Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Capricorn woman and Pisces man have a compatible blend of Water and Earth elements.
  • Their sexual relationship is gratifying and charming.
  • The Capricorn woman can attract the Pisces man by showing faith and respect in him and giving him the freedom he needs.
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The combination of Water (Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn) is a very fertile blend and their association is usually the one full of mutual admiration. They both accept and appreciate each other’s differences in expressing love. Pisces is more able to tap into the heart of Capricorn, uncovering the warmth underneath the cool exterior.

A Pisces man is cool, calm, informal and caring. He loves being in a cozy and secured environment. The typical Pisces male is often pulled in two different directions and as such lacks determination at times. When he is cheerfully given all the freedom he needs, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband. But when his freedom is smothered, he feels nervous and restless, and begins to slip and slide. Most reliable way to insure loyalty is to have complete faith in his integrity, to let him know his love and his support is needed and appreciated.

A Capricorn woman is a very decent and strong female. She is very formal and generally avoids sloppiness and improper behavior, especially in public. She likes people with ambitions and self-esteem and herself is also a deity of both the qualities. She enjoys climbing the social ladder which allows her to feel important. She is very much attached to her family and loved ones. She cares for them and protects them in all the possible ways. In a relationship, she is a very devoted partner and wants her man to be a good provider and stable person.

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A Capricorn woman makes a very steady and sound partner for a Pisces man. She has faith and respect in her Pisces man and makes him take the charge of their romantic relationship. He needs freedom and that is given by her with all the trust. If he ever fails, the Capricorn lady is wonderful for picking him right back up off the ground and getting him back on his feet, pointing him in the right direction. The Capricorn woman and Pisces man can handle almost anything thrown their way. She admires his flexibility and acceptance of her commitments to their relationship. But her rigidity and routine thought process can create tiffs between the two. She can even be complex and rude at times, hurting the fragile heart of her Pisces man. She has to be a little bit more humble and easy going to make things work between them.

A Pisces man makes a very kind and hospitable lover to his Capricorn woman. He actually listens to what she has to say, and understands it! His willingness to adjust and take things smoothly is extremely attractive to her, as she is more disciplined and definite and wants her partner to support her. She is generous and polite and gives his woman all the independence she needs. He too, like Capricorn woman, loves and adores the idea of family, but there has to be some form of balance. If regardless of his need for stability, the family togetherness is overdone, it could create a problem and make him feel uneasy which in turn can make her feel irritated. He needs to show more stability so that she can show utter faith in him and feel comfortable in the bond.

As a Pisces man slips his hand into the Capricorn woman’s hand and they proceed forward, solicitous of one another’s well-being, they build a monument of hope and security against the cold, cruel world. They both take things smoothly and without any rush as they understand that everything comes at the right time and in the right order. This is a relationship that withstands all sorts of obstacles, both inner and outer and thrives. Their mutual adoration and respect for each other fills their life with such satisfaction and happiness of unison that is both rejoicing and nourishing. They make a couple that is dreamy enough to have their own world where only their love exists and more than stable to have a satisfying life where they deal with all worldly facts hand in hand, supporting each other forever.

Pisces man and Capricorn woman approach their sexual relationship in a very practical manner. As the water and earth make a very blossomy combination, their sexual relationship is also very gratifying and charming. She can be very shy and it may take a little bit of coaxing to bring out her best in the bedroom. Once she feels comfortable, her sexual expression is as direct as everything else about her. This is not an obstacle for the Pisces man seeing how he loves nothing more than for her to feel comfortable. Lovemaking helps them to rediscover themselves. She is direct and practical in her approach to love making, but she is also full of passion as is him. It’s a new world full of intimacy and fantasy where they experience many unknown extents of each other for a long lasting gratification of their unison. Her orgasms overwhelm her body, suddenly quivering, shivering, twitching and trembling with such pure blissful release. He is more than ecstatic, unsteady and uncertain. An important part of the fond memory he takes from this, perhaps it never feels so great.

There are a few things that the pair of Capricorn woman and Pisces man has to take under consideration to keep up their relationship. She may sometimes seem to be hard over matters and bossy in ways to make him feel tangled and sad. On the other hand, the dreamy nature of Pisces male can make her feel insecure about the future, especially related to financial securities. He might find her too rigid in her expectations from the partnership, and she might easily find her Pisces partner’s dreamy love nature too ethereal. If these minor things are kept in mind then Pisces man’s and Capricorn woman’s relationship is likely to go well. They respect one another for who they are. They understand each others differences and allow each other to be themselves. When one falls down the other is there to pick up the partner.

Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility Rating

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  1. Paul December 3rd, 2022

    I’m a pisces male seeing a cap woman right now and I feel seen lol

    • Gloria December 30th, 2023

      I’m a Capricorn woman deep inlove with a Pisces Man and it’s just exactly what I needed. It’s amazing lol

  2. Momma November 17th, 2022

    I wish I would have read this before we broke up because this could have saved some issues or helped me better approach them being a Capricorn.

  3. Lovie 2022 July 26th, 2022

    You did that TT! That was a good read and informative.

  4. Tt February 13th, 2022

    So I am happy I found this forum because I am Capricorn female dealing with a Pisces male right now. I have noticed that Pisces like to run away when it gets hard and not deal with their issues. I’m a Capricorn so I’m going to go after you and when I catch you it’s worse than if you would have just came straight forward. We also had a crazy ride in 2021, he was disrespectful, rude, and was making terrible life decisions. I told him in September that something needed to change. I reminded him in December that I was not doing 2021 all over again. I gave him two options. He either needed to be a good person or leave me alone. I had done everything I could for him prior to that. I have tried to understand him and I am starting to now. I have known him going on three years 2022, and he is the one who advanced the relationship. When I first met him he told me don’t fall in love because I don’t want a relationship. I respected that and didn’t try.
    Me being a Cap, a few of my dominant traits started to come out. I need stability and consistency. I like planning and knowing what is going on. This Pisces man lacks those things and it would drive me crazy.
    He finally came to me right before the end of December and talked to me after running for so long. I was happy and I have had no issues with him since.
    I’m also not going to lie, I did act a little crazy at times. I put a bounty to find him because I heard he was messing with another girl. He always told me he wasn’t and I take that stuff seriously. I did a few other things and it established at the end of the day I am not playing around. I think he also likes the crazy a little bit because he keeps coming back and wants to be with me.
    I also noticed they like to play the victim and that will not work with me either. I started watching videos online to understand the mind of a guy. I feel like because I am more alpha and masculine energy, he can’t be masculine. He has more feminine energy than I do so I have to level down for him to step up. I am okay with that though because I want him to be the lead. I want him to feel wanted and needed as a man and so far it has worked. If a man can’t feel like a man he is going to run to a weaker female.
    I honestly feel like I could write a book about this guy.

    • capricorngirl March 22nd, 2022

      can you write for me that book? because i’m also a capricorn female and my best male friend is a pisces and we did have experienced what you discribe!!! i’m doubting now if i have feelings for him, because he was also messing with a girl and i was getting crazy 😂 but i’m so curious now if he would have feelings for me 😅☺️

      • Paul December 3rd, 2022

        I’m a pisces male seeing a cap woman right now and I feel seen lol

    • Icandydeva83 April 20th, 2022

      I have the same situationship. Reading your story helps me acknowledge my actions as a Capricorn female, and how it affects the Pisces male. Thanks for the share!

    • britney April 24th, 2022

      brooo thank you because like im also a capricorn female dealing with these evil kindd lol but i do understand how the stuff i say may hurt them a lot but there actions hurt me so much lmao

    • vincent April 24th, 2022

      did you also know that if a Pisces is out of their element they become a what they call a fish flowing down stream. Meaning a negative energy in life. Pisces need to stay in their element which is water and need to go with the flow of the water. If they do not they tend to go in a toilet water direction. But, a true Pisces needs Stability, and the only way the can get that is to be with someone compatible with Pisces which are only two signs. That’s because what a true Pisces brings to those signs. Pisces are the dream world, fantasy and nurturing. Opposite when not in their element. I’m a true Pisces and a true Pisces aren’t good in these times especially for men.

      • Jonny May 10th, 2022

        I am a Pisces male dating a Capricorn woman, we dated before in hs 11 years ago and I was all bad I wasn’t mature enough to take any relationship serious, fast forward a lot of hard lessons learned that matured me, she had her hard lessons about being to bossy n over dominating and now we are both in a place where we can catch ourselves from being our old negative selves. I’m super affectionate and cheesy and lovey dovey always saYing cute nice things to her and even tho she’s not as vocal she’s more physical with her affection she likes hearing these words of affirmation and I love the physical touch, I don’t trust want you I believe in what you do, so I’d say we mesh well out love languages complement eachother, she is vocal and lovey dovey over text or in bed we we cuddle in public we both show affection but are both subtle with it, we prefe to be in private with just our company. I never have to wonder how she feels about me or or how I feel about her, if we can maintain this I don’t see why marriage wouldn’t be on the horizon in due time

    • Ice July 12th, 2022

      You are me! This pieces man I’m dealing with is so fickle and plays the victim. I’m working on being more delicate with a man’s ego, it doesn’t come naturally for someone as driven determined and not as sensitive as me. I’m not easily broken so that causes me to be less vulnerable to fall in love with you, it’s unstable. I have no problem leaving even if I really care.

  5. Dave January 7th, 2022

    Pieces Man Here, Thankyou for this seems pretty insightful if not some what creeper but people can be broken down into base personality’s and the like, and who ever wrote the last bit about the sexual compatibility rofl that was awesome

  6. LaToya Hayes December 13th, 2021

    She loves you for your kindness and the love you shown her, but she is not the one for you. She has deep issues and wants you to move on with out her.

  7. Dedee April 26th, 2021

    Because she know she screwed up….when she accepts that she’ll come back around but shell likely have a fear of you doing the same thing she did to you to her….once she realizes that your not that way shell embrace you more

    • Stillysta Sherlita July 17th, 2021

      Dedee… Are you pisces? Can you explain your comment lol. I don’t understand.

  8. Sadaam April 25th, 2021

    Hello my dear people am a pisces male i love my capricorn girl cant live without her she ignores my calls msgs etc she takes me and my love for granted she speaks with other guys even with her ex he ignores her and he’s a married man now well long story short its been a month we fought and stoped talking i miss her so much i always check my phone for her msg or call but there is always nothing and that hurts me even more am trying to be happy in my life without her but i cant i tried calling her but still she avoids talking to me or sharing any of her problems with me the last msg she sent to me was “i love you i dont have other words now” what do you think why is she doing this when we met she was sad and broken by her ex i tried to bring her back to life and make her happy over small things like gifts attention and time she yelled at me every time i expressed my feelings for her she was the leader in this relationship whenever i needed sex she always said why do you always have sex going on in your head all the time i thnk may be she never loved me and it was only me who always wanted her to be a part of my life i i’ve started thinking alot hours and hours after getting in this relationship and my intuition tells me she lied about everything i shouldnt have trusted her but my heart is out of my control i cant stop loving or thinking about her after this relation i cant even think of any other girl its just that am least interested in any girl on this planet other than my capricorn girl i know that if i dont get her am gonna end up alone for the rest of my life

    • Liliana April 28th, 2021

      You let her take the lead. That’s the problem. Because a man is supposed to be the head of a woman. And a woman does not have authority over a man nor may she teach a man.

      • Anonymous June 11th, 2021

        This is literally disgusting

    • Stillysta Sherlita July 17th, 2021

      Hi Sadaam,

      I’m deeply sorry about how you feel toward her. I’m Capricorn and the alpha one. Trust me, with everything is going on with Capricorn, she’s deeply missed you as well. She’s avoiding you not because she hates you or else but because she needs to fix her other relationship. You’re her happy place and she feels safety and comfort when she’s around you. I think, you need to just let her be. She’ll come around. I need to learn more about your personality. I hope you’re okay. Stay safe.

  9. Gordon Jones March 13th, 2021

    This is my Capricorn girl on point. However what causes them to texts other guys?

    • Orlandria Medlock March 14th, 2021

      Gordon in my opinion , as a Capricorn woman we love to be adored and always complimented. That is a sure way to get our heart and attention. Mostly, if we are in a relationship or dating someone exclusively we only have eyes for that person and are monogamous also. So, we can entertain and have friendships with other males and even gain a great likeness, but it will only be on a friendship level. This is where we as Capricorn women may be naive to the fact that most men want more than friendship if we entertain and communicate with them just on that level. So, unless you have personally saw sexual advances or communications I wouldn’t worry as long as you are giving her the love, attention, affection and gifting her in ways she is heightened in whatever capacity she craves. I don’t know it all but as a Capricorn I know we are reserved but have a high need for excitement and surprise. We don’t like to be boring and reserved all the time. 🙂 Also, we get along with men more than women because Capricorn women understand men more than any other sign.

  10. Leelee March 12th, 2021

    I’m a cap and hes a pisces..after 17yrs of friendship 2020 Thanksgiving after my fathers passing it happened and I really couldn’t believe it. But after my bday I just dont know what happened but it just went dry. I give space and always share my side of things cause I didnt understand how we spent bdays and news years together and then bang!!! He would diss me but in a way that it was insulting to my intelligence. So my mute button became 2months. I decided to dive into our characters and to see this. I pray to jesus we both didnt mess up a great friendship because when he told me how he felt me and he couldn’t stop thinking about, it was great but I have the feeling he has other affairs and I just caught him by surprise by finally giving in. But my father passed away and now in days its rough to wana find out a man’s life. Its like I haven’t met one man in the past 15yrs friend or date that didnt do multiple girlfriends at the same time. Godbless all and pray we all receive love and happiness through our christ lord jesus christ 🙏🏼🤲🏽💞

  11. Beth February 14th, 2021

    Awwww that’s beautiful ❤️… I’m a cap woman and my Pisces is my high school crush… Starting out was a little rough because he wasn’t honest & lying.. I’m not going to put up with that but I love him I need be more gentle in my approach with him as I could be a little rough around the edges especially when you’re not honest and you lie to me.. but I think we’ll be able to work it out cuz we have so much alike I wish you all the best 🤗♥️

  12. Trini January 23rd, 2021

    I met my Cap GF In August 2020 and this just answered all of the questions and had all of the solution as to why she acts how she does

  13. Saurav November 29th, 2020

    This is just wow, 100% true

  14. Hester LaZard-Sunmon October 17th, 2020

    My fish and I swim together and the only time we’re apart is when we head to the office. I love “US” and so does he. Til death do we part. Ameen..!!

  15. Stainless July 23rd, 2020

    I’ve known my Capricorn woman since 2006. We’ve dated since 2008. This post is too accurate. As well as inciteful. I’m a pisces (Feb 21) born on an aquarius cusp. I love her to an over whelming point. And she loves me. But our admiration for one another is the base of our relationship. She keeps my dreamy side grounded. And I’m more of the balance. But working on being more fiscally responsible while encouraging her to smile again. We balance each other out. And I swear I know her from other lives. And I love her

    • Donald December 16th, 2020

      I hope this Capricorn woman and I will become friends I’ve been waiting for her for so long ,for someone like her to be coming to me ,I will give her the world

  16. Capri 🌹 July 7th, 2020

    Me in Pisces man what should I say my one and only Pisces man I am a Capricorn January 3 and he’s a Pisces March 17 now let me start by saying we do argue could it be somebody they can get along with him better maybe so but baby some people say the sex is average some people say we don’t connect. I see scorpios and cancers are their winning match but me personally I think too much water is just a little too boring too much earth together is a little too boring but maybe not I haven’t dated that many people but what I will say is that this man is passionate and I am emotional but I don’t never want to give up on him don’t give me wrong I will go off and let him have it. But I’ve been with him for 5 1/2 years and I’ve known him since 2008 and this is 2020 I haven’t been Williams in 2008 he been dating other women and he has been in love with a Leo and Pisces I believe maybe more but if he ever leave Meme this is one it will take me a long long time to get over I will be so hurt. I have to change my attitude and he has to work on his prideful ways. Again you have to excuse me but I will cook for him I will clean up for him I will wash his clothes fold his clothes out always be waiting on him to return back home and I don’t know what it is excuse what I’m about to say but I have to be honest maybe he would one day prefer to be with somebody more deeply emotionally connected to him more like water signs but I never been so into somebody bodyHeart and I’m always in the mood to please him it when he breaks out of his shell in Caress me ummm I want to risk it all 😌😊🌹My mother is a Pisces my grandma is a cancer all my aunts is Scorpio maybe that’s why I can tolerate the water sign but I don’t want another man no no no noooooo I would literally get mad and say yeah I do but I don’t sometimes I just hate that I’m not even tired of him😂when we make ❤️ I feel like I belong to him enough said 🙃

    • Jessi October 15th, 2021

      I hope you guys are working now. But to be honest, if he is still unsure about you, let him go. He can’t date anyone else and be around you.

  17. Noni January 24th, 2020

    Observing for 2 years and doing absolutely nothing?…i dont think so. No going forward..always drops you when big decisions are to be made…worst relationship ever.

  18. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Capricorns are so down to earth, but can benefit from being more genuine/real with Pisces.
    Here is a free 2020 Forecast for CAPRICORN:
    I hope it helps.

  19. Noni September 9th, 2019

    I am Capricorn woman – dating a Pisces man for about a month. Very loving and caring and dependable. I dated a Taurus man before so absolutely nothing can stop me from making this relationship as Taurus was the most stubbornnest, non-communicative, unappreciativeness person ever, even though the love was there but he just did nothing. So with this new guy, his inlove and doesnt want to leave my side so I think I will keep him, easy enough and a good rest for me from a Taurus relationship. I remember when I started dating the Taurus guy my boss asked me whats his star sign and I said Taurus – and she said “GOOD LUCK” – now I understand why.

    • Shawn December 25th, 2019

      Maybe the taurus ♉️ guy is just observing your behavior cause sometimes taurus ♉️ are very advance thinkers that’s why we you see them while your talking to them they look there completely nothing but they observe you. Im a pisces ♓️ guy and all the taurus ♉️ that I have encountered are my bestest friends and loyal. But pisces ♓️ are much cool 🏂 and awesome I love ❤ capricorns love ❤ love ❤ love ❤ all the love ❤ to God and the world 🌎

      • Noni January 24th, 2020

        Observing for 2 years and doing absolutely nothing?…i dont think so. No going forward..always drops you when big decisions are to be made…worst relationship ever.

  20. Vincent February 18th, 2019

    Most Pisceans aren’t that way. I have a brother that is and it’s because of other entities that made him that way. I had an uncle same situation. A Pisces but didn’t act as a true Pisceans. So, I suppose there are some certain circumstances where a astrological sign may not act in true nature. I my self am a true Piscean right down to the last letter. I can test to that the astrological definition to Pisces is pretty darn accurate.

  21. Suz November 5th, 2018

    I’m a Capricorn woman and am in a somewhat new relationship with a Pisces man. We met 6 months ago – REALLY hit it off – but have only gotten together infrequently. Just a week ago he took me a bit by surprise and advanced our relationship to include the physical (as it were). QUITE the surprise, but a very welcomed one! I must say, it was one of the most outstanding experiences I’ve had! Very unexpected, but incredibly wonderful. He is a, genuinely, kind and giving man, always offering to help me with things, which is a completely new experience for me; neither my father or my first husband ever helped with anything, even when asked. I’ve become so independent because of it, that I’ve often scared off men. But this Fish seems to want to continue to swim near me, so, I’m giving it a shot!

  22. Linda August 20th, 2018

    I am Capricorn and I dated a Pisces man for 3 and a half years. When I had to move out of the country for work, he left me and broke up with me. I begged him to wait one or two years to get a transfer back. He did not want that and he got engaged to someone else within a month of our breakup. I was loyal and very much loving. When we were in a relationship he made me feel that he loves me a lot, even though sometimes I felt that all he wants is sex. However, I am really disheartened and I don’t think I want to date a Pisces man again.

    • Arti August 20th, 2018

      Yes I agree with you Linda….Similar story has happened with me…they are with you till the time they have physical pleasures with you and you are agreeing to his terms. Otherwise, the moment you need some cooperation they are gone..Selfish Pisceans…very arrogant.

      • Linda August 21st, 2018

        Yeah. That is true. I was very disappointed. I even felt cheated.

    • Broderick May 31st, 2020

      I’m a Piscean, such similar stories but irrespective of what our signs are there are other factors that determines an individual personality, so many of the characteristics listed here are so true of me, even the heart break relationships. I dated a Capricorn lady & left her because she never wanted to commit fully, I regretted this action later, which I had been patient. What I’m saying is sometimes our level of maturity & experience determine to a great deal who we turn out to be. In conclusion other than just literally taking the general readings, other individual factors should be considered.

  23. zeze July 24th, 2018

    are you a cap or a pisce?

  24. ORLANDRIA S Medlock July 1st, 2018

    Im a capricorn female. I am not in a relationship with a Pisces, but dating a pisces. All of your experiences are similar, so that is helpful. The pisces I am dating is hardworking and a family man, which I think is so cute! As a capricorn, our expectations are waaayyy high so I understand everyones reluctance. Pisces are hardworking and honest in my opinion, lets say OPEN. Lol. I believe maybe Pisces just tries to balance what they can how they can based on their schedule. It does not mean they are lying or unfaithful. I am not saying those thoughts originally arose. They did but I decided I will play my part and I will allow my Pisces man to play his part. They are cool, sweet, funny under the influence, shy when not around people they are comfortable with or feel intimidated by. My Pisces man is not very talkative until I ask him his opinion, and I enjoy initiating conversation because personally I am talkative. I think he enjoys those qualities as well as how attracted he is to me. I am going to be open and see how far he takes this thing. I like a man in control when it is most important as a Capricorn female. I like my man to save me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As a Capricorn woman I will do the same but a lot has to be proven to me by this Pisces man in effort for me to return the mutual. Im giving my Pisces man all the time he needs. I am not in a rush although my children might be ready for their mommy to be “with” someone, definitely not rushing. I am not the “only” person my Pisces man has to prove himself to. My children come first and he knows that. I appreciate his caring when it comes to my children. Although I sometimes text and call more, he will text or call and make comments such as ” I haven’t heard from you, ” You dont miss me?” I love that he does care. That can be a mans manipulative way of keeping up with his woman, but it is what it is. Women have their manipulative ways of keeping up with their man! We need to understand that no relationship is perfect, and as long as there is respect there forget about small things. As a Capricorn female, when our emotions are tampered we can do get quite outraged and fed up. Dont ever allow anyone to get you in that mode. We must stay on top. That is our job in this world. :)….I say if you have proof your Pisces man is disrespecting you or your personal morals, pull back and move forward as mentioned by the Pisces man above. The boat, car, plane does not have to stop there. Love is for everyone whether short term or long term! Be Blessed!😇

  25. Arti April 18th, 2018

    Pisces man is unfaithful, indecisive, always scared and confused. They try to boss you around and will run the relationship on their own conditions.
    Capricorn woman is clear, ambitious and loyal in her thoughts and actions. But it bores him. so stay away from Piscian. We capricorns deserve much better.

    • ORLANDRIA S Medlock July 1st, 2018

      This person just sounds crazy or hurt from the past. Does not know where he stands or does not feel secure in himself or the relationship you shared.

  26. george March 22nd, 2018

    capicornwoman is a volcano in sex.she is also loyal.
    pisces men are too soft in bed.they are also unfaithful
    bad combination.

    • ORLANDRIA S Medlock July 1st, 2018

      George…yes Capricorns have an intense sexual core. Pisces man is not weak in bed. I guess it depends on the man. All males of any sign can be unfaithful. I dont think that should stop a woman from pursuing. Pisces man just dont make a Capricorn woman lose respect for you! Stay on your toes. Keep it clean! 😏

      • VIV July 1st, 2018

        yeah my experience was annoying. lol he would not pursue me. he only wanted to text and never asked me anything about myself. which made me believe he was not interested. the only time he took the lead was when the topic of sex came up. this man was all over me then. although i did not have relations with him i know it wouldve been fire!!! hes so into his imaginations that he has no idea how to live and act in reality! hes basically all talk no action, i have no patience for that nonsense… good luck to you though!

      • ORLANDRIA S Medlock July 2nd, 2018

        Well in my opinion Capricorns have very good intuition. We may not always be right but we sense things that most people dont. He might have wanted to just get in your pants initially and he might not have been trying to get serious. You never tried to find out because we as Capricorn like to protect ourselves from hurt. So, it might have been a good decision based on how you personally felt to just let it him go. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I might keep yoy posted on how things turn out good or bad.

      • VIV July 2nd, 2018

        yes please keep me posted, im rooting for you!!!

      • Kekeli June 27th, 2021

        Yes! The rude and the bossy aspect is very true. We’ve been dating for almost a year now. Honestly, I’m dating two ladies, I met her first though but I’m always unsure whether she’s really into me or not, I guess maybe because in my previous relationships, I’m often the pursued not the pursuer, making me go for a Sag. We’ve just started for about 3 months now but gosh! She’s sweet. Intelligent, confidence and expressive unlike my Capricorn whom I find very childish and prefer small talks which actually annoys me a lot making our conversation less than great.
        Ideally, I’ll like to marry my Capricorn because she’s more beautiful and reserved and I believe there won’t be the issue of promiscuity and distrust on her part compared to my Sagittarius girlfriend who is actually more like me(we operate beyond good and evil, so we always do what we want if it pleases us, I don’t know about other pisces though but I’m super stubborn, and the typical dreamy, indecisive Stereotype doesn’t apply to me. I’m assertive af!), though my Sag possess most of the features I deserve in a woman.
        One thing I realized within these days because of the attention I’m sharing between them (they’re not aware though) she started showing much interest, and always suspecting me.
        These developments proved to me she was into me all this while and was just pretending and I’m happy for that.
        I’ve been in a lot of unsuccessful relationships so meeting her I made my mind to do all I can to make it work, and thus I believe I gave up the very qualities that made her fall me.
        Now I know I lil bit of stubbornness counts a lot.
        I’m now 31 and ready to settle, settling with her I know would deny me of all the favorable qualities I’ve identified in my sweet Sag but…… I gotta give it up.

  27. VIV February 17th, 2018

    Ugh! My experience with a Pisces was not that great sadly. Because I thought and still think he is the most handsome Man I have ever seen. He lacked inniative and was not good at perusing me he also seemed uncertain while taking to me at times. I took his LACK of attention as disinterest and decided to move on, but lately I have wondered what if ???

    I like for a man to show confidence and have clear intentions when pesuing me, it is so sexy to know a man has a plan of action when it comes to a woman he is interested in… this is what I expected from him as he told me reaetedly how much he was feeling me but, not once or hardly ever did he “show me” how he felt.( He fantasized though)

    Instead I found myself perusing him. He seemed to love the attention or liked being told how much I desired him… i believe he just wanted to be chased or sought after. And boy did he have fantasies!!! Such an active imagination, I have half a mind to track him down now!!!

    He is so big and strong and so dark in complexion… the things he said, turned me the f*** on.

    PISCES MEN TAKE NOTE – get the woman stop fantasizing and go after what you want turn you fantasies into reality. Capricorn women are not cold hearted, we just don’t put up with him bullshit Make your intentions known and stop being scared and uncertain.

  28. Kim November 17th, 2017

    Hi I’m 30 f cap and I have been dating 22 m Pisces ik ik huge age difference. That is 1 of my concerns. I was hurt in the past and he shared his relationship fail as well. Things haven’t been good for me but he still wanted to get to know me. When we are together it’s a huge chemistry and it’s only been a month. I have a huge guard up because of my last relationship was horrible. The other thing have me questioning this relationship is that he’s from another country and I never dated a Jamaican. I feel so safe with him and when he met my child and sibling they accept him. I admit I have flaws and getting it together and he’s a hardworking man. I think about him all the time when he’s not around. We also live in separate homes and he wants me to meet his mom. I don’t feel good about it cause I’m much older but he perused me after I rejected him several times. I love everything about him but sometimes I feel he have someone else. It could be cause if the betrayal from my last relationship but I just don’t know why he say he love me when I’m going through a few crisis righ now. I don’t call him often cause I don’t want to get hurt and so unsure about this. We laugh and we play a lot with each other and he spends time with my son. He has a great life plan. He is attractive to me our sex life is full of emotions. I just don’t know if I should go further because I don’t want to get played. Most relationships begin good and then there goes the sinking ship. He comes to see me it can be days in a row or every couple days. But I never did the separate home thing cause of trust issues. Does anyone relate to this. I am to old to waste my time because ever since he been in my life and even before I don’t mess with other men. I deserve something real and it would be unfair if maybe he’s waiting for someone in another country to get here or dating someone in the USA and I’m just something on the side. I am sort of insecure but u can’t blame me after what I’ve been through my last 3 ur relationship. I give him his space when his phone rings he shows me the callers he tell me he loves me and even bring the kids food. I’m either crazy or just damaged from my ex and if we can make it I prefer a Pisces mama point of view because I am loyal to whomever I date and end up looking stupid in the end when from the start I said no and I let him grow on me. O yea he does make me happy by the way and even said he consider marriage but it’s roo early for that.

    • sojora February 14th, 2018

      You think too much. The damage that was done to you in the past has nothing to do with him. Projecting your hurt onto him is unfair and anyone else that may come into your future. You have one foot in the present and the other foot in the past, the two of you can never move forward until you step out of the past. If you can not let go of the past, at least be the better person and let him go.

  29. Meg August 28th, 2017

    So I am a Capricorn woman and I am replying to striker about his woman and distance ….so as a Capricorn woman it sounds to me like she just pulls away a little when y’all are apart and I have a tendency to do that too mostly because we feel unsure of a man’s mind if you are happy or unhappy and sometimes we are a sign who becomes insecure in private I would just keep her confidence up and show her that your committed at all times and that your thinking of her we Capricorn woman are very loyal so you should have no worries 😊 hope this helps

  30. Linda July 6th, 2017

    I am a Capricorn woman and I am dating a Pisces man for two and half years now. We are very happy together even though we dont talk much. Apart from this everything is fine. But not many topics come up for us to discuss. Now I have to leave the country for my higher studies and we are going to have a long distance relationship at least for three years. I am very concerned about that. I am worried that this communication problem will affect our relationship

  31. sajdah June 19th, 2017

    I love my Pisces man and he loves me we talk and he listens and understands and can sometimes relate tome we barely ever fight we love nature and water everyone tells us were like the perfect couple in the movies and we have fun a lot he’s very quiet peaceful he loves to joke around I love him and ill never let him go but everyone says there’s no such thing as a perfect couple I think there is one now

  32. Striker May 8th, 2017

    I must start with a big ” THANK YOU EVERYONE ” who has commented on this article ! I have been dating a cap girl since 2005 . She had me at the getgo and I have been in love with her ever since . I could never understand her until now reading this article .she is no – nonsense but loving , and we have the best sex ever !!!!!, when we are with each other its like we are in our own world , nothing matters except how she can please me and I can please her ! But whenever I am away from her because of the distance we live from each other, she doesn’t show the same love and affection as when we are together , the articles above have helped me to get a better understanding of my Capricorn lady but I still not comfortable with her coldness whenever distance is a factor , can someone tell me more on why does she react to distance in such a manner ?????

    • Amanda May 22nd, 2017

      As a Capricorn woman its difficult to express our feelings. We often protect our hearts. Its difficult to be away from someone you love and she is distancing herself to avoid the pain.

    • Betty July 10th, 2017

      I cans speak for your girlfriend, but I am a Capricorn woman and I would do the same. It is an emotional wall that I put up for self preservation. If I fully let the guard down when I am apart, it will rip my heart out. I will grieve uncontrollably…, to protect myself, I erecf an emotional shield that says I’m not TOTALLY invested (even though I really am and would never be unfaithful) just to protect my heart and sanity.

    • Diamond July 17th, 2017

      Im late. But im a Capricorn and we show love in different ways. We are not affectionate

    • Bianca Johnson July 19th, 2017

      I’m a Capricorn woman and honestly, I don’t really like talking on the phone to anyone . I can think about my lover all day and never think of calling or if I do the conversation may not be that long due to not wanting to get bored in our Convo and talk about everything . I’d rather be busy while missing someone so that when I see them .. The flame is there !!

  33. queenta March 11th, 2017

    Am a Capricorn woman and am in love with a pisces man.we are barely 2months old,but he’s got all the qualities mentioned here….we argue alot, I hope I made the right choice dating him.PS am madly in love with my pisces man.

  34. Evangeline December 17th, 2016

    Im a capricorn woman and have been in an on and off relationship with a Pisces man for close to 3 years. Every time we’re together, it feels so effortless and real. It just clicks andbwe get each other like magic. But sometimes i get annoyed that im the one starting the conversations or we will go months without saying anything and then we are talking again. Im probably crazy, but i do love him. Whether we talk or not, it never feels like im single.

    • Sissy Montez April 8th, 2017

      Maybe he’s afraid to say something that will offend you and he doesn’t want to hurt you and your feelings he cares enough not to make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why he perfers to stay quiet and don’t want to argue with you. He wants there to be peace between you and him. Don’t take it personal he respects you.

    • Saleem September 19th, 2019

      I am a Pisces man an I can tell you from experience I am dating a cap girl from day one i neither her can explain the magic of our relationship but it’s there an now that I’m not so love struck, I will give any person an hint of a Pisces male we are intelligent little conversation that feel one sided will never work so if you complain about him not wanting to talk have you look at yourself before you judge him, my gf literally spits out information like an encyclopedia just like me an that’s why I’m stuck to her conversation is our weakness ladies I will talk to anybody about anything if the have their own opinion own thoughts own mind. It’s matters an we will give out things about ourself through conversation not sex. As long as you have your own viewpoint you got us for life we love to bounce ideas off others, so learn something new everyday something we don’t know about an educate us we will fall harder for you with a emotional connection first has to be that way, in short term we love the mind screw. An of course caps are cold in appearance but Pisces can see right pass your outer exterior to you soft side we feed that but you have to open up even if it’s a little if we do not know how you think without us then we will keep a distance. Just like how you do not wanna waste time do not waste ours I been hurt an I let everybody I date know I will walk if I get that vibe, I love all equally as myself an some cannot put there walls down cap ladies if you bait us every now an then it does not matter how cold you are treat us different than others an we will pick up on that an pursue you but only with alittle of your help just show us what it can be show us an side nobody sees so we feel special.

  35. dharsh81 April 8th, 2016

    Fell in love with a pisces and it was a gd 12 yrs long rlnship.. he was very romantic and make me feel so loved. there were usual fights but pisces tend to avoid problems.. but all gd things come to an end eventually.. took flight when parents disapprove of us and married choice of parents.. now he is happily married to a taurus woman.. checked vedic astrology and his matched well with the woman he married.. till date I miss my pisces man..

    • Raja April 6th, 2017

      Fuck that shit. Find another pisces man. And live it the way you want it. U have wasted a lot of time. For pisces and all the other zodiac signs. I got some mother****fing news for you. Work hard, ull get anything you want. If you fail, learn and work hard differently next time. There is no end for tomorrow. Eventually y’all be fine and happy. Says a pisces man.

    • PiscesK August 7th, 2017

      I’m a Pisces n I love my cap gf n for some reason falling for he scares the crap out of me n I feel like one day I’m just gonna lose her because she could do better she’s amazing like she’s way to good for me oh n why do caps always want to make everyone happy

  36. […] […]

  37. arpit123 December 15th, 2015

    @[email protected] talk and discuss your worries with him?

  38. [email protected] December 15th, 2015

    I met this Pisces man at work and I’m a Capricorn. From the first time we saw each other we both knew that there was something there. We’re only in the beginning stage of courting/dating but he makes me feel like I’m walking on air. He’s 6 years younger though and I’m kind of concerned about the age difference.

  39. mamiza1549 July 21st, 2015

    I am so looking forward to this relationship with my Pisces man I have fallen for him long time ago when we still in school but he never asked me out. I don’t know whether I want things to happen in a fast pace and he is so laid back. As long as he’ll give me the love I want. I’ll love him all the way. We are 38yrs hopefully we both want a stable relationship now.

  40. SammyJo November 27th, 2014

    Really loved this horoscope. Fits me and my boyfriend J so well! I’m so excited about our bright future that i just couldnt help but let this out. I love my pisces!!! He is my soul mate! <3333
    ps we’re getting married…… bitches

  41. Piecesprince September 9th, 2014

    @sexychocolate51 you probably love it because pieces are the most romantic. The problem is we are day dreamers and we will fall I love fast and stay in a fantasy land. But we also are very aware of the future and always strive to be better stronger and achieve more, that is why a relationship with an older person will give the experience a pieces desires and we also love when some inlove with us as much as we are with them. As long as you for fill those needs and keep him on his toes and focused when he day dreams to much he will love your support. Are you wrong for doing this no but realize pieces or not he is a man and sexually you might face problems later on also ask him if he wants children. goodluck. Ps. My mom is 55 and her faience is 38 and  they love each other a lot, 8 years strong! 

  42. sexychocolate51 May 25th, 2014

    I am a 51 yr old capricorn woman seeing a 32 yr old Pisces man. It started out as fun but I’ve fallen so in love with him. I’ve been seeing him now 3yrs. He makes me feel so young am I wrong for this

  43. [email protected] April 4th, 2014

    This is so far from the truth . The pisces is not a faithful or loyal companion at all …. they most certainly are not respectful of their companion either.  Now as a friend yes they are excellent but not as a companion.  I feel sorry and sympathize with and one that has the misfortune to be in a relationship with a pisces …. they are liars, cheaters, and have no remorse for their actions. Pisces where not put on this earth to be in a relationship.  They should always be single and never have children !!!!!!!! 

  44. Stg2013 December 28th, 2013

    I am a capricorn female and I have been seeing a Pisces for 6 weeks. I have fallen head over heels for him and find this very helpful. 

  45. lc13 December 8th, 2013

    Hey me and my capricorn crush have been talking for more than a month at first it was really cute we would talk every day and i even spent Thanksgiving weekend with her but for the last week she has been acting more distant should i be worried ??? Any advice would really help

  46. [email protected] December 5th, 2013

    I am a pisces man and my fiance is capricorn. I am studying. But she is not. But she is very hard working. She works in her house like cooking, cleaning and ambroidary etc. She is full of talent in true sense. But the only thing which I feel, is not good, that she had passed only 8 class. She has not completed her matric. But I love her. She loves me too. We both love each other. She cares about me and I do care about her. Our parents are also very happy for us. I am little worried about our future. As I am not doing any job. I should do a job so that I can satisfy her materialistic desires. But she usually says that she don’t want anything thing from me except love. Its very rumantic.

  47. 170192 October 20th, 2011

    Yes it is oh so true. I’m a cap baby and my love is a pieces.. I’m deeply in love with him. I would do anything for him. Anything that would make him feel complete and contend. I sacrifice myself if its concerning about him. No one can hurt him cause he too precious for me. I love him wholeheartedly and i believe he is the one for me forever. I love u sayang <3

  48. Yhamalawy May 18th, 2011

    Hey i want someone to tell me what to do! iam a capricorn woman and the one i love is pisces…we dated for a month while i was abroad and when i came back he told me iam so scared and afraid about our future and i dont know what to do! he wants to give up so easily because he is afraid of losing me or hurting me… i dont know what to do?! i know that he loves me and he is happy with me! can someone tell me what to do?! thanks 🙂

  49. Hema January 16th, 2011

    This is so beautiful………it helped me a lot…because im a capricorn and my sweetheart is a pices!!! :))

  50. LISA January 10th, 2011


  51. florence_capri December 24th, 2010

    how tru…when i m falling he is ready to pick me up….:) don’t wish that vice versa ever occurs….:(

  52. Ini September 26th, 2010

    This is a very hopeful article.Thank you for posting.

  53. reggie November 19th, 2009

    Wonderful article. But please, please fix the typos! They are distracting, as well serving to detract from the fine writing here.
    Example: Capricorns are very formal avoid sloppiness. There should be the word “and” there, for continuity.

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