Libra and Libra Compatibility

Relationship of two Libras is generally pleasing and harmonious except for the times when they feel mentally imbalanced or disturbed due to the chaos around them. Communication is the best part of their relationship which stimulates them mentally and emotionally, followed by togetherness and flexibility to maintain the bond.

Libras are charming people who gain wisdom as time goes by. They are usually blessed with beauty and if not actually beautiful at least they always have a charming smile and velvety voice to make every heart skip a beat. They never take anything for granted nor are they hasty in their decision making. They will not just believe anything that is presented to them and perform research if it needs to be, to find out the actual facts behind something. One can trust in their word because their reputation upholds it well. Librans are calm and serene creatures who stand behind what they say. This gives them that lovable quality that so many adore. They are organized in their lives and become antsy and nervous in the midst of chaos and noise. If a mistake arises due to their decision making, one can rest assured that they will do what it takes to make it right.

Two Librans together are a lot of fun and lot of confusion as well. They love to strive for their goal and as long as the energy continues to flow, Librans work hard pushing towards any goal they may set. Upon the point their energy is diminished, it is continued effort just to complete the most minimal of tasks. Their serious and target minded attitude is thrown into a dreamy and exhausting indolence until their energy is renewed thereby putting them back on top again. There is no need for guilt or bad feelings if stability is lacking. If their balance is not restored before having to mingle, work or socialize, the normally gentle and calm Libra becomes irritable, miserable and quite unpleasant to be around. When both are Librans, they can support one another when the energy levels have run low. Hopefully this does not happen to both of them simultaneously. If so, perhaps one can talk the other one through their lethargy until they are regenerated and willing to pick themselves back up.

A union formed between two Libras is intellectually stimulating in conversation and logic. A Libra loves to debate, so between the two they are more than energized. They can take their time between themselves in their decision making process that are of importance to them and even touch on the not so important things as many times as they like until they decide that the choices they make are the right ones. Anyone that comes along that tries to push the Libra into a decision without proper research and thought causes them stress and perhaps on a bigger scale, an emotional, mental and physical damaging effect. Libras have a high comfort level in dealing with one another basically because others tend to see them as unreliable. No matter how argumentative they can be they tend to give each other credit where it is deserved.

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The bonds made by two Librans can be very sweet and cranky at the same time depending on their mood. They usually make good friends and co-operative siblings with no feelings of jealousy even if they are colleagues in the same firm. They have their own criterion and expect to fulfill them first. As lovers they can be one of the most romantic and lovely couple and same goes in a married relationship. As parents and children, they make a beautiful relationship where parents exactly know what their tiny tots want and children understand the values of home and respect for elders. It is better for two Librans to avoid being in a business venture together, without someone else more reliable to be a part of it because though they are very hard working but once they are exhausted; they lose their balance and can make silly mistakes which can lead to higher risks. Though, any relation they share the best part is they understand each other well and are ready to trust each other.

Compatibility becomes a problem if the down times of both the Libras occur together which may happen too many times. On the upside, when the two Libras are both simultaneously on top of their game, the stamina and energy levels run high and a happy union is created. Also the problem can be when it comes to making judgment or taking some serious decisions as both the Librans are more in the air than on the grounds of reality. They can have clashes at such instances which can make the relationship rotten. In such times the one with higher authority in the relationship needs to take some bold steps and make things correct.

  1. Saad June 21st, 2020

    what is the compatibility between October 18 male and 24March famale ??

  2. Divine June 29th, 2019

    I am a Libra woman once married to a Libra man, and we have a Libra son. I can’t stand my ex-husband, cheaters, cold-hearted. I never considered a Libra man my ideal mate, they seem arrogant and condescending when communicating.

  3. Sephora May 22nd, 2014

    I’ll speak from experience. those of you who commented above, failed to be descriptive. Therefore the people who come and read this are confused. Libra guy and Libra girls are not bad, they can be amazing if your looking for casual sex, if something more serious, you both need to be mature and not let your negative attributes come up or your old habits. I have dated a Libra Guy (Bob)before. And currently talking to one (Billy) First it is not impossible, yes we’re so alike and that can be a good thing since most of the time Libras think they are misunderstood by the rest of the world. with “bob” we lived like 20 mins away so we hung out like twice a week. We had the same interest we like books and movies, the same music it was like finding a BFF who you could be intimate with and was amazing. We broke up when I confessed to cheating on him when he stood me up on a date. And he just cheated just because.. Idk if anyone is willing to admit it but most Libras have many side hookups just in case. So two immature Libras who are also cheaters…not good. He came after me later but I was with someone seriously, he did not take it well. Cried and cursed me out like I’ve never been before. Sheesh. Still the best lover so far.. Now Billy, we were born on the 5th so we have the same birthday just different year. Now from what I know about people born on the 5th, we are sensitive but also are prone to addictions, and we usually have one. we share that too, sex. However while I like it more during a relationship or alone he likes it anyway he can get it… Now more mature, Ive turned in my Players Badge because I do want to get married and have children. He still has his. But he’s falling for me too fast, for someone who goes around like he does he wants a relationship and accepts nothing less. he makes me laugh, we have a connection.. But he’s an immature libra guy. My whole point of Billy and Bob is, an immature libra, is not going anywhere.. me and bob were when we dated and now I’m not, billy is. So it’s like super confusion. The goal is finding your maturity and the wisdom that comes with that and a libra mate on the same level as you. it is possible. And by the way, libra guys come well packed if your interested.     -love, balance & harmony

  4. babyshe21 May 11th, 2012

    This is not true, I am married to a libra and its not working out, we are to much alike which is not good

  5. markkhevin06 December 16th, 2011

    ah d0nt believe

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