Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

Libra and Capricorn are far too different from each other in almost all aspects of life except for the need of commitment that gives a common tread of bonding to them. While Libra is high flying and changing person, Capricorn is firmly grounded and stick to their rules.

Libra portray a calm and sensible aura. Their appearance is important to them as is their efforts in keeping things serene around them. They are usually very charming yet mysterious. They are also dreamy as they constantly change their ideals and weigh all options before concluding anything. Librans are very social and they detest conflict and go to great lengths to avoid it. They like to keep their own social circle close knit and unified. They demonstrate an open-minded optimism and a gentle quality that causes them to appear a bit lazy and excessive in their spending, however they still strive to reach the goals they set. Libra sometimes appears to be stubborn and irritable due to imbalance of situations but basically they are considerate and gentle beings.

Capricorn are generally conformist thinkers who are highly ambitious and self-disciplined. They always prefer a safe game and tried and tested things. They believe in permanence and self-control. Capricorn’ willpower is followed by exceptional endurance. Though Capricorn may seem to be very inexpressive but they are very kind, gentle, and protective of their family and loved ones. Once they set their minds to something, they carry it out. They seldom put things off and do so patiently, only if there is no other recourse. Capricorn argue the point that appears to be important, although, deep down, they still do what they want to actually achieve. They are very conservative and economical in nature and seldom go overboard with spending, or anything else for that matter.

Libra and Capricorn are inherently good as a team and the working bond they exhibit is strong and powerful. When they both go towards the same success, they can conquer just about anything, no matter how big or small. This does not end at just goals and successes for themselves, but for the world. Libra exude a charming air of competence, which is a definite turn-on for Capricorn. Their willingness to adjust and adapt to Capricorn bring a definite strength to the relationship they share. To gain a level of inner peace and happiness in this relationship, there has to be a certain molding together of the qualities and personalities that each one similarly possesses.

The optimism and trust that Libra puts in Capricorn usually make up for it for the differences they have to endure. The Capricorn gives back to the Libra the protection they possess and this gives Libra that comfortable feel of security and commitment. Once formed, this connection is forever strong. Libra brings a sense of tolerance, compassion and a gentle nature to the bond and Capricorn give off an energy, determination and idealism that are much needed. Their ethics may seem different, when in fact they are very much the same, just portrayed in a different point of view. Either the two fuses together harmoniously resulting in succession, confidence in each other and a deeper bond that is formed, or this connection is lost and they both turn away from each other due to their delegation and stubborn qualities, not to return. They must work together, cooperate together and compromise together to find the harmony that is needed to keep and grow a strong bond.

The relations that do not affect the inner core of Libra and Capricorn are much rejoiced by them, such as relatives and colleagues at work. They also play their roles well in the suits of siblings and friends as there is always tolerance and space to give up the grudges and follow a blissful path. But close relations like lovers and spouses can have to bear some of the difficult times, especially if Libran man and Capricorn woman are there. They may have to suffer and work on the relationship strongly. As business associates these two can create miracles together and can take their success to unimaginable heights. They also have a nice relation as parents and children especially, Capricorn parents are very dotting for their charming Libran progeny. They can give them the lessons of stability and determination with appreciation for all their deeds.

There are a few conflicting areas in all the relations, Libra and Capricorn have to share with each other due to their different styles and thinking process. Libra see the overall picture of things whereas Capricorn draw in with the details, the how much, the practicality of it all. Libra’s optimism and sense of uncertainty irritates Capricorn at times but the Libra just laugh at the lack of humor Capricorn have. The other downfall, or hurdle, they may have to endure is the strong ability of leadership in both of them. This causes them to butt heads when it comes to entrusting authority. This type of connection can go one of two ways. In succession of a bond formed and strengthened between Libra and Capricorn, authority is either divided equally among them, or one clearly wins delegation over the other. If the repressed one allows defeat and continues on, they eventually gain back their self confidence.

  1. t~n@@ November 8th, 2021

    Hi, I’m libra and he is cappie, we have been dating for 11yrs. Yeah! Its isn’t easy. We have lots of discussion and arguments. Sometimes we don’t talk for 5/6 months bcz of our ego and stubbornness.still its like a roller coaster ride.But i must say he is very workaholic,stubborn still very loving,protective and loyal.
    Childhood friends turns lovers.

  2. Ethan December 9th, 2019

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  3. Laraleatrump January 19th, 2018

    Im Libra woman married to queit and stupid capricorn man. i love him but he doesnt love me..he is lier and cheater man..i stay only with him becoz of our son..what can i do

    • someone who replied December 18th, 2018

      maybe its something u did that pushed him away. As a Capricorn I know that I only stray when my partner rides me or nags me to death and I feel like I’m being backed into it. Capricorns are very loyal so for us to cheat means we are very fed up and frankly done with u. He is probably trying to find a way to leave you or make you leave him and you already know that cause you answered yourself in your post.

  4. Adele October 24th, 2017

    Omg. That’s so sad 🗣🗣. I laughed at your experience. I’m so sorry that happened but I went threw the same thing.

  5. jodianlewin88 March 30th, 2017

    hmm…. as a Libran woman I will say right out that I love my Capricorn man more than anything in the world. at first yes we Librans are flirty by nature and are seemingly hard to tame however for the right person they will see our undying devotion and dedication and loyalty. yes capricorns can get jealous however if remedied properly they can grow to trust us like he has. the first time I met him over social media then in person there was a animal like attraction between us and we seemed like a set of lovey dovey lovers which we are at time. take it from a fellow Libran if we truly love u u can trust us and love us forever and know that once we make a promise we will stand by u forever. capricorns are lovely people just often times misunderstood. and a Libran companion who loves a Capricorn can help them to fall out of melancholy and make jokes with them and we can be ur bestfriend and lover. if we don’t feel secure with u we will cheat on u with numerous partners. I will not lie I flirted a lot but never did and never will sleep with anyone else than my darling seagoat <3 and capricorns can be very kind and sweet and protective and rough in bed… but as a libra u will accept him whatever way he comes literally lol… Capricorn man and Libra woman are one of the best choices for a Capricorn man that wants a family. we have been 2+ years together almost three years and that's because we are finishing up high school however we already have plans for the future and I'm more than willing to bear him his offsprings in the future and be there for him when everyone else leaves.

  6. ivah87 January 13th, 2014

    I am a capricorn and I’ve been in love with my best friend since I was 13yrs old he is a libra. And now we r 27. and still good friends. But were not dating .well he told me the other day that he has been in love with me since we were 13. And I told him that I had been too. But that’s not the problem.  The problem is I have a boyfriend and I love him with all my heart. But I love my bestfriend more. What should I do 

  7. Stargirl88 August 5th, 2013

    A libran Said he loved me. He was 23 y/0 then, i was 22, 3 years back. That was the most overwhelming thing. And even way before that, i heared he was crushing on me. i, sadly, didn’t knew how to take him in. We had the strongest attraction. but we never agreed how to grow and mive up in our courtship ladder. we tried several times, but we would always hung up somewhere. We never git together.

  8. [email protected] February 2nd, 2013

    I am a capricorn women dating a Libra man. We’ve been dating for 13 years. I must say the good parts about our relationship is that we can laugh and joke with each other. but the bad part is he doesn’t want to work. Everytime I try to trust him and open up more I find messages on facebook that he’s talking to other females. My suggestion to all capricorn women run for the hills when a man says he’s a Libra. I think we would be more compatiable as freinds with Libras.They are too dependant and we are to independant.

  9. justwantoknow August 7th, 2012

    So i met my libra ex  in 2oo3 i sort of persued  him. I m about 4yrs older than him. In Nov.  of that yr. I got him to ask me out we quickly lived together we went through some dramatic experiences At one point he left and and I thought that he was out cheating so I went ahead and kissed  a mutual friend of ours I tried confessing that same night but didnt dare a couple of months went by and I end  up pregnant he would asked me to swear.that I had never cheated on our unborn child so I finallyconfessed after my confession there was constant arguments but we had finally moved out of  his moms house and back to our on place we had a beautiful girl but unfortunately not doing so well financially so he left to accordingly work I find out Im pregnant aagain he hadnt return  I end up finding out he was with someonee else later he gets her pregnant as well Her kid is literally y months younger than my boy. He blames me for us not being together . We stilled hooked up through out the years but he never came back even though Iexpressed my feelings numerous times and asked himto return after years of communication and him and prior to  that I would ask him bhow he felt he would state hee would alwya love me as his kids mom by the way at that point we both werein relationships and he would tell me we would never be again but at times hee made comments that led me to think other wisee I still cant stop thinking about him. Its been Y.since we spoke or seeneach other and since he confeessed to me about his affair with myBF .what do i dostating he will always love me. He recently slept with my so call best friend 

  10. Bribribri March 16th, 2012

    @[email protected]
    Hey there Shuma, 
    My man is a Capricorn, and I have been with him for eight months actually. We fell ‘in like’ almost right away, and I’m sure you did the same. We are in love for sure BUT at this point it seems to have cooled off. I am the fire, and he the ice. Its like I have to chill out to be at his level and since he often likes to be alone (even if whatever he is moody  about has nothing to do with me) it bums me out. I need some one to share my sunshine with. So- I am going to ask him if he is crazy about me. Its simple as that. Because I cannot compromise my happiness for his moods. Even if he cares for me. He is stable, and wonderful and we have a bond…but we have nothing in common. We both love music, but totally different types and both love books, but different genres, ect… Just ask yourself if its worth it for you and him. Or cut your losses. 

  11. [email protected] January 23rd, 2012

    please tell me ……………………….

  12. [email protected] January 23rd, 2012

    i love a capricorn boy.was in a relatnship wd hm for 8 months and sudenly we broke up cz of misunderstandng can we pach up agn.?i trully love hm a lot

  13. bradley18 August 28th, 2011


  14. bradley18 July 19th, 2011

    Im a libra male going out with a capricorn female.she is dedicated and willing to make anything work in this relationship.we have our differences but our love is too great so we overpower our differences in an instant.we talk about anything and everything.this relationship is definitely worth tring out as a matter of fact i like this compatibility better .i cant trust an aries all they do is cheat.capricorn women are the best.

  15. catherine March 19th, 2011

    ive was in love with my first capricorn for over 10 yrs. now i am dating another capricorn i love.. i love the stability they give me with no games. They are loyal and at times stubborn and focus to much on work. but they are gentle, sensitive, loving, and stable.

  16. jade March 1st, 2011

    I had been dating with a boy in my year we was together for a long time but unfourtunatlly we broke up, i am still compleatly in love with him , and ithink he feels the same,we always exchange glances on the play ground and i cant help but smile when im around him, i really want to just go and hug him but i feel embarressed because his friends are the biggest teasers in the world!!! capricorn and libra dont go, what shell i do?/

  17. Esther November 2nd, 2010

    I m now dating with a 15 year old boy,and i m 14.
    I m a capricorn and he is libra.
    I hope i m a match to him,though we will meet in 3 years time,cause he is in Bintulu and I m in Selangor
    I hope he is a good match to me,and i really love him.

  18. Nick Nash October 18th, 2010

    What’s your zodiac sign. I’m in love with a pisces woman, well she’s 15 and I’m 17. If pisces and capricorn are compatible with each other than THANK GOD. 😀

  19. Robbyn Baker August 6th, 2010

    I am in love with a capricorn man and so far everything that I have read is good and is say’s that we need each other and we compliment each other. I know that God created him for me and vice versa. He is gonna be my Husband one day. We just have some things within our selves that we need to work out before we can truly be together. We are both very stubborn

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