Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus woman and Pisces man have a strong bond, ease of communication, and a sense of responsibility towards each other.
  • Their sexual union is very satisfying, exploring new territory and consistently stimulating.
  • The Taurus woman can attract the Pisces man with her tender and kind nature, serene aura, and charismatic personality.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility and get insights from 126 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

There is a strong tie in the love association of Taurus and Pisces with ease of communication and great sense of responsibility towards each other. Though Pisces is a sensitive soul but Taurus provides a solid and steady partner. Generally both the lovers are appreciably predictable and simple except for the time when Pisces is in a changeable or negative mood.

A Pisces man is an even tempered and sophisticated man who sometimes behaves like a real dreamboat, although he can often be surprisingly unaware of this quality. Although he does everything in his power to avoid drama and turbulence, it has an uncanny way of finding its way into his life. He loves peace and quiet and has truly romantic approach to love as well as life in general. He is poetic and gentle in all his gestures, and remains simple and sweet all the time when in a relationship. Sometimes one may view him as weak because of his shifty nature, but he is merely an idealist.

A Taurus woman is very tender and kind lady with serene aura and charismatic personality. She is a patient creature and seldom nags for anything and for her to be jealous, it takes a good reason. She usually prefers home life and she is hard working beyond belief. She is normally a warm, gracious hostess for her husband as well as his friends and a pretty good listener and adviser when needed. Though at times she may seem cold and heartless but it is just her dedication towards her work and no rude intentions.

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The Taurus woman is typically attracted towards the Pisces man who is unlike anything else she has ever known. She tends to not trust personalities that are mysterious or changeable, yet she finds herself magnetically drawn toward him. Still this relationship can be slow in developing. The foundation is laid very carefully because she knows the dangers of stepping too far out of the pasture, and he wants to take no risk at all. Even though he might not recognize it, he is in dire need of a caretaker, and finds the perfect prototype in his Taurus female. But at times she may get furious on his actions leading to a storm of anger and rage. For this, he has to take care, not to drift completely in his dream world and try to be some more practical.

The Pisces man is inevitably luring for a Taurus woman as he takes her into new and uncharted emotional waters, showing her a part of herself that she scarcely knew existed. He fully appreciates the predictability and simplicity of the needs of his Taurus woman. He is likely to take great comfort in knowing that he can lean on his Taurus lady when need be, as, if left to his own devices, he can let his life fall into shambles, but she is responsible enough to make sure that both of them are on track at any given moment. Both of them appreciate art, although their tastes can be quite different, still they enjoy admiring each other’s choice. But sometimes he may mean well when he makes promises, but is often too spacey and flaky to follow them through to the end which shatters the heart of the Taurus female.

With soft feathers of humor and romantic throaty whispers that vibrate through the midnight in an emotional rhythm, the Taurus woman and Pisces man smoothly slip into everlasting love. Her tendency to submit and not dominate on her man, gives satisfaction to him, while his soft and friendly attitude giving space to her and makes her feel like a butterfly. In their romantic love affair, they both experience earthy passion as well as unearthly ecstasy that make their unison a fulfilling involvement. They both communicate well and understand each other’s mutual desire with a soft but determined promise to fulfill them and keep each other happy forever.

The sexual union of Taurus woman and Pisces man is very satisfying. They both have a hunger for sensuality, affection, and reassurance and are more than happy to provide it for their partner. While the needs of Taurus woman are a bit more physical and that of Pisces man tends toward the psychic, together they explore new and uncharted territory that makes their love making adventures consistently stimulating. His outward romanticism takes her a while to get used to, but brings out of softer, nostalgic side to her usual sensibilities. Her physical demonstrations ignite a more present, passionate and aware approach to his lovemaking. There is a really interesting chemistry that goes on between these two. With time, these two gently learn to satisfy the needs of the other and care too much for each other to make their physical intimacy a beautiful experience. Her feet are planted firmly on the ground while the head of the Pisces male is way up in the clouds, and together they offer the best of what heaven and earth have to offer. At times, it will better for them to be mindful that good appearance can be as important as good work, particularly within a relationship, where their emotions itself are a matter of display and presentation.

There are a few differences that pop-up with time, involving some patchy and rough incidents. Although the Pisces man has nothing but the best intentions toward his Taurus woman, he has a bad habit of allowing himself to drift idly, allowing his abstract concerns to cloud the necessity of his real-world commitments. This kind of behavior can do more than just hurt her as it can break her heart. This can boil up her fury, which leads to some damage to the sensitive heart of him. Once she has become committed to her lover, she puts a superhuman amount of faith into him and can be utterly crushed when she is let down. Luckily for him, she is undeniably endeared to him from the get-go, and is likely to have a second chance in changing his ways. He has to grow up a bit in order to hold on to the heart of Taurus lady, but this is probably good for him in many more ways than one.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility Rating

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  1. Dianne March 6th, 2023

    I fell in love with this Pisces man but he wasn’t reciprocal cause he had Ptsd , had mental & emotional trauma bond issues, besides being addicted to px meds cause of his physical disability heath issues which he eventually had animosity & anger issues towards me. He didn’t want to be in a relationship with me cause our living distance was an hour & he had different values & high standards than me. Maybe there wasn’t any chemistty to begin with who knows on his end as he kept me in the “friendzone” all along til he got angry enough to eventually discard me… Whatever….

  2. Anna October 12th, 2022

    I’m a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Pisces man. Thank you so much for the article, it describes us almost perfectly. He has some trust issues we are slowly working past but I am glad to see that the things I say and do instinctively are just what he needs. We’ve truly found our soulmate in each other, I just wish we had found each other many years ago so we had our whole lives together. It’s amusing how much you speak of the Taurus temper when his is far worse than mine, I’m usually able to soothe it however.

  3. Taurus laddd October 2nd, 2022

    Hi Im Taurus woman. In my opinion, man cheat on us because we kinda boring but I accept that what I am because in my relationship i used to be cheated on . Currently with gemini, he was also cheater but because Im already had been cheated on for many times. Its like nothing to me. My heart already breaking so it seem so cold like heartless. Nevertheless I confront my man asking about his cheating, hes getting defensive, i just asking him if he still want to stay with me, and he said yes, so i just stay in this relationship and he also get mad if i just only fling with my online male friend. But I just moved on and doing other else that are useful other than thinking about shitty feelings. Thats all hahaha. rn still with my dick gemini boyfriend haha

    • Smart gurl December 4th, 2022

      Girl u just getting cheated on left and right at this point it aint even bout taurus woman.STAND UP FOR URSELF AND DO BETTER. Im saying it out of kidness u deserve someone who always gonna choose u. Keep ur standards to the sky

  4. ms September 17th, 2022

    do u mean he is dating other girl at the same time while in relationship with u?

  5. Minna January 17th, 2022

    That’s strange coz am in deeply in love with Pisces man, I don’t know if it Will happen or will last. After reading your comments if feel like quiting this relationship

  6. Unhappy Lady L December 26th, 2021

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’ve been with my Pisces for 12yrs. He’s not the man for me. He is a liar & a cheat. Being a Taurus we are very loyal and time & time again he has broken the trust in our relationship. Promising to not do it again. That;s a lie. Just trying to find the right time to let him go.

    • M July 21st, 2022

      Your Pisces man is damaged in some way or isn’t a peace with himself.. None of this having anything to do with you. Your delay in letting him go only delays his growth.

    • Elana Rae September 21st, 2022

      Reading this reminds me of Bahati and Adam Levine cheating on her right now. I wonder how common Pisces men cheating is against loyal zodiac signs

  7. Nicole November 9th, 2021

    I must be a really unusual female Taurus as I’ve been with my male Pisces for 21 years now and I’ve constantly cheated on him because he cheated on me earlier on in the relationship and that flipped a switch in my brain and I basically stubbornly took whatever I wanted whenever I want it it’s not ideal but he doesn’t know anything about it …just waiting for him to find out so he can kill me but I don’t think he will… I don’t want him to find out though I’d be devastated I just did 2 years without cheating cos my brother died he wasn’t really there for me how I wanted him to be or maybe I’m just not worthy of what I want cos of what I’ve done I stay with him more than anything out of comfort reassurance and just routine I think he loves me more than I love him

    • Jane December 11th, 2021

      Hey Nicole,

      I was reading this post and couldn’t help but notice your comment. I truly admire your honesty here. I can feel what you are going through from your words. I’m a taurus woman who is going through a divorce right now. I wasn’t happy in my marriage so I started having my mind wandering outside of the marriage and I found myself getting attracted to other men very quickly. That was when I knew I need to get out. I didn’t exactly cheat on my ex. But I did quickly have an online fling after we filed for divorce. I’m sure you are aware of the Taurus traits that one of them is loyalty. I was also surprised by my action in the beginning too. But I think we both are looking for an emotional outlet to fulfill an emptiness inside of us. But I could be wrong..I think that was the case for me at least. Im sorry about your brother passing.. I can imagine what you are going through because my grandmother passed away early this year. My ex wasn’t exactly there for me and he even hurt me in some ways. Anyway, it was a long story!! I sincerely hope that you will find something or some solutions that can bring you true happiness.

    • Z February 10th, 2022

      Babyyyy you’re always worth it always my insta is @neziiv if you want to txt me I’ll be there for you but never ever ever say you’re not worth it never doubt yourself over a man he isn’t going to change sadly and that’s where your self worth has to come out and tell him that Ohk enough is enough im leaving

    • Rinnisha February 18th, 2022


  8. Jennifer October 10th, 2021

    I’m a Taurus woman and married to a Pisces man. We do NOT get along. He is sneaky, rude, secretive Has no drive. Always playing on the computer. Extremely immature. Argumentive. I tell you. RUN! And very fast.

    • Coco November 1st, 2021

      Is it a February Pisces?

    • Sara November 18th, 2021

      I mean that has more to do with you choosing the wrong man lol

      • Anifowose Rofiat Adeshewa November 25th, 2021

        Hi, Sara good to meet you Could you please say more of this taurus and pisces also complete that bracket

    • Aimz August 26th, 2022

      Sounds like my Piscean man, except I don’t necessarily find him sneaky (yet).

      We are companionable but I don’t have major sparks any more.

  9. Anifowose Rofiat Adeshewa September 29th, 2021

    Wow wow wow! Am a taurus and am perfectly getting along with my pisces dude….Seriously it’s really a great thing having people who invented google and partook in the horoscope and zodiac sign….everything is well said and is working accordingly …..I hail you guys….What a great gift indeed God has bestowed you …..Am one of the most happiest lady in a quite nice and fantastic relationship ever..

  10. Maria September 7th, 2021

    I’m a Taurus woman falling for a Pisces man. I’ve been with Pisces men my daughters dads is one…I’m a sucker for them. My Pisces and I are in a long distance relationship but he makes himself available to me whenever I need to talk. We don’t have issues with our communication he is the most compassionate and understanding man I have ever falling for

  11. Purebredterror August 28th, 2021

    I’m a Pisces man and I just ended 15yrs. Because of communication issues, we just don’t verbally communicate well. TOUCH is going to be your greatest approach to a Pisces, intimate touching, holding, we tend to let our guard down when we’re calm. Hope this helps in you future.

  12. Maxine Powley June 6th, 2021

    I’m with a Pisces man he is the kindest person I’ve ever met, I’m Taurus and can be stubborn but we get in so well even though it’s a long distance relationship I’m a very emotional loving person but I struggle to know how he feels as he isn’t good with emotions, I tell him I love him but have never heard it back I know he cares very much about me and probably does love me I’d just like to hear the words even once would be enough, I really want us to work we have so much in common and laugh continuously but I do find the lack of emotion on his side breaks my heart.

  13. Del February 10th, 2021

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’m dating a Pisces man. We’re in love with each other but when we butt heads we butt heads HARD. Communication is a struggle for us, but we’re currently working on it. Any tips for getting better at communicating with Pisces man?

    • Dutchess February 12th, 2021

      What I’m learning with my pisces man is that ripping off the band aid, sitting him down somewhere and simply just saying what’s on your mind is the best option. Schedule times for you two. Make it a commitment to meet sometime, sit down and just talk. It’ll be a little awkward following the talk no matter if it went good or bad so I suggest a meal or activity (like a movie) to do right after!

    • Lynn S Wagner April 4th, 2021

      I’m with my Pisces man for 8 years. We have this issue. I think the older he gets the better he understands me. I am trying to do better but I can be a Stubborn bitch he is a total dick bit we still keep trucking. It’s my best relationship ever. We are married 2 years. He is by far the kindest man I have ever known.

    • 2021 April 6th, 2021

      I have a pisces boyfriend and he is actually amazing guy in many aspect. I am also one of the taureans, you know that we dont have problems about communicating to anyone. Piscean, mostly men are struggles how to express their emotions, let say… misunderstanding. But it doesn’t mean they are not aware how they feel. They usually response shorter, cos they avoiding confrontaion like taurus. and we felt like we want more precise reason from them, but its mostly inside their head. They are very careful about their words, cos they dont want to hurt you and tjey also protecting their emotions. And sometimes they act unpredictable and volatile. But i proved that pisces men has feminine energy in a way of being sensitive and yes very emotional and delicate. We can handle them because of our magnetic and alluring approach to them. We are soft and gentle with care. And you know that every words we said to them, i felt like theres a magic into their ears.. make sure, dont start nagging them. Remember, even if you are very gentle, and if you just give a little poke to the fish in the water, so the fish will run away quickly. They are slippery and gave you a hard time to catch them.. sometimes, they made a mistake but they dont meant to hurt you. Its just the way they are. Well infedelity is a different story ok.. i share this to you, base on my experience and also regards to my piscean friends.

      • M July 21st, 2022

        Yes… From an adult Pisces man… Be mindful of words. Not tone. He needs to clearly know when you’re frustrated. But frustration is no reason for attacking.. Be clear about your wants and be sure to make them quantifiable so that he can see a measurable way to satisfy you. Communicate your feeling earnestly and with touch as Pisces men are extremely peaceful and touch sensitive. Disagreements with him should be far and few between as he will see them if too often as signs of your displeasure and will prematurely cause questions about the validity of your union. We are great at the love affair but not so good at personsl confrontation. Disagreements are a natural part of your relationship. Be sure what you do disagree about doesn’t challenge his thoughts about how you view him and he will never disappoint.. All this only applies if you’ve got a whole person loving you..

      • M July 21st, 2022

        You definitely know your Pisces. Hope you married him!

    • Tairus 2021 April 6th, 2021

      Because in some aspect you are both different. Exactly communication and you as a taurus you are good at it. Tjey struggles more by expressing their emotions. But you have power and magic to balance their emotions with your gentleness, soft loving and caring approach. Be careful about your words when you feel like your horns will coming out. That is not a good idea. They are so sensitive in words and definitely tjey will take it seriously. Still treat him like a special. Like the way you like to treat you.

    • Ari August 6th, 2021

      you have to “make” him talk, be patient but be persistent, explain how it makes you feel, ask the right questions not pointless ones.
      as the woman you must build & conduct effective dialogue & be as direct as possible without pushing him away.

    • Kenny August 19th, 2021

      Ask less questions, and talk soft even though you feel he’s not listening cos he’s all ears. Give him time to respond cos we are deep thinker. I wish u luck

    • M July 21st, 2022

      Yes… From an adult Pisces man… Be mindful of words. Not tone. He needs to clearly know when you’re frustrated. But frustration is no reason for attacking.. Be clear about your wants and be sure to make them quantifiable so that he can see a measurable way to satisfy you. Communicate your feeling earnestly and with touch as Pisces men are extremely peaceful and touch sensitive. Disagreements with him should be far and few between as he will see them if too often as signs of your displeasure and will prematurely cause questions about the validity of your union. We are great at the love affair but not so good at personsl confrontation. Disagreements are a natural part of your relationship. Be sure what you do disagree about doesn’t challenge his thoughts about how you view him and he will never disappoint.. All this only applies if you’ve got a whole person loving you..

  14. Taurusgurl 215 December 20th, 2020

    I am a Taurus woman 28 & I met my Pisces man 33 November 2019. We are together but it’s definitely been a roller coaster ride holding on. We have our ups & downs like all relationships, & normally when we butt heads , I leave him for 2 months or so until I finally miss him and need him back.
    Some may call it stubborn, I call it protection.
    Nevertheless he’s so sweet , sensual, hardworking, excellent father & in the bedroom… WOW! AMAZING 🤩💗
    Its only been a year and he speaks about marriage everyday. Most of my days he’s making me feel so special. Of course he has his sucker days but the older I get the easier I learn to just accept it.

  15. Mercy December 5th, 2020

    I am a Taurus woman and my co partner is a pices man,we have a deep connection that draws us together but surrounded by people who seem not to get it at all what’s around us..I don’t even know if I love him but our connection drives us close especially that we have a baby coming our way..I want to be far away from him cause I feel our love will one day destroy us..am I doing the right thing or give it a try..

    • Saint January 26th, 2021

      I’m a Pisces male & me and my girlfriend (Taurus) are reading about our zodiac signs and out compatibility, I think you need to figure out if you WANT to be together. If you aren’t sure if you love him then your mind is already made up. But ask yourself if u can learn to love him. Is the baby on the way- the only reason your with him? Or is it because you genuinely feel for him. Reach out to him

  16. Taurus gal December 4th, 2020

    Basically almost fell for a Pisces man. It felt so pure and I liked him so much. I still can’t stop thinking about him. It was going so well and just all of a sudden “I don’t think we should keep doing this.” I’m exclusively dead inside and he made me feel things. Ughhhhhh.

  17. V October 23rd, 2020

    So I am a female Taurus and I had a situationship with a male pieces that endely roughly around March. He hits me up occasionally apologizing but I’m just so hurt from the past that I can’t find it in me to move past everything. Even though all I do is think about him. I want him but I want him to grow up. I don’t know what to do

    • Been There November 21st, 2020

      Don’t deny yourself as growth takes times, Just understand what needed in the ‘ship for you to feel at peace. Communicate with him and If you both feel you can agree to move forward then it’s worth the work. Be true and honest with yourself and with him.

  18. Ms Taurus June 24th, 2020

    There is this Pisces guy who fidgets a lot when im around… He recently added friend on Facebook. He talks loudly when he sees when im around, I know he is showing off and all.. but it’s so irritating to me a taurus lady..

    • Darby August 9th, 2020

      How would you rather be approached? I’m a Pisces man. There is a Taurus woman I’m interested in. We’ve met a few times and are facebook friends. I want to ask her out and am thinking of just doing it through a facebook message. I know that’s not ideal but our paths rarely cross in person. Thanks for your insight.

      • Serrenity August 15th, 2020

        Ask her out. I’m a Taurus woman and I’ve been with my Pisces guy for almost three years. Sometimes I just wish that he would come out and tell me how he feels instead of trying to be macho. Be upfront with her. You know that adage “grab a bull by the horns”? It really is true. If you want to do something with a Taurus you just do it because more than likely we’re not going to contact you first because we are stubborn asf. How many times you see cows run up to you? They may look at you like you’re dumb but keep grazing. That’s Taurus women for you.🤣

      • V October 23rd, 2020

        So I am a female Taurus and I had a situationship with a male pieces that endely roughly around March. He hits me up occasionally apologizing but I’m just so hurt from the past that I can’t find it in me to move past everything. Even though all I do is think about him. I want him but I want him to grow up. I don’t know what to do.

  19. Youn August 21st, 2019

    Married pisces man & taurus woman here. This is a great match.. never had fight since we are married. He is very protective and a great provider. I love to cook & clean for him. He is innovative and i adore his geeky essence 🙂 he is very generous and always kiss me good night. I am pretty romantic and he falls when i say “i love you”. We hold hands when we go out and talk a lot about anything. We are not ambitious people but love to be healed and shared. I thanks to God send him as my husband.

    • Candice June 5th, 2020

      This sounds like me (taurus woman) and my Pisces boyfriend. I look forward to us getting married. We’re just like that. Although we had a rough start, separated, it made us closer getting back together and realizing how much we mean to each other. I like taking care of my Pisces man and he is in awe of my nurturing ways. My stable nature keeps him grounded. Only thing is our communication, we’re both quiet but we’re working on it. We’re very simple so our needs are more emotional and sexual than it is materialistic. We’re both very laid back, with my Pisces ambition and Taurus go getter attitude, we’re financially perfect for each other. All of my serious committed relations were with Pisces men, they seem to be drawn to taurus women and love them unconditionally. They will always come back to their taurus lady, you just have to let go and let them be, don’t push or force them or they will pull away. Pisces men gives me the emotional satisfaction that taurus crave, they’re very loyal to the people they love and care for. But one you cross them, you’ll see a different fire in them and they’ll treat you like the enemy.

    • Jemmelyn January 25th, 2021

      Hi What is your Element sign and your Husband?

  20. Lexy July 17th, 2019

    Hey Esther, read your comments and I wanted to check to see if your Pisces man changed his ways. Are you both still dating?

  21. Ava June 29th, 2019

    Happily in a 6 yr relationship with my fiancé who is a Pisces. As a Taurus woman, I provide stability to his mood swings he showers me with infinite love and understanding. We don’t need much to be happy, we both love simple pleasures of life. He loves being nurtured and I love being spoiled with… good quality food. Haha!

    In the past as a Taurus woman I was very high-strung and didn’t understand the struggle of being indecisive so I tend to get angry at my Pisces man. Then usually he gets upset. Then we all get into this ocean of confusing emotions. But we found a way around that now as our ups and downs taught us to establish common ground. Communication and love are key. You both need to find a way to articulate your emotions in both Taurus and Pisces language. While the signs are compatible the relationship (like all) still needs hard work.

    But also take in mind with a grain of salt that although astrology provides a baseline for personalities, each individual varies.

    Good luck Taurus x Pisces couples!

  22. Uwase Esther January 10th, 2019

    Oh My God me I am dating now with pisces man but he really tells me that he loves me most but I do too(me i love him for life not only for sex) , what I don’t know untill now is if loves me for making with him good sex cause when we ‘re making sex nothing wonderful like it but I really don’t know what kind of love he loves me because me I always wish to continue our love forever but I don’t know his side according to the comments below I am afraid that he will use to hurt me quietly because sometimes he can cheat on me and I can’t be able to appreciate that . so what can I do for making our love last longer , please advice me

    • Susan February 3rd, 2019

      Any man who cheats on you, does not love you.

      • Uwase Esther February 5th, 2019

        Yes dear, i know that if someone loves you can’t get an idea to cheat on you where can I get a man who cannot cheat on me!

      • Taurus 2021 April 6th, 2021

        True and me as one of the taureans, cheatung is 0 tolerance. Reality talk, nobodys perfevt and no perfect relationships. So maybe i will forgive him once just make sure i did my part as a partner and regards how tender is my love for him. But if its gonna happen again, iys for you to decide. But we are a taureans and our sign is a bull. We are a bull sign in a zodiac for a reason.

    • Sofie February 3rd, 2019

      Dear Uwase Esther I agree with Susan.. if he cheats on you then he really doesn’t love you. If he did, he wouldn’t do something that would hurt you like that. If you’re still willing to give him a chance to change himself then talk to him about it. Ask him if he truly wishes to be in a committed, loyal relationship with you? But if he doesn’t want to change, you should ask yourself whether you really want to be in a relationship with someone like him?
      I’d say, if he continues to hurt you, knowing exactly how you feel, then you’re better off without him. You deserve someone who cares about how you feel. Someone who is willing and capable of meeting YOUR needs too. Also, if he tells you that he loves you, expect him to act accordingly. And yes, no person who cheats is truly satisfied with their partner. You will most likely have to face the harsh reality that you and him aren’t compatible.. but then again, you deserve better, girl. There are other men in the sea who are honest and loyal. Stick to those instead. Please take good care of yourself and good luck <3

      • Uwase Esther February 5th, 2019

        Thank you so much dear for your advice , yeah slowly slowly i am trying not to love him much cause he is not a stable guy these days he is trying to have commitment with my sister too! I got it and I explained to him second time till today that if I am in love with someone I don’t cheat that’s why i don’t like a man who cheats on me! So he promised me that he will not do it again but I want to test him few days if he can’t be honest to me I must leave immidiate cause i can’t stay in a shit like that….. He is not only one guy who needs love. and I find someone who knows to care his lover without cheating .

  23. Sofie July 26th, 2018

    As a Taurus woman, I found a certain Pisces man hard to trust for a good reason.. he had a girlfriend.
    I was so angry that he’d seem to care so much about forming a romantic connection with me when I found he was already in a committed relationship with someone else. I went passive aggressive on him and tried to vindictively make him jealous by lightly flirting with other guys when he was around. He himself became jealous, which should help him understand how I felt about him having a damn girlfriend! I was very sad and heartbroken under the surface.. I felt he didn’t care enough about me to not put me in that position where I have to fight for him to be loyal to one person at a time, whether it’d be me or his girlfriend.
    Just don’t cheat on anyone!
    Next time I meet someone else I’m gonna be straightforward with this from the start. Unfortunalty, blind trust is too risky for my heart..
    If you read this far, thank you..
    I know that there’s a risk to opening up about this stuff on the internet but please don’t reply rudely. I just wanted to voice how I feel.

  24. Dallas November 19th, 2017

    As a pisces man i can assure you, nit all pisces me are stingy i rarely have money and honestly hate money so many arguements and chaos over it i love spending my money on myself as much as i do in the one im with. I am more concerned about making my partner happy the being stingy with money

  25. Pamela November 18th, 2017

    Wow, I just ended a 6 month relationship with a Pisces man. He was a cheapskate, very controlling and would push my buttons around other women. The sex was wonderful, but not enough to keep it going. The disrespect he showed me was hard to take. Funny, my first fiancé was a Pisces but not at all like this one. I just met a Virgo, we’ll see how that one goes. 🙂

  26. Rachelle September 14th, 2017

    Nothing scares and annoys me about their mood swings I hate it.
    Plus they hardly spend on u, must it be love and love.

  27. Tanya July 19th, 2017

    My Pisces Man does work hard for his dollar. He wants to take care of me on all levels. Because of his loving kind nature I ask him for nothing and want nothing from him other than his love. I prefer to take care of his needs because he makes loving him so satisfying and easy.

    • Jenī February 20th, 2019

      I’m glad to hear someone else having a positive experience! My husband is like how you described your fellow, he’s amazing.

      • Uwase Esther February 21st, 2019

        He is yours! Congratulations , I am glad to hear that too . And i wish that my pisces boyfriend will be my husband in future and love me like that way😛

  28. TaurusHottie June 7th, 2017

    Why are pisces men stingy? Yes they are wise and u can’t help but enjoy talking to them but they keep telling u about bills they have to pay and blah blah just because they don’t want to spend a dime.
    And the two pisces guys i dated had a weakness for women. They were d biggest womanizers everr

    • Jack Barrie July 6th, 2017

      We are stingy because we work very hard for our money. We pour our hearts and souls into every job we perform. We hate to see our hard earned money pissed away. We enjoy treating others to gifts pwith our money though, especially those who appreciate it and who have earned it.

    • Jeremy Shaw September 1st, 2017

      Most likely he’s not being greedy he’s looking for some support and information that you think he can handle the situation. A lot of the time talking about bills or complaining about money it’s not because I’m doing anything but trying to get my partner to say don’t worry baby you got this. and it’s pretty well-known that Pisces men are wishy-washy. We don’t intend to be womanizers but we are easily runoff and usually start looking for that perfect woman before we can get out of the situation we’re in because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Not that that makes it right but, if a Pisces man has a strong woman that’s willing to coddle him a little and maybe even be sort of motherly in a way, and occasionally stroke his ego it goes a very long way. I know that that’s probably annoying to most women but, if the worst thing you ever have to do is pump your man up to get him to treat you like a queen, I’m sure it could be a lot worse right?

    • Taurus 2021 April 6th, 2021

      They are not stingy. They just know how to value their money cos they work so hard also for their stability and security in their future with their love ones. Maybe you also have to figure it out how to spend money cos some taureans theyre really enjoying giid stuff like no tomorrow. Its ok, if you have so much dollars.

  29. Aman June 5th, 2017

    All you have to do is read some of these comments some of these taurus women say about pisces men, case and point.

  30. Aman June 5th, 2017

    Ive dated 2 Taurus women, both for 3 years +. Both exactly the same. Don’t waste your time or your life with Taurus women. They are good friends AT BEST. Shallow minded, egotistical, insecure, ignorant and worst of all, suspicious of everything you do. I remained friends with them after the breakup, and they are like this with their next lovers. They always assume you’re doing something, or talking to other women behind their back, then they use that paranoid justification to see other men. They won’t ever love you the way you want to be loved, as they are arrogant, and would never swallow their pride to make the relationship work. Heed my advice fellow Pisces, they will never love you the way you want to be loved. Pisces men need someone that will fight for them, nurture them when they’re in depression mode, and most of all, trust in them fully. You will never get that in a Taurus.

    • Jack Barrie July 6th, 2017

      I too was with Taurus woman for 3 yrs. She broke my heart very badly. I agree with much of what you have said.
      You say that a Taurus woman does not have the capacity to love a Pisces man properly. In your opinion, what sign(s) have that ability?

      • Taurus 2021 April 6th, 2021

        Whatta shame. I do believe as well how they grew up and their environment. Im telling you, that you are still lucky for the taurus woman if you find the better one. Mostly the bull will show their horns if you really push their buttons that also makes their horns very sharp and shiny. But to my good taureans allies, i am very proud to all of you god bless you all

    • Suzanne July 22nd, 2017

      I find it ironic that you seek the same ideals as she but cannot be that strong for her :/

    • Hope November 10th, 2017

      I’m sorry that was your experience. Maybe has something to do with rising signs or some other aspect of their chart? Sounds more aries.. I’m a taurus female and I consider myself opposite of jealous or ignorant. I try to remain level headed and it takes a truly intense situation for me to become jealous and even at the point I feel insecure I would rarely show it. Anyways hope further relationships with taurus are better for you! We’re not bad 🐂❤

    • Mary May 15th, 2018

      That’s a pure lie. Taurus women will turn their back on you only when u betray their trust or turture them. As a taurean woman all the guys be dated end up wanting be back even when married, but in the relationship I try my best to make it work but they see it as a disturbance and hindrance only for them to have regrets. Once I trurn my back on someone as a result of trust issues it is difficult accepting them as b4.

  31. Jee park April 25th, 2017

    It is true… My pisces man gushes his love towards me. We meet almost everyday and communicate well.. We talk on the phone for more than two hours… They are big minded people and have great compassion. I appreciate how expressive my bf is and just love who he is. Based on my observation, They cherish beautiful face and body. My bf loves when i dress up and look sophisticated. It is truely a beautiful relationship to be in. I often get tired to do my makeups tho…

  32. Cheryl April 25th, 2017

    Stay away from the Scorpio male. They always seem to be cheating or hiding something. Stick with the Pisces

  33. Kellylovee April 5th, 2017

    Ok Say Like All Of You Im a Taurus Woman’s as Well (4:30) and I Have A Big Crush On My CoWorker(3:17) and Yes He’s a Pisces and Idk Yy all of a sudden I gotta crush on him I’ve been working for like a month and felt nothing but one day out the blue I seen him starring me down and I immediately started to feel some type of way and ever since I’ve been crushing so hard on him and idk if he likes me or not but I’m so nervous to even try and go at him like get his number somebody give me some advice on how I should go about it and yes I hate rejection lol omg

    • Toni April 13th, 2017

      Just do it. I am a Taurus (5:20) I have a Pisces lover (2:23) and I had to make the first move. From that moment, even though its been very slow, the feeling he gave me by just looking at me I knew then He was mine. Still a work in progress, but he will be mine. It will just take time.

    • Joe May 24th, 2017

      I am a Pisces man. Just show him a little extra attention, little flirts and he will do the rest. He may not come at you directly so watch for his subtle invitations.

  34. Kellylovee April 5th, 2017

    Ok Say Like All Of You Im a Taurus Woman’s as Well (4:30) and I Have A Big Crush On My CoWorker(3:17) and Yes He’s a Pisces and Idk Yy all of a sudden I gotta crush on him I’ve been working for like a month and felt nothing but one day out the blue I seen him starring me down and I immediately started to feel some type of way and ever since I’ve been crushing so hard on him and idk if he likes me or not but I’m so nervous to even try and go at him like get his number somebody give me some advice on how I should go about it and yes I hate rejection lol

  35. Brittany March 2nd, 2017

    I am a taurus woman with a pisces boyfriend. We have been dating about 4 months now, and at first everything was great. I was a little concerned because he was moving waaay too fast, but I knew it was because he wanted to express himself intimately. He is incredibly calm, quite, and mysterious. His non-chalant attitude has really started to annoy me, and im not sure if we are on the same page. What confuses me is that when we first started dating I told him what kind of woman I was, and what I was looking for. He said he knew I was not like any other girl, and I was the one, and he saw a future with me. We just both have a different time frame on how we want to accomplish our family goals. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket because I don’t know if he’ll live up to be the man that I want him to be. I also have a virgo, and scorpio guy that have a keen interest in me, and want the same things I want now……..Whats a girl to do?

    • chigbo March 19th, 2017

      I’m Pisces and we are mysterious. sometimes confusing.open minded discussion will solve ur questions. trust him on any answers you got. we pretend not to be express seriousness, leaving our patnerindoubt

    • brittanishanea March 24th, 2017

      Oh honey, I’m also a taurus and I promise you the scorpio will be the best sex but don’t leave that pisces for either one of them. Trouble. TROUBLE. TROUBLE. Lol have a conversation. A real adult conversation, I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose you because we’re the best lol talk about how you feel put it all on the table and then if you see no changes make a decision.

      Best wishes xoxo-
      *Brittani Shanea’

  36. Tina February 13th, 2017

    this is sooooo very accurate…. it describes my fiance and i perfectly… enjoyed reading it…felt goosebumps..it was as though the article was written about us…

  37. Tauruslady January 13th, 2017

    Pisces are never reliable… they get bored but clingly… they dont know which way to go… just wish that partner understand it that they can flirt around and its ok for them.. while they could not handle if partner ignore them or get dihonest with them .. they want honesty, love care & emotional satisfaction from their partnes while lack all these traits when it comes to long term relations/ marriage.. a truth you all will face someday with pisces..! Keep my worlds they dont deserve taurus pure love whatsoever…

    • Justin March 5th, 2017

      Not all Pisces are like that… There are cusps as well.. Don’t forget that

    • keygate April 26th, 2017

      I am pisces and can assure you that definitely not all pisces like that. Pisces will appreciate and several times reciprocate when a partner can understand them and relate to them. Read up on Pisces and their nature.

  38. Taurus lady January 13th, 2017

    Pisces are never reliable… they get bored but clingly… they dont know which way to go… just wish that partner understand it that they can flirt around and its ok for them.. while they could not handle if partner ignore them or get dihonest with them .. they want honesty, love care & emotional satisfaction from their partnes while lack all these traits when it comes to long term relations/ marriage.. a truth you all will face someday with pisces..! Keep my worlds they dont deserve taurus pure love whatsoever…

  39. Taurus married to picses January 13th, 2017

    Pisces are never reliable… they get bored but clingly… they dont know which way to go… just wish that partner understand it that they can flirt around and its ok for them.. while they could not handle if partner ignore them or get dihonest with them .. they want honesty, love care & emotional satisfaction from their partnes while lack all these traits when it comes to long term relations/ marriage.. a truth you all will face someday with pisces..! Keep my worlds they dont deserve taurus pure love whatsoever…

    • Pisces February 8th, 2017

      wow you really hate pisces that much?

  40. mindofabull2016 April 18th, 2016

    Hi everybody, I’m giving feedback as when I was looking for it myself I couldn’t find too much relating to a Piscean Male and Taurean Woman. I’ll start by saying that of course I am a 100% genuine Taurus! Carrying all traits, the good and bad! Anyway, just to skip straight to the point I am a young Taurean lady of which started seeing a Piscean male in January time of this year, we finally got things moving after a good 8 months of communicating with eachother over FB (yes, I know, Facebook.. eeeek) It was a random add but we did manage to start speaking not long after becoming friends online. This gradually became an everyday thing, this Piscean of mine wanted to talk everyday, all the time and to me that was just like whoa! okay! slow down a little, at one point I mustn’t lie but I was feeling a bit suffocated from the constant chatting- probably due to me enjoying my own time and space. I enjoyed speaking to him all the time, of course but I knew that talking too much too honest would leave us with nothing to discuss eventually. We weren’t too deep with our conversations at all as I’m sure some of you ladies know, a Piscean very rarely lets the beans spill about their personal lives which is totally okay, sometimes. He seemed as if he was into me but I wasn’t at that point I basically made a point of saying that we were never going to be an item and that’s because I was the only one aware of my current circumstances/situations and knew that I wasn’t yet ready for any relationships other than the one with myself. I suffered with very bad anxiety for around 2/3 years, this was still an issue when I was speaking to him for 8 months (only online) and all I can remember is him saying that he could help with it, every issue I had he said that he’d be able to help with and it seemed as if he didn’t think he was incapable of anything- to me it was just an excuse of his to meet in the flesh and me being the stubborn bull wasn’t having any of it! I genuinely did not believe that he would be able to help me in any way (you don’t believe that when you have anxiety) and of course I strive to be the independent woman that is capable of handling her own life and emotions, I mean my friend and me had discussions in the past and he said to me that it could be possible that when I found a partner my anxieties would calm down an awful lot, I just needed somebody to appreciate me for who I am so that then I could accept myself. Anyway, we first started talking online around Mid April of 2015 and met in the flesh on 11th December 2015 which was so bloody awkward as we are both very very shy, thankfully there was family members of mine in our prescence which helped to ease the situation! From then on things progressed, slowly thanks to me as a Piscean is much more of a faster mover than me and I am far more grounded. He was very fast in trying to get me to sleep with him, I won’t lie about that, it doesn’t surprise me considering he is a Piscean as they have huge sexual appetites, which us Taureans have too but I tend to keep mine very very hidden and conserved- due to other issues unfortunately 🙁 not releavant I know, sorry! I calmed him down when it came to that and made sure that he was going to wait for me so that it would actually mean something, I think? So he could demonstrate that he wanted to know me as human being and not as an object of desire. That went okay when I finally decided to talk about some issues that I have, he is an extremelly good listener and is highly understanding although I am aware sometimes I am very conserved and don’t discuss things into full detail and I don’t delve too deep. I forgot to mention, his birthday is on the 16th March and my fathers was on the 15th March, I say was because my father passed away a few years ago, for this reason I think I always wanted to come accross a Piscean so that I could really see what sort of a guy my father would have been, to see some of the traits that my father would have also carried- because I adored him, very much! My stepfather was also a Piscean and I adore him, I couldn’t have asked for anybody better. So I do connect with them and have a massive soft spot for them, but it’s not to say that it is then that they can take advantage, I know a Piscean will use their strong traits of affection etc to make a woman feel comfortable and wanted just so that they can sleep with them but many men are like that, it’s just that these Pisces will most likely go the extra mile. I never ever dreamt that I would have been in a relationship with my current partner but here we are! We had a bit of a situation when I found a profile of his on a website looking for sex, I wasn’t surprised about it hence the fact I was searching in the first place. If I’m honest, I felt at peace that I knew I had found something that I was looking for, I had a massive gut feeling that something wasn’t okay and it led me to finding that, I didn’t trust him before that anyway and I hate to say it but I still don’t, I will always find it very hard to trust but I will be even more disappointed if I have let my guard down for somebody to do that to me. I think I am fully aware of knowing what Piscean men are capable of and that is what worries me. Words cannot describe what I felt on that day. I am a true Taurus and 100% loyal until the very end, my loyalty is my greatest asset. I worry that he gets up to no good behind my back, I don’t see that much of him and it kills me, I see him around 2/3 times a week for a few hours here and there I wish it was more, if it was up to me he would have moved in by now lol! But I know I am a grounded person and if he wanted to do that, he would have suggested that I am aware everybody needs their own space and also it is early days, it is only April 2016 we don’t even fully fully know eachother- maybe that’s because we don’t see eachother that much. He is a workaholic!!!! Excellent trait I think, he isn’t that lazy- he is responsible, reliable and independent a bit dreamy too! But that is absolutely fine, I love seeing the passion in his eyes when he talks about the things that he wants. I have to admit, just his prescence calms me there has been times where I have turned into somebody that I never believed that I was, where I would just cry around him when I was feeling sad about something and I would feel comfortable about it. I’m not an overly sensitive person and don’t usually shed a tear about anything but around him, I just do and I can’t understand why, I think it’s because he is so loving and comforting. The only issue is, I find that the subject is always on me, me me me I feel selfish- I don’t open up that that much but I do so more than he does, it is so difficult to know much about a Piscean, I find them very secretive and selfless, they don’t talk about thereselves that often therefore I don’t get to understand him or know him properly that hurts me, a lot because I’d like to ask him more about himself but I fear being blocked out and pushed away as him talking about his self isn’t a regular thing. We are both very stubborn, which surprised me he is very very stubborn and a cocky Piscean too! Not a doormat which I think is great, it isn’t easy to take advantage of him and that is a good thing. We both have boundaries and we respect them, if either of us get carried away it will usually be him. When things are going well, they go really well. When they go badly, they are awful our arguments are not often but they are horrible. I hate to argue with him, it drags me down. We talk so agressively towards one another but when we make up, it is excellent and we don’t stay mad at eachother for very long at all. We are not ones to act like children, we talk a lot of things through and then discuss what we need to do or say differently the next time. Communication isn’t amazing as of yet but we will get there. I absolutely adore him! Words cannot explain, something is holding me back still at the moment as I feel I cannot trust him fully but I hope that one day that will be achievable, although I say I can’t trust him 100% I know it sounds strange but this is the guy I would love love love to marry and marriage was never a thing I would want to consider! But I look at him as the type of man I would love as a husband and the father to my children. I strive towards hoping that this could happen one day but we’ll see. I am a very difficult person and don’t believe that I will ever be able to be good enough for him really, there is always a better person out there for him and that upsets me an awful lot :'( I just hope he thinks of me as highly as I do him. I would love to have a future with him and hope that things will improve. Somebody I would love to share the rest of my life with! But I believe he will get bored of me if he hasn’t already. It’s a shame. I do love him truly. 

  41. LayLeigh March 29th, 2016

    Hello everyone, I as well am a young Taurus woman, who’s falling hard for a Pisces man. And though we haven’t met each other just yet, we’ve had our ups and downs. Yes I do know him from high school. He’s just so closed off to himself that he wasn’t ready to hang out. He’s a little vulnerable because he’s been hurt by a girl he’s dated for quite sometime, but I try to assure him that I’m not here to hurt him, I just want to love him, but he’s making it difficult by not opening up. Our bond, to me is special because it’s been almost 5 months and we talk daily about many things, but I just cannot get him to fully open up. Part of it is because I moved away for a little bit, but it actually made us stronger. Oh and I believe the ex gf is trying to come back into his life, which scares me because I can’t tell if he’s lying to me about actually talking to her or not. 🙁 so I got mad at him and stopped talking to him for a while, but a few weeks later he texted me back and is sort of being open about how much he cares for me. So I guess it’s making progress. 

  42. Natsu December 6th, 2015

    Its give. I’m not married yet ..by I’m interested at her so badly.

  43. Natsu December 6th, 2015

    Fell in love with one a long time ago but just can’t go be her my feelings right now , as I am not sure about how she feels about me.(I’m Pisces)

  44. eli-garcia April 9th, 2015

    As a Pisces guy:ask (: we love to please.our girl is our priority  <3

  45. KweenSheba March 16th, 2015

    I too like most of you women here am a Taurus woman and YES I am in love with a Pisces man, it has literally been THEE best relationship I’ve had so far no lie. I was with a Aries man for about a decade (surprisingly) we butt heads SO much it was ridiculous, but we did love each truly, it was the love and sex (literally) that kept us together but I knew it wouldn’t last as I began to alowly but surely detach from my Aries, we’re still close friends though. My Pisces man is EVERYTHING my ex is NOT it was destined for us to be together, the way we met was and is still when I think about it 2 years later a very calm warm and magical moment. He’s 7yrs my senior I am 30 and he is very about his life, I love it. I’m just amazed by him and I let him know, he simply adores me as well, he too is aware that we are great together too.  He can be a bit sensitive at times but it allows me to be my normal nurturing self. He is the Yang to my Yin and I am very thankful for him. 🙂 <3 
    Words of wisdom to some of you, don’t allow what others post to persuade you that YOUR relationship won’t/can’t work, it can if YOU want it to. ALSO keep in mind the always correct and important LAWS OF the ZODIAC – know that their are 4 corners of the world (North East South West) there are also 4 elements in which the zodiacs lie, Air, Water, Fire, Earth. Now, think about how each element helps the other, of course all in unison but each has one that it goes perfectly with. Like Water for Earth Air for Fire.
    He is the ocean, and I am the sand…

  46. Lizz9828 March 13th, 2015

    I am a taurus female and meet a piscies male threw a friend ans since i saw him i was attracted to him and evidently he was to because after socialising he grabed me and kissed me out of the blue that kiss was so majical we exchanged # and Fb and he ask me out on a date and we just cliked that he would call me txt me and let me tell you our phone conversations were for 4-5 hr i had never spoke with someone like i do to him even though there were things i did not like , his stupid lies his lack of attentiveness when he was streesed and i as a regular taurus had a lot of patience with him we had our ups and downs because he would think of me as to possesive and jelous and he did not like that but everytime he would forgive me and come back his explanation was that for some reason he coulnt stop thinking about me and that i had somethung he coulnt resist and i told him i had a deja’vu experience with him idk it was just so weird like we had already met in another life or something so majical i fell in love with this guy so deeply but he never knew what he wanted in life..but i did!!so he ended up leaving me because he felt to stressed! I still love him because of his good ways he was so caring and would always help me in anyway wish i knew how to help him sort his problems out..! 🙁

  47. dd2403 November 5th, 2013

    I been talking to a pisces men over a year now I like him so much!! last week we went on a date and I was the happiest person ever I couldn’t be happier !! But since that day we haven’t really talk we didnt do anything wrong just a few kisses when we left ! What should I do and I totally agree abiut taurus women dating a Aquarius man I been in a relationship with one for 3 years on and off and I loved him but I got so tired if fighting with him all the time ! I love pisces man and I will love to be more than friends with him !! And yes the are PLAYERS 🙁 

  48. Celine August 16th, 2013

    Hi. I am a Taurus woman, started dating with a Pisces man a month ago. I met him at the airport, he was going home from holiday and a business trip. We exchanged emails and then we started talking on Facebook. OMG he is so romantic and amazing, we had been chatting on Facebook hours and hours. As we live in different countries, he visited me after 2 weeks from the date we met, and it was great to be with him. I fell in love with him so quickly. He is hardworking and caring person that i have ever met. We have many things in common and I feel absolutely happy with him. Soon I am going to visit his country to meet his family. His intentions are serious and I hope for being his wife in the future as we live far from each other, to grow our amazing relationship closely. 

    • Pamela November 18th, 2017

      Be careful, it’s only been one month and you Luce in other countries!

  49. Ramon3279 July 30th, 2013

    I’m 16 and a Pisces I really like this girl who’s a Taurus and I’m afraid to tell her I think she likes me we always hangout and text each other but I’m afraid she won’t like me the same way I do, cause I really like her ill do anything for her can somebody help me

    • Taurus 2021 April 6th, 2021

      Yes i will. A lot of the piscean guy are naturally protecting your heart and emotions. Causing not for you to express your emotions that well. If you feel that she likes you, go for it! Go go go. For sure shes very adorable woman. Just dont cheat her or else she will not hesitating to use her 2horns with you. Good luck

  50. Pisces119 March 8th, 2013

    I’m a ii

  51. lkerr November 14th, 2012

    and i’m so glad you are away from all that now and you’re happy.

  52. lkerr November 14th, 2012

    Taurean girl, i am also a taurean girl and i had been with a pisces man for a year and a half until yesterday. We were perfect at the start, exactly how you described it. But he became exactly what i can’t stand, indecisive, needy, depending on me so much and generally messing with my head. He ended it yesterday and his reason was ‘i don’t know what i want, my head is so messed up’. So thank goodness i got out while i could. Before it went any further.

  53. Taureangirl November 12th, 2012

    I am currently divorcing my Pisces husband after 12 long years because I was sick and tired of his clingy, needy, can’t make a decision, bad luck having self. His dreamy eyed romantic ways got to me in the beginning even though I had doubts about marrying him. He withheld some very important information from me in the beginning of our relationship which he never understood is the same as lying. And he did indeed prove himself to be a liar and a cheater. You know what his excuse was for cheating? Because he felt less than a man because he was unemployed and I was the breadwinner, so he decided to get approval from another woman….yeah right! Being a taurus woman I stayed in the marriage way too long not wanting to admit that I made a mistake, but I couldn’t take the charade anymore. Everyone thought we were the ideal couple because that is what we portrayed to our family and friends. And frankly, they were more devastated when we separated than we were. I am currently dating an Aquarius man and let me tell you that everything people say a Taurus woman is supposed to hate about them, I absolutely love! He is the complete opposite of my Pisces ex which is like a breath of fresh air….

  54. 856782 October 13th, 2012

    @Ana   the only reason a pisces would be a player is bc he has given up on finding love or is desperatly trying to find it the most certain thing about a pisces is we want to find love its the one thing we care about most oh and ladies or any other people also know some of us have what you would call a little devil inside of us it only come out when were pissed to the point of exploding but were nice people 

  55. lovecomplicates June 13th, 2012

    this is exactly how my relationship went with my boyfriend. I wish I read this while we was still dating, even according to this, the failure was on his part

  56. lkerr May 14th, 2012

    This is so true it’s unreal.

  57. jamesword123 April 4th, 2012

    im a pisces male. i met this amazing Women(a taurus) at a contest, and i cant stop thinking about her. are friendship flourished the second we both started talking. now were both constently texting each other and talking on the phone whenever either of us have a chance. i so hope it works out as well and we get toghether

  58. hayls89 November 4th, 2011

    this is weird.. i met a pisces man on the internet exchanged numbers. Lives in a different state, we talk on the phone for hours and now we sleep together on the phone. I am fully in love with him over the phone! I cant wait to see him because i know our relationship is going to be amazing!

  59. WaterDreamer October 8th, 2011

    I’m a Pisces male. And this may sound really strange but I met a Taurus woman on facebook. We live a couple of states away but have mutual friends. She knows some of my High School classmates. We exchanged numbers and was on the phone for about 10 hours! I’ve never been so physically and emotionally attracted before… I’m hoping this might last! 🙂

  60. ebonis September 23rd, 2011

    I’m a Taurus female. And I know it sounds crazy but I just met a Pisces guy on twitter. We have mutual friends. Live in the same neighborhood but never spoke. Anyways we exchanged numbers and he called me. We were on the phone for 7 hours!! Never have I been so interested in a guy. I don’t know what’s next but I hope he’s this awesome when we finally meet!

  61. taurian-woman September 20th, 2011

    Being with him for several years… I think the reason the relationship with this sign is tend to last for a long period of time is not because it’s a great match but mostly is due to nature of pisces’ needy character towards us and secondly our patient nature. 
    Inconsistency of his actions, temper, and even his sexual needs are the burden.  My Pisces’ mood changes dramatically, from time to time he tends to change even his career plans simply just by being   in different physical setting or  his surrenders. Usually cause  they cant practically solve their problems they’ll seek your help after they messed up way too far, but he comes back to you because he knows you are the only one who could fix his mess.
     I think instability of his character draws out our  motherhood nature more than anything else, but hearing his lies, noticing his affairs, his stupid hide and find games and dealing with his manipulating character can be very frustrating and overwhelming overtime. 
    Even though it’s hard to accept the reality behind this happy protection mask I’ve been wearing for years, pretending he is my best match, the secret reality burns me down inside. It’s interesting to me how we don’t want to accept our loss in our biggest deal on this planet, love! May be again it’s because of our stubborn nature or our never ending hope on others’ improvement. I don’t know but i guess 10 years was long enough for me to realize I would be much more happier with a stable partner whom i can also count on and raise my kids with rather than an additional kid to babysit all day long.

  62. Olivia April 12th, 2011

    Taurus girl here..the moment I met my pisces man we knew there was chemistry. We were instantly drawn to each other. Mind you, I was 15 and he was 16..but 6 years later, as I’m going on 22 and he’s 23, we are still happily together and now living together <3 🙂

  63. Cecilia March 31st, 2011

    Well my best friend use to be an aquarius and we were really close untill we got together i just couldnt stand him and i just can even see him but now this new guy showed into my life and i feel attractive to him and he’s a pisces everytime i’m near him i feel a magnetic pull i just want to be sure why that is and he’s asked me out but i’ve thinking if i should just because of what i’ve just gone thru with my ex. aquarius….confussed if i should give him a chance?

  64. Chinelo March 15th, 2011

    Yea, i am taurus love my piceas man. Truly know very well that he is my real husband

  65. Marjorie March 14th, 2011

    So true about Aquarius and pisces!!!!!!

  66. Sherell March 7th, 2011

    Dawn I feel you totally on that about Aquarius Men…i learned the hard way too but its teahes us a lesson and to better our selves…im dating a pices man and he is so sweet and couldnt ask for anything more….

  67. Dawn March 1st, 2011

    I just began to date a Pisces man. It feels magical. Maria in the comment above said it best Taurus beware stay away from Aquarius men. I learned the hardway. I just dumped one. I am so grateful for the Pisces to come into my life.

  68. bb February 21st, 2011

    omg i am so sexually frusturated with my pisces man…
    i don’t know how to make it anymore obvious that i want him…and he just can’t seem to pick up on it…
    my fantasies are making it hard for me to function for more than 5 min
    he’s driving me crazy…i swear i think i’m just gonna rape him one of these days…

    • Mime November 27th, 2019

      omg this comment tho 😂 Well, currently dating a Pisces guy and it’s both our first time experiencing romance. You can say we’re both virgins on relationships and dating lol. But i can totally relate on the feeling of their denseness. Now I’m the type of Taurean girl to not initiate because it makes me too embarrassed, but damn did I have to do that when I initiated to hold his hands or to hug him. On the bright side, that’s all that I needed to do since he initiates most of it now. All he needed was like, a confirmation or a little push so he can know what and what’s not okay with you. Hope this helps, tho sex is completely different from a hug and holding of hands lol, but it’s the same principle. Maybe he just needs a little push.

      I’m 20, he’s 23 btw. We’re both really really late bloomers on dating lol.

  69. ellen January 31st, 2011

    I’m a taurus woman who fell in love with a pisce man with the first kiss.It sometimes hard to figure him out but, when we come together its amazing and i believe that we are going to be together.

  70. Ana January 9th, 2011

    I’m a Taurus woman and I LOVE Pisces men. We gel SO WELL. This is a relationship that could lead to marriage. The only problem is that they are PLAYERS!!!

  71. Mariah estrada December 22nd, 2010


  72. SnuggleLove December 22nd, 2010

    I am a true blue Taurus, stubborn and all. And it’s true in my life that pisces in general have just been the best people in the world to me and I can’t help but just want to take care of their beautiful hearts. I always knew I was going to marry a pisces and that is just what is happening. It’s the best match for a Taurus women in my mind. Taurus women are such caregivers – they deserve a good guy. It’s so snuggly and sweat it’s sick! Only a Taurus and Pisces could understand it!

  73. Maria November 9th, 2010

    WOW…This is so true I just started dating a Pisces man and if feels sooo right.the sex is amazing.The worst zodiac sign a Taurus can date is an Aquarius.

  74. Kacey August 19th, 2010

    This is crazy how right it is!! We have been through ups and downs in the beginning but now its a solid relationship. We are both so committed and It all happened exactly as this describes. The sex started off okay but has turned into something amazing! It feels like this was truly written about us:)

  75. victoria February 12th, 2010

    I’m a female with sun in taurus, moon in gemini, venus in cancer and mars in pisces. I’ve always felt this heavy draw, like fate, with pisces men (not like with any other signs) and have always counted them among my dearest friends. Yet they are so slippery in sexual partnerships; it’s really frustrating and makes me so sad. Any advice?

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