Libra and Pisces Compatibility

This is one of the combinations of signs that require a fair share of adjustment, simply because their natures are quite different. However, both of them are gentle, caring folk and these qualities certainly give all their relations a boost. They are generally willing to adjust and accommodate, and make the best possible of everything.

Libra are warm, calming and serene in nature with a smile that melts most people. Librans are no less than a charmer who can get miracles done just with their divine smile. When upbeat, they are stimulated, energetic and good conversationalists. They have the basic instinct of tactfulness and clarity of thoughts, perfectly blended with their fascination and tenderness. Librans love to spread their love for the arts, especially when the arts are created by them. They crave to settle down with a partner and create a life that is well balanced and stable. They never take anything for granted nor are they hasty in their decision making. If Libra are left alone for long, a form of depression takes over their normally kind and cheerful existence and they may become dull.

Pisces are gentle and mild creature with unlimited dreams and sacrificing spirit for their dear ones. They are also indecisive and they portray a meekness and submission to others. They are extraordinarily sensitive and depend on their dreams and intuitions to deal with their personal life. Pisces people are not the type to settle down. They much rather keep their head in the clouds as they jump from one idea to the other. They love their independence and stop at nothing to get away from the person who tries to stifle that. If, by chance, someone is able to break the Pisces barriers and is able to delve deeper into their soul, they find real dreams harbored within the Pisces. These dreams tend to land on a much higher level than most peoples dreams.

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Libra and Pisces are both puzzled by one another. Neither can understand the other’s attitude and character. This relationship would have never even begun if it weren’t for outside stimulus such as a family member, friend, common neighborhood or event that brings these two together. They are not initially attracted to one another, but once fate steps in and pushes them together, the differences in their personalities intrigue one another enough to keep it going down the same path that fate had started them on. They discover one another and become captivated by each other. This helps to lead them down the path to a strong relationship in almost all the cases. Libra may tend to take advantage of the situation whether it is intentionally or subconsciously.
This is a huge benefit for Libra and increases their happiness as well as their protection over their partner.

Pisces has a tendency to use religion in debating with Libra, while Libra generally can debate on almost everything. Libra’s sense of management comes into play here as they realize how passive the Pisces can be. It has many positives and negatives pertaining to many reasons why the two should have a quarrel. As Pisces uses the pros and cons of their religious view points, Libra go from one side to the other as they sort out the differences and reasoning why or why not Pisces may make a valid point. Pisces helps Libra in their decision making, causing a more stable and harmonious bond between them. The bond formed between Libra and Pisces is one of stability and a calming nature. Their soothing words between each other along with Libra’s leadership and protection and Pisces ability to help Libra with their decision making will help them reach their goals and dreams together.

Libra and Pisces are very different from each other and so they usually avoid direct contact with each other in most of the relationship except the ones which include parenthood and spouse. As siblings they try to be on their individual ways without disturbing each other much but they are always helpful to one another whenever needed. As friends and colleagues they usually have a better than formal relations and nothing much to share except for a debate at times. Relatives are a distant part for them to be mentioned as they possible can find nothing in common in the beginning of any gathering which can bring them close. Pisces and Libra are not too much in business association also and they should be not as none of them is very careful about money moreover they have different interests to pursue. As spouses and lovers it is wonderful for a Libra woman to have a Pisces man but the same is not very true for vice-versa as flighty attitude of Libra man can develop some insecurities in Pisces woman. In parents and children relation, it is better to have Pisces parents to Libra children as they are more devoted and sacrificing then the Librans. In all, they can always have some great amities but it generally flourishes only with high level of devotion and love.

Whenever they are quarreling, Libra and Pisces are better off using their finer qualities in resolving such disputes. While Libra approaches relationship problems with an intellectual and reasonable attitude, Pisces instinctively respond to problems emotionally. If grudges are held, nothing is resolved. Pisces should give Libra a good dose of their compassion and Libra should add one of their radiant smiles. Although, they probably find that adjustments are necessary rather frequently, love and understanding can certainly make whatever their relationship is to work effectively. This capped off with a bit of humor dissolves any quarrels they may have between each other and allow them to pick up, dust off and continue down the path that fate put them on.

  1. asdasd July 21st, 2022

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  2. Iamjul September 7th, 2020

    I said, no

  3. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Libra need love/peace, as they are ruled by Venus.
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  4. Kyle The No Smile Guy-le November 7th, 2019

    What’s up, forum. Picien nb here, nbd.

    I’m hear to hit ya’ll with the real facts. My Librarian wife is hella mean but I love her. I’m super not a doormat and I feel like literally every human being approachs arguments from both logical and emotional standpoints. Miss me with that Benny Shaprio “facts arent particularly concerned with your feelings” nonsense.

    Also, she does have a real good smile. Some guy at a Popeye’s told her she was magnificent yesterday so clearly shes doin something right. Even the dudes at our local Dunkin Donuts call her “smiley”, bet.

  5. Mark April 24th, 2019

    This is not the first where I find the read is way off. I’m a male Pisces born February 26th and find I lean more toward Aquarius character traits than the overly sensitive, walked on all over the place Pisces. As far as love compatibility? Cancer was a disaster. Libra lady born September 25 has far been the most mutually fulfilling relationship ever!

  6. Jane January 31st, 2019

    I hope u resolved this if not you should leave. A person is not worthy of your love if u have to continue forcing it and continue to fight for it. If it feels right and natural it fit like a shoe. Also…long distance relationship never work and at some point one or another will desire comfort or pleasure from a somebody.

  7. JEANETTE August 4th, 2018


  8. soundcloudtomp June 15th, 2018

    Pisces man I will ask a beautiful aquarius to marry me. I have never felt so loved by a person before and I feel as if I can not live without this woman. She doesn’t try hard to contact me every day, but when I contact her first I can tell she has been waiting all day to hear my voice. She used to pretend she needed freedom but once I won her over she is addicted to me. I know she fell in love very quickly, while I took my time as pisces does in love. I was cautious but I understand now, that I was hers from the first time I looked into her eyes. soundcloud downloader

  9. steven.mendez1519 November 13th, 2017

    Hi everyone. I am a pisces male. my libra girl/wife is a 19th Oct born. its true we got to know eachother through family acquaintances. it was a arranged love marriage. initial days we use to chat a lot, soo much of chatting and talking over the phone. it started out very well. i never discussed anything about life or questioned her about different situations. we never had any debate. she was in agreement to whatever i said and told those 3 magical words “I love you”. it just blinded me completely and i saw her in real at the day of our engagement. but few days before the marriage was finalized, she was in a relationship with another guy and he had msgd me and called me saying that she is very manipulative and her parents support her in every way, she has turned me into a villain. don get married to her i have used her and spoke rubbish about her. i ignored it cause guys try to spoil the name of a girl when they see they are going out with another guy without any problems. anyways i ignored all that, cause i was in love with her and got married to her.
    After a month when i lost my job, she left and went back to her house. it was soo devastating for me. The girl who i got married to, with whom i had kept expectation that she will be there in good time and bad times and remain true to her wedding vows. My life just crashed after that when i got to know that her parents demanded that she will be back ones i am back on job. which i did within a month. she came back after a month n half and then there was some fight on her birthday with my mom. i left the house to keep the harmony in our family relationships. i did everything for her whenever i felt it was getting tough for her. shifted to a new place and when i saw job instability i even left my country and now i am working in kuwait. even before leaving to kuwait she left me and went with her mother to her house. i had a verbal fight with her mother. when i reached kuwait she pickedup a job in her old company and she tried patching up things. but i emotionally blocked her. i use to talk to her but hated a lot of phone conversations, and was still angry about the fact when i left the country she didnt come to even see me off. anyways on and off looking at how materialistic she is and sometimes i feel she is too shallow in her thoughts and i hate people who are shallow, i sometimes thought how did i even landup with her. but in many ways she is good. but there are lot of differences than similarities. But i still love her more than she can imagine. i have been persistently trying to bring her now to kuwait. but she doesnt want to come and she inturn wants me to leave and go back to the place where she is working. i spent a lot of money on my visa to come here to work. people have a lot of expectations from me and i know it would be wrong to drop everything and go back to her. But i have not felt loved and she has not made any significant sacrifices like me. My marriage is on a brink to end because we are staying apart from 2.5 yrs. she was ok with the way things were going, but i wanted her physically present in front of me cause i felt i didnt have any control in whatever she is doing. out of 4 yrs i have just lived 1 yr with her. But i cherish all the good memories we have made together and in all the troubles and trials and all the fuckups she has done. i hate her the way she handles relationships and for whatever she did. But i cant break his relationship. i really love her. recently she was telling that she is going to file a divorce after i forced her to come to kuwait. i dont know guys her she si friendly to a male guy and her mother is friendly to this long time friend. it has raised suspicion, but i still trust her. i am soo confused. i am looking to find answers. should i stay in this marriage. but i have been constantly seeing all the good times and her cute ways she use to hug me. please help me what should i do.????

  10. bare.haley January 12th, 2015

    First, if you find a pisces women you are physically attracted you are in trouble! Pisces women just have something about them that men love.  My partner a libra man of 8 years, is madly in love with me and really puts up with a lot from me. Im moody and flighty, I wont marry him even though he’s made numerous attempts. I have been completly faithful, I just think I like that fact I’m not 100% tied to him. I think it’s really hard for any pisces to be truely in love with anyone, and i know when I think he may seem to pull away a little I know exactly how to draw him right back..but 8 years going strong, something is keeping us together..
    Pisces Women

  11. oamcgarvey December 15th, 2014

    I am a libra, and my husband is a pisces.  I found this information quite interesting.  Thinking back on our relationship, it was someone else who first pointed out that they thought we would be good for each other.  While we love each other, I wouldn’t say we have the most harmonious of marriages.  We do argue and bicker but eventually move on and get over it. Remodeling our house turned out to be one of the most difficult things we ever did since there were so many decisions to make together.

  12. teddy_playboi December 13th, 2013

    … well im new to this but i can kinda puzzle oeaces together reading everyones pros & cons. im a pisces man dating a gorgous pisces women… and i never felt sooo madly in love in my life, though im young…. i has enough knowledge in wisdom, and loe to understand the sighns of what we feel. ima put my self in first because i have my fults also.
               when we first met….. most of yall know it was magic, a feeling to charish and stand along side forever. though over time many relationships changed. its convience that we start kinda argue alot around the forth month and yea…. its a fucking drag. i also can say that i need to change myself also. i love my libra women and will have no limits to protect her and have her. but sometimes i admit…. i do a little to much for both our parts. im a lil over sensitive and emothional, but that works to madvantage to show her  how much i truely love her. we be around each other daily.. like its some damn ritual lol, but i admit sometimes we should just alteast have a day or two to kick it with ourselves. but we can still call each other to check upon each other :). my biggeast problem is that well… my spouse is fine as hell, and she has alot of “male friends” that do try to test that. me.. i be getting ready to kill them all but i dont want to make seem like im over reacting…. than again who wont. my baby knows i love her and i know she loves  me too we argue but we make it up with time laughter and.. well sex. and yeeessssssssssss!!!! its greeeeeaaaaaate. (tony the tiger status) lol but if i can just relax and have no fears or worries… and i know i have her… than things will honestly go just fine. now… i would apprechiete if she let them know that she is talking to me… that will things alot better because than i wont have worries.. she say i dont have any …ummm ok baby i wont. but i dont like letting disrespect come across me infront of my baby. soo thats when my “over reaction kicks in” but than not only im i a pisces… im a man that loves, provides, care, and support my women.. and im truly devoted to her…. and im damn sure not going let nun of theses hounds try to take her from me, she say she minds.. baby i believe….. but these other men need to relize that tooo.. well im going through the arguement stage but.. its geeting better… over all this how i see it. libra women… im pretty sure yall attitudes that makes a man wants to run into a wall. pisces man we needa stop taking everything to the heart and realize that we have goddess willing to stand by us and give us that emontional support in life that we truly crave… because believe me. i been with a fair share… and this my first time with a libra women, and let me say…. theres alot of love over here pisces. dont mess it up dude(s) my libra loves me and i love her. andi can say what i feel is real… not a dream… since im a pisces. this is my dream in reality… its time for me… i mean us to start  laying out the roads towards and loving understanding realtionship. also yea pisces of both sex… we have self pitty when we know we the shit… we have no self disaplan when we know our rights and wrongs. yea  we feel and all.. but i can personally say that reacting over emontion is not my solution 99% of the time… my libra tought me that somethings  are better solved based off brain than heart. we feel love with our hearts.. know its real with our heads. thats what it needs to be. sooo i hope yall take my wisdom within great hands and i hope i solved..ehhh some problems that yall folks my be dealing with within yall relationships. but its honestly not that hard to  have a smooth sealing realationship between our sighnes… we just need to put in the effort. not try but to actually do… if ur hurting each other and you lowkey know it. you need to stop being an ass and do whats best to make peace throughout our realtionships..
            p.s and yea i know all this and im 17… come on ppl stop being over dramatic and lets keep it simple… ( unless you like the dramaticness than go ahead and fqk with each others head and possibly lose eachother) ha, but yea… i just wanated to share my story, and to put the stop to the “pisces being a villan(s)  and are so cold hearted and evil” no we just like effection.. and if your not showing it.. we will let yall know we need it or talk in our “riddles” to let yall know. ( 95% of the time we just trying to let you know we need eeffection) buttah if yall sti;ll not giving the effection that we crave for…. someone else will… than damn we’re soo evil… we wont give up on yall libra women.. i wont ever give oup on mines.. but we pisces man just wont some real effection… than we promise you have us from soul to hair.. thats all ladies. well comment or reply to my long ass statement but in my eyes i just helped yall hell of  alot… upon the pisces side.. i hope someone talk upon the libra women side of what they desire from this dramatic love.. than maybe we ccan all take our heads out our ass and have the greatest fqking live loving realtionship we all dream of.. easy said than done but its not imposibble. 4nem out!!

  13. sapna_kaur September 9th, 2013

    hey, everyone my name is sapna and i want want to tel u my love story i met pisces man, 2004 and over relastionship start we were happy to each other and over love everday goes higher. 
    one day we aganged but after agangment my man is changed , everyday he just trying to put me down but i control my self to not giveup and i thought mybe his got some famliy problem but he made me confused and the short thing i love him a lot thats why i dont care what he is saying still between that time we get married and after married he is totaly change he dont care, he never give time to me, he not respect me, even not my famliy , yh one thong my dad is  very angery person and my dad n my husband always agument but i realy dont no they can fight each other in my dream . the main point everything massup in my life after marriege he drink everyday , he never listen to me, he thought i only love my famliy not him, his famliy teling him to control me soo much things i dont no how to tell you guys but my mind even not woking what to say what to do ? im soo confused we both saprate in 2009 only 6,7 months i was with him after marriege and now 4 years im not with him but i was soo much missing him boz still i love him and now what happend even i dont now its just 2 montbs after he met me again in bus and he just talk to me that where u goin i said im going home but he not let me to go home he said lets sit some where i wana talk to u and i dont no what happend to me i just sit with him i was talking him like nothing happend he also same we hug and cryed lot that why we are not together soo much we said to each other and the end we coudnt left each other still we both love each other now im very confused what to do how to go his parents home back and he is also confused for me uts all massup realy dont no why those happend to us guys i just sure my story because i want my love back but how i dont no because my parents and his parents never say yes :,,(  what to do ? and  i dont no my man will be make me happy in future or not soo many questions in my mind plz any one can help me what should i do shall i do? thanks for reading my stroy ! 

    • steven.mendez1519 November 13th, 2017

      its crazy once you fall in love. a libra and pisces relationship is not very common. but when it happens, even if we have differences our souls are tied to eachother in some way. you posted this long back. tell me your story, what happened later. i personally feel that you should tell him to take the decision and both of you are adults to take the decision. move out from the house it will be good for both of you.

  14. Tishly September 11th, 2012

    Well i’m a pisces woman and i’ve been involved with a libra man for the past 6yrs. Have to admit if it wasn’t for my cousin i would hav never met him or as I always say, we are from different worlds. He like going out liming and I’m more of a home body. When i met him he was all about work and lime, fast as he got money the same way it went. For the time i’ve been around him i’ve gotten him to cut down on the liming and to further his education, he’s even in a better job. On the other side i go out a little more now and relax  more. However our relationship have lots of ups and down, the downs don’t last to long though. Cause there are times we quarrel bad and say the most hurtful thing, but by the next day we are cool. The thing is, he knows i love him and will do anything for him and like wise i know he loves me. We could be angry and if either one needs the other were there. Thing i couldn’t understand was evertime thing are at it’s best he start to move funny or drift and within a fews days he back to his normal self. the thing i’ve learned about libra men or at least him, not to force him to commit, give him his time and don’t blow up like i usual do. Cause i like taking a problem/ situation head on and usual when i do he just pulls away till i calm down. Plus i need to stop taking thing so personally, cause when  i sit and thing about things that happen in the past, if he didn’t care he would be here and considering my crazy out burst , i’m a handful so he gots to luv me. He’s very protective of me and that’s one of the thing i love about him.
    Pisces and Libra are indeed different, but with hard work, loyalty, respect and lots of luv from either side thing can be great and making up are the best.   The difference between them is what makes the relationship exciting and a learing experience.How fun would it be if you are like each other?. As i read before, they say mixing the  water and air sign is trouble,  u get dangerous thing like tsunami. I however look at it differently, i saw together we are a force to be messed with, together everything is possible.
    All i say is try and have understanding for each other and try to look at all the good in the relatioship. As far as i see, both Pisces and Libras are a hand full, but we also balance each other out, cause to much of one thing is never good .

  15. angeleyes12 July 28th, 2012

    Dear Thomas, loved your piece. It made a lot of sense and is one of best positive relationships of Libra and Piscean I have read here. Thank you for sticking around your Libran! I am a Libran female and I agree we are a bit head strong and love to debate. But we care deeply and even if we argue we are happy to reconcile with our loved one. I have just had a very sweet seven month relationship with a Piscean man. I am 34 and he is 30. We are both Indians but I am from the North and he from the South, so there are a lot of cultural differences.
    Plus I was trying to restart my career after studies in another country where he was on a work visa for 5 years. I met him seven months ago    through my work. The way he talked and listened as well his charm was so powerful that after a break of five years since my previous relationship, I became interested. We kept meeting again and again, every week..often staying together over weekends. Yes, we had many many arguments and he did argue from religious point of view where as I would try and reason him with logic. It never worked and we would verbally abuse each other. But then because we were so fond of each other we would start missing each other the next day itself. So even if we may not have talked for a few days, I would send an email or a skype or text message and he would reply immediately and request to meet me again. We had awesome intimacy, we shared things with each other that no one knows about us.
    But he kept our relationship hidden from all his friends, family etc, where as I told my mother because I never hide such things from my parents. Because of my work as a massage therapist I  had many male clients and he ultimately started thinking I was sleeping with them even though I never did. Problem was I take my work very seriously and for the three times I massaged my boyfriend I asked him to pay for it. I thought it was fair that he pay, as it was my only way of earning living and he would understand that. But I never thought he would think that I charged money for sleeping with him which he later told me he suspected me for.
    He never committed to me saying what we are having is a temporary thing but I hoped that with time he would realise that we have so many similar tastes in food, movies, culture, history, people, problem solving etc that these positive aspects would out do any hesitations. Instead the situation worsened when I fell sick this June and couldn’t meet him for a few weeks. Last week he went back permanently to India without telling me, with just a message some days back that he wants to be with some other girl.
    I got very angry about his not acknowledging our relationship and found his Indian residence number to try and get to speak with his father who had an influence on my boyfriend’s marriage decisions. Inspite of my repeated calling, my boyfriend didn’t let me speak to him, wrongly thinking that I was stalking him to blackmail him. He also told me to keep this affair to myself and I realised how I had been emotionally played at his hands. Following a friend’s advice, I let his brother and father’s friend know about us, because I felt that they would talk to his father and then there would be a chance for his family to know about us.
    But this didn’t work well. My boyfriend called up my mom to ask me to back off, which I would be doing. I feel completely shattered at the moment as I miss my Piscean boyfriend a tonne. I don’t know if giving him time and space will make him think about us or not, but I hope he does. I am trying my best to cope with this break up, but it feels terrible and that’s what brought me to this site.

    • steven.mendez1519 November 13th, 2017

      you posted this long time back. would like to know what happened. i go married to a libran women. kind off in problems, so i landed on this website. There is a lot that goes into a relationship. but when parents influence one of the partners, we are in dangerous waters. well it happened with me as well. i hope my libran women thinks over and changes herself.

  16. kaybrown April 18th, 2012

    i have dated a pisces man…i loved it and it was a love like no other. However i thought i could never move on from a pisces and  it took me enough neglect and a couple of years for me to move on… but he came back and wants nother chance.  after all the hard work that libras put into the reationship, its nice to reap the benefits, but it would also b nice to see the same amount of effort put in. i like to reap the benefits of hard work but i dont like to play the masculine role for too long! libra Is a feminine sign pisces man!

  17. [email protected] April 3rd, 2012

    BTW- at the times he was traveling to see other girls he has broken up with me “technically” encouraged me to go see other people. We’ve been full on again for the past few months but he recently set his phone down next to me when we were eating dinner and there was a chat with this particular girl. He wouldn’t show me the messages even though I saw it was her because he said it was a private conversation. All of which of course upset me. He doesn’t have any respect for our relationship and he tells me he’s doing it for me, not for himself. Like I’m making him which doesn’t seem healthy either. I just don’t believe it is totally “Pisces” but maybe other issues.

  18. [email protected] April 3rd, 2012

    I’ve been dating a Pisces man for a little over a year. We knew eachother for two years prior through work and when we met, immediately we were head over heels. Then the walls came crashing in and the following months were a roller coaster.
    I’ve dated Pisces in the past as well as others, and as a Libra, I know I am a “perfectionist” in some ways. I want my balance to be perfect and the secretive nature of the Pisces has been very difficult to keep balance. Though I think a lot has had to be overcome within me personally, I do worry at times that his nature won’t change, and the rest of these comments concern me.
    I was told by his mother that (though she didn’t come right out and admit it) she knows that his keeping me at arms length for months and continuing to lie to me about trips to see other girls is way of reasoning or logically deciding who he wants to be with, and that I’m “winning” doing whatever it is I do. However, the reason I’m here is more understanding. For instance, he jokes about things that appear as insecurity on his part with me, and that is hard since I am so loving and giving and faithful to him. When I ask him to stop because it bothers me, he continues which leads to us fighting and him telling me I’m to sensitive and he needs a break.
    Now I know this is him taking space because he doesn’t like conflict, I don’t like it either! But I being a Libra hate not being able to “work things through”… if he’s telling his mom(s) I’m “the one”, then what do I need to do to keep him from going back into the ocean but at the same time not hurting me.
    Is there a way for a Libra to state her desires and needs or hurts without it rubbing his fish scales the wrong way?
    Is cheating really a Pisces thing or is it possibly just a habit he picked up from his old man?
    We’re both divorced, and I feel I am more independent at times than he is and I feel like this is bad for balance. He likes to get a rise out of me with his lies and secrets and jokes… How can I protect the core of him while still standing up for when things do bother me?
    I like him for who he is and don’t want to change him, but I do want to be able to express my feelings appropriately without feeling the need to scream at him which is futile anyway.

    • steven.mendez1519 November 13th, 2017

      i have been reading everyones comments and trying to know more about pisces and libra relationship. honestly some things come from the family too, though the basic traits would be the same. So if there are certain things that are still secret or if he is cheating, see that you dont make him feel that the relationship is platonic. spend more time and have a little deeper conversation with him regarding the topics he likes. Try to find what he likes. i would be interested to know, how you responded in this situation.

  19. ThomasNPaula January 23rd, 2012

    LOL… you are reading the pisces wrong.  You get one word answers alright because pisces ain’t gonna give you the answer or reveal.  Don’t you know pisces are secretive. 
    Just take her with sweep off the feet and you will have your answer.  If it is not the one you are looking for – then you will have your answer.  If she responds well, then you have caught her.
    Libra has to make the move. 

  20. ThomasNPaula January 23rd, 2012

    I’m a Pisces man and she is a Libra. We have been married for almost 22 years and dated many years prior to that.
    The marriage is water and air. I guess it could be a tricky relationship, but when the hand of fate (i.e. God) deems it so …it happens with ease. It’s like angels pushing us through life for deeper purpose and reason.
    So the Libra women drives me nuts and I drive her nuts, but that is one of the spices in our relationship.
    I’m not a Pisces with my head in the clouds though; I am extremely successful and drive the ship when I want to so to speak. I am not controlling (anymore). I am an engineer/manager (self-made -nothing handed to me life), been a drill sgt in the military, believe in healthy and staying in shape, believe in balance in life (brains vs. bronze). Want to experience the extremes of life, care for all, but I take no crap off the unjust (I would rather just kick their @ss). She on the other hand is more of a dreamer then me. Kind of reversed if you ask me. She is gentle nature, kind and calming. She is an extreme poet. Organizer, but messy.
    As a couple we are super intuitive. We read people and situations like a book. The romantic side comes from her mostly though she says I am wonderful. The physical is out of this world. The Spiritual is out of this world. The mental is torment sometimes, but generally strong intellectual conversation. The mental is torment because the debate difference of views.
    Our children are musical and logical. They are all Taurus the bulls. Very balanced. My 17 year has a rock band. Won many awards musically. He has played with Journey, etc… He took honors physics at age 15, but is not socially retarded. He is also in the military reserves – so there is balance. He has his college paid for by himself even though I am wealthy and could pay for it. My youngest is a MESS. I am not sure what he is going to do. He is bull headed and needs balance something fierce. Mom is ready to strangle him, but only if dad doesn’t first.
    So there you have it… a Pisces / Libra with kids some 22 years later. Air meets water… fog and rain. We love rain… we love fog…we are mystic, hidden, but known, deceptive, but all loving (in fact those that know us say extreme). Never harm. That is the heart to heart Pisces Libra shining through.
    I hope this rambling deluge made sense.

  21. Sucker4love July 13th, 2011

    I’m a 30 year old Libra woman in love with a 42 year old Pisces Man. We have been in a relationship for 16 months and we are already at a crossroads due to his flighty behavior. We really do possess a great love and compassion for one another.He showers me with love and gifts and we have potential to really be a dynamic couple to do great things together and sex that is out of this world but for the past 4 months my life has been a living hell. At month 12 I found out that he has had at least 4 other encounters with woman that I at least know of. He always finds the most amazing way to get out of the dog house and apologizes profusely but weeks down the road I would find out that he was still having these extra relationships on the side. He is very possessive and jealous and needs to know my every move. He has even come to an event to pick me up without discussing it with me because he claims He is so afraid to lose “a good woman” such as myself. I am not one to tolerate any type of disrespect from anyone but his seemingly magic sparkle dust keeps me coming back for more and the fact that we have a lot of the same life goals. I must speak for myself but I feel that as a black woman I don’t know when the next one is going to come along that I can remotely stomach. I have been known to be a bit trying in relationships but this Pisces man has turned me into a different person.I have actually become a more compassionate and caring person. I really can not begin to tell you all of details of the roller coaster we have been on, but long story short he is about to return home from a 2 week retreat that he went on to collect his thoughts and repent his sins. He seems to be done with his devious ways and is speaking in ways that I have never heard him speak before. I am very patient and don’t give up on people easily so I am willing to give love another try, which lead me to this website some how I suppose looking for answers and hopes of making this work yet again.I must say that I did water up looking at the many comments of our free loving Pisces counter parts. They seem so captivating and I often cant tell what is real,LOL, if that makes any sense to anyone. I’m sure all of you Libras know how good it feels to be in love as we so much enjoy it but especially with Pisces.. I literally cant explain it.. Im really hoping for a miracle, Whats a girl to do?

  22. Author
    Ask Oracle July 8th, 2011

    @texan Haha, I will not give you “talk and be honest” suggestion but seriously mate, you are not being honest to yourself 😛

    She doesn’t sees a romantic relationship with you and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    You are a perfect friend anyone could ask for. Probably you were doing things with an unconscious desire of romance at the back of mind. This desire is coming to forefront now. There could be much more to it if you pay more attention to it and listen to it.

    It is safe to understand that this desire is not based on reality and nothing special will happen even if this desire gets fulfilled. More or less things in your life will remain the same. Just ask yourself – why even bother about a romantic relationship when there is nothing special to be gained??

    All relationships can be seen from an absolute context of Love and Harmony. Friends, children, siblings, partners, parents, neighbors are just different expressions of Love.

    Relax and enjoy what you have. Many people even don’t get chance to experience such great relationships and such great Love.

  23. Texan July 6th, 2011

    Need a little help folks. I’m a 29 year old Libra man who’s fallen head over heels for a 26 year old Pisces. We met each other 6 years ago, and spent alot of time as friends. I was there through her divorce, and even put her ex in the hospital when he couldn’t seem to treat her with some respect. She was there for me through testicular cancer and I was there for her through her hysterectomy recently. She has 2 daughters. She and their dad (2nd husband) split about 7 months ago. The girls (2 and 6) at the time (now 3 and 7) took it really hard. I spend as much time as I can with her but we both know that my being around the girls isn’t the healthiest thing for them right now, despite the fact I’m as crazy about them as I am her. The girls are with their dad for the summer, giving her time to completely heal from surgery. After insurance and disability crap fell through, I’ve been taking care of her bills, yard, and anything else I can help her with. At times there seems to be a really deep felt romance between us but she hasn’t had a problem telling me she’s not ready for a relationship yet. I know she is ready to move on with her life, but the girls come first. That’s been her go to conversation when I talk about us. I know she see’s me as a point of stability in her life. I love being her protector, care giver, and provider. That’s a major part of who I am. It’s a sense of fulfillment I’ve lacked in every relationship I’ve ever been in. I would uproot my life to move closer to her. I’m a stable, level headed guy who seeks balance in everything (duh, Libra), but this girl keeps me questioning myself and what our future may hold (be it intentionally or un). The way I see it, the healthiest life for her and the girls is to see mommy happy and in a loving relationship. Not to mention, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m happier than I have ever been. I guess what I’m needing is some advice on where to go from here. There is way too much history and love there to walk away from. What would it take to open her eyes? I wish she could understand that I see her daughters as part of her and I hold their well being above all else. If she could see the future I see, she would be mine. How do I keep from screwing this up?

    To those who would respond,”talk to her, or just be honest” Thats not how it works for us. I wear my emotions on my sleeves and she’s very reserved. She knows how I feel about her, but it’s normally met with short if not one word answers.

  24. Author
    Ask Oracle June 28th, 2011

    @libraman2atee (Gabriel)
    You should appreciate the fact that she has honestly admitted that she is not a good match for you. And that’s really the truth. Its time you need to wake up and see things the way they are.

    I would suggest that you actually encourage her to go out with other people and move ahead in life. Meanwhile you too need to pay attention to other important things in life including a good health and education.

    I would also like to tell you that most stable and healthy relationships have their foundation in peace and happiness. Relationships based on just “passion and attraction” die as soon as “passion” and “attraction” fades away.

  25. LibraMan2aTee June 28th, 2011

    I’ve been with my Piscean for almost 3 years now, and it’s been a dream come true and now there’s nothing but issues arising. Some which of many are along the lines of Edward, Brian, and Sir A. It just feels like she’s had all I can do for her and either she’s going to continue to deal with it or enjoy what she can get from someone else. It feels like I give everything I can that she needs and wants. Even space when as a Libra that is slowly killing me on the inside. But the one thing that I want is the passion that every relationship should have. But she says shes incapable of it and I know it’s not true. She had it before, it just doesn’t seem like she has it for me….

  26. JennaMunoz June 14th, 2011

    I am a libra woman and recently became involved with a piscis man. This has to have been my worst experiance with a man period! They are controlling, manipulating and abusive. I wouldn’t recommend this match to any libra woman. This man hit me, cheated on me, and never trusted me although I was completely faithful. We really where to completely differant people. Please beware of the pisces man libra women.

  27. Annonymuz May 20th, 2011

    I have to agree with Brian and Edward. Well at least at first. I didn’t get why she thought the things that she thought. And picean women do speak in riddles. But pay close attention to their facial expressions and even closer attention to their responses. Its not clear but when thinking about its there. I still love me Pisces ex b she but she has said that she didn’t feel the same but her actions say different. Somehow deep down I think that we are meant to be its just a matter of when. Libra and Pisces are a dynamic relationship that when it works it is heaven on earth.

  28. April 18th, 2011

    I am a pisces woman, dating a libra. I dont see myself in my sign, though I am imaginative, creative, and emotional, often unsure of myself. Ive been in a few relationships, and this one is by far the BEST. I need someone to take leadership, and most importantly protection… not only my heart, but in everyday life. Ive also come into this relationship with a child. A libra man, is one of the best fathers any child could ask for. His devotion, and love is genuine. We can laugh for hours, hes a complete dork, which matches my personality. My emotions do start arguments, but they last a few minutes. I did date a Pisces for a few years. he could not commit to me, cheated, used me to gain confidence, expected perfection, and lived in a fantasy… so Ive seen the side you all are talking about. Im special?? no, im just right for him.

  29. Ariana March 28th, 2011

    I hate to say it and I can’t speak for everyone but I’m a Pisces woman who recently broke up with a Libra man. I’m young, haven’t dated much and still wanted to see what was out there and he wanted to settle; I just wasn’t ready. He was a great guy, but like a Pisces, I had to go with my emotions and feelings which were directing to other people. It was really difficult though, because I love him and care about him, just not in the same way he does about me. Sigh…

  30. David March 5th, 2011

    We have been together for 10 years and getting married this year true love conquered all and true love is worth fight for and piscean marlin fish don’t make it easy but damn its worth it when you have her good to the last bite ass for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course between meals and might night snacking. Lol yall get the point.

  31. David March 5th, 2011

    Miss d the best tip in pisces and libra made from heaven love is to learning everything about your Libra fisherman. I just reunite with my piscean mermaid and to be totally honest its communication when both libras and pisces are sensitve and when its precede that the other is not being sensitive enough that will cause a fight. Libra guys pisces talk in riddles study what they say closely 90% of the time the answer is there .pisces Libra fisherman like myself are striaght forward with everything. With may seem indecisive were only trying to weigh all options making sure everything is fair and balance. In fight we bark 99% of the time no.bite pisces female don’t hold gruges at all they are hopeless romatics like we are. When theres a fight communicate through email facebook etc. Piscean angels admit your short commings don’t swim in your ocean for too long because you do need air and Libra fisherman lose the ego because we do need water. There’s a riddle is that last sentince hint two elements that make rain of love.

  32. Michelle March 5th, 2011

    I almost feel as if it was a waste of my time dealing with him. He has become one of the most inconsiderate men I have ever been with.

  33. Michelle March 5th, 2011

    I can agree with many of the comments. I am currently married to a Pisces man and I am a Libra woman. I believe that a great deal of our issues are based on deception by him not being totally honest. Plus he is also a foreigner that doesn’t have his citizenship. I spoke with a lawyer who happens to be a mutual friend and also was not American born/raised. He told me that it was not uncommon for student visa holders to marry Americans for paperwork. I also have to dig to get information out of my husband which means he isn’t forthcoming with things of importance. He tries to act as if the languages are a barrier which I know isn’t the case considering the length of time he has been here in the US(Also completed his ESL classes). The relationship was excellent in the start and now it is deceptive at best currently. I am debating on filing for divorce as we speak. It probably is not worthy of a long-term relationship since we are disagreeing more and more now. I never would have guessed it would end this way honestly- not by looking at the starting point.

  34. miss_d March 2nd, 2011

    hello, i am Pisces and my man is Libra.. we just started about 4 days ago and what we feel is so intense but reading all these comments it makes me scared.. i want to work out even more of what we have now.. please give me some tips

  35. David January 28th, 2011

    Sorry my thoughts were cut off outside influces can be a problem but its a magic I have never had with any woman but her and I know she loves me I I believe that power of love will bring us back together

  36. David January 28th, 2011

    I’m a Libra man I was with a pieces woman for 9 years and I agree it can be very difficult for both lovers but I have to say the magic that we have together is worth it all I agree with pieces woman communication is important but patients with that pieces woman is also important outside influnce

  37. Pisces Woman November 8th, 2010

    Well As a Pisces woman I’d like to answer to libra men, Edward, Brian and all who are having problems with your women, I’m not at all like the girl you dated I love my libra man, and I would totally commit to him, as soon as he makes his mind up, Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long, libra man are a lot in their heads thinkin and thinking and not saying much, all We can do is undestand and patience, and noo you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ libra man because we know that we are not perfect either, I guess the only thing we have to work on is comunication for as long as we keep trying to do things right, love is gonna be there 🙂 I do believe that pisces and libra compliment each other!! we help you see things and feel in different ways and you help us think better and improve ourselves, it’s all about love and patience.

  38. Allie September 21st, 2010

    I am a Libra woman with a Pisces man.I do feel worried about other women!But he would never do that to me.He says he worries about other guys, which is so silly because I am fully committed.I hope our relationship works out, and we can have a family together.I hope our love will be the lasting kind, because he is much better to me than other guys ever have been.He’s not perfect-he is overly suspicious-but I hope he is perfect for me.I’m not perfect-its true I’m indecisive, but I hope I will be a perfect Libra woman for my Pisces man.

  39. Allie September 21st, 2010

    I am a Libra woman with a Pisces man.I do feel worried about other women!But he would never do that to me.He says he worries about other guys, which is so silly because I am fully committed.I hope our relationship works out, and we can have a family together.I hope our love will be the lasting kind, because he is much better to me than other guys ever have been.He’s not perfect-but I hope he is perfect for me.I’m not perfect, but I hope I will be a perfect Libra woman for my Pisces man.

  40. Brian July 26th, 2010

    Edward, I am a Libra man who had been dating a Pisces women and I had the exact same problems you mentioned. I did everything I could for her, yet she felt like she has to run away all the time. No one person is ever good enough for her. It was very hard for me to accept the breakup because of my nature, but I truly believe that these signs are incompatible for a lasting relationship. At first it was great, and when we do see each other we have this weird connection, but she was always too flighty for me. She always complained of me trying to ‘pin her down’. She even asked me if I would be ok with her seeing other guys while we were having sexual relations. As if I was supposed to be faithful while she acted however she wanted.

    Pisces women have a different maturity level then a Libra man, and it just cant work out.

  41. Akimnio July 6th, 2010

    well honestly i don’t know what it feels like to be in a romantic relationship with a libra man, but i know how it feels to be in a friendship with one and it feels good. we talk about any and everything under the sun and on top of the moon. he’s always encouraging and very complimentive and vice versa. what’s even more cool about our friendhsip is that we are of 2 different ethnicities: me being black and he being chinese and we make it work. we’re able to share our histories and opinions comfortably with one another without trying to take over and prove a point. i mean, yeah i notice at times how he can be a bit hurried and short in some of our conversations, but it’s nothing to get all sensitive about ya know because i know that he means no harm. i love my friend dearly and will tell him in a heartbeat!

  42. Brenda June 21st, 2010

    i am a libra woman and i was w a pisces man and we were okay at first but he started to be controlling and always putting me down. so i had to let him go. i dont recommend a pisces man for a libra woman. try a cancer man

  43. Sir A June 10th, 2010

    I am a Libra man, and had a relationship with a Pisces lady for almost 4 yrs now. Actually was engaged to be married. That until 2 weeks ago. I walked out and it hurts like hell. I do still feel we are so good together, that is when we are together, which at times just felt impossible to achieve. As much as i felt i was giving her attention and challrnging myself to be more open with her as she wanted did not work out. The more i was being what she wanted me to be, the more she would pull away. Both Libra & Pisces need constant TLC and if not delivered fairly to each other can create a huge gap in the relationship……Well hopefully that gap had never happened and the harmonius bond would always be their……I miss her so much.

  44. Edward Williams April 19th, 2010

    I am a Libra man and have been dating a Pisces girl, for 4 years. She seems very unsure of herself often, but in reality she is very deceptive. She ran around for a while calling me controlling, because I just asked her to communicate with me. She avoids my family, spends lots of time in affairs that she blames on other people. I notice that her inability to discipline herself does make her a bad partner for a lifelong committment. But its like magic when we are together. Funny, she wants to keep me to herself, but she wants to do whatever her heart desires. But, any show of public approval of me always gets her act right. Its almost like you have to portray yourself as perfect to keep them around.

  45. Evans osita March 19th, 2010

    Am a male pisces and just went into a relationship with a libra woman for about 2 months now. All we need is tolerance to make a better marriage, but it is not easy.

  46. sheila January 12th, 2010

    My Libra is my true love. Were going to be married this year and I have never experienced any relationship like it. We fit together very well! Being a Pisces I will swim away as soon as I feel someone is trying to put me on a hook. I married before and it took me a long time to get out of that fishy net!!!! Libra is different, I haven’t had to turn myself into a shark in order to escape, and I don’t know why, LOL!!! It’s seems to be no threats since I have decided to take the bait. My Libra has served some pretty tempting bait for me. I’m hooked unless the waters change and then I will have to swim away into the deep sea where all Pisces go to safety, and wait for another, and remember what not to repeat to avoid getting that hook in my mouth! LOL!!!

  47. Tony November 28th, 2009

    You are not good at spelling at all Ms. Ann Andersen!

  48. ANN ANDERSEN October 19th, 2009


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