Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces share a very strong and understanding bond with each other. They have a similar depth in their behavior with the need to connect with their loved ones. Together with lots in common, Scorpio and Pisces share mutual respect for all the relations they fall in.

Scorpios are strong personages, filled with mystery, who are constantly looking for power and are quite loyal to their loved ones. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpios lie their subtle strategies to enhance their career and personal life. They can handle pretty much any situation on their own and are most tolerable to almost all things. They keep their calm about them as they strike to attain their goals and seldom lose their tempers. Scorpios can look into a person and read them as they truly are, not the person they try to portray themselves to be. Scorpios are too much self controlled and reliant upon themselves in that they can show just the right emotion if they so choose and they can hide all of the rest from the world.

Pisces are generous creatures though lacking in the ability to be constructively decisive. They are so busy getting themselves involved in everyone else’s troubles that they often forget their own. But still Pisces people have plenty of troubles without having to go look for any and even in such situation they never lose their calm and never become judgmental. They are even tempered and sophisticated beings who sometimes behave like a real dreamboat, although they can often be surprisingly unaware of this quality. Their open minds and frivolous ways cause them to appear as though they have their heads in the clouds when in fact their thoughts are often quite immaculate and much higher mentally and spiritually, especially where work and their personal life is concerned.

Not many understand where Pisces is coming from, but Scorpio has this innate ability to see through the cloudiness and see the real person. Pisces can do so also with Scorpio and this occurs on a much higher and much more divine level. Regardless of the nature of the relationship they fall in step with each other so naturally it was almost as if it was meant to be. Their conversations flows smoothly, their emotions run effortlessly and this gives each the upper hand when it comes to the other. This also gives Pisces the ability to pull Scorpio from their depression when they begin to fall into it. Scorpio, in turn, use their passion and strength in helping Pisces find a focus in life and help them strive toward that goal. They tend to help each other along toward each others goals and also help avoid the faults that rise up, making their relationship a valuable one.

When controversy or argument does arise between the two, Scorpio must keep in mind the sensitive nature that Pisces holds and that the Scorpion sting could do more damage than good to their lover if done too severely. Too severe to Pisces is a much milder sting than most others could endure and rather than try to fight it, they simply disappear. They both need to keep their personal differences at bay so as to not make waves in such a wonderful relationship. Independence and social outlooks help in broadening the bonds that form here as well as a wide variety of outside interests. The generosity that flows from Scorpio for friends and family is same generosity coming from Pisces for basically all of man kind that is immensely overpowering. Communication between them is not necessary when two people are so in tune with each other such as the Scorpion and the Pisces. They automatically know just what the other one wants, needs or what makes them smile.

Whatever they make out of their relationship, it is always wonderful. They prove to be great friends, romantic lovers, devoted spouse, helping colleagues and caring relatives. Everything they share with each other is treasurable for them. When they carry out for professional venture, it is more a responsibility of Scorpio to take care of it as Pisces will always be more involved in taking care of Scorpio then any materialistic thing. As parents and children they make it great in both the ways whether parents or children, they always love and care for their relation and respect it above all. Though Pisces children may find their Scorpio parents a bit stern but its worth of what they get in return. They make a lovely match in love affair also and even better with Scorpio man and Pisces woman.

Pisces is more than giving with their bounty and is not stingy toward anyone unlike the Scorpion. But this causes insecurity in Scorpio sometimes. While, the rudeness of Scorpios, can bruise the fragile heart of Pisces making them feel hurt. Scorpio’s innate need to find the truth in all things inhibits their ability to love openly the way they should. Pisces can teach Scorpio to let things go and go with the flow a bit more. In doing so, this causes a greater compassion and a stronger bond between them. The intimacy between Scorpio and Pisces is unprecedented and the bond always is there and stronger than most. Even if they go their separate ways in life, that bond still stays strong as it ever had been. They have every aspect of an enlightening and deep rooted love that two people could ever possess.

  1. Ethan December 9th, 2019

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  2. 223pisces December 18th, 2018

    HI pisces223 just wondering if were born on the 23rd of february?

  3. enoch October 29th, 2018

    This message is to the other 10 sign of the zodiac that are already in relationship or planning to be with Scorpio and Pisces women. Save your heart and your soul before it’s too late.
    Dear Readers, in all my life I have considered Pisces and Scorpio women are the best and wonderful people to be with. Like everyone else I have seen many qualities to consider them as such.

    Just in case you don’t know, most of them are Beautiful, Tender, Loving, loyal, trustworthy, Strong, Confident, Determined, straightforward, Intelligent, and their ability to speak and communicate is way too good than others. Sharp tongue, carefully Chosen words with powerful and seductive gaze and hard to resist sexuality. It seems these characteristics make them near perfect to consider them as worthy partner.
    But I was wrong, dead wrong; the good thing is I found out Sooner before it’s too late. Lucky me!. Beneath all those strong personalities there is venom, venom which does not have an antidote. No matter how hard you love Scorpio and Pisces, no matter how devoted and loyal partner you become you will always be a second guy until they find the right partner AKA: soulmate. That time of decision will come weather you like it or not. That’s why Scorpio keeps secrets for future use and Pisces use emotional manipulation tricks to look innocent. Until then they make you feel loved, protected and blessed to be with them, but you are far from safe. Most of These women get in to relationship knowing this. They won’t tell you a thing. Now it’s time for you to figure it out. You may not be the victim for now, but the plot is always there.

    If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, do yourself a favor run, run as long as you can and never look back don’t let their sexuality misled you.

    If you are in a relationship with a Pisces, breakaway as quickly as possible, and never look back. Don’t let their femininity seduce you.

    The male or female of this two signs believe in three things,
    1) Strong emotional connection
    2) Give and take &
    3) Love at first sight

    Based on the above traits they are literally made for each other not for the rest of us.

    As long as there are Pisces men, your marriage with Scorpio woman is not safe. As long as there are Scorpio men, your marriage with Pisces women is not safe. They are each other’s weakness. I wouldn’t believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eye. No matter what you do they will always choose each other over you. It doesn’t matter whether they were married for 20 or 30 years, they will leave their husband for nothing if they feel strong emotional connection for some stranger (that is Pisces). The question is can you live with such uncertainty?

    I have seen many Scorpio and Pisces women leave their long time husband in grief for this madness without any hesitation just to be together. It’s neither bad nor worse it’s something else, I mean who would do such thing. As of me I rather choose to die a terrible death a thousand times than leaving and disrespecting my relationship like this for the sake of emotional connection given any circumstance. Its oblivion. I strongly advise you that don’t become like these couples.

    If you have Scorpio friend tell her to find herself a Pisces boyfriend, and if you have Pisces friend tell her to find herself a Scorpio man. They should be together. That way we can avoid them so they can not hurt others.

    For this two, marriage and relationship is all about emotional connection, it has no any other purpose. Whether they are happily married or not to any other astrological signs they will not stop searching for each other or the one who can give them better emotional connection, the search is not over guys.

    I have seen and witnessed many Scorpio woman leave their 20 years of happy marriage just to be with Pisces men. And I have seen such a highly decorated and respected Pisces woman leave their strong and reliable 30 years of marriage to be with a Scorpio man for only that powerful connection. They have no regret or remorse for what they did, no holding back. What insanity? Sometimes I ask myself what kind of heart do this people have.

    After seeing this madness I will never consider Pisces or Scorpio for marriage or relationships. If you don’t believe me bring some men with Pisces sign and introduce to your Scorpio partner and see the reaction yourself. This is something she cannot hide and hold.

    That’s why God bind these couples with the kind of intense chemistry and inescapable bond to make them insanely possessive of one another. I also understand that God did this to protect the rest of us from their sting and venom. The purpose and meaning of true love and marriage is not revealed to them. As I said I have seen many of them destroy the lives and marriage of most good and honest men, I feel great sympathy for those men who suffer the heart break. Maybe you haven’t experienced this but time will come and you will face your worst fear.

    This is not perception it’s based on evidence and experience. I have seen what I have and I have seen enough to make May conclusion.

    PLEASE RUN..RUN….RUN SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS TWO EMOTIONAL FREAKES! If your priority in relationship is only love and want to keep that love forever or want stability and loyalty in your marriage stick with earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn). Because they are heavily grounded, they don’t have the time or the manner for bullshit. so, avoid Scorpio and Pisces as you possibly can with exception of cancer.

    “OH GOD please forgive these basterds, they don’t know what they are doing”

    • Elissa May 30th, 2019

      The zodiac sign doesn’t make a person who they are don’t be dramatic the closest people in my life are Cancer, Pieces and Scorpio (I’m a Taurus) and I would never ever in my life abandon not one of them because of a zodiac sign that was assigned to them based of the day they where born.

      • ENOCH January 14th, 2020


        I’m not the one whose is dramatic !!,
        For your information, I know exactly what Taurus woman do. She get in to a serious relationship with one water sign and keep the other two water sign around her for the sake of friendship as to keep the attraction between them, that’s why its gets easier for a Taurus woman to share her deepest feelings with her best friends rather than her partner, because she loves them very much, So I’m not impressed by what you said, because u prove me right after all. If not it doesn’t bother u to replay on my comment. its said that Taurus woman is more loyal to her best friends than her partner/husband.

        Its quite clear why Taurus woman socialize her friends, so much for loyalty, right !! shame on u Taurus.!!!

      • ENOCH January 14th, 2020


        I’m not the one who is dramatic !!,
        For your information, I know exactly what Taurus woman do. She get in to a serious relationship with one water sign and keep the other two water sign around her for the sake of friendship as to satisfy her fixation and keep the attraction between them, that’s why its gets easier for a Taurus woman to share her deepest feelings with her best friends rather than her partner, because she loves them very much, So I’m not impressed by what you said, because u prove me right after all. If not it doesn’t bother u to replay on my comment. its said that Taurus woman is more loyal to her best friends than her partner/husband.

        Its quite clear why Taurus woman socialize her friends, so much for loyalty, right !! shame on u Taurus.!!!

    • Candy November 24th, 2019

      Hello first thank you for the comment i am a Pisces woman and i must agree with you 100%
      It’s very hard for me to admit this so i hope you will not be upset with me but every word you wrote is true. I am separated with my love at forst sight Scorpio since 11 years, it was incredible love but it didn’t work out. Still through the years even we couldn’t forgive each other still we couldn’t forget about each other and we live 6000 miles apart and both married to other people and having kids. I tried to forget about him all this years i believed i will but i couldn’t and i tried my best to do that i swear. Through the years we had some conversation but we weren’t hobest about our feelings we were trying to move on. Then i got married and had a baby i messaged him( he wasn’t married then) and first time in life he blocked me on FB and that lasted 2.5 years. Last year i noticed he had unblocked me and i wrote to him just a casual message and we started talking over the phone and texting i found out he was married and expecting a baby. I told him how sorry i am that we ended things bad cos he is so special for me amd he told me that he never found a woman that makes him feel like me and we admitted that we both long to see each other one more time.
      A year passed and i visited my hometown and we agreed to meet just like friends so we can get closure but instead of closure when we met all the emotions came back even more intense and this time so painful because being without him was like suffering all this years ans i could see in his eyes the pain was there roo. That moment i knew my husband and my marriage are done. I am still with my husband and far away from him but I’m so sad and i dream of reuniting with him because life doesn’t make sense otherwise. I wiah i knew mpre about astrology and read your comment when i was younger to prevent myself and the people around me from the heartache but i didn’t and im so sorry for that. I must admit i always knew my Scorpio was the only mad i loved and ever will love and i married even i knew I’ll never love my husband like that. Please dont judge me and if you are facing anything similar let me know would love to share more.
      I agree with Enoch Pisces and Scorpio are meant to be together and if any of you is reading this look for your partner in this signs if you want to have a happy and fulfilling life amd save yourself and others from suffering cos i wish i did that!

      • ENOCH January 14th, 2020


        HI, I read your story, its painful, but messy. I really appreciate your courage for writing this to the rest of us considering the difficult situation you are facing in your life, so I won’t judge u for what happened, because I’m not executioner.

        DEAR CANDY, I feel all your agony and pain as my own. I’m absolutely sure that everything happens in your life is for a reason, but i also believe that God is testing you, to strengthen you faith in him so that you would be obedient in your relationship.
        Nowadays marriage lost its value and commitment becomes loose because PEOPLES DECIDE TO FOLLOW THEIR HEART NOW AND THEN. The bible says “THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS, AND DESPERATELY WICKED: WHO CAN KNOW IT. (JEREMIAH 17:9). Just because we live in the free world or given the right to do whatever we desire it doesn’t mean we can let our partner down or break other peoples heart for the sake of our feeling. Civilization make it easy for couples to commit, but once they see their relationship imperfect, they start to wonder how their relationship looks like with their long time boyfriend or girlfriend. once you commit u don’t look out for perfection.

        love requires responsibility, otherwise the peoples around you will pay for the mistake they haven’t done. To be honest I’m mad at you NOT because of your decision to reunite with your first and former love interest but in the middle of the break up both of you involved with other peoples to be part of their life permanently,Now that is a harsh and cruel decision to make. Don’t be mad at me when i say this because I care more about my family well-being than my own feelings, i can not allow my family to experience and witness such a heart break, I rather choose to die and burn in hell than watching the sadness from their face, but that’s only me. I don’t expect you to do the same, because we are two entirely different peoples.

        DEAR CANDY, You must understand that love requires discipline. It says in the bible,


        without discipline love has no purpose, without purpose the life we know today has no meaning at all. Unlike maturity, discipline comes with inner strength and how we raised in the family. MOST PISCES WOMEN I KNOW FAILS TO UNDERSTAND THE VITALITY OF LOVE BECAUSE THEY ARE GUIDED BY THEIR DREAMS, VISIONS AND DAY TO DAY COINCIDENCE EARLY ON IN THEIR LIFE, TO BE HONEST MOST PISCES WOMEN WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND “HOW BAD IS BAD UNTIL IT GETS WORSE”
        No-matter how matured or evolved we become without discipline , responsibility and accountability love is just illicit sensation. love is painful for the weak, but for the strong willed its a purpose.

        what’s done is done, no one has the right or authority to judge you because we are all sinners. If you wish to fall in love again with new spirit you need to clean up your mess and pray for forgiveness.
        Trust only God and follow his ways. He will lead you to the right path. Good luck on your journey !!!

      • Enoch January 14th, 2020

        reply to Candy,

        HI, I read your story, its painful, but messy. I really appreciate your courage for writing this to the rest of us considering the difficult situation you are facing in your life, so I won’t judge u for what happened, because I’m not executioner.

        DEAR CANDY, I feel all your agony and pain as my own. I’m absolutely sure that everything happens in your life is for a reason, but i also believe that God is testing you, to strengthen you faith in him so that you would be obedient in your relationship.
        Nowadays marriage lost its value and commitment becomes loose because PEOPLES DECIDE TO FOLLOW THEIR HEART NOW AND THEN. The bible says “THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS, AND DESPERATELY WICKED: WHO CAN KNOW IT. (JEREMIAH 17:9). Just because we live in the free world or given the right to do whatever we desire it doesn’t mean we can let our partner down or break other peoples heart for the sake of our feeling. Civilization make it easy for couples to commit, but once they see their relationship imperfect, they start to wonder how their relationship looks like with their long time boyfriend or girlfriend. once you commit u don’t look out for perfection.

        love requires responsibility, otherwise the peoples around you will pay for the mistake they haven’t done. To be honest I’m mad at you NOT because of your decision to reunite with your first and former love interest but in the middle of the break up both of you involved with other peoples to be part of their life permanently,Now that is a harsh and cruel decision to make. Don’t be mad at me when i say this because I care more about my family well-being than my own feelings, i can not allow my family to experience and witness such a heart break, I rather choose to die and burn in hell than watching the sadness from their face, but that’s only me. I don’t expect you to do the same, because we are two entirely different peoples.

        DEAR CANDY, You must understand that love requires discipline. It says in the bible,


        without discipline love has no purpose, without purpose the life we know today has no meaning at all. Unlike maturity, discipline comes with inner strength and how we raised in the family. MOST PISCES WOMEN I KNOW FAILS TO UNDERSTAND THE VITALITY OF LOVE BECAUSE THEY ARE GUIDED BY THEIR DREAMS, VISIONS AND DAY TO DAY COINCIDENCE EARLY ON IN THEIR LIFE, TO BE HONEST MOST PISCES WOMEN WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND “HOW BAD IS BAD UNTIL IT GETS WORSE”
        No-matter how matured or evolved we become without discipline , responsibility and accountability love is just illicit sensation. love is painful for the weak, but for the strong willed its a purpose.

        what’s done is done, no one has the right or authority to judge you because we are all sinners. If you wish to fall in love again with new spirit you need to clean up your mess and pray for forgiveness.
        Trust only God and follow his ways. He will lead you to the right path. Good luck on your journey !!!

    • SeXyScoRpio143 December 5th, 2019


    • ECJ January 11th, 2020

      Reply to ENOCH…Jeez, lol…that’s a hard pill to swallow. And not all of it is false. I am a scorpio woman and was in an disfunctional relationship for 15 years with a Leo. He was very manipulative and used all of my resources with no remorse. I gave all of my heart and trust to him and was very loyal. I really envisioned this would be the man that I would marry and things would be great for us, I think we both did, inspite of our astrological differences. For all it was concerned, he was my soul mate. Our last few years together were the worst. It was unstable, he was unstable, I was using every dime to support us both, and working two jobs. After over a decade of struggling with this man, having friends and family show their concerns, and me stubbornly standing by him, I broke free from it finally when I met a Pisces man. He started at my work place and I instantly saw the attraction, and avoided him for a few years, as much as, I could until eventually falling into each other paths. I mean literally, I wouldn’t be at work and we’d be at the same store, crossing paths on the same street, on the same bus, etc. The pull for us to be together was beyond strong, I admit. If my relationship with the leo was not in turmoil would i have went with that Pisces? I am not sure. I had been with that leo from age 15 to 30, that’s a lot of people I met in that time…and connections I had, I am just not sure…but i want to say, no…i wouldn’t have falling in the Pisces arms… I don’t regret what I did fully(cheating and breaking up with leo) because I am safe, I finally feel loved, and not abused. I dont like that I cheated, but on another note it was a way for me to reclaim my woman hood (btw said leo refused to have sex with me for 9 years) big deal doing that to a scorpio….
      Listen, I do want emotional connection, I think we all do, that is not specific to one sign or the other and niether is loyalty. If you treat the person you are with right and love eachother and keep eachother safe and hold on to the value, your relationship will not crumble just for emotional connection..unless the person is unhappy or not loyal in the relationship, period. I found a guy that loves and understands and protects me, I got there by not the story book ways, but I got there and value it. I am sorry you experienced and witnessed women from both parties leave their lived ones for just some guy that happens to be emotionaly compatible to them. But I know relationships outside pisces and scorpio dynamic that are long standing and loyal as well…demonizing people just by their signs…I dunno…its not a good way to look people. I am not evil, I am loyal and loving, and just as naive in love as anyone else….all signs are cheaters, all signs are saints. It’s the souls behind the signs.

      • Enoch January 16th, 2020

        Reply to ECJ


        Still your conclusion is quite weak and filled with doubt and uncertainty. i see a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in your statement. but, I’m very glad that we still have a slight understanding because still you didn’t deny it at all considering the negativity of a Scorpio woman’s nature. I’m not hear to curse or demonize this two signs as you claim, i just wanted to give my advice based on my understanding if it only resonate with you. I was chatting with a Scorpio lady a few month ago on a similar topic in this page. it was ugly i get a little over board and i hurt her feeling some how without realizing how sensitive she was, so if i say something offending don’t take it to your heart OK .

        To begin with, i don’t believe in astrology, soulmate, twin flame or any mystic traditions, but i see it as an additional information to my collection to strengthen my weakness. I did a lot of research on zodiac, in all those times i found nothing but confusion. Do you know why, because i found out knowledge has no power after all, none of those has power over me. Belief is my power, i have a good reason for saying that but i wont discuss it hear. The only great thing i have learned living in this world is knowing what is right and what is wrong, the rest is easy, these is what makes me strong till this days, because no one is going to fool me both mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. that’s also the main the reason i don’t believe in intelligence or intellect as well.

        I was in a brief relationship with a Scorpio a long time ago(non sexual). we both enjoyed the closeness, but the more we get in to deeper zone the more her dark side came out and take the better of her,just like Jean gray in x-men, we broke up because i refuse to tap in to her dark side. All i wanted is to build her virtue and moral to bring out the best in her that was my purpose.but she was overly negative and stubborn in her thinking and i cant deal with that anymore,

        Back to my main point, i don’t know what kind of agreement you had with your former Leo guy, but you did the right decision leaving him, because if he failed to fulfill what he promised to deliver what you require, then i don’t see the point of living together.This is why i hate an open relationship. Scorpio woman believes in living together under the same roof before marriage,i understand its tactical in getting to know someone better in close range before she decide to marry for sure. Even though i still don’t mad at you because as long as its not marriage you have the right to be with whoever you wanted

        you said ” if my relationship with the Leo was not in turmoil would i have went with that Pisces? i am not sure” this means, you are not totally committed yourself,the way i see it, you lived your life avoiding commitment in hope for finding someone better right ?!!!!! because a committed person does not say “am not sure” after 15 years of relationship, however i will not blame you because you began relationship at early age

        you said ” if you treat the person you are with right and love each other and keep each other safe and hold on to the value, your relationship will not crumble just for emotional connection” I assured you it is and will always crumble for emotional connection unless you are highly disciplined and spiritually focused. emotional compatibility is the most powerful force that attract two peoples together no matter what the circumstance. do you think emotion has no effect on us ??, have you ever been with people who is emotionally compatible with you?, i know you have?. you cant control yourself, you feel very nervous around them, it makes you want to look in to their eyes sincerely and vulnerably, because the energy is so powerful and soothing that it passes through your soul. your entire body shakes, it makes you get down in your knees and surrender your self for love whether you are married or not. This type of energy is very dangerous , yes everything seems right, but is a very wrong kind of sensation specially if you are in relationship with someone.

        you also said, “your relationship will not crumble just for emotional connection.. unless the person is unhappy” so you always expect to be happy in a relationship, hey!, relationship is the hardest task and test you will ever take in your life.There are good days and bad days and there is good personality and bad personality in our self., you just cant only share the good and leave when the bad takes place, DOES THIS WAY REALLY TAKES YOUR JOURNEY TO THE TRUTH ???? I don’t think so !! and do you think you always be happy with a Pisces male the most “free will” type of guy in the zodiac, who moves with the waves and the tides of the ocean now and then. I don’t think so.

        Nowadays the heart of a Scorpio woman beat faster when she hear a name Pisces, she is that possessed early on, the same applies to Pisces woman thinking about Scorpio male. Actually its not a bad thing to have this kind of feeling but what matter is the end result. To be honest with you i don’t think Scorpio is relationship keeper, not at all.its not her depends on her partner mostly i guess.


        The reason a Scorpio woman love a Pisces male ,is that they both “get each other in deep level”. This two sign share common traits and understanding about life, same belief, same idea,same reason, same psychs. A Pisces male knows her well so he will always embrace Scorpios nature because he is exactly like her, in fact her nature remind him of himself. All this commonalities makes it easy for them to speak with out word.The only difference is that Scorpio got the idea and Pisces put it in to words. she is a prisoner of her own he will give her the support she require to free herself and turn her dream in to when you meet a person who gets you on a higher level and support you physically and emotionally you will feel a deep bond already.
        in fact Scorpio are having a dream of meeting such man to unleash her forbidden desires. there you have it.

        the truth is there is still a tragedy in this relationship, yes it will start as rocky and it seems they are inseparable, however he is not consistent with a Scorpio. he will loose interest in the long run, yes he thought about it before but no long ago before he fall head over hill for Aquarius and Libra woman. Its not a secret why Pisces male fall so hard specially for an Aquarius, so if any Scorpio woman out there relationship with a Pisces, protect him from Aquarius and Libra woman, because this women will easily win the heart of any fish.

        Do you know what amazes me still to this day that i have never found a single Scorpio who say NO or fight to protect her relationship from scandal by having an affair with a Pisces male outside of her relationship. wow just wow, really what is going on! good lord!! this world becomes so wired more than i have anticipated ,they say Scorpio are honest, well !!, telling the truth and live an honest life does not make you trust worthy, .


      • ECJ January 16th, 2020

        I guess you can see that as doubt…I tend to understand both sides of the story and consider all possibilities which makes me sound wishy washy at times…especially when I hadn’t lived outside the circumstance…I do give the benefit of the doubt…its a strength of mine but a very big weakness in debates…

        So I’ll say this with conviction because it’s TRUE. When I find a partner, I commit. I was in a 15 year relationship and am currently in a 4 year one, I understand about good days, and bad days. In the bad days I don’t go running to others, I endure the ups and downs and look to find solutions and compromises, I sit in uncomfortable feelings as I have happy thoughts.
        I am a loyal partner and a good friend, who is learning how to be a better friend to myself. With my first love we had a lot of dark days, but I was still committed to him. I am human and because he refused to have sex (for his own reasons) with me I did get tempted by the idea of being with others. And enduring that for so long was a challenge. And not a secret. I explained this to him often, and how it hurt me, he just kept comforting me with the false hope of things getting better.

        If (and this is where i start to sound wishy washy because this isn’t how it actually worked out) but IF we had a healthy sex life my eyes wouldn’t stray… I know this because I really don’t want to be with 100 people…or the next best thing. I want to live and grow with someone who wants to do the same with me.

        So forgive me if my writing sounded doubtful in consideration for different points of view, but that isn’t the case. Me and said leo could have worked if it hadn’t grown helplessly unhealthy, which it really did.

        I find I dont have to act romantically on all emotional connections…I have them with people, and I value them for what they are, not everything is romantic, but most importantly they have boundaries…if relationships didnt have boundaries we’d all be in eachothers business and I like my privacy. I am happy (by happy I mean happily committed in the good and the bad times) in my relationship.

        I hear what you are saying that every scorpio women should be with a picese first…but simply put that isnt how it worked out for me…hell I dont think I knowingly met a Pisces man until my early 30’s, I met a leo, who taught me a lot and not always in the way someone wishes to learn, but non the less I learned.

        I am cool with they fact that you use astrology to help you navigate, I do similar…

        I just know in my heart of hearts I am a good person and loyal. I am human but try to do the right thing. I am growing and open to learning about myself and the world.

        Life is not so clean cut, we meet soul mates all the time that are here to teach us things and that is it…not everything and everyone is meant to hold on to. That was a lesson I had to learn. In fact, my other scorpio friend struggles with that immensely. And you don’t have to be a pisces to feel that, she is just a very caring person and extremely loyal…

        I just always feel like the scorpios get a bad wrap…so I will defend them…because I live as one I know a few and I know other signs as well…and I think just defining all scorpios as people who find people disposable isn’t true. I’ve seen other signs do said acts…but hey no one is including them in this.

      • ECJ January 16th, 2020

        As for the marriage thing…its weird…you kinda have a point. I do kinda want to get married but I have weird feelings about marriage. And it’s not for commitment reason per say. Leo had terrible debt and bad spending habits so I kinda told him I wouldn’t marry him until he gets his financial life together. He never did get that sorted out…

        With me and my current relationship we both feel similar about finances etc. and getting money and career matters figured out. I don’t look at marriage as a fully romantic thing because it isn’t…there is a lot involved. So it isnt a shying away to commitment as it is I feel uncomfortable taking a step into that blindly out of love…my parents are unhappily married…so it sorta says me away from the whole thing and makes me wonder if it’s nessisary…I’m still figuring that out.

    • Enoch January 17th, 2020

      Second reply to ECJ,

      I tried to understand the challenges you have faced in your relationship life as you put in your statement.

      Your life is a little complicated, because i don’t know why your Leo partner refused being intimate with you that long??? because its his duty to satisfy your desires as long as you too are together, so i will only share my ideas based on entirely what you have said. if you just dump your partner for the lack of sex drive then i don’t think its right thing to do, because after a while anyone can get too comfortable easily in the relationship and forgot to be intimate again, so you will be forced to initiate sex yourself, and its quite frustrating to initiate sex specially for woman. i know a lot of woman who are ignored by their partner in this area, so I don’t think is fair to punish people this way either.

      In all your comment i can still feel something is missing in your life something that deter you from having a fulfilled and happy life, i think you still didn’t get the love you wished. still i see anger, frustration, anxiety, and negativity and hurt in your statement. May be you feel emotionally connected, loved and understood in your current relationship, but it doesn’t mean these are the people you need in your life, if both of you feel this is the right match for each other then go head, i have noting to accuse you,

      Although, i want you to be an Honorable woman in your relationship. not for the sake of love, happiness, fulfillment or commitment, Honorable woman, a woman of purpose, a woman who don’t expect a lot from others. a woman who knows whats to do and whats not to do, not what she want to get, otherwise relationship becomes benefit. how many times did we hear a partner accusing his won partner for the failure of the relationship or vise versa is a sign of benefit. give and take will never last that long because everyone will withhold something from each other, and that is frustrating. it says in the bible

      “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

      when i said a Pisces and a Scorpio should meet first, i mean that its better to test each other first because u are each other weakness. i also said that if you don’t pass this test your relationship might crumble in the future, THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE OR ACCIDENT IN PISCES AND SCORPIO MEETING, IT HAS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN BECAUSE THEIR NATURE, BELIEFS AND PERSPECTIVE IN LIEF ALWAYS LEADS EACH OTHER IN THE SAME LIFE PATH AND WORK PATTERN. THEY WILL ALWAYS CROSS PATH EACH OTHER, THIS IS FACT. THE DIFFERENCE IS HOW DO THEY ACCEPT IT. you are lucky that in the last decade you are not drawn to Pisces or other peoples is because of three reasons. the first is, you were focused in doing many things important to your relationship which kept yourself busy doing two jobs and other things that makes you occupied with in yourself because as you said you and the Leo were in problem (financially) so you are busy amending things,not because you are strong enough to push them away, even though i have to give recognition that what you did is admirable. the second reason is you start relationship at a younger age so it has its own impression too. the third one is he was your first love, you know first love is, sweet and compromising at the same time, it will never end so easily.

      Dear ECJ , i believe things happened in your life is for a reason both good or bad to teach you something, something that you can only understand.because it will give the purpose of your existence, so learn from it well, never repeat the same mistake. let me advise you something more valuable thing based on my experience DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FOCUS, your relationship with a Leo stays longer because you are so focused in what you do. focus is the powerful weapon to punish and discipline our self in this modern world. focus is the source of devotion and dedication. the bible says,

      “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left. (Proverbs 4:25-27)”

      • ECJ January 18th, 2020

        Interesting… Thank you for your insight. Have a nice weekend.

    • Ladyday August 14th, 2020

      I am a Pisces female that was in a relationship with a Scorpio male. It was the most intense relationship ever. The sex was award winning. The spiritual connection that I had to this man was everything. I broke it off 10 years later because of the secrets and dishonesty. I am entertaining another Scorpio but this time I’m gonna take it slow. I never wanna date another sign. Your article was enlightening and I agree with most of it.❤️

      • Enoch August 15th, 2020

        Reply to -Ladyday-

        You seems quite passionate about what you said and totaly satisfied on your personal experiance.

        I knew you are going to agree with my article, becusae i know what i am talking about and am always on point, but thanks any way for your Testimonies.

    • Nona September 9th, 2020

      Enoch are you an aquarius?

      • Enoch September 11th, 2020

        Reply to -Nona-

        You are asking the wronge question. Does it really matters to you which sign do i represent !? My comments on this page only represents my openions based on my observation and experiance, so you can take it for whatever its worth ok.

    • Swavna February 17th, 2021

      I’m a Pisces and my boyfriend is a Scorpio dominant. I’ll tell u something, I really really vibe with the sentiment of your advice ,caution and praise at the same time. I cant exactly figure how old you are, ambut I wish you a healed heart and you are wise and how. I’m sorry for what happened to you and I am guessing you are in a different place in your life right now.🙇‍♀️

      • Enoch January 4th, 2022

        -Reply to Swavna-

        Hey sweetheart,!

        I just come here to say a Thank you for your compliments and all the nice responses, it’s really encouraging, However I don’t think I deserve those praises you gave me to be honest. I wish I could say something more to make you happy 😃 but I can’t. I accept your best wishes and am happy for your relationship.

        Take Care 🌿

    • Mickey June 22nd, 2021

      I’m a pisces woman whose dating a scorpio male. And I get what your saying but we argue and fight and it hurts. He’s the first scorpio I’ve ever dated and we went into the relationship not knowing eachother, at the beginning it was lovely we didn’t fight. Now we do.

      • Enoch January 4th, 2022

        -Reply to Mickey-

        Mickey Honey !, I apologize I took a long time to reply to your comments when you needed it the most. I wish I can say something meaningful to relief you from aggravation about the situation you are in to, but am not the right person for the answer you are looking for, because am neither Scorpio nor Pisces so I can’t speak on behalf of them and don’t expect something special okay !.

        But honestly!
        I don’t know what to say!! You know how scorpions 🦂 are, Hot and Cold, here and there, and it’s all about themselves. So I suggest you enjoy every little drop of happiness, fun and excitement while he is still there, you won’t regret it later if he makes a decision to move on to someone else like they always do, because relationship is always an experience for them. I mean what could you lose after all !? Unless you are serious and have commitment in mind.

        You have to understand that this people are neither fool nor nice they know exactly what they are looking for they just don’t know it till they see it, because for Scorpio ♏️ seeing is believing just like the famous “Scorpio Experience” so you have to figure out what kind of woman he really like ok. This will give you a glimpse on how to adjust yourself for his test of desire on any occasion.


        My only heartfelt advice on whatever you undertake to make this guy happy is just like Paul said in his letters to
        (Philippians 4:6) do whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and whatever gives you good repute and excellence, to make yourself worthy and have peace of mind.

        Please don’t put yourself in a lot of stress and spend your precious time just for getting a mans attention like a typical 🐠 fish. You know men will come men will go there is nothing new.

        Good luck 🍀

  4. Kat March 9th, 2017

    I am a Scorpion woman and I very recently met a Pieces man, we chatted for about a week before actually meeting each other, he chatted me up so nicely via text I thought that meeting him wouldn’t be a bad idea. And it wasn’t, almost immediately I felt a connection to him and he kept me laughing almost the entire night. We were having so much fun that we ended up back at his place (not my usual style), but now he’s almost withdrawn and won’t text me first and any text we do have just flirty. Any ideas on how to turn this guy into a relationship? I don’t normally do what I’ve done when I meet guys and for me connections (true connections) are incredibly difficult to make but I feel as if I made one with him. He’s everything I’ve looked for in partners, I just don’t want to scare him off…..

    • EyesOfTheFox April 11th, 2017

      As a scorpio male, trying to figure out a pisces woman myself, it could just be too much for him too soon. This happened in my situation, however, I would just bring this up when I would see her, and we would have talks about our feelings, and what we are looking for in relationships/life. It’s actually made me feel closer to her than if we had just jumped straight into an I’m yours, you’re mine relationship, or just had a fling. By not focusing on making her exclusive to me as soon as possible, we are able to slowly build our trust in one another.

      • Jp February 3rd, 2018

        I wish I cud say d same abt me I’ve been married to a Scorpio man March make it 5 yrs love him with every bit of me he met me a virgin stood by him with his lies deceit betrayal cheats n more yes he’s ungrateful selfish and he claim to love me more like used me and control me and I’m fed up it’s only so much a Pisces cud take love is not enough wen u finially know ur worth

    • ratul [thelonerpiscean] June 3rd, 2017

      hope u b engaged with him… i dont know that i have an uncanny feeling that he actually tested u…..i mean just to flirt with u….not taking it seriously. dont mind but i fear that he may not eventually turn up….,,,, <> i know it may sound aweful,,,,,,
      But eventually breaking a scorpio’s heart will not do any good, but will pose an unbearable pain inside her 4 lifetime……,,,,,,,Though never mind

      With best wishes;

      • ratul [thelonerpiscean] June 3rd, 2017

        the reply made was for Kat

  5. Piscean_raine August 21st, 2016

    Hi!! Pisces here, and i have a problem, i met this scorpio guy last year. From the very first day of school i fell in love but that time he was already in love with another scorpio woman, and so we started chatting and he always talks about this girl and all. And there was this one time he asked me if i like him and i said yes and after that we havent chatted and then after a few days i chat him saying its ok to be friends if he wants to and he said its up to you. And i was like thingking what he meant by that. Please tell me or am i just giving it a double meaning     
    Oh and everytime we past each other or see each i always caught him staring and we really havent talk in personal just looking at each other. But now I’ve moved on or should i say gave up on him, but now im think im starting to like him again, plus he already gave up on the scorpio women.
    So please i need an advice is it good for me to fall for him again? Do i have a chance?

    • EyesOfTheFox April 11th, 2017

      If I were you, I would focus on yourself. As a scorpio male that has dated a scorpio female, and who’s mother was a scorpio, I can honestly say that two scorpios are never a good mix when it comes to a more than friends type of relationship. We get very possessive of our other half, and tend to like to be in control (or think we are in control) of every situation we get into. We are also very loyal. So if this dude found out you liked him, but he’s already into something, he may purposefully be distancing himself, for the sake of his current relationship. Either that, or, sorry to say, he may not be into you. We tend not to go out of our way for things that we don’t want to be a part of.

    • Psychopath November 12th, 2017

      I’m a scorpio male, when he said that, he meant he would be ok with you, he is distancing himself because he wants you to come for him! After that he will take his next step, we find it hard to get into a relationship because of the things we hide, I liked a Pisces girl, but she was in a relationship with another guy plus she is 6 years elder to me, when they broke up, he left out of state, she opened her heart out to me but i could not tell her I loved her, (i knew both of them in person, he was my best friend and she was his chick) so I let it go!
      I think you should take your chance on him.. It could be a happy ending! My mom was a scorpio and dad is a Pisces! They had some issues, but in the end it was a very loving relationship! Till the end!

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  7. archiezonline75 August 12th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio Man … 39 year … Businessman … married but looking … I know this would sound a bit awkward and unjustified … but yes i am looking for my perfect partner … not necessarily a wife but a companion during all odd and even times … I just do not know how I managed to write this … maybe desperate times … my mail id is … One more thing if a Cancer of Pisces Woman is well qualified she may join my business too … that way I can serve my purpose of companionship …

  8. Alise October 13th, 2014

    Scorpio pisces passionate amazing bond sexy individusl and attratctive date. Candlelight dinner buffet cafe. Hotel sagitarius rat sexy chat night amma emma.

  9. Alise October 13th, 2014

    Amma really bondful powerful drive one and amazing partnership. 

  10. 456123 August 17th, 2014

    scopio fuck bed. connection amazing when one. scorpio man cancer woman. pisces scorpio. really carring outgoing and suitable for witch or orackle really hilarious and funy especially born 12 – 14 november. dont know special qualities maybe mariage but striky and forward. Met in woolworths for 3 years then plit becuse of my familky situation no s or mother. sss.  but the relationship is eally good one. sexy. Same thing… however man and pisces where really hilarious and funny.  So met again and deviantart and nightwish works anthing outy but not homeys or homey. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good.  Dream come true in regards to show movies and closenesss like mother sister. Great planner and dealer- towards tability not like a pices cancer so pisces o but cancer _ not good. saggitarious worth it. especially when hot o hot o sexy with al.

  11. IdesOfMarch April 26th, 2014

    I worked with my scorpio man for a year before he came out and told me about his feelings. I figured I had his type figured out so I didnt want to get to know him. Typical jerk, player, pretty boy type that would ignore u once he got what he wanted. When he came out to me about his feelings i thought it was just the alcohol talking, but when I met his close group of friends I knew this was different. He always told them he would never have girlfriend unless he was going to marry her. He doesn’t hold anything back and he’s the most passionate and strong person I’ve ever met. He always has a way of reassuring me, and has no fear of telling me what he’s feeling which makes me so comfortable to say whatever I want. Our sex is sacred and sensual. Its only been a month but the love has been so strong and intense that we both agreed we’d never leave each other and work things out no matter the cost. I truly feel like he’s my soulmate.  Scorpio men have many layers and don’t give yourself up to them without knowing the status of the relationship first. his feelings for me welled up for a year before he made his move. They’re master manipulaters but can’t control the Pisces which is why they love them. But once he opens up, your love and experience with him is a match made In heaven. I couldn’t be any happier that I’ve found a person who I share a love with that I never thought even existed. Pisces on my dreamers!!

  12. sugarplum21 April 22nd, 2014

    I like to come on this webiste to read comments posted by other visitors, as well as leave my share of feelings and thoughts and to also give some insight to other persons on this page.
    I have been posting casually here from time to time about my relationship with my Scorpio. I have been with my Scorpio man for almost three years and he never fully opened up to me or trusted me because of his previous relationship in which he was left totally hurt, damaged and devastated.  I have known him for about 5 years as a good friend but we have been together for about three years.  So I was there for him emotionally when he broke it off from his ex girlfriend.  I know he needed a friend and I was that to him because that was all I could have been at that time, because he was so depressed :'( Some months passed and then a year and he and I got closer and closer and he started to be happy again which made me happy as well and we both decided that we wanted to be more than just friends.
    I love him with all my heart and I know he loved me too. In the beginning he was all about being my “knight in shining armour” and was so selfless in everything he did for me and our relationship and we were so emotionally connected which in turn made us connect on a different level sexually and that made every time better than the last. I was head over heels in love with him, but after about a year into the relationship he just switched and became the total oppostite of what I had known him to be. I tried everything that I could to help him but he didn’t want my help.  He didn’t actually say he didn’t want my help, but actions really speak louder than words with a Scorpio male and I knew somewhat, that his mind was made up but not intentionally.
    And the sad part about the whole situation is that he just recently told me that he stopped loving me over a year ago, so I came to the conclusion that all the time he has been pretending to love me!  My instincts kept telling me that everything about him changed but I just didn’t want to take it seriously because I know how some men could be sometimes and I was in denial (didn’t want to face the reality that I could actually be losing my Scorpio love of my life), so I thought things would have gone back to normal after a little while.
    When he told me how he felt about me it broke my heart :'(… because I gave this man a lot and I felt like he was just taking pieces of my soul from me all that time.  He told me that he felt really bad for what he did and he was sorry for hurting me, but that doesn’t make up for him treating me the way he did.  I am the type of Pisces that appreciates when a man is honest with me, even if the truth hurts because if you keep secrets and then I find out things I should have known before, a long time after, then that eats me inside entirely, and that is exactly what my Scorpio did to me.
    I still love him with all my heart and wish that this pain could go away or I could just blink and everything would be back to normal.  I miss the old him so much but I know that he doesn’t love me anymore.  He may care about me a lot but he won’t love me the way he did before. I want to respect him and leave him alone and give him his space but I feel so alone without him and I find myself texting him or calling him just to hear his voice, even though we don’t know what to say to each other.  Sometimes I wish he would just call and say “Baby I’m so sorry for hurting you so bad and I am willing to do anthing to make this work! Can you forgive me?” But I know that won’t happen and I just have to live with the reality that I lost my forever and soul mate.
    I don’t hold any grudges against him for it because he feels how he feels and I cannot control anyone’s feelings, but I just hope he doesn’t put another woman through what he put me through! Being secretive and not being able to trust the person you supposedly love will definitely destroy the relationship.
    I hope that someday the love of my life and I could reconnect again and be the happy couple that we once were. I love you baby and I miss you so much.  I need you like I need the air I breathe.  Please come back to me. My heart and soul is so incomplete without you.  :'( :'( :'( :'(

  13. Jera03 April 22nd, 2014

    im just curious how i’ll know if a scorpio man is interested in me? ^_^ my crush is a scorpio man and we know each other but never approach each other.. we just make awkward eye contacts.. 🙁

    • EyesOfTheFox April 11th, 2017

      As a scorpio male, we become very devoted. Some of us are cautious and will just stare at you without blinking, trying to get a feel for whatever voodoo you have cast on us, basically trying to figure out if our feelings would be worth your time. I am a little more brazen and will just straight up tell you I dig you and that I want to get to know you. I will share things with you that I think you will find interesting. Sometimes this can be too much too fast and scares most ladies away. Although I have met a pisces woman recently that isn’t afraid to have these discussions. She is very brave.

  14. aisha001 April 4th, 2014

    any pisces male here….i am ashi a scorpio woman…wana know which type of girl they like…would they prefer sagittairus woman or scorpio woman…what do they like…do they like scorpio female if so then why

    • ratul.biva June 3rd, 2017

      are yaar ab ye mat puch,,,,,;;;mera bhi same haal tha school mei,,,,,i was in XII;;;;;,,,,,,nd she was my first crush ; my first love,,,,,nd it was a “”love at 1st sight”” 4 me…….

  15. PiscesMale September 8th, 2013

    I don’t know a lot about Zodiac compatibilities, but my Scorpio/Pisces experience is nothing like the fairytale accounts depicted here.  Before my marriage, my Scorpio wife start calling me frequently a couple of months after she broke up with a neighbor/friend of mine, who is an insecure, possessive, jealous Aquarius male who never graduated from high school but got his GED and lived with his mom with no ambition in life content with minimum wage jobs (I have friends/family who have done quite well in life with a GED, so I am not passing judgement on anybody in that situation).  She always painted herself to be this headstrong woman who knew what she wanted in life.  After their breakup, things between my future wife and I started off good, and we had great conversations not dissimilar to the accounts expressed in this thread already.  We ended up moving in together, and she got pregnant and we had a son together.  A few months afterwards, we got married.  Ever since getting married, things changed quite a bit.  The Pisces personality is always depicted as the dreamer type, but in this case, I believe she was the one looking for a fairytale marriage, and I was the one more grounded and was the only one in the marriage trying to save money while she was racking up exorbitant amounts of credit card debt on gifts for the kids we would end up donating to charity a year or two later.  We ended up buying a 4 bedroom house, something that her unambitious ex-boyfriend could never do.  A couple of years after the birth of our son, we had a daughter.  Once we starting getting ourselves in financial trouble, I was working two jobs 18 hours a day while she took care of the kids.  She cared nothing about the extra hours I had to work.  She married a higher paid professional, and it was her sense of entitlement to cash it in for all that it was worth, making herself look good to her family and friends.  Looking back in hindsight, it is quite clear that my wife’s intentions were nothing but hypergamy.  I remember when she was dating her ex-boyfriend how he would brag about the frequency of their sexual encounters, something like 4-5 times per week.  I can tell you it was nothing for me to go 3-6 months between encounters, and now, pre-divorce, going 3 years.  I have concluded that Scorpio women are alluring, vindictive and calculating, waiting to pounce on an opportunity to take advantage of the kindness of those who exhibit kindness to further their own agendas.  This is unfortunate because I have recently become attracted to someone, and through the magic of Facebook, I found out she is a Scorpio.  I’m strong considering not inviting this newly discovered person in my life for this reason.  Even after reading and re-reading the main narrative above, I have a hard time drawing the same conclusion that everybody else has drawn in the benefits of a Scorpio-Pisces relationship. 

  16. narendra54 May 28th, 2013

    im a scorpio man, i feel every minute for my pisces woman. When her frndz ask about me,She alwayz tell her frndz that she love her neighbour boy who is near to her home. When i ask about her neighbour boy, she alwayz says that ‘Dont interfere him while we both r talking’. Now this is holidays time, i feel her, but isn’t she feel about me…..? Sometimes pisces are unpredictable.

  17. sugarplum25 February 15th, 2013

    How do I even begin to say this (sigh!)…I have been writing a couple of posts here lately and I think this is the ultimate one.  
    I have finally found the man of my dreams and the stars weren’t lying when they said a Scorpio and Pisces relationship was a perfect match.  I, being the Pisces woman and my boyfriend being the Scorpio male has brought my dreams to reality…He is everything a woman could ever ask for! He is so ambitious, knows what he wants, we don’t fight or argue, we help each other out and most of all we love each other dearly! Even though we do disagree sometimes, the matter is always very trivial and we get over it in a split second!
    I am only 27 years old but I have experienced a couple of relationships and I must admit, I have never been in one like this! It is so easy to love my man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him! NO JOKE. He is amazing.  He tells me how beautiful I am everyday and how much he loves me.  He treats me with so much respect, honour and loyalty and this is something that I have never experienced before! 
    Our love for each other is unlike any other and I am so happy that I have my Scorpio sweetheart in my life!  Having conversations with him is so easy and we share all our deepest darkest thoughts with each other and the sex is explosive to the point where passion takes to the forefront. I see fireworks every time we make love!
    I could go on about my soul mate for hours but I would run out of space to write lol…So I would end on this note.  Scorpio/Pisces relationship is indeed a match made in heaven and once you connect you won’t be disappointed because a love like this is unprecedented…Love your Scorpio mate and he will reciprocate that love in return and ten thousand times more! I’m getting butterflies just talking about him!. Pisces and Scorpio forever love!
      Leah and Jerome 4ever <3 😉

  18. ladyofconquest January 22nd, 2013

    i am a pisces woman trying to understand my weird behavioral tendecies (pisces dreamy thing/out of this world moments). I came across this love compatibilty article with a scorpio man and i think the charactersistics of a scorpio is what i am looking for in a man, i want someone strong enough to protect me and to ground me when im off this world in my own realm of fantacies but at the same time i want him also to indulge me with these fantacies every once in awhile. This longing has been in me since i was a child, the need to be pampered and spoiled. When i turned 17 i met a pisces man, the only man i have been intimate with, our love affair was the most romantic i have ever known he is very sentimental and sensitive, we had a son and also a pisces, he  is a good provider and a loving husband but mostly a nagger too and an extremely jealous and possesive husband. I was thrilled at first but later it drained the life out of me yet we have been married for 12 years now. The thing is, i think i am not where i suppose i should be.. i dont know why but this feeling of emptiness/longing seemed to never leave me despite all the comforts and kindness my husband provides me. His jealousy destroyed me and It pains my heart that after making me distrust him completely he is trying all his might to restore evrything we had before so for the sake of our son i stayed.This situation made me think of my destined love, eversince i was young, i had been plagued with dreams about a man who says to find me where ever i am so i should just wait. When i was 17  i thought that it was my husband but now i am having doubts and i feel lonely to the extent that i sleep more than my usual and i daydream most of the time. The dreams about the mysterious man keeps coming to me too. For a normal being they would say i am using my fantasy to escape my current problems, but for me as per my heart feels is that i completely lost my chance of finding my true love or that i am simply an impossible person who cannot be satisfied with anything. Is there such a destined love? if you found it but was never able to recognize it will it be gone completely?
    The characters of a scorpio man according to this article gives me hope that a pisces woman can be loved and understood as much as i had dreamt it to be. I am really desperate seeing the reality of this world that all i have been longing for is unattainable and not within the grasp of this earth… 😛

  19. pinty December 12th, 2012

    Let me clear this weak and strong concept.Pisces may seem weak on out side but they are very strong inside.Scorpio may seem strong outside but they are weak inside.My best friend is pisces.I am scorpio by the way…..true pisceans are very very nice people… nature,sacrificing,nice to everyone…….from true heart….wants to give more than take….forgive easily,brilliant listeners,non judgemental……..
    Scorpio has much more to learn from pisces….I used to be a bit rude person before i met this piscean friend of mine…..then i thought,,,,,someone can be so nice,so positive,,,talk good of everyone…how?
    that changed me forever…we are both female friends…She and me can tell each others mood from juat one and first “hello” on telephone call….:)

    • victor March 3rd, 2017

      Hello pinty, I love the way u write nd ur witty understanding. I am a pisces Feb 29th. I wud like to meet u. If u get this pls do write to me thru this email

  20. lafemmenoir November 16th, 2012

    I am a scorpio womyn and years ago i was blessed to begin a friendship with a pisces womyn. i cant even recall how our friendship began but i know she chose me. she was the very first person i felt i could truly open my heart to. i felt safe with her and anyone who knows us scorpios knows how difficult it can be for us to show vulnerability with others but with her it was easy. she understood me in ways no one else did and she could see right through me. she never hesitated to ask the questions others were afraid to and i respected her for that. somewhere along the line i began developing feelings for her that extended beyond just friendship however i was too fearful to act on them and so i let it pass. when i began a relationship with another woman (an aquarius) it then became clear that she (the pisces) had feelings for me but i felt it was best we remain just friends at the time. since then we’ve had some “moments” where we’ve been intimate but ive always prevented it from going too far because we’re not in a relationship and i don’t think she has any intention of getting serious with me (she has only dated men and always seems to have some guy around). i cant allow myself to have a casual sexual relationship with her due to the nature of our present relationship (including the fact that she’s now married). i know i will want more and will not be comfortable with that arrangement. however my rejection of her advances seems to have caused her to distance herself from me and i truly do miss her and want to be as close to her as we once used to be but seems like both of us dont want to be upfront with our feelings. sigh…

  21. Classic_Stacy September 10th, 2012

    Being a Scorpio sometimes isn’t easy, we feel everything so deeply, so passionatly sometimes its hard to control. Pisces live in thier own little fantasy world, sometimes they have a hard time seeing how their actions affect the Scorpio’s intense feelings.
    I’m a Scorpio woman, I love a Pisces man. I will always love him. He is in my heart and soul. I will carry my love for him throughout the rest of my life, and into the next one. Someday we will be together again. Drug addiction took him from me, and he couldn’t choose me over drugs. I can’t forgive coming in second over anything. Be careful, it is very easy for the fish to get hooked. If you find a pisces that is or has had a drug or alcohol problem be very careful, s/he may have changed for now, but it will always call them back. Pisces are prone to self-pity, and self-destructive behavior. Once they start the self-distruction they will only want to escape it, and you. As a Scorpio, we have a hard time letting anyone escape, once we have decided to love someone it will be unyeilding.  
    A Scorpio will do anything to make you happy, I once walked 15 miles just in the hopes of seeing my Pisces’s smile. We love with all of our being. But when we hurt we hurt with everything we have. If you find a Scorpio that seems cold and uncaring, they are emotionally scared and have walls up to protect themselves.
    *WARNING* They say breaking up is hard to do. Breaking up with a Scorpio needs to be very careful. If you break up with them when they are still in love with you can expect a stalker. I really actually can’t help myself. If you break up with a Scorpio and piss them off you’ll be so sorry. Best case scenario- They will never speek, look, or acknowledge you again. Worst case scenario- you lost your home, your car, your job, your friends have been turned against you, and your family isn’t talking to you. Not to mention s/he has slept with your three best friends, and one of your siblings (you can’t blame them Scorpio is hard to resist). Hell hath no fury than a Scorpio scourned!

  22. LadyT August 8th, 2012

    This is the kind of bond that is fustrating! The attraction is almost to good to be true! A scropian man fell for me and didnt stop until I gave in… needless to say…it was a great relationship, but did not end well. I would rather stay away from scropian men for now!

  23. DesertRay July 28th, 2012

    Well, I love reading about astrology. I am 27 y/o and from time to time I read about other zodiac signs and try to get a better idea of their traits. I recently fell for a gorgeous 27 y/o Albanian (greek god) Scorpio male and I always wondered when I would ever get to meet a man that was a scorpio and I did not know he was a Scorpio till about 2 months ago for some strange reason I kept think he DOB was under Libra and kept looking into that sign and it did not make sense because the Scorpio male is so secretive. We first met at a lounge and he was telling me how he was in a long term relationship for 6 years and how she cheated on him and he asked me if I would ever do something like that to a guy like him? and I was tipsy and so was he, but I was thinking to my self “WAS THIS GIRL CRAZY”!!!! HE IS FRIGGIN GORGEOUS AND his persona is just so controlling, SEXY and masculine. I freakin LOVE that!! It has been 6 months we have been friends with a little extra and he knows I care for him. What sucks is that we both dumped our signifigant others 2 years ago and we were both in long term relationships and he may have trust issues, which makes it difficult for him to open up! I mean now I guess he see’s how honest I am with him and I feel like he is starting to trust me. I guess time will tell but I have been keeping my options open and dating other men who are as equally as gorgeous and stable but I do not feel the same connection that I feel with him. It is just so unexplainable and I keep thinking, THAT IS IT! and I try to disappear but bam I get a text from him and I have to reply!! I can see in his eyes that he is just as passionate as I am but I am waiting on him to make the move and I told him he is going to lose a succesful, loving, caring and independent women like me, but he thinks I am rushing it!!! I am not asking for marriage. Just more time to hang out. I am starting to lose hope, and starting to think about that movie “He is Just Not that Into You” LOL.

  24. SeanE June 22nd, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio and I met a Pisces and we were having a great relationship then her mom found out and she made us break up but nothing will convince her mom plus I’m 12 and we really love each other but her mom is getting in the way can somebody please help

  25. hsapin May 8th, 2012

    @lindzi3112 I hope so also. xD I decided against the cancer. My ex and I smile and wave when we see each other, but I’m not exactly a courageous one. I still haven’t really talked to her.

  26. lindzi3112 April 22nd, 2012

    @hsapin that was a very sweet and I am sorry that that has happened to you but I hope everything works out for you (:

  27. hsapin March 22nd, 2012

    I’m a pisces man who dated a scorpio woman, and honestly I think she is easily the greatest girl I’ve ever known along with being extremely admirabe in many ways; it’s hard to explain. She broke up with me almost a year and a half ago now, and despite the fact that we only dated for a month and a half I ended up falling in love with her, although it wasn’t untill after she had broken up with me that I realized it. I would like to mention that right after she broke up with me she pashionately kissed me, although I pushed her away saying “I don’t think we should be kissing if we just broke up,” and I still don’t know if that was a good idea or bad. I honestly was kind of upset and felt like someone who had just broke up with me didn’t deserve a kiss from me either. xD Let my emotions get the best of me right there for sure. About 2 months after she had broken up with me I was still trying with her, but being a passive guy I couldn’t properly convey how I felt about her. She began acting like she hated me, and pushing me away as hard as one could; even going so far as to call me “creepy,” which really hit me hard because I find that to be an actual meaningful insult. I really don’t think I was doing anything creepy, at the most I would make split second eye contact as I was passing by, or try to make small talk with her over facebook. Such an insult and the way she was acting really made me want to give up on her, so I did. As soon as I did so she got a new boyfriend, but I didn’t really make anything of it honestly. Only 3 days after she had gotten together with him we made a bit of prolounged eye contact as they were walking past me, and she literially broke up with him not 2 minuets afterwards. I took this as a sign that she possibly still had feelings for me, but I decided not to really make anything of it. The following 4 or so days I no longer felt that she hated me, and she had stopped talking about me negatively; we even began making more friendy eye contact more often. After a short time of doing this I bulit up enough courage to try and seriously talking to her. She was with friends, so I asked her if we could talk and we walked to a secluded area. I’m honestly not sure if any words came out, but I hugged her and she hugged me back the same way that she used to when we were together, her face burried in my chest, my heart beating so fast and hard it might as well have beat right through my chest and her doing the same thing she always did when she was confused or embarassed where she would couver her eyes by putting her forehead on my chest. A good shock went through my entire body, never have I felt or heard something described to be so intimate, so meaningful. I whispered because I could barely breath “I miss you,” with her repeating the same. This is when I realized I loved her, six months after I had met her 2 and a half months or so after we had broken up. Unfortunately the only good time I had to talk to her was at school and the warning bell rang for class, so we let go almost simultaneously breaking out of the so good-I-must-be-dreaming state that I certainly was in and I think she must have been in and going to our respective classes. I honestly had the biggest smile on my face afterwards all day It was total ecstacy the feeling I had with her that time; like this is the girl I would never have to search for again. This is the one for me. I honestly can’t describe or even think of the feeling without my eyes watering as if I’m going to cry. Anyways, after that things got really slow between us I wasn’t sure what I should do next because I got the unsure feeling from her and It’s still that way today, although things happened in between. I gave her a kind of love letter for valentines day and we hugged which must have been at least 2 months after I fell in love with her. The letter was poorley worded as I was, and still am afraid to tell her I love her; not to mention I’m not very good at putting my emotions into words. She didn’t recieve this well and her friend told me that what we had was just her having a crush on me, and basically she just wanted me to leave her alone. I took this harder than I probably should have and fell into an actually pretty deep depression for a few months. I stopped even looking at her despite we had a class together and saw each other several other times throughout the day. This actually got on her nerves and she started to do things seemingly to get my attention she even liked something on facebook. I believe word for word it said “Go ahead and ignore me in the halls every day like you don’t remember me, but I hope that every time we make eye contact you remember all our great memories, and I hope it hurts,” along with “Ways to die: 1.(something that I honestly can’t remember) xD 2.Smoke every day, you’ll die slowly (or something along those lines) 3. Love someone who dosen’t love you back, you’ll die daily,” and of corse this made me think she was interested in me again, but I really wanted her to more directly show it. A dance was coming up and I knew that she would be going without a date, so I decided to go also even though I don’t really like dances much and I’m not very good in crowds so that I might be able to dance with her and talk to her in person for more than the in-between class time allowed. I invited a good female friend of mine to go with me in the case things didn’t work out at the dance with my ex and also so I wouldn’t feel like a loner before I had actually found my ex. I ended up not seeing my ex untill the end of the dance, but when I found her I mustered up all my courage, reminded myself what I had come to the dance for, and walked right up to her tapping her on the arm and asking is she wanted to dance. This was actually quite the feat for me because I’m kind of a shy guy. xD  She must have misinterepreted my going to the dance with my friend because the fact that she didn’t want to talk to me was made clear by look like she had just been betrayed so deeply along with an “I’m busy..”  and her quickly walking off. I followed her a bit to where she and her sister (who I am still, and was already good friends with at the time) and some of their friends were all hanging out. I talked with her sister and explained what happened and her sister didn’t really know either. So after a few more minuets I asked my ex for a dance again with the same response. I began kind of just standing there deep in thought next to her sister when another guy asked her if she wanted to dance that she didn’t even know and she accepted. Right in front of me she grinded all over him with almost anger (for those of you who don’t know, grinding is a popular dance among teenagers where a girl, to put it bluntly, rubs her ass all over a guy’s crotchal region) and I’m not really a jealous guy so It really did nothing more than confuse me. I kind of spaced out again untill they were done and she kind of shooed the guy off when I’m not sure what came over me but I walked up kinda grabbed her arm (not really forcefully at all, but it’s still a bold move for me) and said “May I have this dance” or something like that in a kind of joking manner, to which she just responds “No..” and starts walking away. Again I follow her asking this time asking “whats the matter?” several times (I was very upset actually) and all she would say was “nothing,” so I said “well if you won’t dance with me then can I have a hug?” and she just stopped turned around and i basically walked into her it was so sudden. I put my arms around her and she gave me just about the most angry hug you can imagine. xD (she’s actually really cute even when shes angry) My hug seemed to calm her down a bit and we hugged for quite a while when I finally broke the silence with “could you give me a chance” or something like that and her eyes got wide and I could tell she deeply thought about it like how I could always tell when she was deeply thinking about something. She just walked away without saying anything and I gentally let my grasp go of her, but at the last second I caught her again and whispered “at the very least please don’t think of me as creepy,” and she stood there with a shocked embarassed expression like “he knows about that?”  xD. I let her go and left the dance soon after that. I was so hurt and confused by that whole thing so I decided to just give up on her, but that’s a feeling I can never make last long. Nothing happened between for a while since then, but about 5 months ago now… wow it’s been longer than I thought; she started saying hi to me at school like how she used to before we started going out, but she was with her boyfriend she got after all that and was on and off with for 4 or so months. We started talking over facebook and things where going great when something I don’t really know what happened between her and her now ex boyfriend and she was acting like she did with me with him, and it really upset me because I know how it is to love her (even though I don’t think he really knows because he’s said I love you to every girl he’s ever dated) and I just really didn’t feel like talking to her any more. I honestly believed they were just going to get back together again so I thought there was no point in getting all excited over the fact that they had broken up. I was so I’m not really sure how to describe it, but just done with the whole thing that I never messaged her back on facebook and I stopped saying hi to her at achool again. For about 2 months I was like that when one day she was getting taken out of school for a dentist apointment (she has braces now and there so cute on her I could fall in love a second time) xD and we walked past each other and she said hi to me. Her ex boyfriend got a new girlfriend recently and I think she was really upset, almost depressed over it, and I’ve never seen her even remotely like that. Honestly it scares me a bit to see her like that even if she isn’t outwardly showing it. Now to get to the real point. She recently deleted her facebook after her ex got a new girlfriend and started talking to her about how she was his “first love” and that they had grown apart in friendship and shit. Now heres the thing I have no way to conact her because she dosen’t have a phone and she deleted her facebok so the only thing I can really do is talk to her through her sister. I want to talk to her because I really do want to know how she feels about everything and if we have any chance of getting back together. Recently I have been talking to another girl (a cancer with some deep emotional problems) but I can’t help but like her, and it’s weird because this is the first girl I’ve really liked since the scorpio broke up with me all that time ago. I’ve tried with other girls, but none did I actually get to like enough to consider a relationship besides this cancer. Now the closer I to being in a relationship with this cancer girl the more I start thinking about my ex the scorpio who I can’t even get into contact with but I’m desprately in love with. I don’t want to ruin my chances with my ex forever and it’s getting to where I’m really reluctant to go out with any other girls even as something meaningless and risk loosing and chance of ever being with my ex again. I really honestly love her, but I don’t want to waste my time on a girl who dosen’t and never will love me back.. Sorry I shared this long boring story, but I really do believe that she being a scorpio female is perfect for me being a pisces male, and I think there is validity in all this. At least i’d like to believe because this is the girl I love and silly things like that give me hope. xD

    • ratul.biva June 3rd, 2017

      ##hsapin##!! man hav the guts ,,,,nd shower her with endless love nd affection;;;;;if it though means by force,, spilling of emotions or by “”never giving on her”” attitude.. if u truly love her,,,,,dont ever generate any ounce of doubt or do something that makes ur relationship vulnerable… just wait patiently nd try ur best 2 regain her trust….

      with best wishes,

  28. Nick644 January 31st, 2012

    I just wana say I’m in a relation ship with a Scorpio women and I’m a pices man and really I think we have an amazing relation ship an to be honest I have heard ppl on like yahoo sayPisces cheat and junk but that’s like the biggest lie on this side of my ass hole! Any way just  saying if u are pices out ther and u want a Scorpio , dont try controlling until u get passed thet outer shel , and even then if u truly care u shouldnt need to control , just love and she should love back , lol they say pices are need well u shuld see m Scorpio , man once u get deep with them they arnt an better.
    Pices for the win

  29. sugarplum25 January 26th, 2012

    @Rudi I read your story and that was the most passionate thing I have ever read.  It’s so good to hear how a true Scorpio man feels about his Pisces woman :)…I am sad to hear how things are now between the two of you and it looks like your Pisces sweetheart was pushed to the limit, and that’s the thing with us Pisces women, we swim away when things seem to be getting more tough than usual and we seem to never look back.  But Rudi I have hope for you and I, being a Pisces woman myself, believe that she will come back to you, but it may take a while, maybe even some years. Just keep the faith and she will come back and everything between the two of you will be even more passionate than before, because of the time you both spent apart and this time I know that you would truly be inseparable.  
    I am still looking for my Scorpio man but I’m still with my Saggitarius bf/little boy and it’s like I cannot leave him, no matter how bad he treats me. I have made several failed attempts to leave him before and it just isn’t working and I don’t know what else to do.  I feel so lost. I think the thing that makes it even worse is the fact that we have a child together and I think about her everytime I try to leave him and that is probably what’s keeping me back, but I cannot keep going on like this.  There is no benefit for me in this relationship because even when I ask him if him and I are a couple, he never has an answer or always ignores me or just brushes it off.  It’s like he is unsure of what he wants or has.  We have known each other for five years, have a beautiful baby girl together and he still doesn’t know what he has? He’s crazy! I always try to see the good in him but it’s getting harder everyday especially since he’s cheated on me before…I can never trust him again the way I used to. Everything he does annoys me. The way he operates is so stupid to me and it’s like he’s trying to make everyone in the world believe that he’s single, even me. BUT HE’S NOT!!! He either needs to come to terms with that or get some kind of counselling because if at this stage he still doesn’t know what he wants then I am convinced that there is something truly wrong with him.  I think Saggitarius people need a serious reality check. That’s no joke. They think the world evolves around them and it doesn’t. They love to make themselves feel important but they aren’t. Yea they may be good looking people most of the time but not to the point where they must require all the attention.  
    I pray everyday that I find a wonderful, spiritual, loving and understanding Scorpio man soon and as soon as he finds me, I will be all his and my daughter’s father could go suck an egg 🙂
    P.S. A little advice to all my Piscean ladies out there…NEVER DATE A SAGGITARIUS MAN!!!…It will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life…Pisces and Saggitarius relationships are a BAD combination because they don’t last and if they do, there will be constant struggles to keep it working. If you see a Saggitarius man falling for you, RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!! If you have a Scorpio man hold on to him because you both deserve each other.

  30. Keri August 31st, 2011

    Well i am pisces and i met one scorpio guy.He is just..FRIGGIN AWESOME xD!Well i knew who he is because we r at the same school but we just..didnt talk n stuff.One day he just came to me and we started talking.I just adore him because he makes me smile and laugh.Usually im melancholic and im often in a bad mood but with him i feel so wonderful .He just makes my day brighter and he makes me forget about all negative stuff.He understands me so well.Right now we are BestFriends.I dont want it to end.Im so afraid to lose him..really.He is awesome.

  31. Johnnyboy August 15th, 2011

    I actually think everything this story says about Pisces and scorpio is true. People might think I’m to young to be in love or whatever but i know how it feels. I’m a male Scorpio n I have a girlfriend Pisces I’ve been with her for 4 years already. Met her in 5th grade year (probably around 11 yrs old) well actually not met her just cause we never talk but once I saw her i immediately fell for more like a crush. In 6th grade I didn’t get to talk to her because we had gone to different schools but thanks to myspace (lol) I got to get in touch with her again so sixth grade pass and we had just barely started talking towerds the end of of that year. At the beginning of 7th grade we had started dating. And now I’m turning 17 in my 11th grade of highschool. And idk how we had lasted so long with each other, I wasn’t expecting this. But when I’m with her everything feels so different, she makes me smiles when I’m feeling down, I make her laugh when I know something is wrong. Yes we had, had our breaks sometimes. But we just keep falling for each other again n plus things haven’t worked out with me when I’ve tried to talk to new people. I just hope I can be with her in the future. I’m willing to do anything for her.

  32. Olivia-Pisces June 17th, 2011

    I’m a pisces girl and I dated a Scorpio man for about 6 months andre me tell you; we had a great connection. Then I dated another Scorpio for a while and we also had a great connection. But in January I met another Scorpio boy(this was when I was dating the first Scorpio I mentioned) and I looked at him, he looked at me and felt sparks but i figured I am probably just making it up! So we both dated other people but right now he and I kind of have a thing, if you will. We actually hung out last night and I realised how much I like him. Whenever I look into his eyes its like he is all I see. He makes me laugh. He gets me. I get him. I know it’s not ‘romantic’ but I’m 13 sooo.

  33. itsme May 20th, 2011

    @Pisces1986: hi..i’ve read your story and i would say, please be patient coz your perfect guy is just around the corner..i wish you could also meet an scorpion and i would say its gonna be different..near to pefect..goodluck girl…

  34. sugarplum21 May 18th, 2011

    I am a Pisces and I am currently in an on and off again relationship with my daughters father who is a Sagittarius and when I first met him he was the sweetest person I could have ever met in my life and we were both madly in love with each other. We have known each other for the past four years and I admit it has been tough and sometimes I wish that I had met someone different or he would change and be a better person. He cheated on me when I was seven months pregnant with our daughter and even though I forgave him I haven’t forgotten what he did and I still carry the hurt around because he promised me that he would never hurt me but he did it anyway…I have never met a Scorpio guy before and I don’t know what the reason for that is, because from what I’ve read here in these comments they seem to be really sweet, put-together and passionate individuals and I would love to meet one someday. I know that I am a good person and I treat a man good once he does the same to me…All my relationships have been fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) apparently I attract these type of signs…but one thing I know is that they are very manipulative people, even when they are wrong they always try to make themselves look like the victim…they are NEVER wrong…always has to have the last say…always want something from you and never willing to give…full of excuses, and most of all they are not good listeners…I need to break it off with my daughter’s father for good and accept someone new and different into my life for a change because it makes no sense being unhappy and trying to make it work with him if he is unwilling to change and just remain stuck in his ways! I guess if all the things you people say about Scorpios are true then I have to meet one myself and test the waters lolol! BTW I loved reading all your comments guys, they gave me so much insight into things I thought I knew everything about! I learned a lot from this…

  35. Author
    Ask Oracle April 14th, 2011

    @pinkmermaid While expression of feelings is a good thing but trying to demand, force, control someone is not.

  36. pinkmermaid1 April 14th, 2011

    Is it wrong for a Pisces woman to ask put a Scorpio man if things aren’t going as fast as she would like? Should I just wait, and if he is truly interested he will make his move?

  37. jordjo April 12th, 2011

    Pisces man loves scorpio female. Had friends with a terrific communication but never close enough to commit. Pursuing now and hope i works.

  38. itsME April 7th, 2011

    and i can say now…that i am COMPLETE…thank’s babe..i love you..

  39. itsME April 7th, 2011

    hey…love reading all your stories guys! i wanna share mine too, with my pisces a female scorpion too..
    to start with, we were friends since grade school and also had our own sets of friends and etc..i had my first boyfriend who was his best friend and so he had his, as well..everything was normal but there’s SOMETHING different everytime our eyes met..seemed he has something inside him that i should know and i even wanted to ask about it, but i felt too awkward..then we parted ways..we had our own lives..
    then we bumped to each other one day, after along time..that time we were both devastated..strange, but we became really close. we shared problems and helped each other finding ways to get things was amazing!we inspired each other..but, that SOMETHING, since our younger days, remains “something”, that we dont understand bcoz no one started saying anything..i really wanna ask him since what we had was not normal for friends though we only hold each other’s hand and went out almost every night..just as that..but you know what?, that SOMETHING, still, wasnt answered till we parted ways again!..
    then few years passed by..after searching each other thru the net, i found him..oh god, i dont know but i was very excited seeing him again, i messaged him and left a no. so he can contact me.he texted me…wow, that was heaven on earth!..then we met..he was totally different!!he changed a lot…everything..i even felt out of his circle,which he was feeling too, before, towards me, he said..then, we had a time to talk, this time, we’re mature enough, i guess, to talk of that SOMETHING that was left behind for so long..i remember, i was the one who initiated, which i should have done before..then he started telling me everything that’s inside him since the first time he saw me, his feelings the second time we met and what he still feels until even shed a tear! it was thru a phone call from him..all i just said was..why didnt you tell me that?..why just now?..its hurting bcoz were both committed, yet we realized, that its LOVE that binds us since then..we were very greatful, though..we went out twice before he left for abroad, where he work..and he said, maybe its late but for the love, it will never will always lead to where it should be.. and its deep within our hearts and soul..and then he left..again..but he made it sure to me that he’ll gonna come back..this time, its for good..everything’s answered..
    maybe that’s what piscean and scorpion lovers matter how hard, how far, there would be the so called, “RIGHT TIME”..and i guess, we are one of those..kinda sad but yet, im feeling greatful and happy.

  40. Ebony March 29th, 2011

    I just met this scorpio guy a few days ago. He hit me up online and was interested in me. I felt a connection right away which scared me because it seemed make believe. Scorpio men say and do all the right things…. We do have a age differ I’m 32 (happy belated bday all pisceans and he’s 25…. Want to see where this goes but I feel it will be the best I ever had…. Keep u posted!

  41. Rachel March 29th, 2011

    just caution cuz once you let a pisces enter your life and give youself to him theres no going back, drama for life you know the expression “cant live with or without him”…

  42. Rachel March 29th, 2011

    Anonymous are you a woman or a man? to be honest i get your point the comment was a bit “too personal” tho some of that stuff happened to me, going on with a pisces man for 7 years now and im going nuts with so many breakups/makeups. In my opinion a SCORPION MAN is very different from a SCORPION WOMAN. so think that “fairy tale” most common applys on scorpio man +pisces woman , then scorpion woman+pisces man, in terms of a long and STEADY relashioship. so to all the girls reading this forum go find a nice and calm earth sign like virgo or capricorn (taurus being the opposite sign maybe will turn out the same way that is with the pisces, too much emotions going on, bestfriend yes not more). just caution cuz once you let a pisces enter your life and give youself to him theres no going back, drama for live you know the expression “cant live with or without him”…

  43. Rufio(Pisces) March 29th, 2011

    My best scorpio gf and I would have nights where we would talk for hours then the next day not even look at each other. I think it has to do with the way we open and trust people. I always feel a scorpio can see right through me. Makes me feel naked. I’m still looking for a scorpio guy. =]

  44. Scorpio March 23rd, 2011

    Pisces girl are the most cutest little women to have as a lover. They are so naturally beautiful especially in the eyes. They understand and are they for you when you need. For me my Pisces makes me feel anew and I can never get her out I’m holding on to mine forever and she will always belong to me. To other Scorpio men out there treat your Pisces right and never let go.

  45. Pisces March 23rd, 2011

    i just wonder what a Scorpio thinks of pisces when they meet. Do they always feel that connection

  46. loyal March 6th, 2011


  47. loyal March 6th, 2011

    Im a pisces woman and im dating this scorpio man and he is the best, EVERYTHING they saw about those 2 signs are true. We started off as friends and at the time i had a boyfriend and he waited for me for the longest and at the time i was confused about if i wanted him or my x back. And since i made him wait for so long he starting getting mean and stuff but one day he just asked me out and his eyes got soo big and he just huged me for the longest time. I love him so much i do not want anyone else he is so good to me. He makes me feel like a queen. We haven’t got into a fight yet but i know it will because we both some anger issues but other then that everything is GOOD

  48. Brianna March 5th, 2011

    OMFG! Im a Pisces girl and i met this really hot Scorpio guy that lives in my neighborhood &as soon as he looked at me my heart started beating FAST!He says that he likes me but his friend is always mentioning this girl named Kiara;and i guess thats his ex or something..He pulled out this picture,and just starred it.I tried to see it but he threw it away! I was sitting in this chair watching my friend play the Wii,then Jacob[the Scorpio boy] came behind me and rubbed my shoulders.I went to do somethinq else,and he came behind me and smacked my ass….Also it seems like everytime i look at him,in his pretty brown eyes the world stops around me!! He is so sweet,loving,kind,protective,and he isnt an asshole like my Virgo ex boyfriend that dumped me within 2 and 1/2 hours because he said” If one of us breaks up with another,you have alot of friends,and i dont want everyone hating me!” And to me that sounded like a load of bullshit because after he dumped me my friend that i could trust with my life told me he said that he only dated me just to get closer to my bestfriend that he obviouslly l0ves more than me! But why am i fussing over him for? I have a Scorpio HOTTIE TO ATTEND 2! 😉

  49. Christopher February 16th, 2011

    -It’s kinda cool you guys are defending yourselves and your sign “Pisces” I really didn’t bother reading anonymous whole BS comment. Sal the fuck is with you? If some cunt like anonymous get to write a fucking novel preview of how Pisceans are weak and play with our victims,Lisa and everyone else who falls in the Pisces sign got our own fucking right to defend ourselves and we aren’t weak nor scared to hide and comment shits about others, neither do we fear to speak our minds.

  50. teen6 February 16th, 2011

    and wants to know if you still like her

  51. teen6 February 16th, 2011


    Pisces like to be chased!!Pisces is a double sign and therefore we have conflicts in ourselves, not knowing what we want!! Sometimes it lasts only an hour, sometimes a day and we are back on track! Give her some space and she will comme back (smiling it’s a sign that she still likes you) I think she sent you mixed signal coz shes confused..

  52. msh10 January 26th, 2011

    hey all i am scorpion 22 ,my ex is Pisces 19 ,turning 20 in march ,,i met her 6 months ago at work and she was the one who asked me out ,it was like a perfect relationship ,no big arguments no dramas was mind blowing she was nice and caring until 2 months ago when out of nowhere she decided to call it off ,,but she still wanted to be friends after that and we also had sex straight after we broke up ,,the reason why she broke it off with me was coz she wanted to be single ,she said something like a part of her wanted to be with me while the other part of her wanted to be single and therefore it wasn’t fair on me that she dated me with that kinna mindset ,we ve been broken up for last 1 and half months now and during all this time i have got all kind of mixed signals from her like her initiating the contact but late reply to my messages or calls and therefore i totally broke it off 1 and half weeks ago coz it was just too hard staying friends with her and i havnt called her since the and she hasnt either coz i made it clear that i didnt want friendship as i still have feelings for her ,but because we work together i still get to see her about three times a week and i have never been rude to her since our break up but because she was unhappy about how i didnt want to be friends with her but this week again she has been nice to me ,smiles at me all the time ..i am confused about what she wants ,,i thought pisces girls like relations and all ..has any one heard anything like this before ? any help will be much appreciated

  53. Pisces223 January 23rd, 2011

    OMG! @Lovelylady, your are so right on. I also thought that I was the only one who felt that way. It’s like they know exactly how to touch a nerve. Sometimes, they don’t have to say a word. Just their look alone….geesh! But, besides that, I feel like a moth attracted to the flame, and the coziness and…you know what I mean. (I’m a Pisces female too!)

  54. Lovelylady January 21st, 2011

    This is so right on, it gave me chills reading it.
    My scorpio gives me anxiety as well as comfort.. Does anyone else have that?

  55. sal varriale January 18th, 2011

    lisa shut the fuck up!!!

  56. donte January 6th, 2011

    boy this is all true

  57. Phiphi December 27th, 2010

    Honestly I’m a scoripo girl and I been with my bf for a year and 4 months yes we fight all the time but we go back to each other we love each other no matter what. We understand each other very well. He’s too emotional wen I first left him but we went back. To each other cuz we promise we will be together forever so ya keep ur him he’s da one

  58. Teri December 20th, 2010

    I am Pisces girl to the core and my bf of almost 8 years is Scorpio. I love him unconditionally, altho we have had our share of spats rather argue we do the silent treatment and talk later bout it. I am wishy washy at times but he can be too. One thing I can not stand about him is his blaming everyone else for things that go wrong! The beginning of our relationship was like a fairytale! We have kids together and sometimes wedo not agree about disciplinary actions….im a nuturer by nature, but see where he is coming from bout spankings. We are currently not living together but have agreed to remain in a relationship. He convinced me a month ago to quit my job which my boss did me wrong and he didnt think they deserved me working there… He promissed he would pay my bills til I found another one…he is fullfilling that promise as he said he would….Scorps say they are going to do something they typically follow through. The reason we are not living together is not because of our connection being gone or anything like that…it is because my teen daughter and him do not get along and rather putting me in the middle like they had been we decided to not live together, but he is here 5 days out of the week…we had been inseperable since the day we met…I knew this would be hard for both of us….This is a loving relationship and the sex is very passionate…it works as long as u are willing to accept each other flaws and all, communication stays open, and minimal criticism on the scorps part….they tend to pick apart everyth

  59. Lexi November 29th, 2010

    I am a pisces girl, and I’ve met a scorpio guy 3 weeks ago.. We had a spark instantly, this week I passed my number on to him, and it’s only been 4 days and he’s totally blew my mind! He is caring, loving, understands me, makes me laugh, makes me feel confident, I am so lucky, VERY different to any other guys I have dated… He defaintely could be the one! I am not letting go at all!

  60. gia November 28th, 2010

    wow rudy what u wrote almost bought a tear to my eyes. iam a scorpio gal… had i been in place of ur wife i would have come rushing to u after this confession….. just go upto her face to face tell her what you wrote here.. iam sure she will come back… all the best

  61. Angel Pisces November 23rd, 2010


  62. Angel Pisces November 22nd, 2010
  63. Angel Pisces November 22nd, 2010

    I Love My Scorpio Sweetheart

  64. Soli November 19th, 2010

    I am a Scorpio woman who just began seeing a Pisces man.. He’s very charming, sweet and we get lost in these deep conversations that can go on for hours.. I’m very at ease with him.. He also notices things about the other day I wore my hair differently and he said he really liked it.. I’m like Wow..I dated a Virgo and he NEVER complimented me on anything..on the contrary he was critical of me. This Pisces also acts like a giddy little school boy when we see each other.. It’s cute. He can be a little forgetful at times but so far so good and I’m really hoping it develops into something special in the near future.

  65. Woman November 3rd, 2010

    Marvin,bless you !Pisces women are awesome !

  66. Woman November 3rd, 2010

    If you are a Scorpio man and you have Pisces woman in your life,NEVER EVER LET HER GO !

  67. Woman November 3rd, 2010


  68. Sandra October 22nd, 2010

    I am a pisces woman and i have read the story of Rudi. I am sure she will come back to you. Because if it was me in the place of your wife and if i read what you have written. I am sure i will never be able to hold back myself and certainly will come back to you. If she really is not responding then it either means that she is waiting for you to tell her this personally rather than just sending her gifts ar letters. Just go up to her and tell her how you feel about her. She will certainly come back

  69. Rudi October 19th, 2010

    I’m a scorpio man and found my soulmate and true love in my Pices wife! We dated for 2 yrs, and then married 5.09.09. We had the perfect wedding. We fell in love at first sight, and our intuition was wonderful as we read each other well. Our passion is 2nd to NONE! Our affection, romance and sex was the most amazing I have ever experienced. We both felt that God and the Heaven’s created us for each other. Our 1st yr of marriage was rocky, because of the bad economy and she got sick with major health issues and I did too. So we were in debt and the stress caused me to become angry towards her, and her aloofness made me think that she was cheating on me or not loyal and honest. In August, she just cut off all communication, filed for divorce while I was in surgery. As the article says just disappeared. I realized where I failed and made mistakes and because I know the love I feel for her is true love and because I believe she is the one and my soulmate, I am seeking help from therapist, God and take anger mgmt classes so I acquire skills to learn how to deal constructively with issues when they arise. I have also learned what true unconditional love is, and due to my faith, I have forgiven her for leaving and dealing with this the way she did, hold no grudges, and just want my baby back and for use to love each other. Our problems are uncommon and certainly challenging, but our marriage was not a failure or going to be this way forever! I have learned what unconditional love means, and how my actions and behavior towards her in love, should be gentle, kind, compassionate and loving, regardless if she returns it or not. I also learned my wife’s love language which is “quality time” and that means making her my #1, to protect her, to take care of her, to love her and to spend quality time together just like before. WE have such wonderful memories, traveled a lot, had similar interests and I only take comfort that my mother-in-law says she still “loves me” and I truly believe that. I know that even now though we haven’t spoken in 4 mos and the divorce process is going through, I want to believe she filed for divorce out of anger, but the only thing that comforts me is that we had such wonderful memories and experiences, I hope in the midst of all this anger, hurt and bitterness she feels, she remembers the wonderful times we share, my love and passion for her, and she forgives me and comes back! I know she is loyal to me to this day, and I am loyal to her and will not start another relationship or be casual with someone or marry again, my wife is my soulmate and my bestfriend, my everything! What else is there? Nothing, and no other woman will replace that. So I choose to hold on to hope, my faith and believe that our love for each other is so strong and will bring us back together someday! I have been writing her love letters everyday for 3 weeks, sent her flowers, gifts I know she loves, and haven’t heard from her. I just take comfort in that my mother-in-law says she LOVES me! And I believed my wife when she told me that I was her soulmate, love of her life, and that she would never leave me. People don’t just says words like that carelessly, I hope she comes back, I miss her so much and just want to hold and hug my wife and kiss her, and make love to her! The thought of going on with my life without her is unbearable! I hope she can forgive me. Thanks!

  70. recksoul October 4th, 2010

    hey all of you i just want to say scorpio and pisces is great couple because im scorpio and my gf is pisces and my relation with my GF is getting strong and strong everyday past.. thats all ahm sorry if my english is wrong because im weak im english thanks

  71. MIEKEE October 2nd, 2010


  72. Marvin September 30th, 2010

    Hey Anonymous!, I’m a 42 year old, well established Scorpio man. What you said was kind of weak; and the words of someone who was simply hurt in his one relationship that didn’t go well. I don’t think it was a good generalization. I dated a Piscean and have a Piscean son along with a few Piscean friends I can definite look up to them for their strength, loyalty and knowledge. One of my best friends is a Piscean. This brother is unbelievably committed, loyal and intelligent, with a lot of successes in his life and in his relationships. He’s got his querks, but weak is not one of them. The Pisceans I know share strongly what the Oracle commented on.
    As a Scorpio, it is very important to know ourselves and control our ego, possessiveness and self-rightousness that can cause us to deny all and unconsciously put too much into our battles than what is needed, resulting in hurting and running others away. But we must all get in touch with ourselves first and mature to be the best we can be.

    Let me ends this with after dating so many woman and being married to a Scorpio, and currently; for 15 years, a good Leo person outside our marriage. And 16 years after my split-up with my ex, I WISH I could go back to hold and appreciate my Pisces woman…This brotha is getting corny now, but I’m straight up keeping it real.

  73. Lisa September 22nd, 2010

    Note to “anonymous”….F**K OFF!!!!! You are an a@@hole with your stupid, nonsensical comments!!! And if Pisces is such a weak-a** sign, then why the f**k are you hiding behind an anonymous screen name???

    Stupid is as stupid does…and yes, I’m a Pisces and g-damned PROUD OF IT!!! And I”m strong, don’t back me into a corner, because the outcome will NOT be pretty-trust me!!!!

  74. Vijay September 9th, 2010

    Scorpio and Pisces share a special bond. Being Fixed Water Scorpios are purposeful, than Mutable Water sign Pisces. My experiences with Scorpios have been truly rewarding. Above all, things there is something called will power which when exterted makes anyone strong. Doesnt necessarily have to be a Scorpio to become strong. Pisces have their own strengths, as they are known as the Social Survivors. No other sign survives in this world like the enigmatic fish. You may have seen weak ones, but the vast majority of them are survivors and have reached highest echelons of success as well. You wont find as many geniuses as you would in any other sign, apart from Pisces. I have had tons and tons of Scorpio friends, who have all been great in some way or the other. But excessive obsession or Self Centeredness rules in them, which can be pissing to any Piscean for sure. I have dated a Scorpio girl in the past and she was lovely.

  75. Krystal September 4th, 2010

    every scorpio guy ive come accross have been beautiful to me, they instantly become my protector, even though i dont ask for it, ive found them to be genuine and great friends.

  76. mia September 2nd, 2010

    WoW. well i appreciate the many perspective on this subject. I almost got carried away with all the stupid “match made in heaven” nonsense. And for the Pisces would be breathing after crossing me like that. And spending the fortune i helped u build on some other broad. death Will seize them fast! He already got a preview of that!

    i think they definately enjoy sitting back while their mate throws themselves under the bus for them.
    100 for 100, theres no half-assed anything where i’m concerned.

  77. Jagadish August 29th, 2010

    wow, that anonymous comment was scathing…I’m a pisces man…and have a scorpio girlfriend who almost killed herself when I broke up with her. May be anonymous is right. But it does sound like maybe she is basing her analysis on her own single experience…is that fair?

  78. marcus August 18th, 2010

    yeah Albert Einstien and Kurt Cobain!!!!

  79. tsimone May 18th, 2010

    Pisces is the strongest sign of zodiac.. People born in pisces come closet to perfection than any other sign… we run the scope of genius from albert eintstien, to kurt cobain.

  80. Quee January 9th, 2010

    PS: Scorpio relationship was an EXCELLENT match up!!!

  81. melechia weekes November 22nd, 2009

    i think you are so right but sometimes the piscean man is so focus on themselves that it fustrates the scorpio woman who is so deeply in love with him

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