Pisces Qualities and Characteristics

Ruling PlanetNeptune (In India: Jupiter)
Body PartFeet, toes, lymphatic system
Terrestrial Locomotion Polyped
ColorsSea green, mauve, violet
Luminary RulershipSun
Symbolthe Fish
Symbol DescriptionTwo fish swimming in opposite directions
Positive KeywordsIntuitive, Creative, Compassionate, Artistic, Imaginative, Sensitive, Empathetic, Spiritual, Romantic, Adaptable, Selfless
Negative KeywordsEscapist, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Over-sensitive, Naive, emotionally Vulnerable, Easily influenced, Lazy, Addictive, Melancholic, Self-destructive, Unrealistic, Dominating
Related Careers (unverified)Musician, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Artist, Poet, Photographer, Fisherman, Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Veterinarian, Social Worker, Nurse, Spiritual Healer, Counselor

If Pisces is your Sun sign

Pisceans have a tendency to get pulled in two opposite directions. This inhibits their decision taking capability. They are quite open-minded towards their work and personal life, and demonstrate an immaculate insight and vision in material, technical and spiritual aspects.

You have a particular artistic sophistication, which means that you have creativity with a polished edge. Your special characteristic is your love for beautiful things in life, and also a particular day-dreaming and inconsistent trait. You are too soft hearted and willingly help anyone in distress; this might also lead to problems to you because of your inability to say ‘no’. Even with the introspective and intuitive edge, you are moody and restless at times.

Some depressions and dissatisfactions might lead you to pity yourself and escape from the distresses in life through drug addiction or drinking. You have a great inner strength, you only need to exhume it. You share your resources with others, even money, and think that others should do the same. The boundaries of possession are sometimes invisible or altogether meaningless to Pisceans, thus turning some into forgers and embezzlers.

Qualities that make you lucky are caring, progressive, benevolent, and imaginative. Qualities that hinder your success are undecided, casual, not practical, and easygoing.

Pisces Personality

Pisceans are characterised by their emotional depth. They have such a vast reservoir of positive creative energy that they don’t even come close to realizing their true potential. They are too modest to admit their talent, and often underestimate themselves. No one has the ability to express true human emotions such as happiness, love, anger and forgiveness in his art as much as the Piscean. So he/she no doubt has talent, but there is a tremendous need for encouragement. Pisceans give their friends unconditional support when needed. They believe in the notion that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But this works both ways. They also need to be understood and helped when in need.

Pisceans are also susceptible to developing habits and then acting as if they will show themselves out. Eventually, it becomes so late that things go out of control, and the habits take a heavy toll on their personal and professional lives. Again, it is almost impossible for the Piscean to get out of such a quicksand and restore normalcy in life without the support and affection of close and loved ones. Friends and family might find this a little difficult than they might think because Pisceans tend to be a little deceptive, thinking that it is for everyone’s good. So the picture I paint is not a very rosy one – it would seem that it’s hard for the Piscean to even live normally without help. But it’s not like that. Pisceans have so much stuffed up inside them that it is hard for them to stay balanced. That’s the only reason why they need help.

In love, Pisceans fall very easily and quickly, but tend to make mistakes. And sometimes, the result is the worst. Thus, they can be summed up in one word – passionate – in life, in work, in love and everything else. Their kind and gentle side sprouts from this very passion.

Pisces in Friendship

If you are a piscean, you will be a friend cherished and loved by all your friends. Not only are you ready to put a great deal of energy and time into the friendship, but you are also ready to listen and give a shoulder to cry on to your friends. You are always willing to make sacrifices for the sake of your friends. You make their problems your problems. So the good friends will appreciate all you do, and reciprocate in full measure, but there will always be the other ones looking out and trying to take advantage. And unfortunately, you are one of the gullible kind – you find it really hard to make out the honest kind of friends from the opportunists.

Now there is this creative and artistic side of yours we talked about. This means that you like being encouraged by your friends. This works the other way around too – you find it easier to make friends with those who can take interest and sympathise with your interests, emotions and impulses. All and all, you naturally are inclined to get closer to someone who is one the same ground as you. In the whole broader picture, you are helping yourself gain in confidence and achieve whatever it is you want in life. There is the negative side to this too – you need friends who have interests similar to yours. So they might sometimes tend to feign interest in things that they couldn’t care less about – this might lead to awkward or heartbreaking moments.

Pisces, however need to make a conscious effort to get their personal life straight. You tend to be late on appointments, and then appear flustered and embarrased when you arrive. You are of course an excellent friend, one to be treasured, but your mistakes may get a little too irritating for your friends for them to be able to forgive you. A little discipline here would not go amiss. You are a great friend, but you also need to make it easy for your friends to go along with you.

Pisces in Love

In this matter, Pisces are ruled by instinct and emotion. Pisces are not one to sit in a judge’s chair and think about the partner-to-be objectively – you are too romantic for that. What you do is rush straight into it, and think later. Ill advised, but when it comes to love, there is no bound to your emotions, you just cannot control yourself. This impulsive nature is greatly loved by all those you couple with, at least as long as the two of you are together. And this is how it works – when you are young, you have all  the impulse and verve in the whole world and ‘leap before you look’ would seem to be the motto of your love life; but as life goes on, with all the cuts and bruises you have suffered in the name of love, you will learn to be cautious.

This issue eclipses all others in relationship matters for you. And the answer to this problem is simple – try to think practically. I know it’s hard for you, so whenever you feel a strong impulse, just count to ten – relax! When the situation tends to get a little too hot to handle and it feels like all that talk about self restrain is just not working for you, try to let go of it – take a time out. This is not the same as running away from your demons. Time has a way of clearing the mist and removing the cobwebs. When you are not in the proximity of your ‘lover’, you will be free from blinding emotions, and be able to think clearly about your coherence with him/her, and if it has a future.

Now, if you end up with the wrong person, it will be difficult for you to realize that in  time and make amends. But  why should you end up with the wrong guy/gal? An important factor here is your too-good nature. You are willing to go to any level, and make any sacrifice in order to make the relationship work. This attitude might attract many a people who are not really worthy of .. you! So there are quite a lot many things you need to learn, I’m afraid, the hard way. Good luck!

Pisces in Marriage

When it comes to marriage, I am assuming that the you, the Piscean, have found the right one for you after a certain number of trials and errors. Congratulations! Now you need to learn the ABC’s of married life. And the A is – Always maintain your identity in spite of the marriage. If it’s important for one to maintain his/her identity in a relationship, it’s even more so when it comes to marriage. There are those who say that after the marriage, there is no place for ‘I’ – the two I’s turn into a ‘WE’. But they are not you; you are you and you know that it is very easy for you to mould into your partner’s personality and become his/her mouthpiece. You can forget your own likes and dislikes to please your partner; and as much as you may seem to be doing all this out of your own free will, it is not good for your mental well-being. Suppressing your ambitions and pleasures is not good after a certain level.

On a lighter note, you are very easy to live with, even with your sometimes unorganizedand untidy way of life. Your partner may accuse you of being too casual about things that ought to be taken seriously, and not be totally wrong. But that’s you – you are not deliberately negligent, you just think there are more important things to do.

When it comes to parenthood, you are not negligent of your duties at all – you make sure you give your kids every opportunity to learn and perform. But you have a way of spoiling your kids – not by giving them to much material stuff and spending too much on them, but by giving them too much love. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that in your eyes, they can do no wrong. So when they actually do something wrong, like spoiling their grades, may be, then it comes as a rude shock to you. So with time, you need to learn how to teach your child a little self-discipline and the virtues of hardwork and honesty.

Pisces Career and Money Profile

Pisceans have a very characteristic set of needs and motivating factors, which seems quite different from those of other sun-signs. So, they need to take special care in choosing their field of work so that they can work towards the fulfillment of these needs, and making the most out of their professional lives. Pisceans have a strong sense of vocation, then need to put their heart and soul into their work. And when they work with this sort of dedication, they can be terribly let down by any sort of obstruction. They can work with very little pay, as long as they are allowed to derive the most from their job.

Another very important aspect of the Piscean way of life is believing in something, and making sacrifices for it. I have said that the Piscean can give up his/her career in order to look after the children, but now I say that the Piscean is also capable of sacrificing his/her hopes of getting married and raising a family for an important social cause, or a career in some form of art that he/she might be dedicated to. All the Piscean kindness and warmth is seen in their work.

This of course is a very noble and ideal way of life, but some Pisceans sometimes get caught up in the rat-race of life. They start doing what everyone else does, running after money and power and pelf like everyone else. But as and when they do it, they will surely realize that this way of life is not for their benefit. The hustle and bustle, and the noisy, tense atmosphere of a typical workplace is not the ideal hunting ground for them. They need to be left on their own, with no demands or deadlines to be met, and they will come up with the best, not with an aim of impressing anyone or accumulating anything, but just for the common good. So works the Piscean mind, and this ought to be understood most of all by the bosses, who tend to force things on everyone.

A special note on the great creative potential of the Piscean – most often it is wasted, unless backed by a very strong impulse. But even when there is the impulse, the talent needs to be nurtured and encouraged, lest it be lost in due course.

  1. Ethan December 21st, 2019

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  2. Happy October 11th, 2019

    Everything said about the Pisces is true to my life. What are some of the creative abilities in my life I can build upon.

  3. Nontsikelelo March 23rd, 2018

    Gosh Oracle I can’t say no and when it comes in making decisions it’s always the hardest thing. Woooow! you’ve told everything that I am. I love this zodiac after all.

    Thank you

    • Jonathan V July 7th, 2019

      Then you’re not an adult. You’re a child!

  4. Jonathan V October 1st, 2017

    I am a Pisces with intellectual initiatives; I work very well in cultural settings. I am lucid and practical able to hold a conversation with or without imposing my opinion. The element Water is not only emotion. It also gives us qualities for art, writing and as a speaker, I tend to focus on moderating my impartiality as well as the excess of reasoning and analysis I have developed in my youth, in order to develop my potential. Too much detail and it loses its ability to see everything as a whole. My learning will lessen my tendency to perfection.
    I have my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars Ascendant in Pisces house XII. I am more than emotional. I am an ambitious and independent practitioner. I like to train and do outdoor sports. Everything they describe above is just hoax! Liar Astrologers like you all born on February 20 to March 20, have deceived themselves by describing them as ULTRASENSIBLE, DREAMING, UNSUBSIZED, DELICATE, AMBITIOUS by programming them and turning them into “Pussy Boys”!

  5. Lovely January 4th, 2017

    I feel yall

  6. Lovely January 4th, 2017

    Same here I feel u guys it’s so easy to fall for someone who doesn’t have the same emotions u do towards them but they make it seem like they do so I feel u.????

  7. Dev December 27th, 2016

    Born 3-8-88; Im a Pisces male my emotions are sensitive but I dont feel the need to cry, If im pissed off or made to feel sad someone is going to be mentally or physically hurt. Also I love being alone without people all I need is some kind of pet and Im cool. I live in Philadelphia Westside, its not sweet at all out here. I have a highly respected reputation out here, without too many details, I’m a light skinned black guy with a hell of a dark side no joke! I love to fight in the ring, Shoot guns at the range, and breaking balls with my friends I can take some cruel jokes that some people will be ready to kill each other for. And when it comes to money its a marriage some Pisces don’t learn to do that til their early 30’s. I dream big and aim high. I don’t accept petty or handouts. And when it comes down to a relationship I put the aggression to the side and turn on the passion, romance and poetry. A woman is the only thing that can hurt me, that when sensitivity kicks back in, no argument, no physical contact, no talking from me your out of my life for good if its a friend or mate, a few years for family.

  8. jerome123 May 21st, 2014

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    seriously, this is an utmost bullshit, insulting article I ever read.
    I am a Piscean, I have a steady job, family.., I have a house, a car, many hobbies i passionate about so I need lot of space to do my things, I do love my friends but at the same time I am so happy to be on my own, almost excited, to get on with thing I love doing. And in the last 50 years of my life, i married, have children, divoiced, brougth up my children alone, and happily remarried again.
    Looking back at those years when I faced problems, first thing in my mind always was how to sort it out myself!
    Thank you!

    • Sietrix March 21st, 2018

      Are you sure your not on the aries/pisces cusp? or the aqaurius/pisces cusp? Because maybe your more of one of those two signs than you think. I am 2 days into pisces so I am in when it is at its most powerful time. I am deep as it says and I am very spiritual so I do not think your a full-blooded Pisces but maybe a half-breed?…:/ I don’t know, just saying.

  11. Marieisapisces March 15th, 2014

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  12. Svitanovic February 12th, 2014

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    but over the years i’ve become more….independent i guess you could say and different form the “norm” of a pisces or the norm the web/astrology makes them out to be such as how i am when i’m in love [which i am] i let him be as he is and i give him plenty of space [i’m in love with an aquarious] and i’m not clingy at all or whiny like most pisces girls ha but i am like all pisces very understanding of people and their feelings and always looking for affection from important people in my life though i don’t have as many as i once did

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