or are fighting the odds, they believe in harmony and beauty. Where as Taurus are very straight forwards people who live in reality and practically fights for every thing they consider right. Pisces can be very indecisive and unstable which causes uneasiness in Taurus. Also both of them hold different attitude towards finances and this creates a problem when they share the same income source. But it is also noticeable that they both need each other and play the role of provider well in each other’s case. It sounds as though such a unity can never happen, but the interaction of the two brings forth a wonderful and exciting connection.

  1. slope game October 3rd, 2022

    Of all the Zodiac signs, Pisces is the most caring and also the most fragile. Pisces is easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Pisces feels them as deeply as if they were in someone else’s shoes. Remember, just as water quenches thirst, Pisces is the healer in the Zodiac. So the main reason Pisces keeps quiet and ignores you is that Pisces needs a private space to gather their own thoughts and feelings. The mind of Pisces is like the waves of the sea, slapping the shore continuously, over and over again.

  2. marysollalado August 10th, 2022

    I’m a Pisces (3/2) and I’ve been with my Taurus partner (4/28) for about 10 years and it’s been an adventure! When we met I was all over the place with a below average credit score and some debt. He was very shy , reserved , and well grounded, He had his life in order! He taught me how to budget, pay off debt, helped me secure a great job and I taught him to let loose. Introduced him to the arts and how to dance! When I have my head In the clouds too long he helps bring me back and I get him out of his routine. Arguments can be hard as I like to find a resolution to situations and he just wants to walk away and come back more level headed. ( I am level headed ! 😉 ) and we are both so indecisive ! mapquest directions

  3. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Pisces are very emotional compared to Taurus.
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    I hope it helps.

  4. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Pisces are so emotional and have so much feeling for their partner.
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  5. Jenī (Taurus Female) February 20th, 2019

    On the same note of how different all the Pisces men I’ve met were: my husband acts more like a Taurus stereotype than I do. He’s a leap year baby, and I was born May 11th.

    He’s equally stubborn, and possibly a tad more patient, has fortitude and diligent than I. He’s inherently shy, but very warm, charming, and after knowing him a bit, SO cheeky. I could go on and on.

    Has any else met Pisces with more described Taurus-like characteristics?

  6. Jenī (Taurus Female) February 20th, 2019

    I have always seemed to somehow end up romantically involved one way or another with Pisces men. I have never internationally sought out the type.

    I will say that with all, I immediately felt comfortable and connected with (perhaps the denominator was a love for beauty and life?). Additionally, all were bright, vivacious, outwardly affectionate, and all but one were very determined to keep me (unbeknownst to me). Otherwise, each Pisces fellow I’ve we ever met are all SO different.

    The 1st was an economics major at the time, who later became successful with a finance career. 2nd, was a terribly angsty, aspiring writer. Then, a traveling salesman (HA!). After, a crewmember for Sea Shepard (again, “HA!” — how too perfect). Finally, an aviation mechanic (whom is now my wonderful husband).

    It scaled from the more grounded, economist — to the writer, whom embodies the Pisces stereotype of “having his head in the clouds.” However, besides that — nothing to what’s been testified here. I’m grateful for that and sorry to hear so many unfortunate experiences.

  7. Heat September 30th, 2018

    Oh please all this crap about all Pisces are bad. You’re just using the fact he’s a pisces to say he was bad. And generalising everyone else under the same sign at the same time. I doubt it was just him having bad qualities that made bother of you had that type of relationship.
    And let me say in general let me just write here that if someone had some things that were unappealing about them don’t expect them to change for You. People will always be different and others won’t always like it. But when it comes to change a person can only change for their own sake
    Because they feel there is a need to do so.

    If someone changes for someone else’s sake
    Which is very rare. It only shows selflessness for the sake of love. Not for the sake of an opinionated lover.

  8. Yogita March 16th, 2018

    i m in love with pieces man but he is my mentor so i cant tell him that i love him so much..and i think he is in love with me too..but how can i tell me ,,,m dying to tell him

  9. Karma March 7th, 2018

    I am a Pisces man and by your story it sounds like you have only ever dated 1 Pisces and are putting all Pisces men into 1 category. Everyone is not the same. You Need to show your Pisces companion unconditional love otherwise they will find it elsewhere with someone who loves them as much as they love. Btw I would Never date a Taurus either. So stubborn and stuck in their ways. Cancer FTW!! And you’re right we will up and leave if you’re coming across as a b in a conversation instead of a heartfelt explanation of what is bothering you. Taurus’s always think they know what’s best for other people from THEIR viewpoint that’s the worst part. Perceiving things in 1 way instead of looking at the millions of possibilities. Pisces are healers and only want the best for everyone and if they see that things can be better with someone else yes, yes they will leave for the better. For you and for them.

  10. Taurus woman September 20th, 2017

    I’m a Taurus woman still in love with my pisces man even though he’s toxic he is my first love and I will always love him I just feel like being with him is too much of pain and happiness. So I had to let him go and move on with my life. I hope all the best for him wish I could have his kids get married but I think I’m just too much for him he needs someone who’s just as sensitive and a bit more submissive and less agressive..

  11. zeeadarling July 8th, 2014

    @zeeadarling Besides I have only dated one. So there was probably just something wrong. But everything is mapped in the stars.

  12. zeeadarling July 8th, 2014

    It is not me just saying things like that. It is pretty common. If it is working for you, then keep doing what you are doing. Don’t take it to heart what others are saying if you feel like you are in the right place. Just realize they are warnings. Not every Taurus and pisces are the same. But the main structure of a Taurus from what I know is stability and the main structure of a Pisces is…well…no structure… Get what I’m saying?

  13. aline5 July 8th, 2014

    @zeeadarling hey so ur saying its not a good thing to be with a pisces but we have so much in common and it broke my heart to hear that 

    • Roth July 10th, 2017

      I’m a Taurus… My BF is a Cancer… Same as my sister with whom I’m close with. While he shares many similarities with my sister such as being very money minded, he’s nothing like the example stated in this horoscope. He is very selfish, and narcissistic (why he’s on the chopping block) and definitely not helpful.

  14. koenjacey March 14th, 2014

    sooo interesting….ive recently started dating a Pisces man, and we both felt a very electric attraction to one another before we even began speaking..i never thought i would read about it!

  15. iSkyran April 21st, 2013

    I can agree with this. I am currently with a Pisces man, and he is the sweetest individual I have ever met. We’ve been through some rough spots, but he was with me through thick and thin. We’ve been together for a year and now we’re getting married 🙂

  16. nique82 March 8th, 2013

    @zeeadarling I can completely relate to what you just said.  Reading experiences from other Taurus women just further confirms that I’m not crazy and at least I’m not the only one who has become fed up with a Pisces man and refuses to give him another second of my time/energy. I met my Pisces man back in 2008.  We lived in the same apartment complex and for the first year in a half everything was perfect.  We never argued, he was attentive and affectionate.  He had no problem telling me he loved me, was a great cook, mr. fix it.  We even started writing a novel together and I helped him get his non profit organization started (which he isn’t doing anything with anymore) Big dreamer but sticks with nothing.  I just knew this was the man that I was going to marry.  Then out of the clear blue sky all of his personality flaws began to appear at once.  He became an introvert, would go all day long without so much as holding a real conversation.  Thought texting good morning and goon night would safice.  I got to the point where I broke up with him and told him to call me when he learns how to be a real boyfriend.  He begged me to be patient with him and I decided to give him another chance.  Fast foward to 2013….inbetween this time we broke up several times and went weeks on end without speaking to each other. Mind you each time we got back together it was him contacting me b/c I’m just that stubborn where I would cry my eyes out being sad that we weren’t together but he would never know it b/c it would be a cold day in hell before I contacted him first.  Of course when he contacted me and wanted to get back together I just melted like butter and he suckered me in each time but I finally got fed up with the instability.  Then he strung me along for years saying he wanted to marry me but I have yet to see a ring.  People have dated as long as we have usually are married with a house, baby and a dog by now and he is still whining about I know his financial situation and I need to be patient.  It’s funny b/c in the inbetween time I met a Leo that treated me like a queen, I basically ignored him b/c I wasn’t over the dumb picsces and somehow he got me a ring, proposed and treats me like a queen.  And he never falls short of letting me know just how special I am to him. I’ve also known this man for years and the way he was when we first met is the way he is today.  He never changed his stripes. I am still very perplexed by this.  To all Taurus women who are just getting into a relationship with a pisces, take this warning and leave now.  Don’t waste years of your life on a man that will string you along and feed you lines only to get up and leave and then want to keep coming back when he feels like it.  They are a complete and utter waste of time and I’m sure you can find more productive things to do with your time.  

  17. Sheridan64 October 8th, 2012

    My Pisces girl has Venus in Aries. She is the sweetest thing and you feel very loved. However….the shelf life of any relationship with her is about 6-8 weeks (the Venus in Aries).

    She burned me back in April, ran off with the twon junkie, who, while exciting and colorful, is useless, abused her, etc as one would expect.

    So, she comes running back to me. This time sending out signals that we could be together till at least spring.

    She is younger and will go out into the world, this much I accept. We made love for the first time and I rocked her world, both strong, but gentle….something her bad boy habit hasn’t given her.

    Then, right on schedule, the fish up and disappears again. From daily contact and plans to nothing. And leading up to that started to hang about with junkie boy again…she was going to “Heal” him.

    So, putting any faith in Piscean emotional roller coaster will never be in my cards ever again.

  18. zeeadarling January 21st, 2012

    I know how you feel! Been there done that exactly. Kinda proves that astrology is true! I believe us Taurean girls are independant and strong willed and shouldn’t stand for feeling like we are put on the back burner. & I even know what you mean by “low profile” relationship. That’s a load of bs. I don’t get how Pisces will ever keep a partner with the attitude they have or how someone could stay with them and be loyal and happy! I tried twice with the same pisces guy over the course of a year and almost 3 months. I broke up with him once. I gave him another chance thinking things would change, but they didn’t.  He kept not talking to me but once a week and I felt ignored when I tried to msg him and he wouldn’t reply til later in the week or not at all and just look over the previous things i said and asked him like they weren’t there. No taurus should waste their time on a pisces. I don’t know how it even says they are a good match.  I think they could be a match though if the pisces would grow up a little and learn to 1. Not be so sensitive 2. Learn that we don’t argue for the sake of arguing but because we are trying to make them realize our feelings and understand and hopefully change things for the better and learn how to talk it out instead of shutting down 3. Commit and get over the fear of having your independance taken away or whatever…
    But things i have heard is that the pisces will never commit and will suddenly up and leave and that’s definitely not something Taurus can handle.  I realize now how important it is to have stability in my life.

  19. canaan January 17th, 2012

    so i have been dating a girl for awhile and she is a pisces and yes im ataurus and i have too say out off all the girls i have dated i dont think i have felt a better conection too someone then i have with her pyhsically mentaly emotionaly it just all seems too fit together perfectly  and i truly dont think i have ever been happier too see someones name pop up on my phone or want to see someone this bad but we both hae addmitted we are falling for eachother so yay

  20. melondee1 January 15th, 2012

    @Dasha I am a pisces. My boyfriend is a taurus. I talk about my boyfriend all the time. Yes he can be abrasive sometimes but he loves me with that same passion. DASHA Truthfully speaking, if a pisces is not telling anyone about you and doesn’t say i love you its because he doesn’t. Pisces ae dreamy people we all want that fairytale life. If he truly loved you he would shouted to the world. The issue is we don’t like to hurt peoples feelings. We won’t break-up with you unless you make us so mad that we become spriteful. Or unless we have somebody else. I would say express these feelings to your pisces. If he truly loves you he will change, if he doesn’t then you are a realist. 

  21. Ida-Dasilva December 31st, 2011


  22. Dasha October 28th, 2011

    I’m currently in love with a Pisces boy, and I have to agree that Pisces really are pretty laid back and indecisive (As to what I observe from him). I’m a Taurus and yes I can be passive at times, a realist when it comes to my opinions and I’m proud of my liberty. The thing is that, he’s the total opposite of me and I can’t help but doubt what he truly feels for me. It’s hard enough that he doesn’t tell me anything as I truly need his verbal assurance. I know I shouldn’t think this way about his feelings for me, but he’s too popular with other girls that I can’t help but feel insecure. Don’t all girls ought to be praised and pledged? Not only that, he keeps our relationship low-profile. He doesn’t seem to like boasting it to his male friends and to the girls that flirt with him. It’s so frustrating that I cried (I’m quite ashamed I did) and cried until my eyes were worn out and I deprived myself from sleep. He never says he loves me and doesn’t like telling off people that we’re together and yet he doesn’t break up with me. I try to stay positive, but I thought if I’m just wasting my time I might as well just stop it at once. I’ve got more important things to be busy with anyway. Even though it’s hard because I loved him for four years and all of a sudden the only man I ever treasured will completely disappear, I am a realist and I put more thought in my income and in my career and of how I can make a change to the society. I, perhaps, will never know what he intends to do or what his real thoughts are about us. I love him but I guess my deep affection will never be enough.

  23. Piccadally July 4th, 2011

    My best friend is a Pisces guy and its true, he’s really just incredibly nice and sweet.

  24. calvados (Taurus) March 8th, 2011

    I’m currently in love with a Pisces Girl.

    I felt in love with her at first sight, and she felt too @ 2nd sight haha.

    We’re so much into each other. And I believe that we’re a great couple.

    I’ve dated a lot of girls but I’ve never had such a “deep feeling” like I have with this Pisces.

    WOW, Taurus-Pisces is highly recommended every1 =)

  25. Ada (Pisces) January 29th, 2011

    I have a good friend who’s a Taurus. We’ve been childhood friends for three years, he’s friendly, cool, attentive, sociable, popular and mega-nice.

  26. Sophie (Pisces) January 29th, 2011

    Previous comment: Mistake. He’s a lot different from “other” guys

  27. Sophie (Pisces) January 29th, 2011

    I have a small crush on a Taurus at my school. He’s really nice and cute and I really like him that way. We’ve been calling each other for a short while, just as friends. He’s really a lot different from her guys.

  28. Emma(Pisces) July 28th, 2010

    Up until 1 week past Saturday, I was in a relationship with a Taurus, being together for around 5 months.
    Telling each other how much we loved one another, talking on the phone & texting daily. We travelled to see each other as often as we could(work commitments, etc). Us living 80 miles apart, it made it hard for us to see 1 another as often as we’d liked.. Each time we had met up and stayed together for a couple of nights, well, saying ‘goodbye’ got harder and more upsetting for him and I. From the time of us being together till the next time, talking on phone was getting to me, just wishing he was with me. Two weeks ago, he came to see me, stayed with me for a night. Straight away, everything was beautiful again. He suggested we see each other more often, as we were finding it hard on the phone & me getting upset. We planned the next visit 🙂 He called me when he arrived home, telling me how hard it felt for him to leave me at the train station to go home, etc. For the following 3 days/nights we had our usual chat on the phone, it was really hard. He was being strong, telling me it won’t be long till we’re together again and I was trying my best to be strong, but it wasn’t working. Two nights later he said he loves me with all his heart & always will, but, can’t go on like this!” “He wants to be on his own!” He’s gave me about 6 texts since, telling me “it was a pleasure to meet you x ciao x” and “if you wish to hate me bash along x” and on Saturday “I hope you have a lovely weekend x”

  29. Jane July 15th, 2010

    So true, Pisces men are some of the sweetest individuals I’ve ever come in contact with. They are very laid back and I always feel very comfortable around them.

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